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tv   Watters World  FOX News  July 2, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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asteroid strike. these are things you have to plan for. that's our box report. thanks for watching.
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what year do we declare independence? >> 1884. >> way out. in honor of this holiday weekend, waters world classic that won't make you proud to be an american. it all begins right now. >> people need kidneys, it's sad
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but the senators hoarding what more than she needs. i offer this bill and i hope you'll vote i, unless of course you can just want people to die. over 30,000 people are dying each year. this modest change i propose must be applied, unless of course you just want people to die. ♪ alcohol desk are exceeding comparisons, black people, white people native americans ♪ ♪ unless of course you just want people to die. >> hard to take the panel of death people certainly would comes to healthcare. donald trump agrees. here's what the president trump said when the minority leader finally offered to help the republicans repeal and replace obama care. >> it we have to find out if he's serious. he hasn't been serious. obama care such a disaster in a wreck. he wants to try to save something that's hurting a lot of people.
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they have to be very, very serious. they spend a lot of talking, bad talking. it just doesn't seem like a serious person. >> jesse: he's right. the democratic party lied to the country by keeping their well healthcare, raising premiums and taxes. botched a website wasting billions. why should the american people trust democrats on healthcare? they had their chance and blew it. but, the fake news media will not tell you that. instead, they lie and they spent. >> the senate health care bill is in a politically induced co coma, an embarrassing setback for the gop leadership. >> tonight it's getting worse not better. >> mounting internal resistance in a sobering official estimate of how many americans could lose their coverage under the plan. >> jesse: when the government stops forcing people to buy health insurance, false people will buy health insurance. here's a look at the way we think the mainstream media headlines would look like if
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this is a democratic health care bill. are you ready? massive tax relief for middle-class american families. $700 billion in tax cuts. new health care bill gives people choice. so is the republican health bill perfectly mark of course it is a. is it better than obama care? of course it is. now, it's do or die for senate republicans. charles explains the stakes. >> this is really a test of the republic. if the republican party is concerned in the country is not able to pass this which is essentially about entitlement reform, if you can't do that then we have no hope of entitlements. >> jesse: so, we'll see if it republicans can pass the test. if they do, republicans should be thanking them for fixing the system that they broke.
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>> here is the beltway battle who is involved with implementing obama care political commentator, tommy lawrence. ladies first. what did you think of my assessment of the stakes and where we stand on healthcare? >> you are right. it's also important to point out as he did that if we change just one word of obama care, the democrats were telling us we were killing people. a front let's be honest about the narrative. beyond that we should repeal obama care, replace it with liberty and have a great fourth of july. >> jesse: everyone can celebrate freedom on the fourth of july but the democratic party does not like freedom, they don't like choice when it comes to healthcare. they like choice when it comes to everything else on the platform. what is the democratic party dislike giving the american people more choice in selecting healthcare coverage? >> the affordable care act gave people choice. >> jesse: note didn't.
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>> you are both completely wrong about the senate proposal and senate proposal. any one that takes covers from 22 million people is a not a choice it's a disaster. >> jesse: but if you're not mandating people through taxation to find of obama care, people are going to do it. they will have the freedom to decide whether or not they want healthcare or not. >> i want them to have healthcare because i don't want my bill to be significantly high because they choose not have health insurance coverage. >> jesse: but everyone's healthcare bills are already high after obama care was passed. premiums are skyrocketing. there's not a lot of choice. look at i will, there's only one option for people to choose from. how do you see the healthcare bill going down? >> it's projected next year, 44 counties will have no choice at all. we are in a death spiral right now.
