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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  July 2, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

7:00 pm podcast. have a great fourth of july. >> i am john roberts in for chris wallace. while president trump fights to keep the campaign promise, the administration scored victories on immigration and upholding the travel ban. . >> i think it was a great victory for the president. >> health care is working along very well. we could have a big surprise with a great health care package. we will break down the president's agenda going forward with mark short, president director of affairs. fox news sunday exclusive. then growing number of republican senators opposing obamacare replacement plan, the president is now considering an
7:01 pm
immediate repeal and replacement later. >> every republican in the u.s. senate except for one has already voted for repeal in the past, let's do that first. >> now you have two bills. you get it done in five minutes and the president seems open and interested in the idea. >> we will discus what congress can do with rand paul and joe manchin. plus the president shifts focus off his agenda creating immediate fire storm attacking media outlets. we will ask the sunday panel if the president's tweets are hurting his agenda. all right now on fox news sunday . greg: senate republicans have yet to bring obamacare replacement to a vote. some suggesting separating
7:02 pm
repeal and replacement in two different bills. a group of senators are calling leader mcconnell to shorten or cancel the upcoming recess in order to make meaningful progress on several legislative issues including health care. joining us now to discuss the administration's agenda president trump's director of legislative affairs mark short, we should point out that it's first appearance on any sunday show so we are glad to have you. >> thanks for having me. greg: the man tasked with being the foot soldier in terms of getting the president's agenda through. where are we really with health care? >> look, john, we are getting close. the american people know that obamacare is failing and the insurers are fleeing the market and last year alone 83 insurers have left the market. people know that this is a dramatic situation. where we are the president this weekend is continue to go make calls to members. we believe that our package will
7:03 pm
help to lower premium costs and help provide better quality care for patients and relationship between patient and his or her doctor. greg: how close are you? >> well, look, we've gone through a long process in the house. we now are in the senate where there's been obviously a lot of procedural delays in this process. we are at the point of scoring two separate bills throughout the week. we hope we come back after recess and have a vote. greg: you mentioned in the week, you have two different bills, variations on the same theme that are going to congressional budget office for scoring, what's in the bills? >> what's in the bill is will help get rid of individual mandate and get rid of taxes to make this easier on the american people. one of the things that raises rates so much, john, less understood in america is when you're on an individual exchange, the mandate it is federal government put on are so ridiculous. men are force today carry
7:04 pm
coverage for mammograms. and men for prostate issues. greg: what's the difference between the two bills? >> one has an amendment that has a consumer freedom act that senator cruz and lee offered that will help continue to reduce regulations and one is being scored without. but let's talk about the cob scoring for a second. cbo scoring has indicated when they initially scored obamacare, 25 million people would be on the obamacare exchange. in fact, there are only 10 million, when the press reports say 22 million people are going to lose coverage it's a ridiculous number. of that 22 million -- greg: the press reported what the cbo says. >> cbo credibility should be certainly questioned at this point. 7million of those people are people that don't exist, people that base on cbo put out in 2014 even though the actual number is way down here. 7million people will choose to leave the market that they say are losing insurance.
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that's not losing. that's choosing. take another 4 million in medicaid and 4 million people who get medicaid today will choose to leave. that's 18 million people right there, john. greg graying you keep submitting bills for cbo for scoring because it's a process. let me ask you about this, the idea to repeal obamacare and replace it at a later date, this is something the president even suggested, ben of nebraska, rand paul of kentucky are both suggesting. that didn't fly because leader mcconnell said thanks but no thanks. >> look, john, 49 senators reported repeal. greg: because they knew it would never become law. >> that's a pretty tough messaging. i think they are pretty committed to how much obamacare is failing. last 15 or 18 months it's gotten worse. in nevada alone two insurers pulled out this week. 18 counties, 14 have no insurer
7:06 pm
next year. it's in a true crisis. greg: dean heller was saying no way i'm signing this bill. >> dean heller voted for repeal effort and the we look at it, if the replacement part is difficult for republicans, let's go back and take care of the first step and repeal and even those 49 there's another member todd young from indiana who voted for the bill too. you have 50 members on record having voted for that recently. that's an option. at that point if you repealed it, you can come back with replacement effort that might be bipartisan. greg: are you concerned that you did repeal first and replacement later you might end up with repeal and never get around re-- replacing it. >> we think that helps solve many of the problems americans are facing and other legislative vehicles going on at the same time. just last week the house passed med mal.
