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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  July 2, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> we won and they lost. the fact is, the press has destroyed themselves because they went too far. instead of being subtle and smart they used the hatchet and the people sought right from the beginning. >> here's more. peter is spending the weekend near his golf course. did they say anything threatening about journalists in this video. >> he doesn't say anything, laura. what you see is a choreographed scene from wrestlemania three in
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2007 were president trump body slams. [inaudible] but cnn said they see this as a threat. they said it's a sad day when president trump encourages violence against reporters. sarah huckabee sanders said he had never done so. a top official who deals with threats all the time does not think this wwe clip qualifies as one. >> i think no one would perceive that as a threat. i think he is the not been away on cable platforms that he has a right to respond to and he does that regularly. >> more than 220,000 people have retweeted the posting from this morning.
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>> is there any evidence that speech like this is derailing his agenda? a lot of people are saying there is. what is the word there? >> the word from the presidents legislative director is that there is no evidence of that. in fact, he said twitter has been a critical tool to his success ever since he got into politics. >> i don't call during the presidential campaign that many people being excited that he won the campaign. approval rating, congressional approval rating is around 11 or 12% right now. >> it does not sound like this tweet will change the way republicans in the senate are going to go about their busine business. >> it's not going to do any good for me or anyone else to comment on thing we might not like about his twitter behavior. the best thing we can do when we want to elevate civil dialogue in our political discourse is to do whatever we can to make sure we treat others kindly, with
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dignity and respect. >> when the president gets hit, he heads back harder. it appears that's what and seeing play out on clutter this long weekend. >> thank you so much for that report. former trump advisor is speaking out on media buzz about the now retracted cnn story linking him to a russian investor. >> cnn said you had a secret meeting with an executive from russia. >> super falls. he iran into me at a restaurant. i have known him because i've gone there for the last ten years i've shaken his hand before. after i made the speech about the presidents economic it agenda, that evening i was at a table with my colleagues and he came over and said hello. i stood up and talk to him for about 3 - 5 minutes.
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he left and somebody took a picture of that and set a senior trump official was taking to the russians. it wasn't until it was clear to me that there was uncertainty inside the organization about the what the facts were that i made another follow-up phone call and i said guys, listen, i'm not under investigation. i've done nothing wrong. like you have clear this up if you don't cleared up i have to take action to protect myself and my reputation which i also think it's fair. >> three journalists resigned from the network after they pulled the story. cnn did apologizing it didn't meet their editorial requirements. he did accept their apology. we move on to the next story when the senate gets back from it's fourth of july holiday recess. the talk of the hill will be healthcare. the idea of repealing now and replacing later getting promoted by president trump and some
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senators. >> i think it could still be done concurrently. i don't think the moderates will vote for a clean repeal i must they have some other bill going on simultaneously. >> work with us democrats were willing to meet you in the middle. i'm the most moderate person they're going to find in the senate that's willing to look down and set down and work on anything in a more progressive manner that basically fixes the problems that we have. >> we've got garrett live. is this idea of repeal and replace getting any traction on capitol hill this weekend? >> it is among some of the more conservative senators. it's an idea that the white house has been pushing out this week as well. republicans easy pass the bill
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to repeal back in 2015 but that was when the new president obama was going to veto it. this time it would be for real. one of the concerns is that if lawmakers repealed obamacare without having a replacemen pla, that uncertainty could create chaos in the insurance market and the economy as a whole. at this point, conservatives argue the current plan isn't getting closer to passing so they may need to try something else. >> politically we can get that done, then what we ought to do is get back to what i've been suggesting for the past six months which is to push full repeal and have a step-by-step process to decide what comes next. i think it's easier. sometimes when you want to much into one piece of legislation you do mid- success in a secure that's where we are today. >> if republicans can't repeal obamacare on their own, a number of moderate democrats have suggested they be willing to work with them on a replacement plan. that's an area that would be
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much further down the road than the current goal. >> while republicans are deeply bating their health care plan, bernie sanders is preparing one of his own. >> no surprise here, though two plans are nothing alike. senator sanders said his plan is the answer to america's failing health care system and it's called medicare for all. it would change medicare so that every person in the country would be eligible for coverage. here he is on cnn state of the union. >> medicare for all is an expansion of medicare. it's not just the seniors but for everybody. we will be saving middle-class families substantial sums of money and it will guarantee healthcare to every man woman and child in this country. this is what i think we should do in the short term. short-term you need a public option 50 states so if people are not happy with their private insurance they can get a public option. >> this idea was part of his
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campaign on his platform. he said he plans to formally introduce his proposal as soon as the debate over the gop current bill wraps up. what we still don't know is exactly how he plans to pay for all of that. >> always interesting, thank you so much. we will talk much more about all of this with our political panel little later on. folks across the country are getting ready to celebrate our nation's birthday and this fourth of july, there will be extra security in places all over the u.s. >> reverend robert joins us to talk about the big moment and why he said this president is so important in the fight to protect religious liberty in the u.s. >> what we need is goodness. that's true nationally and individually.
