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tv   The Fox News Specialists  FOX News  June 30, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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let's elevate this debate is something that makes sense. let's not start talking about impeachment or firing someone based on the fact you don't like someone. you have to go a little bit higher, a little bit more meaningful. there will be a quiz on monday. >> eric: i am ever bowling along with eboni k. williams and kat timpf. a lot of fast-moving events at the scene of a bronx shooting hospital this season, evening, but we are going going to david lee miller who was at the scene in the bronx with the very latest. david? >> we are at bronx lebanon hospital. you can see the hospital behind me over my shoulder. at this hour, there are reports that a gunman is now dead. authorities say a gunman who began firing shortly around 3:00 is now dead. not clear if he took his own life or if he was killed by police.
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we are also told that three people have been shot. we have not confirmed that. i spoke to an individual who was here shortly after the shooting. he said that there were initial reports that one person was shot on the 16th floor of the hospital. that person somehow managed to make it to the ninth floor. and two additional people were shot. one on the eighth floor, one on the second floor. as for the shooter, our local affiliate is identifying him as dr. henry bello. our affiliate is reporting that he worked here until very recently at bronx lebanon high school in the bronx. he recently lost his job. this may have been a work-related incident, but authorities have not said anything officially so far about a motive. we expect that in a few moments time, there is going to be a news conference. we are told that the mayor of the city of new york bill de blasio is here as is the police commissioner. but worth emphasizing at this
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time is that a shooter has been killed, the hospital from gains in lockdown, but the situation in this hour still under control. you can see all around the grand concourse which is a major roadway through the bronx accommodating at least six lanes of traffic is completely, completely shut down. we are told that people were sheltering in place and just a few moments ago, many of them left the hospital breathing a sigh of relief. we expect to learn more in a few moments. back to you. >> eric: thank you, david. meanwhile, it's a deadline day for republican leaders in the senate. the odds of securing a new health care deal before everybody hightailed it out of d.c. for the fourth of july recess appeared to be fading. president trump delivered his own surprise today to senators via twitter, he tweeted...
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the president previously resisted that strategy. the white house responded this afternoon to whether president trump was having a bit of a change of heart. listen. >> the president hasn't changed his thinking at all. he campaigned on, talked about it since he was elected, repealing and replacing obamacare. we are still fully committed to pushing through with the senate at this point, but we are, you know, looking at every possible option of repealing and replacing obamacare. we are focused on doing that, as i said, earlier. there is another large amount of counties that now have no obamacare provider. >> eric: ebony, big fan of the president, big fan of the administration. this is one i wish they would push aside for now, work on tax reform. given some time. >> eboni: i think the president would be well served,
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eric, taking your advice. but i think the repeal now, replaced later would be a political disaster for the g.o.p. particularly in time for me midterms. >> eric: kat, senator rand paul, friend of mines, i'm not sure i agree with him either. speed 1 that one -- >> kat: -- the way they are going with it now is going to please anybody like senator paul or like myself who doesn't agree with the basic premise that the government should not be micromanaging health care. >> eric: okay. let's meet with today's very special specialist. he is a very popular nationally syndicated talk show host. former advisor to former president reagan's cabinet. he is the -- he specializes in constitutional law. my good friend mark 11 is here he was the host of the first ever mlb fan cave web television
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show. he's the member of the punk rock band --dash obsessed with the new york yankees and paul o'neill fan mike o'hara is here. do we see eye to eye on this or do you want to see something past obamacare repeal immediately? >> is there no tie on here? i just noticed... pickle it's always no tight a ! >> do you think i like wearing this? >> why do we keep arguing about health care in the context of what the left argues? let's say they repeal it and if they give them 12 12 months ade notice. what do you think is going to happen to make insurance companies are going to create policies for 20 million people. there will be new insurance companies that are created. do you think they are going to leave that money on the table, 20 million people are going to be on the streets and die in this country? it will never happen. we are in danger of hodgman
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yours. number two, putting it off will not fix it. do you think they will be easily to slash taxes? >> eric: why not, market? >> the left doesn't believe in slashing taxes. >> eboni: why do you need the left, mark, when it's a republican-controlled house? >> a big question, isn't it? there is some of the left in the republican party. your basic question on infrastructure, we should spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure -- i oppose that, too. in other words, how about we take the edge of the conservatives claim they support. open up the health core health care system. we are going to have waiting periods, rationing, and people with preconditioned pre-existing conditions? i happen to agree with rand pau paul. >> kat: i think the problem is now there is an idea that something is not being done by the government, it's not going to be done any other way.
