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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 26, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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morning and good morning to you from here in new york city. look at the live shot as the sunrises and -- beautiful. you're watching "fox & friends first" on the monday i'm heather childers. >> rob: and i'm rob schmit. all eyes on the senate as republicans take one step closer to repealing and replacing obamacare. heather: griff jenkins live in d.c. with details on the health care showdown. good morning, griff. >> not much happening in washington except for the health care bill. it is going to be a very busy week for mitch mcconnell and senate republicans trying to pass the health care bill as the much anticipated congressional budget office could release their score as early as today and optimistic president donald trump telling pete hegseth that
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he thinks they're going to get there. >> i don't think they are far off. famous last words. i think we are going get there. i can't promise but i think we are going to get there. >> this is the question, how far are they? republicans can lose more than two votes to pass bill and there are currently five who said they cannot support it with even more saying that they are wait to go decide. louisiana's bill saying if changes are not made, he's not on board. >> right now i'm undecided. there are things that affect my state. if those can be addressed, i will and if they can't be address, i won't. >> no democrats are supporting the bill as minority leader chuck schumer puts the odds at 50-50 the republicans can put it off. >> i think it's 50-50. we are doing everything we can to fight the bill because it's
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devastating for the middle class. i think they have at chance a 50-50 chance toking -- to passing the bill. rob, heather. heather: it'll be interesting if they don't. >> we will have to see about that. thank you so much. one of democrats main issue with the senate health care bill is its impact on medicaid. josh holmes, founder of washed management firm cavalry is saying the left is creating a welfare state. >> it is taking a significant large to the left and the reason it has, exactly what you have outlined, democrats have incremental way to get to ultimate goal which is
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socialize, nationalize single-payer system. so you create an entitlement program for the elderly and entitlement program for the young and entitlement program for the poor and then ever expand eligibility for all three and that's what we've got here today. this is a delicate balance. it is extremely delicate balance and the alternative, just so that we are clear, the alternative to 51 votes is obamacare. heather: today marks it last day before the supreme court summer recess and major rulings could come down at any time this as there's speculation that's growing that a justice could be stepping down. pathy anne brown live with those details. >> the supreme court is gearing up for last public session today but before the justices long summer break they have key decisions to announce. we could hear as soon as today what action the court will take on the president trump's travel
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ban. the executive order restricts travel from six predominantly muslim nations. the justice department is asking the supreme court for permission to enforce the second version of the president's pause while they appeal rulings against it from lower courts. the high courts decide to take the case, oral arguments could start as early as october. justices are expected to weigh in on another closely watched case concerning the separation of church and state. the court trying to decide whether it's legal for the missouri department of natural resource to exclude a church from a state program that reimburses the cost of rubberizing the surface of a playground and there's a major rumor swirling around that could overshadow all of that, 80-year-old justice kennedy could announce retirement today he does, president trump will make his second nomination for supreme court appointment. >> we are paying for close to
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the attention last bit of decision as the president did with justice nile gorsuch. whenever there's vacancies, he will look somebody who has fidelity to the constitution and judicial timerment and a record beyond reproach. >> all in all this week, there are six opinion that is have not yet been released. three of them were argued before the newest justice nile gorsuch took the bench, heather. heather: patty, very nice to have you this morning. also going on today, president trump and the prime minister of india will meet face to face at the white house. trump administration hoping to boost relations, speaking about the terrorism trade and north korea and one-on-one talks and they will then set down for a male marking first time president trump hosted foreign dignitary for dinner. >> this is a terrifying moment that the plane packed with
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passengers start to shake like a washing machine at 30,000 feet in the sky. fight from australia to malaysia forced turnaround with 3650 on board. the pilot asking passengers to pray. i would freak out before that flight actually landed safely. somehow nothing went wrong and everybody gets to the ground safelily. pamela tacking the woman on a southwest airline flights from la to houston. moment later the pilot making emergency landing in corpus christy, texas. the woman was scheming before the plane took off, the fbi is
