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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 2, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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thank you to my panel and all of you for walking. we will see you here next week. >> good afternoon on this sunday i am eric shawn and this is "america's news headquarters".>> i am jillian turner and for arthel neville. -- marking the first independence day in office for the president. and the mainstream media taking it to a whole new level. >> and car bombs rocking serious capital. showing that they can still strike in the very heart of the infamous regime or the bloodshed in damascus coming after the end of ramadan. americans are getting ready to
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celebrate the nation's birthday. authorities are taking no chances ramping up security. "america's news headquarters" starts right now. >> we begin with a political tension both on the streets and online. across the country protesters are demanding that president trump be impeached. as they urge congress to remove him from office. meanwhile the president is marking his first fourth of july as commander-in-chief.he is doing that by taking aim at his favorite target, the media! and a new very controversial tweet today. he also went after the media last night honoring our nation's veterans. >> the fake media is trying to silence us. but we will not let them. because the people know the truth. the fake media tried to stop us
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from going to the white house. but i am president and they are not. >> and we have - peter with us. there is a controversial about wrestling, cnn again was the target. >> that's right. the president slammed cnn in today's tweet he body slams cnn. specifically their logo the red and white cnn. he repeatedly punches it. it as part have been apparent that he once made in a wwe wrestling ring to pretend to fight vince mcmahon. but today's post replaces vince's face with the logo and has the # fraud news cnn. they're not happy about that and they are now accusing the
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president of threatening their journalists" is a sad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters. clearly sarah huckabee sanders lied when she said the president had never done so. but the white house insists there was no threat of physical harm. >> certainly not, i think anyone would proceed that is it that. i hope they do not. but i think he was beaten up in a way on cable platforms that he has a right to respond and he does that regularly. >> the way the trump administration sees things this is just a new outlet, a new way to express disgust with what he sees, with what the president sees as unfair coverage of his administration, nothing more. >> okay we will talk to judy miller about this a little later on. meanwhile peter, this is just one of a bunch of tweets this weekend from the president. are you hearing the republicans are beginning to worry that
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this could diverge perhaps some of the attention from the trump administration's agenda? >> not really, we have not heard much from senators, republican senators today about the tweets other than to say that they are not really worried about it. >> the president doesn't make my life. i'm a conservative. i wake up in the morning and read about the tigers. i do not read about the presidents tweets. >> and they said they don't think there is -- >> i don't recall during the campaign many members of congress being excited about the presidents tweets and he won the campaign. the president knows that he needs to get around the mainstream media and get his story out. >> the president does have some work to do over the next couple of hours but he is not just on social media today he will be on the phone later on with the
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japanese prime minister and the chinese president. >> peter, the call with as you said, it could be very fascinating because earlier we discussed the relationship between china, beijing and some of the tensions there.those are some of the things that certainly there will be focusing on. thank you. >> congress has entered july 4th recess without a vote on the senate health care bill. a group of gop senators are calling on majority leader mitch mcconnell to cancel the august summer recess. today they would like to keep working on healthcare bill. >> they know as is the white house that this is very important to get done this year. >> where we are this weekend is continuing to make calls to members to try and get the senate package across the finish line. we believe our package will help to lower payment costs, help provide better quality care for patients and returns a relationship between a patient and his or her dr. without the government being in the middle.
