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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 28, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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we are back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern, "happening now" starts now. >> heather: we begin with a fox news alert, sources telling fox news that the gsa is about to unveil a new airline security measure. >> jon: those will come as americans prepare for the july 4th holiday travel rush. we are covering all the news, "happening now." >> this will be great if we get it done, and if we don't get it done it will be something we are not going to like and that's okay and i understand that very well. >> jon: will voters who expect a repeal and replacement of obamacare feel the same way when senate lawmakers return home for the july 4th recess? plus, confusion reigns after helicopter fires on government buildings in an oil-rich country spiraling out of control. and could airline security be getting a face-lift?
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so-called selfie check-in's are a part of the high-tech future. it's all "happening now." we begin with a fox news alert, the white house contemplating its next move on health care. this after senate republicans pull the plug on plans to vote on a bill before july 4th. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i am jon scott. >> heather: i'm heather childers. more information and that past hour that we have to share with everybody. fox news confirming that senate republicans have been asked to reach an agreement on health care by friday. the cbo will analyze it and the senate will try to vote on it when they return from the july 4th recess. as president trump keeps his eye on health care, he is also focusing on another campaign promise, illegal immigration. an hour from now the president will meet with victims of crime collated by illegal immigrants as the house prepares to vote on two major bills tomorrow. >> jon: fox team live coverage on capitol hill, we begin with
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kevin corke at the white house where president trump commented on health care just a short time ago. kevin? >> that he did, good afternoon to you and everyone watching at home. it's very interesting, while health care reform may need a bit of resuscitation in the short run, immigration reform appears stronger than ever, we will have more on that in just a moment. first, let's talk about the fight to repeal and replace obamacare. yesterday, the president welcomed thousands of senators to the white house to try to find a workable solution for the impasse over and capitol hill. today, he said he remains optimistic that something will get done. >> we'll see what happens, we are working very hard, we've given ourselves a little more time to make it perfect. that's what we want to do. i think this is a chance to be a great health care at a reasonable cost, people can save a lot of money, we get rid of the mandates, get rid of so much, get rid of a lot of the taxes and all of the bad parts of obamacare are gone, essentially it is a repeal and
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replace. >> repeal and replace, that is the word of the day and frankly of the year. we'll see if we can get something done. meanwhile, the focus at the white house shifts to immigration, the president is scheduled to meet with victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants in a bit to boost a pair of bills, the houses back to tomorrow before leaving before the holiday break. the sanctuary cities that refused to cooperate with federal officials on immigration, and tougher penalties to those who reenter the united states. the briefing today is not on camera, we will still have one on ones, we like to call those the get-go, i will be there and we will have a read up for you later on. >> jon: kevin corke at the white house, getting ready for the gaggle. >> heather: after delaying a vote on health care, senate law makers will head home to hear
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from their constituents. plan b is already in place. peter, what have you found out? >> heather, we found out within the last hour or so what plan b is. they want to try to figure out, there is a sign of some of the problems is lawmakers may run into when they go home. this is what the rest of the senators are hearing, they need to come to some sort of an agreement by friday for the congressional budget office and try to figure out how many people may gain or lose coverage, then senators are going to take a crack at voting when they come back, i talked and quieter hallway a little while ago and he explained the playbook. >> we would like to get a solution in place as quickly as
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possible. get our members there so it answers the question of getting the cbo score and setting up the timeline for both when we get back. i don't know that there is any particular rush other than i think the longer this drags out, the harder it becomes. >> republican leaders really want to try to get obamacare repealed by using their own votes only because if they have to start over and start negotiating with democrats, they are not going to get very much of their wish list. they are trying hard to bring skeptical republicans on board even though the skeptical republicans are being kept out of the loop. >> we haven't heard from anyone and senate leadership yet, i did have a good meeting with the president, i think he is very open to making the bill better. basically the bill right now keeps obamacare, we've given the moderates in our caucus lots of money to keep spending, they could to keep the obamacare subsidies, they could to keep the obamacare regulations.
