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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 26, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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moving. see you then, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> meghan: fox news alert, president trump scoring of the legal victory today, the supreme court ruling to enforce key part of the travel ban. the decision allows the administration to temporarily block six mostly in muslim nations from the united states and overturned the lower court's decision striking down the order poured but without ruling comes one exception. to those with a blood or legal relation to someone in the united states will be allowed into the country. following the post effect lot outside the supreme court. >> this amounts to a powerful slap down of these opinions by the circuit court of appeals in virginia. also the ninth circuit appeals out west part of the court has agreed to hear the oral arguments on the travel ban. that begins in october. in the meantime edits allowing the travel ban to take effect. this is a huge victory for the trump administration. reading now from the opinion.
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it says, we now turn to the preliminary injunctions barring the enforcement of the suspension. we grant the governments applications to stay the injunctions to the extent that the injunctions prevent enforcement with foreign nationals with the bona fide relationship with the person or entity in the united states. that gets to the point that you just made that people who have blood relatives here will be expectedly mega accepted. we are talking about people from the countries of syria, libya, iran, sudan, yemen, and somalia. this is as i said, a big victory for the trump administration. here's a long time court observer. >> a huge victory for the white house. no other way of looking at this. i see this opinion lifting it and allowing the band to go forward against most of those who it was applied. a blueprint for a decision later today. >> in a recent filing, the department of justice asked them to take effect 120 days from its
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onset. they said that they preferred to wait for all of the opinions to be over and done with, so that the point of onset begins basically right now. administration had 120 days to oppose it. but that is after the 72 hours. a very important decision today. a big victory for religious liberty in the country. comes in the case of trinity lutheran church versus the missouri department of natural resources. this involved a grant the department of natural resources was giving to departments across missouri. they asked for one of the grants to resurface a playground. that was slightly dangerous. made up of pebbles and gravel. he asked for the grant. they were denied by the missouri department of natural resources on the grounds that they were a religious institution. the supreme court today cited with the missouri school. at the trinity lutheran church and school appeared in their opinion, they said, the
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exclusion of trinity lutheran from a public bona fide on which it is qualified solely because it is a church is odious to the constitution all the same and cannot stand. an important victory for the religious liberty, not only at that particular school, but wide-ranging repercussions in as many as 29 other states which are direct involvement by the state in funding for any religious institution. much more on this as the day progresses. >> meghan: thank you for that, doug. if this is "outnumbered." i meghan mccain, kennedy is here, host of fox and friends, abby huntsman, trish regan, and the former secretary of education under president reagan, bill bennett. he hosts the bill bennett's podcast. welcome back. you are "outnumbered." >> bill: it's nice to be here. >> meghan: great to have you on the couch. we will get started with the travel ban, what doug was
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talking about. are you surprised that it ended up passing by the courts, and what does it mean going through? >> bill: i am not surprised. it is pretty clear what the president's authority is. it is pretty much exclusive, isn't it interesting no matter what you think of the supreme court, it has a loud and distinctive voice. you listen to what they have to say. i think it suggests that the lower courts were outliers here. this is a big victory for donald trump in the white house. remember what a big part of the campaign the issue was and how shocked and horrified a lot of people were. now here is the supreme court which is to say the least a divided court, nevertheless saying that it is his ruling. >> meghan: you know, abby, they were caught up on the word ban. but i am hearing it called a travel ban again. >> abby: you are right, when they make a decision, that you sit back and they say, okay, the law of the land until they look at it again in october. but they are for sure, whatever
