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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 28, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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outnumbered. >> charlie: it's good to be here. >> meghan: nice to have you back. let's jump into it. let's begin, mitch mcconnell could only afford to lose two members of his own party, but despite a big push, nine republican senators have lined up against the measure to replace obamacare. now we are hearing that they reportedly have been given their marching orders to have a new draft by friday. this after president trump meeting with nearly all g.o.p. senators at the white house yesterday encouraging them to get the deal done. mr. trump later tweeting i just finished a great meeting with the republican senators concerning health care. they really want to get it right, mike obamacare. >> the half of republicans that hated our conservatives like myself who went to rally after rally after rally saying we were going to repeal obamacare and now we are not repealing it, we are keeping it. these weak kneed republicans up
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here who are saying we have to spend more money and keep medicaid forever, they need to get over themselves and they need to remember what they were for, repealing obamacare. >> meghan: dick durbin calling on the g.o.p. to have a hearing and bring them for a debate. how are we going to get these republicans on board? >> charlie: rand paul is right about this. the idea that republicans went to repeal this thing. >> meghan: we have mike emanuel joining us live from a hill with all the latest. >> good afternoon to you. while voting on health care in the senate was postponed, some he senators the saying there is pressure to strike a deal in a hurry. >> if we don't reach agreement by friday, it's probably the end of a party effort for health care. if we don't reach it by friday, then the way forward is
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obamacare collapses and we find something better. >> the challenges of these nine republican senators expressed opposition to the bill as of last night. a member of the g.o.p. leadership talk this morning about trying to win most of them over. >> where and when you take the bill that we have and there are always little things you can try and attract support. we have a couple of issues that are outstanding, a couple of inches that conservatives want, a couple that moderates want to address. it is a function of trying to figure out how you can get the 50 votes to pass it. >> as were democrats, they're calling for single-payer health care as the next step. they are also not coming out the majority leader at this point. >> senator mcconnell is not going to give up, he wants to get to yes and so does
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president trump. even though there bill will mean that families health care costs will go up, abel got medicaid, it will undermine protections for people with pre-existing conditions and throw tens of millions of people off coverage. >> while some are public and senators ask for more time to review the proposal, it is clear that republican leadership is not taking the pressure off, they are trying to strike a deal in a hurry. >> meghan: thank you so much. >> melissa: this breaking news happen moments ago. the president's hosting energy roundtable, but he was making some brief remarks on health care let's listen in. >> we can cooperate and support them even more and unleashing these domestic and tremendous reserves that we never appreciate them, we never understood, but now we understand them very well. i'm confident that working
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together, we can usher in a golden age of american energy dominance. he exterminated financial benefits that it brings to our citizens. not only the native americans, but all over the country. your seeing it more and more and it's happening more and more. yesterday, we had a tremendous meeting with republican senators who met on health care. the meeting went really well. we're talking about a great form of health care. obamacare is dying, it's essentially dead. it's been a headache for everybody, it's been a nightmare for many. we are looking at a health care that would be a fantastic tribute to our country. health care that will take care of people finally for the right reasons and also the right cost costs. it would be a tremendous
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reduction in costs from one obamacare is. yesterday in alaska, the great state, it was announced they had a 200% increase. we have a plan that if we get it approved, it's very tough. every state is different, every senator is different, but i have to tell you the republican senators are really impressive in their meeting yesterday at the white house. when close to 50 of them, 52, we need almost all of them. that's never easy. we had 50 show up and the other two were on our side. i think we are going to get very close. there was a great feeling in that room yesterday. what also came out is the fact that this health care would be far better than obamacare, it would be much less expensive for people. and much less expensive for the country. those are a lot of good factors. we'll see what happens. we're working very hard to give
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ourselves more time to make it perfect. that's what we want to do. i think this is a chance to be great health care at a reasonable cost. i got rid of a lot of the taxes, a lot of the bad parts of obamacare are gone. it's essentially a repeal and replace and i look forward to working with republican senator senators. >> we have these governors sitting around the table and it's a great example. they helped write and their citizens helped write. i don't know the bill that well, but my guess is if you give him the authority to take care of their citizens they can do it
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more with less cost. >> we are sending a lot back to the states where it belongs. this will be something really special if we can get it done. every state is different. we have a tremendous opioid problem in some states. i have to tell you, this will be a tremendous plan. we will have a lot of very, very happy people in this country if we can get it done. we're going to have a great answer. hopefully will have it soon. we will keep you informed. thank you very much. this will be great for everybod everybody. i always say that. thank you all very much.
