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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 30, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> check this out. a stray dog steals the show during a performance by the vienna orchestra in turkey. the dog strolls right in. here's shep. have a great weekend. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in d.c. where we're hearing behind-the-scenes action on the republican's healthcare plan. here's the new thing. instead of repeal and replace, there's talk of repeal now, replace later. in other words, drop obamacare now and then worry about coming up with something new. the pros and cons of that idea ahead and by some republican heavy hitters say probably not. president trump with a warning to north korea. >> the era of strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed. frankly, that patience is over. >> that comes after we learned the president's national security adviser is preparing a potential military strategy for
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north korea. plus, should grandparents get a break when it comes to the president's travel ban? we'll explain the latest legal challenge and which travelers it could effect. let's get to it. >> first from theed if this friday after, deadline day in washington for senate republicans to reach a healthcare deal before the fourth of july recess. our capitol hill producer chad pergram is reporting don't expect break throughs today. one conservative senator is proposing what he calls plan b. repeal first, replace later. senator sass says if republicans can't reach an agreement in the coming days, they should repeal as much of the act as possible when they come back from the fourth of july break and then cancel the recess -- cancel vacation? cancel it to work through the
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summer on a separate replacement bill. senator sasse talked about his plan on fox and forecast this morning. >> we've been trying to do the two things at once and not making progress. i still hope it could work but most people are leaving d.c. to go home for the fourth of july weekend. >> senator sasse said there would be a year delay so lawmakers would have time to get a replacement in place. shortly after that "fox and friends" segment, the republican senators are unable to pass what they're working on, they should repeal and replace at a later date. republicans can afford to lose two votes and still pass a healthcare bail. they face unanimous democratic opposition for now. nine gop senators have come out against the senate healthcare bill as written. the majority leader mcconnell delayed a vote this week. he warned senate republicans if you can't cut a deal, you might have to work with the democrats.
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team fox coverage ahead. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. john roberts is out in the yard. good morning. >> the tweet you showed from the president there is really a stark departure in his thinking. during the election campaign and during the transition, the president insists that repeal and replacement of obamacare needed to happen if not simultaneously within a very short period of time because he was afraid of people losing coverage. this idea now that if the senate cannot coalesce around a single bill to repeal and replace obamacare and do it in two parts. some people are talking about repeal it, but delay the repeal and craft a replacement bill. it's a departure in thinking for the president. when i asked that question today, the principle deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders, she resisted the notion that the president was thinking about this differently.
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listen here. >> what is the basis for his change in thinking? >> the president hasn't changed his thinking at all. he's campaigned on repealing and replacing obamacare. we're fully committed to pushing through with the senate at this point. but we're looking at every possible option of repealing and replacing obamacare. >> you mentioned ben sasse. he's set a time line of july 10 to either go with the plan for repeal and replacement or decide to do it differently. we asked the white house today about that time line. sarah huckabee sanders said the president is not sticking to a set timetable. he's focused on the end goal of repeal and replacement of obamacare. it would seem regardless how that gets done. >> shepard: john what are the next steps now? >> the senate and i think mike emanuel talking more about this will go to the cbo for scoring
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on a couple different versions. for the white house's standpoint, the white house is going to remind all of the senators on the republican side that back in 2015, to a person with the exception of susan collins of maine, they voted to repeal and replace obamacare under then president obama. this was 2015. the bill that they voted on was tougher than the one that's before the senate now. but they all voted for it basically because they knew it had no hope of becoming law. so it was a showboat. this is a time when the rubber could meet the road. whatever they sign or whatever they agreed to in the senate could become law. so there's more bet hedging going on right now in the senate. >> one more thing, john. the president is set to sign an executive order to establish or re-establish, really, what they call the national space advisory council. what is that? >> this was something that was established in 1958 under the eisenhower administration. john kennedy.