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that is reverend robert introducing president trump last night at the celebrate freedom rally, an event to honor our veterans. he is a fox news contributor. he joins us live to talk more about his experience. welcome. >> thank you. we just want to get to the basics. let's start with your thoughts on how it went. this is a huge event for you. >> it was an electric evening. the room was filled at the kennedy center with president
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trump's most argued supporters. veterans and evangelical christians. he spent some time praising veterans for their role in protecting our freedom. he also spent a lot of time talking about our most important freedom, the free exercise of faith. laura, i think the line that got the most thunderous ovation was when he said, as long as i am president, nobody will prevent you from practicing your faith or preaching what is in your heart. for many christians who have felt like their faith has been under attack for decades, these were welcomed words. >> you said he's made good moves for religious freedom. what has he done for all religions? >> he is certainly intent on protecting the religious freedoms of all americans. i've talked to him many times over the last few years about that. a pinky also realizes that evangelical christians have been marginalized. one of the things he asked last
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night which was so basic is why is it that we can't pray publicly at football games in schools any longer. why is that? for 180 years the public display of faith was fine but suddenly the past 16 years, it's been deemed unconstitutional. did the constitution change? of course not. what has happened is we've allowed liberals to pervert the first amendment and i believe the president understands that and wants to change that. >> last night was an important night for veterans at the rally and around the country. the president did take time out from banking the veterans to go after the media at this event. we want you to listen to a pie piece. >> the fake media is trying to silence us, but we will not let them. the people know the truth.
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the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house, but i'm president and they are not. >> all right. what did you think of that moment. >> look, my mother was a celebrated journalism teacher, i grew up with his respect for the press, but i think many in the media have lost their objectivity about this preside president. they are becoming meaner and meaner and their criticism of him and i think what is happened is donald trump is committed the sin with the media and that is he has made them irrelevant. by using social media he has cut out the middleman and is connecting directly with people and i think the media can't forgive him for it. >> moving forward, what more do you hope to hear from the president on religious freedom? obviously a very important topic to you and many others. >> i think the most important thing the president can continue to do is to appoint conservative
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justices to the supreme court and judges at the federal court level who will interpret the law according to what the constitution actually says and not by what liberals wish it said. i can tell you, this president is intent on pursuing his agenda and that is something his enemies will never forgive him of. >> thank you so much for spending time with us. we appreciate it. the beaches in new jersey are closed for the holiday weekend, at least the state run beaches. the state government shutdown that has some people fuming. plus, ramping up security ahead of the holiday weekend. how our nations finest are working to keep you safe. ♪
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the u.s. navy destroyer sailing new near a disputed island. it came within 12 nautical miles between china and vietnam in the south china sea. it marks the second such interaction between the u.s. and china since president trump took office. the move also comes as a new satellite imagery shows china continuing its military buildup in the south china sea. it's the fourth of july weekend and as americans show their patriotism and celebrate independence, law-enforcement is taking extra precautions to secure the nation's largest ci city.