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thank you. the >> melissa: that was president trump at an energy roundtable where the conversation quickly turned to health care. to her that last question in the end, what about the medicaid cuts, math isn't for everyone. he was talking there about health care and he said we are going to take a little bit more time to make this perfect. the >> meghan: i want to go back to the question we were asking earlier, what reality are we living in? we can only afford to senators and those two are down, do you think they'll end up edging? >> charlie: what rand paul said is right. the idea that we voted how many times to repeal obamacare, were they joking? were they kidding with america that they didn't have anything to replace it with?
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it reminds me a little bit of the situation we have with democrats right now. it's full resistance. they are against everything therefore nothing. of course, once you get into power, if you're not or something. republicans should have done a much better job up until now. >> melissa: now what? it's so easy to look back on what's wrong, what mistakes were made. >> marie: just to read what susan collins said yesterday, we are not even close. it is not going to work. we need a major overhaul. susan collins is just one of a dozen senators who don't support this, but she says we are not even close. i don't know if when they come back, are they actually going to hell to do things to get rand paul and susan collins in
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to charlie's point, i assumed as a democrat there was a republican sitting in the basement of the capitol for the last eight years -- >> kennedy: he is a physician and he also has the greatest policy understanding of obamacare. we all understand that obamacare is failing on a number of levels for a number of reasons. that's because there's too much government intervention. to your point, you make a good point. and the republican party, you have people like susan collins who want an even bigger government program, even though we have seen through the va and the failure of obamacare that
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these destroy health care. then you have the conservatives who say the subsidies, the tax critics cost way too much. they cost much for consumers and the ones who are in subsidized end up paying the entire premium spikes. >> melissa: we are just hearing senator john thune is saying they're going to draft an agreement by friday. >> meghan: these arbitrary deadlines. i thought it was a pipe dream, i think it's a pipe dream. why are we putting these arbitrary timelines on this? i legitimately don't understand it. my anger is not you. the >> charlie: that stick is the only way you get these people in a room and get them to budge off whatever they are stuck on.
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the answer to socialism is always more socialism, more cowbell. whatever is good for america is not good -- >> kennedy: ed studley. as talking about people through a thousand counties in this country. think about that staggering number. there are 40 counties where there are zero insurance companies left on the exchanges. >> charlie: donald trump is right about one thing, i still believe that if republicans allowed obamacare to collapse under its own weight, republicans -- >> melissa: that is senator mitch mcconnell and he is talking about health care right now. we are monitoring what he is saying. we'll break in with this if it's relevant. >> meghan: part of the problem is, charles krauthammer was on fox news last night and he was saying this country as none of the same place it was seven years ago.
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now the american people like dominic dominic the american public will want health care to be provided by the government. people literally died waiting in line to get health care in arizona at the va. the support for repeal in lowering every day. >> marie: 30% public support for the senate bill. >> kennedy: it's a horrible bill. it's a republican bell and republicans hate it. you have two factions and they all essentially despise the bill. this form of socialized medicine -- i have to give president obama credit because the aca was brilliantly written because he got those into the economy and they are impossible to remove without collapsing the health care and insurance.
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>> marie: in ohio and places like west virginia, somewhere upwards of 90% of people are being treated for things like the opioid crisis through medicaid. these people are legitimately scared, county by county level, person by person if that will go away. >> kennedy: what is the threshold for being eligible for medicaid? that has to shift. we have to ask ourselves the fundamental philosophical questions, what is the function of government we are expecting too much from it. we only put that much pressure on it, is going to collapse. >> melissa: >> meghan: meantimes are using the fourth of july recess. is it a good strategy or more obstructionism?
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>> kennedy: will come back. president trump turned to one of his signature campaign issues today and that is immigration. he said to meet at the white house this afternoon with victims of crimes committed by illegals. this is mr. trump is pushing to get two major bills passed in the house this week. one penalizing sanctuary cities which refuse to enforce immigration law by withholding some federal law enforcement grant money and case law. the law is named after kate steinle. >> what this bill will do will empower the isis authority even more importantly, will allow the families to sue
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those principalities of the 12 break the law and not uphold the federal laws. >> kennedy: they have tried to pass similar legislation a few years in a row. how is this going to be different? speak of the big difference is we are seeing them back down from the opposition, giving members a pass which always means they're trying to throw a lifeline to their members. you don't have to die on the parts of this. that paves the way for it to pass. >> kennedy: marie, who are some of the democrats who live in places where something like cates law would ensure reelection? >> marie: here's what's interesting to me about this. if you have groups like the fraternal order of police, law enforcement groups who don't support these laws because of the threats to cost federal funding. they say we need this funding.