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president kennedy elevated it. president trump is a fan of space. he wants to send people to mars with all of the commercial applications now. he's re-establishing the space council and will put mike pence back in charge. an echo of the kennedy administration as we go forward with a lot of these private companies now that are doing contract work for the government. so does raise a lot of issues about what the official public policy should be as it relates to space. >> john roberts on the north lawn. thanks. team coverage continues on the healthcare bill. let's get to mike emanuel. what are other republicans saying about the proposal to repeal now and replace later? >> moderates don't like the idea of splitting it. they say for one, conservatives may vote to repeal but not
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support a replacement plan. number 2, you need to tell your constituent what's you're doing to replace the law. u.susan collins of maine are fo the idea. rand paul has said he's spoken to the senate leadership and the president about this and said let's keep our word to repeal and work on replacing right away. mitch mcconnell continue to find a path of 50 votes for the gop senate healthcare package. >> i think there will be various proposals, pieces submitted to the cbo to get their feedback and what the impacts will be with respect to coverages and costs and that sort of thing. >> the cbo or congressional budget office will provide estimates of the price and impact of those proposals, shep. >> shepard: there's this talk among some republicans about
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cancelling recess, cancelling the summer vacation to stay back and work. how is that fly something. >> that's right. a number of them are feeling the pressure of the legislative calendar. ten republican senators have written to majority leader mitch mcconnell. they are senators purdue, eaear earnst, kennedy, sullivan, ti tillis. they're asking that they cancel recess unless there's progress on healthcare, the debt ceiling, funding the government and improving the tax code. the ten gop senators wrote "our current senate calendar shows 33 potential working days remaining before the end of the fiscal year. this does not appear to give us enough time to adequately address the issues that demand immediate attention. >> this is not an easy process. it was never designed to be easy. but it's difficult, we have an obligation to stick it out until it's done. if we're not finished with those
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things that i mentioned by the time august 1 hits, we have no business of taking a recess. >> leadership aides say progress is being made in terms of healthcare. but we don't expect an announcement today, shep. >> shepard: thanks, mike. so is there a solution that the moderate and conservatives can agree upon? we'll talk with a reporter that covers congress and says senators could face more pressure when they're back home from the fourth break. that's next. first, a moment you may have missed today. turns out president trump's long-time body guard, keith schiller, has quick reflexes. he can protect the president and also the furniture. watch what happened as reporters jostled for position in the oval office. keep an eye on the right-hand side of the screen.
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nice save! caught the lamp before some pesky reporter toppled it. we'll zoom in here. the press pool was significantly larger than usual with a lot of south korean journalists there. but today, crisis prevented at least in a lamp way. we'll be back.
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>> more now on senate republicans trying to come together in one way or another
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or healthcare as they go away for a break. a new talk of possible plan b. repeal now, replace later. let's bring in katrina pearson. christina pearson. she recovers congress, our corporate covers at the "wall street journal." there's a story today online at about republicans battling each other. is there something real here or is this just talk from the right? >> it's hard to tell at this point. the conservative senators are uneasy with where the bills is. it's hard to tell if mitch mcconnell will get the 50 votes he needs. >> shepard: he will have to get some votes eventually. it's a crucial part of the president's legislative agenda. have they come up with a way to bring democrats over at some point? it's been discussed. >> we're not at that point yesterday. if mcconnell can't get the votes, there's a widespread
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recognition they will have to get some steps to stabilize the individual market. i don't think they will be there until the republicans can decide they can't muster up the votes. >> shepard: what is it that has destabilized the markets? what are the xs and 0s on this? >> a lot of didn't factors and varies state by state. seems the current state of the market is precarious. a younger healthier people have chosen not to buy insurance in some cases. so that's why some of what the republican plans are looking at now is finding a way to incentivize those people to buy less comprehensive but cheaper plans. that could mean that costs rise for older and sicker people. that's the struggle that they're engaged in right now. >> shepard: there's resistance on the right, resistance among moderates. does it seem if there's money for the opioid crisis or money for something in particular that they might come along? if so, what is it? >> they definitely seem to be
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one incentive that could get them support, but they have indicated concerns over the cuts to medicaid. republicans in states that expanded medicaid are under pressure. the current senate bill would shave $772 billion over ten years from federal medicaid funding. so that's a big issue. republicans have indicated that even though they want more opioid funding, that alone is probably not enough to get them on board. >> shepard: that just sounds like if that's not enough, what else are they going to want? the conservatives, the rand pauls of the world are not going there. won't seem they will. >> there's talk about adjusting the growth rate of medicaid spending. currently the growth rate would be lower than the house rate. that's something that they could tweak for older people, disabled people. there could be some dialling up
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or dialling down of that. they could also phase out the medicaid expansion more slowly. those are a couple of areas that they're looking at right now. >> shepard: you look at poll numbers when they're good and you don't look at them when they're bad. everybody watches them and knows that the american people in large part are against the bill as written. i wonder if they developed a message? like elderly people in nursing homes and people with young children that are using medicaid, what is their message for them about what will happen in the next month or six months? >> i don't think they're doing anything immediately. one message the republicans have been clear on, they don't want to pull the rug out for anybody. they're aware it's a concern and trying to make sure that they calm any fears that there would be an immediate overhaul. they're trying to say it will be rolled out gradually.