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>> again, because senate republicans are going home for recess, without having done anything on health care, they are going to be dealing with a lot. this is a small example, a group of people who showed up at a pennsylvania senator's office in the middle of the day, they went inside, they were yelling "shame" and they are sitting outside with sign that says "trumpcare equals death." a small example. it's very loud, this is going to be something that you see more and more of until something happens. >> heather: the lesson being there, there is obviously not a lot of listening being done, we can barely hear you. just because you are allowed does not mean people are listening. thank you so much, peter. >> jon: it's never a good thing when the cameras outnumber the protesters. with republicans trying to come
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to an agreement on health care by friday, to go senators say they plan to work with the other party across the aisle. >> if we don't reach an agreement by friday, it's probably the end of a sole party effort for health care, if we don't reach by friday, the weight forward as obamacare collapses is to challenge democrats to work with us to find something better. >> to work and ask the republicans if they are willing to work with us to get a bill that really addresses what americans need. i think there is some bipartisan work we could do and my hope is that when we get back after back after fourth of july, a decision will be reached that we should be sitting down and working together. >> jon: meanwhile, a new poll shows most americans are not happy with the senate health care plan, only 17% say they approve of the measure. joining us now, a political science professor at iona
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college. you know, that paul makes me wonder, i don't even know how many senators actually know what is in this bill and i wonder if the american people fully understand the implications of what is being proposed. >> i would suggest that still we have some senators, this was only released a week ago, who have not gotten through the whole bill, and that is not unusual. any americans haven't even looked at this bill, what they are hearing is the rhetoric going back and forth. on the democratic side, it's going to be if you pass this thing you are killing people, and on the republican side, it's we have two repeal obamacare, it is an abomination and we have to replace it. you have strong feeling some people who do not understand what is in the bill itself. >> weren't we supposed to have a kumbaya moment these last two weeks? it's the shortest song in the american songbook. >> heather: the democrats
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passed obamacare with no republican votes. now the republicans are trying to revise age, repeal and replace it without any democratic votes. >> correct. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said this is a very collocated process, i agree with him. it is 16 of the economy, which is why we needed bipartisan buy-in. the reason obamacare -- the economic reasons it is in trouble, the political reasons it's in trouble, democrats did not work with the other side. republicans have an opportunity not to necessarily repeal and replace but reform. there is some low-hanging fruit we found last week -- last month, rather. 76% of likely voters agree we should be able to shop across state lines to get health insurance, that is something everyone can agree on, they could at least start there. >> jon: what about attacking this thing in pieces and not trying to do everything all at once? is that possible? >> i think it is wise and i
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think part of a bipartisan effort, because this is an issue of numbers. they needed 50 or 51 votes with the vice president to pass this thing. >> it's also an issue of the american people, health care affects all of us, it's something we need to come together on. i have always thought that we should have done this in pieces, do this reform and little bits and starts, the reason obamacare is also not succeeding is because they tried to do it in one huge grand plan and there are too many moving parts. >> americans need to understand the bill and it is on leaders to explain to us. people do not have the time to read and understand legislation, and republicans are having a difficult time to explain what they want to do and democrats are having a difficult time. >> they are sitting on their
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hands, they are not even participating. >> it's incumbent on leaders to explain this to us. >> jon: the protesters who are sitting in outside a senator 's office are being yanked away by capitol hill police, i just wanted to let our viewers know that that is what's going on live. a number of -- you mention people do not really understand what is in the bill, but they understand that they were told that if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor and that has proved not to be true. it's a huge problem for this bill. >> it's a huge problem for the law and something that has got to be fixed. in terms of bipartisan agreemen agreement, everybody agrees obamacare is flawed and needs to be fixed. the question is, do you complete to repeal it and try to fix it or or -- and the conservative view
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has been to completely repeal it. >> jon: president trump says he is pretty sure they will get this revision over the line. >> if we get it approved, it is very tough, every state is different. i have to tell you, the republican senators had a really impressive meeting yesterday at the white house. we had close to 50 of them, 52, we need almost all of them. that is never easy. we had essentially 50 show up to the meeting, the other two are on our side. i think we are going to get at least very close and i think we are going to get it over the line. >> jon: the president seems to be confident in this new plan. this new plan would have a senators tweaking the bill later this week and then voting on it very soon thereafter. they seem to feel.
