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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 29, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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bullpen. >> bill: that's it for tonight. i am in for bret baier tonight from washington. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: breaking tonight, the white house claiming two big agenda victories this evening for the president's extreme vetting. which is about to take partial effect in under an hour from now at our nation's airport. also case case law. cracking down, who was shot by a man that was kicked out of our country five times. the president has met with families like hers. >> my son is walking down the street and he shot him dead in the street. >> he was my only child. i want action. >> american safety for people, that's all it's about. >> martha: an important for these families. good evening. here is the story on a
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complicated day for the white house. first, the president's travel restrictions. for six countries that go into effect in part after the supreme court issued stays on the lower courts holds against this law. the president overshadowed his own at mistress and the compliments with a controversial tweet. chief national -- he is at dallas international airport where these are set to take effect outside of washington, d.c. good evening to you. >> martha, good evening. that's what can be so damaging for the president about this tweet storm directed at msnbc host joe scarborough, mika brzezinski. they could overshadow what is a night of some big victories for this president in terms of following through on campaign promises to keep america safe. just moments ago, the house passed two immigration measures that will crackdown on sanctuary cities. less than an hour from now, as he mentioned at dallas airport,
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airports all across america, the president's travel ban will get a green light thanks to monday's supreme court decision. there was a 72 hour pause as you remember to give people a chance to prepare and avoid the confusion and chaos that we saw in earlier versions of this executive order. here's how, just to be clear, here's who is exempt from the latest travel ban from iran, syria, yemen, syria, and sudan. anybody who has what is a bona fide relationship with an american, parent, spouse, children, son-in-law, siblings. those not considered to have a bona fide relationship or grand parents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, fiances, other extended family members. what's interesting is even on the court still is to work out the broader legal questions here in october about the travel ban, democrats are ripping the temporary win for the president while his national security team is saying this is exactly what we need.
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the kind of extreme vetting to keep america safe. >> is a terribly conceived plan to begin with. it's an absolute attack on american values. i don't think it's going to keep us safer. >> terrorists want to bring down aircraft, disrupt the economy, undermine our way of life. and it works. which is why they still see aviation as the crown jewel target. >> meanwhile, as i noted, the house has just passed these two pillars of the president's immigration agenda starting with that law named after -- that will create -- and then there is the no century for criminals act that will block some grants to century cities that don't cooperate with immigration authorities, something the president highlighted a short time ago. >> we are liberating towns. those people are so happy to see our guys, and our guys are a lot tougher than the ms-13
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characters. let's pass these bills to the house, the senate, and send them to my desk. >> critics are going to say tt the president isn't going to get -- we've heard the naysayers say that russia was going to overshadow the rest of the president's agenda, except tonight we are seeing him rack up some victories. martha. >> martha: thank you, ed. here now with more on the band, the new law, and the tweets, bill bennett, most of the podcast and a fox news contributor. good night to you. as is usually the case with the presidency, there is a mixed bag to talk about. what stands out to you? >> what stands out for me is not the ephemeral. to be ephemeral is the tweet. this will pass. critics and haters will say this is what we expected, this is this gross man and all the horrible things they say about him and say every day at msnbc
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on "morning joe" show. the defenders, the supporters, we will shake our heads and say you didn't need to do that. that wasn't necessary, it wasn't right. you stepped on your own great successes. it will be ephemeral, because the lasting effect of the supreme court's decision and the putting in place of this ban plus these laws once they are signed will be really consequential. just a couple comments if i can. on the sanctuary, you could replay the election on the sanctuary city law except it will be a greater effect than even the election. the whole country understands that you cannot harbor these illegal aliens who have committed crimes, serious crimes, and the withholding of funds is perfectly reasonable. if democrats and liberals want to have a fight about that, trump will win hands down. same with "kate's law." it so crazy that these guys can come back and forth into this country and wreak havoc.
