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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 27, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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i totally could've - no! switching to allstate is worth it. >> thank you for joining us. "america's newsroom hq" starts. >> on fox news alert, we are moments away from today's white house press briefing, and we are learning republican senate leaders have delayed the health care vote until after the july for $0.03. there are not enough votes. a huge development in the debate over g.o.p. senate health care plan. hello everyone. good afternoon. i'm julie banderas. vice president pence capitol hill for a series of meetings with g.o.p. lawmakers. this is all the g.o.p. senators had to the white house to talk to president trump about health care less than two hours for now. we have coverage for you. kevin corke is at the white house, mike emanuel
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following the fight on capitol hill. she congressional course that is now going beyond that july 4th deadline that was said by mitch mcconnell. he really wanted to hold to that. apparently, he does not have the votes or he would not budge. where is a state right now? >> you are right. breaking news at the moment is that the health care vote will happen after the july 4th recess. as you mention, they wanted to get it done before this recess, but that was really artificial deadline. we heard from a number of republicans, they wanted more time to study the issue. we await the senate g.o.p. leadership to come out to the microphone and cameras in a matter of moments after they wrap up their luncheon with vice president mike pence. the leadership team sounded hopeful. they want to work out differences with their members. >> we are still talking to a few
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who have concerns. my optimism comes from the fact that most of them are sane, we want to get to yes, and the discussion drafted which is that. it has produced a lot of discussions, both in the news and among senators. >> unlike other deadlines, nothing really happened. it was an artificial deadline. bottom line, they will wait a little longer, and republican leadership can see if they can get the votes to pass this critical health care reform in the united states senate. >> julie: what are democrat saint, mike? as republicans make this hard push for health care reform. >> they are ridiculing the republican bill. they're also trying to fire up their base, doing everything they can to try to stop their effort to scrap obamacare. bottom line, mitch mcconnell is doing everything he can to cut deals to get this done. >> i can tell you, there's a real horse trading markets at
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work right now. mitch mcconnell is very good at this sort of thing. of course, part of his strategy was to set some money aside. i can tell you the horse trading carcass is really going to enter right now. >> when they did obamacare, there is a thing called a cornhusker kickback to get a nebraska senator. that's the kind of dealmaking they are talking about. postponing the vote until after the fourth of july recess, that buys them a little more time to work with members to see if they can find the elusive can senses. >> julie: thank you, mike. let's go to the white house with kevin corke. kevin, where does this go from here? we are awaiting sean spicer to come out to do an on camera press briefing to to be joined by secretary of energy, rick perry. what is the deal there? >> to the much delight, they will have an on camera briefing.
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net interest income that saw sean spicer on capitol hill. how soon he can make it over here it is still anyone's guess. i think the real argument here at the white house is simple. number one, can they come to a consensus? more importantly, they have a number of different constituencies as it relates to the debate itself. his repeal and replace really what's taking place on capitol hill? not just here in the building, but throughout the entire carcass that winter, if it it's not going far enough, if this is in effect, obamacare-light. you'll see him take those questions today as you heard, mike emanuel report, he continues to grapple and figure out a way to meet the needs of that the carcass itself and get senators on board, and a great many others as he gets under way. julie? >> julie: thank you very much. and of course, will be watching for. it's must begin at 2:00 p.m.
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eastern, and as kevin just mentioned, sean spicer is not in the building at. we'll have to wait and see when that starts. kevin, thank you. let's bring in chris stirewalt, politics editor to talk about this. first of all, this is big news coming from the mitch mcconnell, he has essentially extended that deadline. he has set a july 4th for a lot of people thought it was unrealistic. democrats and republicans alike have argued that. how much does this way on the republican senators, who are opposed to the bill especially considering the congressional budget office report that was released yesterday? >> there are lots of senators we have not heard from, they are holding their tongue and their votes. this tells us a couple of things. one, they have the votes. mary knew that. we knew they did not have the votes, because at least some said they were in. we knew that part. what this tells us more revealing way the majority leader is serious about making
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making the ball. they do have votes compared make the votes. move on to something else. we seen a delay in the vote with a visit to the white house it said that, mitch mcconnell is all in on this, and the president is too. they have to do it, and this means that that stakes are going to go up. means the necessity to get everyone to be senators on board to get to the 50 votes they need is going to go up, up, up. >> julie: is senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, wanted to start it by wednesday. that's i going to. president trump actually has called key senators over the weekend. he himself kind of put some pressure on the senators fairway think the conversations are like behind closed doors with the presidents before a part of those during the meetings, when they were drafting this bill in order to get this thing move forward? >> there's been some magical
