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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 26, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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ari aramesh. >> i am bill hemmer in for bret baier. the numbers are in in washington. congressional budget office out with its projection on the effects of the senate republican health care bill. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has the latest from the capital trade good evening. >> congressional budget office projects that over the next ten years 22 million people would lose coverage compared to the 23 million that would lose coverage in the house bill. it also projects deficits will be cut by $321 billion. that's more than $200 billion better than the house bill. the cbo says that after premiums go up next year, by 2020,
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premiums would be cut 30% compared to obamacare. this as republican leaders make a push to pass the health care bill. >> they will be the reason we haven't been able to stop it. on the other hand, do they have some good points? yes. >> senate finance chairman turned up the pressure on his colleagues ted cruz, mike lee, ron johnson, rand paul, dean heller. they oppose the g.o.p. health care package. leadership unveiled adjustments to the bill, including a lockout provision to make sure people buy insurance before they get sick. it says there will be a six month waiting period for people who let their coverage labs for more than two months. president trump waited on twitter. "the democrats have become nothing but obstructionists, they have no policies or ideas. all they do is delay and complain.
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they own obamacare!" the president suggested the senate doesn't have to act now. republican senators are working very hard to get there with no help from the democrats, not easy. anthem came out with the statement in support of the senate plan saying it will "markedly improve the stability of the market and moderate premium increases." american medical association opposed the bill, writing "the ama is concerned with the proposal to convert the medicaid program into the system that limits the federal obligation to care for needy patients to a predetermined formula based on per capita caps." leading democrats suggested passing the senate bill would have deadly consequences. >> we do know that that many more people, hundreds of thousands of people will die if this bill passes. >> 1,000 to 2,000 people will
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die if you cut people from medicaid. that means you are killing, killing them. >> republican leaders say don't believe the doomsday predictions. >> in all honesty, we have to get real about it because we've got a lot of things the federal government has to do besides health care. if we go that route, that's the only thing the federal government is going to be basically doing. >> on the coverage numbers, republican leaders will tell you that's because people would no longer have a gun to their heads with the government telling them they must buy insurance. republican leaders would suggest that those projections are difficult to make. >> bill: thank you, mike emanuel on capitol hill. this is another fox news alert. president donald trump saying the supreme court decision to green light his temporary ban on
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refugees is a clear victory for our national security. the high court set to take up the case in the fall. involves six countries. until then, the president gets his way mostly. we have fox team coverage. brit hume tells us what it means. kristin fisher at the white house. first up, doug mckelway outside the supreme court this evening. >> the supreme court handed the trump administration a big victory over the much debated travel ban today, also a bit of a victory of religious freedom. speculation and rumors about the retirement of justice anthony kennedy appeared to be just that: rumors. no breakdown on how the justices voted, it's a stinging blow to lower court rulings. travel from syria, sudan, yemen,
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libya temporarily goes into effect. >> huge victory from the white house. this case will be argued on the merits the first week of octobe october. decision some time and may be december or january. whatever they say will closely model what they said here. >> the ruling exempt foreign nationals who are college students, workers recruited by u.s. firms or those who have blood relatives here. the administration says it will take effect in 72 hours. the high court's decision was greeted with stark partisanship. senate judiciary chairman charles grassley wrote "it reaffirms congress and the president's constitutional authorities over our nation's lawful immigration system." nancy pelosi said "the blatant discrimination of the muslim and refugee bands is unjust and
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dangerous." a big victory for religious liberty. the church applied for a grant to resurface its playground. missouri denied the request on the grounds it was a religious institution. the court sided with the cert noting "the consequences, a few extra scraped knees." on the issue of gay rights, the justices struck down an arkansas law. the court agreed to decide this fall whether a colorado baker has the right to refuse a cake for a same-sex couple. >> this is the issue i suspect we are going to see the court returning to.