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looking into heather: good grief. dozens are feared dead after a party boat suddenly sinked. a four-story ship, you can see there plunged under water in just a matter of minutes. this happened to colombia. rescuers raising to the scene. nine people confirmed dead and 28 that are still missing. it's unclear what caused the boat to sink. survivors say it appeared to be overloaded. the insurance warned about flammable just one month before the deadly london high-rise fire. 79 people were killed when the burst into names. at least 60 apartment buildings within the uk have failed since deadly inif he wereo earlier this month. rob: the gaundula ride where --
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>> they'll catch you, honey. go ahead. [cheers and applause] rob: it's unclear how exactly she fell. there doesn't appear to be any mechanical issues with that ride. >> inmate on the run for more than three decades is back behind bars. three decades. arrested in arkansas after escaping prison back in 1985. he was serving a 7-year sentence for burglary and theft. he will serve remaining of sentence and possibly more time for his jailbreak. rob: desperate to save their home terrified people using pool water to battle fire in southern
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california. intense flames started by fiery car crash on the freeway. dry brush out there and very hot and windy and the fire got up to 900 acres. it is 50% surrounded. heather: weekend launches. >> three, two, one. rob: bulgaria sending first communication satellite friday and launch clearing the way for sunday. that rocket delivering ten satellites into orbit for for the communications company. doing well. heather: yes.
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[laughter] janice: how about that? heather: it's always thanks to you. janice: i will take the credit for good and the bad. cooler across the great lakes, northeast, still very warm across the southwest but the good news is heat is going to break across the west this week. looking at the past six hours, showers and thunderstorm, texas as well as new mexico and then that front that brought the showers and thunderstorms this weekend that has cleared out, that has mauved offshore which is great news. future radar is going to show unsettled weather and our next system moves across northern planes and that's where we will see the threat for severe thunderstorms tuesday and wednesday. for now the heaviest rain parts of texas and new mexico. thank you, heather and rob. heather: not too bad. janice: happy monday. rob: one more before fourth of
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july. tim tebow, new york mets promoting tebow to the type class a affiliate. heather: entered final game with the colombia fire flies with three home runs, 23rbi's, he should receive a warm welcome down south where he led the university of florida the two national championships. rob: he has talent. heather: we will see if he has the same success with baseball. rob: front and center on u.s. government websites. the crypted message directed at president trump. heather: remember the university professor who sparked outrage by saying that college students, the college student who died after being held prisoner of north korea got what he deserved, that's a quote, the punishment that she is now facing. rob: spreading fake news, the crack-down on russia coverage now going on at cnn.
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first". president trump doubling down blasting the investigation into russian election interference saying that the conspiracy actually happened on the democratic side tweeting hillary clinton colluded with the democratic party in order to beat crazy bernie sanders. is she allowed to so collude, unfair to bernie. president trump suggesting that dnc staffers were trying to knock sanders out of the race. cnn imposing strict new rules of russia coverage but feed news obtaining e-mail from cnn money
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e executive saying no one should publish any content about russia without coming to me and jason farkus, restrictions come as cnn connected anthony scaramucci to a kremlin-controlled bank, rob. rob: senate judiciary committee launching an investigation. >> does give me a queasy feeling as well. there maybe a perfectly explanation why matter was the appropriate term rather than investigation. i wouldn't assume that james comey's word is the last on it. i would like to hear what loretta lynch's explanation is for that.
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rob: he's the tone to that. asking lynch to testify saying, he doesn't know if it's really part of the russia investigation. all right, while the investigation into lynch is considered unprecedented, unprecedented i should say the network outlets seemed to be more concerned about president trump having ties to russia. here is the coverage on the loretta lynch probe. abc, 31 second to this while nbc and cbs both did nothing. but over the same three days all three networks spent more than ten minutes on the russia probe, cbs hitting almost 20 minutes as you see there. a new poll showing that a majority of voters have had enough of the russia investigation, 64% say it's hurting the country, 56% say it's time for congress and the media to move onto more important issues. heather: what do you think, is
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"the new york times" using a full page printout to actually express every lie that president trump has told since taking office despite what the left says, though, the president continues to get things done signing 40 pieces of legislation, 15 of them repeals of obama-era regulations. rob: sean spicer patting president donald trump on the back. the white house press secretary says he support the president's decision to reveal the possibility of tapes with former fbi director james comey. >> he knew that the truth would come out and he's glad that the truth is coming out and that he had said very clearly that on three occasions he was told there was no obstruction and he was right. i think that having director comey come out and admit under oath proved the president was right.