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the language is, a bunch of high fives at the white house. also a win for though trump supporters. many of them that voted for donald trump wanting more security in the country. you think about what is going on in europe. most recently in the u.k., four terror attacks in three months. people at home looking at that and saying, we have to pay more attention to this. i think there a lot of people, not just the white house, but a lot of americans pretty happy as well. >> meghan: kennedy, do you think though blood relatives is going to get anybody angry? >> kennedy: absolutely. people who were looking for the band to secure security in the country will only look at what happened in san bernardino. as you remember, the shooter in san bernardino, he was an american citizen who brought his wife from overseas. if there are such marriages or relationships where someone is abroad waiting for their relationship to be legally
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justified, then who knows who they are bringing into the country? i guess that's a false sense of security, because so many western allies are harboring terrorists, and we talk about 23,000 and alone in great britain. that is whether government says. that is the number that they are dealing with. that many terrorists possibly percolating in the u.k. are we going to have a travel ban in the u.k.? and a lot of those people were born in the country as well. >> meghan: i went to get trish in on this. we spoke last week about the british terrorists. he went on the bbc and held up a sign that said, supporting isis. and he still was not caused or flagged, taken in. do you think the band gives access false sense of security? >> trish: hopefully a little bit security, but you have to do something about spouses, parents, people should not be giving it to come here and say
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that they are related to someone. they should be subjected to the same kind of scrutiny that anybody else would. but i think it does something in that we are not just welcoming everyone with open arms. i think that we do need to have standards. and this gets us partly there. i think the other advantage of the supreme court weighing in, it strips out some of the politics of this. don't forget that this had become a political hot-button issue. and i always wondered, if the president of the united states is privy to information that would provide us with more security as a country, why is it that some judge off in washington or the ninth circuit can somehow weigh in and say, no, i disagree? there has to be some sense that our president is going to do what is best for security purposes. >> bill: yes, i would just say this. good comments on both sides. i agree with kennedy. it does not give a complete sense, but a false sense, but it does not add something.
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and remember, the responsibility of the chief executive's first, the security of the citizens. this also does not eliminate the extreme venting. so for the question of spouses, relation, others, you can still have extreme venting. we are not here. i think the world understands that we are not europe. we do not have the permissive policies that they have. another kind of trouble that they have. sending the signal as a policy, you think it is very good. most interesting thing to me will be to see what the people who were so critical of the president when he said this are going to react to a court decision. we don't know what the numbers are, it is opinion. >> meghan: because the rollout was so tumultuous. >> bill: the 6-3 or 7-2 decision. >> kennedy: that will be really interesting. we will talk about this later, but how does the ruling influence whether or not justice kennedy retires? how does he weigh that? >> bill: i thought it was you that was retiring?
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[laughter] >> kennedy: vobis he is the more liberal federal judiciaries weighing in and slapping the president down and then having it to go to the supreme court. now arguably could be much more conservative if, in fact, justice kennedy retires and the senate was able to confirm someone who is not a swing vote. who looks like it is going to be a longer term conservative. >> abby: it also shows what was on the campaign trail, the court obviously said that that's is not how we are looking at it. we are looking in the present time, exactly what the law says. because there was a lot of politics around the language of it. they did not see it that way. >> meghan: we are going to stay on thus keeping updated. big developments in health care part of the latest move by republican leader mitch mcconnell to get a bill across the finish line. this week, will it be enough? and to the press coming out of the white house. the personal efforts to get some wavering republicans behind the bill. whether they will prove effective. ♪
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this, the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he wants to vote on the version to repeal obamacare before they break for the july 4th recess. and republicans cannot afford to lose more than two votes to pass a bill. right now five g.o.p. senators say they cannot support it. with more saying they will decide once they see how the congressional budget office scores the bill. that could happen as early as today. president trump says he is optimistic. >> their friendships with people in the house. a lot of them. at the same thing in the senate. four very good people. friends of mine. and i don't think that they are that far off. i do not think that they are that far off. famous last words, write, but i think we are going to get there. i can't promise, but i think we are going to get there. >> abby: bill cassidy saying that if changes are not made, he is not on board. >> right now, i am undecided. there are things in this bill that are put to yield to my state. a few things i'm concerned about.