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>> more on the alleged retirement of supreme court justice anthony kennedy. it appears not to be so. he went to a reunion of law clerks and made no mention of it. he made no mention of retirement during any proceedings today and most tellingly, he has picked his law clerks for the upcoming term. not the signs of a man whose retirement is imminent. >> bill: thank you, doug mckelway. the president is celebrating the win and the supreme court. kristin fisher as the story from the white house. >> good evening. in a somewhat surprising move president trump didn't mention the supreme court decision when he spoke of the rose garden moments ago. make no mistake. this is a big win for his administration and he believes a big win for our national security as well. president trump said today's supreme court decision reinforces what he's been saying for months that he has a right as commander-in-chief to impose his travel ban in order to keep
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the american people safe. in a statement he said "today's ruling allows me to use an important tool for protecting our nation's homeland. i am also particularly gratified that the supreme court's decision was 9-0," but there is no breakdown on their vote coun count. meeting today with indian prime minister narendra modi. both have massive twitter followings. personalities aside, they differ on key issues, including president trump's decision to pull out of the paris climate record. the president blasted his predecessor on twitter in the wake of a "washington post" report. "the reason president obama did nothing about russia after being
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notified by the ca of meddling is that he expected clinton was win -- would win and did not want to rock the boat. he didn't "choke," he colluded or obstructed, and it did the dems and crooked hillary no good." he seemed to acknowledge what he has been reluctant to say for months. >> he believes russia probably was involved, potentially other countries as well could have been equally involved. >> former obama administration officials argue they did respond. they imposed sanctions on russia in december. and they authorized a covert cyber attack. even some democrats say it wasn't enough. >> i think the administration needed to call out russia earlier and needed to act to deter and punish russia earlier and i think it was a serious mistake. >> two democrats have hit back saying it was mr. trump who
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encouraged russia to find hillary clinton's missing emails. sean spicer said the president was clearly joking. >> bill: kristin fisher on the north lawn. let's find out what this means with brit hume. >> that's a tall order, what it all means. i will do my best. looking at this decision on what has been called a travel ban, a couple things to remember. they are going to hear the case in full involved so it's conceivable the ruling could go a different way from today but unlikely. in order to lift most of the instructions, the injunction to reinstate most of the travel ban the court had to find that the administration was likely to prevail on the merits when the case is fully argued. that means the administration starts out with a leg up in the fall and the court is likely to go in that direction. it divided potential immigrants
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into two classes. one is people have a clear connection to the united states either through blood relative or because they have a job waiting for them or they are enrolled in school. that is a relatively small group. everyone else, people with no such connection to the united states, is now in a situation where they can be blocked from coming in. that is nearly everybody. the people you would be worried about are the people who have no connection to the eyed states. this is a pretty complete win on that. when the case is argued in the fall, the administration will prevail there as well. >> tim o'brien describes it as a blueprint for how this may turn out. >> gives us a sense. it's kind of an unusual situation. if you are the party seeking an injunction. ordering some action stopped.
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you are the one carrying the burden of proof. to reinstate the ban, the administration was carrying the heavier burden of proof. there were no dissenting views from the opinion, none recorded. that doesn't mean everybody agreed. there were three dissents from three justices who believe it didn't go far enough. the court should have reinstated the whole ban. the administration looks to be in good shape. >> bill: you would consider this a heavy legal lift but in the end, doesn't appear to be that way. >> it was a heavy legal lift for them to get the court to do what it did but they succeeded. they got the ban reinstated for now. we have the question, the ban is a 90 day ban and by the time
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they hear it, that ban will have elapsed. by the time it is argued, will be nine months. >> bill: the left characterized it from the beginning as a travel ban. >> a muslim ban. >> bill: what was the mistake not going after these governments as failed governments or failed states. >> i think the mistake we need to point out is that the lower courts do not fully recognize the extent of the president's powers when it comes to matters of national security at this time. the court took note of it and brushed past the legal arguments made by the appellate courts and the lower courts in blocking the ban. what it will have to say about those arguments remains to be seen. >> bill: thank you, nice to see you. a judge in the right is
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considering whether to put a temporary halt on the deportation of iraqi nationals recently rounded up by authorities. the judge has signed a 14 day freeze for about 100 detainees arrested in the area of detroit. the aclu wants to expand the case more than 1,000 people across the country. also, a federal judge in texas with hearing arguments about whether the so-called sanctuary city ban in that state should be allowed. trump administration is helping texas defend the law. opponents, including the cities of dallas and houston, argue the measure's vagueness is one of their biggest concerns. house republicans will be back at full strength. later tonight, the candidates who won special elections last week will be sworn in. karen handel and ralph norman giving republicans 241 seats. republicans held all four house
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seats vacated by lawmakers who left to join the trump administration. now to senator bernie sanders and his wife. they are getting high-priced legal help. we know jane sanders is the subject of an fbi investigation that began during the obama years. the senator may also be under scrutiny. james rosen tonight tells us wh why. >> senator bernie sanders refuse multiple times to answer questions from fox news producer carol rowland about the fbi investigation reportedly come to focus on his wife jane. >> where are you from? >> fox news. a cds is reporting, politico. do you believe it is politically motivated? >> i am glad you are interested in the fact the republican leadership is proposing legislation which would throw millions of people off health insurance. >> the case centers on jane sanders tenure as president of vermont college.
