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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 30, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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answers. >> heather: perhaps it happened earlier. >> jon: we will continue to cover the north korean presidents visit, i'm sorry, south korean presidents visit. "outnumbered" starts now. >> sandra: fox news alert, can they make a deal? the clock ticking fast for a public and senators trying to reach a deal on health care. before leaving town for the fourth of july break, this is president trump suggesting another path for lawmakers if no deal is reached. this is "outnumbered" coming here today, meghan mccain, cohost of fox and friends weekend, abby huntsman is here, former national security staff are under presidents bush and obama, gillian turner, and today #oneluckyguy, from fox business network, the host of making money with charles payne, charles payne himself and his outnumbered.
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>> charles: this is texas longhorn. i gave a speech at san antonio two weeks ago. >> sandra: we've got some news to get to come is let's get started. fox news is told they don't expect any breakthroughs in the senate today on the health care bill. what they do expect to happen is that senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell will send a revised plan to the cbo next week for scoring. this is president of the suggesting an alternative approach. tweeting every public and senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately repeal and then replace as a later date. mike emanuel breaking it all down for us today. he joins us live from capitol hill. >> good afternoon to you. nebraska senator ben sasse sent a letter to president trump along those lines writing on the current path, it looks like republicans with their failed to pass any meaningful bill at all or will instead pass a bill that
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pops up much of the crumbling obamacare structures. we can and must do better than either of those because they make and people deserve better and because we promised better. he has come up with a plan b. step one, republicans to repeal obamacare through reconciliation immediately upon return. it would include a one-year implementation implementation delay. step two, congress should cancel the august break and spend all day every day crafting a replacement bill for a vote on labor day. he laid it all out this morning on "fox & friends" ." >> we need repeal, we need replace, trying to do them together hasn't seemed to work. maybe it will of the next week or week and a half. i would be willing to compromise on stuff that would be my ideal. >> mitch mcconnell has not given up, still trying to find a path to 50 votes to pass a bill. his initial g.o.p. proposal has gotten more scrutiny. the congressional budget office says it will trim the growth of
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medicaid spending. a35% reduction by 2036. it would come in 26% current la law. another top g.o.p. leader told fox they are still summoning ideas. >> i think there will be various proposals, pieces submitted to the cbo to get their feedback and what the impact to going to be with respect to coverages and costs. >> top democrats, no surprise or telling republicans they should give up this effort. >> i suggest to my friends on the other side, there is no tweak or change or modification that will fix what's wrong with this are public and health care bill. the core of the bill is the problem. >> after seven years of campaigning on repeal and replace, all republicans i talked to say they must get something done, it is not clear what will get to 50 votes.
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back to you. >> sandra: like, thank you. >> charles: well played. >> sandra: ls give the big question, with a stud my limit, will something it done? >> charles: nothing will get done today. here's the biggest problem. there's one word i run to republic ends on this, replace. remember when this whole thing started, they said we were going to repeal obamacare, people hated it. maybe it was a consultant. someone said make sure you say repeal and replace so they got caught up into this notion and they join the democrats. the government has to be this deeply involved in our health care system. here's their problem. they've taken a paternalistic approach to this. you have to be paternalistic. that means numbers don't often matter like the cost savings and
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all the other wishy-washy things that make these entitlement programs uncontrollable have taken effect. i love president trump's tweet about repealing, but i bet it goes nowhere. >> gillian: i see two-timing issues here. is this going to get to the senate after the july 4th recess and will move on to the committee coming for us and what happens there? then there's the long term issue to get to charles point. this has been damaging for not just the president, but the entire g.o.p. platform because as we all know, legislation tends to have a domino effect. the momentum you build and your first couple hundred days really propels you forward. the first four years or maybe eight years and i think this has put a little bit of a stink in the ground. they can focus on tax reform
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until they get this done. >> sandra: the president made it clear that would not be easy. >> meghan: i saw susan collins last night and she doesn't sound like a woman who's going to get to gas. if you are the things mike lee and rand paul are saying, doesn't sound like a bell get ts either. that's three senators right there. i'm losing hope and optimism every day that this thing will get through. lindsey graham warned colleagues, he said just because we made a promise doesn't mean we have to pass a bad product. i think that sums it up. we don't have to pass a bad product. i've never understood the arbitrary timeline. they said monday there's no chance that we would pass before the fourth of july weekend. i think we're making a mockery of this entire thing and those of us who advocated for president trump to cross the country on the premise of repeal and replace, this is embarrassing. i think were going to blow this. >> abby: it they senate they have the power they would repealing a place obamacare.
