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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 28, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> jesse: so senator ted cruz found his doppelgaenger. separated at birth. look at the sky. i found my doppelgaenger. look at that. separated at birth. >> kimberly: "the sean hannity show" is up next. >> sean: thanks for friends on "the five." this is a fox news alert. we are witnessing the collapse of the liberal mainstream media right here in america. sarah sharyl attkisson. first, cnn leading the way in a rapid decay of the liberal mainstream media, and tonight, i have a message for cnn's president, jeff zucker. that's tonight's opening monologue. history is literally happening right in front of our eyes. we have the liberal destroyed trumpet mainstream media is now in a free fall and on the brink
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of complete and total collapse. that's not an overstatement, that's not hyperbole. these propaganda and chain fields of fake news continue to be exposed day after day and cnn is leading the way. now, i'm going to share my advice to the head of cnn, they're cheap and fake news and propaganda news jeff zucker in just a minute. jeff, i'm trying to save your career. first, let me explain how some of the biggest antitrust network has lost all their credibility and can no longer be trusted by you the american people. at this point, we should put cnn 6 feet underground for repeatedly spreading lies, propaganda, black helicopter, tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, and for viciously trying to take down this president. let's just look at some of the networks many controversies and scandals, scandals they've had there. there is the image of cnn, former new year's eve co-host. it's so graphic, every time we show you we have to put a
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warning on the screen. kathy griffin. posing like an isa slider. but how despicable that it is paired with a blood he used severed head of a trump look-alike. pretty disgusting. after that bio photo shoot, cnn fired griffin, fair enough. earlier this month, cnn cut ties with the unhinged liberal responsible for disturbing tweets like this one "this pos is not just an embarrassment to america and a stain on the presidency, he's an embarrassment to humankind." that's fair and balanced. kicking unhinged liberal host of the curve is just the beginning of cnn's massive credibility crisis. cnn has been routinely humiliated for pushing their fake news. remember, earlier this week, three so-called journalists allegedly resigned. i don't believe that. after the outlet had to retract a completely made up story about a child ally, anthony scaramucc
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scaramucci, that claimed that he was being investigated for colluding with the russians were dealing with a russian investment fund. cnn and the rest of the destroy trump media have tried to claim all of this as an honest mistake and that cnn did the right thing by retracting the story. according to an explosive story in "the new york post," it appears that cnn may have been forced to correctly fake news hippies. cnn faced a $100 million lawsuit over botched russia story. according to the post, cnn quickly retracted the story because, anthony scaramucci threatened a lawsuit. that is not the only time cnn has got a story wrong. in the month of june, the network had to delete a tweet and issue a correction for saying, oh, only democrats were praying before the congressional baseball game. remember after the steve scalis
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shot. and then he tweeted and deleted his ridiculous claim that president trump didn't visit him in the hospital. also earlier this month, head of the former fbi director, james comey and his testimony, before the senate intelligence committee, cnn had to alter a report that says that, he would contradict president trump statements about not being under investigation by the fbi. it wrong. the embarrassment for cnn doesn't even end there. it take a look at the times. cnn covered the president's so-called eating habits. these are really hard-hitting investigative reports that really matter to all the americans in poverty, on food stamps and out of the labor force. those that can't my house. this medicine. take a look. >> apparently the president gets two scoops, everyone else around the table gets one. no word if there were sprinkles. >> after the dinner course, he gets to scoops of vanilla
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ice cream with his chocolate cream pie instead of the singles group for everyone else. >> sean: really, that's news at cnn? there is this ridiculous comment from the right networks top news anchor. watch this. >> he's the president of the united states. if he wants to say that, barack obama wants to say whatever, if george bush says he looked into ties. >> sean: such hard-hitting news, which brings us to cnn's political commentator, the one and only van jones. formal obama administration official constantly smearing and slandering the president. tonight it appears van jones might have some explain them to. why? james op from project veritas released a new undercover video that features van jones. in the tape, he appears to admit that there is nothing to back up the left's russia collusion narrative that has been going on 11 months. now fox has an independently verify the contents but you can see it for yourself. take a look.
