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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 30, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> shannon: i understand the clubs will get a workout. >> bill: a little here and there, have a great week. >> shannon: youtube, "happening now" "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: a fox news alert from capitol hill where lawmakers are about to head home for the july 4th recess as a republican scrambled to reach some consensus on health care. what do you think? >> heather: i don't know, maybe 50/50. >> jon: conservatives and moderates are still miles apart. welcome to speech me one on this friday. i'm jon scott. >> heather: i'm heather childers. conservatives are working hard and they insist that the republican bill doesn't go far enough then repealing obamacare. that's where they still are. moderates worry about their voters, especially after the congressional budget office estimated that the plan would cost 22 million americans to lose their health insurance over
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the next decade. >> mcconnell is postponing and very damaging. it's not a victory for us. >> heather: john roberts has more. >> we expect to hear president trump in the rose garden. he is the oval office with the president. we expect the president to take a couple of questions as well. what's going on with health care right now, what we are hearing from sources at the white house
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is next week while the congress is on its fourth of july break, the senate will send the congressional budget office a couple versions of the health care repeal and replace bill. the president this morning throwing everything open to a new idea. if republican senators are unable to pass what they're working on now, they should immediately repeal and replace at a later date. this is a nod to rand paul who said this on fox news yesterday. >> what about dividing the bill in two? do the repeal which no democrat will vote for, repeal the taxes, repeal the regulations, reform
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medicaid. take the spending and put it in a bill that the democrats will vote for. there's about 20 different bills throughout the year, stick and i'm one those bills. the president seems open and interested in the idea. >> ben sass who rarely agrees with this president on anything does agree with him, sending him a letter this morning suggesting that the president break health care repeal and replace in two parts. here's what he said earlier today. >> if we don't get this resolved by monday of next week, july 10th, if there is a combined repeal and replace plan, i'm writing a letter to the president urging him to separate them. every republican -- >> in 2015 every current republican senator with the exception of susan collins voted
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to repeal and replace obamacare in a 2015 bill. of course, one of the reasons why they all voted for it is because it had no chance of getting the president's signature. the white house is saying, you voted for this once before and that bill was covered, where new going for this one now? >> heather: if you repeal and then replaced, the question is how does it impact the insurance markets? >> how logistically do you do that? >> jon: republican lawmakers are still trying to reach a deal on health care. >> i do think they'll persevere through this because we have a promise to keep and the promise we made it as we would repeal and replace this health care law. not to mention the fact that the health care law is in the middle of a collapse.
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>> jon: as john roberts reported, president trump agrees with the strategy. glenn hall joined is no. mitch mcconnell and the senators are throwing up their hands, the republik and senators have gone home for the break while they regroup. >> some of them have town halls back home that they change their minds, but they will try to figure out how they can get to a deal if they can get to a deal. as we were just talking about, some of the senators are putting down the market. >> jon: the fascinating thing is this health care bill would not change people who have employer-sponsored health care plans, which is the bulk of the population. >> there are some effects that could impact the employer-sponsored plans, but nothing on the way that we see the impact on medicaid or some of the other parts of the affordable care act that we have
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now. you think about ohio where they have a big opioid problem, there are others who might be swayed by that. there's a lot of dealmaking like that that goes back into what can i get you that's not related to the health bill that gets you on here? >> jon: that's what republicans were criticizing so much. the original arm-twisting that led to the creation of obamacare, the louisiana purchase, the cornhusker kickback. >> less the criticism they are facing is this dealmaking goes on. >> jon: is it likely that mitch mcconnell is going to throw this in? >> what we are hearing is right now, a lot of the debate comes around the taxes that are in the affordable care act. whether they pull them all back or leave some in. you mentioned the opioid money, that might have to come from
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leaving attacks on investments. >> jon: there is a huge story in "the wall street journal" today that one of your colleagues wrote and we want to tell viewers about that in a minute. will give you a tease that suggests that there might have been some collusion between at least friends of the trump campaign, looking for information from the russians just ahead of the election. in the meantime, there is some breaking news, will be taking you to that. fox news alert making remarks on trade in north korea. black with gun hall in a moment. >> thank you very much. we have many of our members, we
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have several of our wonderful leaders here. we are going to be discussing two things mostly and number one would be north korea. we assessed discussed that last lincoln we have a very strong and solid plan. number two will be trained. the trade deal is up and we want to get that taken care of. gary cohn is here, wilbur ross is here and i think that is a very important thing. wilbur, perhaps he would like to say a few things about trade right now and we can leave the media. >> yes, sir, . the trade imbalance with south korea was put into effect in the largest single component
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of that was trade. only 25,000 cars are allowed. that kind of rule making limits quite a few industries. we have a separate problem with steel. there is no domestic market for steel in korea. everything they make is for export. a lot of that is dumped chinese as steel.