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but if those can be addressed, i will, if they can't, i won't. >> abby: with no democrats supporting the bill, chuck schumer on the odds of republicans pulling this thing off. >> i think it is 50/50. the first democrats, we are doing everything we can to fight the build, so devastating for the middle class. i think that they have at best a 50/50 chance of passing the bil bill. >> abby: let's bring it to the couch. obviously you're not going to get one democratic vote, now between the republicans, five are saying "no." where do you think this goes? you need 2 out of the five. how did they come together? many are saying, i cannot pass this unless you give me something i want. >> bill: in the real world, there is no easy way for them to get together, but there is this magician named mcconnell, he has very good at this stuff in terms of doing the legislative work. no one who is his equal. i still have my doubts, and i am a little bit different. i think that the republicans needed to make a really good try
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on this. very important. but i'm not sure that they want the win with this kind of legislation. i can't fathom all of the details of this. i know very few people who can. a secretary price is one of them, but very few others. i'm not sure that they want all of the headaches that come with the complaints. the 10 million interviews that we will see about people who are poor at. we could move on to tax reform quickly is something that i wish. i understand the connection, but this is a mixed blessing at best. >> abby: you want a good deal, better to take your time to get it right. concerns that this is not to lowering premiums enough. not enough flexibility to the states. are they right to be concerned? >> meghan: i already thought of my hors d'oeuvres this weekend, the idea that this is going to get it done by the time that i am eating them is ridiculous. that is not going to happen at all. i want to go to you, kennedy, what are the odds that you get on paul on the same page with it.
9:17 am
two very different factions, somebody is going to go one way or the other, do you think it is possible? >> kennedy: it is really interesting. if there is too much hedging one way or the other, this is dead on arrival in the house. there is such a tight rope act right now between the two factions that seem to be going further and further apart. it makes you wonder if there is a republican party right now. because the ideological purist, the constant pollution us that we have talked about so many tie couch, they are dug in. they have great negotiating power, but they do not want to see decades of socialized medicine in the country. look at what happened with obamacare in so many years. look at what could happen with socialized medicine over 30 years. how is that going to qualify economic growth. and then -- not saying whether he is going to vote for or against the legislation. but they want to get to "yes." that is expedient to say, but it has to be the kind of concessions that could kill it
9:18 am
with moderates in the house. >> meghan: the one thing to get to "yes." i have been told that this is kabuki theater. about ted cruz would be somebody in the camp, do you think they will end up hedging? >> trish: i don't think you will see any kind of health care bill by the time you are eating the hors d'oeuvres on the fourth of july. this is a very hard thing to undertake. i'm disappointed, however, because there are economic reasons to do this. getting rid of the individual mandate. the mandate for businesses is critical. and there is a boost that you would see economically to our country if you were able to do that. i do not think that they can. i do not think that they will get there. and it is a big disappointment. because you know what it does, it delays very important things like tax or form. as bill just mentioned. >> bill: is at a bigger disappointment to get it and to live with the consequences of that? one advantage is that the
9:19 am
democrats still own it, then you may get the reforms later on. people hypothesize about 20 million people losing medicaid and so on, but we know what is happening under the current system, the obama system. may be the democrats should own it. i think i am quoting the president who said, remember, he had a thought and put to the microphone and said, maybe this thing should just continue to be the democrats property and let them -- >> kennedy: and then it cannot go into a single-payer system, too much government involvement tanks the whole thing. >> bill: but there are bad consequences as trisha said, no kidding. >> abby: trying to build support among republican senators for the health care bill, not the only one turning up the heat on members of his own party. a pro-trump group launching a one million-dollar ad campaign attacking the nevada senator, the fifth republican to come out against the bill. politico characterizing it as a
9:20 am
warning to g.o.p. senators to get in line part of the president ... secretary bennetts, that goes to your point exactly. so will the sort of outside pressure be the coalescing force for republicans who are straying towards the no side. >> bill: there is not enough there. you are right about the republican party. this is a consequence of the majority party, you end up having the factions, and you have moderates, you have people who some of us would call liberals, and real conservatives. this is the problem being the big party, and they cannot get it together. i think they will have problems. i want to say that maybe i agree with chuck schumer for the first time this year. 50/50, maybe 51/49. >> abby: but you are saying that you want republicans to crash and fail on the health care. we have been the one on defense
9:21 am
for the past eight years. and now they are watching what a struggle this has been for republicans, so even if you are a democrat and you know that changes need to be made, because many have admitted that it needs to be a happen. they are together. but i think they are saying let this crash and burn. this looks better for us. >> meghan: if you say let arizona keep paying over 100% in their premiums, that is a bad message going into midterms. i will say, going to you, trish, i need someone to explain to me, mitch mcconnell has told us a magician, how he is going to get to lisa makovsky and mike lee on the same page. >> trish: i don't think he can. i would like to see what magic trick he is going to pull out of his sleeve there. because i think, from lisa michalski, she is going to say coming you are putting too many people off of medicaid, these are my constituents. i need to do what is right for me and them in the here and now. and forgets what is going to affect the future or maybe there is an economic of the benefits
9:22 am
to businesses that will employ more people, get more people on health care, she is not thinking that far ahead, she is thinking about the people that are saying, oh, my gosh, i'm no longer going to be on medicaid because of what just happened. >> kennedy: but that brings up a really good point that the bill does not fully addressed. that is the idea of block granting money. medicaid money to states. because obviously states like alaska and maine have vastly disparate needs for medicaid than other states. they should be allowed to decide. that is the bill fully address that? >> bill: it does not fully addressed, but it goes in that direction. when i was secretary of education, we asked people to look at the programs part of the number one flowed together was the block grant. you take your money, we give it back to your paid 15% out for government, but it goes back to you. the situations in the states are so different. states should be be given their head on this. but you are not magicians. you are not mitch mcconnell.