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>> hey, man. >> it's just a big nothing bigger. >> sean: just yesterday, project veritas released another undercover tape that shows another cnn producer finally just admitting the truth that the network has a massive anti-trump agenda. we haven't been able to verify, but we have. take a look. >> you know the game, and you playwright. >> the more cnn rush of this and russia that, he gets ratings. our ratings are incredible right now. our boss a couple days, goes, i want you to know what we're up against here. to give you some context, president trump pulled out of the climate record and for data
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have recovered the climate record. in our meeting he said good job everybody covering the climate records. but we're done with that let's get to russia. >> we don't have any proof, but then they say, well they are still in the investigation. if you are finding something, we would know about it. but when these leaks happen, they leak. if there was something really good, there would be -- >> sean: looks like jones, cnn president jeff zucker have some explaining to do. cnn put out a statement yesterday, they are standing by their producer. i'm glad this guy's not going to get fired. they didn't mention anything about his let's get back to russia comment.
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let's be clear tonight. he is leading all the fake new circus at cnn. as we said last night, all the blame for what is happening at cnn should be on his shoulders. he has positioned his network to be one of the mainstream media leaders and trying to take down the president. this anti-trump eight. he needs to be held accountable. tonight, i'm going to do jeff zucker a favor. hey, jeff, you want to restore any sense of credibility at your network, you need to stop trying to destroy the presidency of donald trump. be on a g hot agenda to attack. if you're willing to lie and collude to do that, really? where are your ethics? instead, here's my advice, jeff. start focusing on the six massive scandals that should really be investigated but are not being reported by your network. it james comey, admitting under oath that he had his friend leak a memo to "the new york times" hoping it would lead to a special counsel. by the way, jeff, look into the records act that might've been
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violated. by the way, also, there is former obama attorney general loretta lynch possibly obstructing justice. interfering in the clinton email investigation. senators are starting to look into that. jeff, i suggest that you and your network may want to do some investigative work here. call james comey testified that loretta lynch told him to call the investigation a "matter." and he listened. don't forget the tarmac meeting that let hillary clinton off the hook. up next is hillary clinton's many, many scandals. jeff, there's a lot of smoke and fire here, and there is evidence to suggest that the original server investigation was in fact compromised. plus there is the client tend russia collusion story. that's the uranium one deal. we had 20% of america's uranium, the foundational material for nuclear weapons, she signs a waiver and it goes to
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vladimir putin and russia. meanwhile, people involved in the dealer kicking back millions to the clinton foundation. that's called play pay to play. destroying classified information, those are felonies. also, president obama has a russia problem. in 2016, he knew russia was trying to metal and our election. why did he do anything? look at michael flynn. no matter how you let the guy, we know the only law program is that they surveilled on masse and leaked intelligence of michael flynn. finally, there is the special counsel robert moeller. look at the glaring possibly a legal conflicts of interest here. his best friend is james comey.
