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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 27, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> let's have a cocktail and raise a glass. drain the swamp. >> okay, set your dvr, never miss an episode of the five, hannity is up next. >> good luck to you, allie. >> thanks to our friends on the five and welcome to hannity, this is a fox news alert, cnn facing a massive credibility crisis the president is now calling out the network's fake news and their extreme bias. w laura ingram will join us with reaction. will all join us. i also want you to get a pen and a pad out. six things that america now needs to be investigating. also tonight, our exclusive interview with a former elite american soldier on how the obama administration absolutely blew the opportunity to take out the leader of isis. w first, tonight, the clinton news network is now unraveling before your eyes. u
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it is now being exposed for what it really is, fake news, propaganda, and a political smear machine, and that's tonight's opening monologue. >> all right, the clinton news network which is constantly competing with nbc news to be the most anti-president outlet in the country is under fire yet again once again pushing fake news. three employees supposedly resigned last night after the network had to retract a completely false story claiming he was being investigated colliding with the russians. the rest of the destroyed media on twitter today writing quote, fake news, cnn is looking at big management changes now that they got caught falsely pushing their phoney russia stories and ratings are way down. the president continued. so they caught fake news, cnn
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called, but what about nbc, cbs, abc? what about the failing new york times and washington post? t cnn is claiming the only reason this hit piece article wase published was because, quote, standard ed tore yet editorial processes were not followed. they've been forced to now retract several other fake news stories, in other words lies to the american people. in just the past month alone. for example on june 16, cnn had to delete a tweet and issue a correction proclaiming that only democrats were praying before t the congressional baseball game. i was there, not true. just before, one day, one day before that cnn senior white house correspondent, the very angry jim acosta tweeted and then had to remove fake news about the president not visiting congressman steve scalise in the
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hospital. cnn had to again change a story that falsely stated that comey would contradict the president's statements about not being under investigation by the f f. b. i. all that appears to just be the beginning of the network's problems because today james o'keefe they came out with a new video that apparently shows a cnn producing admitting the network's massive ante agenda. now, fox news has not been able to independently verify the content of the video, but here are some of the key parts, take a look. >> why cnn constantly, like, russia this, russia that? >> because it's ratings. >> because it's ratings? our ratings are incredible right now. my boss yesterday we were having a discussion he's like i just want you to know what we're up against. just to give you some context the president pulled out of the climate accord and for a day and
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a half we covered the climate accord and ceo of cnn said inof our internal meeting, good job covering the climate accord. but we're done with it, let's get back to russia. >> the ceo? >> yeah. >> gosh. >> eve thann climate accord. b >> i think that there are a lot of, like, liberal cnn viewers who want to see the president really get scrutinized and i think if we would have behaved that way with president obama and scrutinized everything he was doing with as much as we apply to donald trump, i think our viewers would have been turned off. >> you think the whole russia [bleep] is just like [bleep]. [bleep]. it's mostly [bleep] right now. we don't have any proof. then they say there's still an
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investigation going on and we're like yeah. i don't know, if you were finding something we'd know about it. the way these leaks happen? they leak. if it was something really good, it would leak. i think the president's probably right to say look, you are witch hunting me, like, you have no smoke and gun. no real proof. >> now, in response to this very damning video cnn issued a statement that read in part cnn stands by our medical producer, diversity of personal opinion is what makes cnn strong. we welcome it, we embrace it. i'm glad this producer will not be losing his job, but here's what's so ridiculous about that statement. cnn didn't even bother to react to the network president's comments about getting back to russia and using the false russia collusion conspiracyey
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theory to drive up ratings for money. if anyone faces consequences here it should be z ucker. he is the person over seeing the fake news coverage over there. jeff zuckers, viewers trust cnn more than ever. cnn has now gone over board, they jumped the shark they're completely bias and by the way they are now one of the preeminent pushers of the fake f news propaganda in the country today. they have an agenda, take down the president. look at a recent harvard study from january 20 until the end of april, 93%, a whopping 93% of cnn's coverage of the president was negative. i said last night on twitter that i think zucker needs to
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face the consequences. he doesn't care about facts or truth, or getting any stories right. he is a president hating political operative who's pretending to be the president of an unbias news network. with all due respect as you know, zucker and cnn are not alone. the mainstream destroyed media, there's are a ton of them. here's more proof, by the way, of exactly what we've been exposing. our friends at media research m and their center have put together this chart analyzing abc, nbc, cbs, and their news casts for over a month. the news casts have a clear obsession over president, russia, comey, and the investigation despite, of course, no evidence so far of any actual wrongdoing. instead of obsessing over fake news, russia collusion, conspiracy theories, black helicopter theories, the media should be focusing on real scandals that they have been