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rob: there were no tapes last week. heather: well, trump supporters in full force at a north carolina starbucks. rob: group coming together to hold a sit-enat -- sit-in at the starbucks. >> they chattered out build a wall and then all of the back started cracking up laughing. heather: starbucks has since apologized for that incident. and the time now is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. we keep moving along. remove your shoes and your book. new tsa crack-down that has aclu sounding off. >> i made a promise to god that if he brought me home safely to my family, that he could do something in remembrance of those that have died. rob: veteran outrage after asked to stop playing taps outside of his own home. what his neighbors are doing now
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introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. rob next time you tsa they may force you to remove books from carry-on in security line. a new procedure being tested raising privacy concerns. tsa says it helps process since passengers are stuffing back and books are so dense that they block x-rays. some requiring all paper product to be removed. heather: interesting. once called the post hated man in america heads to federal court on fraud charges, martin
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skareli sparked outraged that charge hiv patients 5,000 percent and cheating and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. rob: popular guy. it could be the beginning of the end for tekataka filing for bankruptcy after 16 people were culled for faulty air bags. heather: tracee carrasco is hear with what we need to know. tracee: good morning, japanese company who was at the center of one of the worst auto safety recalls has filed for bankruptcy. tens of millions of vehicles, hondas, toyotas, bmw's. ,the company filed for bankruptcy protection in the united states and japan and said
2:25 am
it would be bought by 1.6 billion by safety systems. rob: white house energy week? >> that's correct. this is the latest of the administration's themed messaging weeks. the president will focus on the country becoming a net exporter of gas, energy resources and to deliver a speech on thursday focused almost entirely on energy exports. heather: not a bad idea, themed week. the facebook trying to get away from politics a little bit and willing to spend millions with hollywood. tracee: that's right. compare today netflix and hulu, facebook is late to the game, the social-networking giant is talking to agencies about producing own scripted original programming. it's targeting audience from 13 to 34 year's old. has lined a program called
2:26 am
strangers and last state standing. this could launch by the end of summer. coming to screens near you. heather: thanks tracee. time now 25 minutes after the top of the hour and first order ivanka trump going one-on-one with own ainsley earhart. why are you proud of being an american? >> i'm proud on so many levels. heather: her answer coming up. rob: outrage after un embassador nikki haley and her son are harassed during a gay pride parade. stay tune for that.
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rob: all right. beautiful monday morning here in new york city. good morning to you, you're watching "fox & friends first". i'm rob schmit. heather: and i'm heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. all eyes on the senate as republicans take one step closer maybe to repealing and replacing obamacare. rob: that's right, president trump optimistic of the overhaul despite both parties insisting that the vote be delayed. griff jenkins with details on the health care show do you know. hey, griff. >> hey, rob and heather. to borrow a line, they got a long way to go in a short time to get there. senate republicans trying to pass the gop health care bill by friday in the congressional budget office who are expected possibly as soon as today but there are serious defections within the party. republicans can lose no more
2:31 am
than two votes to pass the bill and there are currently five that say they cannot support it. rand paul, ted cruz, mike lee, ron johnson and dean heller and others waiting to decide. if changes aren't made, he's not on board. >> right now, i am undecided. there are things in this bill which adversely affect my state that are peculiar to my state. a couple of things i'm concerned about but if those can be addressed,i will. and if they can't be addressed, i won't. susan collins of maine is waiting for cbo score but an optimistic president trump telling our pete hegseth that he thinks they are going to get there. >> i think we are going to get there. i continue promise. i think we are going to get there. >> no democrats are supporting the bill as minority leader chuck schumer puts the odds at 50-50 the republicans can pull this off.