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allison barber has more. >> whenever there is a big event in a major city, you can expect to see heavy security. fourth of july is no different. in new york city they say there are no credible threats this holiday weekend but that doesn't mean they are backing down. >> you will see well armed police officers with long guns, you will see the dogs. do not be alarmed by that. our office is there to protect you and we believe in strength in numbers and you will see that visibly on july 4. >> there will be a robust counterterrorism presence in new york city on tuesday according to nypd chief. >> something new this year, we will be utilizing over 100 blocker vehicles and almost 20 sand truck. >> we will have a heavy weapons teams at all the venues in manhattan and the other boroughs. >> in 2016, over 80 people died
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after a truck plowed into it crowd of people in nice. nypd officials say that attack is why they are using blocker vehicles and sand trucks. >> had the attention what's going on. not just in the city but in the nation and in the world. >> in washington d.c., hundreds of thousands of people are expected to watch fireworks at the national mall and police say they are well prepared. >> we don't talk about that specifically in public because people who may want to do harm to the district of columbia are also listening. >> that is the message please have. they say go do things with your family. have fun but if you see something out of place, say something. >> thank you. new jersey parks and beaches are closed this weekend as the state grapples with the government shutdown. governor chris christie in a standoff that the state legislature overspending. he points the finger at democrats and orders lawmakers back into session.
4:24 pm
>> they are making a choice he here. this government is not open because i can't constitutionally let it be open. i don't have any money. if they sent me a budget today, the shutdown would be over. it is the legislature that is choosing not to send m me either budget. >> they are among the 11 states that have yet to pass a budget for the new fiscal year that started this weekend. >> president trump heading into another big week as he tries to pass health reform and prepares for his first meeting with vladimir putin. all of that could be overshadowed by this. >> the president turning his feud with the media into a contact sport. is it hurting the gop agenda or is there a bigger strategy at play? we will ask our panel. plus the. >> that was the scene in cities across the country. thousands of americans calling for president trump to be
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removed from office. counter protesters also making their voices heard.or that's all ahead on the fox report
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try super poligrip free. ♪ i'm laura ingle and this is the fox report. topping the news this hour, president trump facing bipartisan criticism after tweeting out this altered wrestling video showing him fighting cnn. they say the post threatened physical violence up against journalists. homeland advisor disagrees saying no one perceived the tweet as a threat. meanwhile present trump is set to meet with vladimir putin as part of the g20 summit. the big question, whether the president will bring up russia's meddling in the 2016 election. senator bernie sanders vowing to bring a medicare for all proposal to the senate. he said he will do it after the
4:29 pm
chamber wraps up its to pai debe on repealing obamacare. he's also calling to pass short-term legislation lowering the medicaid eligibility to 55. the american. tradition is in full effect. they are calling for the impeachment of president trump. will car reporting live from los angeles. how many people showed up. >> most likely tens of thousands across the country. many people had different issues that caused them to show up but they all rallied around the idea of impeaching president trump. according to, protest took part in 45 cities. the website says in part, we believe president trump has committed constitutional breaches consistently lied, cheated and enforced the laws that primarily benefit him and his billionaire friends at the expense of the country.