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ignoring for months. we have been covering them. here are the top six. james comey, remember, had his friend leak the memo to the new york times to bring about a special council. now comey may have committed a crime by unlawfully removing fbi property which could be a b violation of the federal records act. according to judicial watch, loretta lynch, look at her obstructing justice. bipartisan group of senators calling for their investigation into this. lynch tolda? comey to call the clinton e-mail investigation a matter. by the way, clinton talking points, we also know that lynch met bill clinton on a tarmac for 40 minutes before comey let hillary go free. after saying she was extremely careless in our handling of top secret and classified information, and destroying classified information. now also,w, number three, speakg of hillary, her e-mail server, well, that deserves an investigation and frankly a grand jury because as we've been
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explaining the original one was compromised by comey and lynch. and then of course number four,e there's also the clinton-russia collusion, uranium one deal. real collusion, hillary signed off 20% of america's uranium going to vladimir putin. the people involved in that deal, by the way, are kicking a back millions of dollars to the clinton foundation and her husband is doubling his speaking fees in moscow.e the only law in this case we know is broken was, of course, the unmasking and leaking of intelligence against lieutenant general michael flynn. that's a felony, a violation. and finally, number six, special council muller is inexcusable. his illegal, many conflicts of interest and investigative creep here. and off course muller best friends with comey, also members
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of muller's team. let's see he picks one of hillary's lawyers and picks people that donated to obama to investigation donald trump? one of the lawyers that represented the clinton foundation. now, those are the stories we're helping the media hear. those are the scandals that the media should be focused on, instead of the destroying of the president. liketh cnn. like nbc. like the major networks. like the washington post and the new yorkwa times. editor in chief, fox news contributor, nationally syndicated talk show host, actually funny occasionally laura ingram. >> i can't believe that in that litany of the past sins of cnn you forgot one of the best that you've talked about in the past. >> what did i do? >> i can't believe it. >> you forgot the donna brazil sending questions from roland martin in advance to bernie
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sanders. >> t the was a classic one, almost more than a year ago i stand corrected but that's not a crime. >> rememberor cnn stood by, uh, and claimed that none of that was true. despite the fact that wiki-leaks has a thread they published in october showing that, in fact, she said from time to time, i get questions in advance. that's just another in a long list of problems that cnn has had and i was theorizeing today that jeff zucker received a lot of criticism. he's the president of cnn. he received an enormous amount of criticism for airing so many of the rallies during the campaign. you do get the sense that this obsession with russia now is,
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there's something that seems like it's almost atoning for the past sin of giving the president such a wide platform during the campaign. because he's been slammed by the left. since the victory, he's had to go to harvard, all these students are getting up and complaining about cnn. you get the sense - - . >> don't make me laugh. this is serious. >> all right. >> i wasn't actually going to run. i admire james o'keefe's work a lot and he gets unfairly tarnished because he's done a lot of good work over the years. i almost didn't want to run it. i thought they were going toug fire this poor guy for just speaking honestly and truthfully. i was looking and making calls in case he got fired to try and find the poor guy a job. now that they're not going to fire him, this says a lot about zucker. this identifies what his agenda is. why would time warner keep an
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obviously u u u u - - . abusively bias leader that's destroying their brand? >> i don't see how any of this really makes sense. i think cnn has some good reporters. >> like who? >> i don't want to tar the whole place. let me work on thinking of the list by the end of the segment, i'll come up with it. >> okay. i'm glad they are all top of mind to you. they have good people, i can't think of one now, but i'll tell you later. >> i will always actually like jake tapper and wolf blitzer. >> he's lost it. >> i think has changed a lot of these people. i think they're probably democrats, i'm sure they're democrats. i don't know for a fact, butre i imagine they are. i do think the victory of the president really has been a difficult hurtle, intellectual
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hurtle, journalistic hurtle, for these people to clear. i really think they're having trouble functioning. this stuff, at least they push these three reporters out. ii think this is the tip of the iceburg. >> so if we take my list of six, and yes, i'll add wiki leaks exposing the collusion. yes, madam ingram, you are correct i think that isrr important. >> okay. >> but there's a part of me that is, like, wow, they're missing some of the biggest stories that we've ever seen or covered in our careers here and they won't do it because they're so fixated on hating a president. their agenda is clearly to take this president down. that's not journalism anymore, laura. >> no. >> there's a real serious psychology to whatever it is going on. >> i think a lot of it is also