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the conservative point of view was always supposed to be that's not the truth. like you said, a lot of people got away from that. >> eric: do you think they get this done if they separate repeal and replace into two -- they may get two losses. >> eric, i want to thank you for introducing mark first because it was like, the rolling stones, and then... [laughter] know, going back to the point echoing, i speak for that modere voice. i don't think you can repeal something without telling the american people what you are going to do next. we have a giant hole in the boat. the aca is our patch. it will sink. >> eric: that's why you are here, mr. levin. >> the answer is not more government. the answer is, do you like liberty? like able to see a doctor you want to see? do you want this new policies not approved by the federal government? to find a way in this country from let making things prosperous and great. >> eric: let's play politics for a second but we got 2018
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elections looming large. go ahead, repeal and replace, we are going to tattoo you with this the way you did to us in 2010. why rushing through this with premiums rising through 2018 as the cbo says, why is that a good thing politically? >> let me play politics with you. why do the republicans have a majority in the house and senate? because of obamacare. why did they take a thousand seats -- >> eric: they have a majority in the house and senate because of obamacare -- >> no, listen to me. i was parked in the tea party. 2010, we took over the house. 2014, took over the senate. it wasn't because he wanted to expand medicaid. and it wasn't because he wanted to find government centralized programs to replace a government centralized program. if they would get on message, push the rand paul idea, open up the economy, people would see what would happen as a result of it. >> eboni: i think i'm seeing something very lazy from the
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conservatives -- from the g.o.p. i won't call them conservatives. i will say the g.o.p. what you are talking about makes sense. that's the mandate they were elected on. instead, what i see is a fish with another name. it's the same exact policy. in fact, in areas, i think it's going to be a worse or certain parts of the country. and it's not exactly what they were put in the white house for or the senate or the g.o.p. or the congress, rather. i guess this is my question. for those americans who want to choose their doctor, who want health care they can afford, for those dependent for whatever the reason on the government, something that's catastrophic, a very kind of low economic price tag associated with it. and then there are two systems for those who can often and afforded us up in private, they do that. if you can't, you get catastrophic care. >> eric: let me bring these guys entering either one of you, your thoughts -- what about this idea? remove the mandate of obamacare, keep the infrastructure of obamacare, and let the obamacare be the thing into 2018, and you
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work on your health care? >> if we pull the mandate, there goes the money and as a death spiral. >> eric: writes. it would be more extensive for the government. but at least you do not lose the house and the senate. >> kat: what we have now, we are going to completely lose everything that makes this country great if this goes on this way. they spell, they want to pass make it right away for political capital? it has all of the exact same issues as obamacare did. it's potentially even more expensive. and conservatives know this! things like -- let me finish. paying two insurance companies, they have been arguing were illegal according to the constitution. this will fail as it is not and it will wind up with single-payer. beagle everett, the thing that >> the thing that needs to be seen is the aca was put through arrogantly. the american people were told this is what we are going to do, they pushed her through on a lawyer's tricks, and it was grossly unpopular.
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republicans are doing the exact same thing. >> eboni: that's the least of this i'm talking about. >> eric: at one of the smartest man i was talking about a while back, this is what we need to do. we need to tackle the cost of health care, not insurance. he'll outlined a list of ideas to tackle the cost of health care, putting pricing up there, do you know what that guy's name was? mark levin. >> he was brilliant. >> eric: why did the g.o.p. not put any of those ideas in? >> i'm done with the g.o.p. i vote republican because they are not the democrats. but the republican party is a progressive party. the democrat party is a radical left party. that's not that we stopped speaking, stop going to the american people. i'm telling you to answer all your questions. what is out there for people if we take obamacare i wake you make the world is out there for people. opportunity permit investment. all things we cannot think about right now. insurance companies propped up. here's my question to everybody,
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if i may. why can't we choose our own health care? why does the government decide what to tell us what we choose to make these senators, most white knuckleheads, they get to tell me what kind of plan i can have? >> eboni: well, they opt out of obamacare... be when people think if the government is not doing that, we can't do it. i've done so many things today with the government not helping me today, not to brag, i'm totally fine. doing just great. >> eboni: that's fine, that's great. myself, i'm the beneficiary of a pell grant, so i think there are spaces for the government held in certain areas. so i think that marx's point, i love the idea of americans doing for themselves and hopefully smaller and smaller, there is something separate. >> eric: we will leave it right there. testifying under oath in her role of testifying. eboni's docket is next.
