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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 27, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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♪ >> neil: you are looking live at the white house grounds, where momentarily at least 51 republican senators plan to meet with the united states. rand paul already had. he will be joining us this very hour to talk about his discussions with the president. at the time when he was meeting with the president, he treated that the president is open to making this bill better. if senate leadership, we'll find a very shortly. the full course on the administration to be nice and get all the sensors on board with the health care plan, that is proving a lot more problematic than the one that ultimately came out of the house. that is one that you know, it was being made. this is less mean, but a tougher
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sell. welcome, i'm neil cavuto, and you're watching "your world with neil cavuto." in perspective, it does between five is meeting with president trump right now, it hinges on getting it done and done soon. just the notion that this was pushed back beyond a july 4th holiday. when we got word of that earlier this afternoon, stocks, which had been advancing, it will immediately turn tail. that red circle shows what we heard from mitch mcconnell's office that was out looking likely that they would be able to get this done. before or after bread that rattled stocks. so much hinges on that. not only the tax cuts, but the groundwork for getting tax reform done. so much hinges on this. fit more sellers than buyers and as a result, this whole thing about tending to us when we are sick is up to make investors sick and ended up making republican sick with the prospect they could be dragging their feet from the jaws of victory here.
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kevin corke at the white house. what is expected with what they all get in there? kevin? >> i love that summation you gave, because it really lays out the critical aspects of the story line. remember, republicans are in control. you have the white house, the house, the senate. how hard can it be to push something over the finish line? clearly, neil, is a much more difficult. perhaps more than they imagined when donald trump ascended to the office. you heard the white house pushing back and say, listen, let's have the senators come over here at at 4:45. vice president mike pence having lawmakers over. again, trying to massage their way through this. i think mike emanuel, my colleague on the hill, hit the nail on the head when he said, they have got to get something over the finish line. i would beg to say this. the real question amongst sears conservatives is obama-light the
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best you can do? if not, repeal the first step and do think separately. that is what the white house is trying to figure out at the state. i was also says one last time. the president is the ultimate dealmaker. as with the white house said today. he continues to try to work to make this thing along to let me share with what press secretary, sarah huckabee sanders said when i asked her if the president was feeling good about the way things are going right now. >> the president talked extensively with several republican members over the weekend. including senator ted cruz, pau paul, and johnson. he talked to white house press briefing this morning, and he invited all republican senators to the white house later this afternoon to continue this discussion. the present is optimistic that they will live up to the promise that they been making to the american people for seven years by repealing and replacing obamacare. >> okay, how's he doing i asked.
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is he optimistic? is he cautiously optimistic? is he concerned about this? she said, he is optimistic that something will get done. that seems to be far from confidence. he is hopeful, it almost sounds like the way sarah huckabee sanders described it. we will keep an eye on it. it will not be happening anytime soon or at least so it would seem. neil? >> neil: thank you, my friend. kevin court at the white house. we can confirm right now that the republican sensors have arrived at the white house. we should be getting us look at the room they are gathering i think it's the roosevelt room to accommodate them all. i could be wrong. we will see. it is only the republican senators that were invited. a number of them, who had concerns about this measure sam same, it is simply tinkering with it or trying to adjust for example funding for opioid research and help, that might be a way to win over people.
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in some districts or more so some states. it is anyone's guess. we'll follow that very closely. how many might be moving? ultimately, the president cannot afford to lose more than two or three if you buy the notion that a 50-50 thai is something that is doable. the vice president bakes the time. the mechanic time. the cbo report that came out. whatever you think of 22 million fewer americans having health and care as a result of this ever, then he argued with that. they are seizing on the fact. this will do much more to cut the nation's deficit over ten years then even the house measure that was turned mean. this one, an extra $200 million in savings over the next ten years. that is what some of his calling play money. in other words, and you can to buy a lot of votes or to incentivize those that are sitting on the bench to get off the fence. gerri willis has been following that, what they can buy.