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the way to address these problems is a product by product and what we can do to change these export. >> thank you very much. perhaps gary cohn could say a few words about trade. >> thank you mr. president. as you know, much of our biggest problem on trade has to do with our economic relationship with china. we have maintained a very large trade deficit with china and it continues to grow. as wilbur said, china has many predatory practices in the way they deal with us. intellectual property and trade barriers for us.
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we are forced to transfer technology into china, forced to have ventures in china, we have nonterrorist barriers unable to own companies in china as well and we are dealing with all their policies. at some point, we would be interested to hear about your chinese policies and how you can help us in dealing with china's policies. >> thank you very much. the fact is that the united states has trade deficits with many, many countries and we cannot allow them to continue. we'll start with south korea right now. we cannot allow this to continu continue. this is a statement that i make about all trade. for many, many years, the united states has suffered from massive trade deficits. that's why you have trillion dollars in debt. i appreciate very much
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south korea giving very, very big orders to the united states for military. many have 35 fighter jets, they are buying other military equipment that they have never reached before. i also understand you are dealing with alaska, great stat state. we have a lot of natural gas and we love that you are going to do that. things like that will bring down the trade deficits. mr. president, would you like to say something? >> jon: while the president of south korea speaks in korean. you get a sense of what they're talking about there. some arm-twisting around the table there in the white house. president trump and his cabinet are meeting with the president of south korea. saluting him for some purchases that his country is making,
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asking for advice on how to deal with china, trying to get the trade deficit under control as the president's key objective there. will continue to keep our ears on that meeting and let you know if there is more that comes out of it. in the meantime, let's get to the russia investigation. "the wall street journal" reporting that a republican working outside the trump campaign tried to get a hold of hillary clinton's emails, possibly through russian hackers and tied michael flynn to the attempt. this is what we alluded to earlier. glenn hall as our guest from "the wall street journal" ." shane paris wrote this piece, interviewed a guy named peter w smith. who is he? >> he's a private entity guy who has done research for the republicans against the democrats. he was involved in research related to president bill clinton at the time. in this case, he was doing research on hillary clinton and he was trying to find out if he could get his hands on those
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30,000 emails that she deleted from her server that were meant to be personal because he suspected there might be some state department emails and there. >> jon: he put the word out to computer hacker forums, if you've got these emails, we would love to have them. >> that's right. he hired a team of people including russian speakers and experts and they went out to see if they could find any hackers who had found these emails are claimed to have these emails. they identified five groups of which two of those hacker groups were determined to be russian and then they started to see if they could get the emails. >> jon: he also claims that he was working on behalf of or working with michael flynn, right? >> he would invoke michael flynn's name and say i'm talking to michael flynn, i would like to see if i could give us information, that kind of treatment, but he never directly said he was working with michael flynn. >> jon: michael flynn is the fired national security advisor, fired by the trump
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administration about a month into the term. he was a foreign policy advisor to the trump campaign. now you can't go back and double check all this with peter smith because he died ten days after the journal interview. >> that's right, we are not able to follow up with him, but we have been following up with other people who are working with him who had contact with him and we also heard from intel sources that they are looking at the same kinds of things that we've reported on. >> jon: does this say that the trump campaign was colluding with the russians? >> it's hard to say. the trump campaign says if michael flynn was in any way working with peter smith, he was not doing it in an official capacity for the campaign, he was doing it as a private citizen. michael flynn has not answered our questions about that. >> jon: fascinating stuff. i'm sure there's more coming. glenn hall, thank you. >> heather: so far, smooth sailing apparently at airports
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as president trump's travel ban went into effect yesterday. hundreds gathered at union square in new york city to protest the new rules. watch. >> they are shutting the door on refugees. underlying credit -- this is unconstitutional and something we will keep fighting. >> heather: doug mckelway is alive with the latest. >> it continues to be all quiet here at the international airport, one of the main gateways for immigration into the united states and the 21st century. that door behind me, it's now closed. new international drivers have now gone through customs before they enter the baggage claim area. we've seen no conflict whatsoever since the program went to an effect formally at 8:00 p.m. last night.