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the only thing that i differ with, although the court said 9-0 that the president had the constitutional authority to do this, isn't that interesting? remember, martha, the president announced it, no person of goodwill or intelligence could ever want to do such a thing. well, nine justices of the supreme court said the president has the authority to do that. it doesn't shock the conscience. the only difference is that i don't think it matters so much what country people come from. or what the relationships are. what matters to me is where they stand on the constitution. what to them is superior? the constitution, the laws of this country, sharia law? that's the one that matters the most. what's in their brain, what's in their heart. as we get to venting, that will be the issue that we will find out about. >> martha: what strikes me is
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when you look at the learning curve of this presidency. you go back to the beginning, the initial ban, there is a lot of arguing over what the president wanted to do. it went in on a friday afternoon, there was chaos at the nation's airports. people were stuck for days, so much backlash, that's what prompted this decision we saw out of the ninth circuit court. he slammed it back. he was a tough moment for this white house. now you look at tonight, and we are watching to see if there are protests at these airports, nothing so far. they put it into place in a way that people that are to have their visa to come through. it's interesting, when the principal's pretty much the same in both places, the execution may prove this time to have this go through with a lot less strain. >> maybe no demonstrations because if you stand up and your honesty say i hate trump and he's inhumane ending stomach in
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human, and so are ginsberg and briar, and the other justices. especially the liberals, and so on. because they smiled on this and said in effect this is constitutional authority. i don't think you are going to see these kind of demonstrations because the supreme court earned that adjective, that modifier, supreme. it showed that it understands the constitution in ways that the lower courts do not. they took their job seriously >> martha: i don't ask about the president. we looked at our phones or a computer screen and you read this thing that he put out, you've got to ask yourself what was he thinking? he is president of the united states. he doesn't need -- i think is michelle obama talking about, when they go low, we go high. that might be advice that might be worth heeding for this president.
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>> i have friends who say what they want to do is praise the president, get him to sign things, but learned to sign without his thumbs because they can break his thumbs and he doesn't tweet anymore. this doesn't help. the word all day has been distraction. it distracts from these accomplishments, major accomplishments. plus this huge win with the cnn situation where he's been saying they deliver fake news and boy were they delivering fake news. historically, inaccurate, no president has been vulgar, no president has gone low, i don't approve of it but read the biography of lyndon johnson. he had some pretty -- >> martha: he was pretty crude in many ways. he didn't have social media that was picking it up. thank goodness he didn't, right, for some of those moments. in the white house and other places. >> and what about if andrew jackson had been tweeting
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when he said that his only regret is that he didn't shoot henry clay? that's pretty serious stuff. >> martha: press behavior is no stranger to some occupants of the white house. good to see you tonight. thank you so much, ben. good to see you. >> thank you for much. speak: >> martha: susan rice nol testify on her role in the unmasking of american citizens. we will read that breaking news in a moment. also, the battle rages on as lawmakers raised against the clock to recess. could we have a new plan from the senate? what will it look like and can it happen tomorrow? a completely different type of battle breaking out on twitter between president trump and an msnbc anchor. we just reference to this, we are going to dig into the back story. what happened on the other side that prompted the reaction? when we come back.