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there's no wiggle room. you either need to get those votes from moderate republicans or the more conservative ones, but i don't know if you get everyone on either side. it's a really tricky situation. i don't have a lot of hope that it will get done. at least anytime soon. i also think that there's a communication problem. i think the american people are necessarily sold on this new plan. you can scare them by the cbo report and say 22 million or whatever the number is will be uninsured. i don't think the president has a real responsibility to communicate that message. say what you will about obamacare and president obama, but he believed in that when he came into office. he spoke about this 30 or 40 times to help them understand it was, why he believed in it. we need to hear more from the president on why he wants this. >> charles: former president obama had town halls, he went on the country, he pushed. at the end of that, he kicked back last-second bills to make it work. that's the irony of this.
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if it does get done, because you are right, they are total opposites. the irony of all of this is the most passable legislation, moderate republicans and a handful of democrats. joe manchin and went into others, that's the crazy irony of all this. let's get to the real problem, medicaid. when these republican governors said we take medicaid expansion, they have created -- if you add federal funding to state budgets on average, is 20% of the average state budget, that's more than secondary elementary and higher education. they have accepted this money and they are afraid of their gravy train running out. >> sandra: if i made to back up point, the latest poll from wednesday shows is one in five people only approve of the senate bill. >> sandra: are we at the point where we are talking about just seeing if they can pass
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something just to pass it? >> meghan: part of the problem is this has been done and backroom deals, very quietly, very hush-hush with mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. from day one, i never understood that. all they're doing is giving democrats more ammo to fearmongering across the country saying we're going to throw ladies off a cliff, people are going to die if obamacare -- blatant lies obviously. i don't know what the endgame is because they screw this up quite warily. i don't feel terribly optimistic that we are going to end up repealing and replacing. what happens ultimately when it does implode, especially in states like arizona, it's going be cataclysmic. >> abby: at one of the bank's mistakes president obama did was passed down straight party lines, not getting anyone's approval from the other side of the aisle. i think it's healthy to have that conversation. joe manchin said he wants that deal. he's one of the only ones that's willing to. >> charles: let's have those co, but also let people understand
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the insurance markets. >> charles: lecture member why they're empowering the first place and give the american people in mind. they want to get rid of this thing and start over. >> sandra: president trump's temporary travel ban kicking in last night after the supreme court gave the green light to key provisions early this week. the new legal challenge and whether this version can get tied up in the quarter yet again. plus, the house lawmakers coming through it and a big way on immigration. in another measure cracking down on century cities. what we can expect from the senate and what it means for president trump's agenda having moderate to severe plaque psoriasis is not always easy. it's a long-distance run. and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for nearly 10 years. humira works inside the body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear
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>> meghan: fox news alert, a scaled-down version of president trump's temporary travel ban is taking effect last night. just days after the supreme court improved key provisions of the ban. the new rules tighten visa policies affecting citizens from six major muslim nations. people from those countries who needed new visas will have to approve a close relationship with their family or existing relationship with an entity like a school or business in the united states. citizens of those countries already have visas will be allowed into the united states as per usual.