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>> eboni: time now for the docket. susan wright, few names from
2:17 pm
president obama's and administration cover shadiness and scandal. what do we know about the former national security advisor? we know she was quite literally dead wrong about the reason four americans were killed in libya. other than like she was either woefully misinformed or worse-case scenario, she flat out lied. and when she appeared on pbs to only then acknowledge on msnbc that she did know about the unmasking but, "didn't leak anything to anybody." whether that was rice misspeaking or plain lying, i will leave that for you to decide. rice has now agreed to testify before the house intel committee next month and the important question will be did she break the law by unmasking trump associates and her overall handling of classified information. this sounds really intense, and it is absolutely very important. but from a legal standpoint, it would likely prove to be
2:18 pm
anti-climactic. as politically motivated as it might have been, that would be nearly impossible to prove. the only legal standard for unmasking is that she needed to learn the name of u.s. citizens who were incidentally collected it provided some foreign intelligence value. that is a flawed legal standard as our system allows, but the point is it's allowed. absent proof that she actually lied to obtain the information or that she was actually the leaker of the names, her request to unmask the names of mike flynn and others was likely inappropriate, likely politically motivated, but not illegal. how did i do? >> you did great. but to me, the issue is not the law. >> eboni: that's what the producers told me. [laughs] >> practicing law without a license... here is the thing. i believe there was domestic surveillance going on. >> eboni: sure. >> they went to the fi as a court, those were the reports to the media. second time, they got their
2:19 pm
warrant. that judge was furious what they did with the warrant and she said so. it's not only susan rice. most of the unmasking is done at the request of the fbi. so it is mr. comey who needs to testify about this too. it's mr. clapper who needs to testify about this. mr. brennan. the point of congress is not to, as you know, charge anybody with anything. it's trying to figure out what took place from a legislate of perspective. let's get those people in, let's get them under oath, let's find out about unmasking, let's find out about the whole thing. because mr. nunes, he was stunned. he's not a right wing cook, he's a moderate traditional republican from california. when he saw the stuff, he was flipping out. i think we do need to get to the bottom of this. >> eboni: what are you looking forward to hear? >> echoing your point, i think it will be ultimately a a to make anti-collective
2:20 pm
anti-climactic. i don't think she's going to give up any information because it's about speaking points image to make an agenda. >> kat: i don't think this is one of these instances where, okay, it's legal, keep living how we are living. i think it's okay -- this is legal. let's take a look at the law. we need to take a look at the fact that the standard is so broad for these officials they can go around collecting for whatever candidates they choose and say, i needed that, , and he did not too. no cops once left whatsoever. it's somebody that is on their side now, it could be -- i don't even know. i'm not part of this, i'm liberating libertarian. this is something that allows corruption to get out of control very easily. >> eric: so there are two issues and you pointed that out in the docket. there is the unmasking and the leaking. on the unmasking part, we can have her testify and point to the fact that she, susan rice, chose to unmask general plan when the cia, fbi, and nsa said,
2:21 pm
no, he needs to stay masked. there is nothing about unmasking him that will make the country safer. there is a reason she did it, likely politically as you point out. if that's okay with everyone, that's fine with me. and you point out and goes one step further, "i didn't leak," and we are supposed to believe susan rice that she didn't leak when she lied -- i'm going to say it, eboni. she lied about benghazi. she went out on five different talkshows on september 25th and said it was a video that inspired benghazi and she knew very well in hindsight now that she was made well aware that it had nothing to do with the video and it was a terror attack. if you are going to trust her -- you cannot trust her. >> eric, wasn't she a foot shoulder soldier? she was told to bring the information into these on their show. >> eric: she said it was the video inspiring the benghazi attacks knowing very well it wasn't, so now she's saying,
2:22 pm
yeah, but i didn't leak. >> bottom line. the evidence exist when who asks for what are the nsa they hadn't, one of the committee chairman see the fbi is not cooperating with the committee. it's not just susan rice. it's the others. i'd like to know, quite frankly, in the president's presidential briefing every day what information was provided to him about fisa court requests and unmasking. >> eric: here's what's important. when you lean on susan rice, maybe she did not leak. when she gets a little nervous, when you start tightening the dragon around her, she will tell us who actually leak. >> eboni: i don't think so. >> eric: someone's going to jail. you can't do it. somebody committed a felony. >> they will find some low-level patsy and hang it on them. >> i wish these members of congress were smart enough to do that. they aren't smart enough. and she took them tasked to tha that. >> eboni: up next, the
2:23 pm
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>> kat: the fight between president trump and msnbc host joe scarborough and mika brzezinski taking a bizarre new twist today. the dual addressing president trump's twitter attack against them by disclosing an alleged threat by the white house. >> we got a call, "hey, the national employer is going to run a negative story against you guys." and, it was, donald is friends with the president's friends with the guy who runs the national enquirer.