4:30 pm
anti- trump protesters demonstrated from new york to los angeles many questioning his ties to russia and how he talks about women and the way he uses twitter to attack his detectors. they believe it continues to hunt the country. >> so many terrible decisions that will hurt us all. nevermind what's good for business. he is destroying our chance for living and the following generations chance for the quality of life. >> so far the protests have remained peaceful throughout the course of the day. >> we also heard from trump supporters today. >> yes we did. they weren't as big as some of the protests we saw but they
4:31 pm
were certainly just as vocal about their support for the president and the country supporters here in california so they are pleased with the presence work so far and aren't afraid to say that publicly. >> i'm stoked the way the country is going. the band went into effect, i'm happy about all that. very happy. i'm very happy with president trump right now. >> along those lines he tweeted this afternoon that the dishonest media will never keep his administration from accomplishing its objectives for the great american people. >> thank you so much. for more on this, let's bring in jay, former advisor to john kasich and mercury llc. also jessica is with us and
4:32 pm
author of america in the age of trump. welcome to you both. >> the president has a lot on his plate this week before the latest round of tweets which we will get to in just a moment, we were focusing on the health care debate and president trump brought up the idea of repealing without replacing. i want to start with you jay, this idea was already shut down and dismissed as politically unwise. what you think it's being floated again. >> i think there's a lot of desperation going on because they want to get some momentum but the problem republicans have had is that they haven't plowed the ground. they haven't painted the picture of why their plan is going to make their lives better. this is something very critical. campaign strategy, tweeting and rallies are great but you gotta paint that picture of why people's lives could be better. if they think, if they're having trouble with healthcare, tax care will be almost impossible because you have special
4:33 pm
interest coming out of the woodwork to block this. they need to refine their strategy if they're going to get something done. >> this is an issue that so important too so many americans. which direction do think it will go after the holiday break? >> hopefully the senate will actually not go on break in august. i know there are ten gop senators who have signed on to say they should be working for the holiday and they absolutely should. repealing obamacare without a replacement plan is absolutely absurd. when you look at the pole and you see that it's not just democrats that don't want obamacare repealed, 53% are saying they wanted but they are frightened to death that there going to lose it. these are programs that help trump voters directly. they made a case for making sure we still protect our poorest and
4:34 pm
most vulnerable when it comes to healthcare. it's a really dangerous game that he's playing. there are lives at stake and i don't want to be one of those democrats who's like people are going to be died but it will negatively affect the quality of life of millions of americans. >> will democrats come to the table on the. >> i think they will. i've been heartened to see that chuck schumer has been meeting behind closed doors saying we do want to make a deal. i don't think it will be possible to change the name. i think that is something democrats will stick with, they wanted to be called obamacare but i think we should have an open and honest conversation about purchasing insurance across state lines. we know free-market competition drives down competition and we know americans need a break when it comes to healthcare. we've got to have some policy meet their. >> book, i kind of agree with this. we have to appeal to people's better angels. we have an opioid problem that's
4:35 pm
ravaging our states and medicaid dollars will really help treat those people. we can't just be cavalier about these people's lives. the republicans have made progress and that's kind of been an issue, we should be making a vision for this country. look, when i got into politics it was 1994. the contract with america, we were for something, we should be for something again. >> trump also needs to focus on his meeting with russia president vladimir putin what you think needs to happen in this meeting? do you think it will come up? >> i hope it does and not just that they have a good laugh about it. all of them admitted they were involved and we know that every single bureau has confirmed this. i'm not saying it was trump that colluded but with the story from the wall street journal about that world might flynn played in, this is a building story.
4:36 pm
i hope you will have some tough talk for him and not just pal around like he's in the green room. >> what you think will take place with this meeting? >> here's the good thing for the white house. when he is overseas, he tends to tweet less. that will be a positive thing to help get his agenda back on track. >> let's talk about this tweet. this is getting a lot of play today. your former boss and governor of ohio, john kasich has been very vocal about his tweet saying this isn't helpful, it doesn't help with the president and his agenda, let's take a look at the new poll. we have a new fox news bolt to show you.
4:37 pm
71% ask if his tweets help or hurt and they say they hurt his agenda. after seeing this latest tweet today, jay althoff it to you. >> what about pole. that's a very high awareness for someone's twitter feed. that's really incredible when you look at polling. my former boss, i think he's actually right on this. a lot of us conservatives want him to be successful. i want to see him do some good things. i would like to see healthcare fixed but i would love to see tax reform done, but this twitter makes every senator on the defensive and that's all there asked about. republicans are showing that they can't walk and chew gum at the same time. they might not be able to walk at all. get off twitter, be positive on twitter, be positive and rallies and help the agenda. that will help get good things done for the country. >> jessica, what went through your mind when you saw today's tweet. >> i didn't think it was real and then it was and i think millions of americans felt that
4:38 pm
same way and you start to get the text thing is that real, did you see that think. it's completely stunning. obviously there's the argument that he is inciting violence against cnn reporters and the media which is something we've talked about. i've had conservatives come back and say kathy griffin, that was decried by the left. julius caesar is anti- fascination and there was obama assassination by julius caesar play as well. i feel most disappointed that on the fourth of july weekend, the president of the united states of america is spending his time on twitter doing things like this. his speech last night, we brought up, with the disastrous media is doing for him when scandals have been broken by the press because they are doing a good job and they found out about those lines and people were dying waiting for karen started writing about it. the free press is not your enemy. going into this meeting with vladimir putin i hope they are not going to sit around about how you can shut them down.