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>> garrett tenney is more from our washington d.c. bureau. >> can they do this before recess? >> they would like to see this but if the votes are not there then the deadlines can change. already a growing number of republicans are calling on mitch mcconnell to cancel the august recess. 10 senators sent him a letter making the request on friday. then several more since then. at the end -- nebraska. >> let's bring everybody into the room, let's get this full-time 18 hours a day six days a week. let's cancel the august work break and do the simple public view. and let's get to work on something that works better than obamacare. >> they have not given any indication open to canceling this but they're hoping they'll be able to get the bill done sometime before then. >> a number of senators and the president are not suggesting
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the possibility of separating the health care bill into two parts. first they want to try and repeal obama care as the first order of business. then later at some undisclosed point they will decide to replace it with something. what are you hearing about that? >> the ideas in 2015 republicans easily passed a bill to only repeal obama care. so if they cannot reach an agreement on a bill that both repeals and replaces obamacare, why not go back to repealing it and one bill and then separately working out what to replace it with? in support of that strategy is he is now on face the nation. >> politically for some reason we cannot get that done what we ought to do is get back to what i have been suggesting which is to push full repeal and embark on a step-by-step process to decide what comes next. i think it is easier. sometimes when you lump too many things into one piece of legislation, you doomed the
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likelihood of success. i fear that might be where we are today. >> separating the repeal and replace process but also allow republicans to bring in more moderate democrats who are open to fixing the healthcare system and would be more open to helping come up with the replacement plan. but there is also no guarantee a straight repeal bill would be able to pass and they are concerned that if it did, and it was not a replacement plan ready, all of that uncertainty could create a lot of chaos on the markets. >> a lot of chaos indeed. garrett tenney, live from washington. thank you. >> and law enforcement in the nation's largest city is ramping up security this holiday weekend. they're taking extra precautions to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to safely celebrate the country's independence. allison barber has more in preparations. >> he can expect to see heavy security for 4 july. it is no different here and in
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new york city, police said that there are no credible threats this holiday weekend but that does not mean they are backing down. >> you will see well armed police officers with long guns. you will see the dogs but do not be alarmed by that. officers are there to protect you. and we believe in strength in numbers. you will see them visibly on july 4th. >> there will be a robust counterterrorism presence in new york city come tuesday. that is according to the nypd chief. >> something new this year will be utilizing over 100 blocks of -- and over 20 sand trucks. will have heavy weapons teams and all of the venues in manhattan as well as the outer boroughs. >> and 2016 over 85 people died after a truck plowed into a crowd of people and nice, france. nypd officials say that attack is why they are using blocker
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vehicles and sand trucks. >> you have to pay attention to what is going on. not just in the city. yet that pay attention to the nation and world. >> in washington d.c. thousands of people are expected to watch fireworks at the national mall erie police say they are well prepared. >> we do not talk about that specifically in public because people who may want to do harm to the district of columbia are also listening. >> across the country that is the message police have. do things with your family, have fun. if you see something out of place, say something. >> thank you ellison barber. have a happy fourth. >> keeping americans safe this july 4th weekend is also with the air force is doing. they are ready to respond to any threat that may appear in the skies over the nation. we will get a look at the busiest of these fighter rings. >> the scramble alarms go off
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almost daily. dignifying an unidentified or unresponsive airplane heading towards the capital. >> will not close off it is a real world event just like on 9/11. more than 5000 since 9/11. and it means we are defining the nation's borders and our families. >> weekly, pilots of the 113 air national guard practice from going hanging out to airborne in a matter of minutes. in a post-9/11 world the plans are ready for combat. they are armed with missiles. >> we know that that is very different than it was before. >> the failure of imagination is the thing we are most worried about. as evidence on 9/11. >> we flew along and a training mission depending washington from a sneak air attack and then intercepting threatening aircraft.
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we flew well above mach 1 past the maryland shores. at that speed, they can protect from new jersey to north carolina in a matter of minutes. our pilot, captain morris calls on tutor. explains things once we were on the ground. >> today we are practicing defensive cancer ambitions. >> if there's a threat to washington d.c. where the first eyes and ears. >> often times where the first. >> today he and three wingmen were tasked to break through the defense against the blue team. four other guard pilots hunting them. >> they wanted to protect a point on the ground. so they went out to protect that point we would protect the national capital region. >> we had other 575 miles per hour, just 2000 feet above the water. you and i got through, right? >> we did get through. >> that is leland vittert reporting. >> we think the 113 air wing,
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fantastic. protesters taking over the streets in germany. [video] what is driving this unrest and what it means for the president trump's upcoming visit there this week. matt and war-torn syria.a series of car bombs in the city. >> and as republicans leaders try to move forward with healthcare what one voice in the upper chamber is saying that seems to have the presidency appeared but here is pat toomey earlier today here on the fox news channel. >> it is a work in progress. there are a handful of republican senators who are not on board with this draft. there is a big effort to get everybody on board. we owe it to the american people to move in a different direction. but "yes" is here. you're saying the new app will go live monday? yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes.