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published reports allege the claimed 2.6 millions in pledges. the college spiraled into bankruptcy. burlington college. campaign chair in vermont asked regulators to investigate bank fraud. >> i have seen public documents that show an investigation has been started. the records were with the vermont apartment of education. prosecutors were asking the department of education to preserve records. >> senator sanders campaign manager did not respond to requests for comment but he told politico the couple has hired richard cassidy, a well-regarded lawyer, and lawrence robinson.
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democratic party activists discount of the case hurting senator sanders politically, at least for now. >> is going to get a big benefit of the doubt, particularly with his supporters. >> the senator 's staff did not respond to requests for comment. the senator called it nonsense. >> bill: thank you. reporting here in washington. in a moment we begin our series on the front lines around the world with american troops. here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 9 in the twin cities. family of a black motorist killed by a white police officer agrees to a $3 million settlement. philando castile was fatally shot during a traffic stop about a year ago. the officer was acquitted of manslaughter and other charges. the verdict prompted days of protest. fox 28 columbus, officials in ohio get 11 state websites back
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online today. the governor and several other sites hacked over the weekend. here's a live look at chicago from fox 32. big story there, another deadly weekend on the streets. a high tech boost exam loaned to the city by the atf is being tested. data compiled says four people were killed, at least 42 wounded in shootings this weekend. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from special reports. we will be right back. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now.
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>> bill: the united states has 800 military bases overseas. we begin a five-part series to look at what our american men and women are doing on the front lines of battle. we begin in afghanistan. the head of the joint chiefs arrived earlier working on plans that may add several thousand more u.s. troops. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports from the pentagon. >> u.s. and its nato allies invaded afghanistan, the war was supposed to be fast led by u.s. special forces and marine units. 16 years later with no end in sight, the pentagon and now a third u.s. president is planning to send more troops to afghanistan after obama failed to end what is has now surpassed
3:23 pm
vietnam as america's longest wa war. jennifer or joe dunford in kabul to assess whether to add more troops. the head of the marine corps visited and made his assessment. u.s. marines pulled out from there in 2014. 8400 troops are serving in afghanistan, a far cry from 100,000 at its height in 2009 when president obama was convinced by his military commanders to surge 30,000 more forces. resources and attention had been diverted to iraq. jim mattis offered this assessment. >> are not not winning in afghanistan right now, and we will correct this as soon as possible. >> mattis setting will present a new plan for afghanistan in
3:24 pm
mid-july. his predecessor had the following morning. >> we have to worry about the safe haven in pakistan in which terrorists go back and forth across the border at will. and are able to attack in afghanistan and retreat to pakistan. that has to end. has to be stopped. >> in february, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan told congress he needed a few thousand more troops after then president obama ordered roughly 1500 u.s. troops out of afghanistan at the end of december. in an effort to end the war. >> we skipped a step where you are supposed to be able to have a few dozen teams of advisors in the field with key afghan units to help them improve, call in air strikes and so forth. in a sense, what i see this decision by president trump is potentially doing is repairing one of the holes in the obama strategy. >> officials say the new strategy in afghanistan will look like the current fight against isis in iraq and syria.
