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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 1, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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be sure to tweets us. thanks to my panel. thanks to all of you for watching. i'm paul and it's nice to see you right here next week. this is a fox news alert. i'm kelly in new york and we want to go to a news conference underway in a nightclub shooting that took place in little rock, arkansas last night. paying people injured in that and let's go do that now. reporter: >> it's broken for the victims that were involved in this tragic situation but heartbroken for their families and heartbroken for our city. i speak on behalf of of all of my colleagues the city board of directors that are assembled here with me and telling you that we had delegated and we continue to rededicate ourselves to what we can do to make the city safe.
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that sickening feeling in the gut of your stomach is something that you never want to feel. certainly, on the fourth of july weekend where we wish to anticipate having fun with our friends and family, this is certainly, a terrible, terrible tragedy. i want to thank and commend our first responders. thanks to their response the work of the medical professionals in our hospitals and by the grace of god, all of the victims are expected to survive. i want to reassure our public that this is not an act of terrorism but a tragedy. a local community tragedy. it does not appear to be a planet shooting. it appears there was a disagreement amongst a small subset of individuals at a concert that turned violent because of the presence of rivalries and weapons. i want to take a moment here, in a minute after our officials give their briefing, to address some of the bigger issues affecting our community but there are two things that are readily apparent: we must do more to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people and
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government can do something to help us with that. we also should be outraged that our promotional video with a gun on the front cover inviting people to a concert suggesting the issues of violence should also be totally unacceptable in our community. we need to do these things before tragedies happen and if so, we come down here and we know that we have to use a hammer. we have to use a big hammer on the people who do violence with guns and her people. so, we will speak more about this in a moment but i will turn it over to the press conference to chief buckner will give you an update on the details of the investigation. chief. >> thank you, mayor. good afternoon. i'm going to go into some of the details of the incident and how
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they unraveled as we know them today. all the information i will give you is based upon preliminary permission that is subject to change. approximately 2:30 a.m. at the power lounge located on sixth street there was a concert with the memphis entertainer identified as was scheduled to be the headliner for the concert. there were also local artists were scheduled to perform at this concert. some sort of dispute ensued in the audience during the event and multiple shots were fired and multiple individuals responsible for those shots fired. again, i want to echo what the mayor said we do not believe this was an act of terror nor was it an act of shooter situation. off-duty police officers were also at some point working the event and they were there from 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. and that was a normal schedule time to be there and their job was to work in the parking lot for this venue which is to people for
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these type of venues and police work off the duty at the location. during their tenure there, shortly before they left for their 2:00 a.m. exit time, some members of the headliner group for the entertainment attempted to enter the venue, one of which was openly carrying a weapon. our officers engaged the individual attempted to stop the individual but it appeared that these individuals went to an alternate entry into this location and actually gained access into the venue. it appears that most of the shots were fired and this occurred inside of the venue but that's based upon a perimeter he information and we do not information that leads us to believe that anything occurred outside as it relates to shots fired. the location was also checked at approximately 12:30 a.m. by our vice detectives out of their routine patrol to check venues throughout our city. we have had other complaints on this venue.