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this is not a one-size fits all. greg: senator schumer is saying, hey, come work with us. listen to what he said earlier in the week. >> i challenge them again, invite us to blare house, the first day we get back from recess, you think we are not serious, try us. democrats are ready to turn the page on health care. when will my republican friends realize it's time for them to do the same. greg: marc, the president say that is the democrats are obstructionists, we are not going to get a single democratic vote, there's the offer from the senate majority leader. >> john, the president -- >> senate minority leader. the president is absolutely right, they have been obstructionist. we have heard from senators, we know the markets are collapsing, it's devastating our state. i can't be with you on repeal because that was one of president obama's accomplishments but we could be with you on replace. this is
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the rout we go, this is the opportunity. it's quite disingenuous. at the same time obama administration, he had 179. we have a quarter and what senator schumer often said is to say that we are not getting the nominees. we have 133 nominees sitting in front of the senate right now wait to go get hearings in order so that they can get confirmation. senator schumer might talk about bipartisan but he has no interest in bipartisanship whatsoever. greg: repeal first and replace later, at the same time senator cruz of texas and lee of utah saying we have other ideas and they are trying to push that process forward. are you worry that had they'll push it so far to the right you're going to lose a lot of the moderate that is you need to have? >> not at all. we support senator cruz and senator lee's efforts, efforts that transpired in the house and we think it's perfectly
7:09 pm
appropriate to his amendment and so we hope it's part of the process in bringing everybody together. greg: tax reform. the president has said many, many times that you need to do health care first, treasury secretary steve mnuchin said, no, we can probably do tax reform without doing obamacare reform. which is it and what's the timetable for this? >> john, we look to do both this year. that's the bottom line. we plan to get health care completed this summer and tax reform in the fall and completed before the end of the year. greg: do you need to do tax reform first? >> we need to do both, john. we need tax reform in the country because we need to get the economy growing again. it has suffered to far even since recession in 2008-2009. greg: one of the big issues is whether you do tax reform that's deficit neutral or whether it's more important to do tax cuts first, so which part of that is more important, deficit neutral
7:10 pm
or getting the tax cuts. >> what's most important getting the economy growing. greg: that means tax cuts? >> tax relief. also an idea that the budget window can be moved to 10 years to 20 years. it's an attractive option to allow us to do that. we are focused on getting americans back to work. that's why unemployment today because of regulatory relief the president has provided is down 4.3%. the lowest it's been in 16 years. greg: i want to ask you the president's tweets it's not necessarily in your wheel house but cross in your area because you have to deal with folks on capitol hill who are very of rolling their eyes on what the president tweets and mitch mcconnell said he's not fond of it, we saw what susan collins said about mika brzezinski. does he make your job more difficult? >> i don't remember congress being excited about tweets and won campaign. the president knows that he needs to get around the
7:11 pm
mainstream media to get the story out and part of the story is actually what we have accomplished on capitol hill. this is the first administration to get a supreme court justice confirmed in first 100 days, he signed 42 bills into law. 14 of those under congressional review act helped to roll back. >> helped the cra repealing much of that legislation has enabled the economy to saves $8 billion in compliance clause. we passed va accountability act. he signed the omni -- omnimus bill. greg: you're still getting done what you need to get done? >> in record pace and the president's focus is returning jobs to the american people. greg: isn't this your wheel house but cross over to some degree. the presidential commission that
7:12 pm
the president set up, secretaries of state of at least 27 states said we are not going to give you the voter data that you want because we don't think that this is a legitimate quest and to some degree, some secretaries of states are suggesting that the president is just seek to legitimize the claim about the fact that he lost the popular vote because of massive election fraud. what do you say to the secretaries of state including some republicans in mississippi? >> there's nothing more important than insuring the integrity of the american vote, one man, one vote. the vice president of the united states is a bipartisan commission. this information is publicly available. wouldn't it be great of secretary of states would be willing to comply and ensure integrity of the united states. greg: debra has invited y'all to jump in the gulf of mexico which at this time of year wouldn't be a bad idea. thanks for joining us.