2:32 am
>> i think it's 50-50. we are doing everything we can to fight the bill because it's devastating for the middle class. i think they have at best a 50-50 chance of passing this bill. >> so an uphill challenge here with the growing course of some gop members saying they want to they the vote this week. we will see what's coming, rob and heather. certainly a lot of long dais and long nights. rob: nice to see them working in washington. griff, thanks so much. heather: thanks, griff. that brings us tom price saying the goal of the trump administration is to create health care reform based on the need of americans, not the political interest of washington insiders. >> what we are trying to do here admittedly is to thread a needle and make it so as the president says every single american needs to have access to the kind of coverage that they want and ensuring that preexisting illnesses are covered and no
2:33 am
life-time caps and ensuring that individuals have the choices necessary so that the system is responsive to people, to patients, not responsive to government. so it's significant reform. it's a move in a much better direction because it is a patient-centered move where patients and families and doctors will be making decisions not washington, d.c. heather: and now the first daughter ivanka trump sitting down with ainsley with exclusive one-on-one interview. white house adviser revealing exactly what she's proud of in america. >> i wanted to ask you, what does it mean to be an american? why are you a proud american? >> wow, i am proud on so many levels, the opportunity of achieving the american dream and there's no country in the world where there's more opportunity to do that than right here in america. heather: watch the first daughter's exclusive three-part
2:34 am
interview in just a few minutes on "fox & friends". rob: u.s. embassador to the united nations getting booed at new york restaurant during gay pride parade. nikki haley posted about the disrespectful encounter on twitter, quote, we including my son were booed by patrons saying hateful things as we left lunch during the gay pride parade. our country is better than this. #hateneverwince. it is unclear where exactly where they were eating. heather: professor that says otto warmbier got what he deserved was fired following a series of hateful comments towards warmbier on facebook. the 22-year-old died laths week after returning to the u.s. in unresponsive state after more than a year in a north korean prison. she got what she deserved.
2:35 am
rob: i would say so. the glen rock city council said joshua can only play on sundays and holidays to avoid the nuisance violation. >> i made a promise to god that if he brought me home safely to my family, i would do something in remembrance for those who have died and also those who continue to receiver. rob: interesting topic. was pulled from the council agenda after neighbors opposing taps feared that they would be labeled as un-american. 709 supporters thus far have signed petition to keep this patriotic petition. heather: janice dean. she's going let us know what's happening in the weather. rob: we had a killer weekend, janice, i appreciate it. janice: i will take full credit for the nice stuff and sometimes
2:36 am
i take the blame for the bad stuff. we had storms on saturday morning. that has cleared out. cooler than average temperatures for the northeast and great lakes and they will bump up. 65 in new york. 54 in chicago. 55 in minneapolis. we have the upper level, past six hours, we had the front that's moved through still a little bit of a stalled front across the southeast and florida, watching the next storm system move out of rockies and then we also have the potential for severe storms in new mexico and texas today with the potential as well as heavy rainfall, flash flooding can exist and we are watching that. heat still extreme across the southwest. not as widespread as last week but temperatures well above 100-degrees for a lot of folks in phoenix, 113 today, the average around 105. so, you know, i mean, this is what they expect this time of year. much cooler relatively speaking
2:37 am
than what we were dealing last week. remember the flights canceled because of the heat. they will deal with summer time heat. heather: 119 in death valley. rob: they call it death valley for a reason. if you want to stay alive, you probably shouldn't go there. 5:37 now. the mainstream media having meltdown of new rules of white house press briefings. >> we represent the american people and so far as we are doing our constitutionally protected jobs of journalism. rob: do the american people even care about this? we will have a fair balance debate coming up next. heather: do back to making movies, that's what trump has for johnny depp, how the first son is fighting back la quinta presents
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rob: welcome back. isis propaganda front and center. heather: cryptic message directed at president trump. carley: scary stuff. government websites in ohio, new york and marilyn were hacked yesterday to display proisis propaganda. now a message posted to ohio governor john kasich's website looks like this and says, you will be held accountable trump, you and all your people for every drop of muslim blood flowing in muslim countries and ends with the phrase i love the islamic state. the hack mainly affected government sites in ohio, ohio governor and first lady's website. it was also displayed on the