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this is not a black-and-white issue, it's much more politically complicated and i will be curious to see where this ends up, particularly if democrats do sign on to something that has opposition in the law-enforcement community. >> charlie: the funding we are talking about is funding that comes from federal government for enforcing these laws. the idea that you're getting this funding even though you're not enforcing the laws -- >> marie: the police chiefs -- >> charlie: they don't want to lose the money. >> marie: i would defer to them for some of the best way to enforce this. we've talked about this a lot. this is just a band-aid for comprehensive immigration refor reform. >> meghan: i've ever said that just for the record. i'm from arizona. i'm ground zero of where this
9:22 am
will be effective. these sanctuary cities, and for me, there is more nuanced to this. what it does to people like me when you say i'm going to take your taxpayer money, people that commit crimes, you have a home here in san francisco, to me, it makes me a hard line immigration person and it turns me further and further to the right and more hard-core on this issue which is what democrats have to learn because i truly believe president trump won in immigration and jobs. he's coming down saying we have to build a wall, that's what helped him win. >> kennedy: you made a point that we are in a different place than we were seven years ago. i would say we are in a different place in 2015. >> melissa: these are all a band-aid. nothing is going to solve every problem and if that's the test that we hold up, we are never
9:23 am
going to do anything. it's the same false argument that people make about having tougher immigration laws. they say is not going to fix this or that. you're always going to find reasons that whatever we're doing won't solve anything. we have to do a bunch of things. this is just one of them. >> marie: and has a huge federal funding component to it and it won't actually help. >> meghan: not having a sanctuary city could help situations like paint steinle not happen or an illegal immigrant who created crimes, it could help that problem. >> kennedy: it's definitely an issue. democrats continuing with their resistance after monday's said
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♪ >> melissa: for now, health care is on hold in the senate is democrats are now calling the july 4th recess to step up their fight to kill the senate health care bill, saying the pushback came from the people and stressing the importance of speaking with their constituents during the break. >> the only reason this is
9:29 am
delaying is because there clearly was a pushback. it could continue on the republican part so we can't take anything for granted. we need to explain why this repeal bill is so bad. >> melissa: and chuck schumer reminding his fellow democrats it is not time to be taking a victory lap just yet. >> we know the fight is not over, that is for sure. we're not resting on any laws, nor do we feel any sense of accomplishment, other than we are making progress for the american people who are listening to our arguments. >> melissa: every time i see this, i think karate chuck. >> kennedy: lyceum, i say what the chuck schumer?
9:30 am
every time. i understand they don't like the legislation, but at some point, it's obamacare that's going to fail. it has to be a party of ideas. if they're going to prop it up, they can't say as a success. at least have some alternative or amendment that you can slide into the legislation. i will never agree with this. jesus is coming, look busy, it's like that old bumper sticker. >> melissa: this is one of the problems. you need an actual solution. by the way, this is dick durbin you can say see. >> charlie: people make fun of donald trump all they want. it was about immigration, it was
9:31 am
about repealing health care, it was a very issue chock-full of issues and democrats don't have alternatives to a lot of these things. listen to chuck schumer rate they are, so amazing. they think that everything is about them. that's not why this was failing. the reason it was failing is because republicans don't have their stuff together. it has nothing to do with this swell of support in the country for democrats. it's quite the opposite. >> meghan: for those who know, i have democratic friends. we had a conversation. seven years ago before obamacare was lifted, america was in this dystopian hellhole where old people were being throw off cliffs and people were dying from the a bowl of virus in the street. in the meantime, obamacare has
9:32 am
been a disaster for people in arizona, and is ground zero. the same time, millennials can pay for this. the idea that the only issue that matters is this emotional fearmongering that is happening, i find it so insulting and so gross. >> kennedy: do you know my millennials are being punished? at 21-year-old has to pay for the same health care that a 64-year-old does. people in their 60s, their health care costs are five times what someone's would be in their 20s. god forbid they are not eligible for subsidies. >> melissa: these people will never get married and have babies! >> meghan: meantime, the whole
9:33 am
reports that democrats are now facing an identity crisis. this is the party struggles to keep his liberal base happy while attempting to make others happy. some are questioning whether the white working class voters can be won back by the party that seems to be going backwards. some democrats say there is a way to appeal to both voters. this comes a some members say they are losing faith in nancy pelosi's leadership, but she sells no signs of stepping down. >> melissa: the most interesting thing has happened in this country and that the party has completely split. it used to be that really wealthy people were republicans. it has now completely swapped. ceos all across the country, wealthy people, they were all
9:34 am
democrats and working people have now become republicans and i don't think the democrats have totally accepted that change and you have to accept it before you can figure out how to fix it and how to win people back, but that's what's going on. >> kennedy: i want to get your take, money doesn't necessarily by elections anymore. and jon ossoff's campaign in georgia. what is the answer? >> marie: every to my party loses a big election, you soul search. the big take away and 2012 is to get more hispanic votes and then donald trump one. i do think you're absolutely right. there has been a shift particularly among union leadership. i do think hillary's campaign did not understand that. i do think you can do both, you can appeal to both progressives at -- >> meghan: you can't do it
9:35 am
with the people at the party leaders want to ride with bernie sanders, kemal harris, elizabeth warren. these are not the people that are going to lead you to a victory. at the same time, you have nancy pelosi who say i only want the most progressive leftist people possible who by the way are going to our fundraisers and giving us all their money. it's this big conundrum for democrats when you have nancy pelosi dictating everything and she's not listening to people like tim ryan who say at a certain point you have to care about somebody who makes less than $50,000 a year. >> charlie: you used to think of the republican party as being the party that was in lockstep. there was no dissension. >> kennedy: when was that? >> charlie: a long time ago. it's completely switched. democrats now have a total lock of their party. they were able to take bernie sanders out at the knees.