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7:17 pm
senator paul, good to talk to you this morning. let's talk about a tweet that the president sent earlier on the july 4th weekend, the president tweeting, quote, if republican senators are unable to pass what they're working on now, they should immediate repeal and then replace at a later date. the president appears to be listening to you, you mentioned this to him on wednesday, though, your colleague from nebraska ben sass is claiming credit for this. senator mcconnell says thanks but no thanks. would this fly? >> i don't think we are getting anywhere with the bill we have, we are at an impasse, every time you add more federal money, big spending for republicans, it offends conservatives, right now this bill that's not a repeal has become the kitchen sink. we have nearly $200 billion in insurance bail-outs, does anybody remember us complaining complaining that obamacare had
7:18 pm
replacement bail-outs. there's 45 billion for opioid. the bill is being let up like a tree and we don't repeal regulations an don't repeal subsidies, now there are republicans getting to weak, we are afraid to repeal the taxes, what happened to these people? they all were for repealing obamacare, now there's virtually no one left. greg: the president stressed the need earlier this year to do this simultaneously because there's concern about the continuity of coverage. let's see how the president put it in the conference in trump tower. >> it'll be repeal and replace. it will be essentially simultaneously, it will be various segments, you understand, but will most likely be on the same day or the same week but probably the same day, could be the same hour. greg: you have to do this, if not simultaneously, very close
7:19 pm
together so that you don't have a bunch of people who end up without health insurance, what would your plans do to address that? >> and i agree. when i say separate the bills, i think they could still be dope concurrent ie, the moderates won't vote repeal, clean repeal unless they have some other bill going on simultaneously. so what i've educated is big government spending programs from the repeal. let's do clean repeal like we promised and you can get 52 republicans for clean repeal. you have a simultaneously bill, they can call replace and big spending and probably get democrats to go along with big spending. i'm not for that, but i'm saying i want repeal to work and the way you do is separate it into two bills and do it concurrently. senate leadership is not doing that and senate leadership is loading the bill like a christmas tree, bobbles, you
7:20 pm
name it, spend like there's no tomorrow and try to buy off support. that's traditional washington. what i'm asking is something not traditional, separate the bills. greg: let me ask you this question, you're not for spending, you are for repeal, if you do this separately, you'll vote for the repeal bill and there's no question about that but when it comes to replacement part of it, where is your vote going to go? >> well, see my idea of replacement has always been replace it with freedom, replace it with choice, competition, expanded health savings account, buying groups, the association health plans that i've been pushing across state lines where you can join a bind group, that's my idea of replacement because it's funny back in january i was pushing repeal and replace because i thought republicans believed in replacing it with a marketplace, now i've discovered that at least half of my senate republican colleagues think replacement means replacement with obamacare alike with more federal spending and more federal programs, i'm not for
7:21 pm
that. i am for repeal and replace. i want to expand the amount of people that get insurance through a cheaper price, i would do it through freedom of choice, buying groups across state lines and letting people save more money in hsa's, the problem with republicans is they have insufficient confidence in what made america great and that's capitalism, freedom of choice, competition. greg: your colleague from nevada has suggested that this was his idea as well. he sent a letter to the president saying that if the senate does not have a bill by the tenth of july, let's go ahead and do the repeal and replace separately and let's work through the august recess in order to get this all done, would you sign on to the idea of working through the august recess? >> i'd rather get it done before that. i think you can do this in the next three weeks. there are other bills out there that are sitting around that have bipartisan support, separate repeal and replace, if
7:22 pm