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what you think, gerri willis? >> you can call those ideals. g.o.p. leaders, their dividing up the savings among the priorities of senators, who have not supported the legislation. what they are planning to get the votes they desperately need. the congressional budget office score, the projected 22 million fewer americans would have insurance under the plan with some of those was from yes to no comment so it cannot pass procedural votes to allowed it to be called to the floor. that is exactly what happened. enter the bill savings. it would reduce the deficit by $321 billion fitness $202 billion more than the estimated savings that the house would yield. that's according to the congressional budget office. instead of fattening taxpayers wallets, side deals. among the possible beneficiaries, senator lee and ted cruz. they want to repeal it and have
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supersize accounts. they would get a chunk of chang change. senators from medicaid expansion states want to see more money towards drug addiction, it's not like this has not happened before, neil. republicans criticize democrats back when obamacare originally passed. hammering the bill in secret, and then giving goodies to wavering democratic voters. remember the cornhusker kickback? senator lindsey graham sure doe does. >> i worry about cornhusker kickbacks, and they start doing that, they will lose me. when you take the money and buy offloads, that is exactly what got us obamacare. i would go against that. >> lots of weight to lose votes come here neil. exactly whether that strategy will work or what? >> neil: thank you very much. we should point out and i think gerri said so much. we'll be headwear that this was going to get pushback beyond the july 4th holiday, and i was like i knew goal on the part of
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mitch mcconnell, it the senate majority leader to get it done sooner rather than later, when you look like that was an ambitious agenda item, stocks soared off. but a hundred points down today. technology stocks leading the way. it's what brought you up, it will take you down. the notion that this is delayed, and with it, some of the tax reform measures that the president and republicans agree much more universally on, is anyone's guess. what happens now. ashley pratt, fox news' network. ask it, what happens now? the timing is everything. zimmerli, the y shortly after but the pushback much later, he gets, doesn't it? >> it seems like a now or never situation, now it's looking like never, given the fact, the july for three says coming out, senators will be hearing from their constituents. there will be times for
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opposition groups to get out there and really start plastering their message and saying, using the cbo score, how many more americans will be uninsured, and i think at this point, lata senators are probably those that are on the fence anyway, there's about ten of them, will be less willing to compromise after such a break and from hearing from constituents. i do think they'll be less to worry about if you are in the house right now, because for them, it seems to be a really embarrassing setback, sen they face the struggle with the house version of this. now the senate bill, and republicans are controlling the house, the senate, and the white house, and yet, there seems to be this complete discord and disarray over how to actually repeal and replace obamacare. at this point, it was a big agenda for the president. corralling them altogether. they are all meeting across the street from here right now. at this point, there needs to be a lot of damage control that is being done before they go away for this recess, because when
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they hear from constituents about how unhappy they are, they get nervous, it will be less likely to pass after the break. >> neil: if they are unhappy about this, they don't want to be with the problems of obamacare presently. we are told they are all come a more than 40. not all 52 senators. rand paul, did already meet with the president today. you'll be joining us later in this broadcast to tell us what came of that meeting and what kind of promises or changes might be in the works. if this is, as ashley pointed, delayed, and becomes more problematic as they go on the recess, then what? >> the real question is i think, particularly for me, because i cover the markets. this is something that is near and dear to our viewers. what are the fax to tax cuts? my guess is the white house
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would love to get as way to repeal and then replace it two years later. declare victory, and then move on and finish towards tax cuts, which are the things that are keeping them markets high. when the markets think you are neck and get the tax cuts, especially to business ones, that is when it sells off. that's what you saw today. the real question is, if you wait, does that mean nothing gets done, you're in the brands, you can connecticut tax cuts done, or can you get a face-saving way to move to that topic, which i'm telling you, neil, if they don't get that top corporate tax cut, back and say were going to have armageddon in the markets, but you have to hae something. >> neil: they have been looking forward to that. it's just a matter of time. actually, let me ask you a couple of things that might come out of this white house gathering. the president is probably going to say much as he told house members when he was meeting with then when they were debating this will thing, united we