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thinking among republicans that somehow they would be in total control of the government. then have obamacare explode, and throw millions of people out of insurance as these exchanges in the individual market and obamacare collapse. they would say, it is not our fault. it's a democrats fault. somehow, that would be politically survivable or a reasonable thing to do. well, no. it's not. mitch mcconnell said, we will have to pass this for this year. why don't we do it now, when we can do it on a -- with 50, 51 votes with mike pence so it's under budget, reconciliation. instead of having to beg eight democrats in the fall and obamacare is really falling apart. this is a reflection on republicans understanding a lease with the leaders, that they have to do something. >> julie: chris, i just tweet them sent out by senator rand paul at one of the conservative senators who were
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against this from the very beginning. he tweeted the following. just came from the white house, donald trump wants to make the bill better. his senate leadership -- how much wiggle room is there amongst the senators, who drafted the spell, and how much are they willing to cooperate and possibly more that are against it? >> the president very thoroughly, suddenly, hose the leadership over complaints like that from rand paul on the first go around. remember, this was back in march when it started, and paul ryan had a plan similar to mitch mcconnell's plan. we repeal now, but basically prop it up in the short-term, and the replacement comes later. that's essentially, if there is a replacement, it's a modified plan of that that the senate is doing. when the house did it, the president sided with them. yet that full repeal and full
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replacement, or does not count. paul is probably on the side of the president and will come against the core component, the two-step, prop it up now, and pull it out later. >> julie: a great way of putting it. joining me now as well, chris standby too. on a talk to. charles kane in the studio, a host of "making money." first, one talk about what the democrats have done. they have scared the bg the ght out of people. debugging lose their insurance. they will die. i have that congressional budget office report here. it is 49 pages long. i've rented. i don't know if the american people have read. but i want to tell you something that it's at. it talks about the millions of people that will potentially be uninsured under the g.o.p. plan. according to this, it's estimated that in 2018, 16 million more people will be
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not insured under the law now. primarily, the penalty for not having insurance would be eliminated. a lot of people that are signed up for insurance are signed up, because there is a mandate. if you do not sign up for obamacare, you pay a penalty. like most people do not want to pay it. they will dump it. of course the numbers will go down. >> it will go down. the other side of that, unfortunately julie, in 2005, 6.5 million people paid the penalty. the year before that, 8 million people. i did go down? got higher. the cool fact of the matter. the mandate in and of itself, says, people has to pay for. if you're in the fridge is coming you have to pay a penalty. does a major mistake. for the republicans, so they've accepted that big government must be involved, they don't have faith in free market, they have to deal with this juggling act. this juggling act takes you to 49 million people by 2026 according to the cbo.
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some will have it, because that medicaid enrolled. whatever the reason is -- this is the central problem in here. when the aca says, we will pay medicaid expansion 100%, a lot of the states, red states, said we will do it. they were warned not to do it, it was a trap, now they find themselves in a tough predicament when they need a federal monday that they don't trust anything else. >> julie: this senate bill basically finds him according to the cbo, 22 million lose insurance. that paint the picture? let's talk about medicaid spending. that is something again that yes he widely reported. today, it's 293 billion. it rises to 406 to 4 billion. under obamacare, skyrockets to
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242 billion. why they are so about the cuts? >> there to scare people, make the portrait negative. there is no doubt, it will increase 70 billion, which is about a 2% annual inflation from 2016 to two [cheers and applause] you can take less, it this is again, you get back to the central issue. this is where we are between conservative values and conservative principles and ideas that big government should fund and pay for all this. it is tough. >> julie: cbo report -- president trump in fact was tweeting about it. they don't necessarily want to have so much weight on appeared the question is, could mitch mcconnell asked for another cbo report. do they not believe some of these numbers? do they believe are inaccurate?
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>> nobody like cbo when they give you bad numbers. if you're in the majority, you do not like the cbo, because they will tell you what you do not want to hear. as charles can tell you, estimating stuff from a decade from now based on behavioral and social psychology, behavioral psychology, all those things, good luck, right? it's very hard to project the stuff. all of that stuff. it is 23 million which mike is a 10 million? who knows. you won't get anywhere fighting cbo, it could because as i have. it may be imperfect, but it's all you got. mitch mcconnell can get new cbo score. he can change components of the bill. that is something that could be easy and appealing for them to do in those years, because remember, as we saw with obamacare and the clinton era cuts to medicare, with all the saints, some of the things congress will dupe you we will do all this hard stuff later. i will glad gladly pay you tuey for a hamburger today.
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how do you prop up obamacare in the short term? how do you put it tentpole under there, so the whole thing doesn't collapse this year and put all these people off insurance? they are trying to buy time. the trying to figure how to do it. that's the part that really matters. the rest of the stuff, it is washington. you fake it. >> to that point, he can take this bill -- must be only say thank you to chris stirewalt. thank you so much. it was good to see her. >> julie: to that point. take that savings from the house raising it into horsetrading. you start to talk about, maybe we'll pump more into some sort of medicaid fund to help some of these states, because states like nevada, ohio, colorado, which have enormous shifts people on the medicaid since obamacare came into play are going to insist on it. it's not official knows, but they are on the fence.
