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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 29, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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wearing a lady gaga address at the zoo and a lion cage. >> they are talking about sarah huckabee sanders providing that briefing at 2:00 p.m. "happening now" starts right no now. >> heather: we begin with a fox news alert, major developments on capitol hill right now by vice president mike pence, making the rounds to seek support for a new republican health care bill. >> jon: the house is set to vote an hour from now on two immigration bills and there is that on camera at white house briefing an hour from now. we are covering all the news, "happening now" ." that sentiment comes as senate republicans have been told to strike a health care deal by tomorrow as g.o.p. fears mount, it's window for repealing and replacing obamacare might soon close. also, just hours from now, elements of president trump's travel ban go into effect after
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the supreme court handed the administration a victory. and we talked to the former u.s. special forces operative turned aid worker who pulled off this life-saving rescue in the streets of iraq. it's all "happening now" ." ♪ we begin with president trump's travel ban as new rules impacting travelers from six majority muslim countries going to affect the night. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i'm jon scott. >> heather: i'm heather childers. while we wait for the white house and they wait for word on the senate health care bill, it is ready to roll out the president's revised travel ban in the meantime. of the supreme court giving the white house a green light to implement parts of the plan with a major decision earlier this week. the administration then using a three day period to iron out all the details of the band, hoping
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to avoid the problems that paralyzed them during the first roll out. >> jon: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live from the capital held with the latest on health care. we begin at douglas international airport. >> that travel ban officially begins at 8:00 p.m. tonight, 72 hours after the supreme court decision on monday, so we don't see the kind of confusion we saw with the first travel ban. we see no evidence of chaos or confusion, at least today. it is conceivable that that could change if there are people who are in the air before the ban takes effect and who land here and at other airports across the country after it is in place. of the state department set of those details to all of its embassies and consulates yesterday afternoon. here's a look at who is exempt from the travel ban from the six
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designated countries. iran, syria, yemen, libya, somalia, and sudan. it does have a parent spouse, child, son or daughter-in-law already in the united states, those who have a visa or those who have already applied for visas or who have proper documentation. there are those who still believe this but travel ban is at best ineffectual and is at worst downright discriminatory. >> it's a terribly conceived plan to begin with, it's an absolute attack on american values, i don't think it's going to keep us safe. >> weigh that against the views of secretary of homeland security john kelly who just yesterday talked about the need for heightened security. >> terrorists want to bring down aircraft to instill fear, disrupt our economies and undermine our way of life and it works. which is why they still see
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aviation as the crown jewel target in their world. >> kelly speaking there about stepped up scrutiny about personal electronic devices as about 200 airports in the world with direct flights to the united states stop short of a downright ban of laptops and tablets. >> jon: thank you. >> heather: meanwhile, the pressure is on, senate republicans are scrambling to reach a deal on health care by tomorrow. the deadline is fast approaching amid concerns of the parties window to repeal enterprise obamacare is closing. coverage for mike emanuel on capitol hill. >> good afternoon, senators are still trying to work out a agreement prior to the independence day holiday. my mike pence is likely having e meetings with key senators
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before they leave town. times are tense, fox news has confirmed that majority leader mcconnell argued with ohio senator this week over differences in opinion on medicaid. they are typical close allies and any calculation of 50 votes must include portman. mcconnell continues urging his colleagues, it is time for action. >> we've made good progress and we will keep working. as we do, our focus will remain on the major obamacare problems that continue to hurt americans. >> senate g.o.p. sources say the most likely no votes on health care reform are susan collins, dean heller, and rand paul.