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meantime, hawaii following a legal challenge. jeff sessions says the high court's approval should stand. >> it's an act as an attorney general. they were slapped on the bed supreme court. they had an initial victory before a judge in hawaii who issued an order that bound the whole united states which is an overreach, and my opinion, except in the most trim circumstances. >> meghan: i want to start with you, charles. i remember during the initial travel ban, i was at home and i turned on the news in a room or the absolute chaos all over the television, going on twitter. the travel ban was enacted again last night and i don't see it anymore on the news. >> charles: the supreme court says this is legit and that was the right proper pushback. it wasn't put together in a
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smart way either. there's a lot of mistakes that were made that could have been avoided. that added to the frustration and the negativity of it all. look at those countries that we had on there. do we have an honest-to-goodness vetting system? does anyone know who those people are? this is not mean-spirited, this is common sense stuff. >> meghan: jillian, i know this is an issue you love talking about. the word ban was what people were caught up on, the muslim ban, the rhetoric during the election. >> abby: >> gillian: just to be, the president use those terms. people tend to forget that president trump invented that turn of phrase. it's not a weapon that people are using against the president. they're fighting him. i've been against the travel ban
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from a policy perspective. i don't think it's going to get to where we need to be to make the country safer which is my main priority. i wanted to give kudos that this worked better this time because the rollout was planned in advance. the p.r. side of this was locked down tight. state department, department of justice, homeland security, all knew what the policy was before it was announced and they knew what they had to do to implement it smoothly and that's why we are not seeing it blow up. we didn't see it at 8:00 last night. >> abby: there were flights coming in when they put this ban in effect. when they arrived here, what were they supposed to do? you had people, people who had diabetes, that were sick and stuck in these rooms for hours on end, what do you do? i agree with that, there is more thought put into this rollout. >> meghan: part of the problem
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people are having now is what a bona fide family connection means and what we've in many instances that it doesn't make a difference if you are a family member or not. i believe the orlando shooter is one of them. >> gillian: it's a little bit arbitrary to define family members based on their relationship on paper, it's a sticky business. there is no way to guarantee that a brotherly or sisterly or because of the relationship is any stronger or more likely -- there is no way to evaluate people's credibility based on their relationship. >> sandra: going back to charles, it doesn't make us safer? >> gillian: what deaths does do what this does do is make then take a breath, give them a few
9:19 am
minutes to evaluate the existing policy and see how they can mak, what they did in the first instance with the freeze on people from these countries coming in, i think it was an overreaction. this is much more reasonable. weather makes a safer, i don't know. i hope it does. >> meghan: meantime, lawmakers and on taking action on to a president trump makeover campaign promises. "kate's law" was passed which toughens penalties on criminals to return to the united states. it's named after kate styling, the woman shot to death by a felon who was deported five times. they also passed a bill that denied federal government money which refused to enforce her gratian laws. the bill now most of the senate. president trump saying it's high time sanctuary cities get penalized for releasing criminals back into the streets. >> these vicious and disgusting
9:20 am
and horrible ms-13 gang members and we are getting them out, we are getting them out. [applause] i'm calling on all lawmakers to but the safety of american families first. send them to my desk, i will give you the fastest approval, that you have ever seen. >> meghan: i'm against sanctuary cities for a lot of different reasons, but you need to explain to me why it, and apartment, i can't have a sink's race they were you taxes. i think the whole concept is ridiculous. >> charles: the concept that these local municipalities and states can defy federal law? yeah, that is ridiculous. although we do want to make sure that local areas can make their own judgments on lots of things. having said that, this is a national security issue as well. this wouldn't be a problem if
9:21 am
there weren't so many illegal immigrants who have committed vicious, heinous crimes and the reason they were here in the first place is the red carpet was rolled out and a flashing light says come on in from these cities where they can seek shelter and be harbored. that's scary stuff for native americans. people who were born here, we want to keep the plaque in the statue of liberty. i think that's the essence of america. we need to be smart about it. >> sandra: the president gave him kudos on highlighting a very serious problem is happening in this country and the city of chicago which is called a century city. crime and killings in chicago have reached such epidemic proportions that i am sending an federal help. 1,714 shootings in chicago this year. he tweeted that earlier this morning. highlighting a very serious problem, but to me, as we talk about this getting past, "kate's law," is it shocking to you that you don't see this getting covered in a bigger way?
9:22 am
this could be considered quite a victory for the president. >> abby: i'm usually somebody who is cautious about making immigration and national security issue. when it comes to cases like this like kate steinle's case, so obvious. it seems like something that undoubtedly affects the safety of americans. i think when it comes to preventing people from illegally reentering the country multiple times after they've been convicted of crimes, that's a no-brainer. >> abby: that's also a win for kate starley's family. who knows what they've been through, but she died two years ago tomorrow. this still has to go through the senate. as you said, the coverage of this, you would think would be talking about this a lot more within the mainstream media, but there hasn't been a whole lot of
9:23 am
folks. this should be what we are talking about because were president trump, he talked about this very early on in the campaign. he focused on health care, repealing and placing obamacare, and veterans, and keeping this country safe. a big part of that was fixing our immigration policy, so for him, this is big. i think it's important for all countries to take a step back and say this is just common sense, let's get back and realize that for a minute and move on. >> charles: another thing, a lot of veterans say it's dead on arrival in the senate. i went home that night and told my wife about this story, a 21-year-old kid working at a convenience store for 5 years, he had big plans, big dreams, and some guy comes in, once to buy a pack of cigarettes, and throws a jar of coins on the thing and the kid is counting the coins and the guy says give me the cigarettes.
