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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 2, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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we are back here next sunday, 11 eastern. happy 4th of july. we'll see you with the latest buzz. [♪] eric: president trump marking his first 4th of july as commander-in-chief. in a speech last night celebrating our nation's veterans. hello and welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters." reporter: the president grabbing headlines with a twitter post. what did president trump tweet out this morning? reporter: the white house says
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when the president gets hit, he hits back harder. now he tweeted a video to show what it could look like. it showed a clip of an appearance he made on wwe it's been edited to show him body slamming an opponent. the video follows an explanation from the president about why he's on social media so much. he wrote the fake and fraudulent news media is trying to convince republicans and others i should not use social media. i had to beat hashtag fake news. he called his use of twitter as modern-day presidential.
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reporter:f have we heard from cnn? reporter: we heard from them. he says it's a sad day when the president encourages violence against reporters. cheerly sarah huckabee-sanders lied when she said the president had never done sow. he is involved in juvenile behavior far blow the dignity of his office. we'll do our job, he should start doing his. but the white house legislative director said president trump is doing his job. >> i don't recall during the presidential campaign many members of congress being excited by the president's tweets and he won the campaign. congressional approval is about 11% right now. reporter: if the volume of his tweets from the last few days keeps up, we may hear from him
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before too much longer. eric: republican senators left washington for the july recess without coming to a consensus on the healthcare bill. they are being called upon by some senators to cancel the august recess. whether they will do this. pretty revolutionary to cancel their 3-week vacation. reporter: a lightning way to go to cancel recess. but they may be on recess this weekend. but a lot of republicans are hard at work trying to come up with a replacement bill that will be able to pass. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell didn't have the support he needed to pass the
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bill. that's why 10 gop senators have sent a letter to senator mcconnell so they can stick around to work on healthcare instead of rushing through a bill that lacks the support it needs to pass. >> let's bring everybody into the room. let's cancel the august work period. let's have hearings and get to work on something that works better than obamacare. reporter: the president suggested if republicans can't pass a repeal and replace bill, they should re-peel first. new york short said their preference would still be to do it all at once. >> if the replacement part is too difficult. let's take care of the first step and repeal. if you repealed it, you can come back with a replacement effort
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that could be more bipartisan. reporter: dividing the repeal and replacement process creates challenges on its own. but kentucky republican rand paul said if they can't do both, doing it separately may be the best option. reporter: a deadly car bombing in damascus after a major muslim holiday. officials say they foiled two separate attacks that could have claimed more lives. john huddy is live with more on this from our middle east newsroom. reporter: as has bent case in other attacks children as well. take a look at the scene.
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it started with the police chase during the morning rush hour on the south skirts of today 345s mass discuss. syrian police -- on the outskirts of damascus. they cut off and blew up two of the cars. but the others made it to the center of the city where the driver detonated his devices. the holiday marks the end of ramadan and the first day today back to work. it's unclear if this was the work of isis as was the case in another attack back in march, or a rebel faction. also the case in another attack in northern damascus back in march that killed dozens of people. despite this, syrian authorities had a tight grimm on damascus in
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the heart of the city like this one today it's certainly rare. but this clearly sends a message that these attacks will continue and that damascus remains a target as the fight against isis continues and the long running brutal and bloody civil war. reporter: thanks for that reporting, john, please keep us updated. eric: a blunt message to beijing and and show of might from the pentagon. a naval destroyer sailed within 12 miles of one of the islands in the south china sea. the president says he's losing patience with beijing and their failure to rein in north korea. the president is set to talk on
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the phone tonight with china's president xi jinping. it seems like a cat and mouse game with the artificial islands and the other islands china claims. >> i think what the u.s. is doing is necessary. china has been change what had been a fairly stable order in the south china sea. they declared this is their territory, then they started to militarize that claim. what's important here is that the u.s. push back on that while still trying to talk to and cooperate with china. that's where i think we are. we need to show wee do not recognize these claims. at the same time wee have a lot of issues to work with with china. getting the rite balance is key. eric: how do you know there is a trip wire?