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the problem for leadership as they can only afford two republican knows to pass the bill. >> i still sense we are at an impasse. i said that yesterday at lunch and everybody kind of laughed, there is still quite a bit of disagreement. there are basically two faction factions. >> democrats sound hopeful that the g.o.p. struggles on this issue will lead to tax that will give them some leverage. >> president trump, i challenge you to invite us, all 100 of us, republican and democrat, to blair house to discuss a new, bipartisan way forward on health care in front of all the american people. >> for now there is intense pressure to get moderate and conservative republicans to yes. >> heather: mike emanuel lie for us, we will talk a little bit more about the opioid crisis coming up, thanks. >> senate minority leader chuck schumer, spelling out what
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it will take to get democrats to support a health care bill, here is more. >> if my republican friends abandon custom medicaid, highly unpopular with the american people, abandon tax breaks for the wealthiest view, highly unpopular with the american people, we democrats are more than willing to meet with them in the white house to talk about how to improve health care for the american people, how to lower deductibles, how to provide better health care for more people at a lower cost. because that is who we democrats are fighting for, the average american family, not the wealthy few. >> jon: republican senator senator responding with us. >> you must not do any reforms to create a sustainable program which is currently unsustainable. make sure we keep all kinds of
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huge tax increases that are costing us jobs and economic growth, then we'll be willing to bail out the failing obamacare. if you are willing to do those things. pretty untenable. >> jon: let's talk about it with paige winfield cunningham, sarah west what it is our white house correspondent from the "washington examiner," thank you both for being here. sarah, mitch mcconnell has put off the votes and he wants to get a plan in place by tomorrow that will send members home over the fourth of july recess, is that actually doable? is he just buying time? >> there are a lot of republicans who are doubtful that leadership can submit a new bill to the cbo by tomorrow, there are just too many objections that need to be reconciled between the moderate republicans who think the bill does too much to got obamacare regulations and the conservative republicans who think the bill doesn't go far enough in
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dismantling the regulatory framework of obamacare. there has to be some sort of middle path between those kinds of objections on the republican side to the obamacare repeal plan in the house, that sort of middle path was found eventually by house speaker paul ryan in the white house, but remember that that took more than a month, not the kind of timeline the senate is looking at and you can make the argument that the differences are even more stark in this case, it is unlikely we will see something by tomorrow but president trump said they could have a great surprise. if there is no telling. >> jon: we heard chuck schumer urging the president to bring democrats on board, but right now, the way obamacare is set up, it seems to be collapsing, they've got to do something, whether it is a republican plan, i bipartisan plan or what. >> in mcconnell's mind, he thinks there is still a way to put all the frog's back in the
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wheelbarrow, i think the next 24 hours are going to be telling on that front. when i talk to lobbyists, there is a sense he delayed the vote this week because he still thinks he's going to get there. he wants to get this off his plate and move on. if he thought it was going to fail, he probably would have tried to hold the vote this weekend to move forward. he knows he ultimately has to hold the boat on this, the republican base is going to be angered if the senate doesn't at least try to pass the bill and it could really show up and hurt them in the 2018 election. no matter what, we will see a vote next month, i think the next 24 hours will be really telling as to whether they'll be able to find this path forward. even as we speak, they are making some changes to the legislation, they've added in the opioid funding, talking pretty seriously about an amendment that senator ted cruz wants added to the bill that would get states more opt out from the insurance regulations and there are the problems of
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the marketplaces and the news that many counties won't have any options next year. >> jon: senator chuck schumer, the minority leader in the center is also speaking, we are going to keep an ear on what he has to say and if he makes it news that we will certainly bring that to our viewers. "the wall street journal" piece caught our attention, it reads in part... the title of article "should trump abandon the g.o.p.?" the president does seem frustrated by the fact that the republican party controls both houses of congress and the white house and doesn't seem to be able to get legislation passed.
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>> obviously he has taken to twitter to express that front demand frustration, he's gone after individual members. one of the reasons why obama's approach to governing by executive order was tenable was because democrats were in the minority eventually in both houses of congress, he didn't have any realistic chances of passing legislation. president trump still has that chance, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is still confident that at some point he will be able to cobble together the 50 votes needed to pass some version of an obamacare overhaul. president trump still has the chance to get tax reform, maybe even an infrastructure package pass this year before we head into the midterms and legislating becomes more difficult because members are worried about their own reelection races. it's not time yet for president trump to turn to the pen and phone approach, he still has the opportunity to work with republicans as long as they hold both houses. >> jon: does it seem like it's
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as polarized as it's ever been, paige, would you agree? >> absolutely, polarized between these moderns and conservatives, as one republican said, even porcupines make love. i think there may be some very narrow pathway through here, mcconnell has about $200 billion of savings in this bill that he could use to roll back some of the medicaid cuts or beef up the subsidies, bring some of those moderates onboard and may have some room to add in some of those more rollback of the affordable care act. we have about nine senators who are skeptical of the legislation and those of the ones that mcconnell and his staff are having hard to hearts with right now. one problem, possibly is they are going to go home for the fourth of july recess and they are going to be hearing from constituents who don't like this bill, it is not popular legislation. that is another thing working against mcconnell, they are going to be trying to rally people throughout the recess and when they return next month. >> jon: he is the master of
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the senate rules and procedures, most people are not counting mcconnell out on this boat. paige winfield cunningham and sarah westwood, thank you both. >> heather: coming up, he uses twitter to reach the american people directly, but president trump is now coming under fire for some tweets that he sent out today targeting the host of msnbc's morning show, fox news media analyst howard kurtz joins us, but first the reaction from house speaker paul ryan. >> obviously i don't see that as an inappropriate comment, but we are trying to do around here is improve the tone and stability of the debates, this obviously does not.
