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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 27, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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from new york. i had bill promised to give her a hammer hug. in the meantime, you continue from d.c., will get another hammer helping. for now, we're going to "happening now" starting now. >> jon: mike pence, the vice president heading to capitol hill today to huddle with senate republicans as they try to get enough support to pass their health care bill. good morning, i'm jon scott. >> heather: i'm heather childers, nice to be here with you. a lot more discussion on tap for this. republicans downplaying results of the cbo score that predicts that the bill will leave more than 20 million people uninsured over the next decade. pointing out that the score also estimates the legislation will lower premiums and flash the federal deficit over that same time period. now six republicans saying they cannot support the bill.
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>> the american people need better care right now and this legislation includes the necessary tools to provide it. >> the bill has been hanging on by a thread and cbo shows why. republicans cannot excise the rotten core at the center of their health care bill. >> jon: senator ron johnson is on the fence about this bill. earlier, senator johnson that he told majority leader mitch mcconnell flat out, we need more time. >> we need to fix the collapsing markets of obamacare. we have to drive premiums down. what i want is the time to consider this, to allow my constituents in wisconsin a chance to review it, provide their valuable input and feedback, and i'm not asking months, but let's get a couple of weeks. must be thoughtful. give me a chance to make the case -- i was trying to make the case in the senate and was largely ignored.
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we are ignoring the fact that obamacare drove up premiums, doubled and in some cases tripled. >> jon: john bussey, associate editor of "the wall street journal." you've got six republican senators on record now saying they oppose this legislation in its current form. are there big magical fixes that mitch mcconnell can pull off the shelf to get 51 votes? >> i don't think there are. i think there's a lot of individual haggling that's going to happen. this is a very difficult process as it was for the democrats. it feels that this is round two of the debate over health care. this is beginning to address the fact that it's costing too much for the u.s. budget, and we still need to find a way to ensure the maximum amount of people. this seems like the next chapter, but the debate won't solve it. that's why you're seeing so many senators hold back support.
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they still feel that it's going to either insure their constituents and efficiently or not cut the budget enough. the >> jon: with programs of this kind, once you give somebody something like this in america, it's hard to take it away. >> it's very difficult. and it's very difficult politically going into the 2018 midterm elections which are a nano second away and then mine of the republicans. this bill will cut back on medicaid, and will come back on segments of the population disproportionately according to the cbo. the disproportion will follow in part on people who are 55 years and older with lower incomes, a lot of those people vote. we find old people tend to vote disproportionately more actively. republic and are thinking about this. they are weighing the cost savings and the potential political fallout. how do you know balance these
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competing interests? the >> jon: the six party members were imposing this are all republicans, obviously, but there are different ideological stripes. mike lee and ted cruz are conservative senators, you've got susan collins a more moderate. how you craft a bill that both ends of their publican spectrum are going to like? >> rand paul is in that. these are influential senators who will carry others with them. we are not at point yet. mitch mcconnell should not be underestimated on this point. "the american medical associatid we oppose the bill because it would disproportionately hurt middle income families around the united states. you are going to get away without hurting somebody in this process. that's the issue that the
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republicans are wrestling with, how do we know maximize the political support that we are going to get, not just in the congress, but in the next election? >> jon: and obamacare first pass, nancy pelosi said we had to pass the bill before he can find out what's in it. would any senator consider passing this legislation and then kind of tinker around the edges with it over the years once they find out what the results are? >> whatever happens next is there's going to be a lot of tinkering to come. this is hardly going to be the end of this great debate. the congressional budget office has said there's going to be fallout from this. millions of people are going to go uninsured as a result. the white house has come out and said, don't listen to the cbo, they got it wrong in the past, they got it wrong on how fragile the affordable care act to not be. i'm not sure that's the best argument against the cbo, but i