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>> martha: back to the story. breaking developments in the russia pro pro. were that susan rice will testify now but before the house intelligence committee as part of their investigation into the
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unmasking of trump officials towards the end of the end of the obama administration. what was going on. it looks like it's going to be a closed-door session. it's going to be very highly anticipated, and it will happen sometime before the august recess. determinants stomach joining us to react juan williams, cohost of the five. good to have you here. let's get right to it. pete, let's get to reaction first. to the news that susan rice, who was asked to testify and said no to that senate intel committee, will now do so before the house committee. >> i'm glad that susan is going to show up. i think congress wants to hear exactly what happened. it's kind of interesting that we are at the point where lindsay graham, you've got rand paul, cannot get an answer to a very simple question. were they targeted, where they unmasked, hopefully we get answers to those questions. hopefully we also get better
4:16 pm
insight into exactly what the russians were planning to do in the 2016 election. we haven't heard that much. >> martha: it's two parts of two important elements. we need understand why they were on masse, if it was proper sheep claim, we need to -- if it's for some other reason, it's not. >> that's true. i think president trump created the pressure for susan rice to testify when he suggested that the unmasking is the real story, not what's going on with russia. >> martha: if the only illegality we know of so far. >> it's not illegal. >> martha: it's not illegal. >> it's illegal if you do it for political purposes. but unmasking happens all the time. >> martha: only given to a small handful of people. >> we don't know who did the leaking. the leaking is what would be illegal, and potentially the unmasking of its done for political purposes would be illegal. but unmasking, and i think people confirm this, unmasking
4:17 pm
is done by top military intelligence and political figures in the white house all the time. >> martha: pete? >> juan is absolutely right. people are unmasked for very specific purposes. the question here is who is unmasked, why they were unmasked. it's going to be very difficult, i think to reach a conclusion that the unmasking was done for illegal purposes. there maybe suspicions, but again, people will look at the same information in two groups may come to very different conclusions. one thing is appropriate, the other saying no, that's illegal. >> martha: the only area of this russia pro that has the potential for a discovery of an illegal act, as we will see what happens when she goes in there and talks to them. let's take a look at what's being said by first the national security advisor, and then the president just moments ago, with regard to the tensions in north korea. watch. >> we can to repeat the same
4:18 pm
approach, failed approach of the past. the president has directed us to not do that. to prepare a range of options, including a military option. >> tremendous discussions tonight. i know you've been discussing with our people some of the complexities of north korea and trade and other things, and we will be discussing them all as we progress. it could be very well late into the evening. >> martha: president moments ago. juan, the situation with north korea is changed in his administration. >> i think right now, given their continued development of nuclear weapons and testing of missiles, i think we are at a critical moment, and part because china has not delivered him up president trump told would be their ability to rein in the north koreans. so you have president visiting today, and it was an interesting dynamic to watch, because he's
4:19 pm
really so different than the last two south korean presidents. he wants to go back to what was called the sunshine policy trying to open relationships with the north, believing that there is an opportunity here for some kind of reproach. even see the u.s. and north korea at a head. he had to really get a feel for what president trump is talking about. and try to set of the president, if there's a military showdown, a lot of south koreans are going to get her to. >> martha: just a few seconds left, but i won't get pete's on that. >> you are making news tonight. juan and i absolutely agree. we have to get on the same page with south korea. we need to get the chinese involved. and then this president needs to reach out to congress to make sure that republicans and democrats are on the same page. juan, great insights, thank you. [laughs] >> it's a first, pete. >> martha: i can feel the love all over the place. thank you. great to see you both.
4:20 pm
president trump taking to twitter, speaking of love, the words that came from the white house fighting fire with fire is how it was categorized. if the dispersion go too far? "morning joe" versus the president. heats up big time tonight. we are going to share what they have set about him, that they have led to this twitter opera so you can decide at home, plus g.o.p. senators working for the night to hash out a new model of this health care deal before their deadline and every buddy takes after the fourth of july tomorrow. we have a definitive report on how to get rid of obamacare. we have the architect on as well. they face off next. not to be missed after this.