9:23 am
>> trish: you believe he can do it. >> bill: i say it is 51/49 against because of mitch mcconnell. i agree with all of you about the consequences. it is a terrible consequence. terrible either way. this is a problem. remember ted cruz said when we get this thing, we are going to be living with it as a nightmare forever. >> kennedy: he was right with cassondra. apparently ill, claims that former attorney general loretta lynch wanted to stop death hillary clinton email probe. ahead, how lawmakers are digging deeper into the allegations. of more from the couch and moments. ♪ yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ >> meghan: fox news alert, president trump on the travel ban, key parts of the executive order. mr. trump saying...
9:28 am
in the meantime, not just james comey saying he felt queasy about former attorney general loretta lynch saying not to refer the probe as an investigation. another democrat appears to agree with him. adam schiff. >> it does give me a queasy feeling as well. they're may be a perfectly accurate explanation by loretta lynch why she felt matter was the appropriate term instead of investigation. i would not say that james comey is that the password, but i would like to hear what loretta lynch's explanation was. >> meghan: appearing to side with senator dianne feinstein who said she felt queasy over the thought of the investigation that may have been politicized by lynch. the marks come as a senate
9:29 am
judiciary where feinstein has launched an investigation into whether she tried to bury the clinton probe. it is "queasy." they are both staying at, what you mean? >> bill: i think it is a gentle version of what they would say. but it is a weird day for me. i not only agree with schumer on the 50/50, but i agree with schiff. >> meghan: so many things agreeing with you. >> bill: this is bad business. it was amazing, don't you think it was amazing when comey threw it out. almost unnecessary, just threw it out to get his revenge. he really gets an end for people. but there should be an investigation. that is a very serious crime. >> kennedy: it was very deliberate. how he'd said it, what exactly he said. as you remember, and some of the testimony, he alluded to the fact that there were more conversations, more evidence that perhaps the former attorney general was meddling in the election in ways that
9:30 am
certainly would not like to see the head of the justice department doing. so the fact that he said that's coming into the fact that so many democrats are piling onto loretta lynch, that should really show you something. they are trying to appear balanced in their hunt for donald trump and this elusive collusion. >> bill: don't you think it shows a little loss of confidence in the main agenda item. >> trish: i do think it is refreshing to see the members of their own party saying, this looks fishy. we need to take a deeper look, but why so late in the game? we have been talking about the russia collusion story for months and months now. and we will see where it all goes, but when you think about loretta lynch and the things that went on during the hillary clinton scandal and the investigation going on, the fact that they had been on the tarmac, talking about the kids, golf, how there weren't more questions at the time, not an investigation launched back the then. a lot of questions still remain.
9:31 am
>> meghan: saying everything that loretta lynch does get infected, do you think that it is possible that the democrats are finally turning on her? >> trish: realizing that they cannot continue the narrative. they have been working on it for a year, before president trump was elected, they were talking about the collusion issue, russia, whether there were ties. none has panned out. but what has serviced is that loretta lynch, completely justified way back when when she was having the meeting with the plane, bill clinton, but a lot more questions from the democratic party should have been asked then. they were being asked by some republicans. but they are not going to do that. if they're not going to sacrifice themselves in that way. i think they are now realizing for their own credibility that they have no choice. >> meghan: do you think they were not asking because hillary clinton would win, and the president asked the same thing. we have the tweets coming up.