9:36 am
you have everybody disagreeing and going their own way. >> marie: people say democrats are in disarray, republicans have control of the white house, the senate, and the house. they have not passed any major pieces of legislation that they have been campaigning on for a decade. yes, we have work to do on the electoral side, we have to find people like joe crowley, like tim ryan, i wouldn't put camilla harris and with elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. the republican party isn't exactly flourishing and thriving in terms of governing. >> kennedy: maybe we need more than two parties. that sounds like heresy. >> meghan: if you're not in first, your last. >> marie: they were all republican seats! >> meghan: jon ossoff had every celebrity nla.
9:37 am
>> marie: we only need 24 to take the house. if i were a betting person, if they don't get health care done, they don't get tax reform done, you don't get infrastructure done, i would put money on my side rather than republican side. they all have to go home and explain why they didn't get it done. >> meghan: we have to move on. the feud between the trump white house and the media is heating up during a feisty press briefing yesterday. sir huckabee sanders criticizing fake news. doesn't she have a point? we'll debate at next. speak out what you just did is inflammatory to people all over the country who say look, once again, the president is right and everyone else's fake media. everyone in this room is only trained to do their job. ♪
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>> kennedy: sarah huckabee sanders slamming the mania over fake news during the first televised white house briefing and weeks. she says the media is wrong and reporting more than once and americans deserve better. here's part of the reaction she got after making those comments. >> news outlets get to go on day after day and cite unnamed sources, use stories without sources -- >> you are inflaming everybody right here right now. this administration has done that as well. why in the name of heavens would anyone of bias write a replaceable and if we don't get it right, the audience has the opportunity to turn the channel were not read us. you have been elected to serve for 4 years at least. there's no option other than that. we are here to ask questions and you are here to provide answers. but you just said is
9:43 am
inflammatory to people all over the country who look at it and say once again, the president is right and everyone else out here is fake media. everyone in this room is only trying to do their job. >> i disagree completely. if anything has been inflamed, it's the dishonesty that takes place by the news media. i think it is outrageous for you to accuse me of inflaming a story when i was simply trying to respond to his question. >> kennedy: who one that? >> charlie: i have a lot of patience and leeway for freedom of press, and i have a problem with it. that's obnoxious. he's getting sensitive and he's playing to the audience in the room. he wants to get on tv and its obnoxious. she's criticizing the press, she has every right to criticize the press. the idea that she is inciting violence or whatever by calling
9:44 am
out the media of forgetting things wrong and for having a complete absolute bias i guess is president, it's ridiculous. >> kennedy: i want to look at this a different way. is there some benefit to having a tense relationship with the press and the white house? >> melissa: what we were watching was someone who wanted to be the clip of the day. he wanted to be on television, he wanted to be in the network, he wanted to be in the nighttime shows with a parody what was said during the day. he got his wish. we just played it. i hope the audience out there knows plain and simple that's all that was about. >> meghan: he wants to be a cnn commander. the best way to do that is to get into a fight with people like sarah huckabee sanders. i'm so sick of hearing about fake news. the implication that fox is fake news. yes, the media is 100% trying to
9:45 am
take this president down. he never had a honeymoon period. obviously, you can create any situation in the media, especially people at other networks will have reason to hate him. that being said, i'm so sick of the white house talking about fake news all the time. there are so many more serious issues going on right now. >> kennedy: i want to ask you, this is a tweet from jim acosta who got into it and locked horns with the president. he is a does this feel like america where the white house takes cues from conservatives and openly trashes the news media in the briefing room? >> marie: i've stood at the podium and done daily briefings. i know how difficult it is. we can't pretend like the trump administration trump tweets about it and set of health care,
9:46 am
tax reform, national security, anything else going on and it's frustrating for reporters. i'm really sick of the white house attacking the media. >> melissa: it's great marketing. for people who follow the president, he's completely discredited cnn and msnbc. >> kennedy: there are elements of truth on both sides. you're saying that the president's stomach where do we go? >> marie: i wish the president, anytime there is one star that gets retracted, and it happens. cnn fired three journalists. the president tweets things are says things that are untrue all the time and then the same standards aren't used for him. i would love some consistency. >> meghan: as anyone who has done anything in politics, it's
9:47 am
known as a last ditch effort because your agenda isn't going through. it's a short-term solution. i would much rather be talking about health care and what's going on in iran and syria and the more we are sitting around talking about jim acosta at which for the love of god, can i please stop talking about him? i'm not interested. i think it only benefits the media. >> melissa: i think we solved it. >> kennedy: it's a wednesday miracle. former alaska governor sarah palin suing "the new york times" saying and knowingly made false statements about her. how strong a case she might have and how much a lasting impact this might have on the mainstream media.