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like the opioid epidemic. mitch mcconnell has $200 billion that he can play with as he negotiates and the combination of strong arm tactics and maybe some's hard stuff may be contracted away. this is how they can possibly use the cbo score. >> julie: talking about the cbo score, the white house tweeted last night from the president, and i will read it, fact. when hashtag obamacare. 33 million would be covered in 2017, they were off by 100%. only 3.3 million. >> the obamacare exchange is a disaster. again, what changed the entire dynamic with so many states with the medicaid expansion. they did not get 23 million under obamacare exchanges, but they got over 20 million with the combination of both. again, making the whole thing
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dismantling it -- it would've been better to dismantle the whole thing and start from scratch, like a big tractor-trailer going down a mountain one tire any time it's not working. at the same time, they will have to find a way between these real moderates and he's real conservatives, it will be tough to bridge that gap. >> julie: ill be tougher in the senate then it was in the house. those same moderates are giving that g.o.p. artane. >> you remember president trump wanted to get the democrat's about. mitch mcconnell may as well. >> julie: levitt the hill, sean spicer had gone to the hill for the g.o.p. senate luncheon, and he is still there. we are waiting for his press conference. it was scheduled to happen about 60 minutes ago. mike, where it is going on where you are? >> we are waiting for senate majority leader hummus before to make an announcement after the luncheon. we will wait until after the fourth of july we says the
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mechanic after the bill was released, we have people say and wrap the back, we are not in favor the bill in the current f. we knew there were issues there, and they would have to go to the table essentially to get some of that to yes. then you have some, yesterday and say, date anyone a vote on the motion to proceed, a caught g.o.p. off guard. surely, you can debate it amended, and then ultimately a vote on it by the end of the week. hopefully improve it first, but they were taken aback when at least four of their own members said, no. we don't want to proceed this week. it seems there is a numbers problem. they will wait till after the recess. the question is, they talk about senate majority leader commas before peanut master taxation. thread the needle, working the moderates and conservatives to see if there's enough that he can do with health care reform
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to essentially get both sides of its conference with 52 members, he can only afford to lose two with vice president pence is the tiebreaker. it's a delicate matter. we noticed some of the moderates aren't happy about certain aspects. perhaps not as vocal as the conservatives, but he has essentially to triumph connected votes and as i people see as a very difficult issue to tackle. it's worth noting that, outside the capital, of course, deaf to pull the bill to basically talk about it some more, make some adjustments to it before the ultimately tax it in may. the fact that they're having the bill now, it's not entirely shocking. again, fourth of july is not a magical deadline or some kind of doomsday deadline. it is a man-made deadline that mitch mcconnell said, we want to do this. we have tons of stuff on the agenda. we have to deal with the debt ceiling, doing a budget. ultimately doing tax reform in the fall, so we cannot linger over health care for eternity.
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a lot of folks here and probably down the street at the white house, they would be very happy if they could get health care reform done the end of july. we will see after the fourth of july recess. if it's before can the magical balance tween conservatives and moderates. >> julie: mike emanuel, thank you. let's bring in simon rosenberg president and founder of ndm. chairman of the conservative union. all right, matt, let's talk about this july 4th deadline is not happening. they're going to reese's. how'd looming our constituents that it won't get done, and it doesn't seem like a texan? >> i think julie, this recess is strangely enough to help mitch mcconnell get this passed. members will go home. numbers like dean heller, who expressed that they do do not t to support it. you have to deal with supporters is why they are for keeping
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obamacare in place after six years of saint, they want to repeal it. i think not pushing this through to a vote, i know it's now with the leadership wants, but it gives the excuse -- it takes away the excuse for members, they want more time to hash this out. against conservative members a little more of a chance to talk to the white house about changes and tweaks they want to make. i am optimistic they can get something done. >> julie: want to play some sound from paul ryan. basically, he is saying mitch mcconnell is determined. just because the deadline was tentative, it was not a hard reality. it doesn't mean a snack to get done. let's listen to paul ryan. >> it is private. i keep my advice between the two of us. i would not bet against before. he is very, very good at getting things done through the senate. even with this razor-thin majority. i have every expectation the
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senate will move this bill. >> julie: okay, how are they going to get it done only? >> i don't know. the reason they're having problems come i think, this is one of the most unpopular pieces of legislation in the country. it's going to do a lot of harm to real people. i have a slightly different take than that when they go home. they could also hear stories from people in their district about, how this will do harm to them. you can have the exact opposite. it's possible, he is right. they come fortified and ready to go. they could also come back scare scared. my gut is that something will pass. this is a lot more danger to date data was identical. >> julie: something will pass, matt, but you want to make sure when it does, it is the right move. i think a lot of concerns on both sides are that, they do not want to rush this thing. should not be rushed. this is happening quickly.