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think you're absolutely right. this is the next phase of the tinkering. republicans feel that you must do this to stabilize markets. democrats say you're just going to damage health care for a lot of people. >> jon: even if you pass the senate bill, you have to get back to the house and get their approval and that's no easy feat either. >> it's not. the bills are slightly differen different. the senate bill would ensure slightly more people, but there would still be millions who would go uninsured according to the cbo. congress wants to have a win. they want to buckle this went up before they move on to tax policy because there are tax savings and their proposed health care bills that would free them up to make further moves on tax reform, so they are very keen to make this happen. that's a very ambitious goal to get this done before the august recess. >> jon: will be watching for
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more. thank you very much. the >> heather: there are new details for you about russia's interference in our 2016 election and it comes on the heels of president trump blasting the way the obama administration handled the situation and now, an exclusive interview with fox, former defense secretary and cia director said vladimir putin took advantage of perceived america weakness and not much has changed today in our country is still at risk. >> cyber is the battlefield of the future. what we all have to recognize is that we now are living and a time when the use of a sophisticated virus in the cyber arena can virtually cripple our country. >> heather: jennifer griffin is life for us at the pentagon with more. >> i spoke to the former defense secretary and cia director about his response to the we -- and
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the recent report. the cia told the president in august that they believe flan report and had directly interfered with the election. here's what leon panetta told m me. >> i think when they conducted the cyber attacks on the united states during the last election, he felt he could get away with it without any kind of response. if there's anything that i have learned in dealing with the russians, is that you have to show them that there is a line beyond which they cannot cross. >> president trump responded in a tweet this weekend asking why president obama didn't do more to stop the russians. a disingenuous response from someone who has been denying the russians interference since he was briefed by u.s. intelligence chief in january about the extent of the hacking. panetta said putin took advantage of weakness.
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>> i think the problem we've seen with put in and i think he's somebody who takes advantage of weakness. iffy senses weakness, then he'll take advantage. i think that's what happened in crimea and the ukraine. >> i asked panetta why he would place cyber time bombs on critical infrastructure. there was no call for a leaking investigation. >> i'm very concerned that frankly there's too much leaking of classified information. >> will have more on our exclusive interview with former defense secretary leon panetta and part two of our series on the front lines tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern. back to you. >> heather: will tune in. thank you so much. >> jon: a man accused of killing his 5-year-old son, what
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police say drove him to this terrible act, plus, we are live on capitol hill with no reaction to the congressional budget office's score of the senate bill to repeal and replace obamacare. with the findings really mean. we'll talk live with a former budget office director. that's next. >> basically saying the congressional budget office, if you're not going to force people to buy obamacare, if you're not going to force people divisively they don't want, then he will buy it. it's not that people are getting pushed off a plan, as that people will choose not to buy something. if you have medicare
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so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. >> jon: fox news alert and an accident on the new york city subway line forces people to scramble off a train into the darkened tunnels and also scramble out of the 125th street station in new york. reports of three injuries, reportedly minor after an aid
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train derailed and smoke wound up filling that train. there's a power outage that resulted. the new york city fire department says a handful of people were treated for minor injuries. this all started a little over an hour ago. those reportedly smoke, but no fire after that derailment. passengers described the train vibrating wildly and bucking as it went off the rails. we've got some video posted on social media mitchell's passengers climbing out through the darkened subway tunnels which is a pretty scary thing if he never been to new york city. at any rate, we'll keep our eye on this relatively minor it seems derailment. will let you you know more as s progressive. now some information on crime stories. a tumultuous divorce let a man to murder his own five-year old son. the boy disappeared after a weekend out at disneyland with his dad back in april.