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howard kurtz is our fox news media and analyst. important to point out that this tweet went out during their show and at the time, something that wasn't said in reference to the president, mika had said ellipses -- >> this had been building for months and months, they had a friendly relationship during the campaign, but just about every day they have been attacking the president and calling him mentally ill, thug and all kinds
10:19 am
of harshly personal language. when he comes back and brings out blood and facelifts, it reminds people of the comments he made about women in the past and makes mika brzezinski a sympathetic figure. >> heather: sarah huckabee sanders was on with bill hemmer earlier today and she had this response and also a response from lindsay graham. >> people have personally attacked me many times, this is a president that fights fire with fire and will not be allowed to be bullied by liberal media and liberal elites within the media or hollywood or anywhere else. >> i get it but is that necessary? >> i think what's necessary is to push back against unnecessary attacks on the president, both personally -- i've seen far worse things come out of that shell, again, directed not just at the president but everyone around him. >> heather: senator lindsey
10:20 am
graham's tweet -- also, the first lady, one of the things she speaks out about his bullying online. >> sarah huckabee sanders did a nice job in saying the president is going to punch back when he is attacked, you notice she did not defend the wording of the tree because it is indefensible. it seems to me that the president had the upper hand this week after that cnn retraction, the story on russia, the network had to apologize and then to do this, he makes himself the issue, nobody particularly cares about of the other attacks they have made on him, and the fact is, they are cable commentators and he is the president of the united states, he's got to worry about getting a health care bill out of the senate, dealing with syria, implementing the travel ban and instead another distraction, he has a doc about this. >> heather: the same thing happened during the campaign, a
10:21 am
good event and then something like this would happen and that will become the news. thank you so much. >> jon: the president's travel ban, the revised version goes into effect tonight as the white house waits for a final ruling from the supreme court this fall. we'll break down what is going to change a matter of hours from now. plus, the house preparing to vote on two immigration bills, one of them named for a san francisco woman shot and killed by an illegal immigrant who had been deported several times. we will talk about kate's law and the travel ban coming up. >> this was named after kate steinle who was murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been deported several times. he should not have been here and she should not have died.
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>> when you can take criminals off the street and prevent things from happening like what happened to kate steinle in san francisco when their policy caused them to release this individual on the street even though he had been deported from this country several times already, we are making the streets safer and law enforcement knows it. >> jon: that is virginia congressman bob googlatte. kate's law and the no sanctuary for criminals act would increase penalties and hold funds from sanctuary cities not cooperating with federal immigration officials. less than an hour from now the house is expected to debate on those bills. it looks like paul ryan has the
10:26 am
votes to pass these bills, case kate's law, start with that. >> >> kate's law, named after ke steinle, was murdered by an undocumented immigrant deported five times who kept coming back to california, san francisco, because they protect him there. he gets busted, the sheriff opens the day jailhouse doors, set him free, does it deliberately because it is a sanctuary city and he promptly goes down and kills kate steinle, tragic case. this bill would basically take an individual who has already been deported once, if he does it again and comes back, increased penalties. for example, a guy like sanchez with the conviction of a felony already would do an automatic ten years behind bars. every time you get sent back but
10:27 am
you sneak back across the border to the u.s., an escalating set of penalties aimed at recidivists. >> jon: the second bill, no sanctuary for criminals act, aimed at cities like san francisco. >> it basically says, we are going to hate you and the wallet. this is where it hurts if you are a politician, you are getting in places like san francisco, chicago, new york millions of dollars in federal grant money, this is as you are going to stop getting that grant money. and there's already a law back in 1996 that made it illegal to be able to be a sanctuary city, the problem is they never put a punishment attached to that law. this institutes a punishment. this is going to pass the house, but it will never pass the senate because democrats have the filibuster. the republicans need 60 votes, they are not going to get it.