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>> they bought into medicaid expansion. the federal government was always going to phase that out. this plan phases it out sooner and faster. 19 states say they understand what is going on. a lot of senators are looking at their stage, did we expand medicaid? if so, this effort is going to run into a buzz saw. 19 states didn't, they are going to have a little more leeway. >> jon: there are nations like great britain who have single-payer health care system. >> can i address that? my former boss worked in the british system, it was really great for general care, but if you wanted to get into specialties, treating cancer and things like that, that system doesn't work very well. >> you speak about the american public, public opinion shows that there is not a great deal of widespread support for that, it is not in the american
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tradition. we want to choice, that is where we are going to have to come to some agreement. >> jon: that's a big part of what obamacare tried to foist onto americans. >> that hasn't worked. we will have to come to some kind of moderated agreement between the leaders of these two. >> can we see more transparency and prices on these procedures so we know what we are getting? >> and prescription drugs. >> jon: the protesters are all getting hauled off. >> very exciting on capitol hil capitol hill. >> jon: thank you. >> heather: hauled off somewhere. the first on camera news briefing at the white house and days starting off with a bang, a rather contentious exchange of her fake news. >> what you just said is inflammatory to people all over the country who see once again, the president's right and everybody else out here is fake news.
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everybody in this room is only trying to do their job. >> heather: sarah huckabee sanders had a scathing response that you will want to hear and our panel will discuss it up next. stay with us. noo
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most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and bruising. (woman 2 vo) i'm caring for someone with moderate alzheimer's. if you are too, ask about namzaric today. >> heather: welcome back. act fast, that is the take away from today's senate intelligence hearing. lawmakers are studying russian interference and elections worldwide. the impact that it had and how to keep it happening from again. lawmakers are sure that vladimir putin has no intention of giving up. katherine harris has been monitoring that hearing for us and she joins us live from washington with more. >> former diplomats testified this morning that russian interference in the democratic process has not stopped despite being called out by 17 u.s. intelligence agencies.
10:19 am
>> the iron bear is on march, how do you stop that? the united states of america cannot see the critical infrastructure of an american democratic election destroyed by russia. >> the witnesses testified that there is no evidence that the russian president with behind the u.s. the goal went beyond the election to withdrawing sanctions and pulling back from nato. >> in terms of far-reaching goals, they would turn the direction of the country from western leaning to eastern leaning, which means -- i can imagine in years from now, it would become satellite of
10:20 am
russia. >> the french government moved quickly and decisively after suspected russian hackers targeted the campaign emails of then candidate macron who would ultimately become the next president. >> what seems to have worked well is speed. and decisive action. >> president obama the witnesses said should have taken more aggressive action and the consequences for russia should have been more painful and immediate. president trump was also criticized by the witnesses for sending mixed messages on the russia issue. >> jon: get this, selfie check-in. the high tech future one airline is testing that would make flying safer and more efficient. details on this new security face-lift. plus, a top secret briefing on north korea, what u.s. lawmakers are learning amid new concerns
10:21 am
about kim jong-un's nuclear ambitions. >> north korea's reckless actions are a threat to us all, so all of us must continue to step forward to working close cooperation until north korea permanently abandons its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.
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>> heather: some breaking news for you, fedex says deliveries by its subsidiary had been slowed by that global cyber attack we told you about. it has spread from ukraine to russia to all the way across europe. some companies in the united states also affected.
10:25 am
the latest news we are hearing is the fedex subsidiary tnt express operations, while it did impact some of the services, there was not a data breach. we will continue to follow this as it develops. >> jon: some new information for you on airport security. as the sources tell fox, the tsa is about to unveil new security measures, some major airlines are using technology to make flying saber and boarding more efficient. jetblue is testing a new facial recognition system, though selfie check-in. molly line lie live on logan international airport. >> these new protocols are not followed, passengers may not be able to bring their laptops or big electronic devices on the planes as carry-on.