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although the child's body has never been found. police have arrested the father on one count of murder. legal troubles for the widow of a former police lieutenant who committed suicide and try to make it look like he was killed in the line of duty. his wife, no accused of trying to steal money from a youth political program in illinois. the trial delayed while prosecutors say texts between the couple are off limits. a texas man arrested on drug charges have now been arrested in a shooting death of nearly two teens nearly 30 years ago. there are reports hair, fingernails, and other items found at the scene match him to the crime. >> the cbo score -- it's not my
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score. as the cbo score. >> heather: not my score. how important is the analysis from the cbo? the cbo found that it would save more than $320 billion. joining us know is the former cbo director under president bush and he is also president of the american action form. republicans are downplaying the numbers and democrats are emphasizing them. can you take us through very briefly the scoring process. >> we keep the medicaid program
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as it is, we put it on autopilot. try to see what the government would spend. it then looks at the senate bill and says how does that picture change? it's primary job is to report out and ensure that the legislation meets the requirements of the senate rule rules. it has to figure out how many people will be on medicaid and thus develop these coverage numbers that you are so much about, but those are supplementary. that's not their primary mission. >> i was listening to the interview i did with a radio station. use of the difference between scoring the bill and forecasting the future, i like that analogy. >> there not a forecasting unit. they're supposed to rank different bills appropriately. when the house when version ane
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senate version. let congress know when they're saving money and when they're spending money. if you are a forecaster, you have the latest up-to-date information on everything and try to make the best forecast you can. cbo, you can't do that. as a result, it will be wrong in many ways. for example, they're using an analysis that assumes 17 million people are only 10 million. >> heather: finally, republicans, they're not on the on the same page. we heard six of them sang today they going to and favor. what do you think they need to do or what can they do and all of this to come together? >> is important to recognize is not just a health care vote, this is a vote on better economic policy. it's about better budget policy.
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it is about some health care policy, it's also about the capacity. if you start looking across all those issues, there is enough to find common ground, how hard that might be. >> heather: health being one fifth of the economy. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> jon: a man who spent five years behind bars allegedly for supporting a terrorist organization could soon be back out on the streets. his release hearing is just days away. and president trump savoring a victory over what he calls fake news after cnn makes false accusations against one of his campaign associates. >> this is not surprising. donald trump has been right about a lot of the fake news and this is just one story.
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we'll >> jon: a federal judge has ordered the release of a colorado man who spent five years behind bars for allegedly attempting to provide support to terrorists. he was arrested in 2012. he was carrying cell phones and other electronic devices, also a few thousand dollars cash. he'll be back in court on thursday for release hearing. he was never formally charged and argued his incarceration violates his rights to a speedy trial. >> heather: three cnn staffers resigning over last week's retracted russia story that accused anthony scaramucci, a member of the trump transition team of working with a multibillion-dollar investment fund. laura ingraham tells fox news
8:24 am
why she thinks the president is entitled to be upset. >> other stories have already been retracted and they have been written and investigated by people who we are understanding to be serious journalists peered over the kids who just started at cnn? how is their track record holding up? i think donald trump is right to be very frustrated with this. >> heather: the president taking to twitter re-tweeting this parity cnn logo that says fake news network. joining me for more as howard kurtz host on fox news media buzz. >> president trump joining the criticism this morning over that retracted story. cnn accepting the resignation of lex harris, tommy frank and his editor. the story alleges that anthony
8:25 am
scaramucci, a trap trump advisor was under investigation over ties to a russian investigation fun. he was described as having a secret meeting in january with an official and discussed the lifting of sanctions, but there is no secret meeting. the rest official came up to say hello at a restaurant after the trump confidant had given a speech. this karen mucci, a former hedge fund man said that the story is alive. he accepted cnn's apology and told me last night he has no plans to file a lawsuit. the president is constantly slamming cnn and said this on twitter. wow, cnn had to retract a big story on russia which three employees forced to resign. one of it all the other form of stories they do? fake news. and responded to another mr. trump also tweeted, what about cbs, nbc, abc, and
8:26 am
"the new york times" and "washington post"? they're all fake news. president obama took little action after learning about russian meddling. the network reported before james comey testified that he would contradict the president by saying he never told mr. mr. trump he wasn't under investigation and the russia probe. in fact, he said just the opposite. cnn to its credit was quick to retract both stories. cnn imposed stricter standards by telling its staff at no story related to russia controversy can be published and of the approval of two top editors. >> heather: thank you so much. >> jon: the senate health care bill draws near, the g.o.p. is hoping to hold a vote by the end of the week.