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he spoke about it on fox news channel. >> and willing to support a combined repeal and replace as our leader can get a good replace plan across the finish line in the next week point back from the work break. if not been we should repeal, we should delay the implementation and all 100 senators should get before the american people on camera 18 hours a day for all of august and we should be better than obamacare. >> is senators work 18 hours a day peerless talk to john about that. if congress would give up its recess and the proposal. he represents the upstate new york district. he also serves in the house agriculture travel and infrastructure committee. congressman, good to see you. i do not wish for you to work through the recess but some people have really a point about this to get something done. you think first of all that the
1:19 pm
proposal from senator sasse can get this done? >> i think it is a bad idea. i think if we were to just simply try to pass a repeal bill i'm not sure it could pass. secondly, if we sit repeal it without a replacement, that brings the promise that was made that there would be a replacement out there for the american people. that would create a lot of anxiety and if they say for instance you have got a year to do it. guess what? congress will be acting in 11 and a half months on that issue. i do not think it is really a solution. i think we should let senator mcconnell and the senate republicans and some different - if some democrats want to come along.we can reconcile our differences and move this process forward. given mind, many of these changes do not take place and so after 2020. so the insurance system and the market need more consumer
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friendly patient friendly systems they also need time and creating more anxiety and uncertainty in the insurance market is not a recipe for controlling costs. >> there has been is deadline that they rolled out. do you think they have been acting with a sense of urgency that necessarily is not needed? on one hand you have obamacare being criticized. on the other hand it appears 32 million americans could lose healthcare. medicaid could be reduced, 11 million or so drop out of that. and premiums can go up. >> keep in mind on medicaid, every single state is going to receive additional money. more money one year after the next under these plans. particularly the house plan. the fact of the matter is we are slowing the growth of medicaid because the bonuses that were made under the affordable care act by the obama administration simply are not financially sustainable. we have to get more flexibility to the state to design programs
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that they can use that will help poor people as disabled people in their state, the elderly in nursing homes. that's what medicaid was supposed to be about to begin with. but keep in mind, these cuts that you keep hearing about and we keep hearing about, actually every silliest days are going to get increases in medicaid. they are just not going to get as many increases as the affordable care act promised because those promises were unaffordable. >> so about the fears than the people have less services. you have heard all of the accusations. you have been a local official here in new york state. what is your reaction? >> i say look, we have two recognize that there is the federal treasury is not a bottomless pit. we have a $19 trillion national debt. that is 19,000 billion. and they tell us in 10 years it will go to $29 trillion unless we change the trajectory
1:22 pm
federal spending. the part of the need to control medicaid growth in the future is to get the debt and deficit under control. there is going to be healthcare for people. we have to create more affordable actions for people as well.not just in medicaid but in the private insurance market. this individual insurance market that we are focused on under the aca has left a lot of people with insurance but it is unaffordable insurance. we need more affordable options for people.the problem with the aca is that they over federalize the system and did not create enough options. that is what we really need to provide for citizens across the 50 states so that there are more consumer friendly options for people to choose from not just what washington dictates. >> do you think giving legislators more time will actually get to that point if this can be taken care of? >> i am hopeful that senator mitch mcconnell can round up
1:23 pm
the votes necessary to bring forth proposal and pass it. we can reconcile this with the house. maybe that proposal would be good enough for the house to pass. i don't know. but i do not think simply saying, let's throw up our hands and give us another year to come up with a solution. that will not be a solution. in 11 months if we say we have a year we will be talking about this in 11 and a half months from now. that is not a good approach. >> quickly, you have a great district. cooperstown, i mean do you really want to give that up for a month? >> i will do whatever we have to do. we woodstock, hyde park, kindred hope, the baseball hall of fame, woodstock, bethel. have a great beautiful district.i am happy to be here but if duty calls and we have to be in washington, i will be there. >> okay congressman john faso says if he is called he will do what he has to.