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>> it's bent opposite. we have seen too little pushback up to this point. that encouraged china to keep going. by doing this we are hoping to send a signal that we have seen enough, we are not going to be accepting these claims. but let's do things we all need to deal with such as north korea. >> there have been stronger actions by the administration, this week they sanctioned a chain eels bank as well as announcing the sale of $1.4 billion in military equipment to taiwan. >> on north korea, you have to give china some credit. chain today over a long period of time has changed its relationship with north korea substantially. nonetheless, there is a lot more they could be doing to put pressure on that regime. eric: they haven't deterred them
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from their ballistic missile test or nuclear tests. >> that's right. that's why trying to pressure china or encourage china. whatever it takes to do more is critical. on the thai juan issue, this is something that's not unusual. the u.s. had a rip with the government? taiwan for a long time. we recognize china as a one state, one country, but we had a correct relationship with taiwan and we wantr wouldn't want to see a unilateral imposition of a solution. eric: the president's phone call when he was president-elect with the president of ther of taiwan ticked off china. they said it grossly interferes with china's domestic affairs.
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the chinese government and chinese people have every right to be outraged. the we we serve every right to take further action. wrong move on the u.s. side runs counter to the consensus reached by the two presidents in march the march -- in mar-a-lago. >> that statement that you read out is not surprising. that's what the chinese say every time. that's what it means when we say we have a difference of view over howe to implement the one-china policy. we have had very different views about these issues for a long time. the u.s. long had a relationship
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helping thai juan to have serious self defense forces. and i think president trump can calmly say that and talk about the common challenges we have. china is a big country, very powerful and a country we need to work with. and we need to have differences and clear lines. >> as you mention, we are working with issues. we'll be sailing tha into hong . how do you think at the end of the day, what will happen? will we see a confrontation in the south china vea. will there be a confrontation with north korea? >> in the south china sea i think we'll see a continuation, no conflict.
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neither side wants a military conflict. you may have a couple close brushes, but that will result in communication between the to sides. when it comes to north korea, i think china is trying to figure out how to shape the behavior of kim jong-un and they haven't been able to do that so far. kim jong-un is a very unpredictable player. eric: they may be worried about him as we are. a pleasure to have you on this july 4 weekend. reporter: president trump's unprecedented use of social media is alarming some and encouraging others. >> the president understands the new media better than anyone. it is the reason he won and he's the president of the united states today.
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reporter: will his ongoing battle with the mainstream media help or hurt his agenda. the disappearance of a visiting scholar from china. what authorities say this young woman was doing just before she went missing. >> i received many, many emails from faculty and students expressing shock. those who knew him are quite surprised. there was no hint of something like this. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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xfinity gives you more to stream to more screens. eric report f.b.i. arrested an illinois man after a young woman from china disappeared near the university of illinois campus. she was a visiting research scholar. video shows her getting into brent christianson's car on june 9. she has been missing ever since. police arrested christianson for kidnapping the 20-year-old and they say sadly they do not expect to find her alive. >> the president at this point i think has made it clear what his strengths are. and he need to stay focused on
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speeches like this and not get crazy with twitter. >> i love that he speaks directly to the people. but we appreciate that you are covering the substance. he mentioned all the promises he's keeping on the supreme court, on judicial restraint and veterans. gillian: judge jeanine pirro speaking to kellyanne conway. this morning the president tweeted this altered professional wrestling video edited with him and cnn on face.
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70% of americans think the president's tweets are hurting his agenda. >> i agree with that. the president should view the messages and tweets, does this advance the agenda for the american people? make america great again. if the tweet doesn't cue to that responsibility, then maybe he shouldn't tweet it. but on the other hand, this vehicle worked well for him in terms of reaching people. he had 66,000 people a day. he has 33 million people following him on twitter. some of these tweets are the bikini slide show of his twitter account. once you get in there, the rest he want you to see is the good news coming out of his administration. gillian: using tweets is a good way to connect with young people.
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this certainly helps there, don't you think? >> it's definitely modern presidential in his word. to some extent he's connecting with younger people. the idea of the president tweeting a meme he found on reddit. and we have seen in washington there is a mixture of joy and confusion reacting to things like this. many members of the press do enjoy feeling aggrieved. and the president is helping them do that today. showing even a fake wrestling video is enough for them to get bothered by it. gillian: only 21% of republicans approve of the president's use of twitter. do you think this is a little
9:22 am
misleading? do you get the sense behind closed doors that republicans feel for the first time since the nixon era that they have a president punching back? >> i think there is ambivalence. republicans have long been in a position where they haven't been able to successfully fight back and win battles. now they have the presidency of the united states which is able to have a dominant presence in the media. one he can outright lose to a media that's stacked against them. in that way they are happy. but a lot of republicans on capitol hill are conventional about politic. this for earn in d.c. is outside the bound of what they expect politicians to do. republicans who had a difficult time adjusting to it, we saw paul ryan this week, they gently condemn it and go out of their way to say it's not acceptable.