9:24 am
he pulls out a gun, he gets the cigarettes and shoots him in the face. are you kidding me? that's a no-brainer. it broke my heart. when i read told her the story, the father is a brave man. his bill is being pushed through the house as well. >> meghan: thank you for sharing that because stories like that do need to be told. we have to move on. former president obama's national security advisor will not testify under oath to congress about the unmasking of the trump transition officials and classified until reports during the election. will lawmakers finally get answers? plus the long-awaited first meeting between president trump and vladimir putin is now officially a go. what can we expect? sarah is confident. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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pain is sometimes in my hands, be a distraction. right before a performance especially. only aleve has the strength to stop minor arthritis pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. this is my pain. but i am stronger. aleve. all day strong. ♪ >> it's a lot of expending to do because of your unmasking and releasing those names, that is
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against the law. as the one place we actually know where a law has been broke broken. there needs to be some people held accountable and she's in the epicenter of that. >> sandra: susan rice will testify under oath about allegations she took part in the unmasking of americans named in until reports. specifically, the identities of trump associates caught up in those foreign until reports during the election. she's been under fire for her alleged role, but insists she did nothing wrong. >> charles: i think it's great news and a great first step. a lot of people said this will not be seen by the public. we remember the last eight years where a lot of folks who were involved in the obama and administration were called into human public hearings and it's the same for the process. we never got answers or resolution. people have given up on this process, but it's a big step in the right direction.
9:30 am
>> meghan: i guess, but much like huma abedin and eric holder, i don't anticipate that any ramifications for her actions, if she even did in fact unmask people illegally, though she did say i leave nothing to nobody. it is hard for the average american to believe it. some of these people who work, it doesn't matter how politicized you are. you will get away with it and it's very disheartening. why don't they have hearings and public question mike i'm disappointed by that and i think she'll slow down of this. >> abby: there's been so much focus on the russian investigation, but not nearly as much on things that we are looking into no with barack obama. you understand the protocol of masking and unmasking better than anyone on the couch.
9:31 am
if she allegedly unmasked names that she thought were involved in the trunk campaign with russian collusion, there still hasn't been any they are there, what protocol did she have to do that? how much of a problem with that be if that happened? >> gillian: as background the process, there is nothing inherently illegal about unmasking names within the intelligence community, and happens fairly regularly. there is a threshold that needs to be met. if you're a senior government official and you suss out from this document that there is an imminent national security threat and that could be helped by revealing this person's name, then you would request to have that person unmasked. the problem with susan rice is that she's been accused of
9:32 am
deciding to unmask for political purposes. she's no accused of unmasking trump campaign officials names to help further hillary clinton's objectives during the primaries. if that's true, -- >> sandra: will we get to that point? shall have his hearing behind closed doors, shall have a moment and from the committee, shall be able to lay out her case. if nothing else, at least he'll get some insight into what she was thinking and they can make that decision. >> charles: i compounded the problem is that the last second decision by the obama administration to widen the approach for those who had access. there is a group of people within the intelligence community who do that. the last thing president obama did on his way out was widen that to the point where it made it a lot easier for these names to be leaked. >> abby: they did make the decision to make the
9:33 am
distribution broader, but you can't unilaterally say that was not helpful. that could be a great thing. one of the main problems and the reason we see intelligence failures is because the federal government, the right key people from different agencies and departments are not in sync. they're not coordinated. this is an effort by the president to help coordinate better, to close the gaps. as you said, this is a new power that can be used for good or evil. it's all in execution. >> meghan: a long-awaited first meeting between president trump and russian president vladimir putin is now set. the kremlin and the white house confirming they will meet on the sidelines of next week's g20 summit in germany. a charming master is saying there is no specific agenda for the discussion, but a sitdown dust, made a long list of serious issues including allegations of russian election meddling, the ongoing crisis in the ukraine, and nato expansion
9:34 am
in the civil war. i think going forward on this, and if i was giving one giant piece of advice to demonstration and our president, watch your optics on this one. if there's too much smiling, hugging, looking too chummy with pollutant, people are going to be like sharks to chum and wate water. >> charles: may be. >> meghan: no, not maybe. that's absurd. you're saying with all the controversies -- >> charles: may be able be that, but so what? he wouldn't be president in the first place if he cared about i it. he must be himself at all times, he can't be handled, he can be mismanaged. >> meghan: excuse me. he and got no problems with putin. i'm totally wrong. they should shake hands, look
9:35 am
chummy, have vodka, have a great time. there is a lot of controversy. there is an open investigation and i'm one of the people that do think the mainstream media is taking this too far. when i don't want to do is get off topic, off narrative on the things we should be focused on which is not russia. if he goes in and starts shaking hands looking chummy with lab and put in. i would like them not to be looking like best friends and buddies. >> sandra: h.r. mcmaster is saying there is no specific agenda, it's going to be whatever the president wants to talk about. he's going to set the agenda according to mcmaster. >> meghan: please back me up on this. >> sandra: i agree, the optics of the president being chummy with vladimir putin feet into the worst of narratives, not just the president, not just on republicans, but on the
9:36 am
united states. >> charles: they are having a family meeting and they smile. >> gillian: and this sense, when you're dealing with somebody who is responsible for supporting illegal incursions into the ukraine and occupations over the last five years, supporting wars all around the world, i think more important, not more important, equally important here, if you put all the drama aside is what they're going to talk about, meaning there are some hard-core issues where the unit states and russia are at odds right now. over nato expansion, over their illegal occupation of the ukraine, about the war in syria. those things need to be the focus. >> meghan: i wish there were the focus, i really do people wish the issues with a focus, but megan burns up a good point that many people in the media are sitting on the sidelines, waiting to pounce.