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great to see you, happy fourth. >> thank you, happy fourth to you. >> a deadly day in syria as a car bomb explodes. by security officials say this has been much worse. and the president preparing to meet face-to-face with vladimir putin for the first time later this week. the issues that they are expected to discuss and the tone that some say the president needs to strike. >> he will basically use his style and i respect that. whatever that style is to make sure that vladimir putin knows that america will not take a step backwards and we will not allow him to infiltrate and change who we are as a people. is professional effects... ...lock in the whitening for a whiter smile. these aren't going anywhere. these are. crest... ...healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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they claim that they stucco could have been a type that would have been much worse. they say they are talking three cars that were loaded with explosives and destroyed two of them. john has more from the middle east bureau with the very latest. so why was this area of damascus specifically targeted? >> this was an central damascus, the city center. this is where a lot of restaurants are. businesses. this happened in the morning rush-hour. what makes this particularly heinous is the fact that this was the first day back to work after a holiday celebration which marks the end of ramadan. it was particularly busy earlier this morning. the death toll we are here has climbed to 20. where waiting for official confirmation but that is the information we are getting. the ministry said security forces were tracking three cars, three vehicles heading
1:30 pm
towards central damascus earlier this morning. police intercepted two of the vehicles at checkpoints along damascus airport road. they destroyed this to vehicles but the third vehicle got through that checkpoint and got to the square and the driver of the vehicle clearly this was a coordinated attack.>> has there been any claim or responsibility so far? anti- assad or ices? >> -- there were separate bombings that happened earlier. but an attack in the square is not normal but is clearly sends a message that the capital of syria remains a major target this as the site for raqqa to
1:31 pm
wrestle them from the hands of isis continues to rage on peer there also cease-fire talks scheduled to begin in order to stop their long-running brutal and bloody ambitious civil war. >> it has actually been at humanitarian catastrophe. john huddy, thank you. >> syria is widely expected to be a topic on the table with the president's face-to-face meeting with the russian president, vladimir putin. the white house says the two leaders will meet this week. the president is now under immense pressure to the russian interference in the us general election. while also trying to hammer out some pretty significant differences with the kremlin the homeland security advisors talk about the balance earlier today. >> the president would
1:32 pm
recognize that we have extremely low point relationship based on distrust right now. while we should conduct their cybersecurity behavior. and in the ukraine. the president has said as much. he should also take opportunities to partner with them in ways that help us defeat isis and prevent the syrians from using chemical weapons. >> trimming out for more on this with tom, foreign policy columnist for national review and a domestic policy calmest opportunity lives. good afternoon tom. >> good afternoon jillian. good to be with you. >> this highly anticipated meeting is coming at a time when there is a wide-ranging array of issues. between the us and russia that they disagree on. your opposition sides with syria, we disagree about russia's legal operations with ukraine and on and on. you think foreign policy issues
1:33 pm
will come up in this meeting or will be focused on investigation? >> i think it will be more on foreign policy but think you'll see the president, vladimir putin, trying to seek opportunities from president trump within latest tensions with cnn and the video that came out early today. in such a way that it allows vladimir putin to stir up the us domestic discourse in a way that creates - between institutions and people. that is a long-term russian interests, the destabilization of america's stability. i think vladimir putin may try to bring up other issues beyond specific foreign policy concerns. >> do think it is in the president's interest to bring those up at this point? >> no. i do not think he should bring them up. hope he has enough sense not to because if he does, vladimir putin will jump on it very quickly and manipulate it. you see with the russians and
1:34 pm
with the election. it is completely feasible that they would try and organize some of donald trump's concerns against american media outlets. it would not be a constructive thing to do. but i think the focal point here is donald trump going into meeting with vladimir putin, that is the real deal. he is the manipulative president for president bush, president obama and just about the entire obama presidency. and he has the ability to manipulate president trump we cannot discount that. >> as you know all intelligence agencies have publicly confirmed russia was behind the hack of the democratic national committee emails during the 2016 general election. a lot of folks feel it is incumbent upon president trump to bring this up directly. with vladimir putin since he is the one that is ultimately responsible for this. even though it is not his own political party. you think the president will
1:35 pm