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we are focusing on the agenda. processing this is an issue for both sides of the house. gillian: corey lewandowski joined fox news yesterday and told us donald trump is the ernest hemingway of twitter. i take it that he means the president can say a lot with a few word. >> he's certainly a trendsetter. the the of the united states has brought brevity to the way the president communicates. as a journalist and citizen. regarding his twitter usage, i'm for it. it doesn't matter where you fall on the aisle. you would rather hear from the president. in this case you have president trump who can be impulsive who tweets what's on his mind. does it always work for his agenda? no.
9:24 am
but as far as being an american citizen who is interested in what he is thinking, i'm for it. gillian: looking further down the line, 10 years, 20 years, what i want to know from you as a member of the press, do you think that ultimately in the long game history will judge the president's use of social media just big picture kindly or not kindly? >> i think ultimately president trump should realize he will be judged by what he accomplishes, not by the way he presents himself in public. they will look back and talk about this a little bit. but each of these twitter controversies disappears in a week or so. but won't disappear is the lasting legacy president trump achiefs. ife can skill back the government, that will be his legacy.
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gillian: i want to thank you for coming in and sharing the mainstream media point of view. eric: some stunning accusations from the syrian government after reports that sarin gas was used in april's deadly chemical attack. bashar al-assad may claim terrorists were behind those reports. >> why did this report appear at this time to simultaneously accompany the american threats? i think they want to exert more pressure on the syrian government so the united states can appear to have laid down redd lines respected by the syrian republic. oscar mayer deli fresh ham has no added nitrates, nitrites or artificial preservatives.
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across this holiday weekend. three of those people died. police say they have seen them drop in shootings from july 4th to last year. the city has a new gun violence strike force but also brings in federal atf agent to help fight the crime that some say has been out of control. arthel: thousands of protesters taking to the streets nationwide along with democratic lawmakers, urging the congress to impeach president trump. will carr is live in los angeles at the latest development. what can you tell us? >> j-juliett, marches all across the country, according to impeachment.or, the protests are taking place in more than 45 cities throughout the course of the day. the website, which is accepting donations and i'm quoting here, donald trump has been a blatant violation of the constitution from the day he was sworn into office president. he goes on to say we believe
9:31 am
president trump has committed constitutional breaches consistently lied, cheated and enforces laws that primarily benefit him and his leaner friends at the expense of the country. here in los angeles, 12,000 people have indicated on facebook a couple hours from now in downtown los angeles, which it never protests in recent months including the so-called resist marches in june, an event that started as a pride parade but morphed into a political protest with national politicians framing for the president to be impeached. >> i know that some are saying i'm not so sure, macs in. what you are saying is the right thing to say. but i am saying impeach 40 fives. -- 45. reporter: maxine waters onstage there. we learned a number of cities also have counter protest as well the more president trump supporters will advocate for his agenda. juliet.
9:32 am
julia: thank you or that, will. eric: the government claiming united nations chemical weapons watchdog group today after it's reported that syrian gas was used to carry out the deadly chemical attacks last april. this year in government of bashar al-assad has been accused of relying on what it calls terrorist for that syrian gas inclusion. the u.s. has long plagued the syrian government for the chemical attack as you know. of course the more launch the missile strike against the country's military and attack. you know, this is not the first time that the term terrorist has been turned on its head in the middle east. for more on that, we join lee zeldin of long island, a member of the foreign affairs committee. congressman, first of all, bashar al-assad butchered basically a war criminal responsible for the humanitarian crisis that's untold. 400,000 people killed, millions displaced.
9:33 am
they say it is the terrorists that unleashed this chemical weapon. >> it is hard to take this allegation by a five seriously. there is a long history of dishonesty by the searing government by bashar al-assad. i see no shred of evidence whatsoever to back up the claim that this wasn't done by the syrian government. you can look at a few months ago where after the chemical weapons attack, bombs were used and the assad regime was claiming that they didn't use barrel bombs come even though they absolutely did. in 2011, for a side order of violence that resulted in thousands of serious and common men, women and children ended up being killed. i thought claiming that he had nothing to do with ordering the violence. we can't really look at these claims with any bit of credibility or legitimacy. i have not seen a shred of evidence to back them up.