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>> i'm not buying it. we've been talking about these major themes. simon and i have talked about it dozens of times on fox. we know what the issues are surrounding health care reform, and the republicans -- it is put up or shut up time. they've had six years, and they don't have a plan, and that they demonstrate the concept of what a free-market health health care bill looks like. everyone says it is so complicated. it's not that complicated in terms of what your options are. the options are concrete comment. they need to walk through them. have a public debate on the senate floor about republican principles. >> julie: i want to bring up that we are finding out chief of staff, rinse previous was at the lunch. remi mcdaniel also.
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what significance does this have on their attendance? >> this is all hands on deck. this is a serious matter. there's a lot of reputations riding on this, i do hope, one of the things that happens, for the senate to actually have a hearing on legislation. once they finalize legislation. we've never gotten this far in any peace image back legislation without a public hearing. it's not the way it's supposed to work. republican should honor the american people could have a dialogue. make sure we are aware instead of this dark knight stuff that mitch mcconnell is doing. all this extra time allow americans to have a better understanding of really the stakes of what's happening here. >> can i push back on that? i really think for six years, we have had a political and policy conversation about health care. every election, one of the top two issues has been obamacare. we have been talking about the
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problems and deficiencies of our health care system for years and years and years. having the public spectacle of a hearing is not what we need. we need action. we need from the republicans is to say, this is what we believe. have a debate on the senate floor, which is what that senate rules will mandate. a whole week of conversation. another week about, what should be done to improve bills. democrats will have their chance to make their cause as well. it is put up or shut up time. we've been talking about this too long. we need action. >> julie: we go forward, okay? we need to look at what's inside the spell what does it mean for other issues moving forward. the budgets, tax reform. those are other issues that they want to get to, and until this thing sticks, it doesn't seem anything will get done. some democrats argue, and maybe matt, you want to attack this and explain what it means for tax reform. as you know, nancy pelosi is, and said, this is a republican tax reform agenda.
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they flipped it into health care. what they are trying to do is make it more affordable. under obamacare, rising premiums are making it unaffordable as it was supposed to be the affordable care act. whatever happened to the affordability? >> that's exactly right. we keep having this conversation around the cbo score but how many people are covered, which is an important conversation conversation. but white republicans and conservatives care about is, the fact that they want health care that is affordable. they want the best health care on the globe, and has been threatened by the obamacare policies. what does get said, 15 million people in the cbo score say, no longer have health care, they will choose not to have it, because the mandate will go away. it's ironic that many democratic voters say they are pro-choice and should have health care decisions over their own body. somehow, it is wrong when they decide, i'm going to make my own
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decision to not get health insurance. i've had periods in my life where i did not have health insurance. it's a right they have to make. if the impact these numbers and see what is really at stake. i want as many people covered as possible so we have got to do something where he bring market forces to allow states flexibility. >> julie: we are going to head to -- i'm sorry to cut you off. we want to go to peter doocy, to see if he has some information for as. peter? >> i like what he did here. we're so close on this bill. i said this early. another day or two call, we can get there. the idea is to work out the last few differences this week and get a final decision this week. get it a cbo score next week and vote. >> in the room when they'll find out that there was not going to be about any time this room, where people surprised or upset?
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happy? >> it's hard to gauge. you have a lot of different opinions in that room. the vice president was in there. reince priebus was in there. the idea when cbo cdl came and talked about their model. we heard from most of the members, it does construe me extremely successful. when i talked about moving this to august. this is a. we have one more shot, and i'm hopeful, we will build to get it done. the president has invited the republican senators over to the white house to get these last few issues done. >> doesn't make sense to come to an agreement? 's giggle if we push it to a vote like the houston and be that close, you may have made a mistake there too. this is a judgment call. when i am here to my states is,
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premiums are going up. i've 96 counties in my state, and they are down to one carrier. i note states that have no carriers. the expense, deductibility, it has gone up. i am hearing that. i think you'll get a double dose of that next week at home. >> you're so close. we've heard so many senators that they going to bring it up. >> i cannot speak for them. i know what the issues are. the facts are the facts. i can see the differences, and there are not that many. we can all quibble. i'm not happy about everything in the bill. we just don't have the privilege of doing nothing right now. some people want to repeal all of obamacare i do too. under the reconciliation rules, you cannot repeal every single thing. people at home understand that if you explain it. what we have now is an education class that is going on. there is some misunderstanding about the cbo score that came
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out yesterday. we are getting that detail worked on. that helped a lot actually. >> thank you, senator . >> julie: we will go back to peter doocy in a moment, but they are, you just heard from david or do david from georgia. they'll go back to the drawing board make some tweaks, changes, rewrite this bill, and then try to push it forward, expecting possibly another cbo report next week. beyond that july 4th deadline. how much further. we've heard paul ryan moments ago saint, mitch mcconnell will get this done, you just heard the senators say, it will get done. while people have issues, it has got to change. it is not working. susan collins beginning capitol hill. >> neither political nor military experience.