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protest seems to be happening at nonairport areas like you just mentioned. organizers there is an honor and email notification then said donald trump does not get to decide who is family and what is love. the supreme court obviously has decided otherwise, given the administration wide latitude to determine what the court has called a bona fide relationship. the initial state apartment guide sent out to embassies and conflicts the world over on wednesday allows people to produce those six designated countries to come to the u.s. if they have a parent, spouse, child, son or daughter or sibling in the united states. lastly the state department added a new category to that list, the category of fiance. legal challenges are already beginning to be mounted. hawaii petitioned a federal judge late yesterday to block the band. hawaii wants to be included among the most eligible visitor
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visitors, and parents, grandchildren, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins. jeff sessions spoke on fox and friends this morning and is confident that will be rejected. >> they were slapped down by the supreme court, they had an initial victory in hawaii that issued an order that bound the whole of the united states which is really an overreach in my opinion, except in the most extreme circumstances and i believe that this argument will be heard and i don't think it will be sustained either. >> lastly, iran's foreign minister saying that the travel ban is a truly shameful exhibition of blind hostility to all iranians. >> heather: he tweeted some thing about grandparents not be
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allowed to see their grandchildren. thank you so much. >> jon: right now, senate republicans are deadlocked on health care and our next guest says president trump should take a page from president obama if he wants to fulfill any campaign promises. will ask why. plus another tweet from the president and his ongoing battle with morning joe hosts joe scarborough and mika burzynski after the two responded in a scathing op-ed this morning. >> i don't see that as an appropriate comment. what we are trying to do around here is improve the tone and civility of debates. this doesn't help do that. whoooo. looking for a hotel that fits... ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over 200 sites to find you the hotel you want at the lowest price.
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how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. >> heather: with the president's agenda stalling in congress,
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"the wall street journal"'s dan henniker suggests it may be time for the president to go it alone in an op-ed that he wrote this week, he said that mr. trump has to be wondering whether he would be better off with his version of the obama presidential model. that may require separating himself from the republican party disabled by a permanent blocking minority with no interest in governing. dan henniker is on "the wall street journal" editorial board. he is a fox news contributor as well and he joins us. thank you for joining us. obviously the question of that first part would be, you want him to do the exact thing that everyone criticized president obama for doing. >> i don't want him to do that because it would result in more centralized presidential power and the executive branch we want to push things back into the states. you want congress participating in the governing of the country. >> heather: this to be leading by executive order. >> at the moment, congress is not participating.
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it's the gang that couldn't shoot straight, never talking about taking it for another year. at that point, the president has got to think of his own self-interest. he is the one who's going to be regarded as successful or failing in what barack obama did was pull away from the congress and start running the government by executive order. he is already had steve mnuchin and gary cohn doing that with financial regulations. he gave a speech the other day, he is going through more energy d regulations. these are things you can do himself. unless the congress republicans start showing that they are on his team, he is going to decide i'm on my own and start acting the way obama did. >> heather: there are a lot who appear -- susan collins said she will not support his idea. there are others.