2:28 pm
they said if you call the president up and he will apologize for your coverage, then he will pick up the phone and basically spike this story. the calls kept coming and kept coming and they were like, call, you need to call. please call. just pick up the phone. >> kat: president trump denying the allegation where else? on twitter. eric? >> eric: [laughs] thanks a lot. my offer from yesterday stands. when two of your friends are fighting, you want them to and make the fight, you want them to solve the problem. still, i would love donald trump to oversee the marriage of mika and joe in the morning show. >> eboni: this is banana land. he's the president of
2:29 pm
united states! why is he trying to be some cheap replacement for joan rivers who, by the way, was the only one who could make plastic surgery jokes. it wasn't a joke! it was a mean thing. >> eric: i understand. his big economic messages are getting -- i get all that. but it's the despicable left that's saying, "oh, my god, we need to impeach donald trump for this!" >> eric: do you think it's the despicable left's quote to my fault for the tweet about mika brzezinski's face-lift? >> i always blamed the despicable left for everything. let me say this. let me come to the president's defense. i went back there and i don't watch the show. as i said, this is a bad show. these people are very vile. i went back and saw what i said. you want to be treated with respect? you act with some respect. these two people have the --
2:30 pm
funeral, they know what's going on in greenwich village in the upper east side of manhattan. they have no idea what's going on in the country. they are vicious, vile attacks on trump. i know you all say that a president shouldn't lower himself but let me tell you something. i'm old enough to remember when president is lower themselves all the time. >> eric: [laughs] bill clinton! >> bill clinton was actually assaulting women. this doesn't excuse him, i'm explaining how to control this, the whole debate. sexual assault women in the oval office, we were told that was a personal -- i remember a president who had an affair with a east german spy, an affair with a mob's girlfriend, he is held up as it is great icon. i'm not saying if stomach it was good when it's good. this was a damn tweet, the whole country is supposed to stop and say "he should resign"
2:31 pm
acclamation mark >> kat: i'm saying i'm just living in banana land. >> eboni: two points, mark levin. i am going to say that i agree with you, mika and joe's show is beltway politics kind of show. out of touch with everyday americans. isn't that what leadership looks like you make isn't leadership saying that they, you know, are petty, they talk about my ten, my hair. let me do better. that's my one assertion, that's leadership. not following as they do but doing better than them. as for clinton to make look, i agree. he's a hot mess. that's also why he had articles of impeachment. >> he lied under oath. see what we have to go over to the new york city mayor bill de blasio de blasio, officials providing an update in today's shooting. let's listen in. >> thank you, steve. we -- we've had a real tragedy here in the bronx this afternoon. it's something we've seen around
2:32 pm
the country now. we've experienced it here. tragedy occurred in the bronx lebanon high school hospital. i want to say at the outset, thank god this was not an act of terrorism. it is an isolated incident. it appears to be a workplace related matter. but that makes it no less tragic or no less horrible. one doctor is dad dead. there are several fighting for their lives right now. among those who are wounded. as you know, the shooter killed himself. but not before having done horrible damage. our hearts go out to the family of the doctor who passed away.
2:33 pm
and in both our hearts and prayers standing in solidarity with the families of all those who were wounded and all those fighting for their lives right now. this was a horrific situation unfolding in the middle of a place where people associate with care and comfort. a situation that came out of nowhere. but even in the midst of this flora for her, there were many, many acts of heroism. the police officers from the 44 and for six strategic response group who entered the building quickly, went for the danger to protect the many, many hundreds of people who were in the building. the firefighters who arrived. this was not was not just an
2:34 pm
active shooter situation, but there was a fire that complicated matters, our firefighters did an exceptional job addressing that situation immediately. and then, of course, all of the personnel at bronx lebanon hospital whose day went from normal to horrifying in a matter of seconds. the doctors, nurses, all of the personnel responded with extraordinary bravery. with cool come professionalism, they protected each other, they protected their patients even amidst this horrible situation. i want to express to everyone at bronx lebanon hospital a profound thanks for all they could do to handle the situation and to immediately respond to support their compatriots who were wounded.