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the victims are all appear to be african-american, both male and female, the youngest being the age of 16. the oldest is 35. twenty-eight individuals in total were injured. twenty-five results of gunshot wounds, three, as a result of attempting to flee the venue in the chaos ensued. of those individuals of the 22, we believe that two are listed in critical condition, at this time. the other individuals have what we believe to be mild life-threatening injuries. i cannot think our hospitals enough for their response to have this kind of mass incident occur in our city in fact they were standing here today and 28 people, 25 of which were shot in no one's dead speaks to a lot of things on our first responders and also our hospitals and how they were able to bridge us to help these individuals. the hospitals where those five are scattered throughout central
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arkansas, baptist, st. vincent, children's, baptist springhill and north little rock. our community we have no reason to believe, at this time, that anyone in the general public is that harm of incident further incident from this group. we believe it was associated with the individuals who were inside so we want the public to know we feel there is no risk or harm to just go about your daily life. this does appear allude to be a continuation of disputes from some of our local groups. disputing that you've seen some of the things playing out in our streets that resulted in drive-by shootings and other shooting victims, a few that we have warrants for their arrest. also, to our officers and it's important that i want them to know that this is why we train, this is why we pursue best practices, this is why we want to subscribe to 21st century policing principles, this is why
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i send you around the country to develop networks to have the chasm of information we need that when you have your moment in your city, in america today, unfortunately were seen this play out too much. i could not be prouder of how you responded on the day. it says so much that we had that many people who were injured and our people were able to get there, declare a safe scene for our ems folks to enter into their jobs and we greatly appreciate it. also, i want to let the public know that we would not have been able to do this alone and this is our city but the surrounding chief and central arkansas have reached out and helped. we are currently working with fbi and atf who are represented today who are also helping us with the investigation into many of the tools they have, we don't have the resources to do some of the things they're able to do in their here early and we certainly appreciate your help.
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also, the state police and the governor's office have been extended their help writing needs that we have at the crime lab or state police. at this time will talk a little bit about the things that occurred with the injured from greg. >> couple years ago little rock police fired to work together to prepare for kinds of massive tragedies like we faced last evening and it paid off last night. when our paramedics arrived on scene we began to do our triage we found that some of the victims had already been triaged by the police department, a total of five tourniquets were used and one chest seal. i said a few years ago we never seen it like that and i believe their actions had direct positive impact on the outcome of this event. a lot of people self evacuated from the scene, some of them went to children's hospital, i'll talk to that in a second but there were ten left on the scene were not able to self
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evacuate so we were able to transfer them out working with the art art is a trauma system to make sure they were scattered to the appropriate hospitals. the two that went to children for adults and children the pediatrics facility so we worked with the trauma system to make sure those two were transported to the appropriate facilities. one other hospital that chief buckner didn't mention what because i haven't told him yet and that is conway played into that mix to practice for the patient out so the self evacuations as of the other hospitals. at this point, that's all i ha have. >> we will take questions, the chief and i in a moment but i want to let you know the feeling of heartbreak has become all too familiar in our city. this incident only put a point on a situation that we've seen continuing to increase since last fall. it's not unique to little rock by the way but it's happening in cities, urban cities, throughout the country. i received calls from new
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orleans, mayor of new orleans, mayor of louisville, all of which have pledged to do anything they can to help us because we know that we have to have a collective effort and to learn from each other as it relates to those things. i know that we have people here, in the city, that are dedicating their lives to stopping the violence both in our police department and in the community. we have people in organizations, people in our churches are helping, reaching out, trying to provide an opportunity for young people to go in the right direction instead of the wrong direction offering mentoring services and other. i know that they are as frustrated as i am that the resources, the time, the money, the coordination are not yet yielding results that we want. we must press on. we must continue to press forward as a community. this is a community problem and it's a community issue that we can solve. let me mention a couple things. first of all, the lounge, the altar of power lounge. the abc has suspended the liquor license program and we will be
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studying this location down. the manager of the property is advised that he has also providing an eviction notice to the operators of the lounge so, this activity downtown is going to cease. it also should be a recognition to the other late-night clubs and places that we have that we will be extra diligent as it relates to the issues of people walking the streets guns. it's very important that we work on trying to remove the guns from the people who do not have them. who is that i want to let you know that i talked to the governor, i talked to the attorney general, governor hutchinson and i have talked about the importance of putting together a group of both state and local officials that will be working with our probation and parole officers so that people on probation and parole that are carried weapons can be apprehended and they can be prosecuted and convicted and put in jail.