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there's a concern about how they can effect people around 55 that would be on medicare. >> christina pearson from the "wall street journal," happy fourth. enjoy. >> same to you. >> shepard: thank you. president trump meeting with the south korean. and giving a real warning to north korea. as the united states draws up new war plans of sorts against the north koreans, our close ally in south korean may not be on the same page at all. why that country's new leader needs to be cautious in his dealings with president trump. why is that? an explanation is next. today, we're out here with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke.
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the future isn't silver suits anit's right now.s, think about it. we can push buttons and make cars appear out of thin air. find love anywhere. he's cute. and buy things from, well, everywhere. how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. >> shepard: there's breaking news now on fox news channel. we have gotten word of a shooting at a hospital in new york city uptown in the bronx.
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you may have seen this on your twitter feed today. this is a ground shot that we have there. i can tell you the place is crawling with police officers and police cars. here's what we know. bronx lebanon hospital or hospital center is uptown along the grand concourse in the bronx. not that far from the botanical zoo and yankee stadium. somebody has shot at least two people in there. two people have been shot. our local news services, the local television stations here in new york are calling it an active shooter situation. here's what we can confirm. we can confirm two people are shot from the nypd and can confirm that they haven't yet caught the shooter. if they have, they haven't let us know about it. we've been watching some of the local stations have choppers up. we've been watching. the police are very much on guard and at the ready. it's not a calm situation out there on the streets at all.
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whenever there's a big event in new york city because of the size of our police and fire forces, you can see an army of police and firemen there. we're told tactical units are on scene and what has been called an active shooter. the first call came in right at 25, 30 minutes ago. 2:55 eastern daylight time this afternoon. they've been on this and very quickly. all we know about these two patients is, they are shot. nypd has sent out an avoid the area warning. it's 1650 grand concourse. right off claremont park. very serious situation. we don't know the conditions of the two victims or the status of the shooter. we know there's a lockdown of sorts. they're telling people to stay away. when we get -- here's a live
12:23 pm
shot from the chopper of wabc television, which is our network news service affiliate. the flag ship of the abc television network. they're above it. all the locals are for that matter. very serious situation. the friday before the fourth of july and a shooting inside a hospital in the heart of the big city, the heart of the bronx. that's what we know. here's what i can tell you. we'll update it on twitter and on television the minute we get it. bronx lebanon hospital lockdown on notice. and. trump warning kim jong-un that the u.s. will defend itself and its allies. he made the comment after the meeting with president moon today. president moon in team. president trump said north korea's missile and nuclear weapons programs require a determined response. >> the year of strategic
12:24 pm
patience with the north korean regime has failed. many years and it's failed. frankly, that patience is over. >> shepard: this comes less than two weeks after the death of an american college student there, otto warmbier. north korea held him prisoner a year and sent him home with severe brain damage. he said provocations from north korea will be met with a stern response. this week president trump's defense secretary is preparing for a response. and a global data analysis firm reports that isis's income has dropped by more than 80% in the
12:25 pm
past couple years to an average of still $16 million per month. analysts say that isis has lost more than half of its territory. with it, valuable oil refineries and oil fields: isis runs itself like a country and that costs money. second thought, you are closely related to the person you plan to marry. that's a change from the trump administration. the day after the limited travel back took effect. grandchildren and grandparents are still not close enough to get in the country and has one state going to court. that's coming up. still watching breaking developments in new york city. two people have been shot inside the hospital there at bronx lebanon hospital center. it's on lockdown. police have asked residents and
12:26 pm
others to stay away from the area. very busy city section there, which as you can see the streets are largely empty at this moment. the choppers are overhead. the police are on scene. any updates on the condition of the victims and the status of the suspect. we'll bring them to you as we approach the bottom of the hour on fox. arthritis pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. this is my pain. but i am stronger. aleve. all day strong.