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ted cruz, rob portman, rand paul, mike lee, and of course, john k-6. while we know that they have been vocal about not supporting the ideas, your reasons for why they're doing that are slightly different. they were imperfect, but they were building blocks towards revising obamacare. there were going to give more authority to the governors, they were going to put a cap on medicaid spending, this was something they were going to allow it to be done over the subsequent years. there seems to be a permanent blocking minority in both the house, that was a freedom caucus, and in the senate, both conservative and moderate republican senators were unable to get past go in the result of the moment is no legislation. the way politics works, if you
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fail, then you're going to get tagged with that failure. republicans are running the risk now of taking ownership. they said obamacare is collapsing, they are taking control of the collapse. >> heather: a lot of our viewers and readers agree with you. ron emerson says, the day of careers of politicians is numbered for all americans for people with real jobs not working politicians. rich zimmerman said he better not >> republican parties self identity, what do they stand fo for? the idea that they're going to push this out suggests that they're going to push it into the legislative calendar for tax reform and if they could into health care reform, how are they
8:27 am
going to be doing the heavier list of tax reform? i'll make one more quick point. they're talking about keeping the 3.8 surcharge. the democrats will run that argument right at them when they start talking about reducing taxes on business. they put themselves in a really deep hole at this point. >> heather: speaking of being in a tough position, which talk about this. joe scarborough and mika burzynski blasting president trump and "the washington post" as you expected for his controversial twitter rants about them. they also talked about it on their morning show. what's your response to that? >> the most unfortunate thing hasn't not do much to with mika, but donald trump. he did the tweeting on the same day he was giving a speech on energy policy. that was a very significant, almost no coverage, but it was a big deal.
8:28 am
he was talk about deregulating energy markets, allowing the shipment of more national gas, and he's raising the idea of energy dominance. what that means is because of our export of national gas, we are establishing trade relationships with other countries that are now dealing with russia. it would lower russia's influence and allow the united states to become the dominant player in world energy market. it got completely overrun by that tweet. i think the president damaged himself more than anything else. >> heather: even today, he tweeted again today and you see the president of south korea at the white house and reporters asking president trump about his tweets. it's a sad situation. >> the president is called the master of messaging. he's got a terrific message about what he's doing as president, but you can allow this sort of thing to back out
8:29 am
the good messages. >> heather: john, thank you so much. >> jon: some new information about the deadly gas attack in syria that killed dozens and inspired eight u.s. tomahawk missiles strike in response. >> people who drop chemical weapons on innocent people should be held accountable. i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. now i can start relaxing even before the vacation begins. your summer vacation is very important. that's why has great offers up to 40% off now through july 4th. find great deals now at booking.yeah!
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>> jon: it's president trump
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versus the media again. he is taking heat for his twitter insults of msnbc's mika brzezinski, but that's not stopping him from firing another volley. they postponed a vacation day to go on air this morning. >> we have to talk about it now because it explains the relationship and is really strange obsession with this show and in particular, his disturbing obsession with mika. we got a call that the "national enquirer" was going to run a negative story and donald is friends with the guy who runs the "national enquirer" ." they said if you call the president up and you apologize for your coverage, then he will
8:34 am
pick up the phone and it basically spike the story. >> jon: here is today's job from the president, watched a low rated morning show for the first time in a long time. fake news. he called me to stop a "national enquirer" article. i said no. dad show. let's involve our medial media. the top of your head reaction, what do you think about the president's tweets? >> they are not only beneath the president, there beneath basic human decency. he's attacking attacking a woman based on her looks basically saying she had a bad facelift and was bleeding heavily. she disputes this. it's unacceptable. the idea that the president is going on about this, it's
8:35 am
