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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 3, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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nearby, where the little ones were reunited with their mother. >> leland: i thought i had seen firefighters save just about everything in a fire, but i had never seen deer. kudos to them. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> of fox news alerts, a showdown looming on capitol hill over the future of health care in our country, some senate republicans now pushing a new strategy to finally end obamacare as they have been promising voters for years. this is outnumbered. i'm sandra smith here today, democratic strategist and fox news contributor jessica karloff, form a national securities counsel staffer gillian turner, and today's #oneluckyguy, david avella is here and he is outnumbered.
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>> i was here twice yesterday. >> it is worth being here because there is a lot of news. as the white house says, it remains confident to health care bill will make it to president trump's desk the summer, some republican senators are now looking at the possibility of repealing obamacare first and replacing it later. kentucky senator rand paul who has been critical of the current bill says it is time to split into two parts, watch. >> i don't think we are getting anywhere with the bill we have, we are at an impasse. if you want conservative support, you split the bills. you can get almost every member of our caucus to vote for a clean repeal if there is a concurrent or simultaneous separate bill that includes some of the things that moderates want to. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and other republicans are so far rejecting the idea, and across the idea senate minority whip says democrats will not help with health care reform unless republicans take obamacare is
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repeal off the table. mean you make in the meantime, democratic senator says it is time for a recess, watch. >> there is great value if you introduce a bill, we have some time to read it, a chance to hold hearings and have discussions, talk to the cbo director, if we can do that and go through that process, we would end up with a much better plan. >> chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live in washington for us, hi, mike. >> one conservative senator told fox today that in order to get his boat, he wants to be sure that the health care reform plan will help america's middle class. >> as it is written right now, i am a "no" ." that built as a whole lot for the insurance industry. that bill does a whole lot for hundreds of billions of dollars of tax a difference for the affluent. it leaves out the for the
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forgotten man and the forgotten woman. >> president trump has been having private conversations trying to help secure the 50 votes needed to pass the health care package. they say that health care proposal would help lower premium cost and provide better quality care for patients. one moderate democrat says he would like to talk to the president and republicans about repair instead of repeal and replace. >> i am the most interest, moderate person they are going to find in the senate. i'm going to look down and sit down and work on anything in a more progressive manner, that basically fixes the problems we have. if they are not talking to me, then they are not really reaching out. >> with congress out of town for the independence day holiday, the budget office analyzing a couple different versions of the senate health care package. the president's point man on health care says he is hopeful the senate will pass a bill cutting obamacare soon.
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>> conversations are ongoing as we speak, we look forward to hopefully coming back after this fourth of july recess and getting the work done. >> senators have started to talk about plan b on health care reform, mitch mcconnell says his focus remains on simultaneous repeal and replace. some g.o.p. sources say that if you are going to scrap obamacare, you need to be able to tell your constituents how you are going to replace it. >> seems reasonable, thank you. dave, can't wait to hear where you are at with this. you are hearing from senators, some senators saying let's repeal first, replace later. >> it is a sounder strategy, americans are going to be on their own with health care. people are already losing their
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insurance. you have this discussion about medicaid, it's an interesting one given that many doctors are no longer accepting new medicaid patients. here is what we know, obamacare is a disaster. something has to be done to change it, republicans were talking about it and it was interesting to hear him talk about how we needed to come together. there are plenty of liberal and conservative health care efforts i do agree that medicaid has to be given back to the states. we can agree on that. i wrote about this last week on, democrats who are up in 2018 who president trump won that state by 44 points. it is in his political interest to find -- he ought to be knocking on mitch mcconnell's door. >> doesn't this give democrats the option of it saying hold on, you keep saying you campaigned on repeal and replace, why
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wasn't there a plan to replace to begin with? >> you had a seven years to put a plan to replace it in the works. now they are struggling and fighting and there are a lot of republicans who sound like a democrats, who are like hey, we are going to be the tax collectors for entitlement. they are in favor, let's call them out on what they are saying. they are in favor of keeping a tax increase in place on investment income. they say it is for the rich, it is for middle-class couples in many places at $250,000 a couple. that is to raise money. if you repealed it, you would increase the capital stock, make capital formation better, raise wages, create jobs. one thing i want to add, legislatively it would be nearly impossible with a simple majority vote to do repeal and then replaced. you've got to do it under budget
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reconciliation, it leaves no room for tax reform. >> let's go back to the democrats and put the ball back in their court. chuck schumer says they should just quit with a are doing, let's work on a bipartisan plan here. how willing are democrats willing to work with republicans on this? >> i think you hit the nail on the head there, a lot of democrats are in red states now. these are people who are up for reelection who need to do something and their voters want them to work with donald trump and the republicans. i have been heartened to hear that chuck schumer has been talking to republicans about potential compromise, i think purchasing insurance across state lines is the way to go for democrats on this, we know free-market competition will drive prices down and that is what everyone is complaining about. >> did you just say it free market competition will drive prices down? >> it came out of my little liberal mouth on the eve of the fourth of july. there are actually republican bills that are put out there,
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mainly one from susan collins, that has a lot of smart ideas in it. obviously i don't like the totality of the bill, but it's not as if republicans haven't been thinking of it, they just haven't gotten it together. >> here's my problem with this. this is another example of congress doing what it's best at, which is kicking the can down the road. everything looks rosy and amazing six months from now, but the problem is not of the stuff ever gets done. if i was the president i'll be looking at this and thinking okay, let's kick the can down the road until after the july 4th recess. that is still after the august recess, then it is 2018. the longer this takes to actually get through the congress, the more stymied the rest -- >> what is the alternative, to pass coming to pass something? >> at the certain point, they have to face the music. they've had all the time in the world, they picked up three votes, do they really think they are going to get there in another month from now?