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>> shepard: an update from that hospital in the bronx in new york city. we have word from the nypd that they're going floor to floor in this hospital in a massive complex it is searching for the suspect or any others that might be around. we're led to believe that the suspect has barricaded himself or herself inside the building. shots have been fired. we know that two people have been shot according to the nypd. the mayor's office says the mayor has been briefed on this matter. if you've ever been to yankee
12:29 pm
stadium, 161st street and river, this is 15 blocks north of that along the grand concourse. there's an elevated train there. under that elevated train is the entrance to the hospital. two people shot. suspects shot inside the hospital. we're there as police are on top of the building. more in a moment.
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>> shepard: the feds are expanding what it means to be a bona fide relationship after parts of president trump's travel ban took effect last night at 8:00 p.m. the trump administration says if you are somebody's fiance, that's good enough to enter the united states. earlier this week, the supreme court ruled the white house can block immigrants from the six predominantly muslim countries from coming to the united states if they don't have a bona fide relationship. state department officials say other close relatives are parents, also mothers and fathers in law, siblings
12:32 pm
including step and half brothers and sisters, spouses of course, children or adult children, sons and daughters in law and the new addition, fiances. close relatives do not include grandparents or grandchildren, aunts or uncles, nieces or nephews, cousins, brothers and sisters in law. very complicated. the white house says it's about national security. critics call it a muslim ban, which the president has in the past. immigration and refugee advocates say they plan to fight the new requirements claiming the trump administration has not said how this will make america safer. doug mckelway outside washing n washington. the attorney general says the white house may be violating the supreme court ruling. what can you say about that? >> well, yeah, this is a hawaii attorney general, doug chen. our viewers will remember that name. he was instrumental in challenging the original travel ban. now he's done it again,
12:33 pm
traveling the new travel ban. filing a motion which asks a federal judge to clarify whether the trump administration may enforce the travel back against those who are family members here, who are not designated as a bona fide relationship. chin writes "in hawaii, close family includes many of the people that the federal government decided on its own to exclude from that definition. unfortunately this severely limited definition may be in violation of the supreme court ruling." jeff sessions speaking on "fox and friends" said that attorney general chin may be walking on thin legal grounds here. >> just an activist attorney general. they were slapped down by the supreme court. they had an initial victory before a judge in hawaii. they issued an order that bound the whole united states, which is a really overreach in my opinion except in the most extreme circumstances. i believe that this argument
12:34 pm
will be heard, of course. i don't think it will be sustained either. >> meanwhile, as immigrants rights groups protest the travel ban, this particular protest happening late yesterday at new york's union square park. major airports for the most part remain relatively quiet. we heard of no cases of detentions. they have given time for both airlines and airports to make preparations and adjust. if there's detentions happening, it's probably at departure airports, not here at arrival airports. that is not to say that this won't be challenged further. we've seen lots and lots of paper statements from immigrants rights groups that this is a de facto muslim ban. none has been more vociferous than the iranian foreign
12:35 pm