2:42 am
brook haven, long island homepage. now the ohio department of administrative services chief communications officer tom released a statement saying, quote, state of ohio it staff are working to restore the computer systems that were impacted today. all affected services have been taken offline and we are investigating how the hacks were able to deface the websites. he goes onto say, we are working with law enforcement to better understand what happened. now a proisis group that goes by the name of team system dz, they claimed responsibility and the ohio treasurer say that is this should really serve as a big wake-up call to people. they are out there and it's scary stuff. rob: last week we had johnny depp, brilliant move saying he's going the kill the president or insinuating anyway. eric trump responding. carley: the president's son respond today all the hate come out of hollywood. he called it upsetting but he
2:43 am
said he let's it roll off of his back, take a listen. >> there are no orders for these people. you see johnny depp and he has his own problems. go back to making movies and doing your own thing. a man who gave up his life to try and help this country and he's doing a great, great job and i honestly i couldn't be more proud of him. carley: all the violent rhetoric coming out of hollywood, has sparked outrage. is this the new norm, shameful and disgraceful. horizon says it's about time we all put a stop to this nonsense. threats have gotten out of control, hollywood, comedians, et cetera, it's dangerous and encourages nut cases to act violently. heather: yeah. rob: that's actually a really good point. heather: take responsibility for your speech.
2:44 am
a woman who had a star david flag was kicked out of the gay pride of chicago? carley: yeah. they turned ugly over the weekend because three women were asked to leave because their rainbow flags also had the star of david on them. a march organizer released statement that you see on the screen. it says the following statement, yesterday during a rally we saw three individuals carrying israeli flags super imposed on rainbow flags. as a collective, we are very much propalestine and we know a lot of folks who are under attack by israel see a visual of the flag as threat. we asked the poll toks please leave. we told them people in the space were feeling threatened. so some people online are now accusing these organizers of antisemitism. this person says disgusting antisemitism. zero excuses.
2:45 am
pride parades are only political parades that has been established long time ago. there is no pride ever what so more and kevin also says weak, your people really, really threatened by a flag, so much for focusing on exclusivity. religion to political. not fun whatsoever. heather: thanks, carley. we will be right back. stay with us it's a good thing we brought the tablets huh?
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rob: the mainstream media going nuts after the white house
2:49 am
announces plans to scale back on televised press briefings. >> represent the american people and so far we are doing or constitutionally protected jobs of journalism. the white house, of course, and the president were elected by the american people, so there's -- i'm not in a tug of war of whose representing whom. but what we are advocating for is the constitution and the protections that are provided by that. rob: all right, the question is this really about informing americans or is it about a lack of national tv exposure for the media? here to debate democratic strategists and former missouri state representative dan callaway and also contributor of the hill kristin taye. don, we are going to start with you. i guess democrats are accusing president trump of playing favorites with the media and trying to dial back some of the negligent i have tone. but couldn't you kind of argue
2:50 am
that president obama did the same thing specially with conservative outlets? >> no, i think that president obama and all of his press secretary had pretty much had open access. one thing that we can agree on is politics is pop culture. they are the new rock stars right along side the elected officials. there probably is some degree of personal grievement, but the president has fueled that by limiting access to white house briefings, holding the closed door gaggles and moving things toward a favoring various network that they agree with or don't agree with. part of that is because of disarray within the white house and we have seen shuffling and reamangements with replacing sean spicer. i think that the reporters probably have some real complaints here. rob: kristin, you say that it's about one of your arguments is
2:51 am