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there's no question to that. this narrative of the democrats pushing and were killing people and taken away healthcare, let's not forget the biggest liable which was told by barack obama, if you like insurance, you can keep it. yes, we need to fix something here. repeal now, replace later, let's do something because this is not working. >> jesse: anton, do the democrats have any substitutes policy input that they think the republican party might go along with? >> that depends. we have policy input for six years when president obama was president, guess what, the congress had no interest in trying to prove healthcare make it better. so, i don't think they're interested in listening to good ideas. they just want to repeal the affordable care act and give the opportunity to say they want something and take health insurance on 22 millie people. >> jesse: i don't agree with the last part. but i agree neither party wants their fingerprint fingerprints on a doomed dell.
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do you remember susan rice? now, she has been slapped with subpoenas and she is going to testify on capitol hill in the unmasking investigation, looking into unmasking of trump officials which is not supposed to be political. those names were leaked and that's a crime. she's playing the race and gender card since she might be being targeted because of her race and gender. do you think that's a fair assessment? >> it's amazing to me how they seem to be able to pull out the cards. look at the people being investigated. look at what the president has to go through on a daily basis and he's a white male. it has a lot to do with susan rice herself. the moment you parade around with talking points and be on the youtube video it has to do
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with being a liar. >> jesse: respond to. susan rice has been embroiled in the benghazi situation, she said it was about a video and she said bergdahl was a deserter and he served with honor and distinction and captured on the battlefield. then she changed her story in public about the unmasking. to susan rice have any credibility when she goes in front of the senators and congressmen on capitol hill? >> she has a lot of credibility. she served on her two presidents in the national security role. i can tell you to me she has more credibility than michael flynn had. >> jesse: we will see. i think everybody is going to want to see if susan rice raises her hand and plead the fifth. that would be interesting. thank you both very much. donald trump racking up big wins on immigration this week. there could be big surprises on the way. white house advisor doctor sebastian gorka is next.
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so it's out of sight... ...and out of mind. always discreet. for bladder leaks. i've discovered incredible bladder leak underwear that hugs every curve. can't tell i'm wearing it, can you? always discreet underwear. for bladder leaks. >> already the left is filing lawsuits. justman up before the ban took effect, hawaii filed an emergency motion asking a federal judge to clarify which people with close familial
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relationships will be allowed into the country. and who will be banned? joining me is deputy assistant to the president, doctor sebastian gorka. i'm not sure how many students are vacationing in honolulu, that's beside the point. in my opinion, coming to america is a movie, not a right. i don't think a lot of the aclu lawyers sitting at the airports understand that. now, tell me if i have this right. if you are 25-year-old syrian male and you fly into jfk, and that's a war-torn country, isis controls large swaths of land and maybe you have a rental car agreement. you cannot come into america like that were as before there is a shot you were getting in, right? >> right. so the supreme court gave us
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vindication, 19 makes zero decision, no dissensions, the original travel moratorium stands with a small modification, unless you have close relatives. you cannot be distant relatives, cannot be your front fiancé. less their close relatives you're not coming into the united states until we review the process and are clear that we can verify who your and you are not a threat to america. >> that makes perfect sense in my opinion. america is a melting pot. but, we still have a chef and that's cannot control what ingredients going to the pot. that's common sense. i believe the supreme court believes that. there's a question whether ruth bader ginsburg should recuse herself because she said some things about trump when he was running and now that he was president which were unseemly. calling him an egomaniac, even
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joking she might leave the country if he became country president, do you think that's a fair issue? >> i'm not going to qualify individual supreme court judges but i love your analogies about the chef. the one i use is simply, do you lock your front door at night when you go to bed? sure you do. and during the day when people come into your house who decided? do they decide who comes in or do you decide. the president has the constitutional authority and has had to decide who comes to the united states and becoming an america is not a rights, it's a privilege. >> to other big immigration wins this week, the house gop making good on the promise to make america safe again bypassing case law and defunding sanctuary cities. defending criminal illegal aliens.
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democrats went nuts, listen. >> the republican parties have had mexican fever. is it not going well for the leader, let's whip out that mexican thing as the vice president penn said. healthcare not going well? but hates the mexicans today. these bills are nothing new and they are not really about fighting crime. they're about racial profiling and putting latinos in their place. >> i think that's offensive. little me this. if republican mayors were to disobey federal law on guns, on abortion, on any other hot button topic, marriage, the media would say there's a civil war up for the we have a constitutional crisis. but whenever there's a democratic mayor it somehow righteous.