minister. shep, the heartfelt sentiment coming from a country that is regarded as the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism. >> shepard: thanks, doug. continuing coverage of breaking news out of the bronx in new york city. i regret to inform you, this situation is more dire. new information into fox news channel, the shooter in this case at the hospital in the bronx was dressed according to witnesses in a white lab coat, what looked like a doctor's coat. according to the reporting of "the new york times," the times is reporting fire officials, the fire department of new york saying, three doctors at this hospital have been shot. we do not know the condition of these doctors. we do know that this shooter according to the nypd is still on the loose. they're calling this officially an active shooter situation. armed units are there at the bronx lebanon hospital, which is
12:36 pm
the name of it. just about 15 blocks north of yankee stadium on grand concourse for those of you familiar. this is the mount hope neighborhood of the bronx. every neighborhood in new york city has a name. this is mount hope. again, the times reports the conditions of the doctors unknown. we're not saying at all that the shooter was a doctor himself. what we're saying is that the shooter was at least dressed like one. so take from that what you will. we can't know until the press tell us until they get intelligence on that matter. i can tell you if the chopper were to zoom in on top of the hospital, you'd see police officers minutes ago when i was looking by the dozens on the roof trying -- i'm confident trying to stop any escape routes. nypd armed units floor to floor searching for whoever the gunman
12:37 pm
is. all we know is active shooter situation, three doctors according to the fdny are victims there. one of those doctors, according to witnesses is being treated by obviously other doctors inside the hospital. this is not a trauma center but a well-known hospital in the bronx with a lot of traffic. the fun fire reported 50 minutes ago now, 45 minutes ago at that hospital in the bronx. we're working to determine the condition of these patients up there. we know according to authorities that three doctors have been shot. we don't know if anyone else became a victim here and we don't know where this gunman went. the initial report from the nypd was, that he or she barricaded themselves in a room and was in a bit of a standoff with police.
12:38 pm
they clarified to say they're going floor to floor, door-to-door. they told people to shelter in place, lock doors if they can here at bronx lebanon hospital as the police do their job. but again, three we believe doctors shot on scene. we have nothing to qualify -- to call this at the moment. we don't know what the motivation might have been, we don't know exactly who the targets might have been. fox5, what new yorkers watch, wnyw, linda schmidt is reporting that the shooter is a former employee at the hospital. fox news, the national fox news, cannot confirm that. i will say linda schmidt is very well plugged in in the tri state area and she's reporting that the shooter is a former employee there at the hospital and now others are confirming that as well. cbs new york reporting the same thing. so police are on scene.
12:39 pm
i'm looking at a number of chopper feeds from across the city and grounds shots as well. many dozens of cops outside the place. they have stretchers at the ready as well. sort of behind walls around this hospital. there's a large wall at street level. you go through a court yard of sorts to get in the place. the police are just swarming all over the building. bronx care, they call it. very popular facility in a neighborhood that needs more like them. if you were -- the grand concourse, if you've been to new york city, a baseball game or something, the grand concourse is -- there's a boulevard that goes up and above it is an elevated train that you may from time to time see in the background at yankee stadium as a subway. about 15 blocks north of there, right along grand concourse,
12:40 pm
that is the location of the hospital. new information now from fox 5, wnyw. police activity on the 15th and 16th floors. now new information from fox5, there's a fire reported on the 16th floor. fox5 is describing it as a small fire. a fire nonetheless on the 16th floor of this sky scraper hospital. doctors being treated by people inside. now nbc 4 is reporting that the shooter may well be down. what does that mean? normally shooter down means the police have engaged and the shooter is gone or has been neutralized as sometimes the police say. it may be that it could have been a self-inflicted wound. who knows. there's strict gun laws in there city. for people to be walking around a hospital with a gun would be way out of the norm.