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stand. getting this thing done. it's better than not getting it done. i'll never be perfect. we'll never get exactly right. this is as close as we can come, we can come back to fix it, thank you later. better that than the alternative. is that a winnable argument with senators, who probably know it follow? >> they do not fall well. i think constituents, especially conservative ones have said, they want obamacare to be repealed and replaced. we even seen democrats come out it might democratic lawmakers as early as yesterday saying, obamacare has been a bit of a disaster. there is no way to deny that. i think you're now, we need to look at what happens moving forward, md senators know the drill. as white rhino, they are taking this very seriously. look, there looking at 2020, 2018 if you get the names on the list, and they are seeing this as an opportunity to corral the conservative base. this is not what conservative he
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met constituents want to, they'll be appalled moving forward. >> are they taking into consideration what this does two types of physical agenda? does this through such a monkey wrench into his momentum to get things done like tax cuts and repealed that frank? things that businesses are looking for when markets are. it is something that will hold that? that is one of the things make to the president or to congressman in the pitch. you really want to hand this president a defeat that stalls his agenda installs what he needs to do. i don't think they won't say no to that. i am not in the room. >> neil: you would need a lot of them have that mindset. you don't have wiggle room, right ashley? >> trump has always touted himself as the ultimate
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dealmaker, negotiator. today, he really needs to sell that piece in his experience and say, this is what this means, and just as what charlie said, it this is going to be a key tenet for him moving forward and try to get things accomplished as part of his legislative agenda, dan needs to be made clear, because right now, you have lied different personalities in the room. you lied different factors going into this. whether that be constituent of happiness. whether that be the prospect of political future. i think at that point, there needs to be some decision made. >> neil: we will see. time. i thank you very very much. we learned that all senators, at least the one who came, little more than 40, and include mitch mcconnell, and 40 plus senators are there and waiting to hear from the president and his pitch. we hope to be talking to some of them tomorrow at noon with the fallout on fox news network. in the meantime, we're looking forward to having rand paul --
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he has artie met with the president. this is his first one-on-one since the meeting. he'll be playing a very integral role in bridging this divide between senators who are reluctant in the president of the united states, who is pushing. more after this. will have you on your way. ♪ runway models on the runway? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money evan saved by switching to geico. i would not wear that lace. hmm, i don't know? fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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♪ >> neil: you look at the white house right now, where we have at least a little more than 40 u.s. republican senators gathering with the president of the united states was making a pitch to them. we have to get this done. what is referring to is the health care effort that would fall on the work of the house, even though it is a completely different package. depending on your point of view, one that kind it does the same sort of thing. it's a leaner, meaner version of obamacare. senator rand paul said, it doesn't fit the bill. it's more like obamacare-lite. he's been particularly critical of things that could swamp one big government program with another break, big government
1:19 pm
program. jute rain and the growth of medicare, some of these guarantees that we may come in and sort of see where this can go. the present of course earlier was sent, you'll never get anything perfect. this as close as you can always get to get the ball rolling in that direction. he is confident he will have the votes to the. not all 52 republican senators are there. we are told again, little more than 40. we hope to have efforts. is that readier? i did raise this issue earlier on. with uhd secretary, ben carson. he is a neurosurgeon by trainin training. he's also been good but dealing with these issue and finding a bridge that could connect both democrats and republicans. this issue, in particular. this is really today, ben carson with me on fox business network.
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>> do you still think the government should have a role in health care. a lot of conservative critics of the senate plan, you have the government, albeit on a slightly less bases controlling health care? how do you feel about that? >> the government is supposed to facilitate life and that has to do with health care. jute the pursuit of happiness, liberty. i think all those are important things. there is a role, but it's not a predominant role. it's a facilitating role. i think senators as a look at this, they will recognize it is more facilitative of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, they will we had before. >> neil: people say, maybe a little more. but now much more. >> it's a lot more. it's also not the final script. this is a very, very good start.