10:26 am
remember, this restriction came into place following revelations that terrorists may have been trying to use these devices to smuggle in explosives for instance. the ban was placed in africa and the middle east. those requirements could be lifted for foreign characters if they comply with these new requirements. the administration never took this possibility off the table of expanding this band to some places in europe. the announcement, the transportation security administration and american airlines are also testing a three-dimensional screener to look at carry-on bags in phoenix, arizona, at the sky harbor international airport. this technology comes complete with a spinning x-ray camera to give officers a clear look inside. this technology is already being used for checked luggage, but it could allow passengers to leave items like liquids in their
10:27 am
carry-on bags. right here at boston's logan airport, jetblue is testing facial recognition technology on flights heading to aruba. these photos are cross checked with photos on file such as passport photos. all these efforts are focused on finding balance between efficiency and security. >> jon: i found that getting through airport security as a whole new adventure after having knee replacement. all right, molly line. >> one of the many challenges. >> jon: let's hope they can get that straightened out. >> heather: right now, action on capitol hill on north korea. lawmakers digesting a top-secret briefing on kim jong-un, in the meantime, president trump prepares for a visit from the new president of south korea tomorrow. joining us now, a senior fellow
10:28 am
at the foundation for defense and democracy. he also works of the treasury. let's talk about the new president of south korea, president mooney. i know he is a liberal, correct? >> it's an interesting question, when president moon is going to come to town. is it the one who talked tough on north korea or the one who took bribes. >> heather: he was in favor of something called the sunshine policy, in favor of the wind and the sun, it is supposed to be a
10:29 am
gentle approach. that is what he has said, he thinks it is needed with north korea. >> sunshine two-point oh is what people started calling it. the thing we do know is it failed. it did not work. all it really produced is a more dangerous north korea. engagement is important but it is not the only approach and i think the trump administration looking at more increased sanctions is the right way to g go. >> heather: what happened to otto warmbier will have some play into the discussions that they have. >> that's right. north korea treats its own citizens inhumanely, they have 100,000's of its own citizens subjected to torture or hard labor, and now unfortunately north korea may have started to use that against our own citizens. there are at least three americans are still being held by north korea, they want to use
10:30 am
them as bargaining chips, get a high-level u.s. official to go there and negotiate their release and that is why congress should be prohibiting travel. >> heather: disagreement over the american antimissile system that has been deployed to south korea. >> i think the antimissile system certainly protects south korea, but it protects american troops, too. the south korean president, a successful summit will have him pledging to deploy that missile defense system. >> heather: he has met with the leader of china and to to o pan, this is his first visit. do you think he takes offense that he hasn't been here alread already? >> president moon was just elected, he is getting the white house treatment, it sounds like he will get a dinner with the president. there is some diplomatic equivalency there. >> heather: he won't get on the golf course. >> that is correct. i think the question here is,
10:31 am
both of those summits, the endpoint was they were deemed as successful when they ended but especially when it came to china, i think that was a lot of smoke and mirrors. the chinese are not doing what they need to do, hopefully there will be some tough discussions at least in private. >> heather: i was reading he had looked into how to deal with president trump and gain his favor. appreciate it. >> jon: the venezuela supreme court building under attack from a helicopter. a barrage of bombs raining down on that building, now there are questions about who is really responsible for this attack. also, president trump about to meet with family members are victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants. a vote tomorrow on two new pieces of legislation designed to crack down on those kind of
10:32 am
crimes as we look back at testimony from the father of the woman who is the namesake of one of those laws. you seal it and send it back and then you wait for your results. it's that simple. ♪ at johnson's we care about safety as much as you do.