10:28 am
all of this is for not. >> jon: all right, the other story we are following, the clock is ticking until president trump's revised travel ban takes effect. new restrictions on travels from six predominantly muslim nations kick in tonight, what are you expecting there? >> the vast majority of individuals seeking to come to the united states from those six countries you identified, have no contacts, meaningful contacts. i don't have relatives here, they don't have a business job offer. to those people will be banned for 90 days from coming to the united states. principally because the countries that were up on your screen there are -- their governments don't help us. in the supreme court did carve out a caveat the other day. people who have a bona fide relationship that can be
10:29 am
confirmed can come to the united states, for example if they have a direct, immediate relative, a father, a daughter, a sibling, they can come to the united states with the proper paperwork and so forth. the problem is, bona fide relationship is rather vague and ambiguous term, the supreme court did not identify what that is. people are going to get busy and rich over this, the immigration lawyers because there are going to be all kinds of lawsuits, cousins can't come but half siblings or stepsiblings can come. it's a mess. >> jon: we will see what happens over the next 90 days. >> heather: coming up, a new concern about senate efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. fear is that it could make the opioid epidemic even worse. what the government needs to do to address the drug crisis. also, dramatic development on north korea to tell you about, with the president's national
10:30 am
security advisor is saying about the threat from kim jong-un and the military options that are now under consideration. as we await, a key meeting between president drop and south korea's new leader. we are live with all of those breaking developments of next. y? i like to dance..... dad, come on. joining my family means he can join navy federal credit union. great rates, 24/7 support. they take good care of you. enough with the questions. he's harmless. open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union. i was always "tpeople don't stare anymore. i never joined in. that wasn't fair to any of us. i was covered. i tried lots of things over the years. but i didn't give up. i kept on fighting.
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>> jon: a fox news alert on north korea's nuclear ambitions with the president's national security advisor h.r. mcmaster now saying the threat is more
10:34 am
immediate and that military options are being prepared. >> the president has made clear to us that he will not accept a nuclear power in north korea and a threat that can target the united states and target the american population. of course, he is equally concerned about our allies in south korea, the south korean population and particular. >> jon: president trump is set to meet today with south korea's new leader who says he stands firmly with the united states against north korea. this comes after american student otto warmbier died after almost a year and a half in a north korean prison. >> activists are hoping the embattled north korean people will be part of that agenda, talks in d.c. today and tomorrow. if you go to north korea as we
10:35 am
have done several times, the geopolitical threat is very much evident and very obvious, we've watched military missiles all presided over by kim jong-un, also in that showcase capital, despite some signs of economic improvement, we have seen a lot of signs of what experts say is the continuing oppression of the north korean people under this current regime. in our first-hand observations and brief interviews with residents, you can't help but sense that the people have little control over what they can do, little control over what they can say. add to this remote, vast political prisons, gulags were tens of thousands of people are still facing torture and forced labor, this was detailed to us this week by a now u.k.-based north korean defector, his name is kim ju-il.
10:36 am
>> many people expected it kim jong-un would do something different, but what he is doing is worse than his father. so many people are disappointed and have no hope. >> as the defector also explained to us, it is tricky to get out of that country, it is dangerous to flee, may be as dangerous as it sometimes is staying inside the country. the death of american college student otto warmbier also underscores the regime, the reason enough for the missile talk discussions to be had about the human rights there as well. >> jon: thank you, greg. >> i'm having a difficult time with the opiate addiction and all the other pressures we have, not getting enough people with the skill sets to get in the workforce to make the economy
10:37 am
if you want to have empathy and simply for someone who got addicted after they worked a tough job and got hurt and addicted because they were over prescribed by a doctor and there are too many products on the market, let's work with them to get them treatment. >> heather: growing concerns about the current senate health care bill, with cuts to medicaid that could impact possibly the opioid crisis. some democrats are saying that it would make the epidemic even worse, joining us now, and addiction expert who runs the recovery program called rebound brooklyn and a psychiatrist and executive medical director. thank you both for joining us. we just heard from senator senator manchin, his estate hit hard by the opioid crisis.