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and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. >> martha: capitol hill anxiously awaiting a new version of the senate health care bill. i will not senate majority leader mitch mcconnell hoping he can get past. the clock is ticking down. it looks more and more like they will be catching a plane before they are casting a vote. watch. >> is up to the leadership on the republican side to decide if they want to fix things. >> we are making some progress, but we've gotta make more than we have i will put it that way. >> we cannot be frozen out. >> would be good to replace
4:25 pm
obamacare because it is failing. but if we can't do it alone, then it comes time to work together. >> i want president trump's campaign contract with the american voter to be fulfilled. >> until we get there, i won't really know how i'm voting. >> martha: joining me now, the president of the foundation for research on equal opportunity, and opinion editor, and john gruber, one of the architects and an economics professor at mit. welcome it's great to have both of you with us tonight. you said that this senate bill is one of the best pieces of legislation that you have seen in your lifetime. why, and are they running it with these changes? >> i said if they passed it out will be one of the biggest accomplishments, the biggest by republican congress in my left eye. they talk about entitlement reform, but they have a real chance to do it. and do it in a way that would make health care better for a lot of people. and so we will have to see whether they are able to get that deal together and get those
4:26 pm
50 votes. it's a challenge, because there are a lot of people in republican party on the moderate side who maybe uncomfortable repealing obamacare, and people in the right who aren't comfortable replacing obamacare, they'd rather just repeal it and go home, and that ideological and philosophical differences playing a role. >> martha: stay with me for a moment. rand paul basically says this is a buyout for insurance company. why are we throwing money at insurance companies in the name of stabilizing the market place? they aren't the people that need the money. what you think about that? >> i don't get the buyout of insurance companies at all. i think it's about making sure that sick people and poor people can afford health insurance, which is a goal that republicans in my view should embrace. that's the principle behind the report transcending obamacare as you cited in the teaser. my foundation is all about market-based approaches to coverage. that's what we should be working on. the promise ran policy doesn't
4:27 pm
believe in that part he thinks that it's okay for lots of people to be uninsured and that we don't have the money lying around to do it. we could if we actually reform the health care system and reform atonement there's plenty of money to support covering the sick and the poor.spend more money. we can spend less cover more people. >> martha: what's wrong with what he said jonathan? >> what's wrong is that basically the market by itself cannot provide universal coverage but you have to have government subsidies to make it affordable. take the senate bill. the senate bill in its current form would say that a low income person would qualify for insurance, which would have a deductible of about half of their income. that's not affordable insurance. it would say that a low income 60-year-old would have to pay about six or $7,000 in premiums for insurance for deductibles that could be a third or half of
4:28 pm
their income. that's not affordable. we can debate what support will, 10%, 15% of income. but we can't argue that an insurance product with a deductible half of your income is affordable. so basically what this does is it takes a huge amount of money away for low income people and redistributes it towards the tax cut for rich people. you can't shift that kind of money away from the port to the rich. >> martha: medicaid spinning falls 35% over the next 20 years, so you have a different way of addressing allowing the low earner to be able to have a deductible that they could live with, the gaps in coverage that they can actually pay quite. how? >> it's important to replace the medicaid expansion in of obamacare with tax credits so people can buy private insurance. i would disagree with the least some of the numbers that john throughout there, the premiums will be affordable, but he is right that it's important for the senate to work on making those deductibles affordable as well. at our website, we put on a proposal to do that, to create a block grant that states could use to provide health savings account, or other mechanisms to help those low income people for
4:29 pm
those deductibles. >> martha: why not push it back to the states? why not push back to the states and let them manage the money on their own and find some savings in that program by having it closer to home? >> i have no prom with giving states more control. i think that's fine. the differences you are mixing up state control with cuts. if you're going to push it back to the states you have to have sufficient funding so they can do it and protect a low income people. a massive cut does not give them flexibility. it's just a cut. >> martha: while it's a decrease in the increase in spending over years, it's not a cut out of the gate, it doesn't happen for at least a decade. so they plenty of time to manage that over time. gentlemen, i have to leave it there, but i hope you come back. it's an important debate and thank you very much for being here tonight on "the story." thank you gentlemen. debates in washington like the ones surrounding health care can quickly turn very ugly. one g.o.p. senator wants to change that. drawing on how congress used to
4:30 pm
operate, the senator writes "when i first came to ashley, the culture was vastly different than it is today. it was a level of respect and congeniality among colleagues that was hard to find anywhere else. some of my best friends are delegates. we would yell at each other one minute, the next we would be laughing together over family dinner." joining me now, the senator from utah calling for those big changes, senator hatch. senator, good to have you here. >> nice to be with you. >> martha: the pc wrote caught our eye yesterday, especially in light of all the rough talk that is flying around today. what prompted you to write this? >> when you have too much rough talk, too much division, i will say this. being just 52 republicans and 48 democrats, and from having won the election has created a lot of division among the
4:31 pm
republicans and the democrat. the democrats have had a tough time accepting them, and accepting republicans, the republicans have gotten -- they are not real happy with the democrats. i think part of that is driven by the fact -- we are really associating that much. there's so much pressure on us to travel and to raise money and do all the other things that count, then also the usual discordant issues that come up in the senate. we disagree with each other. but that doesn't mean we have to be disagreeable. >> martha: i know you've said that people used to -- they go to the same schools, live in the same neighbors, but now there are neighborhoods where the republicans and the democrats look. you ever see that changing back to the way it was? >> i think it can. i have to admit that alain and i decided we were not going to come out here without our family, as we brought all six kids back with us.