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manait's a series of is nsmart choices. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress. >> heather: a fox news alert, president trump will meet with families of the victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants. to the president hoping to rally congress around two key key pieces of legislation including cates law, named for the san francisco woman shot dead by an illegal immigrant who had
10:36 am
been deported several times. the house will hopes to vote on this legislation tomorrow before leaving for july 4th weekend. two immigration bills we are talking about the need to be voted on, we talk about case law and also the no sanctions for criminals act. >> both of those laws make very much needed changes in our federal immigration laws that will make it -- it will enhance our ability to enforce our immigration laws. kate's law in particular, i don't know how anyone with a conscience could be against that law, it will try to keep people from repeatedly coming into the country illegally. had that law been in place, kate
10:37 am
steinle would still be alive today. >> heather: let's listen to what her dad had to say when he was testifying back in 2015. >> set on the other shot rang out, kate fell. she looked at me and said "help me dad." we feel if kate's law saved one daughter, one son, a mother, a father, kate's death won't be in vain. >> heather: tackling these two bills, expected to receive some bilateral support. >> bipartisan support, yes. there is no question that we want to crack down on violent crime whether it occurs in immigrant communities or immigrant communities. president obama made going after criminal behavior in immigrant communities of top priority, both in terms of prosecution and deportation. there is no question we should be tougher on that but i think there are some politics going on
10:38 am
here, given that this is a president who by all indications is under criminal investigation, whose health care law now seems to be on the ropes and failing in the senate. this looks like an attempt to change the subject. the idea of immigrant populations being hotbeds of crime is wrong. immigrant populations by matter of statistics commit fewer crimes. there is no question that there should be a tougher crackdown on crime, but in sanctuary cities, the president's rhetoric would suggest that those are hotbeds of criminal activity as well and in sanctuary cities, the violent crime is about 50% less and organize police organization.
10:39 am
>> heather: the president is under criminal investigation, that is one of many reasons that the president and his constituents are constantly talking about fake news and i got a little bit contentious during yesterday's white house briefing. >> this administration has done that as well. why in the name of heaven -- anyone of us are replaceable, if we don't get it right, the audience has the opportunity to turn the channel or not read it. there is no option other than that, we are here to ask you questions and you are here to provide the answers. what you just said is inflammatory to people all over the country, they see once again, the president is right and everybody else out here is fake news.
10:40 am
everybody in this room is only trying to do their jobs. >> i disagree completely, first of all, if anything has been inflamed it is the dishonesty that takes place by the news media. i think it is outrageous for you to accuse me of inflaming a story when i was simply trying to respond to the question. >> heather: let me go to you, speaking of the inflammatory rhetoric, it seems to be okay for the media, but it is not okay for the president to fight back on that. >> i agree with that, let's be clear. one of the things that came out of the comey hearing was that the president was not under investigation, let's not come up with fake news now. >> that is a false statement. >> what kind of problems have we had? we have had three reporters at cnn resigned because of a false
10:41 am
story, we have had numerous anonymous sources conning media like "the new york times." another thing that came out of the comey testimony was that these stories -- the big story that everyone leads on, "the new york times" ran claiming there have been regular meetings between trump campaign people and russia intelligence operatives was completely false. to those of the kind of stories we have been seeing throughout. >> heather: you have reporters making the story, we have been talking about him all day long because of what he did in that particular press briefing. the gaggle has it started, sarah huckabee sanders is taking questions off camera right now. when we find out what is going on we will bring you more on that. in the meantime, have to wrap you both up, appreciate it. >> jon: an intense battle in iraq as forces make their final push to liberate mosul from isi
10:42 am
isis. what the prime minister is saying as the coalition troops close in on victory.
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10:45 am
>> heather: a fox news alert on an oil-rich country in crisis as venezuela comes under attack. a helicopter firing on the country's supreme court and interior ministry, a venezuelan president calling it an attempt to oust him. there is a lot of finger-pointing going around on both sides, some opponents saying the government may have stated it all. steve, what is this about? >> this is a dramatic and puzzling story to many, the helicopter circled around some of the main buildings in caracas, including the supreme court. dropped at least for hand grenades, fired 15 shots.