there are big government spending programs, put them on some other bill but the thing is you can't get conservative votes or you can't get my vote if this bill with a bunch of federal spending. greg: sorry, we are having trouble there with the signal. senator paul happening on a second, go ahead, finish your thought there. >> we have a 500 billion-dollar deficit and we are going to have a trillion dollars next year for loading up repeal with a lot of big government spending, so i think if you want conservative support you split the bill, i think you can get almost every member of our caucus to vote for a clean repeal if there's a concurrent or simultaneous separate bill that includes some of the things that moderates want. greg: just before we leave you, we have a minute left, i wanted to ask you about something, you were there in arlington for the horrible shooting which prompted a call for many people in congress to improve the tone of
7:23 pm
the political discourse, give more sense of civility. you saw the tweet that is the president set out earlier today unapologetic for it, what's your thinking on that whole thing about what the president tweeted and how that plays in into these calls for greater civility in political discourse. >> i would approach it more generically and say we probably don't need to question the adversaries motives. president obama wanted to help more people get health care, obamacare failed but i don't question his motives or goodness as a person in trying to do it. in the same tone, i think democrats that are saying, thousands and of people are going to die if republicans pass health care plan, that's so over the top and goes over painting people as mean-spirited or as evil and you bet people who are so crazied by this and obsessed that they'll come to a baseball field and shoot people, you know, there is a problem and i think we need to both acknowledge we want the same things, but we have to argue
7:24 pm
over which economic system works best, capitalism works best or socialism. let's have those arguments and those are valid arguments and i don't think we need to question whether each of us believe in trying to fix the system and trying to get more health care. greg: senator paul, appreciate you coming on. >> thanks. greg: as republican senators lose support moderates on both sides look for open to go reach a bipartisan deal, joining us from charlton, we've virginia democratic senator joe manchin, let me start by asking you do you believe that obamacare is broken and is in danger of collapse as the president so often says? >> first, let's start with happy birthday america, 241 years young and still going strong, so let's start off with that, john, i think it needs repair. i thought from day one the private markets aren't working and on top of that we can do
7:25 pm
better through efficiencies and up until that point in time they were using health care basically at the emergency room, so we need to show people and teach people and educate people how to use it effectively so they don't abuse it and we can save an awful lot of money there. we are americans, we shouldn't be democrats and republicans. this should be about our country. >> i've been told senator by folks who are, i think, pretty well in the loop that you would like to be part of obamacare replacement but you can't sign onto repeal. how can you replace it if you don't repeal it first? >> well, i've never said repeal or replace. i said repair. you know, we didn't get right from the beginning, that's why we stay in session to keep fixing and making things better. the only thing i'm saying to president trump and i've spoken
7:26 pm
to him on many times and he's the president of all of america, democrats and republicans, independent, those who voted for him, those who voted against it. he is our president and i want him to succeed, i want him to know that there are democrats that want to work with him but right now they can't even repeal, they can't get 50 votes to repeal it because somebody is getting hurt more than what they're willing to sign onto. then, look at some of us, work with democrats who are willing to meet with you in the middle who have always been willing to meet with you in the middle. i'm the most centrist moderate person that they're going to find in the senate that's willing to look down and work on anything in a more progressive manner that fixes the problems that we have. i will work with them. >> the president, senator, says he's convinced that there will be no democratic support of repeal and replacement of obamacare even if it makes the system much better now. let's listen to what he said earlier in the week in cedar rapids. >> sure.