8:27 am
and u.s. allies backing up the president's warning to bashar al-assad, stay away from chemical weapons or else. >> it's absolutely right to prevent the use of chemical weapons and we will fully support. with shrimp crusted with kettle chips. or new, over-the-top lobster and shrimp overboard. but it can't last, so hurry in.
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>> jon: the obstacles are stacking up including a cbo score that is less than
8:31 am
favorable. more republicans now opposing the bill as the democratic senator from hawaii is just days away from surgery herself. sharing her personal story to try to sway opinion. listen. >> we are all one diagnosis away from having a serious illness. getting a serious illness and something happens to other people, i was one of them. my moment of reckoning came to months ago during a routine physical, my doctor told me i have kidney cancer. it's a moment everyone fears. thankfully, i have health insurance. i was able to sit down with my doctors and decide how i would fight my cancer, not how i would pay for treatment. nobody should have to worry about whether they can afford the health care that one day might save their life. >> jon: josh holmes, former chief of staff tim senator mitch mcconnell and jim chesley.
8:32 am
jim, obamacare was passed entirely with democrat votes. this go around seems to be all on the shoulders of republicans, but the american people say they want both parties to go to washington and get things done. why are no democrats apparently interested in joining in this bill? >> i don't think mitch mcconnell wanted democrats involved in this bill. he had secret meetings with republicans. this bill is put together behind closed doors with no hearing. republicans made a promise for 8 years. they said they're going to repeal obamacare and they said they had a plan that was going to be better and lower premiums and make more people insured. it was like a ponzi scheme of lies. they didn't have a plan. ryan didn't have a plan, mcconnell didn't have a plan, and trump certainly didn't have a plan.
8:33 am
i think after this thing goes down, they can get together in a bipartisan way and do something with obamacare. republicans are playing up their strategy right now, not democrats. >> jon: josh, you know mitch mcconnell well. you said there's nobody better on capitol hill bringing out the votes that he needs. do you think he's likely to get this done? even six members of his own party has expressed their opposition it with this point. >> they are likely to get this point. the alternative is obamacare which we know for a fact is failing the american people and a number of different ways. the insurance markets are failing, we have significant premium increases. there is hardly anybody who believes in the system. the alternative is you do something to reinforce the market place? do you bring down premiums? or do you wait and get to a point where the insurance market
8:34 am
will completely collapse and then you have something that looks like an insurance bailout. >> jon: what about that? obamacare does seem to be collapsing. what happens if this thing doesn't pass the senate and there's no alternative? >> mitch mcconnell is very skilled. he said to senate republicans, if this thing fails, we are going to be forced to negotiate with chuck schumer. that's a good thing. let this thing fail. let's let the fixes happen. doesn't need a complete overhau overhaul. >> bipartisanship always sounds great. every democrat in washington will not come out to support it. you create an entitlement program for the poor, and
8:35 am
entitlement program for the seniors, an entitlement program for the young people and you expand credibility to where you have to go to the equivalent of a psa or a driver's license to get health care. we've got a lot of countries around the world who say i can't leave i have to wait in line. that's what you get. we have a situation. >> jon: there are a lot of democrats and liberals out there who like the idea. >> let me respond to that because there are a bunch of democrats who want a single-payer system. it's not the majority of democrats, is not the majority of democratic voters. we need to do is fix obamacare to make it work obamacare -- the bone structure of obamacare is moderate, market-based system
8:36 am
and we should keep that. >> jon: the health insurance companies are freeing systems. >> there are definitely places in the individual market. some of the reasons -- donald trump is not doing things that are necessary. yes, there are tweaks that need to be done. >> now that the collapse is happening, suddenly democrats want to work on health care in a bipartisan way. it's hysterical. the reality is, republicans have one option is to go forward with this bill, get it done because the alternative will not serve anybody well. >> jon: as i said earlier, mitch mcconnell seems to be a master getting the votes he
8:37 am
needs. josh holmes, thank you both. >> heather: the white house is now warning that it could take military action against syria as the assad regime used chemical weapons on the rebels fighting in the civil war. they say there is evidence of activity at syrian airbase used to launch a sarin gas attack in april. >> the use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians is abhorrent, it's a legal. we fully supported the last strike that took out the airplanes and the support they required to drop chemical weapons. if the united states is considering a similar strike, then will support that too. the >> heather: joining us now, former senior director --
8:38 am
