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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 28, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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helicopter theories, i think so. we want to hear from you, and @seanhannity on twitter. all the time we have left this evening. as always on this program, fair and balanced. we will see you back tomorrow night. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it is a week that will live in infamy and history of cnn. if anything, it is getting worse by the day. we've not yet installed a countdown clock to the next ethics scandal, but we are considering, though. in the meantime, here is the latest raid earlier today, project veritas released yet another undercover video discrediting that channel. fox hasn't yet confirmed the authenticity of the video but it appears to show cnn contributor van jones admitting that the story his network has obsessed over, from breakfast until bedtime, for the past seven months, at least, is basically a sham.
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>> hey, man. ♪ >> it's a big nothing burger. >> really? >> why is cnn constantly, like, "russia, this, russia, that rate >> ratings. >> tucker: before we continue, that he be just as a little creepy. privacy is vital to the functioning of our society, not to mention to human happiness come itself. unfortunately, it appears to be disappearing in this country thanks to the digital resolutio resolution. also, by all accounts, or for whatever it's worth, van jones is apparently a nice guy. everyone who knows him says so. that said, how wonderfully revealing this exchange is. the russia story is a nothing burger? we knew that. if only they admitted as much on cnn. but in private, they know it,
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too. he remembered the tape released just yesterday in which a scene and producers conceded that his boss, jeff zucker, demanded that cnn chose to drop actual news coverage and are there is been much more time on the russia conspiracy, since that story line makes more money for the network? it is, as corrupt as you imagine it was. meanwhile, according to "the new york post," cnn reportedly had to retract cnn's russia story after being threatened with $100 billion libel suit from anthony scaramucci. the trump associate who is slandered by the piece. what is next for cnn? on his show, rush limbaugh projected the end may be near. >> could donald trump mean the end of cnn? what a legacy that would be. i think that is what the trump administration is doing with many in the media. they are like cats. he's got this little red laser light and it's just causing him to make fools of themselves that everyone is laughing laughing .
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that is what jim acosta happened to my cat happened to them yesterday. >> tucker: cast to a red laser light. awesome. we don't know what will happen next at cnn. but whatever happens, this is clearly a networking crisis. it happens to companies from time to time, and ron, bear stearns, it's not unheard of. the question is, how is your country responder nights corruption is revealed? here is how cnn was responding. media critic brian seltzer, who also host a show, attacking the forces of what he described as anti-journalism. "activists promoting hatred and resentment of the press, millions of people are exposed to extreme anti-journalism views daily, spreading hate about an entire class of american workers." got that, american workers? and his telling come of those would be journalists. the the offense at princeton grs who would be consultants at mckinsey if they had a fork of the school paper. in fact, they are the opposite
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of workers. their fear and outrage at the stirrings of populism is proof that they know that they are, with the public speaks, they shut her up because they know exactly how much they have two moves. viewers no longer trust the people for a very simple reason. they are not trustworthy. it's strange that they don't know that. let's go to the potato chip factory and you want set an unbreakable monopoly on all snack food. people had to buy potato chips from you. then, a new company comes along, starts making better potato chips at the same price. what would happen? of course, you will lose market share. how would you react to that point? would you try to make tasty potato chips? are what you attack your customers as stupid and immoral? go on a rant about how consumers don't like your trips, are spreading hate? it's been so deluded you are, i guess. mark steyn is an author and a columnist, he's watched all this carefully. he joins us. what do you think of that, mark, the whole "our viewers are terrible" argument? is that a winner? >> no, it's not. the idea of converting yourself
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into a victim group of journalist americans, the latest hyphenated victim group, that i is -- i think the problem is, to extend your potato chips analogy, they are not actually selling a bag that has all the packaging of potato chips, and they there are no potato chips inside. that is the problem with the russia story. they went bananas over that malaysian plain lettuce appeared a couple of years ago. but at least there was a belizean plane that was here 1 minutes and wasn't there the next. here, there actually is no malaysian plane and they are covering it -- you said, jeff zucker is telling them to stop covering real news. yesterday, they interviewed elmo about what he thought of syrian refugees. oddly enough, elmo happens to like them. that was the least and not a thing cnn has done in the last