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thus, it has been a challenge to learn how to interact with congress and how to push this agenda forward. it would offend been better if the president started with infrastructure, which had bipartisan support rather than tackling a politically divisive and technically complex issue like health care. >> you can go to the white house and hear the president's pitch? >> i will go to the white house. if the white house wants to -- the president wants to have a meeting with me, i am certainly willing to go and listen to what he has to say. i would say, i have so many fundamental problems with the bill that have been confirmed by the cbo score, it is difficult for me to see how any tinkering
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is going to satisfy my fundamental and deep concern about the impact of the bill. >> president tom can only go so far. >> personal relationships do matter, and i do think that the president is smart to bring the members of the caucus. i think it would've been more effective to have done so earlier in the process. he did have one lunch, which i attended and made several suggestions. they were not put into the bill. >> what about the attack ads that people are running, threatening? i am very disappointed. to see any republican pack running advertisement against
11:32 am
dean heller. he has a difficult race in a state that hillary clinton carried. it is important that republicans unite around him. he's an excellent senator. he's taken a principal stance. i want him back in the senate. i was amazed and appalled to learn that any republican group would be running negative and giving ads against dean. >> thank you. >> main senator, susan collins, and there's going to be anything to planned parenthood, she will not be on board with this scented health care draft. we also heard that before from north carolina, or georgia senator, david, both of them came out of this lunch and they
11:33 am
both now are on their way here in an hour and a half or so. we may have some buses already shown up to take senators down to the white house a little later on. everybody wants to go in here with the president has to say. i say, senate leadership has not been able to seal the deal yet. it does not mean they are not going to listen but it sounds like they've heard enough for now, and it will be the president's turn. they have about an hour and a half to collect her thoughts. therefore the pitch from mitch mcconnell, and they went here from there parties president down the street. they will not be a vote. a little while ago, we heard just before we were taking the shot live, mississippi senator came out here and said, he's been here since 1995. not a lot surprises them. this delay does not. there's not a sense of shock. there's not a sense of relief. it is more of the sense that, we
11:34 am
work in the u.s. senate, and things take a long time here. >> julie: they have to come together. they have to come to a solution, mitch mcconnell is pretty hell bent on doing that. peter doocy, thank you. i want to bring in my panel. as you heard, susan collins coming out and speaking about how she would vote against the motion to proceed on the controversial health care bill, she has maintained that even before the cbo score yesterday. what is your reaction to her comments, matt? >> for republican members do not even support the notion to proceed is quite an alarming development. it's one thing to be against the bell, the underlining makeup of the bill, but it's quite another to tell your leadership, you won't even allow them to bring it to the floor. i think that was surprising for these leaders, i think susan collins is very much out of step with where republicans are across the country. they do want to defund planned parenthood. they want to get rid of these
11:35 am
taxes, mandates, and they want to republican version of health care they afford. >> julie: she says this bill will not fix aca for problems in rural maine. how it might affect rural americans. we will go to perry -- will not do that. rick perry is currently beginning the white house press briefing. we're waiting for sean spicer. he was at capitol hill as well. he is most likely in route to the white house. as all the senators, simon. you just heard from susan collins of maine. she is willing to go down and speak to the president at the white house. the question is, how much will the conversation actually change any of the senator's minds? >> we will find out. i think susan collins made a pretty clear today that the basic structure of this bill, which is large tax cuts for
11:36 am
wealthy people will not fly. especially in states like hers. as republican senators really come to grips with the damage that will get done to millions and millions of people in their states, it is indisputable at this point. i think it's very possible, and where i disagree, you could lose republicans on distillate. it is risky. there is no question. they did not have the votes. mitch mcconnell try to jam it through. democrats did this in 2009 and 2010. we thought health care will be easy. it ended up taking a year. it pushed other major parts of the obama agenda off. somethings never got done, because of the delay that happen. republicans want to get it done fast, not how the senate works, and this bill in my mind is a turkey, and most likely, they will lose people during the recess then pick them up. >> julie: lets you stay right here. i'll come back to you in a minute. i will go back to mike emanuel, who is live on capitol hill.