troubling. he has an erotic personality that he can't control his worst impulses. he's sitting there with twitter by himself saying these things. no one is giving him any advice and he's tweeting anything. i don't know if there's much more to say other than that it's completely inappropriate and it's distracting from any part of his agenda. he wants to repeal in place obamacare. the effort of passing obamacare took a lot of work by the president and i think on doing it is going to take the same amount of work and you don't see that attention to detail right now. >> jon: i'm not sure if you're plugged in and listening during the interview with dan had a girl from the wall street journal, he said the same thing. he said yesterday could have been a big day for the president and no one is talking about that because of these tweets. >> there is no one to blame but himself. news is news. right now, we would be talking about something else if there
8:36 am
was a bigger story. it's not just the gravity of the last tweet on this that president trump sent out, he is confirming to the public, he is in a dispute with joe over who called who or if a call occurred, which the president of the united states sitting in the white house brokering a story to go into the "national enquirer" because that's what trump said in that tweet. he said joe called him about the "national enquirer" story. scarborough said that call never happened. why is president trump, with all he has to do with his agenda, even entertaining a call, even tweeting about a call that he somehow is planning coverage in the "national enquirer"? that is why you need to be worried about how the president is spending his time and who is letting him not understand who cannot get through to him, maybe his wife, his children, someone
8:37 am
get through to him. he has no one to blame for himself. when all is said and done, we have to look at the bigger picture than yesterday, stories will be written about the trump agenda. if he wants to have it get even more stories, he is the one that's gobbling up all the oxygen. >> jon: jason chaffetz knows how things work in that town. he was on "fox & friends" this morning and said the president needs to follow the straight and narrow, here he is. >> the president is being debated, i just don't want him to take the bait. i went to put a sticker on his computer that says if it feels good, don't do it. because i know it feels better to do that, but he needs to rise above this. quite frankly, i think that tweet was below the office of the presidency and the best way to fight back against the liberals is to pass legislation,
8:38 am
draw attention to the fact that chicago has had 1700 shootings. the president has the ability to move the camera in a certain direction and rather than using those tweets to take on personal attacks on individuals, put it on subject, talk about "kate's law," talk about these things. that's what i like to see him do. speak out may i jump in on this one? the front page of the "chicago sun-times" today was, even took president trump six months to do it, he did send in 20 extra agents to help in chicago. things do get covered. >> jon: things don't get covered when the president is issuing tweets as he did yesterday. and today. >> i was done on capitol hill and 90-95% of the questions down there were about this situation. are they going to get together, what are the details of the policy. a lot of interesting stuff going on. and terms of the actual national conversation, we do see the
8:39 am
president has the ability to grab attention. he can determine what we are talking about. the bully pulpit is powerful. i thought it was an interesting contrast. i woke up yesterday and looked at my tweets, i saw a tweet by eric erickson saying the president could draw attention on twitter to this really horrible situation in europe where parents have lost their right to try and get health care for their child. the european courts at its best for the child. the president is tweeting about an alleged facelift for mika brezinski and try to humiliate her. it's really sad. it is not normal and you don't see anyone on capitol hill stopping him. only the trump lackeys have been able to defend this one. >> jon: it does make me wonder, does his base even like this kind of thing? i would guess most of his base supporters are not watching morning joe. >> you have a point, i don't
8:40 am
know. there are some who will tell us that he does a lot to rally the base. he was in iowa recently. a lot of what he does is for that. i sense that he has so much he could do to keep his base engaged, even out other tweets. whatever his reason, he could keep his base engaged by addressing a multitude of issue issues. this one as everybody is saying, it went too far beneath the dignity and moreover, it's self-inflicted. you cannot blame the media, you can't blame anyone but president trump for being the biggest distraction to his own agenda when he puts out tweets as provocative are the ones he's doing. he's taking the bait, he is not being baited anymore than any public figure in the course of a day may be. you see stuff you don't like, people say things. people get a little more ability
8:41 am
to brush it off. he has not gotten that ability. no one to blame but himself. >> jon: and the large picture that's on our screen, we're looking at the white house rose garden. president mona south korea is in town for bilateral meetings with president trump. they're concluding those right now in the into leaders will emerge from the white house and have a joint news conference. they'll make some customary statements about what they discussed in the progress thereof and then there will be time for press questions and that's where it is going to get interesting. this is not a full-blown press conference, but we will be hearing from the president. i want to say thanks -- here come members of the cabin and it appears. want to say thanks to john and lynn for our media discussion. it will be back with more coverage in just a moment.