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few weeks. it is the nearest thing to real news. >> tucker: it sad. they there are a lot of talented people. i worked there. they are smart, serious people, but they are being pushed to the side of. what about the prediction you heard rush limbaugh, who use it in for sometimes, say that they are going to be a casualty of the trump administration? >> i think that is likely. the argument that van jones was saying, that it's a nothing burger, but it's ratings, that is true in the short term. but there are diminishing returns to this. it's a russian investigation with no russians. the only russian anyone's ever mentions is the ambassador, who was strolling around lunging all over the district of columbia. he is the only sinister russian in this story. it's a russian investigation without any russians. at some point, it will be like one of those russian dolls that all the tourist light, you open the big russian doll, there is a
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smaller doll, there's a tiny russian doll, then, there's nothing. at some point, which i think actually the bulk of the american public have figured out already, there is actually nothing. we are down to the last minute ski will russian doll and there is nothing inside when you open that up. >> tucker: so, you think that is a critique of cnn. but i think cnn recall that hate speech. do you think it should be allowed? do you think you're making them feel unsafe by criticizing them? >> they are advancing the argument now that trump pushing back against the media, which nobody likes, nobody likes, everybody -- and i say this as someone in the media and you're in the media and you know that people hated media. everybody hates the media. >> tucker: that's true. >> they hate jim acosta going to bananas at the white house press conference because the big mean for our secretary won't let him turn his camera on. i'm in favor.
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i thought elmo was excellent yesterday. i am in favor of replacing jim acosta with elmo at the white house press conference. >> tucker: [laughs] speak of the fact is, the public is on the white house's side. if sean spicer wants to conduct his press conference in interpretive dance, he can do that and the public by and large, if it's a choice between sean spicer announcing the obamacare bill in interpretive dance, or jim acosta doing his drama queen or read, then, people would rather have the interpretive dance of sean spicer. they want to go anywhere with it. >> tucker: [laughs] i think the idea -- i'm not in charge over there -- the idea is, you identify a relatively small but consistent audience of true believers who are sort of into the esoteric theory of freemasonry or russian conspiracy or whatever they are selling and do go with that. you know longer a national network, you are sticking to a small group.
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>> yes, and they are very enthusiastic. i think the serious point here is that at some point, the interest of the democrat party diverged from cnn and the other russian investigation obsessive's. every time they actually succeed in dragging someone into congress to talk about it, what happens as it reveals more about loretta lynch meeting with bill clinton or telling jim comey not to call the hillary investigation and investigation. so, actually, the russian investigation is really a democrat investigation. the more you can focus on it, the more it drags in susan rice and loretta lynch and eventually, the president -- at some point, the democrats are going to say, look, it is fine for you to do your ratings but can we please have more elmo and less pressure? this is going to kill us with loretta lynch and susan rice and all the rest. their interests are not aligned on this topic. >> tucker: what do they do at that point? to they go back to finding a new murder trial to cover?
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what is the next ways for them? >> i think the trouble when you go down this thing -- it's like, we used to have these things long before television. 80 years ago, when there where supposedly be a 5-year-old boy trapped in a well, and the media would camp out around the well to wait for the little boy to be rescued, and that was dramatic in a sob story way. but if there is no little 7-year-old in the well, if there actually is nothing there, then, all you have done in the long run, i think, is destroyed yourself. you go back to that malaysian jet thing, they actually are, in this case, they are -- do you remember on cnn when they thought the malaysian jet might have flown into a black hole? that's what they have done. they have taken a very small story and an expanding end, they are flying their network into a black hole.
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whether they can emerge from that -- i realize that is the kind of plot twist, that is anderson cooper in "x-men 12" when the space time continuum is ripped up and only anderson cooper and elmo can rest us back from the rupture in the space time continuum. that is the only plot twist -left-curly-bracket we will metal take me a whole day to recover from that. [laughs] >> that is where they are going. elmo -- it's elmo, anderson cooper with elmo as his copilot. good luck with that, cnn. >> tucker: thank you. i appreciate it. >> always a pleasure. >> tucker: is netflix dangerous to your health? two teenage girls are dead in california. their family say a show called "13 reasons why" is responsible for driving them to suicide. we'll ask someone well-versed in child psychology if that claim is plausible. plus, president trump and brexit
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have caused an international surgeon antifascism, whatever that is. by the way, what is it? joining us in a minute, someone who says these what if we pull customer insights from the data in real time? wait, our data center and our clouds can't connect? michael, can we get this data to...? look at me...look at me... look at me... you used to be the "yes" guy. what happened to that guy? legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. so, you're saying we can cut delivery time? yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes.