that this is about ego maniac reporters upset that they are not on camera every day. if you don't have a televised briefings, no tv's, no cameras are bad for tv. >> the media reporters say that we need to televised conferences for transparency but this has arguably been one of the most transparent administrations of recent decades. i mean, trump can be 100% transparent by speaking directly to the people on social media and through his speeches. this is really about ego-maniac reporters just trying to have silly partisan got-you questions televised. they are doing everything in their power to try to take down trump and the administration and this has little to do with transparency and everything to do with reporters wanting to filter trump's message. if the mainstream media wanted transparency and get information out there, why did they refuse to air trump speech to the
2:52 am
american people in iowa last wednesday? fox news was the only network that aired that. i think that speaks volume. rob: don, i will go on the same thing. the president at times has made life harder with tweeting and stuff like that. when i watch cnn it is appalling that no matter what the story, they do figure out a way to make it seem negative. the headline at the bottom of the screen is always something bad. can you really blame them for wanting to kind of scale that back a little bit? >> well, every network has media bias and, you know, we've all decided how we want to spend these things in this angle. i would argue with kristin that the reason the mainstream media also fox news didn't cover iowa speech is because a nonsubstantive campaign event. was he campaigning for candidates or is he used to going to -- rob: they also didn't cover him, he gave a
2:53 am
speech overseas when he was in the middle east and that speech wasn't even covered. that blew me away. >> this is all about politics. >> they've covered him widely throughout the administration and dope a pretty good job. the question on the table is does this administration need to do more to open up access to the media and we still by large get our media through television. rob: kristin, last word. >> this is all about politics. i want to point out that this is nothing new. we have had nontelevised conferences and previous secretaries have said that not having cameras in the room can make more discussions policy focused. this is nothing new. all the outrage is to make trump look bad. rob will be we are going to have to run out of time. i appreciate you coming up this morning. heather: fox news did cover the iowa speech. the former pharmaceutical executive once called the most hated man in america right there
2:54 am
he is heading to court. martin skareli facing fraud charges after raising cost of hiv drug by 5,000%. nyw liz live outside the courthouse in new york city. good morning, liz. >> heather, good morning to you. martin will be in brooklyn federal court a little bit later on this morning as his trial begins and jury selection will start today. jury selection could take some time. a hedge fund executive is best known for hiking the price of a drug known as deraprim from 13.50 to $750 a pill. the 34-year-old is head today court in a separate case for security's fraud, prosecutors argue skreli was running a poncy-like scheme and used funds to pay off the hedge fund debts.
2:55 am
he gained a lot of attention of smirking at congress members and learned to live stream online to answer questions related to his case. we spoke to a trial lawyer who said that he could be a defense attorney's nightmare. listen. >> being a jerk isn't a crime, they are going to focus on the actual allegations that are part of this case which is fraud. >> so shkreli's attorneys have argued that he has paid investors back. back to you in the studio. heather: thanks liz. rob: we will be right back. [ crickets chirping ]
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call usaa today to talk about your insurance needs. heather: time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. the mayoral election in a small kentucky community goes to the dogs, literally. he paltrow beating out a chicken, cat and donkey to become town's mayor. people pay a dollar to vote. it goes to improve the community apparently. rob: next the bad. skin care experts worrying about life pack using coca cola as a tanning lotion it could put your skin at much greater risk of uv damage, of
3:00 am
course. heather: and sticky. mastiff crowned the ugliest dog 125 pounds named martha goes home. still cute though. i love that. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. we will see you later. >> all eyes are on the senate as the republicans unveil their plan to replace obamacare. >> its significant reform. it's a move in the much better direction. this bill has even more medicaid cuts than the house bill. >> these are not cuts to medicaid, george. this slows the rate for the future and guess made indicated back where it was. >> we are doing everything we can. it's so devastating for the middle class. >> senate judiciary committee are launching investigation in whether former loretta lynch interfere with the hillary clinton email probe. >> the supreme court expected to announce high profile one including president trump's travel ban. >>


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