3:25 pm
more troops closer to the fight to call in air strikes and embed them with local fighters. but this new plan carries risks. earlier this month, three u.s. soldiers were killed by an afghan soldier in what the military calls and insider attack. seven other american soldiers were shot and wounded in a similar incident in week later. more than 2300 american troops have been killed in afghanistan. 17,000 wounded. after multiple strategy reviews, there are still issues that after years of war have not been addressed. for instance, what to do about the ongoing threat from afghan troops who have turned their weapons on american troops with alarming regularity. >> bill: as we introduced your piece, we reported we had 800 military bases overseas. you hear that number and it sounds surprising. >> absolutely. i have been here for ten years covering the pentagon and even i was surprised to hear that the u.s. military has 800 basis
3:26 pm
overseas. the marines are about to set up another base in helmand province. i talked to one service member who has served multiple tours in afghanistan and he said that it's not just that they keep moving the goalposts. they have removed the goalposts and given us the ball and told us to keep running. that's how many feel in terms of this return to afghanistan of these thousands of troops who might be deployed in the coming months. >> bill: 16 years on. thank you. tomorrow night will be on iraq and as we talk about it, the anti-isis coalition dealing with a string of counterattacks by the terror group in the hard-fought western mosul city. >> the final push is being fought house to house in mosul. the fight against the terror group is still far from over. iraqi counterterrorism force of
3:27 pm
have pushed the remaining isis fighters into the streets of the old city. the iraqi military can taste victory. >> this is proof of their defeat. victory is near. >> counterterrorism forces continue to retake areas, isis south of and launching attacks and liberated parts of the city. on sunday, dozens of suicide bombers launched attacks in various districts setting fires to houses and causing widespread panic in what could be a template for the future. hundreds of families have been streaming out of mosul and isa cells are said to have blended in with displaced civilians lying low and preparing for an insurgency. the u.n. believes 100 a few thousand civilians remain trapped in the old city that are being used as human shields. all are under nourished and many have lost everything. >> a bomb hit our house for my
3:28 pm
family is under the rubble. >> residents of mosul are on the streets showing their gratitude. it's been three long years since isis stormed across the border from syria into mosul. three years of hell. isis are close to losing mosul but we have seen them morph into an insurgency. the great fear now is that even after mosul's recapture they will remain a force in the country. >> bill: we watch it day by day. benjamin hall reporting from london. syrian kurdish forces say they have seized the district in raqqa. it is the capital of the self declared caliphate. here at home, from southern california, two marines in the
3:29 pm
hospital with severe burns after an explosion during routine maintenance on a fighter jet. it happened in san diego. officials say a ground/fire occurred as the marines were working. to a financial crisis in illinois so bad some people are talking about dissolving the state. we are not sure how that's even possible. politicians came together on a budget deal and the clock is ticking toward even more troubl trouble. jeff, good evening. >> perhaps you can look over my shoulder and see the state of affairs in illinois. decades of taking in not enough money to cover all the money going out. failure to contribute to municipal pension funds.
3:30 pm
$15 billion nearly and unpaid bills without a budget over the course of the past two years. $800 million burned in fees and interest on the unpaid bills. when it comes to pensions, $251 billion, a quarter of a trillion dollars in unfunded pension liability appeared what is the answer? most people say cut spending and raise taxes. illinois is one of the lowest income tax rates in the united states among the states that tax income. seven don't. illinois, 3.75 is the percentage rate for the income tax in illinois. illinois also has the highest property tax, second-highest property tax of any state in the union. when it comes to raising taxes, not a lot of people for it. one-third of the population understands that right now the state is in such heavy financial
3:31 pm
trouble that raising taxes and cutting spending is the only way out. beyond that, not a whole lot of answers. unfunded pension liability looms large. popular columnist at the "chicago tribune" says states have taken the jobs, people, businesses from illinois and may as well take the whole thing. i quote "find safe harbor in the arms of wisconsin indiana missouri, iowa. once we dissolve illinois, things will get better." the problem is too many promises have been made and they have gone wanting. >> bill: from the on-ramp in chicago, thank you. stocks were mixed. dow gained 15. 15. s&p 500 up a point. nasdaq lost 18.