4:39 pm
>> i just want to ask you both about the strategy. a lot of people talking about the strategy of tweets. some people sing it's all meant to keep everybody distracted from the agenda. do you see it that way? >> look, they try to keep this war on the media going. for some reason they think this benefits them, but i think the base keeps shrinking and those strong supporters, you don't want to go just down there. you have to reach across the aisle if you're going to pass legislation. that's why you get elected. that's what i'm encouraging the white house and the congress to do. let's go forward with an agenda. >> jessica, what you think? a strategy on the streets. >> no i don't think there's any strategy. i think he gets incredibly angry and does what he wants. i totally agree with jay. in terms of his enthusiasm, we sought early on in the administration, 90% were very supportive and that is shrinking down to the low '80s and high
4:40 pm
70s. whether that means the voters will not show up, i'm not saying they will switch and suddenly say i'm a democrat now or i'm excited about whoever we put up, but if they stay home they have no chance of getting reelected and are behaving as if there are a minority government. you have control of everything. you should be able to accomplish something with these numbers. >> to vietnam veterans are gaining some independence this fourth of july. that is thanks to their new revolutionary prostatic arm. their stories straight ahead.
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and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. the death toll is rising from a deadly car bomb in damascus killing at least 20 people and wounding several more. forces backed by the u.s. marines have delivered a blow to the islamic state. two main bridges leading into the city were destroyed trapping islamic state militants. here's more. >> syrian officials say today's suicide bombing in central damascus couldn't have been much worse if security forces didn't intercept two of three vehicles that were loaded with explosiv explosives.
4:45 pm
they said police were retracting cars headed toward the center of damascus this morning. they intercepted two of the vehicle checkpoints along the airport road, slowing them up in what was called controlled explosions. the other made it to the square where the driver blew himself up. today comes after the holiday which marks the end of ramadan and as people were returning to work during the morning commute. so far no group has claimed responsibility. isis carried out in attack in damascus back in march along with former al qaeda affiliate in a separate bombing that killed several people in northern damascus. a in attack in the city is rare but. [inaudible] the fight in northern syria continues to rage on. cease-fire talks are said to
4:46 pm
begin in hopes of ending the civil war. >> thank you. this independence day will be extra special for two vietnam army veterans. they are the first to receive new robotic arms that offer unprecedented near natural movement. it is being called the world's most advanced commercial prosthetic. they join us live. so this technology is really about making the lives of some very deserving people much better. >> it's astounding. this is really about independence. it's independence day weekend and this is about giving independence back to people who are so deserving. they are the first to that have received this bionic arm among the veterans. it's called the life under kinetic evolution. it was developed by the defense research agency known as darpa.
4:47 pm
it gives the veterans a wider breadth of mobility. already left his entire left arm after a motor vehicle accident back in 1969. he said it is the range of motion that he appreciates the most. fred downs lost his arm after slipping on a mine in vietnam and said it has returned his independence and dignity. >> it might seemed like simple routine things, but for someone who can't do it, to be able to be given the function, it's like magic to be able to do that. for the first time in 49 years, i am able to grasp with my left hand. >> the arm is a result of more than eight years of testing and research. the system has a fully functional articulated shoulder joint and is unique that it allows users to control multiple joints simultaneously. the entire arm can move as one unit. >> again, it was a huge
4:48 pm
technological challenge. it was too important a task to ignore. there are far too many veterans who have paid a heavy price for protecting our freedom and we owe it to these people, to give them the best possible technology and clinical care. >> it will be made in the usa through the new hampshire bay based manufacture the expected cost in the low six-figure. >> so cool. what great video. the technology obviously amazing. it looks like science fiction. there is actually a sci-fi connection. people may have caught on to this especially if you are a star wars fan. the luke arm was named in part for luke skywalker. he lost an arm in a light saber battle with his father. congratulations to that company. i love hearing it's made in the usa. very good. thank you so much.