seize the opportunity to do that? or do you think you might make a different calculation based on his own political interests? >> i think is quite likely he will not really push that. i think frankly he does not have a problem with it which is tragic. but the broader point here is there is not much point in saying things to vladimir putin. i think the merchants find that quite funny when they complain and do not do anything. you want to send a message you need to turn the lights on and off in the kremlin. he has to get in their face like the legacy of the cold war. the experts tell us and i think it is fairly vested in history, respect strength and confidence and articulation viewpoint. if you do not have that, they will come for you because they smell blood in the water. >> it seems like you are saying perhaps that diplomacy is not used to great effect with the russians. with the nicest thing to do is present the specter of military
1:36 pm
force. is that what you are saying here? and if so what options are on the table for the us right now? >> i think the specter of sears diplomatic action that you would push for greater sanctions on what the russian individuals. cutouts for the russian government.he would contest with the russians more broadly in syria by an expression of support to especially sunni and arab groups. and then in the intelligence field whether the nsa that it is simply assessing what the russians are hit back. and when ahab comes through someone not necessarily related to the government but we know it is, shut down the networks of whoever sent it to send messaging in ways that is felt rather than just articulated. >> makes sense to me. tom rogan, thank you for sharing your expertise with us. >> think you jillian. >> and today the president
1:37 pm
escalating dispute with the media. grabbing headlines with some of the controversial tweets. it is his ongoing media helping or hurting his agenda? >> we won and they lost. the fact is, the press has destroyed themselves because they went too far. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. try super poligrip free. ♪
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1:42 pm
controversy. this morning the president treated and edited video that depicted him fighting mcmahon. but that was placed with a superimposed logo cnn. we will get to the video but one of the president's advisors this morning denied that the president was threatening the media. instead, he said he was well within his bounds. >> he does think that is a threat to anyone?you do not think it is a message to the media and cnn? >> no i don't think so. i think he is a genuine president expressing himself genuinely. to be honest i think that is why he was elected. >> we have a fellow at the monotonous cuba policy research pulitzer prize winning author and journalist and a fox news contributor. he also served anybody as a federal prison for the journalistic principle of protecting a source.
1:43 pm
and you have written a book about that and joining us now as you do on sundays. judy, your reaction to this video. >> you know eric, media never get it. donald trump wants to distract us from covering his agenda and his record so far in getting his agenda through and enacted by having this more with our. he wants daily tweets to be veneers. to be the focus of all of these segments on t.v., the articles about mr. trump and the press. and he is succeeding brilliantly and after the press is utterly distracted by the cnn wrestling video today. is it violated, does it condone violence, is it not? who doesn't want us to talk about the health proposal that had to be withdrawn five mcconnell rather than risk failure. the fact that his
1:44 pm
administration is so understaffed, they have appointed almost no one to implement his agenda. by the affected his botched rollout of the muslim or travel ban depending on which publication you read, is really, it was such a mess that the supreme court gave him a partial victory by agreeing to hear the issue. i mean this is not an agenda that you would be proud of. >> supporters would certainly disagree with every point you just made. but there is another issue. that is let me say the fox news poll about the tweets. not just supporters about those ass. 71 percent of the people asked according to this paul says his tweets actually hurt his agenda. some would say that would be better to focus on tweets about the healthcare more or about these other issues in the upcoming meeting with vladimir
1:45 pm
putin. >> the president may not know a lot about foreign affairs or specifics of legislation or how congress works. but he thinks that he knows how to handle the public and the media because after all, he defeated a fulfill the republican candidates and he will not be told that the tweets hurt him. he thinks they help in until he does not believe that we will go on with this charade. it is truly remarkable that he has been able in reality t.v. show fashion to set the agenda day after day with the destruction of his choice. rex is it fair to call this a charade? his reporters say these are official white house statements, this is the thinking of the president of the united states. >> that is true. but it also serves as a monumental distraction from the fact that everything he
1:46 pm
promised people he was going to do, he has not done. >> this is some reaction. stephen called it a juvenile behavior. and the anthrax sentences we condemn this morning's new low by an american president advocating violence against media and they say no more than ever responsible journalists in the us should keep seeking the truth and reporting facts. as a journalist, how do you take this? does this deter you from your mission and what should the journalists and media and elsewhere, what should they do? >> fortunately eric, i think some legitimate news organizations innocently include fox news in this, they believe that it is our job to report even unpleasant facts in terms of what the trump supporters believe. and we're going to continue to investigate the russian question to determine whether or not there is a real - there