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on my radio show this week, he said something very interesting. when he's, like, in martha's vineyard. he has lunch, a sandwich every couple of times a week. he said all of these liberals who are his friends are justat enraged that he's coming out and saying what he's saying about the obstruction of justice, no collusion, when it comes to. they said we gotta get him. well-known liberals we gotta get him, what are you doing? he said yeah, i voted for hillary clinton, but you guys have to beat him at the ballot box. >> good for him. >> they've become activists. they've become participants in the political wars instead of journalists covering serious stories. if they want to cover russia, fine, cover russia, but they ought to cover what's happening inside of the government when we have - - . >> they're not going to do it.
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>> intelligence officials leaking critical information or illegally leaking information that is either false or not advancing any whistle blower interest whatsoever because they're not actually going to get whistle blower protection. these are people deciding they want to take him out.nd that is not journalism. that is something very different >> when we come back, a busy breaking news night this tuesday night here on hannity. >> there is no serious person out there who would suggest some how that you could even you could even rig america's elections. >> when we come back, we expose president obama back in october saying that america's election couldn't be rigged. now he knew about russia trying to influence the election back in august? why didn't he do anything about it? is thatt russia collusion? monica crowley, eric foley weigh
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>> welcome back. democrats and members of the media have been pushing russia, collusion, and this narrative for months and months. now it's boomeranging back on them and more directly to former president obama. remember during the election last year when president obama said it wasn't possible for our' elections to be rigged and told then candidate to stop whining about it. remember this? >> there is no serious person out there who would suggest some how that you could even rig c america's elections. in part because they're so decentralized, and the numbers of votes involved. the is no evidence that that has happened in the past or that there are instances in which that will happen this time. i'd advise mr. trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes.
10:22 pm
>> really, stop whining? according to a recent report it was president obama who knew back in august that russia was attempting to interfere in ourur election, and guess what? he did nothing about it. because he assumed hillary clinton would win. since hillary lost now election medaling is suddenly a serious issue. joining us for reaction is monica crowley and the author of the swamp, washington's murky pool of corruption and cronyism. the co-host of fox news specialist eric bowling. i think this is important, it'sy pretty amazing, he knew in august he did nothing. why do i think there's an obama-russian conspiracy that now needs to be investigated. he needs to testify under oathec what he knew, why he didn't act. >> remember, sean, when he said there's no corruption like that
10:23 pm
sound byte you played but then again he went so far as obama i'm talking about, to slap some sanctions on russia for what they thought was medaling and getting involved in our election. he's going back and forth a fews times. the bottom line is the beauty of this is you have video tape, sean. you have good producers who will pull up some of these ideas he s says on tape. you can show him his own words the hypocrisy is limitless and boundless. >> no votes were impacted at all. russia tried in previousa elections, they'll try in future elections. they tried here and he did nothing. so as far as i'm concerned we've got an obama russia collusion story. >> it was who launched the
10:24 pm
russian reset to improve relations with russia. it was barack obama who told then russian president and it was president obama who chose to do nothing when he was confronted with intelligence last year of russian interference. all of that is true, but donald trump is the one with the russia problem? okay, listen the one who needs to be investigated is president obama and his top intelligence national security team. >> there's a 99% certainly, erica, five foreign intelligencg services got hold of hillary's e-mail server in the mom and pop bathroom closet and they had all of this intelligence. now, that's because she mishandled intelligence. i just went through six particular things we ought to be investigating. do you have any doubt that the standard of mishandling classified of information and
10:25 pm
destroying classified information, top secret, classified, special access program information that hillary clinted felonies? i have zero doubt. >> you can't take a classified document, go across the street, leave it on a bar, and accidently walk out and leave it there and not be endited for a felony. you've committed a crime. >> i was drinking too much. >> either one, you still committed the crime. it doesn't matter if you did it with intent or not. monica went through a couple of things that president obama said, you know, back in during thent think back a few years ago when me was running against mitt romney russia isn't the big problem anymore, now all of a sudden it is and the democrats are pushing to spend millions of dollars investigating the president now? >> and monica, when he said i only have one more election, after the election i'll have more flexibility, sounded like
10:26 pm
he was colliding with vladimir in a way he didn't want the american people to know about. >> and nobody follow up with president obama what exactly dii you mean by that. he know now he had credibles, intelligence from john brennan in early august of 2016 of russian mettling. he didn't want to discredit the outcome in the expected hillary clinton win. that's why he chose to do nothing until after november's election. >> good to see you guys. congratulations on the book, and there is a swamp that needs to be drained. coming up next, an explosive report you do not want to miss. circa news are here tonight. did the fbi open a case against retired lieutenant general michael flynn as a form of retaliation? sarah and john have new information along with jay.