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members of the team he is hiring have donated to obama and clinton. that's called conflict of interest. one of the attorneys he has hired represented the clinton foundation. so, jeff, these are six stories that you and cnn and frankly all of you in the left destroy truck media should actually be covering. instead of these tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theories. maybe it's time to step up, and instead of publishing fake, misleading, flat-out fake news, maybe it's time to help the american people the truth. do some real reporting. former governor palin is now suiting the op-ed that incorrectly linked rhetoric to the shooting of congresswoman gabby gifford. "the new york times" later issued a correction, and today we learned that vice news had to retract two stories about president trump. this never ends. with reaction the author of the
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brand-new book "the smear" sharyl attkisson and fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera. >> we color coordinated. >> sean: what'd i expect that right out of your mouth? i have two minor additions if i may. to me, the real story is an atmosphere of unremitting hostility. the specificity of your monologue really lays that bear. there is an underlying, whether it's hatred, there is a mission to destroy the 45th president of united states. it too little things happen today that i think are significant. both got extensive coverage on cnn. at one wants the phone call that he plays to the irish leader, talking to the irish head of government and he pulls over and irish reporter who happens to be
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female and says -- he was immediately attacked as a chauvinistic pig, totally incorrect. how dare he? it was 10 minutes on cnn. it was so nothing. she's being polite, and she's even recording it. >> the other thing that happened is the story of the fake times magazine news cover and half dozen of president trump's golf courses. he has this picture that is photoshopped, and they went on saying look at this narcissist this egotist. guess what? trump has been on the cover of "time" magazine legitimately 14 times. he could have used any of them. the story had such import, when in fact he could've easily shown any one of those real covers, shows how much animosity there
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is. even the slightest little wrinkle is immediately seized. >> sean: , you paid a price, because your network at the time wouldn't let you report on issues he wanted to report on president obama. explain what you mean how it literally, you talk about shady political operatives and fake news control what americans are seeing, thinking and how their voting. that's profound. >> i kind of dissect this process, how do we get to a point where the news can be influenced to such a degree. i worked with cnn from 1991 19
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21993. 2 >> everything that you see, you should suspect has been put there for a reason. every image and every narrative. someone wants you to see it and has spent a lot of money sometimes to do that. >> sean: both of you agree with what i'm saying about jeff zucker. this is what i don't understand about time warner. they have shareholders. they are allowing him to stay destroy their brand and advance what is clearly a personal agenda that he has against the president. >> i think that the forced resignation of the three journalists, by the way -- >> sean: they used fake news cover fake news. they didn't resign.
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>> i want to be nice is jeff zucker. they were so shocked by the victory of donald trump. it took everyone by such surprise that they never recovered their balance. they had some fine reporters. even in their white house team. sean just rolled his eyes. you missed it. but they have a personal agenda now. they have to show that they were right right along and that he's an illegitimate president. >> as the campaign was so disastrously long for those who predicted trump couldn't do it. by the way, i said trump was going to be president months and months before. because some of us were listening to ordinary people and not just buying into what sounded like a narrative. the question was, after the
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election, self reflect and self-correct. instead, they doubled the down and dug in their heels. and we have really done a disservice to ourselves. >> they will flog it and flog it to the president's face. >> sean: the book is awesome. coming up, the acting fbi director is in real hot water tonight. circa news has put out an explosive new report about andrew mckay. sarah carter weighs in. and in many monologue tonight. we will expose the so-called conservative that works at nbc who is now competing to be the biggest trump hater on that network. here's a hint, he is now begging for a job from jeff zucker. much more, tonight on this breaking news night. i'm ryan and i quit smoking with chantix. everything i did circled around that cigarette
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7:22 pm
while he was a senior executive. joining us, sarah carter and attorney gregg jarrett. as i read through your revelations, i see an acting fbi director who is in a bubble and may not survive. >> yeah, i know there's a lot of concern with senior lawmakers. they are looking into this and i'm sure they're going to be asking the department of justice to answer questions about these investigations and where these investigations are now. just looking at the case on its face, not only was there a high jack allegations, and we know there is a sexual suit pending, but we know there were improper campaign donations as well. >> sean: this seems to be the biggest problem. but, $700,000, his wife is in a race, he's involved in the russia probe, and he is getting
7:23 pm
his money from who, the clinton's best friend. >> that's right. at the time, he was also under investigation for his own campaign contributions, and that just disappeared and went to the wayside. so, there are a lot of questions. there are a lot of conflicts of interest. a lot of political things happening on the backside that we don't know about, but i know, speaking to senior lawmakers, they want answers to this and they want someone to look into it, and that would be the department of justice. >> sean: if you look at everybody here, you got the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, and his relationship with james comey and the robert mueller. he's got to get out. you can't make this up.