1:21 pm
a lot of things we have looked at. it's good to be tweaked. i would invite the democrats to get involved and let them help tweak it to. it's on the for all of us. we need to get out of this idea of scoring political points, and think about what the responsibility is of the representatives of the people. >> neil: all right, should the president be meeting with democrats as well as republicans right now to close the deal? ben carson saying that. can kennedy leonard, it jessica scar left we already heard, if you take out the tax cuts for the wealthy and as long as you don't call for repeal and replace obamacare, we can talk. one of those at the very least is a nonstarter. the taxes. what he think this is going as far as democrats? >> i hope it's going somewhere productive. i've been talking to a lot of my friends about this coming off of
1:22 pm
the losses and special elections, where he made gains, but did not take the seats. we deftly have to have some policy to go back to our pace within say, we accomplish something, and we can compromise with the administration. that is overwhelmingly what americans want from the representatives. speak >> neil: you are optimist. we will have this playback is he's meeting with the senators. if it like republicans at the time, can the president armed with the 50 at a minimum he's going to need to get it done? >> let's hope so. i can understand the reason for the delay. we would rather have a good policy that asked policy. there is still some urgency her here. it's not just the republicans can turn to reform. the urgency is the real people who are living with obamacare, living in though 1 of 3 counties, where they only have one insurance character. >> neil: what you think if we don't get that? if it is delayed further?
1:23 pm
>> i think they could revisit it after the fourth of july reset. what we are talking to senators over the lunch, date seemed optimistic. their ongoing conversations. >> neil: we might get a hint of that later if you hang in. the president and the meetings with the senators. >> salo, will discuss the health care. have no choice but to sell this disaster. it's melting down if you speak. rates are going up. in fact, it is very interesting. the the 206% increase in alaska. i use sue's arizona is a sterile, 116%. it is a meltdown. i invited all of you. i think we'd have 52 out of 52 or 50 out of 52, and john, either one is pretty good. i think as a percentage.
1:24 pm
we are getting very close. for the country, we have to get have health care. it cannot be obamacare, which is melting down. the other side and said all sorts of things this will be great if we get it done. if we don't get it done, it's just going to be something that we are not going to lie, and that is okay, and i understand that. i think we have an chance to do something important. something very, very apartment for the people in the country that we love. i will ask the press to leave. i am happy you're here. i love you very much. [laughter] we will now ask you to leave. thank you, very much, everybod. >> neil: all right, because the president's way of saying bye-bye. back to kimberly, your that the
1:25 pm
president wants to have something. how much do you feel in your gut that that can happen in the summer with tax cuts and the whole 9 yards? >> it does seem that they are getting a little bit closer as far as hearing from some from different senators. will everyone get what they want? probably not. we are seeing some areas of milgram. they do acknowledge they're going to lose the votes of either certain centrist members or more more conservative members of the party. they will do some votes, but they can't afford to lose more than two. >> neil: i might have missed seen it, i thought i saw a republican senator, dean heller there. not too far from the president. there was an effort last night, at some trumpet surrogates to primary him, challenge him for opposing this. because he was more plain in his opposition to this measure that
1:26 pm
senators were cooking up. i think he also said, he is open to ideas that can make it more likely he would go for. what you make of that that the president is going to invite any and all, even though they are in serious opposition to this, even to the likes of dean heller? >> i think every republican at that meeting signals he is open to negotiation, changes, and most important, i hope republicans at the meeting get together on the communication strategy, get together on why they are doing what they're doing. remember, that market competition is really the key to getting greater choices for consumers, lower premiums. you hear republicans talk about premiums often, but the reason they're doing that, premiums sort of tell us how many people are going to be able to become covered. if you have lower premiums, mark and byron. the congressional budget office may not recognize that as we want, but the republicans are working the lower cost so they can have better costs and more people covered.