4:49 pm
opioid overdoses are on the rise in the u.s. we been talking a lot about this. it's a staggering number of cases and it's growing. how one attorney general is tackling the problem. >> in our view, a bad doctor, one who is acting like a drug dealer is worse than a street born drug dealer g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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the opioid epidemic sweeping this country continues to take lives and tear families apart. in new jersey the attorney general is cracking down on what he says is a major cause for the crisis. doctors who ignore the warning signs of addiction. brian explains. >> in our view, a bad doctor, a doctor who is acting like a drug dealer is worse than a streetcorner drug dealer.
4:53 pm
>> new jersey governor is going after doctors overprescribing painkillers. >> this is someone who is shrouded with the public's trust, given a license, someone who you walk in to see and believe will look after you. >> he is enforcing was considered the toughest drug policy in the country. previously, doctors could prescribe 30 days worth of pills the first time. violators face up to 20 years in jail. in march, the doctor and his wife were indicted for prescribing oxycontin that killed a 26-year-old new jersey man who had no medical need for it. for six years they allegedly sold prescriptions for 90 pills for $200. under the new law, patients must get a consultation with a doctor in person or over the phone to refill their prescriptions after five days. critics worry this could lead to patients in pain visiting the
4:54 pm
emergency room for help. >> patients will then have to come to the emergency room and be kept overnight to get pain medications that, had they been able to get a next or two days worth of prescriptions, they may not have had to get. >> at a new jersey lab, forensic scientist say there has been a 30% increase in prescription drugs seized over the past several years. >> they may be laced with something different, even more potent than what you're used to, and that one pill or one injection could kill you. in 2016, record 31 new jersey physicians were disciplined for overprescribing painkillers. >> it's shaping up to be a hot and humid fourth of july with temperatures on the rise. thunderstorms in the nation's midsection could put a major damper on outdoor celebrations. adam is live from the fox extreme weather center with a look at what's happening with your holiday forecast.
4:55 pm
what we have. >> it's the thunderstorms that i'm focusing on, firing up in the middle of the country giving us a firework show mother nature style. kansas, nebraska, that's where the conditions are best. for this evening in the overnight hours, we could continue to see thunderstorm activity stretching into portions of oklahoma which is where we've seen most of it so far. you are seeing some rain over the mountains and showers in the southeast. mostly dry across the midwest. it's been a fairly nice day today. this is the thunderstorm or we've seen severe storms in the last few hours slowly drifting toward the east. it's packed a lot of wind but otherwise were talking a real rainmaker that in the next day or so we could see large areas getting up to six or 8 inches of rain and isolated areas more than that. we are talking about localized flooding i from monday into
4:56 pm
tuesday. temperatures out there are incredibly warm. we will see the numbers fall down a little bit but notice how it's bubbling up in the middle of the country, that will only continue. if you have monday off, tuesday, your fourth of july holiday, you have a great opportunity to get outside and barbecue. you will need the sunscreen. temperatures running into the middle 90s in the next couple days. it will be a next hot extended weekend. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back so wouldn't it be perfect if there was a single site where you could find the right hotel for you at the best price? there is. because tripadvisor now compares prices from over 200 booking sites... save you up to 30%... ...on the hotel you want. trust this bird's words. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices.
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tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts... or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight... and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea,... nausea, upper respiratory tract infection... and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. >> nasa announcing plans to deflect a small asteroid as part of a test run. just in case it needs to defend earth against a bigger one. the agency says it will uses spacecraft around the size of a refrigerator to redirect the asteroid. it is said to pass the earth in the year 2022. where will you be? sign to say they hope to use a similar strategy to defend a potential life's lightning
5:00 pm
asteroid strike. these are things you have to plan for. that's our box report. thanks for watching.


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