2:35 pm
there will be an opportunity in the coming hours to provide more details of this incident. but at this point, there is a lot we are piecing together. you will hear from the commissioner, but i will say up front. there are many, many details we are still putting together. that is why we are not in a position to answer questions yet. but there will be an accounting of the details shortly. but what i can say, in the meantime... >> kat: all right. very shocking, sad news today. having something happen like that in a hospital, no words for that. >> it continues to be -- you are almost shocked but you are not surprised anymore. for a doctor to walk into where he used to work? there is not any words for that before we start writing to twitter about gun control or having guns on the scene would've saved lives, think of the people who lost their lives today and put the phones down. it's... it's gotten to the point where
2:36 pm
social media is rash on days like this. >> eric: it's unbelievable! airports, you have to go through metal detectors, i get it. its high schools, no colleges, now we are down to hospitals, libraries, everywhere you go you have to have a metal detector? because crazy people are running around shooting places? >> courtrooms for sure. i agree with what you said, mike. it's one of those days to have a moment to be human. >> even when steve scalise of was shot. it was right across from united. >> coming up, president trump says he sending federal agents to help chicago fight out-of-control on, gun violence. is it enough to stop the chaos? we will be right back. ♪ introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed.
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>> eboni: welcome back to's for 29. our specialist is mark levin, who is the author of the new book "rediscovering americanism americanism." along with michael hara president trump tweeting, for the atf agents are now being deployed to chicago and combating the violence. i will start with you, mark. certainly, the president has talked about it eradicating this type of violence in chicago. -- can this be something that our government solution is really going to be helpful around? >> in the and mixed, it won't solve it. but it's necessary to give it the old tribe.
2:42 pm
my attitude about this is many of these big series to make cities have liberal judges, liberal mayors. we've had liberal, federal immigration laws for years. ms-13, other gangs coming into this country, they have managed to play politics with law enforcement, they undermined the, not in the politics don't like cops on the street. this in part contributes to this
2:43 pm
-- cops need backup. going to what mark was saying, it's not the only thing. there has to be programs to reach out to chicago's youth and give them something. some kind of hope. most of these kids turn to gangs because they feel like that's the only family they have. >> eboni: we took that to heart and went to chicago. we went to five schools and a church or to talk about education, talk about a family unit, talk about having goals and something to live for, not to die for. your thoughts on the community aspect of this? >> kat: of course that's important. i don't think anybody would say -- there are fans in chicago
2:44 pm
already so this is a bit of a boost. i certainly don't have a problem with this approach, it's a relief for this approach as opposed to gun control approach. i like them i think a lot of the reasons why many people voted for president trump was that he understands the second amendment. i don't even want to say supports the second member and because i don't believe that my secondment views are me arguing for the second amendment. i believe the second amendment is the argument, so that's a good thing to say. >> eboni: straight ahead, we will hit the streets of manhattan and talk about the slump in president trump's progress and trying to drain it. [kanye west's "all falls down" plays] liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire
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>> eric: it's truly been an amazing week personally, for me, "the swamp" was released this past tuesday. the idea for the book when then candidate donald trump told americans he wanted to clean up and drain the swamp in washington, d.c. i think that resonated with the american people, so we sent one of our members of our production team to kyle nolan alto union square in new york city and ask about the folks about the swamp. check it out.