12:41 pm
that's an understatement of the day. as i mentioned, i've been watching on a number of different chopper shots from the air. i will tell you the posture of the police on scene has changed. where they -- many of them had guns drawn and behind walls and seems in a defensive mode and who wouldn't be with an active shooter on site. now they're much -- you don't see it on the chopper to which we have access but i can see it on other local choppers that i'm watching for you. you're welcome. those shots show police on the ground, many of whom behind a wall with a stretcher at the ready, waiting on more casualties and they have d dispers dispersed. new information from "the new york times." we believe we're at the end of what was an active shooter
12:42 pm
situation at bronx lebanon hospital on 174th street or so in grand concourse in new york city. the victims were on the 16th and 17th floors. the section of the hospital with the injured doctors were contained had been secured and the police were leading what the times described as a heavily armored unit of emergency service workers in the building. a woman that answered the phone at the hospital and gave her first name as morgan, said an alert went out around 3:00 eastern time, 42 minutes ago, to the staff ordering them to shelter in place and said she was huddled in a room with several other staffers "we have no idea what's going on" said this woman who answered the phone. here you can see some of the police officers and people coming out of the hospital now. looks to me like some of them have hands in the air, which would be very normal.
12:43 pm
they want to make sure there's nobody else and they don't want somebody to seem like accidentally a suspect. so people coming out with hands up. police very much in stand down mode now. i see police with dogs wandering around on another camera shot. it's clear now the police are of the belief that the imminent danger is over and that the shooter is no longer able to cause harm at bronx lebanon hospital uptown in new york city. of course, this is the sort of thing for which the new york city police department -- i'm sure the police department in your city as well, but especially in the new york city police department as they have been through so much with terror and unthinkable the past couple decades. their level of response is really extraordinary. if somebody has a kitchen fire, six fire engines and two ambulances and ten police cars show up.
12:44 pm
it just happens instantly. they're all over it. you cannot say enough great things about the first responders in america's largest city. the fdny and the nypd are spot on point. it appears that they got to this hospital in extraordinarily short amount of time. and then think of it, you have to get in there, deal with elevators and stairwells and you have to deal with windows available and an active shooter situation. it's not on a ground floor or one of the lower floors as is often the case. most hospitals don't stretch into the sky like things do around here. so way up there on the 16th and 17th floor. the police had to get there where they had the understanding that some people had been shot. they didn't know who at the beginning. it became clear this person dressed in a white lab coat or white doctor's coat, if you will, had -- was in there for some reason. again, our station fox5 in
12:45 pm
new york is reporting that it's believed to be a former employee there. so nothing more an a former employee who had gone in. it's not as if there's something on a terror level happening. nothing like that. not according to the police. they had to get up to the 16th floor. during the course of taking this suspect down, first finding the suspect while treating the doctors who we're told they were shot and then there was a small fire on the 16th floor. that's the area where police were working. so on a very hot day by new york city standards, pushing 90 degrees up in the bronx, really a chaotic situation as we have come to expect and appreciate in new york city was quickly neutralized. they got the very first call of a shooter situation 50 minutes ago on the 16th floor of a high
12:46 pm
rise hospital in a very crowded section of the bronx. 50 minutes later, they appear to be in stand-down mode. i'm watching on another chopper shot. many thanks to fox5. but because of hour big our buildings are, one chopper on one side, one on the other. different views. police are still out and about. now appear to be in a slightly different posture. they're working their way into the hospital. a stretcher going in, maybe bringing a patient out. our stations across the nation are about to join them. we can update them starting now. i'm shepard smith in new york. this is a fox news alert. you're looking live the bronx in new york. bronx lebanon hospital where we've been in the midst of an active shooter situation for the better part of the last 50 minutes. as our viewers on fox news
12:47 pm