thank you very much for joining us. this administration has already shown that it will take action and they've done so in april. why at the very public morning this time? >> because of what you pointed to. obviously stopping the regime is one of the goals the admission agent has set. they demonstrated that in april. there is serious about using force to do that. the public morning this time was preventing those deaths from happening in the first place. using the credibility that was denied. >> heather: nikki haley, the ambassador to the u.n., she
8:39 am
tweeted this this morning. we don't have it, she said in her tweet, any further attacked on to the people of syria will be blamed on a side, but also on russia and iran who supported him killing his own people. clearly this was a warning also to russia and iran. >> that's right and we heard similar reaction in april saying russia and iran should be accountable for what the assad regime is doing. that's not to save american military strikes against russians and iranians, and set it's setting a predicate that if there is u.n. security council action in the wake of a chemical weapon strike that perhaps russia and iran could find themselves penalized or targeted by that action. i think also, there's an effort to stop iran and syria and russia from escalating the conflicts. we've seen a syrian jet down by
8:40 am
u.s. forces, so it's a broader message there as well. >> heather: russia has spoken out very strongly. >> our relationship with russia is already quite bad. probably the worst it's been for a year, since the end of the cold war. dad's not likely to change anytime soon. it will be another dose of reality for those who hoped there would be room for cooperations to say that vladimir putin's aims and syria are not compatible with americans objectives. >> heather: that will make the meeting coming up between president trump and vladimir putin very interesting. thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate your insight. >> jon: a massive utah wildfire sparking a political firestorm. what lame lawmaker is blaming.
8:41 am
how safe is your personal information of the government let's take a look at some numbers:
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that could reveal what your body isn't telling you. i'm gonna tell you that was the best $150 i ever spent in my life. life line screening. the power of prevention. call now tow to learn more. >> jon: new information may cyber security breach targeting government websites. they appear to be spreading a pro isis message. a number of state websites hacked over the weekend. among the victims, ohio governor john k sick. his website was replaced by a black eye six flag, but it was unclear who was behind the attack. alex hammer's owners' risk. he is a cyber security analyst. thank you very much for being with us. is this necessarily an isis project? >> not necessarily. sometimes these things can be
8:45 am
vulnerability and people want attention. >> jon: how hard is it to hack into a government website? >> it doesn't look like it was that hard. what you'll find is there is a very simple username and password. this is a breach that you might see in defacement. you can think of it like spray painting your name. >> jon: it raises a lot of concerns because our states and federal governments have a lot of personal information about each and every one of us. doesn't attack like this suggest that that information has been corrupted somehow? >> no, but it is concerning you see this level of security at a website like this, because it could mean there is a larger lack of security overall. one of the challenges of the
8:46 am
government, if a bank doesn't have that kind of security, i could change banks, i cannot choose to not give information to the states. >> jon: the information you say has likely not been stolen. as like they broke in the vault, as you said. what is the lesson here? >> the lesson is to build complex passwords. there's lots of things you can do. >> jon: kind of interesting that the united states did invent the internet. furnished it to the rest of the world, and what it seems to have done is put even countries like north korea on a much more level playing field in the cyber world. >> there are contributors from all over the world, but it is interesting that what's happened is that now somebody and a
8:47 am
basement in europe or anywhere in the world could access your data just like there next to you. >> jon: is not necessarily, these aren't state actors that are going after information. >> it's not for the sake of putting your name out there. a lot of people are doing it for the fun of it or it could be a state actor. it's hard to know right off the bat. >> jon: and want to talk to about another story in the news. microsoft is confirming that some of the source code for windows 10 was leaked online. how big a problem is that for future users or maybe even current users of microsoft software? >> it looks like what was leaked was what they share with their partners. it is things that are not
8:48 am
public, but it's not necessarily secret source codes. any time there is source code out there, it can make it easier to vulnerability, but it's indicative that may be microsoft has an issue keeping themselves private. the >> jon: we've seen in the past hacks developed from source code that allowed some terrible things to take place, the sony pictures hack for instances when that comes to mind. you are fairly confident that that's not going to be the case here? >> it's been over a decade ago that it did not have the impact. it does cause for concern, but based on what we are seeing now, it looks like these are types of code that we deal with drivers and that kind of thing, so not necessarily the basic source code. >> jon: let's hope you're right about that.