9:37 am
not on the issues, but on the surface stuff that doesn't actually matter. i guarantee there will be handshakes and smiles. who knows what they talk about, but that will be the focus. remember his trip to the middle east, to saudi arabia. ed wasn't necessarily on terrorism, it was on the optics of the trip. i think a lot of people are frustrated by that and i'll thing that's going to change with the g20 summit. >> charles: the president of the united states should not change who he is or what he's trying to achieve because of prewritten stories by the mainstream media. that's what i think. to underscore what you said, whatever your agenda is -- >> gillian: i would encourage people when they're watching the coverage about this, when they're reading about it, look for things beyond if the president seemed friendly. look for key issues that are discussed. look to see if you make any headway. >> abby: and demand more from
9:38 am
the mainstream media. they need to do their job and they have not been doing it recently. i know a lot of them are out to get president trump and some of them has reason to be critical of him, we all do. be fair and cover the issues that matter. >> meghan: i think it's a pipe dream. >> abby: to see him held accountable for the attempted interference? >> meghan: let's talk about all the children who have been cast in syria. this is not a great dude. the implication that this is another normal person he's meeting with, we have moved on. new development in president trump's squabble, their response to mr. trump's controversial tweets, plus media attention on this, if it's gotten out of hand. we debate. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night,
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♪ >> sandra: joe scarborough make a brezinski responding today. >> the president's tweets, whether they are personally aimed at me or me in some way, that doesn't bother me one bit. it does worry me about the country. he appears to have a fragile, impetuous, childlike ego that we've seen over and over again, especially with women. i saw this happening yesterday in real time. >> sandra: lighthouse firing back defending president trump's right to answer his critics. kellyanne conway did just that. >> it's incredible to watch people play armchair psychologists, outwardly ridiculing the president's physicality's, his mental state, calling him names that you would
9:44 am
want your children to call people on the playground and he would punish them for doing that, and then all of a sudden feigning shock when he wants to fight back and defend himself. >> sandra: the president did tweet about this this morning saying watched a low rated morning joe for first time in a long time. fake news. he called me to stop a "national enquirer" article. i said no. bad show. meantime, new fox news poll shows that 71% of americans say the president's tweets are hurting his agenda. the poll taken before this recent controversy. where do we begin with this? >> charles: i think president trump's ability to use all of that, it's a loop. i think you use it in a different way. almost every single day, from a
9:45 am
financial point of view, i see amazing news. manufacturing numbers out of the midwest came at a three year high today. consumer confidence for the first half of this year is the highest it's been since 1994. i attribute it to the fact that he is never going to get credit from the mainstream media. he could be tweeting this all day long, people understand the movement. >> sandra: you heard from sarah huckabee sanders assaying the president fights fire with fire, he has a right to defend himself at the white house. >> gillian: he does have a right to defend himself. every american does and they can decide what to do. she has levied some horrendous claims against the president. >> sandra: let's show that. >> i think he's such a narcissist, it is possible that he's mentally ill in a way.