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we also, i talked with larry, prosecuting attorney and is he is assigned a special deputy to the be specially deputized to the us attorney's office so we can get those cases adopted to the federal level for the sanctions are much more serious and they can be kept in jail longer. this is the kind of long-term type of activities that are going to be yielding results. we've got to take these repeat offenders off the streets. this means that we have to have increased supervision and monitoring by our probation and parole officers but let me emphasize that we believe this is a very small group of repeat offenders that are bent on violent crime. we have a violent crime apprehension team that, 25 officers were working these hotspots that we receive reports from. it is very important to the community let us know when they hear shots fired that we can be there and try to make sure that we investigate appropriately what is happening at the time. i want you to know that atf,
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alcohol tobacco and firearms, fbi, us marshals office here in little rock and they're here with us today, along with the memphis offices are working with us as it relates to the specific incident. now, this issue, this problem and challenge of too many people resolving their dispute guns cannot be simply resolved with the rest and convictions. we know there will be a difference made in the future for people in terms of giving them something to lose. that is why the city, and my board of directors here, dedicated over $5.5 million a year as we continue to do for intervention and prevention programs and that's why my office will continue to make sure that the funds go where there actually needed. opportunity is the key and we don't have any magic want to undo the disparities of opportunity but together, with the hard work we can do everything we can to change that.
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we can deal with the issues of economic mobility, we can assist people in trying to get jobs, it may mean that we need more programs that seek to revitalize neighborhoods, to bring back disadvantaged neighborhoods, to work more aggressively in terms of on happy people understand the importance of respect and the value of life and property. it may mean asking the community to reach out every day and be a role model for our young people. we must understand that one person alone cannot solve this problem or be blamed for the problem. a police chief alone can't solve this problem. a minister alone can't solve this problem. a city alone director alone can't solve this problem. and a mayor alone can solve the problem. a citizen alone also cannot solve the problem but collectively, collectively, we as a community can do so. by working together, by combining the smart policy out of important watching. kelly: that the mayor of little rock, arkansas explaining what his community is going through
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after a shooting that took place resulting in at least 25 people injured from gunshots and three other people fleeing the scene and being injured in the process. the mayor eloquently talking about what's going on in his community and other communities brought the country as relates to gang violence. we should also make note the fact that laura ingle, the merit was reaching out to communities and church groups and what happened last night and very concerned about getting guns off the street and out of the hands of criminals and trying to move his community forward so they can peaceably come together. our state sister station also in little rock just a week ago talked to gang members who said they were trying to broker a peace that the long-standing problem and we take away this news conference is talking about the feeling of heartbreak becoming all too familiar. of course, a very significant problem there last night. will continue to bring the latest on that.
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>> another news as america celebrates its independence day. president trump will honor the country's veterans. paying tribute to those who risk their lives to defend our freedom. i made the best of these he leaves behind some major unfinished business but the issue of healthcare looms large for his administration. peter lives in bridgewater, new jersey. news of the presence of golf club. reporter: laura, not only is the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, denying president trump's request to just repeal obamacare now and to replace it whenever they are able to replace it with something but the majority leader is also now turning the president famous campaign slogan around telling a group of reporters quote it's not easy making america great again, is it? mcconnell isn't the only one
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frustrated by the healthcare reform standstill. ten republican senators wrote him a letter asking for august recess to be canceled so they have more time to make good on campaign promises like number one on the list, repealing and replacing obamacare. on the house side of the hill, lawmakers are making a vote on what ever the senate passes, if they pass anything, 12 lawmakers are asking the speaker ryan to canceled their recess so they can get more done too. so far the healthcare proposal put forth by senate republicans has failed to catch on with many of their constituents. only 27% of voters favor the senate plan in a new fox news paul and that the steep drop from the 40% of voters who favored the plan passed by the house which was very similar back in may. so far, there hasn't been a ton of pressure coming from the white house to get this done.