1:27 pm
>> neil: susan collins who is to the left of the president, she was indeed near senator dean heller. i want to ask you, if this is contingent on the getting republicans together. the house effort or the senate effort, republicans have not repealed obamacare. if they change it, obviously mandated is the biggest matter. they have taken on. >> they had their own mandate. >> neil: you are right. all i am saying, they put themselves into a lot of grief by not repealing it, it will still exist. government run health care will still exist. they would not be in this pickle right now, with think, if there is a effort to try to tax and forget it, chuck schumer, but do not do anything? >> i think the republicans and democrats for that matter was save themselves a lot of time and terrible headlines if they just admitted the realities of what is going on here, and just
1:28 pm
not oppose every step. president obama is no longer the president of the united states, but obamacare is here, make it better. donald trump does not do everything wrong. maybe 90% wrong, so don't pick on him for every single thing that is happening. on monday dean heller front end susan collins, it's a great sign for them to show up. that is important, but i don't think that means they're wavering on their positions. susan collins has been so on point. about the things that are nonnegotiable for her. lisa murkowski also speaking today that she is not equitable for something that takes away services and that planned parenthood provides services for women across the country. they are being respectful and appropriate by being there, but i would not expect them to wake up tomorrow morning, and think this bill is anything else. >> really comes down to convincing the senators, some of whom are very, very reluctant, cannot be wooed, that you want perfection. the president is saying that as
1:29 pm
we speak. it will never, ever be perfect. with us controlling things, we can make it more perfect. we just cannot do it right out the get-go, but you'll never have that with any piece of legislation. whether it's a government program or take it down, it takes multiple votes, multiple incarnations, and that is the american history. how will that sell go? >> there's a difference between not perfect and also looking at some of these projections that come from the congressional budget office, 22 million more people will be uninsured than under current law. that makes a lot of senators nervous. they ran on the promise to repeal and replace obamacare, but they also ran a promises that no one would lose her health insurance. -- >> neil: is the son taking away the mandate that particularly young people, like yourself. you are not necessary to jump at it, because you're not compelled
1:30 pm
to? >> that is part of what congressional budget office argued. one of the things that also goes into it is as the individual mandate is repealed, that causes premiums to rise, which then causes people to say, i can afford it. >> even though it will come down, the projection shows, it will take a while, but no one will sign up for a 20% jump next year. i would also like to add that cbo report showed that 11 million employee covered insurance would lose as well. people who get it through their company would lose insurance with this plan. >> neil: i want to thank you. there's a little bit of a disk pregnancy on that point i weathered the companies would be sowing clyde also, it gets into the weeds but i want to think you all. we are waiting for kentucky rhett mack senator, rand paul. he was there earlier today. i'm not sure what came from the discussions, but enough that he felt he didn't have to join his colleagues. he will be joining us. after this.
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>> neil: are you on facebook? you have about 2 billion friends, active users over 2 billion for the social media site. let's just say, it's been busy. we are back you always pay
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your insurance on time. tap one little bumper, and up go your rates. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? news flash: nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. >> neil: all right. this is one my favorite videos. have you seen this? president trump looking uncomfortable after seeing the
1:35 pm
president back prime minister of india. workers might not be happy, one of the companies are being sued for racial bias. with work visas over the off american worker. mike has been digging into this lawsuit, it has some interesting developments to show the spirit high, mike. speak out this lawsuit is coming from the guy that helped history along to make streamline come at the visa for emphasis. he now alleges that nine south asians at the company faced discrimination. the lawsuit was filed in east texas by eric green, he claims that while 1% of u.s. workforce is south asian, upwards to 93% of the info. primarily india. the official reason, heated personal task on his work
1:36 pm
computer, but the suit claims, he was terminated, because the defendant's obsessional preference for employees of the south asian race, usually india. in short, the suit claimed indians take care of their own. >> there's a caste system within the company. even amongst the indians, there is a caste system. they will tell you that. further to that, along the lines of the corporate mentality, it breeds into the u.s., where we were, and, we are kind at the bottom of the barrel. >> yesterday, president trump met with asian prime minister. the prime minister said, the meeting was filled with friendliness, and of course, that big bear hug. the president says, india has a friend in the white house, but that's kind of a contrast to the presidents by american, higher american executive order signed back in april. that executive order, among other things, crashed down on the use of visas. that issue, primarily spotlights three or four companies all of them indian, one of them is
1:37 pm
emphasis. a following that executive order, they responded with a promise to create 10,000 jobs in the u.s., with hub with in ind. emphasis is now in line for largest incentive program of the hoosier state. there is at least one other lawsuit. this 1 out of wisconsin. class action suit alleging the same things. there is a pervasive, ongoing national origin and race discrimination by emphasis. people from emphasis did not respond to requests for questions. >> neil: it comes at a time, when you mention the indian leader in town, a lot of u.s. technology companies want to start granting more h1 visas. indians would be the beneficiaries of that. it puts them in a box? >> it does put them in a tough situation. there's a lot of allegations about the h1 visa usage rate is a professional, eases india
1:38 pm
companies are unfairly pinpointed. he says, all the technology companies are exploding h1b visas, and what's interesting, you sponsor someone for that visa if you're the company. therefore, he cannot compete in the marketplace. your essentially own it, you want to jump ship, go to another company for more money, he's got a goalie back to india. >> neil: all right, thank you. all right, i wanted to speck on the white house right now, where don't know how long this meeting will go on. we do know that these 40 plus republican senators meeting with the president usually, they can't resist the opportunity to speak with reporters afterwards. i say, usually, but not all the time. sometimes if they're nowhere near an agreement they will bypass such an opportunity. rand paul already at the white house a few hours ago meeting with the present. he is not part of this gathering now, but he will be gathering with us. tells was on the presidents mind and by the way, his own. after this.