3:32 pm
now a story of unintended if not unforeseen consequences. raising the minimum wage in seattle has benefited some low-paid workers but many others have seen hours cut and their take-home pay reduced. dan springer does the math tonight from seattle. >> national campaign fight for 15 is pushing its agenda across america. some recent success in new york, california. in seattle, where it began, a new study finds the law is hurting the very people it was intended to help. an economist at the university of washington has been researching the wage law. his team looked at government employment data for workers making less than $19 an hour. >> we found wages going up 3% but employment opportunities going down by about 9% which means overall income for these low-wage workers, pay went down and set about. >> researchers say the belt tightening has been so extreme
3:33 pm
they have lowered their labor costs as the minimum wage jumped up. small business owners and their managers are doing more of the work once reserved for low-wage earners. also as they pay more, they are able to get more people with experience who can get the job done in less time. technology is replacing some low skilled positions. adds up to a cost of 5,000 low-wage jobs and for those who are working, a monthly cut in pay of $125. business leaders say it is basic ergonomics. makes labor more expensive. owners will find way to get by with less. >> if you're going to decrease people's hours and they're not going to have livable wages. >> the mayor declined to be interviewed but tweeted today. seattle's economy is booming. restaurants and retail among
3:34 pm
growing job sectors. unemployment is low and companies like amazon are in a hiring frenzy. the job and wage growth is going to those in the middle and higher income levels while those at the bottom of the latter are falling further behind. >> bill: dan springer, thank you. the supreme court allows president trump's immigration order to take effect for now. you will get reaction from the panel when we come back. one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. switching to allstate is worth it. whattwo servings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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>> the president was honored by the decision that allows him to use an important tool to protect our nation's homeland. his number one responsibility as commander-in-chief is to keep the american people safe and that's exactly what this executive order does. >> bill: i want to bring in sean spicer there from the white house. i want to bring in the map which shows the six countries
3:38 pm
affected, libya, sudan, yemen, somalia, syria. iraq had been on the list originally last winter but it was removed when they went forward with version 2.0. jonah goldberg, a.b. stoddard, mollie hemingway. good evening. i white house victory. >> i think that's right. this was a win and a vindication for donald trump and the travel ban. it was also a win for the plane that are of the law. part of the reason why this was such a clear win for the white house is that they were on the right side of a constitutional legal argument. the president has plenipotentiary power terrae navigation -- immigration. the ninth circuit opinion, fourth circuit opinion were bad
3:39 pm
and political decisions. would have been a huge mass if the supreme court had not clarified that the president does have these powers and it did trim back certainly some of the more expansive ideas of quote what the ban is supposed to be. people from these countries can come in. they just need a good reason. >> bill: the courts in february and march. we were listening to them. >> these rulings were kind of ridiculous. they were going through donald trump's campaign tweets and try to ascertain deeper meaning. that was a bad precedent to set, this idea that we can judge donald trump differently than all other leaders. this was an important win for religious liberty. a big reason why was there is news they are going to
3:40 pm
take up a variable important case about free depression when it comes to the cake baker in colorado. in general, this was a good day for donald trump. >> bill: fleming read the statement and you can react. today's anatomists sabrina gore decision is a clear victory for national security. this from the president. i cannot allow people into our country who want to do us harm. my number one responsibility is to keep the american people safe. today's ruling allows me to use an important tool for protecting our nation's homeland. i am also gratified the supreme court's decision was 9-0. >> i think it was a victory for the president. doesn't really tell us what will happen when they consider this in the fall but it looks good. policy victory and a validation of policy, not just a win in the special election in in a distrt where republicans were favored a war a good justice you put on the supreme court or a good day