2:49 pm
>> was the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words "swamp"? >> nasty, not so clean. mosquitoes. >> swamp? >> dirty, nasty. >> was the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word swamp to make >> my >> my [bleep] >> who told him to say that? somebody told him to say that. >> get rid of the establishment that's kind of the same old, same old, restock it with something new. >> do you think he's doing a good job of that? >> no. >> you can't have some persons say that he'll come in and pick up within two months. >> ndc political figures, who do you think he's talking about? >> he's as much as a political establishment as everyone else. >> five months, are you kidding me? >> who are these creatures,
2:50 pm
these wild creatures that trump is talking about? >> guys who are funded by special interest. >> is he going to get swallowed up by the swamp? >> i would love for him to make changes. that would be great. >> can you name creatures in this murky swamp. >> you know, there is bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders is a politician who's been doing a lot of work for a long time. >> he's under federal investigation. >> do you like eric bolling? >> yeah. >> do you like him? his book came out, "the swamp," how they can drain it. >> donald, clean the swamp. >> eric: watch? [laughter] >> this is a damn good book. >> eric: mark levin, i will read your book. it came out on the same day. most conservative voice ever. >> i want people to know this is a great book. thank you very much. >> eric: today is also the end of june as dumb,
2:51 pm
that that means "the fox news specialists," we have been on for two months. that had nothing on jeering. check it out. >> big show today. i'm eric bolling along with eboni k. williams and kat timpf. we are "the fox news specialists" ." so let's bring in our specialist, stephen broadway -- vehicle rob long is here -- >> mike huckabee is here -- >> corey lewandowski is here -- >> he actually got in a car accident this morning but still managed to be here a fox news specialist. that's what we call dedication. >> can you put me on this in the second? >> we are going to be here to stay. "the specialists," we are the real deal now. >> don't quit. >> it is no longer just a normal thing. i mean, it is truly to me, eric, broaching a place of absolute hysteria. >> every day we are opening the show talking about a terror attack that happened a couple of days ago. >> it's got to the point where i
2:52 pm
see a list of what's happening in the past month, i would probably miss one. that is a horrific thing. >> i'm not trying to insinuate that we blow the north koreans to smithereens. i am saying that we accept their nuclear program back 10-20 years. >> i'm so tired of hearing it's our fault. it's not our fault that there is an element of islam that wants to kill us. >> muslims do is simply better in society. hold on a minute, eric. whenever i say that, people go bananas on me. >> terrorist are no different than the mob. intel, money, greasing. all of these guys are viable. >> what he did is he showed what the government is doing that was in violation of the constitution. that's not what chelsea manning did. chelsea manning had a beef with the war, our stance in the war. >> i have a beef with war. i have a beef with innocent people being killed. >> typically president trump does not have anything to do with it. he cannot run away from it. this will be trouble care all
2:53 pm
day long. >> this will be as close to equity coup d'etat. >> don't do the crime if you cannot do the time. >> that's what i'm saying, shilue. >> people have so little trust in the government or its officials right now that stuff like this, it doesn't hardly even matter to the average american. >> i think the democrats are delusional. no, i'm very serious where they are literally living in an echo chamber, tunnel vision. when you see the president of the united states who was republican same please let -- [laughter] i don't know how much clearer it can be that you were on the wrong side of this. >> jim, you're probably perjured himself or made a great mistake. this would not be the first time. >> he talks about the fact that rush is coming after thee in that it. that's not a democratic thing or a republican thing, that's an american thing. >> shove it down our throats! obama shoved it down our throats! >> it's going to get better for a minute, it's going to get
2:54 pm
worse again, that jesus is coming back. >> i love this idea! [laughter] >> in the middle of that, my idea. pretty good idea. >> we are working on it. we just start working on it. [laughter] >> i will do karate on this sho show. ♪ >> eric: i feel like i'm at a bar mitzvah. [laughter] >> eboni: amazing... i've got a tear in my eye. >> eric: we will circle back with our specialist. so for 22 can compose herself. mark levin and -- this is a story about mail and packages.
2:55 pm
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when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites. >> kat: we like to wish nicole kc the best of luck. she will be missed. onto a new adventure. thank you, nicole. now, onto our specialist, mark levin mark levin and mike o'hara. mark, my question is for you. who is book should i read first? [laughter] 's for their loved ed. >> eboni: savage. >> you can listen to his audio and read mine.
2:59 pm
>> eric: i love that monica did one package is, jackie booth did the other. a lot of work. thank you both. mark, i'm just going to say you've been one of my mentors and one of my heroes for a very long time. thank you for joining us on "the specialists." >> god bless you, all of you, good luck on this book. i'm not kidding. it's a great book. >> eboni: my question is for you, mike. you were in a band? >> i was, yeah. >> eboni: who was your inspiration, who was your musical idol? >> shane -- of the pokes. do you want me to list everybody? vicki barrett of the mighty bostonians, bostones >> eboni: is there somebody you where they can check you out and try to write a book of your own to make >> with pictures. >> kat: thank you to our fox news specialist today mark levin and mike o'hara. we thank you all for watching. make sure to watch, follows us.
3:00 pm
at 5:00 will never be the same. "special report" is great, connect and it's great. watch. >> this is a fox news alert. i am hemmer and in for bret baier. the fourth of july weekend is off to a blood he start in this weekend, a doctor fired a gun in a hospital in the bronx. police said he killed one person before taking his life. let's go out to david lee >> the doctor has been identified as henry bello,. he entered the hospital. he was wearing a doctor style white lab coat and he was carrying with him, authorities


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