10:38 am
a 91 americans die every day from an overdose, what do we ned to do to stop this crisis? >> we need to be realistic, first and foremost it is a health crisis, not anything the judicial system or incarceration or law enforcement is going to solve. addiction is a mental health issue, there is certainly an element of behavior, there is an element of behavior with lots of different health issues. to just posture morality, that this is a matter of willpower or moral failing is wrong. when we start implementing the values and the knowledge of public health, we will have a much better results. >> heather: currently, the bill has put aside $2 billion to the states to deal with the opioid crisis. ohio is another estate hit hard, the senator there says they need
10:39 am
over 45 billion over the next decade to deal with it. is it a case of drugs being over prescribed? >> it really is a case of drugs being over prescribed, obviously patients i get the drugs can overtake them and they had to have some responsibility, but the physicians have been describing it. 100 million americans have chronic pain and physicians want to help them so we prescribe these but we are doing it in too large of quantities, not working to taper patients off these medications and i think physicians need to change our practice patterns to turn this around. >> heather: it was amazing to me, i was reading at least three major cities, philadelphia, denver, and san francisco are training library employees and how to deal with the drug that will reverse the overdose. if that's how bad it is fun. >> right, it is prevalent in all kinds of systems, librarians, that should not be in their jobs descriptions to revive someone
10:40 am
who is overdose. overprescribing is part of the problem, we all share responsibility in this problem. there are 25% fewer overdose deaths in state with safe and accessible cannabis. that cannot be overlooked. people who are able to circumvent opiate use or replace their opiate use with medicinal cannabis. it is an option that must be looked at. i am currently running a program in los angeles called high sobriety, we use medicinal cannabis for this purpose, to help people not only get off of those opiates, but to stay off of opiates. if there are fewer pills, there are fewer overdoses. >> heather: that is true. in the meantime, maybe those are being helped by the overdoses have been tripled nationwide between 1999 up until 2015. >> it's so out of control that there are more deaths from overdoses than there are from
10:41 am
car crashes, from gun fatalities. it is a real crisis. 91 deaths a day, on average 33,000 a year and is anticipated that if we don't make drastic changes, it is going to go up to as high as 250 deaths a day in the next decade, it is not unreasonable to think there could be 500,000 deaths from opiates and from overdoses. we've really got to get this turned around. >> heather: is more money the answer? that's what we are dealing with right now with the health care bill, is more money the answer, will cuts to medicaid mean more people die as a result of these overdose? >> cuts to medicaid will absolutely mean more people die, it is more cost effective to treat somebody then incarcerate somebody. until our mindset shifts to the point where this is a public and mental health issue and not something that can be incarcerated, that is really the issue here. the issue is also the taxation of alcohol. it is low tax, never pays the
10:42 am
piper, the damage it causes is massive. we can find treatment if , we co this if we have the political resolve. >> opiates lead to $80 billion of cost, lack of work performance, destruction of lives, careers, medical treatment. anything we can do to try to reverse this trend is going to be extremely important, and money is part of the answer. >> heather: thank you for joining us, very important topic, appreciate your insight. if >> jon: fox news alert, national security advisor h.r. mcmaster confirming this afternoon that president trump will meet with russia's president vladimir putin while t the meeting in hamburg next week. the president will also be meeting with german chancellor,
10:43 am
and the leaders of the u.k., china, south korea, japan, and mexico. the iraqi prime minister declaring victory over isis in his country as u.s. forces take back a key compound in mosul. plus, a heart stopping rescue on the streets of that city caught on camera, we will talk with the hero who risked his life to save a little girl, what a next. that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family, and we will be with usaa for life. your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well.