3:41 pm
when someone messes up their testimony. wasn't a political victory. it was a policy victory. it's going to give him a good boost. the next thing that's important is the way that this was launched was a botched disaster. opportunity to show confidence. if they are ready to reimpose the ban and do it effectively, it will be a separate victory in terms of governance and organization. >> bill: it is a 72 hour rollout. >> that's right. chief justice roberts kicking the can down the road doing it this way. upholds it in principle but by the time it gets there, the 90 days will be out. who knows what the official policy will be. we may come back to see a different situation. >> bill: and an overall sense,
3:42 pm
i want to play the democrat from hawaii. see how this has been characterized now that you have gorsuch and nine justices. >> neil gorsuch who i did not support as a supreme court justice has joined two of the most conservative justices, clarence thomas and justice alito to take the position that the entire injunction should have been lifted. this is like the three horsemen of the apocalypse and they are waiting for the fourth one to come along so that they can go on the trend for extremism. >> bill: that is some loaded answers. is this the way this going to go? >> sounds like extreme rhetoric. the decisions showed quite a few
3:43 pm
justices focusing on constitutional jurisprudence. it was a great and exciting day for gorsuch watchers pair people know he was a strong constitutionalist. one of the things i thought was interesting is that he went to the court to protect a second amendment case. free expression issues and the first amendment. second amendment issues and then you have his position on this travel ban, all comforting to people who are hoping for a good justice for a long time to come. >> bill: do we get the sense the court changed? >> i don't think we can read into the numbers -- the numbers are good but i don't think we can read into it this is going to mean going forward. i think there might be some surprises. kennedy is not retiring. everyone was hoping that what happened. going through a transition.
3:44 pm
on the senators rhetoric, democrats are doing the best they can to repel every voter they have lost. hillary clinton called the republicans a death party. they are trying to mirror trump. if he can talk that way, two wrongs are going to make a wrong. i was blown away with what she said. >> we will get back to the democrats in the next block? the rhetoric of the democrats on the health care staff is so outrageous and so disproportionate. they are saying any attempt at entitlement reform is tantamount to murder. i want to say on the question about the supreme court, i was reading gorsuch's decision on the religious liberty case and in terms of the trinity church
3:45 pm
and one of the things he demonstrated is that he might be as entertaining and as good a writer as justice scalia. people forget that scalia's role wasn't just a conservative vote but he provided sort of intellectual light shows that captured people's attentions and framed the debate and gorsuch gives a hint that he may be as good. >> bill: he was built that way. >> very rare that conservative appointees pan out to be what they were billed as. >> one of the other issues that's interesting, the travel ban issue recognizes the government has a likely win but a lot of people are calling for justice ruth bader ginsburg to recuse herself because she was so outspoken against the ban and president trump during the campaign related to that. it will be interesting to watch that and see whether she refuses or whether it matters. >> the 120 day temporary ban
3:46 pm
where the administration wanted to pull back from the six countries. now we may not have a decision on this for ten, 11 months. >> the timeline is going to expire. i think it still validates the policy today and he's going to take the victory today. they haven't begun the extreme vetting they promised. it's not a perfect situation but this is a policy victory for donald trump. >> bill: cbo scores out from the senate health care bill, a prediction on the cost of the coverage coming up next.