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>> that clip you just played was reverse racial baiting. nothing else. think about why this law was actually brought in front of the congressmen and women. a beautiful woman, 32 years old gunned down in broad daylight by a man who came to this country illegally, deported five times, convicted seven times. how is it a bad idea to stop that from happening again? >> is common sense legislation so someone commits a crime, felony and they are deported and are caught reentering the country illegally, they get locked up for some time. any democrat against that i'd like to see them explain that to kate's family. >> absolutely. this new bill means that if you are caught coming back after you been deported you can get two years in federal prison. if we convict you and then deport you and you come back
5:19 pm
illegally, we can like you away for 25 years to protect the feet future kate stanley's. >> jesse: thank you. happy july 4. >> jesse: morning joe host calling the president sexist. but how do they treat sarah palin? the great one. mark is here with the report. the fake news media saying donald trump is going to get them killed. a former cnn reporter explains her psychosis, up next. ependabl. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft.
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>> cnn, fake. [applause] the camera just one off. okay, you can come back. i would say. i won't say anything more about you. i see the red like off. >> jesse: those comments after a rough week from cnn. the network embarrassed itself not once but twice, first having to retract a fake story which tied former trump aid joe >> been admitting russia coverage is baseless and for ratings. when will the fake news and? joining me now, journalists and our of the smear. fake news control we see and think and how you will.
5:24 pm
>> so, cnn has had a rough spring i'm think it's safe to say. that the kathy griffith debacle, the james comey testimony exclusive they had to retract, some people said things about trump that i'm not allowed to repeat on air. then people like to say the media is there to hold the powerful accountable, think now the media has become so powerful the media itself is being held accountable and they don't like that. >> i would say was happen at cnn is a reflection of a larger trend i talk about in the book whereby the news media in some regards has been successfully infiltrated by the interest that tried to drive narratives and smear. we've invited them into our newsrooms and we've hired them in this is the result. >> when you hire political hatchet men and women as producers or as on-air talent, you have to expect everything is
5:25 pm
going to get burned to the ground and it will not be the same institution as it once was. talk about media priorities here, the mainstream media is obsessed with russia i think 353 minutes dedicated to the russia comey investigation, the paris accord, 47 minutes. the fight against terror only half an hour. but anything regarding president's policy agenda and the substance behind it gets little play. you're not surprised by the fact that the american people are so turned off by the press because they don't think the press is covering the president fairly. >> it kind of reads like a textbook propaganda or narrative campaign when you look at how the russian narrative emerged and compared to the facts and i spoke to a couple of former obama officials who said they do
5:26 pm
not think russia even had an impact at all in our election let alone colluded with donald trump. these are obama intel officials. they went on to describe how china has interfered with our elections and they consider that a weaker threat, iran is a much bigger threat and north korea's the biggest foreign threat. yet none is bn reported with the ferocity that you mentioned that we are reporting on russia. >> jesse: speaking of threats, people are now claiming they are the ones under threat and take a look at this montage. >> have you raise the concern that all of us in the news media have about the president calling us enemies of the american people because that's a very harsh statement and potentially dangerous. >> at what point does this become dangerous?