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in fact, president trump invited all gop senators to the white house this week to hear concerns from skeptical republicans. deputy press secretary says now they aren't giving anybody a deadline to do anything. >> as we said before, let's focus on the timeline. again, focus on getting the best deal in healthcare. reporter: there's a lot going on in dc but that's not what president trump is going back for tonight. he'll be at the kennedy center for an event hosted by the first baptist church of dallas honoring wounded warriors and patients at walter reed. back to you. laura: peter, thank you so much. kelly: more on healthcare battle let's bring in gabby from washington bureau chief of the new york piece. thanks for joining us. in our abbreviated time, due to the news conference that we had at the top of the hour from little rock. i'll get right to the point. peter's story we heard senate majority mitch mcconnell seemed to turn the president famous campaign slogan around as he stated, it's not easy making america great again, is it? then, that statement seems to underscore just how compensated
1:19 pm
repealing and replacing the affordable care act is and if so, what you think republicans have to do to get this done? >> there still working this out and mitch mcconnell, i think, he felt slighted by that tweets president trump when he said that perhaps the senate should consider a repeal and replace later approach. after all the work that they have put in, the majority leader has been working feverishly to get something through to reach an area of compromise between moderate republican senators and the conservative holdout that remain opposed to this legislation. that is certainly, that tweets for the president did not help that effort because it puts an offer on the table where the conservative senators who all along have been advocating for that repeal now, replace later approach now feel as if the president backs that and then why are they asked to negotiate. kelly: i don't mean to cut in on you but we only have a little bit of time. the deep divisions within the
1:20 pm
republicans and now this division that they appear to have between themselves and the president and not to mention the democrats just make it took seven years, why did the republicans have something in place to repeal and replace obamacare coming right out in order to give the president exactly what he needed? >> that's a good question and one a lot conservatives are asking right now. if you go back to 2015 when we saw them vote to repeal obamacare, a clean repeal of obamacare, a lot of conservative senators are wondering why did we just do that this time around and forced senators to go on the record and show whether or not they are truly believing in the campaign promise that they iran on to repeal obamacare and replace it with something that gets government out of healthcare. kelly: rather than rushing it through and having -- gabby, thank you so much for joining us. sorry for the abbreviated time. understand half the day. laura: president trump looking at voter fraud looking at a wide range of information from some
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laura: is the first weekend since president trump's travel ban went into effect and so far, it's been smooth sailing at airports with little that chaos that marked the initial effort back in january. will car is live in los angeles international airport with all the latest. well, i was a live shot at jfk back in january and it was chaotic and it doesn't look so where you are. what's happening? reporter: yeah, absolutely. the band went into effect this past thursday was really a scaled-down version of the band that we saw earlier this year. it sparked protests all across the country including here at lax and as a result, were saying the same type of protest for the past couple days but the supreme court partially in this the revised fan and they'll make a final decision on the travel ban in its fall term. in the meantime, six countries will be impacted, iran, libya, yemen and there are exceptions for travelers with bona fide
1:26 pm
ties to the united states that includes media family members but does not include grandparents or grandchildren because of that hawaiian has filed an emergency motion in the federal courts asking for clarification. >> what is the us government have against grandmothers which require those people not allowed to come into the country and what national security initiative are we thinking abo about. reporter: the administration and its supporters maintained throughout this entire process that this is all about keeping americans safe and that the six countries on the band have ties to terrorism. take a listen to governor scott walker. >> those who oppose the president try to claim this as a religious test is ridiculous. if that was the case, every muslim based country in the world would be prohibitive from being people in. this is about setting a standard
1:27 pm
that goes all the way back to the previous administration that countries were not going to cooperate with the united states to let us know is coming in from those countries, particularly refugees, it's only appropriate when we look at the horrific things are happening in europe and other places around the world that we want to know coming in. reporter: a federal judge is expected to decide on hawaii's emergency motion next week. laura. laura: will car in lax. things for the report. kelly: a world war ii submarine turned it easy on the facing eviction from its riverside home. now a group of veterans are fighting to save this piece of military history. president trump says he's done it being patient with north korea. does that mean military options are on the table? >> the north korean dictatorship has no regard for the safety and security of its people or its neighbors and has no respect for human life. you're saying the new app will go live monday? yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes.