9:32 am
he expected clinton would win, he did not want to rock the vote coming he concluded or obstructed, and it did the dems and crooked hillary no good. >> trish: they thought there was no way that donald trump could possibly win, so no collisions by the russians whether it existed or not. hillary clinton was still going to be president. and do not forget, when it comes to russia and hillary clinton, actually think there is a decent amount there in terms of the iranian deal, her being secretary of state, then buying access through the clinton foundation. so maybe he did not want to open the box. >> kennedy: when you are a commander in chief, you do what is right for the american people, so as perimeter presidet barack obama knew about russian meddling back in august, you do the right thing and you do something about that then. regardless of who is expected to win. that did not happen with him. >> bill: regardless of your ideological preconceptions pretty remember mitt romney in the third debate, the greatest
9:33 am
geopolitical threads in the world? russia. he was left off the stage by democrats, and barack obama dismissed it. then it falls into barack obama's lap, and he does nothing about it. that was a "washington post" story that needs more attention. >> kennedy: just to go back to comey and loretta lynch. i am wondering in bringing her up in the testimony of that was a signal to please subpoena the rest of my memoranda. because he was talking about the explicit way in which he documented the conversation that he had with the president. and you are wondering, did he use at the same methodology and other important conversations that he had. when he debriefed the attorney general about the meeting that she had on the tarmac with the former president, does he have the same kind of documentation? was he signaling the special counsel or the committees to reach into the cookie jar and pull out some cookies?
9:34 am
>> meghan: how much is a pipe dream? the clinton slither out of everything. >> kennedy: they do when they have power to sell, but they are politically useless now. >> abby: they do not think so, kennedy. >> meghan: sometimes i think it is all a pipe dream that we are ever going to know what happens on the tarmac, and what you said with a uranian deal, know what happens with the clinton foundation if they are going to continue. >> trish: there is no media coverage, we saw that about loretta lynch, basically zero coverage on the networks of that investigation happening. you compare that to the coverage of the russia collusion, it is night and day, people will not be looking at that nearly as much. >> bill: is there still a clinton foundation? when was the last grant? >> meghan: they are certainly still tweeting. >> bill: don't tell them. to tell nancy, she is in charge. she should stay in charge. >> meghan: president trump slamming democrats over their resistive strategy, calling them
9:35 am
obstructionists, democrats doubling down on the opposition to the president's agenda despite recent election losses. if two party leaders need to change course and head of the midterm, we debate next. ♪ hi i'm joan lunden.
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♪ >> meghan: president trump an interview with fox and friends, over the visit strategy saying it is bad for americans. watch him here. >> it is obstruction, the problem is that they become obstructionists. and the voters have until i get from the standpoint of running for office. but i think it is a terrible theme in terms of getting elected and more portly, a terrible theme for the people of this country to resist, obstruction, that is not what they want. >> trish: meanwhile, the hill reporting that slamming nancy pelosi against democrats in next year's midterms. republicans have found that attacks on nancy pelosi pay
9:40 am
electoral dividends arguing that any democratic candidate no matter how moderate will just be another vote for nancy pelosi's agenda. that made it difficult for democrats to win the red districts. it could hurt their chances of retaking the house next year. all of this as some house democrats call on pelosi to step aside. at the g.o.p. won the special election last week. the democrats fourth loss this year. but nancy pelosi is vowing to stay in power. that makes bill, very, very happy. >> bill: they get a participation trophy for the elections they lost. at least i get to participate. see what you want about the republicans health care plan, the travel ban, upcoming tax issues. these are policies, at least. what did the democrats put forward as policies other than let's look into russia obstruction by trump? no policies out there, no plans, no proposals.