7:27 pm
>> if we went and got the single greatest health care plan in the history of the world, we would not get one democrat vote because there are obstructionists, they're obstructionists. >> he says democrats are obstructionists, are you obstructionists senator manchin? >> i truly respectfully disagree with that statement because i think he knows that i'm looking every way i can to work with them and work with this white house and work with this president, my president in trying to make things better, so i think that was a little over the top and i'd still i'm willing to sit down and work with this administration, this president and my friends on the republican side and there's many many like me that will do the same. >> but, senator, you might be a certain mind set but there is a lot of mistrust among republicans in the senate to say that there's a hidden agenda by the democrats, listen to what senator john thune said the other day.
7:28 pm
>> if we have to negotiate with chuck schumer and the democrats, we are going to be looking down the barrel of a single-payer system because that's what they want to see happen. >> is that what the democrat senators want to see a one-size single payer system? >> i'm sure there's many democrats that feel that way and many republicans that feel that way. i want the market system to succeed. you know, the product, we don't have the product in -- and the market is not matching up. i agree, i see that. i want to sit down and find a product in the market and give more flexibility, hold people accountable and responsible for how they use it if it's been given to them free. there's so many things that we can sit down and agree on. we have never been asked to get into the room. if they are not talking to me, hey, joe, what do you think, you know, then they're not really reaching out, so susan collins and some of our dear friends we try today sit down to meet, i think they are determined on making a vote. i would say if you don't have
7:29 pm
the 50 votes yo u can get rid through budget reconciliation, they can get rid of this piece of legislation, the repeal of obamacare or the affordable care act but when you start replacing it, you're back through the process where we have to work together. that's why the senate is so much different than the house. it's not a simple majority at 51. that means 60 for cloture, that means you will have to get bipartisan agreement, start working with us now. i'm willing to sit down tonight. >> senator manchin, let me move to another topic, russia is not our ally, not our friend, to treat putin like an ally is wrong, the white house announced last week that the president will have a bilateral meeting with vladimir putin in the g-20 summit in germany. should the president meet with putin in is it rewarding him to meet with him? >> i don't think it's rewarding. i think you should meet with anybody and everybody you can in the world. make no mistake, the united states is the hope of the world.
7:30 pm
if we don't get it right, nobody is going to step in and take our place. when he meets, he will use his style and i respect that, whatever that style is to make sure mr. putin knows that america will not take step backwards and will not allow him to infiltrate and get involved in political process and get involved in telling people that elected officials are not done legitimately and he wants to get them done and change it through propaganda machines. we are not going to tolerate that and i'm sure in the president's own way he will get that across. i have hope in that. >> we saw during the president's first overseas trip that many did not feel putin's intentions, where do you feel in comparison to that? >> well, i mean, everyone has their style. we are trying to second-guess
7:31 pm
how i might approach a problem or how i might approach a problem, we are thinking the president should follow suit, he has to find out what's successful, as long as we know it's about the greatest country that the world has ever known, the united states of america, we are americans, he's not going as a republican president, he's going as the president of all of the united states of america. and the strength of who we are, the people that we are, the military, the intelligence that we have, the commitment that we have for freedom and human rights, all of these things are so precious to us, that's what he has to convey and i'm sure that he will, but also the strength of america is who we are as a people and he will convey that also. >> one quick question before you go, as you know, kate's law passed the house, support of 24 democrats in the house, there's some question as to whether or not it will pass the senate. you have supported the idea in the past, can kate's law pass the senate? >> sure. i think it can. i think we can get the votes, we have to have eight democrats voting with our colleagues on the republican side hopefully we have those eight that are
7:32 pm