9:34 am
julia: meanwhile, not only that, but the government has kind of gotten the message because they had the one chemical attack. how about a second since the trump administration wants those initials? let me play you a sound bite from u.s. ambassador nikki haley, referring to that specifically when she testified about this. >> i think that by the president calling out a solid, by s. continuing to remind iran and russia that while they choose to back a thought, that this is something we were not going to put up with. i would like to think that the president saved many innocent men, women and children. eric: do you think the president inside of that? >> no doubt kevin president obama would put out a red mind in the red lines get crossed, there was no consequences. what we saw in response to the chemical weapons attack a few months ago as we saw a limited targeted strike that was ordered by the president that was
9:35 am
targeting infrastructure, not people when red lines are being put in place as we are seeing here in the area by president trump. assad knows that president trump is serious about enforcing them. so as there was a threat, a possibility that a sodomite. another chemical weapons attack, as the trump administration is reiterating that this is unacceptable and comes with consequences, aside knows that comes with consequences and that is one of my criticisms of president obama was the inconsistency and weakness on the foreign-policy and for president trump, there's more consistency with theory and others. he understands we should be treating the adversaries as our adversary. they only respect strength and he's being respected and i believe ambassador haley was correct. eric: let's talk about something else you're involved in. the terrorists, the tailor for stacked and reported extensively
9:36 am
on fox news. looking at a photo now. taylor is 28 years old he was a graduate of west point. he served in iraq and afghanistan. he was attending vanderbilt business school last summer when he was talking on the boulevard in tel aviv with his friends in the palestinian terrorists come out of the crowd and start stabbing everybody, said 12 people and it turns out this is highlighting the issue that the palestinian authority pays $300 billion a year, 8% of the budget out of a murderous fun. taxpayer money from us may be going to that. you are signed onto this bill to try and cut those payments. why do you think congressman, this is so important? >> as you are highlighting, the united states military academy graduate, he's an american. he's an army veteran and we have a tremendous amount of respect for him. when we talk about the palestinian authority inciting violence for palestinian terrorists, murdering israelis,
9:37 am
it is americans as well and we are helping fund it. we should be better leveraging our funds, and make it clear we will not provide any more money as long as they incite violence and financially reward terrorism. when they murdered these innocent israelis and americans in they end up treating terrorists to funerals. stand up getting killed. this is an important policy. bipartisan support in congress and something that needs to get past the ambassador haley this past week before the house foreign affairs committee was very strong in her remarks and she mentioned how she was met with the family and that she agrees are she agrees our u.s. ambassador to the united nations that we should be better leveraging our funds.
9:38 am
>> you asked about that. it doesn't seem that lockwood abbas is getting the message. he is resisting that. the meeting that jared kushner and jason greenblatt had. they raised this very issue and here is what he writes. not only did a boss -- abbas dismiss their demands. the contemptuous treatment of the trump administration is cbs's trump and senior adviser, demanding the trump continue funding in excess of half a billion dollars a year. the act enjoys majority support in both the house and senate. it is also supported by the israeli government did the congressman, some say if it does go into effect that it could topple the pa in takeover. that's the palestinian authority. do you think that what happened and what do you think should happen? >> first off, it's important to point out this is a bill that
9:39 am
has to do with american tax dollars. americans have an issue with providing tax dollars to palestinian authority that uses their money, their budget to financially reward terrorism. from that date, we should not be bullied as a nation and to financially rewarding than abroad and that's important as an american, a message that should be sent out to others. sl is the palace -- as far as the palestinian authority goes, there is hamas and elements that will not rest amongst israel is done. an important reason to be negotiating positions of strength, understanding the israelis are a friend and the palestinians -- it's nonnegotiable. they launch bombs to try to wipe israel off the map. we have to posture at the right way correctly and i believe strongly part of being postured correctly is not helping the
9:40 am
palestinian authority were terrorists. tree into the air right now refusing to drop payments. it will continue. congressman lee zeldin, good to see you always. >> thank you. julia: way in the u.s. role in afghanistan. could more aggressive u.s. strategy beyond the horizon? going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food. the roles you play in life are parlet's dance grandma! you. and you're not going to let anything keep you sidelined.
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train to the rappers all 25 people shot at his concert friday night has now been arrested on an unrelated charge not connected to gunplay. his name is ricky anthony. the mass was late last night an outstanding assault charge. they believed it was gang related. the officials say the move to close the club in downtown
9:45 am
little rock called the power of ultra lounge. the club's landlord it turns out authority posted an eviction notice right on the wall of the establishment. >> the pentagon is considering a much more aggressive posturing in afghanistan engaging in combat resurgent taliban and spirit the house officials spent months reviewing the situation on the ground there. national security adviser general h.r. mcmaster is in charge of the review and he's expected to make his recommendations in the coming days. for more on this and joined by the former special operations intelligence analyst in drum expert. good afternoon, sir. thanks for being with us. >> the u.s. handed over the security mission to the ask msr as i understand in 2014 under president obama swatch. you then, our role on the ground there has really been sort of
9:46 am
advised and assisted mission. with this report would that change our mission or still remain the same? >> it is an expansion of u.s. counterterrorism mission in afghanistan. the whole idea of expanding military authority to go out and specifically hunt the economy network and the taliban and conducting a lot of complex attacks recently. it is a bit visceral, but at the same time more of an expanded authority to physically target these individuals out there conducting these attacks. tree julia: now with this counterterrorism mission, we are focused primarily on the taliban, which has enjoyed this resurgence over the last year or two years. it's interesting because most of the world's attention has been focused on the right devices.