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we just watched a bunch of senators get in vans and buses, and they are heading to the white house. senator collins is saying she is willing to speak to the president. the president is involved, and as he had been over the weekend as he made those calls to the senators, who he knew were opposed. what happens? >> it feels like deja vu. we saw a lot of this in the house, when the house was struggling. there were countless meetings at capitol hill, down at the white house with the president in small groups of lawmakers trying to hammer out an agreement to get health care across the finish line. they had to pull the bill at onk weeks later with refinements. feels like that all over again. susan collins was a critical player. we just had on air from maine, she was one of the people that said, i don't want to take up the motion. that caught a lot of senate republican leaders off guard. they're really stunned by that. they thought, surely, republican members will at least bow to take up the bill, offer
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amendments, it debated, refinement, improvement, and then ultimately have a vote by the end of the week. when at least four or five senator republican say, i don't want to proceed this week, the hand was really forced. unless you're going to give up on health care reform altogether, you have to either wait till after the recess or else, you are doomed to failure. here we go. down to the white house for a meeting with the president. see if he can close the deal. you had david perdue on earlier, who is a close ally to the white house. donald trump sounded very practical. the scenes is showing, republicans will meet over the next few days to try to hammer art to make out a deal, send it to the congressional budget office for the pricing of the bell, and some noted appear on capitol hill earlier today, the cbo score said, the senate bill will save more than $200 billion then the house bill.
11:39 am
they said, that gives mitch mcconnell some flexibility to use some of the money. if the moderates want some money for opioid addictions, to address that, he can offer them some money. that's away to perhaps get some more firm yeses for the bill. ibc, deaf to figure out the calculations between appeasing the conservatives, winning over the moderates to at least one. julie? >> julie: mike, i want to explain the empty podium that is left of your screen we are showing you. we have a flip screen of an empty podium we have been staring at for the better part of a half an hour on capitol hill. we know that many legislators were there, visiting, and meeting, including reince priebus. sean spicer also. could we expect to come out at the capitol hill? while they talk about? >> every tuesday after the lunch, mitch mcconnell, john
11:40 am
soon, john brosseau, and cory gardner of colorado come out. the members of the republican leadership team, and they talk about -- >> julie: right on time. mitch mcconnell. >> we can continue with our talk about the differences we have and try to litigate. consequently, we will not be on the bill this week, but we are still working towards getting at least 50 people in a comfortable place. we're going down to the white house at 4:00. he invited us down. they are very much involved in the discussions. they're very interested to help. we appreciate the invitation, and i hope all of our members will head down. i think i will likely be the case. speak out the schedule may have changed a little bit. the one thing that hasn't come obamacare is collapsing. it is a failed system that needs
11:41 am
to be replaced. we believe that legislation we are trying to get out on the senate floor to consider their will take america in a better direction. it will help bring stability to the marketplace. it will bring affordability to the people across this country, who are suffering under the curse of high premiums, high deductibles, and high out-of-pocket costs. so much so that substitute 013, premiums have more than doubled. that has to be addressed. we want to make sure we are preserving the access for pre-existing conditions and also medicaid is the same not just for today, but for the future as well. we give states more flexibility to design programs that make sense for their populations. you see many of the experiments that have worked around the country, where they are operating at a more cost-effective, efficient way. saving taxes and providing
11:42 am
quality health care. those are objectives. they will continue to be so. as i said, the schedule may have flipped, we are intent on rescuing americans from a failed system that has driven up there costs and made a more difficult for them to find coverage. >> the pain of obamacare continues to get worse around the country. in wyoming this weekend, i was visiting a hospital, talking to doctors and nurses and patients. so many impacted in a bad way by obama health care law. just saw a woman in the office this morning from a small community in wyoming. lost her insurance when obamacare came, because i was good enough for her family, but it was not good enough for the democrats. she now have a policy it is expensive. it doubled in cost. her deductible at $6500. for her as well for 6500 for her husband. he will not go to a doctor. he is counted as someone insured
11:43 am
under obamacare, but according to him, he does not have usable insurance. the republican proposal. there are number keep points. we eliminate the mandates that people across the country hate. you have to buy a government approved product. we eliminated the taxes and returned a lot of authority to individuals and states. getting things out of washington, and i will tell you when i was in the state senate, always felt that i could do a better job with the same amount of money helping more people, more patients, more families with health care. we just had washington not tell us what to do, because we knew better at home than washington. that's how we feel it is very important in terms of putting medicaid on a sustainable path for the future. the states need the authority to do it in the right way. medicaid was initially set up to help poor women, children, and the disabled, and as been taken into a directionally different with bonus payments to sign people up for obamacare, who are
11:44 am