5:27 pm
i'm talking dangerous as in a journalist gets her. i can tell you working overseas in war zones, people are in bold and by the actions of this administration, emboldened by the declaration of war and the media. >> the reporters and journalists are enemies of the state. someone, god forbid someone is going to do something violent against journalist and a large way. >> so first of all we would like to correct the record. the president did not say you are an enemy of the state. he said fake news is the enemy of the people. it's interesting because the press likes to say when trump calls the fake news media that will cost someone to shoot them. on the other hand you've had the press calling republicans racist, bigoted traders for the last year and a half and then
5:28 pm
someone did come out shoot a republican and said rhetoric had nothing to do with it so which is it? >> it's that substitution game i like to play have similar things are treated depending on who makes the accusation. i think that's a signal. >> jesse: i want to get to something in your book and it's a great book. you came across an e-mail from palmeri who was hillary clinton's communications director during the campaign. and jen sakae who is the obama state department spokesperson. it says this, think we can get the interview with kerry by cbs done so he is not asked about e-mail? the e-mail is referring to the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. that seems like collusion to me, doesn't it? >> if you look at the chapter i read in the book is full of e-mails that say things like
5:29 pm
that and far worse where the journalists are you kidding behind the scenes and agreeing to let officials call the terms of the campaign. one of clinton's assistance was talking to a reporter in washington who wanted an advance copy of her speech and he said okay, if you meet these three conditions. one was that you must describe her speech is muscular which is a name you not think of as used to describe a speech, not only was it used by that reporter an agreement you can see a black and white, i looked into several other reporters use the same words in describing the speech. >> not a coincidence that muscular was used in the report? >> could even think of that word? not one time but three times that they were insisting the term be used, that's eye-opening. >> i've always said there's more
5:30 pm
evidence of democratic party colluding with the media then evidence that donald trump colluded with russia. >> jesse: still to come, remember when obama said this during his last week in office? >> as i prepare to take on the the more important role of citizen, know that i will be there with you every step of the way. >> he may have stretch the truth, and now is on democratic colleagues are fuming. will explain in the real news of the week. then will talk left wing hysteria over the plan to repeal obama care. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. it's your glass of willpower that helps keep cravings... ...far, far away. feel less hungry with the natural fiber in clinically...
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ray's always been different. last year, he said he was going to dig a hole to china. at&t is working with farmers to improve irrigation techniques. remote moisture sensors use a reliable network to tell them when and where to water. so that farmers like ray can compete in big ways. china. oh ... he got there. that's the power of and. >> we are live from america'sne. president trump facing backlash as his twitter war against the media escalates.
5:34 pm
on sunday morning the president tweeted a 282nd video of a wwe broadcast edited to show the president wrestling a man with a cnn local on his face. the # reading fake news cnn. it has prompted sharp criticism that is one of his most shared and most retweeted post ever. new jersey governor, chris christie plans to convene the legislator on monday in an attempt to break the budget deadlock that prompted him to shut down the government on friday. if reload 35000 workers and also force the closure of all 40 state parks for the fourth of july weekend. christie has signed a state of an emergency to allow essential government services to stay in operation. >> it's disgusting, vulgar. talk about winning that way? you physically look like you do, be on the stupidity of it, you're a pig, you are a bully,
5:35 pm
and you are doing disgusting things to this country. >> jesse: wow. that was a former cnbc host on morning joe attacking president trump for his early tweets about joe scarborough and mika brezezinksi. some think he went overboard in his comments but msnbc is not want to talk. they spent nearly a decade trashing people like sarah palin and the most disgusting way. people like joe scarborough making fun of the way she speaks in her family. even martin was forced to do resign after comments about the former alaskan governor. where's the outrage? mark, author of rediscovering americanism and host of seer to be networks joins me now. so, before is out there saying that trump is a mentally old
5:36 pm
narcissist dictator. i don't think it was the fire smartest thing for president trump to go after her physical appearance but the morning joe has been trashing people like sarah palin for ages on firm ground : president a sexist. >> they have the heartbeat of greenwich village, they claim to represent the people, i don't even watch the show. i see clips of the show, i would say this, if you believe in women's rights, why do you defer to joe, your future house spend all the time which is what she does? she's a second seat. at astro this, why did you feel it radio, i know this because and he left where i am he and she said, were taking a respite to rebuild the radio show and then they wind up on msnbc. that show has less shows than sonogram radios. >> the only time i watch cnn is when i travel.