4:32 pm
because of that, we were able to assimilate into the community. i went home many times, but one of the big things that happen there is that i came back to fight ted kennedy for instance, he was somebody that people in utah despised, and i thought that when i became chairman of the labor community in 1981 underneath president reagan, kennedy became my ranking member from the judiciary committee. i had an edge of 9-7 as far as number of republicans on the committee, but two of them were very liberal republicans. senator from connecticut, and senator stafford from vermont. i went to ted kennedy and said look, i can't run this committee without you. i'm going to need your help. to his credit he leaped out of his chair and said i'm going to help.
4:33 pm
i think he sees the opportunity because he thinks it was a good thing for him, he was a good thing for the country, it was a good thing for the senate. >> martha: do think that's something that can happen with health care in this moment? who is going to lean across the? was the ted kennedy that you can get together with now and come to a conclusion that will make it this health care program better for americans? that's the bottom line. >> there are a lot of really excellent democrats. he's very capable of working with me, he's very smart, very good. but there are a number of others on the democratic side who once let go by the democratic leadership to do a good job. we bring the republicans long and we get along well. we have a lot of bipartisan legislation on that committee, and i see it continuing. >> martha: we will see what continues stomach happens. thank you for joining us tonight, senator. always a pleasure to see you.
4:34 pm
still ahead tonight, a former nfl star admits to sitting in a parking lot with a gun ready to kill the man who was about to walk out of the building. what happened next will shock you. and "morning joe" goes after the president pretty much everyone, calling them embarrassing, calling him a goon. today he bit back. he stirred the hornets nest. that next. >> the criticisms of supporters of the present, this tweet was below the dignity of the audience. where does he draw that line? at johnson's we care about safety as much as you do. that's why we meet or exceed 15 global regulations for baby products.
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after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. >> the president of the united states, mr. trump, has violated any suggestion that he should be trusted with the oval office. and i would argue that our responsibility is not to him.
4:39 pm
but to the american people, and he should resign. >> martha: that was democratic congressman sheila jackson lee calling on president trump to resign after the president added fuel to his ongoing media feud by taking to twitter and knocking msnbc host joe scarborough and mika brzezinski. i heard poorly rated with this. @morning_joe speaks badly of me (don't watch anymore). then how come low i.q. crazy mika, along with psycho joe, came.. mar-a-lago 3 nights in a row around new year's eve, and insisted on joining me. she was bleeding badly from a face-lift. i said no! yuck. those words have gotten various criticisms. msnbc fires back to public statement. it's a sad day for america when the president has petty, personal attacks instead of doing his job.
4:40 pm
the media fired the first shots. >> was the only person that i think, and everybody that works from, i am a woman and i've heard about it multiple times, times, -- >> martha: the show was openly hostile to the president on a fairly daily basis. watch. >> i think he such a narcissist. it is possible that he is mentally ill in a way. if this is on the table, this is okay to say, he's not well, at the very least he's not well. this is unprecedented. to have a president that behaves this way. it's like a developing dictatorship. >> nobody is saying that what donald trump is doing is right, in fact we think it's extra nearly dangerous. >> martha: there you have it. i'm joined now by lisa, president of heinemann studies, and a democratic analyst, both
4:41 pm
our fox news contributor's. let me just ask you this. when you saw this this morning, because i know i felt when i saw it, you start getting -- phone starts blowing up, oh, my gosh. what was your reaction, lisa? >> look i think everyone is wrong here. of course the president shouldn't tweet this out, it's petty and juvenile. we also read msnbc statement, they accused him of lying, spewing personal attacks. it isn't precisely what their anchors to this morning saying that the president was a liar? he's running the country and criticized the size of his hands? the president has every right to be critical of the media. there's a media research center survey out to just recently showing that the media has spent 353 minutes covering the russia probe without a shred of evidence regarding collusion. just recently, cnn forced three employees to resign over a fake news story. another producer was caught on camera saying it was all b.s. and it was for ratings, a contributor said that it was a nothing burger despite saying otherwise on television. i think he has plenty of ammunition here.