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i need the phone that's where i happen to be... to be the one that rings. i need not to be missed phone calls... to not be missed. i need seamless handoff... canyon software. from reception, to landline, to mobile. i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business. ♪ >> tucker: there is a new netflix drama called "13 reasons why" that debuted this spring. since its release, the show has drawn attention for its graphic depiction of suicide. and other very depressing and is all topics. >> settle in. i'm about to tell you the story of my life.
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more specifically, why my life ended. and if you are listening to this tape, you are one of the reasons why. >> tucker: now, families of two teenage girls in the state of california are blaming the show for their daughters suicides. they both just 15, apparently been watching the show, and then hang themselves shortly after. the show's creator deserves some blame for these deaths or is that ludicrous? a psychology expert joins us now. thanks a lot for coming on. i wonder if there is not a -- maybe this show is totally reprehensible, which i am very willing to believe, not responsible for actions that people who want to take. what is your view? >> i think that there is one thing that we need to note here that i think a lot of people are largely unaware of. that is the fact that, the part of our brain that controls the rational decision-making part, think of it like the remote control to an entertainment center, tucker, that part of our
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brain isn't fully developed until sometimes and i mid to late 20s. so, children, teenagers, up until their mid-20s are thinking largely based on their emotional center of their brain, making less rational decisions, and less able to take in information and make good decisions. so, when you have a show like this, that does two things, one, it says, you can't trust adults. adults are obtuse and they might not help you. the second and perhaps more dangerous thing they showed us is that it equates suicide with revenge. i the one that has worked in suicide, and psychology, knows that suicide is not revenge. he suicide hurts the people you love the most and doesn't hurt the people who hurt you. the glorification of those two things in my series are extremely dangerous. i do think that netflix needs to be aware of this. >> tucker: i'm sure they are aware. i you just made the point that
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young people have problems making rational decisions. how would you evaluate the people who made this show? putting this on the air? >> i don't think it's good. i don't think they should continue with the second season. what can be done? of course, there are legal courses of action from families when their daughters have committed suicide. there have been suicides in other countries that they believe are based on this series. we have proven again and again, and studies, tucker, that the incidence of suicide increases about 20 times for those considering it when suicide is in any way depicted on television. that is across populations, not just teenagers. this is dangerous. my question for netflix would be, how many children are worth you are continuing to show? i think it is a question that netflix should take a serious look at. >> tucker: suicide is obviously at the way far end of the continuum, but there's a lot a space between that abnormal, and you've got to wonder what is
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the effect of the majority of the viewers? like, why would you put something like this on the air that is obviously subversive in a bad way and why does nobody ever say anything about it? there is this industry turning out all kinds of this garbage, it poisons kids, nobody ever says anything. why? >> targeting teen audiences. i think they don't say anything because the ag or you could be, as far as hollywood is concerned, we have seen it displayed this weekend in grand style, the jury you can be, the more you get ratings and eyeballs. i want to give a caution, too, to the people who want to fault the parents of these two girls that committed suicide. that is that i want you to know if your children have a smartphone, they can get this series on netflix without you even knowing it. there is no point, tucker, and saying that we as a society can't be held accountable for imposing this sort of rhetoric
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that is really dangerous on the immature minds of people in their late teens to early 20s. it's very dangerous. >> tucker: i really feel partly at fault for not putting the names and photographs and email addresses of the producers on our show. i really wish i had. they deserve to hear from the public on this. >> the suicide hotline numbers come too. thank you for covering this, tucker. >> tucker: thank you. baltimore has been under absolute democratic party control for since you were born. the results, economic decay and massive crime. not an overstatement. now, a democrat in the maryland house of delegates says it's time to admit some of his party's policies have not worked. maybe to consider cooperation with the trump administration. that lawmaker joins us next. ♪
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>> tucker: few cities in body embody american urban decay more depressingly than the city of baltimore does. once one of the great american cities, the poverty rate now is more than ten percentage points above the national average. the murder rate is barely below the figure for venezuela, as embarrassing as it is to say out loud. it spends more on schools than the national average and yet come as exhibit schools have zero students proficient in reading or math. by the way, the city has been controlled by democrats for decades. kurt anderson represents baltimore. it's a time to rethink this a little bit? this arrangement?