10:46 am
the government said this was a violent attempt. the man who claims responsibility, he is a police captain calling on his warriors of god to try to unseat a corrupted government. some in the opposition are wondering how it is possible for a police captain to steal a helicopter and fly around caracas for two hours firing shots and get away completely. some thinks the president's stage this. protesters have been out for three months, 75 have been killed, they are protesting a failed socialist state. they want the president out, he says he is willing to fight bac back. he has had backing from the military. this escalation could mean there is a crack of some of the support, things are certainly heating up with this escalation, another violent attack on
10:47 am
tuesday. >> heather: thank you. >> jon: those are iraqi troops with the backing of the u.s. battling isis as they edge closer to completely liberating mosul. a final offensive against the islamic state. joining is now, retired u.s. army special forces it lieutenant. i know you were in mosul not too long ago, you provided us some video of what you saw there. if mosul falls, that is the last stronghold of isis within iraq, right? >> yes, there is less than elsewhere a mile left to clear, it is going to take several more days but it is alley to alley, street to street, house to house fighting. it's not like what we have seen before where they can call in a lot of air strikes and use a lot
10:48 am
of armored vehicles, it is soldiers with rifles and hand grenades going in after the individual isis fighters there. >> jon: we saw you and selfie video, were you there as an advisor, observer, tell us about your role. >> some of the people i ran into thought i was, i was open that i was a retired soldier working on a masters degree in journalism and the self-funded trip over the christmas break was my thesis project for a multimedia journalism degree. >> jon: the civilian population there, we are seeing little kids at staggering down the streets strewn with rubble, the civilian population of that city has been badly decimated, hasn't it? >> incredible, 800,000 people by some estimate have a flood and are now in refugee camps. up to 80,000 people still in old james mosul with no power, no
10:49 am
freshwater being used as human shields. i saw with my own eyes isis targeting civilians as they attempted to flee towards government forces. the good guys are at one of your street, the bad guys are at the other, you and your family have to decide. >> jon: i want to play for our viewers another piece of video, this came from fighters from northern syria, i am going to play it, watch this. it is hard to catch there in the very beginning, this is a female sniper who is taking aim at isis fighters when a bullet comes in and misses her head with a couple of inches. she drops to the floor with a big smile on her face. in the wall behind her, you see
10:50 am
the explosion essentially of the bullet hitting the concrete. the kurds are doing most of the fighting there. >> backed by u.s. and coalition airpower, they certainly are. they are really ready to take the fight into raqqa, eventually turning raqqa into local contro control. >> jon: good to have you back. >> thank you. >> heather: coming up, wounded veterans taking on a new mission, how they are helping marine scientists in the beautiful florida keys, a live report from there just ahead. ♪
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>> hi, everyone, i am julie banderas. we are monitoring the white house press briefing happening right now, it is not on camera today after yesterday's rights in there. plus, should the house and senate move on from health care and focus tax reform? and defensive secretary mattis was asked about president trump's warning to the syrian president and whether or not it worked. >> heather: we have a unique project offering wounded military veterans a chance to rebuild their lives while helping marine scientists
10:55 am
rebuild america's natural environment. >> it is a beautiful day here in the keys, 5 miles offshore since florida's barrier reef, it is critically important but it is dying after decades of pollution, overfishing, acidification and rising beach temperatures. there is a science-based rescue plan. >> good to go. >> justin lansford lost his leg and nearly his life when a bomb exploded underneath him in afghanistan. five years later, he is helping save the life of a florida's a dying barrier reef. scuba diving with his prosthetic leg and keeping his state of mind above the surface. >> it gives me a mission and a purpose, it feels good to do something and accomplish
10:56 am
something. he and a dozen other wounded warriors are working with a marine laboratory on a novel effort to take pieces of coral grown in their own undersea garden and replant them on the damaged reefs. over time, a whole new coral colony of the threatened species will blossom. supporting the marine ecosystem and the multibillion-dollar fish related economy. >> coral reefs are the rain forest of the ocean, if we lose the reefs we lose the ocean and the oxygen so we we breathe. >> the marine scientists, divers and their citizen scientist warriors admit in the big picture, there are millions still to go. >> heather: what a great idea, great effort. thank you so much, have a great day. >> jon: president trump set to meet with victims of illegal
10:57 am
immigrant crime about an hour from now, welcoming families to the white house before a vote tomorrow on a plan cracking down on immigrant illegals. more on that ahead.
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11:00 am
>> jon: we are back tomorrow."am headquarters" starts now create >> and we begin with a fox news alert. good afternoon to you. at the white house press briefing is underway, off camera again after yesterday's contentious uncamera briefing. g.o.p. leaders face a tight new deadline. i'm julie banderas. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is aiming to send a revised proposal of his health care bill to the congressional budget office by friday, and we have got fox news team coverage for you. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel standing by. but let's begin the correspondent at the white house right now. what is the president saying about the health care bill today? >>


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