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>> jon: fox news alert, waiting rose garden remarks of the white house from president trump and president moon jae-in of south korea. obviously, there is an awful lot for the presidents to discuss right now, not only the bilateral trade agreement, but the two are renegotiating. also, north korea and how to handle kim jong-un and his murderous regime, especially in the wake of the death of the young college student, otto warmbier who returned from 17 months and attention in north korea in a coma and then died just after arriving in the united states. it appears that you presidents are emerging now from the white house to the microphones. there'll be a joint statement and an all likelihood likelihood, questions afterward from the press. let's listen now to president trump and president moon. >> thank you very much. melania and i are honored to
8:46 am
welcome president moon of south korea. and his lovely wife to the white house. mr. president, let me be the first to congratulate you on your election, tremendous election victory and also, the people of south korea for providing such an incredible example of democracy for the world to see. it was very exciting. congratulations. this morning, president mona and vice president pence laid a wreath at the korean war veterans memorial to commemorate the 67th anniversary of the korean war. it's a beautiful ceremony. we will never forget that americans and koreans bravely fought and died together for a free korea. to the korean and american veterans of that war, great
8:47 am
people. we are eternally grateful for your service and for your sacrifice. more than six decades after our partnership was forged in the fires of war, the alliance between the united states and south korea is a cornerstone in peace and security in a very, very dangerous part of the worl world. the link between our countries cemented in battle is now also tied together by culture, commerce, and common values. together we are facing the threat of the reckless and brutal regime and north korea, the nuclear and ballistic missile programs of that regime require a determined response. the north korean dictatorship has no regard for the safety and
8:48 am
security of its people or its neighbors, and has no respect for human life, and that's been proven over and over again. millions of north koreans own citizens have suffered and starved to death. the entire world just witnessed what the regime did to our wonderful otto warmbier. i think president moon for expressing his condolences on the travesty of otto's death. our thoughts and our prayers remain with his wonderful famil family. the era of strategic patients with the north korean regime has failed. many years, it has failed. frankly, that patience is over.
8:49 am
we are working closely with south korea and japan, as well as partners around the world on a range of diplomatic security and economic measures to protect our allies and our own citizens from this menace known as north korea. the united states calls on other regional powers and all responsible nations to join us in implementing sanctions and demanding that the north korean regime choose a better path and do it quickly and a different future for its long-suffering people. our goal is peace, stability, and prosperity for the region. but the united states will defend itself, always will defend itself, always, and we will always defend our allies. as part of that commitment, we
8:50 am
are working together to ensure a fair burden sharing and support of the united states military presidents stomach presence. we are also working to create a fair and reciprocal economic relationship, from when the u.s., korea trade deal was signed in 2011-2016, you know who signed it, you know who wanted it. our trade deficit with south korea has increased by more than $11 billion, not exactly a great deal. i was gratified to learn that the new investment south korean companies are making in the united states. this month, jane eyre is sending its friendship of american
8:51 am
liquefied national gas to south korea and a deal worth more than $25 billion. it's great. we will do more to remove barriers to reciprocal trade and market access. we talked last night and today about some tough trade issues, like auto and steel and i'm encouraged by president moon's assurances that he will work to create a level playing field so that american workers and businesses and especially automakers can have a fair shake at dealing with south korea. south korean companies sell cars in america, american companies should have that same exact privilege. i'm sure it will be able to work that out. in addition, i've called on
8:52 am
south korea to stop enabling the export of dumped steel. these would be important steps forward and our trading relationship, very important steps. they have to be made. not fair to the american worker if they are not. and they will be. our teams are going to get to work on these issues and they are going to sign a deal that's great for south korea and great for the united states. mr. president, i'm thrilled that you are here today and deeply honored that you choose to go to the united states as your first foreign trip as president. i greatly enjoyed our dinner last night and the many productive discussions that we have already started having today. i look forward to working with you for many years to come, to strengthen our alliance, protect our citizens from common
8:53 am
threats, and deep in the enduring of friendship between americans and the great people of south korea. thank you very much. thank you. [applause] >> when i was elected president last month, president trump was the first foreign leader to give me a congratulatory call. after going through such a tumultuous journey, the korean people finally achieved victory.