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the area of strategic patience with the north korean regime has
1:32 pm
failed. many years, and it has failed. frankly, that patience is over. kelly: president trump signaling a shift in the us response to north korea. the president, yesterday, hosting the president of south korea at the white house and stating that the approach to strategic patience is not worked and the administration is now looking at other options to deal with north korea which includes military action. joining me now is david former foreign policy advisor to the obama campaign and a former state department official. david, thanks for joining us this afternoon. look, it's an independence day weekend and we see that soul is in jeopardy of in terms of how its relations are. what do we need to strengthen or at least bolster the defense of that region given the fact that he's been so petulant.
1:33 pm
>> there's only bad and worse options for north korea at this point. i'm a critic of president trump but i think he's doing the right thing here. he waited, hoping that china would put pressure on north korea to come to the table and find a diplomatic solution to these issues. china has not been able to accomplish that and president trump is becoming frustrated. as a result, president trump put in place sanctions on a chinese bank that does business with north korea and he approved and arms sales to taiwan. both of those are appropriate measures but they're even more appropriate in terms of additional leverage and pressure on china to leverage and pressure north korea. if that doesn't work, we also have to come up with other solutions. certainly, the military option is always on the table and we have a number of things that we can do militarily but anything we do militarily -- we will certainly prevail but at what cost? we will see substantial casualties and substantial debts and loss of life in south korea, in particular.
1:34 pm
it's a huge risk and north korea has a huge conventional weapons force and it also has some crude nuclear weapons they could possibly use so it could escalate very quickly if we use any of our military options. president trump is right to alert north korea that we are ready to use our military if we have to, to pressure china, and to pressure north korea to come to the table five as you stated, the military option, could weigh heavily in terms of the outcome, the results of getting involved in any military action with the north. we know that kim jong-il has not hesitant all at striking his enemies and he would likely do that just to put a thumb in the eye of president trump, if he would opt for military action. is that advisable? >> that's one of the problems is the leader of north korea is unpredictable. he's authoritarian, he's not entirely saying.
1:35 pm
we don't know how he will act and we can't rule out him engaging in very substantial retaliation to anything that we do. if that happened, as i mentioned, i think it would escalate very quickly and north korea would be in danger of regime change. that's the ultimate threat for kim jong-il is that he wants to stay in power. that's his main interest. how do we find a way to get him to back off his nuclear ambitions while making them feel comfortable that he'll be protected and stay in power that probably involves china but so far, china has not been helpful to write exactly, david, we know they've had in their appetite but here's something else the president said in the rose garden. he accused the north korean regime and according here no regard for the safety and security of the his people or its neighbors. how do you deal with the regime that has no regard for his own people let alone the rest of the world? >> a number of regimes we deal with that. not free is not the only regime i got. north korea's human rights record is despicable and we saw
1:36 pm
that with the return recently of the american from ohio who passed away which is a tragic and significant atrocities. it's symbolic of what they do to their own people all the time. anyone who speaks out of the regime and that has to change. it's difficult for us to see a close society, authoritarian society for us to have an impact at this point. we have to try. kelly: david, i thank you said it right. we have to try. the president seems to be ready, willing and able to do just that including keeping the military option on the table. thank you, sir. laura: a world war ii six submarine on basing a us are uncertain. it's been trying visitors as a naval museum reminding people about the bravery and sacrifice of those who fought for our
1:37 pm
country. now, the family who owns the land is served an eviction notice to the museum and that has led to a group of veterans trying to save it. future generations should never forget its history. i had a chance to see it for myself, take a look. the uss ling has been a blood attraction of the naval museum in hackensack, new jersey since 1973. parked along the shore of the hackensack river the 300-foot long world war ii vessel has served as a floating museum operated by a group of loyal veterans of the submarine memorial association. there is also a small museum on shore. the new owners of the property, though, have plans to redevelop the area and have served an eviction notice creating a troubling challenge for the museum and the south. >> physically, yes, we can move. we don't have a place right now to move to. as far as the link, is less someone comes up with something that we haven't heard already as to how you can move it from the river here to some other place,
1:38 pm