9:47 am
other terrorist organizations have forced across the world. tell us more about the taliban presence in afghanistan leading into pakistan. >> is very significant of course. the conning network has played a significant role in that as well. they have been in a variety of different attacks him especially after troops have left the country and really the afghan forces need a bit more of assistance in knots why it is so important to bring some additional assistance to them and that is why it these organizations are looking at doing. i think one of the most important things in this case as we are looking at being more on the offense, focusing on the increase level that's more aggressive. for me, so i'll been on the offense, not being reactionary like so many years into these terrorist groups. but we don't want is another situation we had with isis when troops left we believe we've brought isis to the brink of extinction and they were
9:48 am
basically hiding in the shadows for us to leave. additional troops in going after these guys are the camps and its attacks, it's a good thing. >> okay. it's also reported the president has sorted handed off the whole authority here when it comes to making decisions about troop levels in afghanistan to military advisers, to national security advisor macmaster, secretary of defense james mattis. his supporters say this is the people who need to be empowered, make these decisions on their own. this amounts to a dereliction of duty as commander-in-chief. he is passing the buck. >> julian, we have to trust in the people putting these positions have the american interest that might. if the national security adviser
9:49 am
say we need more troops, we need to give them the tools and get the war fighter all the latitude to make the decisions and that's why it's important to decentralized decision-making process. give it to the guys fighting the enemy every single day and give american troops the tools they need to do their job well. >> the key there is decentralized in the decision-making process as you put so well. brad pala coleridge, thank you for joining us. thanks for having me. trade to transfer, scientists are teaming up with the administration to change the lives of two deserving veterans. take a look at this. we will show you the two who sacrifice so much for nation. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a medication...
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gillian: in the worship is christian to join the new naval fleet. named after the largest city in the state of montana. the 16 level combat.
9:54 am
it can hold up to 98 sailors each. then to operate close to shore. they must undergo a sea trials before the navy can send the ship. eric: this independence day new meaning person be at nonveterans. molly is live in our newsroom with this inspiring jury. hi, molly. what is this? >> this is incredible, fascinating stuff. veterans are celebrating renewal of their independence. fred jones are the first to veterans at the va to receive this to the life under kinetic revolution. it is called the worlds most advanced commercial prosthetic the next generation than by the research agency or darpa and is controlled by sensors on the user's feet. this is veterans a wider breath.
9:55 am
the new arm has returned his independence. he locked his entire left arm after a motor vehicle accident in new york back in 1969. he says it's the range of motion he appreciates the most. >> for me it was the greatest thing to happen arm that went above my head. just like putting the bottle of water on a high shelf. training more than eight years of testing and research, the system has a fully functional articulated shoulder joint and it allows users to control multiple joints simultaneously by means of wireless signals. the yankee move as one unit. >> is a huge technological challenge. but it was too important a task to ignore. there are far too many veterans
9:56 am
who have paid a heavy price for protecting our freedom. we owe it to these people to give them the best possible technology and clinical care. >> "star wars" luke arm was named in part for luke scott walker will recall was endowed with a bionic arm. >> just remarkable. thanks to all the veterans. >> president trump begins his battle with the mainstream media in the speech last night in the in the speech last night in the controversial treat this morning. next come ability shots he fired on social media. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. pain is sometimes in my hands, be a distraction. right before a performance especially. only aleve has the strength to stop minor arthritis pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. this is my pain. but i am stronger.
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johnson's. gillian: that does it for us it will be back at 4:00 p.m. eastern. eric: fire up the grill, don't go away. >> you guys are the first eyes and ears. keeping america safe, fourth of july weekend, we are here with the d.c. air national guard wing as they stand ready and alert for threats against the capitals. i am leland vittert a joint base and hers. elizabeth: in here in the capital we are alive. crowds are already pouring in for the fourth of july celebration. elizabeth prann. thank you for joining us. you are the stories and


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