4:42 pm
outside of resorting to personal attacks. >> martha: i'm sure that there plenty people who are very close to the president who didn't like this tweet, it gets in the way of the other things he wants to get done, the news tonight was passing the immigration law and the beginning of the implementation of extreme vetting. julie, politically, he feels it works for them. he likes to fight back. does it hurt them, doesn't help them in the long run? >> he is the most powerful man in the world and for him to take on cable news hosts is both beneath his office and is a horrible representation of what we as american stand for. this network, i've been here long enough to know that this network does not always complement your to barack obama, he didn't go after us in personal terms. he never accused any of us of bleeding post surgery. the reality is, this is the president of the united states. he's going out there and discussing somebody's surgery. alleged surgery, i should say.
4:43 pm
there are many bigger issues to discuss. he is a toddler with a phone. my 5-year-old would not behave this way. it's disgraceful to our country and it's disgraceful -- >> martha: you can't defend that tweet. it's in really bad taste. it's not the kind of thing that anybody wants to see coming out of the white house. there are better ways to fight back. there's absolutely no doubt about it. there are better ways to respond to this type of thing. however, this is a very -- this is a unique presidency. it's unlikely to change, lisa. it is unlikely, and i also think that in a couple of days this probably blows over as my guest. just based on what we have seen in the past. so does it help him or hurt him, what's the impact in the end? >> look, i think it's a little hypocritical of people to criticize the president and then use words like buffoon to describe the president. if you're going to hold someone
4:44 pm
to a standard you should also hold yourself to that standard. i do not think this is helpful for the president. i would rather have him focus on something -- energy policy is what he's been talking about this week, immigration laws that the house passed, of course this doesn't help the president, but i do think that he has exposed the media as being biased. and i think that you can look at polling tend to get that. there's a poll showing that a majority of america's stomach americans believe that fake news is out there. they have been more focused on covering narratives as opposed to being -- >> martha: bunny does this kind of thing, he fuels that. they are going to eat it up, it's going to be completely sanctimonious is my prediction. julie, does -- he feeds the beast when he does this. >> sank them his? this network called
4:45 pm
barack obama -- it did, i'm sorry. it did happen. let's look at the record, let's be clear about this. people have their opinions. we have the first amendment. the difference between the rest of us that go on tv and voice our opinions and the president of the united states is that he represents all of us pretty he's a leader of that nation paired >> martha: i agree with you. he should be held to a higher standard. however, the rhetoric that we see every single morning and what this president has dealt with, nobody is justifying -- nobody's justifying that tweet. among other things it's in the worst possible taste. the fact of the matter is that the level of vitriol coming at him is really -- i think it's unprecedented. >> didn't see it towards barack obama? >> martha: not in that way. >> it was not happening in that way. >> martha: in fairness i don't think there are a lot of people outside the white house that are supporting the tweet and sing was a positive thing or that it is good for the president's agenda.