10:27 pm
also tonight, our mini monologue. we will expose the single most obnoxious, arrogant, combative, bias white house reporter who'sb constantly whining about not having access. also later tonight did the obama administration have the chance to kill al bag and let it go. insurance doesn't have that.yr what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> three chicago police officers have been endited in connection with a fatal shooting of a black teen. prosecutors say one current and two former officers lied about events surrounding the death of mcdonald in 2014. officer jason van dyke shot the teen 16 times. the officers camed mcdonald swung a knife at them and tried to get up after he was shot. the dash cam video contradicted their claims. the video, once it was released, sparked massive protest.
10:32 pm
venezuela facing more unrest, president says a stolen police helicopter fired shots and grenades at the supreme court. several shots were fired at the interior ministry. i'm mary anne rafferty, now back to hannity. >> welcome back to hannity, so there is an explosive new report tonight by circa news' sarah carter, john soloman. did the fbi retaliate against michael flynn by launching russia probe? it reads the fbi launched a criminal probe against the forger national security adviser michael flynn two years after the army general intervening on behalf of a decorated counter terrorism agent who accused now deputy f. b. i. director andrew
10:33 pm
mccabe and other top officials of sexual discrimination according to documents and interviews. joining us now from circa news sarah carter and john soloman and the chief council for the american center of law and justice. sarah, let's start with this explosive report, so did the fbi retaliate against general flynn? seems like there's lot of evidence emerging yes. >> and there's a lot of concern, right, among f. b. i. agents ana people involved in the russia investigation that this is whath was going on, or at least p partially. they wanted to get ital out the. when you think of robin, i want you to think of a woman who by everybody's standards, i talked to admiral losi, the letters that poured in in support of her were incredible. worked closely with john brennan
10:34 pm
as well. this was somebody that was greatly admired. what was so fascinating about this story was not only was itt michael flynn who interviewed and tried to intervene three time he's was willing to testify on her behalf. the f. b. i. pushed back and tried to block him from testifying on her behalf. >> that's pretty interesting. >> when wow look at all of the pieces of this puzzle, sean, it's fascinating. it's a deep dive into bureaucracy. >> we need to then add this to my six items i mentioned in myio opening monologue that i think need to be investigated. when you couple this with andrew mcnabe and the report you guys released yesterday and a possible violation of the and then you see the money and the funneling and huge amounts of dollars for a race that never gets that kind of money, you see the connection. >> you have the guy that's running the russia investigation right now, the acting director
10:35 pm
of the f. b. i. andrew mccabe is under h violation, there are photos of him wearing campaign shirts for his campaign, holding up a sign saying vote for my wife and documents from terry mccall uh's own record showing the official f. b. i. biowas used to give him a meeting with governor that's under investigation. and then the possible he's investigating mike flynn. real conflict of interest. >> i identified at the start of this program six areas that need to be investigated. one is obama, what did he know in august, and we have lorettaha lynch, the tarmac, it's not an investigation, it's a matter. j of course john and sarah's
10:36 pm
report she may have put the kilbosh on any indictment for hillary. then muller. obama-hillary donors and comey, did he violate the records act. then we've got hillary herself, you know, the pay to play scheme. mishandling and destroying classified information. on top of that general flynn which we were just talking about, and certainly the espionage act. w i want all of these matters investigated. democrats will now bee on defene for the next 11 months. >> well, they have to be because you can't make this stuff up. i mean, so you've got the acting f. b. i. director was a defendant in a case where general flynn was going to be a witness. this was two years, by the way, before general flynn had anything to do with the president's political campaign. then you have the investigation by that office, the f.b.i.