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delegate anderson joins us tonight. thank you a lot for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: i don't think it's a straight line between the political party in charge and the problems, or the good parts of a city. i do think over time, maybe you can acknowledge that things are not working and it's time to change. i never hear people say this. you are saying it. what led you to that conclusion? >> number one, it is clear that when you have a murderer a day in baltimore city, that things are not going the way that we want them to go. democrats, as you say, have been in charge and baltimore for a long time. i'm not saying that that is going to change anytime soon because most of the republicans have left the city. what i am saying, though, is that we can still work with people like president trump or governor larry hogan, with regard to bringing in the kinds of resources that we need to help try to solve the problem. one of the resources would be money to put computers and police cars, a simple thing like that. i think probably every jurisdiction across this
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country, police have access to computers on a regular basis in their cars. we haven't been able to afford that in years because of the mounting death of the city has had and we have had to work step-by-step. these are the kinds of things that we are willing to work with, obviously, other parties come across party lines, trying to solve them and baltimore. >> tucker: baltimore is only an hour north of where i am right now. there is a lot of nice people in baltimore. but the murder rate is ridiculous. because of baltimore, your governor said, we need gun control. you got it. they banned a whole class of firearms and so, our producer went back with a calculator today. here is what he found. in the four years preceding that ban on weapons, that your governor o'malley put into place, and the four years after that, homicides went up 25%. i'm not saying the ban caused the murders, but it did have the opposite effect.
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i wonder if may be reversing of these counterproductive gun-control measures might be called for. >> unfortunately, tucker, people are defending themselves with guns and baltimore. that is where the murders come from. rival gangs are armed and they are shooting at each other and not only hitting themselves, but hitting innocent bystanders. there is a 3-year-old child that was killed in my district that was a very traumatic experience for all of us. she was just sitting on her front steps. i am not so sure it is time to revisit the gun issue. >> tucker: that is kind of my point, though. gang members don't care what laws you pass, of course, because by definition, they scofflaws. with normal people, like, law-abiding people on the street, they don't want to break the law. now, they can't defend themselves. if the gun-control measures are in place, why did the murder rate go up after the were passed? >> i can't respond to that anomaly.
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it may be an anomaly, i don't know. i do know that citizens of the city of baltimore are allowed to carry guns, keep guns in their homes, just like anybody else in this country. it is a constitutional rights. what are police commissioner wants to do, kevin davis, is to say that if you wear, carry, or transport a handgun, and you don't have a permit to do so, then, you ought to be subject, at least on the second offense, to a felony and be incarcerated for a certain length of time. he believes that the people who are carrying guns openly on the streets are the ones who are creating the violence. these are the people that we want to get to, get off the streets, and hopefully start dealing with some of this violence in our streets. >> tucker: whenever i talk to politicians, with the exception of you, from baltimore, they have been focused on national issues. we spoke to a city councilman from baltimore a couple of months ago when he was all spun up about federal immigration policy and sanctuary cities and all of this stuff. i asked them, your city has a
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lot of problems, real problems, in your city, why aren't you focused on those? he seemed much more intent on making grand statements about the world and thinking globally and all of that. have you noticed this trend? >> i saw the interview. it was very entertaining, good job. but no. folks who i work within the state legislator who represents baltimore city, other city council members, including our president jack young, and our mayor, are fully focused on this issue. look, when a person is murdered, they have a family, there is a funeral. most of us go to these funerals. in some cases, these are people, children are people that we know. it hits us directly. i have lived in the city for 60 years. i love baltimore city. we've got great sports venues, we have restaurants, you have probably been there. >> tucker: i agree. >> there are parts of this town that are very dangerous and that her reputation is what puts the