1:47 pm
and true scandal or whether this is as mr. trump says, a politically motivated -- i think real journalists will not be distracted by this. i do think that a great many have fallen into the trap of letting him set the daily agenda through whatever he wants to talk about. that also, we have to stop dwelling on. it is not really that horrid. whether or not we have face time every day with the president in the white house briefing room. what's more important is that we go on trying to cover what he is trying to do and how well he is doing it. and we fairly and without malice. yes, it is hard given how angry some reporters are things i have been saying about us that
1:48 pm
we object people. big men and women. drafted beyond this and if he wants to put up a phony wrestling tape and call cnn broad network of force, cnn will hit back but the rest of us should not be distracted. we have an important function and it is unpleasant and unpopular one at times but i think we have to carry on with it. >> judy, thank you and happy fourth. >> happy fourth to you. >> a young woman preparing to head off to college driving home from a shopping trip is suddenly killed. authorities say road rage is to blame. what we are learning about that suspect and what investigators say led to the fatal shooting. plus, nonveterans were getting some independence this fourth of july. thanks to a new revolutionary prosthetic arm. we will have that coming off. >> for me it was the greatest thing to have an arm that went
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above my head and you just, just like putting a bottle of water on a high shelf.
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♪ it's me and my best friend only new tena intimates has pro-skin technology designed to quickly wick away moisture to help maintain your skin's natural balance. for a free sample, call 1-877-get-tena. >> authorities in pennsylvania
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are charging assessment in connection with a deadly incident of apparent road rage. the ministries and charges is this a fairly shot and killed an 18-year-old high school graduate this past week. l investigators described as a cat and mouse game encounter while attempting to merge into the same lane.the victim of the shooting was heading to jacksonville university in florida. this fall. >> this independence day weekend is extra special for two veterans injured in vietnam.the army veterans are becoming the first at the va to receive a robotic arm that offers unprecedented near natural arm live imputed is because the most advanced prosthetic. we are live with more on this. >> hi jillian! beat you deserving heroes of the first to receive something truly revolutionary. it is far more than helping hand.
1:54 pm
arty and fred are the first two veterans at the va to receive his new bionic arm. it is called a luke arm. this is developed by their -- is controlled by sensors in the user speed and gives them a wider mobility. this man lost his entire left arm accurate and motor vehicle accident. he says the range of motion is when he appreciates the most. and this man who lost his arm after stepping on the mind of being obsessive this has returned his independence and dignity. >> it is simply routine things. but to someone who cannot do it, to be able to have this function is, it is like magic. to be able to do that. >> for the first time a 49ers unable to grasp with my left hand. >> the opposite revolving of more than eight years of
1:55 pm
testing and research. it will be made in the essay. it has an expected cost in the low six figures. the system is a fully functional articulated shoulder joint and is unique in that it allows users to use multiple joints simultaneous by ways of wireless signals. the entire arm can mold as one unit. >> it was a huge technological challenge. but it was too important a path to ignore. therefore to many veterans who have paid a heavy price for protecting our freedom. and we owe it to these people to give them the best technology. >> the luke arm was named in part for the sky were good. they may recall if you're a fan that he got a bionic arm after losing his arm in a fight with his father darth vader.
1:56 pm
>> what an incredible story. thank you. >> speaking of star wars, do you believe that you can stop an asteroid before it hits us and gets close to earth? it does sound out of a sci-fi movie but nasa scientists are working on doing just that. we will tell you how, straight ahead. relieve my pain... ...and protect my joints from further damage. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years. humira works by targeting and helping to... ...block a specific source... ...of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain and... ...stop further joint damage in many adults. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas... ...where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flulike symptoms or sores.
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don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work.
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>> nasa scientists are working away to redirect the course of
2:00 pm
asteroids before they get too close to the earth. infinity is a refrigerator sized spacecraft. >> vocals well this is a technique could later be used on more dangerous asteroids. hope they can throw that refrigerator up there to save us! >> that does it for us. we will be back at 6:00 p.m. eastern. we hope you will join us. >> happy fourth! stay with us. tick tick tick. tick tick >> there are drugs for that!


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