7:24 pm
>> this stinks as bad as a sick oyster at low tide. the stench of this is awful. it all emanates from hillary clinton. she is like pigpen in the comic strip "peanuts." whatever she does, wherever she goes or says, she is engulfed in scandal. and mccabe is the latest cloud of dirt. here he is overseeing the investigation, and at the same time, his wife is getting $700,000. >> sean: obama now has to go under oath and answer questions. why didn't he do anything if you knew there was meddling by russia in august, then you've got mueller, he has to go. i say, at the end of the day, the person that still has the most legal trouble, that's the
7:25 pm
uranium one deal, russia kickbacks, pay to play, and we know she mishandled classified top secret special access program information and destroyed it. those are felonies. i still think hillary will be indicted. >> these are all reasons why they need to reopen the investigation into hillary clinton and the espionage act. fresh eyes. it re-examined the. james comey himself laid out persuasive evidence of how she violated the law, and in the same breath said, no reasonable prosecutor would bring that case. my goodness, prosecutors everywhere would have been happy to bring such a case forward. >> sean: i keep talking about the boomerang effect. are you confident, sarah, as i am, russia trump pollution, if there was anything, it's over now. i don't see anything coming out. the delving into this, even the special counsel, has now moved on to other issues. do you agree that comey has
7:26 pm
issues, obama now has to go under oath, the flint case is still out there. mueller has conflict of interest issues. i see it all going against the tide for the democrats and it all comes back to them. >> yes. and to date, there is no evidence that there was any collusion with russia with anyone in the trump administration. you are pointing out something that's very true. the pendulum has swung the other way. i don't think that we are going to stop writing these stories. we see more and more information pouring out from sources. i think people feel emboldened now to tell the truth about what was going on. so it doesn't just stop here, and we will be hearing from the senate very soon when it comes to mccabe. it wouldn't surprise me if something changes on his part and his role. what we have seen is that --
7:27 pm
>> sean: anybody in the race, and he will not get $700,000 in a local race. i've never heard that before. >> that had to set a record. >> it did. it did. the average for a state senate race is about $50,000 to $60,000. >> sean: no conflict of interest, though. all right, this is only the beginning. great to see you. good work as always. coming up, on this breaking news addition of "hannity." >> could donald trump be the end of cnn. what a legacy that would be. >> sean: rush limbaugh letting loose and asking if president trump is the one to bring down cnn. his hilarious analogy of the destroyed trump media.
7:28 pm
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7:33 pm
electronics ban for planes. and a raging wildfire and arizona has forced thousands out of their home. the fire burning about 100 miles north of phoenix. so far, the fire has charred 32 square miles. now, back to "hannity" ." >> sean: welcome back to "hannity," so it's safe to say that cnn is having this major credibility crisis. by the way, our rush limbaugh's asking if president trump could be the end of america's premier fake news network. watch this. >> donald trump be the end of cnn? what a legacy that would be! this jim acosta guy, on cnn, the guy who lost his cookies when their cameras were turned on. i'll tell you how this guy reminds me. if you ever had a cat, a pet cat, and got one of these red
7:34 pm
laser pointers and you pointed out the floor and the cat tries to catch it in the cat runs into the sofa pointing up in the wall and the cat runs against the wall. i think that's what the trump administration is doing too many of the media. >> sean: now with reaction recording artist 323. of the five, kimberly guilfoyle. russia's funny, but when you think about it, donald trump is saying fake news, fake news, and they keep falling into the trap. i think he's right. >> he's 100% right. at this point, it's messing up factual input of what's going on in the country and what's going on in the world. utterly using press briefings to drum up fake stories at this point. it's horrible. with >> sean: it's almost like, this show rights to show every night because they keep pushing lies. >> right. and the american people are wise to it. they understand what's going on,
7:35 pm
and they are sick of it. they are smarter than the mainstream media and the liberal press are giving them credit for. very see what's going on, which is a concerted effort to try to delegitimize the president of united states. their publishing stories i have no business of being on-air or imprint. they are debunked very quickly. there is a lot of reputational smear going on. they are trying to stop the president from putting forth the agenda that he was elected to d do. he's looking out for the men and women who were left behind. >> sean: , my question for you, you come from this entertainment background, and all of a sudden, i noticed there my friends and social media, you emerged as this very outspoken trump supporter. i've seen some of your videos, and they are very entertaining, also hard-hitting. you also get the hate, like we