9:41 am
and this as a bankrupt party. i find it very interesting that a few of the democrats are now speaking out in public about this. lot of interviews with four, five democrats saying about the change. one editorial suggestion, isn't it redundant to say president trump, if it is an interview, it is on fox. that's where the president talks pretty good for fox. >> trish: in so many ways, she really represents a certain kind of elitism in the united states. of the san francisco elite kind of reputation and frankly i think the democrats need to fight back against. in other words, this is part of their problem. was it not to nancy pelosi, hillary clinton being hud from similar cloth and not being able to relate to your average american? >> meghan: she was used in attack ads in the other breaks, so it is not accurate. the democrats right now have nothing other than republicans are evil, they are going to kill you by taking away from your
9:42 am
health care. we all hitler and awful. and after the women's march, how much attention it got, i was like, own, my gosh, maybe there is a real resistance here. five special elections not winning. the anger is not worth igniting into people coming out and floating. it is not real change. and historically unusual in elections like this. if they think saying nancy pelosi, extreme progressives in san francisco and new york city are going to win over the voters that they have lost, a very sad next four years coming up. >> trish: what about the health of the party going forward? if you are nancy pelosi, trinity want to find and recruit new talent so that your party can move forward? she is hanging on along with chuck schumer and a lot of others i really have grown to represent, i would argue, the past. they need to move forward. >> abby: no, because she would not have as much power.
9:43 am
there is a delusion. she said she laughs it off, she takes criticism as a compliment. you are right when you look at the whole of the democratic party. who are the leaders? what is the message? bill, as you said, they go to the polls on actions, not on wording. it has been resist, resist, resist. they have to get things done whether it is tax reform, health care, but but at least the republicans are putting forward some of the ideas. the democrats are putting it together with negative talk, no action that get -- that they can speak to. they have a lot of work to do in terms of motivating people to getting to the polls. >> kennedy: they said to the georgia special election up as a galvanizing moment. the moment where they would turn and realize how wrong they had been to elect a president and how the democratic party was the savior. people have let go of the party, people are no longer loyal to politicians or democrats or republicans, because i feel that
9:44 am
both parties have not been loyal to them or their families. and someone like nancy pelosi, so incredibly out of touch that there are people in her party, part of her caucus who have not been there for many years in open revolt. she is like a zombie/vampire who says, she uses the house as her icy crypt. you can take my scepter from my cold, undead hands, and not acceptable for voters in the country. >> trish: so what is it if she stays in? >> bill: "walking dead." maybe so. but it looks like policy. isn't that what the republicans are doing? they have to get it done, but let's assume that the point is true about party loyalty. you are going to look for a party that gets things done to you. and at least the things that republicans are talking about, i can go five days in north carolina without somebody -- no one is saying to
9:45 am
me, what about the russian collusion? nobody cares. her jobs, health care. >> meghan: democrats having a weak party is not good for america. it's like boxing, you want a strong sparring partners so that you can grow in your own side. the fact that they are so pathetic, weak, i don't think it's good for america. i'm not saying that i want democrats to start winning, but i understand when you have somebody like nancy pelosi, imagine being a long liberal, and i know if you, they do not like nancy pelosi, they think that she stole the election from bernie sanders paid to the vast majority of millennials voted for bernie instead, try taking those people. >> bill: it is the left, they are so far left. >> abby: that is such a great point. if you have two strong parties, a better debate. both people come to the table talking about health care. not one democrats coming even though they realize change needs to be made, not even able to come to the party could vary better off when you have two
9:46 am
strong parties. sometimes nancy pelosi is in it for yourself. not for the party coming up for the people. that is a problem. >> trish: speaking of the young leftist, college professors and after making some comments in public. are they putting their beliefs onto the students? and the university's, finally starting to crack down on that? we will discuss. we will see you right back here after this. ♪ sarah is a fifth-grade teacher. when it comes to molding young minds, nobody does it better. she also builds her own fighting robots. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for sarah, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details
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>> meghan: more "outnumbered" in just a minute. but first i jon scott in the second hour of happening now. >> and the second hours, breaking news on the senate plan to replace and repeal obamacare. the financial analysis of the bill as early as this afternoon. that comes as we get word that the senate will issue a revised version today, more work for the ceo to take on. but we are told that it does not involve major changes. also breaking today, the supreme court to make some big rulings including partial victory for president trump on