9:48 am
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9:52 am
done in the u.s. senate on health care, what comes next after yesterday's cold vote. the white house where with the media heats up again today. we've got it for you "happening now" ." >> melissa: sarah palin is now suing "the new york times" for defamation. after an opinion piece. the editorial length pale into the 2011 shooting of gabby giffords in arizona. the paper suggesting that one of her aides helped inside that violence. the times apologized on twitter and issued a corrected version of the editorial. what do you think about this? >> charlie: it's a pretty high bar for a public official to su sue, and it's a tactic and its support of her to go after them.
9:53 am
she got something out of them which was effective. i agree with what you're saying earlier. it would be great if we were talking about other problems, but they are politicians and we are not doing that. if you're going to have a fight with somebody, having a fight with the media is pretty effective. i think the reason americans love it, we have to be informed, we have to know what's going on. when we think the informers are putting their thumb on the scale all the time, we get really mad and loud. >> melissa: people are getting weird along the way. look at the story with anthony scaramucci. a story comes out and then everyone repeats it and they go with it and they say this news outlet is reporting this. all of a sudden, it's everywhere. then you wonder by the time
9:54 am
somebody gets in and gets it fixed and retracted, it's already out there. >> kennedy: this was a lazy, biased editorializing. this is not reporting. that's where this was. i don't know your feelings about the former governor of alaska. i know you have a much more informed opinion than i, but on her part, it's political grandstanding. >> meghan: i don't think that, i think if someone accuses you of being a link between a shooter, the shooting of a well-known congressman and arizona, i would sue the living heck out of them as well. i've seen it front and center. i know sarah pearland well. she is patient zero for their cruelty. you think it's bad towards president trump, it all started with her.
9:55 am
the way the media treats her is absolutely cruel and unusual punishment. i do believe journalists later on we'll see here is the starting point where it became socially acceptable by mainstream media outlets to write things like this, to say the sexist things which led to what was being said about melania term, ivanka trump. you can see the link where it starts. my heart goes out to her. if someone had written that about me or anyone of my family, i would say lawyer up. >> kennedy: isn't worthy of a multimillion dollar lawsuit? >> meghan: her life was never the same, that's putting it very lightly. >> kennedy: how do you feel? >> marie: going off of what melissa said, there is a lot of
9:56 am
hate for people in public life on the republican side and the democratic side and it may be different. i think all of us in this country would like to think about how we can do better and that's one thing that's coming out of this. >> melissa: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. with new ammonia blocker tackles tough odor, even ammonia. so long stankface! (vo) ammonia like that? there's a tidy cats for that.
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>> thank you so much charles hurt for being here today. it's always wonderful having yo you. this isn't over, we are staying
10:00 am
here for overtime on the web. we are back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern, "happening now" starts now. >> heather: we begin with a fox news alert, sources telling fox news that the gsa is about to unveil a new airline security measure. >> jon: those will come as americans prepare for the july 4th holiday travel rush. we are covering all the news, "happening now." >> this will be great if we get it done, and if we don't get it done it will be something we are not going to like and that's okay and i understand that very well. >> jon: will voters who expect a repeal and replacement of obamacare feel the same way when senate lawmakers return home for the july 4th recess? plus, confusion reigns after helicopter fires on government buildings in an oil-rich country spiraling out of control. and could airline security be getting a face-lift?


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