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>> neil: all right, earlier today, just moments ago in fact, republican senators all gathering a little bit more than 40 of the 52 the united states senate, so most did make it for this with the president, who is doing his darndest as the dealmaker in chief to try to get a deal gobbled together. you will probably miss the july 4th deadline, that before headset on. this is outside the west wing in the white house, where momentarily i believe, heading out, and you never know talking to reporters. we do know is well at the top of the hour, nancy pelosi and other democratic leaders are expected to outline their views on the latest postponement on part of senators. they're having tough times. republican senators getting around a bill that would be acceptable to both the moderates and conservatives alike. this is something of course, our
1:43 pm
chad had been reporting on. big task. the capitol hill producer race now with us. >> where are you hearing this is going, and what kind of persuasion present can bring to get more in his direction? >> it's a big deal to have the prez of the united states involved. i would note that at the meeting, he had at lisa murkowi and susan collins, moderates from maine. important signal, he needs at least 50 senators to vote yes on this, and the big question right now is, why this bill wasn't ready to go? there is 13 republican senators, who had been working hand in glove with the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell. and i asked him just a little bit ago, what went wrong? >> isn't then an indictment about what you put forth, it was ready to go?
1:44 pm
>> no. it's an ongoing discussion. members have several more more time. >> it used to be the key thing here, ron johnson, republican senator from wisconsin who is also unknown, say they need more time. the same token, he indicates, we are up against these marketplaces with obamacare collapsing, and they do need to move something expeditiously. >> neil: when they talk about expeditiously, do they mean shortly after the july 4th recess? now we are getting into august, and another month-long. times are wasting, right? and keep in mind, senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, wanted off the deck sisters possible, because they want to move on to tax reform. that the deal with fiscal issue like even the government open later this summer. the debt ceiling. that's a monster issue that's coming down the pipe. the quicker they can dispense with this, the better. >> neil: all right. jack, thank you rand paul,
1:45 pm
meeting along with the president. he is not guarded this group is meeting with the present right now. he joins us for. sinner, good to have you. >> thank you. what came from your meeting? we had a good discussion when i told the president, i am open to supporting, but has to get better, it has to be more of a repeal bill. we keep too many of the obamacare regulations. we keep to minch of the subsidies. we create a new federal fund to subsidize insurance companies, so we have to look at all that, and we have to ask, the people who elected us on repealing obamacare, if this bill is really repealed. i thought the president was very open-minded towards trying to make the bill a better bill. i get along very well at the present. i think i can work with him. everyone has to be open to letting the bill become more of a repeal bill. less of a big government bill. >> neil: does the president agreed that it should be more of a repeal effort? >> i think we see i type.