willing to stand up and look at this in the most, i think, most protected way but most respectful way and i think we will get there. >> can you see any reason why people would vote against this? >> well, everyone has -- you know, this is the most beautiful country. i've said before. if you were born in america, you hit the jackpot. if you came here and became a legitimate citizen, legalize accident, you hit the lottery, we want to give lottery hope, we have to make sure that we protect ourselves and keep ourselves as safe as possible. i understand that and i want to make sure that we find that balance, but we are not going to tolerate people that are harboring people that aren't here for the right reason and that's really what this is all about. >> we have to run, thanks so much for joining us. happy fourth of july to you. >> happy fourth to you, happy birthday america. >> thanks so much. up next sunday group to get their take on whether senate
7:33 pm
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♪ at johnson's we care about safety as much as you do. that's why we meet or exceed 15 global regulations for baby products. and where standards differ, we always go with the toughest. johnson's. >> we can all agree that obamacare status quo is
7:36 pm
unacceptable and unsustainable and we are. >> pushing for repeal and replace. time now for sunday group, kimberley strassel of the wall street journal, mary harp and charles hurt, opinion editor for the washington times. we should point out that while you were coming in the studio joe manchin was still in the line, off camera he believes president should work together with democrats on health care, if he can't get a deal then do it unilaterally. what do you think of that idea. >> something that affects one sixth of the economy should be bipartisan. were would democrats work with him? >> if you did what shuck -- chuck schumer asked, not just push repeal and replace that you have now, i you -- i think you
7:37 pm
can get some democrats in the table. >> we have seen no evidence whatsoever that any of the democrats would come in and operate, negotiate in good-faith and i honestly, we were back there watching the clip that you played with schumer and can't help but laugh but a smart negotiating tactic for donald trump, someone who is not keen on any of the republican health care bills. i would rather just see obamacare fail. it's probably a smart negotiating tactic for him to say, look, if republicans aren't going to deal with me, thenly deal with democrats because obviously that will become -- that will something that's even worse than the republicans. >> obviously a big topic on social media this week. we have some questions. is it possible to split the bill in two as rand paul suggest, just pass repeal now and replace later? >> very bad idea. >> why is it a bad idea? >> what rand paul's interest in
7:38 pm
here and some conservatives is being able to say that they passed a repeal bill because that's what they promised the american people. what we all know is it would deal to another catastrophic turn in the market and he made clear in interview that you had with him, that he has no interest whatsoever in working on replace bill and that would be the risk. if mitch mcconnell went this way, you get repeal and you get an even mess and you have no incentive whatsoever for any of the conservatives to come on board and pass a fix. >> because when it comes to spending, rand paul said, i'm against increasing spending. >> he's not interested in helping with this. >> but the other question that we have, gerald, from michael pete, how much political trouble are either the trump administration or the senate are unable to reform aca obamacare? >> well, i think this is the question republicans are grappling with over fourth of july recess, political pain doing k nothing than voting on
7:39 pm
something -- >> it will collapse in 2018. >> yeah, right. except the question is who owns obamacare at this point, do the democrats own it because they created or the republicans because they've on it six months. i don't know the answer either. that's really where republicans are. which is more painful to do nothing or to vote for something that's not popular and know that you'll be attacked for having done that. >> one thing that gets forgotten as jerry said, some isn't popular. the question is are you going to pass something that has real progrowth tax reform in it or first major entitlement reform that we have ever experienced since the great society, fixing program, modeling successful reforms in the states and fixing the individual insurance markets -- >> they don't get easier with time. closer we get to
7:40 pm
mid-terms, i think it will be hard case to the voters that with eight years to come up with a replacement, they haven't been able to do it, let's pass repeal and we just need to give them a little more time, i don't think that that's believable to a lot of people and it could throw the market which is are already in turmoil into even greater uncertainty. >> the insurance industry agrees with you on that. so the health care scenario is still up in the air but the president did get a couple of victories earlier this week when the partial immigration ban was reimplemented. let's hear what the president said about the kennedy center. >> we cannot allow terrorism and extremism to spread in our country or to find sanctuary on our shores or in our cities. [cheers and applause] >> we want to make sure that anyone who seeks to join our country shares our values and has the capacity to love our people. [cheers and applause] >> is this a victory for the