9:51 am
the travel ban. they are celebrating that at the white house. all the head on "happening now"" >> abby: two university professors have now been fired by the respective institutions. the communications professor from ethics county college canned after saying this on fox news earlier this month. >> what i say to that is boo-hoo-hoo. you white people are angry because you cannot use your white privilege card to get invited to the black lives matter all memorial day celebration. wow! >> kennedy: classic. the second professor from the university of delaware took to facebook who stated that the student who died after being held in korea got exactly what he deserved. she posted this quote. his parents ultimately are to blame for his growing up thinking he could get away with whatever he wanted. may be in the u.s. where young, white, rich males get away with
9:52 am
raping women, not so much in north korea. and it is otto's parents who will pay for the rest of their lives. it is unbelievable the statements i come from the mouths of the unaccountable. finally taking a stand against this kind of speech. what do you think it takes. what is a galvanizing force? >> bill: may be the community college will see the way and gail will see the light. at the essex county, and it was in florida where the president scolded the students for booing betsy devos. i would like to see the self-confidence and moral clarity and some leading constitutions. the statement is totally out of line. this person should have a sense of honor and resign herself. in terms of the other one, i'm not sure that she should be fired for what she said on "tucker carlson tonight." if you lose your cruel cool with
9:53 am
tucker, he is provocative from time to time. but you cannot exclude on the basis of race in a public funded institution. you cannot do it if you are white people, black people, that was the offense, i think. >> kennedy: if you reverse the adjectives, what with the outrage be then. i think often times what you are seeing with the schools when there is a reaction to some of the inflammatory statements is alumni members. they are standing up saying, we are going to withhold our generous gifting if you continue to harbor these types of views. >> abby: you think about the past years, it seems like every story every horrible story that comes out statements made, whether it is beheading the president or the latest one on warmbier. where do we draw the line for freedom of speech? it is about the statement so that are made by adults, professors, people that should be respected. and the impact that it has on
9:54 am
the young kids growing up, the bullying, how they think it is okay to talk that way and treat people that way. it is a very dangerous environment to be living in. i don't know where you draw the line, but obviously we hear on this couch can listen and say that it is sickening, it is unacceptable. we should not deliver it in a like that. >> trish: they would say that the right is bullying them. by the way, the republican nominee. if you indicated any term support, that was somehow seen as bullying on a number of the college campuses. >> bill: that is not new. i'm a product of the university. i taught at the university. in 1971 when i went to the boston university. he joined the philosophy department as the only nonmarxist. i could say, marxism? we have tried it. it does not work. >> kennedy: were you at the -- >> bill: you want to talk
9:55 am
sometime? >> kennedy: absolutely. >> bill: but now some light is shining on its prey sunlight is the best disinfectant. people are seeing it. and maybe some people, trustees will say, what am i paying $55,000 a year for add to middle bury, that they can chase charles murray off campus. >> abby: the parents talk about the kids being bullying by other kids in school because they talk about their parents for supporting trump or that they like something that trump did or said. >> kennedy: the justification of warmbier's murder? >> bill: gross. >> meghan: all of the women sitting on this couch, if you are somebody who goes out in public and you work for fox news, i know where i am not going to be harassed for watch. just because i am a conservative on television talking about my beliefs is something that will apparent leave warns harassment. we are living in a really scary time. we have kathy griffin having
9:56 am
ability head of our president. julius caesar, thinking it is hilarious to have fake stab president trump. rhetoric is out of control. look at the congressman sitting in the hospital right now after a bullet wound. i do not have the answer, but i believe, i disagree, i think it is worse now. >> bill: it is worse now. >> kennedy: but what is better h we have more "outnumbered" in just a moment. stay right here. go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. if you could book a flight, then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go? ♪ expedia.
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>> thank you so much, i grew up with my parents reading the book . we are back tomorrow at noon eastern, "happening now" starts right now. >> heather: we start with a fox news alert, we are awaiting the congressional budget for the health care bill. >> jon: that news released this afternoon. we are covering all the news, happening now. senate republicans expected to issue a revised version of their health care bill today. will the changes be enough to unite the party and get it passed? the supreme court rules on the president's so-called travel ban. what it means for refugees and others trying to enter the u.s. and fighting in syria spilling over into israel. bullets strike in the united nations


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