1:46 pm
i don't characterize exactly what he is for or against. he is a guy that comes from business. he understands our regulation drive up prices. the main thing that is driven obamacare prices for health insurance is all the mandates. i think everyone of them cost extra money, and then they weep price the young healthy people out. we have a death spiral of obamacare. he also feels the pressure to try to get something done. that is what really -- that the way it's being tugged back and forth, but i think we had the fall on the promises we made, to repeal, and reina, the bill is not a repeal bill. >> neil: sorry to push you, we will never get this perfect. we'll never get your way? >> i think i have very good rapport with the president. i enjoy his company. i like being around him. i think he is honest with me, that he will be open to how we try to make the bill better. he listen to it. policy people there. we went back and forth on
1:47 pm
policy. i did not get strong objections from him or any conservative. most the things i have been promoting work insert of ideas that had been out there for a long time. letting people buy insurance as part of a bind co-op. having less regulations on insurance. most republicans believe that. i think somehow i got a pier, debated and debated, we discovered some republican legislators actually like obamacare or like parts of it, and they want to keep it. that's not really sentiment if you get home, and asked republicans at home, they don't want to keep any of it. much less keeping 10 out of 12. >> neil: you'll never get all of what you want. you've heard this analogy. you get most, and you're off to the races, but either any sort of alarms at the president's tone or demeanor with you that time was running out? >> i thought the president was very open-minded and very forthright. what can we do to make this bill
1:48 pm
a better bill, let's try to pass it. >> neil: he was upset at you? >> how can he be upset at you. if you and you have a very well reasoned argument, but you're killing me. none of that. >> i don't think it is me versus the president or us versus the establishment i think what it is, we have to get something that really works. what i did tell him, i have been a doctor for 20 some years, and i saw health care before obamacare not working very well. i saw obamacare, and a make it work even less well. i think there are some fundamental aspects to health care we have to try to fix, if we don't fix them, but we gain ownership of it, i think there's a big price to pay for saying we fixed it, when in reality, if you leave the regulation in place, you do not fix it. >> neil: who's fault is that, senator? the tweet out of the
1:49 pm
white house, you said, present trumpets open to making the bill better. his senate leadership? do you have your doubts on whether mitch mcconnell is? >> i've been out there with five days publicly same, we can't oppose the bill, but we haven't had any feedback from leadership on there being open to changing any parts of the bill. i think in order for there to be negotiation, asked to be dialogue. >> neil: 's or something i'm missing in your relationship with mitch mcconnell? >> we put them in writing. we are going to send them to senate leadership as well as the president. i think maybe that formal process may give it a little off the ground. >> neil: doesn't mitch mcconnell know that you met with the present today? did you give him a heads up? >> we haven't had many meetings this week so i haven't seen her. i would say, yes, it's common
1:50 pm
knowledge, we were not keeping a secret that i was meeting with the president. i think this thing can still be done, but we have to keep our promise to republican voters as well as all voters that we are going to repeal the disaster that is obamacare. in order to get rid of the high prices of obamacare, you have to repeal the regulation. if we tinker around the edge, with one or two regulation, the prices will come down, guess who they're going to blame? the republicans. we have to fix it. we have to really repeal it. >> neil: there is an effort one group, some call them a trump surrogate route group is targeting nevada senator, dean heller for being against it. he was more vocal and blunt in his criticism of what the senate had come up with. someone you can see in primary. are you worried since others are considering the same for you and ted cruz and mike lee? you will be targeted for your
1:51 pm
opposition? >> no, i feel comfortable that i was elected by people who knew i was for repealing obamacare. i was for replacing it with freedom. freedom to buy and inspect an e insurance and anything you want to give people new possibilities, think outside the box to try to figure out, how you get the best insurance or people i've been very frank about that when i ran for office. i ran for office twice. not everybody probably agrees with my approach, but i think they know, i am honestly trying to find a solution to get lower prices. >> neil: is reason i mention, there's a great deal of vitriol to go after a particular dean heller of nevada for opposing the republican plan. i want you to react to this. this is was from fox business network yesterday. >> how can you do that under the threat of, we will primary you if you don't go along with what we say? that is a bad 20 soprano
1:52 pm