10:37 pm
director's office, mr. mccabe's, investigating the whole situation with general then you have the layer on top of that where you have significant campaign contributions coming from terry mccull ough's campaign. to the wife off the acting membr of the federal bureau of investigation. the american people should be saying this is an out rage, why is this okay in the unitedst states? the answer is it's not. >> let me ask sarah and sean. >> go ahead. >> i want to ask all of you, sarah, have i hit on the six things that really need to be investigated here? and now adding yours is seven? >> absolutely. i think they need to be investigated. people need to ask questions. why didn't mccabe recuse himself from this?
10:38 pm
it is an apparent conflict of interest. now we look at terry mccullough, the governor of virginia was also under investigation at the time. >> a clinton friend. best friend. >> yeah, that's absolutely true. so you have this very seedy appearance of things not actually operating on the up and up. so there are a lot of questions here, people have to really look at the facts here and see what was going on. one more thing, when you look at robin, filed that sexual discrimination, wanted to file that and she had reported that to her supervisors. it wasn'tt until after she, reported that that mccabe and the nbi launched their own case against her. >> lynch needs to be investigated. muller needs to go. 100 percent. comey not only needs an investigation, but we need to talk about his relationship witu muller. hillary, frankly, grand jury.
10:39 pm
flynn, really, his life was ruined because of illegal leaks. somebody needs to make that right. we're going to stay on this. you have all been ahead of the curve. you're not going to find this in the mainstream media because they've been obsessed with something that has been false. when we come back, you'll meet the man that says the obama administration had the chance to take out a leader of isis, but because of his rules of engagement didn't do it. first tonight we reveal the mosa obnoxious, the most arrogant, the most combative, the most partisan, vicious, white house reporter who whines every day. he doesn't have access, he doesn't get his questions answered. straight ahead.
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>> welcome back to hannity. over the last few weeks cnn has mate great strides in solidifying their position as one of america's premiere fake news networks. one of its top pushers of fake news is is none other than the so arrogant, combative, senior white house correspondent jim acosta. now that the administration is forcing acosta out of the spot light by hosting a few audio only press briefings cnn's white house daryling is starting to become unhinged. that is the subject of tonight's mini monologue. >> so, like a plant needs sun
10:44 pm
light, tim acosta apparently n needs a camera. during yesterday's audio only press briefing demanded sean spicer turn those cameras back on. listen to the arrogance. >> there's no camera on, jim. >> maybe we should turn the cameras on. >> i'm sorry but you have to - - . >> why not turn the cameras on, sean? they're in the room, the lights are on. sean, sean. >> we'll continue to mix things up. >> why are thehe cameras off? can you just give us an answer to that? why did you turn the cameras off? >> it's not a legitimate question. >> it is a question. you're tax paid spokesman for the united states president. >> don't let the exchange fool you,costa's mission extends far beyond just getting sean spicer to turn the on. it appears that acosta is veryy much in line with his colleagues
10:45 pm
at cnn who are using fake news now as a political weapon against the administration. as wemi told you earlier, acosta was forced to delete a tweet earlier this month after he claimed the president did not visit congressman steve scalise when he was in the hospital. totally fake news in that misguided tweet is one of only many examples of what is now a pattern. acosta's corrosive coverage and bias coverage of the president. sadly, acosta has a pretty extensive history of trashing the administration. isn't he supposed to be objective and fair and balanced, including multiple combative exchanges with sean spicer, and eve than president. whyman so he gets to look good for himself. is he really looking for answers for you, the american people? >> it's like we're just covering bad reality television.