7:36 pm
get. >> yeah. i also get 12 lgbt conservative, thank you for letting me know i'm not alone. when you have things like that, it's important to come out and support our president and our nation. what's going on his complete vision, and they are dividing the nation with fake news. it's horrible what they have done to trump and melania. the entire presidential family. it's horrible. >> she's right. and there isn't respect that you see for the first lady and there beautiful son. i'm just asking for them to give this family, give this presidency and the glow of the american people a chance to succeed and move forward on health care, on tax reform, on
7:37 pm
immigration, national security. we are hurting as a country, and how about jobs? >> sean: all of these women that the trump women get attacked. where is hillary where's pelosi, they never open their mouth. >> it's a total disrespect. blatant hypocrisy. you don't see any female senators on the left standing up for them. that's what really bothers me, especially, these are strong successful women. by the way, a lot of other things, they are trying to do something for this country. >> sean: will give you the last word on that. >> i really think that right now we need to be more united, and we are delighted right now. the fake news has to stop. cnn is about to be done. >> sean: the fact that melania t been on the cover of "vogue" and "vanity fair," she is absolutely
7:38 pm
stunning. it's horrible. we know them personally, and their lovely, they're compassionate. we are likely to have them and they should be treated that way. >> sean: thanks. good to see. coming up, president obama, he knew about russia meddling back in august of 2016. he did nothing because he thought hillary was going to win. should we be investigating that? the answer is yes. also, we have an important mini monologue about a host over at nbc news. he used to say he was a republican, but one of the most leftist liberals in the country and an anti-trump rant and hate. we will explain. dependable rel.
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yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day 50+ a complete multi-vitamin with 100% daily value of more than 15 key nutrients. one a day 50+. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." according to a recent report, president obama new since august of 2016 that russia was trying to influence, metal and our presidential election. he did nothing about it. the reason is, he thought, hillary clinton would in fact win. that it was in the bag. but when president trump wins the white house, the democrats are all of a sudden crying foul. they've been pushing for 11 months a phony narrative that never existed. we showed you a clip from president obama in october saying that the american election system couldn't be
7:43 pm
rigged. that was when he thought hillary was going to win. >> every expert, regardless of political party, regardless of ideology, conservative or liberal, who has ever examined these issues in a serious way, will tell you that instances of significant voter fraud are not to be found. there is no serious person out there that would suggest somehow that you could even rig america's elections, in part because they are so decentralized. the numbers of votes involved. there is no evidence that that has happened in the past or that there are instances which that will happen this time. and so, i would invite mr. trump to stop whining and to go make his case to get votes. >> sean: how about you stop
7:44 pm
whining, because trump wind whether you like it or not. with reaction to the president, dr. sebastian gorka. knowing what he knew in august, he didn't lift a finger to stop it because he thought his candidate was going to win. that's the same for everyone in the media. it doesn't that prove the whole thing was fake and phony and fraudulent? >> you know it, i know it, the white house knows it. you know who knows it most, the americans that elected donald j. trump. if you look at the figures, you look at any reliable polling, most americans couldn't care less, they don't believe it. if you look at how the media has spun the story, the latest harvard poll says that more than 70% of americans don't trust the media. why? because of these false, fake news, propaganda products like russian collusion. let me give you an example. we've had six months of russia, from places like cnn, and then
7:45 pm
they try to say that we are going to go to war with russia and syria? either we are in bed with moscow or we want to go to war with them. which one is it? they are schizophrenic. >> sean: they were able to advance a false narrative for ten months now, and do you think the media could ever recover? we've been pointing it out and pointing it out. dave been proven wrong, and they fit they -- how do they recover? >> they may not be able to win their reputation back. in these places have relatively solid reputations in the past. cnn, for infield reporting, "the new york times," for being the great lady. that is gone in a puff of smoke.