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entire cloud over baltimore city. we take this very seriously. mortar a day, and you don't think we are outraged? i wish you guys would come down here and spend a week in baltimore. bring the show from d.c. down to baltimore for a week. and just see the stories that go on. there are some good stories, some bad stories. if you can take the show to london for a terrorist attack or whatever, we'll have a terrorist attack in baltimore city every day. it is something that we cannot tolerate. i would love to have you guys come down here and examine it even more closely. >> tucker: let me ask you one quick question, maybe it's a much longer answer than we have time for. when you have the civil disturbances in baltimore a couple of years ago, i sent some reporters there that were beaten up, it was a big deal. i watched the cops and baltimore stand there as the rioters torched a bunch of stories. why would you put up that? >> we don't. the department of justice, the baltimore city lease, have entered into something called a consent to create that deals
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with helping to train police officers, how to respond in those situations. our police officers at that time were woefully inadequate in terms of controlling the crowd. they didn't have the right kind of equipment. they didn't have the right kind of leadership. hopefully, we have learned from those mistakes. certainly, that was a very dark day in baltimore history. we don't want that to happen again. >> tucker: you are an honest man. delegate anderson, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: the rise of another populist movement across the west, there's a lot of them, has triggered an accompanying surge of activists who claim that the only thing standing between democracy and fascism is them. a writer says nobody is more fascist than the antifascists. he joins us tonight. what do you mean by that? that these are the real fascists? >> they are the most brutal and
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divisive general election campaign in the u.k. it was typified by full levels. violence, protests, media attacks on journalists, anti-semitic attacks, and then, cartoons and newspapers that portrayed our prime minister theresa may, who was in a hung parliament, actually being hung. at the heart of all of this, there are some antifascist movements who, under the banner of a good cause, campaigners, the alliance of bad guys, stopping the war, a group that was comparing british jihadists who were going to syria to fight as antifascists, comparing them to the antifascists who want to fight in spain in the 1930s. anybody with half a brain knows that jihadists are the true fascists. then, we have a collection of anticapitalists who just want civil unrest. the day of the queen's speech, when theresa may was under a hung parliament, a group called justice by any means necessary advocated a day of rage in the u.k., where people were told to take to the streets to cause
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civil unrest, do cause echoes of things happening in america. we are seeing gangs, violently assaulting and stopping people who disagree with them. by any modus operandi that we see from the prism of history, this is fascism. this is a new intolerance. it also embraces a tolerance of values that we consider to be inappropriate. we've had three terrorist attacks in the u.k. but you have the far left consistently failing to call this out. of course, that is because these groups share common theories of anticapitalism, anti-imperialism, the fact that everything britain has done throughout history has been wrong. anti-americanism, anti-israeli sentiments. this brings them altogether to be an extremely intolerant group. >> tucker: in other words, they make, any facts, common cause with groups like isis, may be the most morally disgusting y of the world because they share
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a common anti-western orientation. that is enough. >> right. they are a willful myopia, if you like, clearly disgusting and obscene. they share values that are convenient. they co-opt the anti-americanism, anti-imperialism. that is seen as a get out of jail card for a poor and to be used. for example, some of the people who work at the heart of u.k. are pro-sharia law. it advocates the imprisonment of homosexuals, and it is clearly. yet, they all say, it's impossible, because that's not compatible, when clearly, any application of logic tells us this is the case. >> tucker: so, do you think that in the history of the west, any ruling class, and a group of young affluent people, has ever hated their own society more
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than the modern left in the west hates his own society now? >> no. there is a total self-loathing. there is a feeling that anything that the west has done abroad, and the foreign policy, the root cause for all of the evils that are perpetrated upon us. there is a sense that this is all our own fault and there's a sense that if we attempt to intervene, then we are a problem, we are fetishistic. i don't recall a time of such division in british history. with great echoes of what is happening in america, certainly. >> tucker: it's just resting. martin duubney, thank you for joining us tonight. >> pleasure. thank you thank you. >> tucker: america appears to be girding for more attacks on syria. but why? up next, we'll talk to a writer who says we should let the russians worry about that distant country. plus, donald trump is showing off a "time" magazine cover showing the presidents, but the cover is fake. it is that there we are a story of the day? we have a panel to decide that question coming up.