7:41 pm
president, at least partially because the supreme court will take up this case in a broader level. >> monumental victory for him not only in shorm but long-term, in a larger sense because this is what his campaign was largely about. this is what kicked off his campaign, this is what defined his camp and it shocked everyone, it shocked even republicans and he got accused of all sorts of things, xenophobic and racist and he plowed on through and wound upbeating everybody. this is a huge victory for him. >> i think it's a victory but here is my question, the administration's rationale for this was it was temporary and they needed 90 or 120 days, we are way past that and by the time the supreme court takes it up it's way past that. >> the president didn't have the force of leverage of immigration ban to make the countries -- >> are you putting in place that
7:42 pm
new vetting or is defacto becoming permanent. that i think will be a problem. >> this case has become about much more than this travel order. this has become about whether or not you were going to allow a federal judiciary to use powers of the president, the separation of powers and congress and this was a victory more than anything for the constitution. >> a couple more questions, geri, that the president was running, kate's law and sanctuary city law and can those pass the senate. >> kate's law probably can. 24 democrats voted and that's a sign. it's almost bipartisanship, i think there are only three house democrats who voted for the sanctuary cities. i think kate's law and that would be a victory for the president. sanctuary cities is a long shot. democrats have enough leverage. >> we will leave it there. president trump takes to twitter continuing battle with the media
7:43 pm
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>> the dishonest media will never keep us from accomplishing our objectives on behalf of our great american people. it will never happen. [applause] >> president trump last night continuing his assault on what he calls the dishonest media and we are back now with the panel. the president also tweeting at length yesterday about his use of social media saying my use of social media is not presidential, it's modern-day presidential. make america great again. is it really modern-day presidential or is it over the top? >> i'm in the camp that believes it's modern-day presidential in
7:47 pm
a way and i think a lot of times donald trump's dye tractors -- detractors they don't like his style and the way he looks and so much is a modern sort-thing that's appalling and maybe you don't like it but the fact that he represents that and the fact that he is in that sort, a lot of people get anger at that confused with him. >> the fake and fraudulent news media working hard to convince republicans and others that i could not use social media. remember i won 2016 election with interviews and social media. i'm not stopping. >> that's the message from last night, i'm not stopping. is it productive? it's not use of social media but the tone that's the issue. by the way, there's a whole series of things that went well
7:48 pm
in the last two weeks, the veterans administration bill, kate's law, sanctuary cities, almost no attention paid to the pact that mosul, no attention paid to those things because of the phenomena, why is that beneficial to the white house? it's use of social media to what end. >> one of the days i hope they ask the president what his cause benefit analysis is before he sends out tweets. let's take a look at the one that really ramped this whole thing up earlier this week when he was talking about msnbc, i heard poorly morning joe rated i don't watch anymore, mika came to mar-a-lago and insisted from joining me. she was bleeding badly from a facelift. i said no. he came back yesterday and said,
7:49 pm
crazy joe and dumb as a rock mika are not bad people. >> sort of what geri said, what are you using this for? putting attention on a media that's actually not doing a very good job in many ways of covering the trump administration is totally legitimate. we've had resignations at cnn, retractions and corrections and i think that is something worthwhile, if you're going to instead use it to just humiliate people, i think there's a confusion sometimes in the president's mind between he doesn't want to fall under this category of bowing to politically correct society, that's fine, but that seems to suggest that you can't both do that and have some measure of civility when you're talking about other people. it is, in fact, possible to do both. >> that's right. >> we do it right here on the stage right now. >> and when you're president, you should try to do vote. he tweeted cnn435 times and
7:50 pm