10:46 pm
the white house press secretary iswh getting to a point where h. >> surveillance going on a lot of people. >> of course they're going to be looking at these areas. >> i get it. >> you're attacking us, you givs us a question. no, mr. president elect, go ahead. >> go ahead. >> since you are attacking our news organization. >> not you, your organization is terrible. >> give us a chance to ask aor question, sir. >> go ahead, quiet, quiet. >> mr. president elect - - . >> don't be rude. >> can you give us a question. >> don't be rude. >> can you give us a question? >> i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news. >> you're very fake news. jim acosta's very sensitive and he gladly is doing the bidding of his boss jeff zucker and by the way he goes to battle on behest of zucker against the administration day after day.
10:47 pm
instead of digging for truth and trying to get information for the american people, he's just digging at the administration with an agenda instead of looking for answers he's looking for ways to damage the president, prop himself up. the sad reality here is that like the rest of all these faker news networks in this case, cnn, they'll do anything in his power to prevent the president from p implementing his agenda. that's not frawley good - - that's not good for you. when we come back, my next guest says the obama administration had the chance to take out the isis leader al baghdadi, they didn't do it, why not? , geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now.
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>> welcome back. did the obama administration pass up an opportunity to kill the isis leader al baghdadi? my next guest claims in 2011 the u.s. military had a major chance to kill and capture al-baghdadi but obama administration let him fettwe get away. memory has released a new isis video which shows a chilling execution being carried out by children. joining us now, brett is with
10:52 pm
us. >> thanks for having me, shawn. >> all right. this is important. there was a chance to get al baghdadi. okay, one of the top isis people of the time. you guys know where he is, you have no doubt you can take him out, no doubt you can capture the guy, and you got a stand down why? >> well, sean, it wasn't so much a stand down order but let me give you a little bit of information about what the time was going on. at the time it was my job to hunt down some of the most senior leaders within the islamic state. we're talking about some of the most evil human beings on the planet. folks that are here, coming after americans, looking to hurt americans on our soil. what's going to surprise a lot of people about what they read in my book is just how close we brought the islamic state of iraq to the brink of extinction. at the time when i was doing this, al baghdadi was maybe 45
10:53 pm
in the organization. when he popped up on our radar we just saw how, um, close this guy was to the top and how very quickly he rose through the ranks. so when we hunted baghdadi we actually used him originally to kill the original two leaders of the islamic state which allowed him to fill this leadership game. >> and they would be? >> say that again. >> the two leader use got are. >> they w were abu almazari, and another individual named baghdadi at the time. at the time, you know, again, baghdadi was the number four or five in the organization haveg the opportunity. >> what happened when you identified, located, him, and were ready to take him out or capture him, what happened? >> the rules of warfare had changed.
10:54 pm
when the teamsap located baghdai and pinpointed him to a house on the ground by that time u.s. troops had been told to get out of iraq, they had been told to leave. typically a raid that would have occurred that same night by an assault force, a team of special forces going in there to extract a target from a compound, they then had to essentially wait two weeks for the call to be made to allow these guys to go in and by that time he was gone. baghdadi doesn't stay any for weeks. that's essentially what happened because of these rules for engagement. >> now as a result for these a rules of the gaugement, now, this mad man cold-hearted brutal killer is is on the loose and wt could have taken him out. >> you see what isis has done today. at this time we were going after these guys before anyone necessarily cared about them and we were taking them out constantly because we knew a small group of organization knew how bad these guys were. you saw what they did when they
10:55 pm
came back to mosul and basically took over.ea >> number one, thank you for all your hard work, thank you for your dedication. it's sad that this happened. all the rules of engagement, all the guys arrested for protecting their platoons and put in jail in some cases it's outrageous. thanks for telling your story. >> thanks for having me, sean. >> when we come back, a very important question of the day. we need your help and it has to do with former president obama, straight ahead. delicious... fresh fruit.
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>> welcome back to hannity, time for your question of the day. the president knew in august that russia was trying to influence elections but he didn't tell anybody because he wanted hillary to win. should he go under oath? does he owe you the american people an explanation about why he did nothing? confront russia?
11:00 pm
go to facebook .com. let us know what you think. that is is all the time we have left. remember the show, always fair, always balanced, we'll see you back here tomorrow night.