channel now, i want to update you. about 5 minutes to 3:00 eastern daylight time, 50 minutes ago, they got a call of an active shooter at bronx lebanon hospital about 15 blocks north of yankee stadium along the grand concourse. this hospital there in the bronx, an active shooter. we learned from witnesses that this shooter was said to be wearing a doctor's coat like a white lab coat. then we got word three doctors on scene had been shot. we don't know the condition of the three doctors. we know one was being treated. police and fire personnel are making their way in the building now. this went out as an all hands on deck at bronx lebanon hospital center about 173rd street in new york city. they swarmed this building, dozens and dozens. we won't know for a couple
12:48 pm
hours. but it looks like it could have been more than 100 people on scene. they had to get to the 16th and 17th floors is where we're told this is happening. when they got to the area, they told everybody in this hospital lock yourselves down, don't leave whatever room you're in. make every effort to state away from windows and doors. we don't know where the suspect is. the police made their way to the 16th and 17th floors. they found that was the place where the shooter barricaded himself. they locked everybody down, went door-to-door and then fox5 in new york city reported of a small fire on the 16th floor. here's the location of that. you can see midtown man had tan there on the center of the screen. that's central park there. in the bronx by yankee stadium, that's where the hospital is. at any rate, they swarmed the building, went in, apparently -- we'll learn from police at some point -- took out the suspect in
12:49 pm
some way. we're told that the mayor of new york city, bill de blasio has been updated. the press secretary sanders has been updated on this session in the bronx. so the president who is of course he's from queens new york himself, one of the boroughs here, he's been updated on this. trace gallagher is watching for details. trace, i would observe again the swiftness with which these first responders have reacted. >> we did an active scenario shooter situation. in that case, the bad guy was dressed in black. took them several minutes to actually locate where it was happening. you have cops and police officers and they have to make their way in the middle by checking every single room going
12:50 pm
through. now you have a scenario that we hear this guy is dressed up in a doctor's outfit. makes it more complicated where you have to go room to room and clear them and figure out who the good guys from the bad guys are. in this scenario, what they do is, they check-off the rooms almost in the same way that we saw new orleans in hurricane katrina where they go house to house and put an x. in this case, they check-off rooms by blocking off the corridors themselves. they set up a blockade in each of the hallways. they check the rooms. they keep a list of the rooms. then they move to the next floor. so these scenarios always take longer to get information out because quite frankly, they have the whole thing buttoned up. you have police on top, police on the bottom. we believe the shooter is neutralized somewhere in the building or taken into custody. meantime, you still don't know if there might be somebody else. so you still have to go through the protocols of checking every
12:51 pm
floor and checking every room. we have reports still coming in, shep, where there's nurses and doctors that are hunkered down behind rooms. so in this type of sen naish -- scenario, it's difficult to clean this type of a building, even if they have who they believe the suspect is in custody. you still have to go through the entire checklist to make sure there's nobody else that can cause harm. then you throw in one more mix in the recipe, which is the patience safety. you have to make sure the patients are all in their rooms, they are all safe. that's another layer of intricacies when you talk about doing these types of searches for potential harmful people. shep? >> on matters like this, the numbers change a lot. we just got word on what we believe to be a fourth casualty. new york city police and fire say casualty, they mean someone
12:52 pm
else that has been injured. we're told that four people total have been shot. we'll wait on an official from the nypd and the fdny. this is quite an extraordinary hospital. bronx lebanon hospital has been in operation 120 years. the largest voluntary, not for profit care center serving the south and central bronx with 972 beds, two major hospital divisions there. provides more than 1.1 million visited annually with 140,000 visits to one of the busiest emergency rooms in all of new york. to say this is a busy place is an understatement and extremely high traffic. the latest we have for you is four people shot, fire department officials say that doctors who were shot have been treated or are being treated.
12:53 pm
authorities believe the active shooter situation is over. in other words, whoever the shooter was, they were able to neutralize the suspect in some way. we don't know if it's self-inflicted or what. the danger has passed. we have to reason to believe there's other suspects at all. our local station fox5 is reporting that the person who was the suspect here is believed to be a former employee of this hospital and three of the victims in the shooting believed to be doctors that were working inside the hospital at the time. any hospital has high security and especially so in new york city. every big building with high security. so getting in there, you have to have all kinds of credentials and classed and be cleared through. it's not an easy process.