episode. >> it's an accountability issue. >> neil: you have accountability for others. >> we do. >> we are going to do the same for any senator or any house member that does not move forward on the policies that many of americans want i think you get the gist of that. groups like car sink tread carefully. what you say? >> is a dialog, add the draft, and i think really, we each should be in the dialog stage, and that means, interacting no matter if you're coming from the moderate or conservative side. i think we interact, and we try to see, if there is a sweet spot where we can find, but i think it is important that some of us stand firm now, because if you don't stand firm now coming say, we will vote on an amendment, is not changing. this is what will have. now is the time to change the bill, i think by my
1:53 pm
steadfastness in being for repeal, i think i can get this bill to look more like repeal before goes through. >> neil: will be hearing from nancy pelosi at the top of the hour and top democrats, chuck schumer said, republicans are going to have something that harms people. she went, nancy pelosi, hundreds of thousands of people are going to die. al franken, thousands will die. bernie sanders, thousands will die. i am not a doctor, you are. where do they get that? >> it is absolutely false. i would say, ignorance, hyperbole. i think it's such hyperbole, so outlandish, the most common sense americans will say, what in the world are they talking about? are they really serious? look, we can have different opinions in our country and, by president obama, i thought was trying to do the best work for his people. he really did try to get people health care. it didn't work, but i don't think he was trying to kill
1:54 pm
people. likewise, republicans, were trying to do the same. more health insurance for people on a cheaper price, but none of us is going to allow people to die in the streets. i took an oath. when i work in a hospital, i can only work in the hospital if i see everyone. as part of the arrangement or privilege for the same for me to work in hospital. i agree to treat all newcomers. when they say things like that, i think, they destroy their own argument with such excessive, outlandish, men's. >> neil: the markets fell today when it look like this was going to be delayed for july 4th holiday. a continue following and looking increasingly so that those be delayed. does that worry you? if this is can significantly delayed, the whole agendas in trouble? >> i things like getting the right. i think we pass something in a hurry to get it done, one of my
1:55 pm
friends put out, it's like a kidney stone. you have to pass it. we have to get rid of it. at the past. it should not be a kidney stone. should be something that we are really trying to do what's right, and once you own health care, going to own it for a long time. we should make sure, we actually get it right. i don't think were stopping anything. i know wall street's concerned about the tax cuts, and does a lot of tax cuts in obamacare. i'm for the tax cuts, but also want to make sure, health care gets better, and then we get into the fall, we'll get to more tax cuts. it's good to be a good year for business, and for people to have jobs who are employed, because we're going to create a lot more jobs we get to cutting taxes. i think your you're right about the kidney stone thing. do you think the timeline to get this is still doable? what is rand paul think? >> the july forcing was premature, but i know we have to have deadlines to get people moving. i think all of this will be a delay. i think it has to get done in the next three weeks, but then again, i think all along, people
1:56 pm
said we would get to tax cuts i hope in the fall. will have two or three months in the fall. i think we can get to it and get it done in the fall. >> neil: do you think they will be affected by the end the year? >> i am all for more better, because of returning people honestly earned money to the people who honestly earned it. >> neil: 's and rand paul, thank you very much. all right, the fallout from what you just heard from the senator, and how doable it is. just stick to that timetable, august, to get this thing going, and in the fall to get the tax cut thing done. it's possible. after this. but when family members forget,
1:57 pm
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>> neil: rand paul says the kind of stuff markets would like to hear. they will get it done. stocks were down close to 100 points today. everything else is getting pushed back. we are on that tomorrow at noon eastern on fox business network, the fallout.
2:00 pm
later, how they are playing it on this very show. you, your money, your politics, your lifeblood. we are on it. if it matters to you, it matters to us. >> eric: i am eric bolling with eboni k. williams and kennedy in for kat timpf today. we are the "the fox news specialists" ." a wild day in washington over the senate health care bill paid republican leaders are delaying a vote on legislation until after the fourth of july recess. underway right now come republican members of the senate are at the white house meeting with president trump about the health care after today's setback. president trump addressing it a short time ago. >> we are getting very close, but for the country, we have to have health care, and it can't be obamacare which is melting


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