it will stay in the river. laura: the river is filled and . there's no way to both the south and it wouldn't fit under the bridge is nearby anymore. another sticking point in 2012 hurricane sandy demolished the peer which held the gangplank to the ship making it inaccessible to the public. while the massive submarine doesn't technically have to go under the eviction notice, some say it should. those association wanted to stay and be preserved and others say that's a proposal that doesn't hold water. environmentalists say the only way to get the stuff out of the water is to take it apart piece by piece. you're saying the only real way to deal with the problem is to cut it up? >> i'm afraid so. i'm afraid that's the only way it will ever get out of here. it's not floating. we don't have enough lift power to pull this thing out of the
1:39 pm
mud and fly it over these obstructions. you have to look at it realistically. laura: those from the museum say they have a vision and have even drawn up plans to help keep the uss ling open and operating. it's just going to take money and resources they don't have. >> why should something like this, part of history, go away? it doesn't have to. laura: to learn more or donate to keep the efforts to keep that uss ling as a working museum you can go to go fund me page for the uss ling and that's www. go bánh mì .com # uss -- ling. interesting story. i present tom's commission importing for the project seeking all kinds of information and sparking a major backlash like some states are saying no.
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information about every voter in the country now facing strong bipartisan push back from nearly three dozen states. life in washington with the details, garrett. reporter: at this point, not a single state will provide all of the information that has been requested. on friday, the presidential commission tax allegations of voter fraud sent a letter to the states requesting publicly available information on voters. now, last night chris was the vice chair of the commission defended at the request and said that they are trying to do things here that have never been done before. >> one thing that's never been done is the federal government knows the names of more than 15 million aliens who are living in the united states. it's closer to 20 million. the individuals are here on green cards or temporary visas but the states have never been permitted to say, hey, how many of those aliens have voted in the states. the number is likely to be very
1:45 pm
high. reporter: ten states have said they will not share voter information with the commission and 26 others have said that state privacy laws will only allow them to share some of what was requested. any democrat such as virginia governor are blasting the effort and his response in part stated at best, this commission was set up as a pretext to validate donald trump's alternative election backs and at worst, is a tool to commit large-scale voter suppression. new york governor replied to the response saying new york refuses to perpetuate the myth voter fraud played a role in our election. it's not just democrats, even in the red state of mississippi said once he receives the request, quote my reply would be they can go jump in the gulf of mexico and mississippi is a great state to launch from. mississippi residents should celebrate independence day and our state's right to protect the privacy of our citizens by conducting our own electoral processes. the commission is scheduled to
1:46 pm
hold their first meeting on julw much information they are able to get, they may have to adjust the strategy going forward. kelly five strong statements the other. garrett reporting from washington, thank you sir. laura: know under former advisor to bill clinton and the fox news container also chris wilson, former campaign poster for senator ted cruz and the founder and ceo of wpa intelligence. they are here to discuss what is very important issue. doug, i want to start with you. thank you gentlemen for being here. there have been significant backlash on this request from both sides as we heard and garrett's report. on both sides of the aisle. what do you think is all this warranted? >> i think the bipartisan concern is totally warranted. we have privacy laws, the states are set up in our system to guard and protect and administer elections and there has been no showing of any systematic voter fraud and in the absence of
1:47 pm
that, i think we should protect the sanctity of our electoral process and not go off on a fishing expedition as a both sides and both parties, secretary of state, have made clear. laura: chris, we have ups about three dozen states they will comply. even if the trump administration gets information from other states, how will this help them make the case when there will be incomplete information in the end? >> there's a lot of reasons why states are compliant. for instance, mississippi, is a state right issue and frankly, mississippi has taken action to remove ineligible voters from their roles. the bigger concern here is democrats like mcauliffe of virginia and polo really should want to operate. public comment that he doesn't want to perpetuate message on someone because of lost the popular vote because of illegal both, he should try to prove that that's false and by refusing to cooperate it will frankly, further perpetuate this myth. saying that there's no evidence
1:48 pm
is wrong. the think tank found 5.7 million illegal votes from 2008. they found 5000 ineligible voters in the virginia roles just a cursory look. it false to say that there's no evidence of this type taking place. it's a moral issue and every time illegal vote is cast it's not just the legal vote that matters it's really wiping out the vote of someone who is a true citizen. it's an issue that everyone should care about. it's unfortunate. laura: doug, this comes down to mention is the secretary of state mentioned as to what they will release. some of denied the request and some are saying their consulting with lawyers while others have said they are getting calls from very unhappy constituents saying they don't want to trump administration looking at their personal information but what many may not know is that all information is private. >> that is certainly true. that which is publicly available, i think, should be freely shared. that make sense.