12:54 pm
so this personal apparently used to be an employee. you look like a lab coat and look like everybody else, i suppose. whether this person still had credentials from previous employment there, i don't know. i also don't know how long ago it was that this person worked there. i won't speculate. you can come up with your own thoughts. was the person just fired and came back in with a grudge after that? was this person targeting someone? we don't have a way to know yet. way too early. this began -- what's that again? it began exactly an hour ago. our local station wnyw, fox5. >> and he was let go from the hospital a short time ago. male, black, in his 30s. he went to the 16th floor, opened fire and started
12:55 pm
shooting. there's multiple people that have been shot. i'm told between four to six people have been injured. the suspect is still not in custody. at this particular moment, his location is unknown. he's a former employee, a doctor that worked at the hospital who was let go from the hospital a short time ago. that's the very latest information. >> shepard: i was telling you about the fine reporting of our correspondent linda schmidt at fox5 in new york. there's your layout. she's so plugged in and gave us a great down of what they learned. one thing we're hearing that she's hearing differently, water hearing the shooter has been neutralized. i should tell you behind the scenes here, we're showing videotape of the hospital because so afternoon in new york city, the airspace gets shut down. we don't report generally exactly why airspace is shut
12:56 pm
down. because normally that's a matter of some concern. you think about who has lived here in the past and what sort of very big dignitaries are like new yorkers and whether there's some of them in that sort of group might be on the move. when that happens, everybody has to clear the sky and that's what's happening with the choppers now. there's a freeze over lots of the new york city airspace, including bronx right now. air traffic -- we've gotten used to it. nypd has just confirmed to fox news the shooter is dead. that is the latest that we've gotten from the new york police department. they do not believe there's anymore suspects. i believe fox5 is still continuing live coverage. let's listen in. >> amidst all the people that work there, he's dressed in a lab coat, fitting in with the staff. it's a very difficult and
12:57 pm
chaotic situation in the hospital where hundreds of people are here. we're just being told the shooter is down. the situation may be brought under control by the nypd. the shooter is down. confirmed by the nypd, which is a breath of relief for everybody involved in this nightmare that took place at bronx lebanon hospital this afternoon. >> when you heard the words "shooter is down", we don't know that they're alive. we just know they're no long area threat to the community at large and at the hospital. let's go to linda schmidt with new breaking details. linda? >> as you just reported, the shooter is down there. for a while, they didn't know where the shooter was, his location was unknown. we're talking about a male black, in his 30s. 35 years old. i'm told he's a former employee of the hospital. a doctor that worked there. he was let go from his position a short time ago. how long ago that was last week, last month, we don't know.
12:58 pm
he showed up there today i'm being told with a rifle and started opening fire on the 16th and 17th floors of the hospital. right now there are between four and six people that were injured in this multiple shooting. again, both of you reporting and confirmed by the nypd that the shooter is down at this particular time. >> all right. thank you, linda. that is a relief as we follow this breaking situation. bronx lebanon hospital four to six people shot, a disgruntled doctor -- >> steve lacy, the local anchor in fox5 in new york along with linda schmidt. she's so darn good. the news is that this shooter that clearly wreaked havoc at this hospital in the bronx up town is down. fox5 describing him as down. the nypd says the shooter is deceased by what met we don't know. we have to reason to believe there's any one else that will
12:59 pm
do any harm. think of it, a doctor that worked at this hospital, recently left employment there, came back in there with a lab coat on and a rifle in hand. how in the world somebody gets a rifle into a heavily guarded hospital in the bronx i have no idea. but i suppose where there's a will, there's a way. ground pictures continuing in now. we can see fdny and police cars with stretchers on the ready. the situation is over but not for the victims. four to six people injured, at least three doctors at this shooting uptown in new york city. for stations -- people watching us on fox television stations on local stations across the country, we're going to return you to our regular programming. i'm shepard smith. fox news, new york. for those of you with us on the fox news channel, our coverage will continue in the next hour. we'll work to find out the
1:00 pm
condition of these victim and the background on this suspect who according to police is deceased. neil cavuto will have coverage of that next. hope you and your family have a great fourth of july weekend. i'll see you after it. >> neil: all right. thank you, shepard. this looks like it is contained, this night mare bronx lebanon hospital. a former doctor that went on a shooting spree and has three injured co-workers. we don't know their conditions. others talk about a fourth injured victim. we're unable to confirm all of that. rod wheeler, the former homicide detective and looking into this. obviously if you have someone showing up in a white lab coat, he's not going to