5:37 pm
you are a trained lawyer, there's some audio we won't play but i think the president was at a fundraiser the other day and i think he said maybe i should sue cnn. cnn has been caught and if you embarrassing stink situations and have had to eat crow recently. does he have a case? >> no. he doesn't have a case. can i go back to the little fellow, donny deutsch area and let me tell you something. you think you're a tough guy on tv and talk about the president of the united states that way? that's a problem with that show. you want to be respected then you need to treat people with respect. you want to be a jerk then you will be treated like a jerk. whether we agree with the president or not, the fact is he's in a proud and accomplish
5:38 pm
man and has done more than joe scarborough had done in his life. you can challenge him on the issues. you can take him on certain personality traits. but when you start attacking him you get no respect and you don't reserve respect either. >> so don't have these guys in the same greenroom you could have trouble. >> i'm nervous. >> jesse: let me tell you about healthcare. i've said the health care bill coming out is not going to be perfect. we know obama care is far from perfect. what you want to see happen? >> i think it's a disaster. i think with the senate is doing is a disaster. the american people cannot even tell you what the senate is doing. people are going to a dr., they want to have access to a dr. and it access to procedures they need and surgeries they need. they don't want long waiting times at a reasonable price. how do we get there? do we get there through the centralized government type system? people do you know in america go to canada for healthcare? how many people in america go to britain for dental care?
5:39 pm
how many people go to france for healthcare? were the only industrials countries that don't have socialist healthcare. good. i like the presence latest idea. if they can't pass something, and i hope they don't, because it's always in the mind to the left, it's all based on obama care. if it's repealed and you get 12 months notice what happens? that is 20 milli- people who need insurance. they say 20 milli- people one have insurance, that's baloney. free enterprise, entrepreneurs and insurance companies will step in and offer different types of policy. they will make money, prices will come down this 20 milli- people will have healthcare. >> i think the original idea should not have been expanding coverage should have been reducing costs. the cost went up and now everyone wants the cost to go down, it's bogus to say people will lose insurance, of course they will because they will not
5:40 pm
be taxed into getting insurance. >> i'm in medicaid's welfare program. >> and it's exploding. here's the thing, they think look at all this coverage, people in medicaid don't like medicaid. we don't even discuss and debate it. i like this idea, repeal the thing, give 12 months to the private sector those 20 milli- people are likely to have good health care. >> i spacer on the other day and i said what are we gonna do and he said face too. let me talk to you about the russian, obama collusion angle. this is something you been talking about, the washington post came out this piece that obama is struggling with the russian interference. this week, i've heard very little for some strange reason
5:41 pm
about the collusion angle. why is that? >> because of your point, barack obama was president, commander-in-chief and was responsible for protecting us from cyber warfare. it was great hearing these on the senate intelligence committee who used to love the soviet union and now they don't like russia. i've never like putin by the russian government. that said, when i listen to them go on and on about what an assault this is on america yeah what did you do about it? who's the fbi director? comey, clapper, you have loretta lynch, obama, what did they do? they covered it up because they wanted her to win hillary of they didn't want people to think the election was tainted. i thought this is a dereliction of duty on behalf of the president. it's funny they say the democrats were for russia before they were against. mark, congratulations of the book.
5:42 pm
>> enjoyed. >> still to come, classic was on the american history. you won't want to miss this. it was definitive proof that russia hacked the election. turns out, democrats are reading the new york times. they got it wrong again. real and fake news of the week is up next. i never miss an early morning market. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep or get up in time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. and now. i'm back! aleve pm for a better am.