1:49 pm
as to chris's point that it's a moral issue, i think i, the real morality here is to protect our constitutional right to privacy which is really one of the most sanctified and important principles we have in our democracy. i think until, and unless, were in a situation that chris can do a better job than siding alleged abuses in 2008, we ought to go. laura: chris, last word, really quick. you think this will come about? >> i do. as québec pointed out most interstates have been asking for the federal government to cooperate and obama did not. what kovach is doing is setting up a structure that people in his position that they can encompass their goals. laura: have to leave it there. thank you for being with us today. kelly: a new study on the growing for price for religious freedom and is under attack. and you always laugh like you're hearing it for the first time.
1:50 pm
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laura: annual report suggest there has been an alarming spike in government hostility toward religion over the past eight years. fox news radio correspondent, todd starnes, the author of the deplorable guide to making
1:54 pm
america great again is here with us today. he also has a brand-new, nationally syndicated radio show dining next wednesday. i read about that, graduations, todd. >> were looking forward to it. laura: let's talk about this report. what more does it tell us? >> since 2014 there's been a 76% increase in the number of hostility cases involving religious liberty. this information coming from the family research council and their report, laura. according to their documentation, most of these instances occurred during the obama administration and family were impacting people of the christian faith. laura: i know that you follow this group closely and how does the family research county gather their backs? >> they use the news media and they use a lot of reporting from various sources in a document all of these instances in the 66 page report. this is no surprise that the obama administration were hostile toward people of the christian faith.
1:55 pm
laura, in my book i document the obama's first christmas in the white house where they actually debated whether or not they should remove the nativity scene from from the building. this is the mentality that we saw in the obama administration and this is, quite rightly, why i wrote the deplorable guide to making america great again to not only document these instances but give people with faith in america a way to fight back. laura: so you believe they're being pushed aside was why is that five there's a frankly attack by atheists and they want to eradicate insanity from the public marketplace. a couple of days ago, laura, i wrote a story about east central university, the university there decided to capitulate to secularists and they were going to remove the cross and bibles from a chapel on the campus. after we did our story, a couple hours later, the university had a change of heart but again, this illustrates when you take god out of the equation, they
1:56 pm
want to replace with government. that's ultimately what's behind this. laura: we have to keep is one thing, todd, from your position what needs to be done to help stop hostilities? kelly: the answer is very simple. people of faith must take a stance. that doesn't mean you have to burn down buildings or march in the streets and do all sorts of nefarious things but it means getting involved in the political process but that's what christians need to do. laura: todd starnes, good luck on the new radio show this week. i see your new hash on the luck with that. thank you so much. five we will end this program and will continue at the top of the hour with eric shawn and jillian turner. laura: i'll see you on the fact report at 7:00 p.m. eastern. see you there what's the best way to get two servings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink?
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