4:46 pm
he seemed republican after -- condemned the twitter or the tweet, saying the president should be doing this. thank you so much. great to see you both. still ahead, a former nfl star admits that he contemplated killing a man. the story behind this next. plus a vatican official faces sexual assault charges. also a u.n. ambassador fires a warning shot to iran in a very forceful message. and the iphone that changed from life, right? that when we come back
4:47 pm
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4:51 pm
the iranian people deserve better. the iranian people know the harm of chemical weapons attack, and so it is sad and horrifying the irony that the iranian route stomach regime supports a dictator in syria that uses these weapons against their own people. >> martha: ten years ago our lives change. the iphone was born. over 1 billion iphones have been sold. it was the most popular smartphone in the world, any pretty much can't go anywhere without it if you're anything like me. this unbelievable story from the nfl tonight. a former football star, the washington redskins, was ready to commit murder over his money manager. trace has the details. high, trace. >> during nine seasons in nfl, clinton portis carried the ball more than 2,000 times and ran for just under 10,000 yards. he is number six all time in rushing yards per game. in 2004, with the washington redskins, clinton portis was the
4:52 pm
highest-paid running back in league history. over his career, portis made more than $43 million and squandered every penny. portis admits he had a weakness for women, cars, and homes. several homes, including one featured on "mtv cribs." buckland portis says the spending was only part of what led him to financial ruin. he blames his financial advisors for investing his money in shady deals or stealing it outright. those advisors were eventually barred from the financial industry, but never saw jail time, and for clinton portis that wasn't justice. so in 2013, just a few years out of football, portis found himself sitting in a car outside a d.c. office building with a gun. waiting for one of his former financial advisors to walk out. portis says he was there to kill, but as "sports illustrated" wrote, "he never pulled his gun because he couldn't put down his phone. the voice on the other line belonged to a television producer he met while he was
4:53 pm
auditioning for reality show. that anonymous producer talked him out of hurting anyone and into turning his life around. portis has since filed multiple lawsuits against his former financial advisors, and is again working as a broadcaster for the washington redskins. he is also eligible for financial coverage as part of the nfl's concussion settlement, but to get the money he'd have to agree to be tested for neurological problems, which he won't do because he's "scared of the results." martha. >> martha: what a story. andrew brandt, former nfl and nba agent, and former vice president of the green bay packers. also the director of sports law at villanova. you know this as -- tell me your thoughts on this. >> this is a cautionary tale. players become businesses. a lot of people come at them.
4:54 pm
they need somebody to protect them from all of these people coming to them. ice to tell all these players it's not what you make, it's what you keep. all these people want to get a piece of the action. it seems like clinton portis couldn't say no. it is unfortunate, because they have money, but it goes fast. these careers don't last forever. players think they are invincible. players think it's never going to end, they are never going to have an injury, they're never going to lose this kind of lifestyle. so it is important for them to be protected. these careers are short, the money has to last. >> martha: it's shocking that people like this can get a hold of these players. part of the story, they opened an account in his name and stole 300-0000 out of it. he's wondering how you can do that and not end up in jail, and i'm wondering that as well. how is that any different than breaking into someone's home and stealing millions of dollars out of it? >> these players are in their early 20s, and those that don't have protection, and by
4:55 pm
protection i made someone looking out for their interest as opposed to their own, there's a lot of people from when they grow up, cousins, uncles, fathers, mothers, wives, girlfriends, all trying to get a piece of what is coming into them and not realizing players are inclined, their default setting is the cs. this financial advisor got access to clinton portis, maybe just talking to them, maybe getting to know them, introduced by friends, some mutual contact. it led to this tragedy where the money's gone and obviously it led to this terrible behavior that did not happen at least. and we just don't know where you can stop this. players need to understand the money can only last so long. they need to be protected. they need to say no, and hopefully agents around them will protect them from people like this. >> martha: we hope everybody heard it. thank you so much, andrew. we will be right back. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid
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5:00 pm
not that we don't have time for the quote of the night, but i promise it will be back tomorrow. we had end of the fourth of jul fourth of july. finish your stories, send me a quote to if you want to see it on the show. we will see you back here tomorrow night. 7:00. tucker carlson coming up right now. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." president trump's travel ban officially went into effect just a few seconds ago. we'll get to that momentarily. but first, this morning, washington melted down. he may have heard about it. not because war broke out or the economy collapsed, works. the president tweeted something nasty about cable news hosts. in case you are returning from new zealand and misty. here's what he wrote. i heard poorly rated @morning_joe speaks badly of me " (don't watch anymore). then how come low i.q. crazy mika, along with psycho joe, came.. mar-a-lago 3 nights in a row around new year's eve, and insisted on joining me. she was bleeding b


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