afghanistan 36, it's what geri was saying, there are real issues, men and women on uniform dying fights for our country and president spends time and energy on this, shows voters and world leaders that there's something about him, viciousness or pettiness or impulse roll that he doesn't seem to have that makes them question his governing and that is a problem beyond whether we all like twitter or not. >> the fact during the campaign at least that there wasn't much of a filter between here and here and here and here is what the supporters loved about him. >> and they still do. there's no doubt that a certain segment that it's about time somebody says something like this. the white house has tried to use whatever social media or newest media available phenomena. i came to town when ronald reagan was president and they tried to make an art about going over the heads of the press,
7:51 pm
that's fine. that's the way games are played. that's not the issue. >> there's no question too that the president is at war with certain aspects to have media. one of those being cnn, a couple of years ago he was on wrestle mania and he closed line with vince mchamon. watch this. [inaudible] >> there's the president beating up cnn. >> i think a lot of the people that dislike donald trump the most probably don't watch prowrestling. >> all you were talking about when you came in here this new tweet, clever or not? >> right down the middle. it's hitting his base. going back to the thing that geri said and there's room about criticism here that it is a distraction from his successes but this is what i think the
7:52 pm
frustration that trump and his supporters feel, how much coverage would he get for those successes. >> why don't we find out? [laughter] >> but history show that is the media doesn't give him credit. >> let me jump in for a second, if you want to know how it all plays with supporters, take a look at this from the kennedy center last night. >> the fake media is trying to silence us but we will not let them. [cheers and applause] >> because the people know the truth, the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house, but i'm president and they're not. [cheers and applause] >> he got a lot of cheers for that. so clearly he has a lot of people on the side on the war against the media. >> the only outfit out there that has got far lower approval ratings than donald trump is, in fact, the media and so training
7:53 pm
is not necessarily a bad idea, it's the manner and method in which you do it. >> why do we tolerate behavior in a president that we wouldn't tolerate from small town mayors or ceo's or families. maybe called me old-fashion, maybe we should hold him to a higher standard. >> thanks, panelist, we will see you next sunday. (baby crying) ♪ minutes old. ♪ a baby's skin is never more delicate. ♪ what do hospitals use to wash and protect it? ♪ johnson's® the number 1 choices in hospitals.
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>> it's become a tradition that we profile a man that created his own special program to make everyday a memorial day for our fallen heros, once again, here is chris wallace with our power player of the week. >> when you're playing it, it's only 24 notes but it's so meaningful to that family. >> tom day is talking about
7:57 pm
playing at the funerals of military veterans and he should know. he's the founder and president of an organization called bugals across america. 200,000 in ten years. chris: really? congress gave right to funeral in military honors. the problem was the military only had 50buglers so they somebody to send on a recorded or boom box. tom day who played in the marines in the 50's didn't like it. >> i called it stolen dignity that these veterans can't get live taps when we are out there
7:58 pm
ready to perform live taps. chris: so he started his organization recruiting 400 players within a year. >> now we have 6,270 horn players and we are doing 220 funerals a month. chris: it's become operation. runs out of basement in chicago. families can go on website and ask to a bugler and sent within 100 miles of funeral. he gives away bugles while he gets support from foundation, he runs a deficit every year. chris: how do you make up for short fall? >> i kind of make it up myself, 15-$20,000 a year. >> probably 10. you finished, you put the horn down and the flag has been presented then the family comes over, the kisses, the handshakes from these families, there is
7:59 pm
nothing, no amount of money who could ever buy the feeling that i get from the family once i finish the 24 notes. chris: with soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan plus 1800 veterans of world war ii dying every day, there is a flood of military funerals. he wants to keep going until he dies then leave organization in solid shape to carry on. >> i want every family to have live taps at that going away preparation of their veteran and it kind of tells the marines who are guarding the gates in heaven, live taps, we are going to let this veteran right in. >> he has a lot more help now too, since we first ran the story eight years, organization has ran more than 5,000 active members who play.
8:00 pm
if you want to learn more go to we will see you next fox news sunday. ♪ ♪


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