able-bodied, working age individuals. finally, our proposal really focuses on this incredible, high cost of insurance that people are faced with. the dublin rates of obamacare. what we do looking at these commended cbo score lowers the rates 30%. a couple years from now. that's what people are screaming about at home. the increasing rates and the projections for next year are even higher under obamacare. obamacare is a bust. it's going off a cliff. the democrats are saying, stay on board. we are trying to rescue the american people from this bust that they are on. >> no, we will can talk about it. this is a collocated subject. remember how challenging it was for democrats. back in 2009, there's a lot of
11:45 am
conversations and we are optimistic. they are not interested in participating in this. >> you dialed in your conference here. with what you put forward in the stage and what's good to go? >> no, it's an ongoing discussion. members want more time, several of them. we have a number of different discussions going on. it's all been going on for six weeks now, and a continue. this is a big, complicated subject. if none of you have ever covered a big, complicated bill, they are hard to pull together and hard to pass. >> great job of holding together your caucus -- but steering,
11:46 am
what have you learned about the process so far? secondly, what will you do to get the bill passed? >> the president has been very involved. over the last week. talking to members individually. he wanted to talk to all of us together, today. i think that is helpful. legislation of this complexity almost always takes longer than anybody else would hope, but we will press on. we'll fight the status quo. over and over and over again, we are optimistic we'll get to a result that is better than the status quo. >> the president has confirmed to you -- now that you have not
11:47 am
accomplishment and the time frame, will be the president who takes it over? >> we always anticipated the president would be very important in getting us to a conclusion. after all, under our system, he is the man with the signature. in the early stages, it would be a waste of his time candidly. we need to get this far enough down the path to where there is an instance that it needed to be close, we are delaying the process, so we can close those remaining issues. he is fully engaged and is been helpful in any way he can. especially at the meeting this afternoon. thank you. >> julie: there you have a pair we just heard from senate majority leader, mosul. john brosseau and john kuhn. this will not have been time for
11:48 am
the july 4th deadline. wanted to bring in, congressman, a medical doctor. we can talk more about whether or not this it will be passed, but i first want to talk about a lot of the misperceptions of this bill, and in fact, will not only lose their health care and insurance, but they will in fact be doomed. somehow, people are going to die, democrats say. it is an exaggeration, terrible burden to put on the american people, to scare them come into thinking we will not take care of them. first want to ask you, what needs to be done in order for this to be passed? >> the senators did allow house members to have considerable space to work through problems when there were problems on the outside it passed in march. the senators were good to let them have the time to work through our problems.
11:49 am
i think today is a house member, i want to encourage the colleagues in the senate, but honestly, this is something they will have to decide amongst themselves. there is no house members that can tell him what to do or not to do. they need to make these decisions themselves. i will say this. people are getting frustrated with us not coming to a conclusion. i appreciate everything the senate majority leader is saying, but this is an argument, because it needs to be drawn to a conclusion. >> julie: i just want to explain why people are seen. bottom right of your screen. you're seen rick perry speaking. it just moments from now, sarah huckabee sanders will be holding the white house press briefing. it is supposed to be held sean spicer on camera today. he was on capitol hill. he will not get there in time. sarah huckabee sanders will take care that. senator , when it will not hapn with a july 4th deadline.
11:50 am
yes senators we just watch them walk to the white house. they will speak with president trump. how much of this belt now lies on the president to get it done? >> i will tell you that the president was enormously helpful when the house reached its difficulties in march and april with the bill. we eventually did path gimmick pass it in early may. he took an incredible strong role in that. i have to tell you. i was very impressed with how the president presented the argument to us. how he understood the problems that each of us might be facing in our districts. the president is very knowledgeable, of course, with his campaign across the country. very knowledgeable about how people feel in various states and congressional districts. the present was extremely helpful and in many ways, i think he knew more about us than most of us would've thought. >> julie: when ask you to
11:51 am
stand by. we want to go back to capitol hill. democrat, chuck schumer. >> a metaphor for what is going on here about health care. democrats held pictures of working families, who would be hurt by trump care. republicans re-having lunch with a multibillionaire, who would have benefited with a huge tax cut. we are talking about average american working people. they are talking about multibillionaire's that is why they are in such trouble. that is why they're in such trouble. there bill is aimed at helping the wealthy while we are trying to hurt -- help american famil. we know the fight is not over. that is for sure. we're not resting on any laurels, nor do we have any sense that of a compliment other
11:52 am
than we are making progress with the american people and they're listening to arguments. over the next couple of weeks, we know that mitch mcconnell will use a slush fund to buy off republicans, cut back room deals, to try to get this done. we will watch this bill and all the machinations, close doored meetings, like a hawk. the truth is, the cbo made clear yesterday, the republicans cannot -- no matter what tweaks they may add, no matter how it changes around the edges, it is fundamentally flawed at the center. the american people don't want medicaid slashed. they don't want help. the help they need to fight opioid addiction.