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>> tucker: the united states could very well be on the brink of greater military intervention in syria. we are not being paranoid. all of the signs are there. but for some reason, the run-up is not getting a lot of attention. with very little fanfare come on monday night, the administration said at identify the possible preparations for the president of syria, bashar al-assad, to make another chemical weapons attack by the white house address to these preparations could trigger new military strikes on the country, similar to the ones we saw launched last april. his escalation in syria a wise idea? is very popular in washington. one of the point, why is no one debating it? the editor of "the nation" joins us tonight. thank you for joining us. i was really struck. the washington establishment, republicans and democrats, really hate the president, they are threatened by him, they don't like him. the only moment in seven months that he has been in office since
11:41 pm
the election, where they heaved bipartisan praise on him, is the moment only large stones missiles into syria. why is that? >> first of all, it's good to be on with you, tucker a. i don't think we have talked since you were at cnn. >> tucker: i want to admit that. [laughs] thank you. >> there is a foreign policy establishment playbook, something president obama talked about. it is about the appropriate response in the establishment's view, often a military response. i think that is a mistake. i think we are witnessing an explanation by the trump administration, it's not just syria, it is afghanistan. it is getting involved in yemen. it is getting involved in the syrian civil war, unclear where the trump administration strategy is. will it work with russia to defeat isis? the french president has said that is what his country will do. but i think the main thing, tucker, what strikes me, president trump traffics an insult, not a strategy. during the campaign, he spoke
11:42 pm
very against regime change. he said he opposed the war in iraq. he also talks about not getting bogged down in the middle east. he is reneging on those promise promises. i think a war weary nation, i don't think americans are antiwar, tucker. i think they are weary of war without end. >> tucker: boy, not in washington. they embrace it enthusiastically. >> with some exceptions, let me say that my colleagues of the progressive caucus in the house have great serious questions over these years about why is it that one -- a military action is often the response favored by neoconservatives and liberal interventionists before all before alternatives are exhausted? >> tucker: i think that's a fair question. >> a war weary nation deserves a serious debate about national security, about the limits of american power, and i think, a leader who went out and spoke in common sense ways about a policy of restraint and realism, would
11:43 pm
find a very supportive -- >> tucker: that was his campaign. that was the president's campaign. when i am struck by is this russia stuff. liberals, and some conservatives, mccain, lindsey graham, out there basically agitating, looks to me like, agitating for conflict with russia. this is an active war. why the focus from liberals on russia and there is a bellicose way? i don't understand it. >> i part ways with a lot of my liberal progressive friends. the nation has supported on investigation, a special counsel investigation, into alleged interference in the election. what i think is dangerous -- it's out of balance. i think we need to look very hard at the importance of how the working relationship with russia. we are on the cusp of an escalating arms crisis. very, very dangerous. you need russia to resolve the crisis in syria, which we were talking about. you need russia to resolve, to
11:44 pm
keep the irani and deal together. there are a whole set of issues. i think it is shortsighted. i think it is neither pro trump, certainly not pro-putin to argue that america needs a working relationship with russia. i think europeans are beginning to see that and the importance of that. perhaps separating from united states. i think democrats are also -- you do the investigation, but don't let it overwhelm your speaking to the country about bread and butter issues. >> tucker: considering a moral stand by many liberals in washington, almost everyone i know, to say what you just said. you can't say that? what are you, aged of food and? >> i think there are some democrats who understand -- i do think there is a corruption matrix ms russian situation. a more fearful of the american oligarchs in this country who are funding suppressions of the vote. i think we got to keep in focus
11:45 pm
the danger of a new cold war and the fact, and i step back your, tucker, it's not just -- we have hurtled into this cold war, enter this cold war, without debate and dissent and the mainstream or the media -- >> tucker: at all! >> by the way, the enemy is isi. let's not forget that. the enemy is isis. >> i think americans are eager for a new engagement with the world. it is not one that is being exploited by this administration or by liberal interventionists or neocons. we need a new realism. >> tucker: katrina vanden heuvel, thank you. "sesame street"'s elmo has a new cause, teaching children to support refugee arrivals from syria. is that weird enough to be the days of stranger story quite
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>> tucker: time now for "top that," the segment where we try to make sense of covering the news in 2017, where everybody has gone insane. we will find the weirdest story of the week with the help of former white house national security council employee, gillian turner. and lisa boothe of the "washington examiner." great to see you both. lisa, you first. >> nice to see you, tucker. cnn has inarguably had a pretty tough week, with their fake news report, and they produced a russia story saying that is b.s. we knew that all along. now, they are also being accused of using elmo as a propaganda piece in the syrian debate. i think we have a clip for you. >> elmo, can i just start by asking you, because i know you went to visit a refugee camp in jordan, right? back in february? what was at my? >> it was very wonderful. we went to jordan together and
11:51 pm
it was really wonderful because animal got to meet a lot of new friends. >> a lot of new friends. did you find that the syrian little girls and little boys were a lot like your friends here in america? >> yeah, they really were. it was very interesting because they like to play and learn, just like elmo and all of his friends at "sesame street" ." >> tucker: [laughs] come on. >> it's a little funny, he is a little cute. also, there is a question to the guy that was with them with the international rescue committee, who took a swipe at the u.s. policies regarding refugees. also, tucker, this comes on the heels of the supreme court decision regarding the travel ban come affirming some of it. >> tucker: how great would it be if they cnn reporter asked if they were the same, and elmo said, they were totally different. [laughter] that would have been a funny segment rates because they probably wouldn't have aired on cnn. it would not be on cnn. >> tucker: can you get weirder? >> i am with elmo on this one.