8:49 am
it's pretty turn the cool stuff, but guys like you understand. thank you. >> heather: some pretty big sports memorabilia like babe ruth's world series ring from 1927 about to hit the option block. who is set to make some major league cash? would be surprised to find at the name of the famous seller. plus, it's on the guest active wildfire in the u.s. one lawmaker says that one group is to blame for the recent wyate and wildfires. >> you are exhausted, you're falling over bushes, you're shoveling your hacking. try biotène®, the #1 dentist recommended dry mouth brand. biotène® provides immediate relief from dry mouth symptoms that last for up to four hours. in fact, biotène® is the only leading brand clinically proven to soothe, moisturize, and freshen breath.
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the >> meghan: republican senators now opposing the health care bill. house speaker ryan warrants do not underestimate. >> melissa: parts are president trump's travel ban take effect. democrats vowed to keep fighting. are they proving mr. trump right about being obstructionist? >> meghan: all that plus our #oneluckyguy, "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> heather: breaking right now in the wildfire fight, the largest -- cruise race to bring the inferno under control. >> it could be 30 or 40 feet high. we just want to make sure people are safe. >> heather: william la jeunesse his life for us in los angeles with more.
8:54 am
>> of the blame game usually begins after a fire, not during. that's how emotional this debate is. $9 million spent, a dozen homes destroyed. now some politicians blame the fire's destructiveness on environmentalists. projects to save dead and dying trees. >> we turned our history over. the fire is going to do more damage because we lose our soil and wildlife and scenery. the very thing you people want to try to protect. it's plain stupidity. >> green groups collect scapegoating unfair. they blame poor forest health on climate change.
8:55 am
this tiny beetle has destroyed billions of trees including many in utah. locals want the dead trees removed and logging to return. however environmental lawsuits have stop many of those projects because it called for putting vehicles and roadless areas and walking which groups oppose. about 40% of litigation relates to vegetation management -- there is a bill in congress that would streamline the review process and reduce lawsuits. critics say these are aimed at basically falling less wide, but in the meantime, more is being burned off in the wildfires. the >> heather: remember that fire in arizona. thank you so much. the >> jon: new next hour of speech me one, jared kushner, the president's son-in-law
8:56 am
adding a prominent defense attorney to his legal team. he was counselor for democrats during pre-impeachment proceedings against president clinton. what this could signal as the russian investigation advances. and iraqi forces are moving and on a small territory and mulls all still held by isis.
8:57 am
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managing blood sugar is not a marathon. it's a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress. >> jon: new information on major league sports memorabilia. charlie sheen is auctioning off some of his collection. the stars facing financial troubles and is looking to score with items like babe ruth's 1927 world series ring. in the contract that sent him from the red sox to the yankees.
9:00 am
bidding has already reached $1 million for both items. the action is set to end on friday. we will see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> meghan: senate republicans facing potential roadblocks in their efforts to replace obamacare as the congressional budget office that millions of americans could lose their insurance under the gop's plan. this company big dent. this is "outnumbered," a meghan mccain. here today, melissa francis, dagen mcdowell, leslie marshall, and today's #oneluckyguy, eric bolling.


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