8:54 am
president trump -- once again, let me take this opportunity to thank you mr. president and the american people. in my first foreign conversation with president trump last may, he came across a mandate of determination and pragmatics leaving me a powerful impression. yesterday and today, i had a candid and lengthy conversation with president trump and i was able to prove myself right. from developing the alliance, resolving the issue to building lasting peace on the korean peninsula, i am from that president trump's unwavering commitment and we were able to build a broad consensus.
8:55 am
during my visit this time, president trump and i agreed to forge a friendship as well as deep mutual trust. as we endeavor to tackle new challenges ahead of us, this will give us a solid foundation to rely on. president trump and i agreed that only strong security can bring about genuine peace. we will combine defense posture and concurred to strengthen our overwhelming determination. the threat and provocation by the north will be met with a stern response. the greatest challenge confronting our two nations is the nuclear and missile threat posed by north korea. president trump and i decided to place a top priority on addressing this issue and coordinate closely.
8:56 am
to this end, our two leaders employ both at sanctions and a comprehensive approach and based on this, we both will seek a fundamental resolution of the north korea nuclear problem. the north korean nuclear issue must be resolved without fail. north korea should by no means underestimate the firm commitment of korea and the u.s. in this regard. i also urge pyongyang to return to the negotiating table. national security leaves no room for either compromise or concession. the u.s. and president trump firm resolve is noted. we will strive to strengthen defense capabilities by pursuing
8:57 am
defense reform, build up its own capacity to defend itself. as we undertake these endeavors, i hope we will gather. second, economic partnership between our countries, foreign and essential pillars for future elements of the alliance. we both agreed on this. economic growth and job creation were promoted to ensure our people enjoy greater mutual benefits through the collective supports where making. the third, as we fight against terrorism and other global challenges together, the alliance has agreed and will broaden and develop into a global partnership. as we move forward, our two nations will work toward establishing high levels of competition mechanisms. to make it happen, concrete actions will be formulated and
8:58 am
close -- i would like to take a moment to convey my heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the american people and aggrieved family grieving over the death of otto warmbier. i deeply sympathize with americans who are saddened that they were not able to defend their fellow citizen. as a former human rights attorney myself, i am extremely aware of the significance of human rights at the universal value of humanity. to make sure such tragedy never repeats itself, our two nations will cooperate within the community of nations to promote human rights and north korea. i also invited president trump to visit korea this year and he graciously accepted my offer. mr. and mr. trump mrs. trump'so north korea will develop a
8:59 am
friendship. your visit will become yet another milestone in defining our partnership. once again, mr. president, i extend my sincerest gratitude to you in the first lady for such a warm. thank you. [applause] >> take care everybody. >> jon: that's kind of interesting. as i mentioned, at the outset, typically in these situations, when there is a bilateral meeting between two heads of state, the press from each country is offered to questions. those are then answered the participating leaders. that's not going to happen in this particular case. no questions and therefore no
9:00 am
answers. >> heather: perhaps it happened earlier. >> jon: we will continue to cover the north korean presidents visit, i'm sorry, south korean presidents visit. "outnumbered" starts now. >> sandra: fox news alert, can they make a deal? the clock ticking fast for a public and senators trying to reach a deal on health care. before leaving town for the fourth of july break, this is president trump suggesting another path for lawmakers if no deal is reached. this is "outnumbered" coming here today, meghan mccain, cohost of fox and friends weekend, abby huntsman is here, former national security staff are under presidents bush and obama, gillian turner, and today #oneluckyguy, from fox business network, the host of making money with charles payne, charles payne himself and his outnumbered.


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