7:46 pm
the house of cards has crumbled because they can't see beyond their political agendas, and the people see through it. thanks to the president and his twitter, he can just short-circuit all of it. >> sean: is unbelievable. it's interesting to watch all of it boomerang. what are your thoughts on that? >> my friend keeps quoting the famous scene from red october. when the enemy sub launches the torpedo, and at the last moment, they realize, you're going to kill us. this is the torpedo that the left-wing media shot and it's coming back to sink them. >> sean: very well said. thank you. when we come back, a very important mini monologue. i will reveal to you which nbc host, who used to be a republican, now one of the loudest most irrational unhinged liberals in the trunk hating network at. straight up.
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and arrogant he has become. that's two nights mini monologue. joe scarborough, he lobs baseless insults at the president, the administration, and republicans, and by the way, real conservatives in the media. let's take a look at today's unhinged rant by liberal joe. >> this lecture is coming from the greatest liar that has ever sat in the white house. "the new york times" highlighted a thousand lies. to compare nixon to this guy is absolutely ridiculous. he lives every day. a lot of times he lives every minute. he forgets the lie that he told 5 minutes ago. >> sean: and joe you are a chameleon and a phony.
7:52 pm
when liberal joe wasn't calling the president of the united states a liar, he is defending his fake news friends at cnn. this is pretty remarkable. yesterday he tweeted "cnn has more integrity on its worse day than donald trump has on his best. we'll lose" liberal joe perhaps is hoping that his fake news network will hire him. if that's the case, i would say his audition is going really well sucking up and kissing jeff zucker's ass. here is a real of some of your most interesting moments of your liberal bias, so you fit right in there in case you get fired and nbc, otherwise the most ridiculous coverage. you can send it over to jeff zucker as you suck up to him. >> donald trump, again, he looked like a thug. he looked like a goon. you look at the handshake, look at this. what i thought.
7:53 pm
what an embarrassed -- he's mauling him like an idiot. what an embarrassment to the united states. this is so unbalanced. he is not well. he's vladimir putin. it would be like somebody pooping their pants and then someone looking at him saying that's modern art. there is no attempt to hide the fact that donald trump is breaking every promise he made. republican fools that are suggesting and fools on talk radio blogging and suggesting, that's just a request. seriously embarrass yourself. you have to living in your mother's basement, eating chinos and blocking your entire adult life. >> sean: you failed at talk radio. we've got schmucker, liar, pooping pants. what great coverage. if your career and fake news
7:54 pm
doesn't work out, let not your heart be troubled. you have a shot at making it big with the huge scarborough band. in case you're not familiar with joe's material, let's take a look at how unhinged he is on donald trump in a recently released a music video. here he is. it's the kind of cringe worthy so-called hit, and it's discrete against donald trump. it's called "mystified." hit it. ♪ ♪ i am looking inside ♪ and i've been terrified by who i saw ♪
7:55 pm
>> sean: i don't even know what to say. you two are so weird. you're unhinged, you've lost it. the only thing mystifying to me other than why he made that cringe inducing music video is why the liberal morning host is so completely obsessed with trashing the president. maybe you should take a check from a song and look inside himself and ask himself if his daily biased coverage is really good for america, otherwise we are sorry you didn't get hired by fox. i know you tried hard. coming up, we need your help with the very important question of the day straight ahead.
7:56 pm
7:57 pm
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>> sean: time for the question of the day. so, you think the libbial media i believe is now finally collapsing because of the lying, the misinformation, the ideological agenda, colluding with hillary, lying, black
8:00 pm
helicopter theories? yeah, i think so. but we want to hear from you. that's all the time we have left this evening. as always on this program, fair and balanced. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> tucker: well, good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." this is a week that will live in infamy in the history of cnn. if anything, it's getting worse by the day. we have not yet installed a countdown clock for the next epic scandal. but we're considering it. earlier today project veritos released another undercover video discrediting the channel. fox has not confirmed the authenticity of the video but it appears to show cnn contributor van jones admitting that the story the network obsessed over for seven months at least