11:52 pm
obviously, i dress like him like an. >> tucker: good point. >> i think i can top that. i will try. this is a bizarre story. i don't really have an angle, i was thinking about it earlier. i will lay it all out there for you. "the washington post" do some investigative journalism and finds that a whole slew of fake "time" magazine covers are posted around trump organizatio organization, casinos, golf courses around the country. 5 out of the 17 that he owns have these fake covers displaying him with photographs that were clearly photoshopped on and titles that were made up, dates that were made up. so, "time" magazine lost its mind. they have demanded of the trump organization that they remove the use fake covers. they issued a how to guide on their website, telling americans how to spot fake "time" magazine covers. >> they should write a story for cnn.
11:53 pm
>> the weirdest thing, he has been on the cover, quite a few times. >> tucker: does not the weirdest thing. here is why you win. who would want to be on the cover of "time" magazine? if i were on the cover to be "time" magazine, it's moldering in my basement next to my nordic track and my childhood soccer trophies. >> president trump has made it known that he wants to be on the cover. >> it's the only way he can get fair coverage. >> tucker: thank you very whoooo.
11:54 pm
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11:58 pm
>> tucker: what is a polite way to put this? that claim is so at odds with reality it defies belief. in better shape than ever? burlington college was always tiny but when jane sanders took it over, it wasn't entirely falling it out or discredited. within the first four years of his presidency, though, took photos and staff and faculty left the school. pretty massive number for a place that small. sanders fired a popular literature professor who denounced her for harassment and on ethical of the faculty. they describe the campus environment under her as toxic and disruptive. that is not good. that is a high point. can you imagine what it must have been like before jane sanders got there? it was bad. the finances were even worse. excuse me. just thinking about it, jane sanders apparently had the same math tutor who taught her husband economics and that is not good, if you listen to his economics plan. she says that donations increase the school but gains were more
11:59 pm
than offset by her disastrous decision to borrow more than 10 million bucks from a bank to buy a massive new campus the school did not need and could not afford. sanders assumed the new campus would be paid for with a surge in enrollment and big donations. in fact, it is possible she was so confident in her plan, she fudged the numbers on her loan application. the fbi is looking into that. that is the whole point for the investigation apparently. naturally, the money and the students never paralyzed, perhaps because she has thrown the school's academics into turmoil. pretty much from the moment the long cleared, burlington college was doomed. she was fired in 2011. three years later, the college was dipping into a scholarship fund just to keep the lights on. the same year, the school's accreditor put on probation because of its bad finances. finally, in 2016, the place closed. and it statement, blamed the whole thing on the crushing weight of the debt from jane sanders 'expansion. in other words, the facts are entirely different for bernie sanders a delusional version of reality.
12:00 am
maybe he will blame the russians for it. we'll see. we'll keep you posted. we'll be back tomorrow, 8:00. >> kimberly: hello everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle. it's 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." another day, another scandal for project veritas, the conservative investigative group van jones apparently downplaying the significance. fox news has verified, the man who appears to be van jones is said


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