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>> jon: of fox news alert, the iraqi prime minister declaring an end to the isis conflict in his country as u.s. forces reclaim key compound in their last stronghold of mosul. coalitions have captured to the compound, isis blew up the mosque in a desperate attempt to demoralize the troops. yesterday, troops were able to
10:47 am
surround the compound. military officials expect the -- >> heather: hundreds of people in iraq remain without food, without water, with many of their families who can't get out of the city that tried to survive shooting. one worker risking his life and heavy sniper fire to rescue a little girl, watch. the man who made that dramatic rescue is a former u.s. special forces operative turned aid worker and he is our guest today. thank you so much for coming in
10:48 am
to talk to us. take us back to that moment, that was a 5-year-old, 6-year-old little girl? >> yes, ma'am, that was on june 2nd, before that we have seen isis steadily killing more and more people. then we they were all dead, but on the morning of june 2nd, we saw there were still living people back against the wall where isis couldn't shoot them. >> heather: you said it is a bible verse that you actually -- that made you run into that gunfire? >> "greater man, no man than this could lay down his life for his friends." i pray that the americans and iraqis work together, the americans dropped smoke right in front of us, the iraqis gave us a tank.
10:49 am
when we got to that point, it looks like you are going to die crossing that tank out on the open. but i thought if i die right now, my wife and kids will understand that it is for the love of that girl, and that is why i did it. >> heather: amazingly, your wife and three children were there also. >> my wife -- my kids have all grown up, not 20 years in burma. the last three years, we have been in iraq and in syria and my wife and kids were back at the collection point about a mile behind us, where they take care of families that come in for the fighting. >> heather: and you set of other families have to live in those conditions, you didn't see a problem with you going to those conditions and taking your family to try to rescue and help them. >> this is what we feel god has for us, the best we can give our kids. my kids feel like it is useful. we tried to keep them out of the direct fighting, but if a family is there, we can be there
10:50 am
because we are all worth the same amount to god. >> heather: the little girl was hiding under her mother, her mother did not survive. what about the status of the little girl? >> she is doing much better. i called my wife and said honey, go to the collection point and take care of the little girl, she has been with her dead family around her for two days. my wife took care of her and for the next week my wife and another iraqi family took care of her. now, she is in the care of general mustafa. >> heather: thank you so much, god bless you and the group you started. people can find out more information online, thank you very much for your time. >> jon: true american hero.
10:51 am
massive wildfires across the southwest, thousands are fleeing their homes to escape fast-moving flames. >> i was watching it build, was just able to get a couple of important things out. glucerna. everyday progress. trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax.
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>> hi everyone, i'm julie banderas. at the top of the hour we will bring you a white house briefing which will be on camera today. after president trump's tweets with another network's anchors, i don't think you're going to want to miss this one. plus the house at the debate on a couple of immigration bills. and will defense secretary james mattis commit more troops to afghanistan? we will bring you some of the highlights on "america's news
10:55 am
headquarters" ." >> jon: this fox news alert, more than a dozen large wildfires burning across the southwest. crews working around the clock to try to control major fires in utah, arizona, and southern california. >> we are getting to hear what it was like when one of the biggest buyers started almost two weeks ago in southern utah. this has burned 91 square miles and taken out at least 13 homes. it was apparently started by a man that was using a torch to clear weeds around his cabin. it listen to anxious call to 911. >> 911, what is the address of your emergency? >> i have a fire. >> what type of area is burning? >> the forest. >> how big is the fire right now? >> it's big, 50 feet. it's big. we need help.
10:56 am
>> that man could be on the hook for a million dollars in damages. firefighters should get a break today with calmer winds and cooler temperatures. a state of emergency has been declared in arizona, the good one fire has torched 42 square miles. the governor of arizona will tour the fire zone today, unclear how many homes have been lost by thousands of residents had just minutes to grab what they could enter back your way. some tense moments yesterday afternoon in the los angeles suburb of burbank, flames raced down the canyon and came right up to a number of homes, quick work by fire crews saved them all. other fires continue to burn in washington, colorado, and idaho. mostly related to the heat. >> jon: scary times. thank you. >> heather: coming up, president set to depart the white house, heading to the department of energy, mr. trump
10:57 am
will be speaking at the unleashing american energy event. we are waiting for an on camera white house briefing set to start just minutes from now and we will bring you that live. yes, i set on camera.
10:58 am
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>> this is a fox news alert. good afternoon to you. we are awaiting an on camera press briefing today at the white house on what is a very busy day in washington. hello everyone. i'm julie bandares. sarah huckabee sanders will be taking the podium any moment now. we expect another intense round of questions on the travel ban, healthcare, immigration, the controversy surrounding president trump's tweets about another network's cable tv host i most likely believe that will probably lead the newser with reporters biting at the chance of asking her about them. we've got fox team coverage. we have the latest on


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