11:53 am
to help their parents in nursing homes. to help people with pre-existing conditions. just to help the average person, who needs good health care. the american people do not want all that changed and eliminated. the republican bill is rotten at the core. the american people are not for big tax breaks to the wealthiest of americans, nor are they for dramatically cutting their health care. that is why the bill has about 17% popularity in america, and even trump voters do not like it. that will not change with every little tweak that winds over this senator or that. no matter what last minute amendments are offered. it will force americans to spend more of their paychecks on health care, to receive your benefits, so the wealthiest of americans can play pay less and
11:54 am
taxes. unless they abandon that, that ron core, they will not succeed in winning the american people,y that they succeed in getting the bill done a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. the ultimately the ultimate ree american people do not like it. it is not what america stands for. i say, we will work with our american colleagues. we want to prove it to suggestions. first, abandon tax breaks for the wealthy. abandon cuts to medicaid. abandon repeal. we can sit down and talk about improving health care. we think the aca has ongoing. where the first essay needs further improvement. we want to sit down and talk to about it, but we will not be in a position to say, okay, only 15 million people will be
11:55 am
covered. will support that bill. billionaires will only get a $40,000 tax break instead of the 57,000. that is not the compromise we are talking about. they really need some structural revision. second suggestion for our republican colleagues to work with us. abandon the closed-door, seeker process. go to regular order. have committee hearings. allow amendments. go back to the idea that you need 60 votes, bipartisan majority to pass a bill, we can start over again and work together, and try to get some improvements in our health care system. if our republican colleagues stick to this base bill, which so hurts working families, so benefits multibillionaire's and is almost alone, we will fight the bill tooth and nail, and we
11:56 am
have a darn good chance of defeating it. a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. senator durbin. for the last several months with the new republican majority in the senate and house, we have really seen a national -- spiel we are looking at your screen on the right, sean spicer leaving capitol hill. >> what brings you here, sean? >> it is an important subject. >> is the present talking to senators are listening to their concerns? >> it is a two-way street. he must to hear their ideas. we look forward to hearing what they have on their minds and figure out how we can repeal and replace obamacare. >> was he up to negotiate on? >> watch your step. it's an opportunity for senators to voice her concerns and hear his ideas. >> is it it a delay?
11:57 am
>> he wants it done right. >> is the president negotiating on his own? >> it is a team effort. >> thank you, sean. >> does a press secretary, sean spicer. we heard, he was going to miss the white house press briefing in the briefing room, because he was here on capitol hill. you can see, we caught him on his way out. you want to let senators before do most of the talking about what happened when reince priebus and some other went out staff were trying to figure out if they could have a vote this week or not. now, we know they are not. about an hour from now, sean spicer is on his way to the meeting in the white house with any republican senator that wants to go and president trump. president trump will talk about his concerns and listen to the concerns of the senators that need longer to decide both with repealing and replacing obamacare. >> julie: peter doocy, thank you peerless bring in a
11:58 am
panel once again. the president had does one thing very well and that is negotiate. he is the businessman. he is spotlight. he needs to defend this health care bill. you want to mention something about the 50 million people in 2018 that would be uninsured. >> i think the g.o.p. should be careful about that number. as well, president trump calling it mean. the last second compromise essay was the same, 53 days off, next to your off six months. this is a mandate. let's face it, without millions of young people in this, it does not work. you must have young people signing up. honestly, we went health insurance companies to give them -- provide them with options so you have a low cost health insurance options. don't be flipped about this, because it is a p.r. move. you need those people. >> julie: matt, your take. >> i find it so ironic,
11:59 am
chuck schumer is saying you need 60 votes to pass a republican bill with a few democrats even though obamacare pass without the 60 votes. the reason they're having to move fast is because, charles schumer is slowing down the senate, using the full 30 hours, dragging it out. the american people want action, and they have had enough. >> mack >> julie: simon, what will happen? >> a lot of this is fine on the present. this is bad legislation. makes the health care system we have right out far worth. big tax cuts for the wealthy people. a lot of people watch on the show right now, it's a bad bill. that is why it is failing. it's one of the most unpopular bills ever proposed in the modern history. >> julie: obamacare is -- >> obamacare is not failing. if you read cdl, the markets are not failing. >> julie: rising premiums do not work for those who have no money.
12:00 pm
>> matt, sammy, there much, much more. i am julie banderas. here is shepard. ♪ 3:00 on capitol hill, were senator republicans are saying they will not vote on health care bill this week. at least not before the fourth of july recess. president from calling in all the public and senators now force it down an hour from now. to talk about what they will do next. i have doesn't g.o.p. senators have come out against the parties plan. some say they don't want to debate l after a prediction it will cost 22 million people their coverage. can the president change the minds this afternoon? plus, the u.s. military now confirming evidence of chemical weapons activity in syria at the same base cruise missiles hit in april, we are told. the white house warning if syria does launch


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