9:46 am
he's not well. at the very least, he's not wel well. this is unprecedented. >> nobody's saying that what donald trump doing now is right, we think it six ordinarily dangerous. >> sandra: she says he's not well, he's mentally ill. >> meghan: a wire they hang out tomorrow i'll go with him if he such a horrible crazy person? the thing i've never understood and i like to say once again, these are people who have personally attacked the show and the women on this show. i was very offended by the things they said. their hands are certainly not clean. that's 100% certain. i was telling abby and charles for the show, i have friends who didn't know who they were because their show isn't well
9:47 am
rated. now they know who they are. i don't understand why he's continuing to give them attention. there are so many more important success stories to point to you. we have a bill in a on. >> abby: morning show audience is d.c. and new york elites. my question is aware of the adults in the room? everyone to blame for this, you think about the fact that this comes three weeks after the shooting of congressman steve scalise, there was such a push and all we were talking about was we need to change the discourse in this country. where are the leaders? where is that person to stand up and say we can't -- >> sandra: he's using the
9:48 am
platform to connect with americans, criticize america's mortal enemies. >> abby: at his followers, people who support trump, they love this brand, they love the fact that he is fighting back. there are two sides to this obviously. >> sandra: just as americans are preparing to come together to celebrate our nation's independence, now liberal director michael moore urging followers to rise up against republicans as a way to mark july 4th and step up protests, could this resistance backfire? i'm sure we'll have something to say on that. ♪
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>> sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment, but for us to jon scott with what's happening in the second hour of "happening now." >> jon: you are talking about it, and our next tower, another day, another inflammatory tweet from the president, the president responding to the comments from mika brezinski and joe scarborough that escorted the ongoing feud.
9:53 am
howard kurtz, our media critic weighs in, plus the senate working on a new plan to repeal and replace obamacare, sending yet another version to the cbo even as a repeal only plan seems to be picking up steam. will have details on that head. "happening now." >> sandra: thank you. >> meghan: he's at it again. director michael moore appearing to jump on the democrats resistance summer bandwagon. the liberal phone maker took to twitter this week urging followers to ramp up their protests against republicans for the fourth of july holiday. i call upon everyone to observe the fourth of july week by nonviolently storming political offices of your senators, town halls, rise up. also tweeting, this is our country, just one person is being denied health care, the may all be denied. we all being attacked, hands on deck. i have a very low threshold for what i can handle talking about michael moore. he is an absolute moron, idiot, dictator, anti-patriotic.
9:54 am
i think the idea that is going to send people to politicians office, i made this point before talking to sandra that security will have to be at the offices. people will be spending fourth of july with their families. if you end up protesting, how unpatriotic is that, not to let our law enforcement enjoy the holiday weekend? >> charles: no one's going to follow michael moore. secondly, why don't you lead? i would like to see him get out in front of a crowd and run. it's so stupid. he's part of that pact. part of it is irrelevance, that he is fading away from the limelight, part of it is that he's not capable of real comprehensive discourse, the kind of hollywood hypocrites always blame. >> abby: is like madonna. the only way to get attention.
9:55 am
can you imagine if donald trump is urging that? >> meghan: my father will not be in his office. i don't know what you're talking about. the staffers in these poor security people who have to be there, it's a holiday weekend. >> gillian: i thought we would have learned a lesson after the horrible optics last week of people with handicaps and things being dragged out of the offices, on of the hallways on capitol hill. don't do that for a little while. on either side. >> sandra: or how about urge something positive? hang an american flag outside your home. it's such a negative message. >> abby: the mainstream media needs to be more fair in their coverage and focus on substance. and people need to be more positive about this country. i'm not sure any of that will be true. i hope that were the case. they do have a following. it may not be as big as it used to be, but they do have a
9:56 am
following. >> charles: i get the point. civility should be number one, patriotism, and it's okay that we have difference of opinion. >> sandra: if you're going to storm something, storm or volunteer center. >> meghan: he should stick to low rated propaganda movies and that's it. more "outnumbered" in just a minute.
9:57 am
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>> what show, many thanks to charles payne. >> it was fantastic, happy fourth of july to everyone. >> "happening now" starts right now. >> heather: we start with a fox news alert, president trump meeting with the leader of one of our closest asian allies. >> jon: the president of south korea south korea that u.s. has its back. we are covering all the news, "happening now" ." >> is a more important to call my heels and my office waiting for these conversations to take place, or speak with constituents? >> jon: lawmakers heading home for the fourth of july holiday after coming up short on health care, many of them will be facing frustrated voters in their home states. a potential bombshell in the investigation of russian interference in


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