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>> will all be one-time now for
5:46 pm
real news you probably didn't hear this week. president obama's lifestyle of the rich and famous tour continues. the former president vacationed in bali with his family. since leaving office he spent time at ultrarich places like marlon brando's private island, serve rich and richard branson silent were 300 million-dollar private yet. fellow democrats are not too happy with his travels. do as i say, not as i do. the wife of former democratic presidential candidate, bernie sanders is under fbi investigation for fudging bank loan applications as the president of burlington college which went bottom-up under her
5:47 pm
leadership. so the sanders family is under investigation, the trump family, not. now who's feeling the burn? the national endowment for the arts is spending $20000 of taxpayer money on illegal immigrant lesbian musical called walls. this is one wall that mexico is not going to be paying for. surprise, surprise. seattle's first in the nation 15-dollar per hour wage law is hurting the workers it aims to help. the new way boosted pay by 3% and resulted in a 9% reduction in hours which means workers are taken about $125 less each month. reminds me of the saying, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. as democrats continue to lose house there finding ways to relate to voters. instead of changing leadership
5:48 pm
this week they decided to appoint congressmen of illinois as a new chairwoman of heartland engagement. proving once again how i don't out of touch the democrats are. president trumps criticism of the nato allies for not investing in the military is paying off. nato secretary-general announced plans to boost defense spending by 4.3% this year. looks like tough love works. here's your fake news story of the week. if you been watching cable news this year, you have seen dozens of democrats that all 17 intelligence agencies agreed the russians hacked the election. this has come from the highest levels of the russian government. clearly from putin himself, in an effort a 17 of our intelligence agencies have confirmed to influence our election. >> 17 agencies came to a consensus conclusion that we
5:49 pm
took the extraordinary step of making public. >> we have 17 u.s. intelligence agencies have said that russia attempted to influence our election. >> 17 u.s. intelligence agencies issued a statement expressing their unanimous assessment. >> jesse: that was fake news. ironic susan rice was in it again. the new york times buried a correction at the bottom of the paper same there was only four agencies, not 17. who's counting? apparently not the new york times. all immigrants want to become citizens have to pass a basic test. could you? "watters' world" quizzes college students when we come back. >> what year do we declare independence? >> 1984? >> way off. ♪ rs. ♪ ♪
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>> jesse: as we celebrate thefot would be fun to see how much the average america was born and raised here knows about our history. i asked students questions from the basic civics test, are all legal immigrants must pass before becoming a documented citizen. it's pretty easy but the results are astounding. roll the tape. >> , the senators are there? >> seven or 12. >> 50. >> to.
5:54 pm
>> two. >> i'm going to say 100. >> you got it. what month it do we vote for presidents? >> december? >> january? >> april. >> know that's when you pay your taxes. >> march? >> august. >> august is in the summer. >> november? >> you got it. what year do we declare our independence? >> 1984? way off. >> 1884. >> 1776. >> 1776. >> july 4. >> 1776? >> genius. the name of our national anthem is? >> is in a called the national
5:55 pm
anthem? >> it is the star-spangled banner. >> very good. lester rendition. >> oh say can you see by the dawn's early light. ♪ was a probably we hailed ♪ by the don's -- by the twilights. >> i forget the rest. >> o'er the ramparts. >> what of those called? lamb parts? >> and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof to the light, night? a --
5:56 pm
>> jesse: best one today. well done. arizona state university everybody. up next, what you think it means to be a proud american? let's do more. add one a day 50+ a complete multi-vitamin with 100% daily value of more than 15 key nutrients. one a day 50+. and it's also a story mail aabout people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you
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♪...nausea, heartburn,♪ indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪
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>> jesse: i posted this picture earlier this week. i wanted to see pictures of you been a proud american. here it is. snake man writes, close but no cigar. you are in the snake man's world, deal with it. cheers snake man. up next, chad says one more for you jesse. just because you are my man crush # man crush. man crush sunday, i'm okay with it. maddie tweets at is a star-spangled dog and proud american. wolf. wolf. and finally linda tweets, # proud americans. that's a press tonight. follow me on facebook,
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instagram, and twitter. remember, i'm waters, and this is my world. ♪ born in the usa ♪ i was born in the usa ♪ >> we have a fantastic show.


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