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>> health care is a very, very tough thing, but i think we are going to get it. >> i am not committed to voting for this bill, but i do think it needs to be addressed fairly. >> do you want to socialized medicine? try to work with us and try to find something. >> republicans cannot exercise the rotten core at the center of their health care bill, no matter what tweaks they add. >> the american people need better care right now, and this legislation is a necessary tool to provide it. >> here is a sample about has been said about the bill in the last 24 hours, this is what the cbo score came out earlier today, and concluded the following, 22 more americans will not be covered, $321 billion, average premiums will increase prior to 2020, then decrease thereafter, good
3:51 pm
score or not? >> well, i think there are people who look at parts of the score and can celebrates that there is actually enough deficit reduction that the minority leader can find somebody to work with, moderates, and maybe pull more support in that wing of the conference, and people can always criticize the cbo score and walk away and say i don't trust the numbers anyway, it can give other people pause, i think that they are not afraid of a cbo score. the change will compromise. what you've heard from senator hatch is what they have been saying behind closed doors. if you want single-payer medicine, if not, you are with us, no matter how much glass you have to swallow. so it really isn't about these numbers here were these numbers there, it truly is will you mess this up for us and break a seven and a half your promise and lead to democratic control of the
3:52 pm
house next year and ultimately single-payer, or will you just fulfill the promise? >> bill: you are making the case that they cannot afford it to vote? >> that is what the leadership is saying. >> bill: will they vote this week or not? one of the reasons why people don't take those with scores so seriously is because there are problems with how cbo scores consistently miss estimated -- i was going to do a george bush thing, they claim that there were far fewer that would be uninsured, they were wrong about how many people would be covered in specific aspects of obamacar obamacare, this program would give $8 billion in revenue, it was in fact $6 billion more to the desperate, so when they say like they do hear that they are going to be 22 million people who are not covered and you realize that almost all of that is because of a very problematic
3:53 pm
aspect of obamacare, which is that it forces people to take insurance, even if they didn't want to, and you realize that the number comes from there, then they will not do something unless they are penalized to do it, you may not take it so seriously, particularly 15 million of the 18 million that they say want to be covered by the mandate. >> bill: when the mandate is removed, you don't know what is in the 20 some odd million. >> molly: they are saying that even if you potentially don't have to pay for it, it still want to be covered. these are the kinds of vestments such as boggle the mind. >> bill: do you think two days of score drove up votes away? or was it a push? >> i think it was probably a push. i think the fact that -- it is interesting that you know supposedly the main house version, and even though the senate version actually cuts more, but covers more people at the same time, it might give a
3:54 pm
little more coverage to some senators to come in, but i agree with molly entirely. this is all in terms of the cbo scoring, i think what mitch mcconnell did his he set this up anyway that he saved himself some goodies to start doing his kickback style thing to get some of these people on board. i don't think the rand paul can be gotten on board, but i think almost everybody else has signaled that they are open to making a deal. >> bill: the process is set up that you can take amendments when the bill comes to the floor if it does come to the floor. for a couple of days. president trump said this on twitter a bit earlier today. we have two of them for you. the democrats have become nothing but obstructionist, they have no policies or ideas, they own obamacare, another tweet the republican senators are working very hard to get there with no help from the democrats, not
3:55 pm
easy, perhaps just an obamacare crash and burn, we will see if that is the case. nancy pelosi had a stinging statement just about an hour ago, people will die of trauma care becomes law, it is -- we are in a life and death battle for families in america. >> molly: it that is her specialty at the last few days, the democrats have done this, this obstructionist thing, there is a lot of dramatic -- every single time the republicans put votes up to repeal obamacare during the obama era, the use the same kind of language about the replacement plan that's a repeal was going to kill people. it is really not new. the problem is that for president trump, no one believes that's the democrats are obstructing this. they know that's the republicans are fighting amongst themselves, they have created a partisan
3:56 pm
process, a restrictive procedure, it could break a tie with and become the 51st vote, so they are fighting among themselves. >> bill: do you think it will happen this week or not? >> you know, i don't think it has to, i think they would prefer to it, the leaders are trying to pretend that it has to happen this week, but it is not going to slip past august. >> jonah: with the kind of passion that we heard from mitch mcconnell, i think we get a vote. >> bill: think you, molly. when we come back to, we will see how the animals do the political work. ♪
3:57 pm
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and it's also a story mail aabout people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you >> finally tonight elected a real dog. katz, donkey, chicken, making her the fourth mayor of her tow town. locals have their reason for electing the pitbull. >> she's very outgoing. >> she's so nice.
4:00 pm
>> she has the best smile that i have ever seen. >> they have their reasons. thanks for watching, everybody, i am bill hammer. from washington, up next, martha maccallum. good night. >> martha: breaking tonight, donald trump declaring victory. ban travelers from six terrorist nations, from entering the u.s. that is the story. tonight, i am shannon informed martha maccallum. so-called travel ban to go forward. and in turn, knocking down the opinions of some of the most liberal people in the country. >> shannon: temporarily block immigration, from six middle eastern countries with a history of terrorism. and two and half months into the job, supreme court justice neil gore