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>> why don't we -- to jessica's point, why don't we look at free markets? why don't we let individuals get back into making their health care decisions with their doctors? part of this is because obamacare put an enormous influence of the government into our health care. costs have not gone down, doctors, we have a huge doctor shortage. none of this is being addressed and quite frankly it is not being addressed currently as well. what we need to do is get away from a government dictating what should be insurance plans. let's have many insurance companies presenting many plans and let people pick the plan that works best for them and then let's start addressing the other issues. >> what are you going to do about the 15 million people who will be kicked off medicaid? it's not as dirty of a word as you think that it is. >> there are many ways for many of those 15 -- >> none of that is in any of
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these bills. >> we've never addressed the fact that many of the folks who are going to become uninsured are people who will did not wat insurance. they only took it so they could avoid the tax penalties. >> people who are on medicaid today who got it under obamacare would not get it under these republican bills, that is the whole point. if you are able bodied, if you improve the insurance market, you should be able to go out there and buy a cheaper plan on your own with government help. to john's point, in his budget and the state of ohio, 43% of that money goes to medicaid compared to 14% for education. giving full on government health insurance to able-bodied adults, versus educating the next generation of children in this country? that is a choice these so-called conservatives are making.
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>> amid all the controversy over russia and president trump is set to meet with vladimir putin for the first time on the sidelines of this week's assignment. what the leader of the free world should say to the man who meddled in our election. and the president not letting up on the media, tweeting out a video. it is heating up the battle even more, where it goes from here and how much it all really matters to the american people. >> the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white hous white house. but i am president and they are not. (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever,
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and you can only stream on two devices at once. this is fun, we're having fun. yeah, we are. no, you're not jimmy. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. xfinity gives you more to stream to more screens. >> the grudge match between president trump in the mainstream media heating up, fierce backlash from the press after president trump tweeted out a mock video to his followers yesterday, showing him body slamming a man with a cnn logo edited onto his face. it is a doctored version of an old clip of mr. trump appearing at a professional wrestling match. >> you are in charge of homeland security. that seems like a threat.
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>> certainly not. no one would perceive that as a threat, i hope they don't. i think he is beaten up and away on cable platforms that he has a right to respond to. and he does not regularly. >> you don't think that is a threat to anyone, you don't think that is sending a message? speaking >> certainly not, i dok so. he is a genuine president expressing himself genuinely, he is the most genuine person. people find him to be someone they can understand and relate to. >> a cnn commentator firing back, saying he is encouraging violence against reporters. >> i am a cnn commentator, i think that is unacceptable. that is the president of the united states taking things way too far. he is going to get some buddy killed in the media, maybe that will stop him. i am disappointed beyond belief by the answer that the homeland
9:17 am
security advisor just gave. you can see that he is leaving his principles. >> sandra, the president's allies are now calling out some of the hysterical breathless coverage over the president's video that shows him body slamming and punching a cnn logo in a wrestling ring and they are wondering why that clip of something that was scripted and staged has people so much more upset than something else that was recently scripted and stage staged. >> i find it interesting that if there is a play in the park about shakespeare and donald trump gets murdered on stage, that's okay, that is entertainment. but somehow pro wrestling is real. where else but in the media would their minds go there?
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i just think they are looking for a way to be offended and they are going to find it no matter how irrational it is. it is just wearing thin. >> this morning, a counselor to the president kellyanne conway accused mainstream outlets of trying to interfere with the president as he tried to make his point. she expressed frustration that widespread coverage of tweets is overshadowing coverage of other things happening at the passage of kate's law on friday. the long weekend of media criticism did continue on twitter today, where the president wrote this -- there have been questions about how tweets like that are helping advance the president's legislative agenda, and as it turns out republicans in the senate say the tweets aren't much of a distraction. >> our focus cannot be on the tweets, our focus has to be on the kitchen table family paying 20, 30, $40,000 for their
9:19 am
premiums, wondering how they are going to make ends meet. there child might be addicted to opioids. we in the country cannot be focused on tweets, we have to be focused on answering that families problems. i get so frustrated when we get focused on tweets. >> despite all the tweets and posts about that media coverage, white house aides said today the president has spent his time here in new jersey preparing for the summit and he does plan to head back to washington tonight. >> thank you for that. all right, the topic has been introduced. you were having a response to peter reminding our audience, comparing it to the shakespeare in the park, acting out the assassination of president trump and the lack of outrage that we saw from the media then. is that a fair comparison?
9:20 am
>> hearing what we are hearing now, i had not thought of it until peter pointed out just now and i thought oh, he's right. but then i thought -- he is right, major overreaction to one, under reaction to another, both are shows of violence, whatever that means. we can debate whether they are or not but both include violenc violence. but they are not really fair comparisons, to me because i keep coming back to one is a play, is the arts. they have freedom to do things. one is a tweet from the president of the united states, i keep coming back to this idea that all of these things, whether they are an incitement to violence or not, are -- i believe they are beneath the dignity of the office, but that is for him to decide. i also think they should just be -- cnn should be so far below the president's radar that he
9:21 am
doesn't even register them. he has so many important things to worry about it and do on a daily basis, that he doesn't know when he doesn't care. that is my ideal world. >> being from the south, professional wrestling is an art form. >> i apologize. >> i did feel like on saturday, july 1st, was the day our national sense of humor died based on the reaction to that video. i disagree with many things the president has tweeted end of the language that he uses, but that was hilarious. if you couldn't laugh when you saw it -- and all of a sudden it turns into "he's going to be responsible for violence on journalists, where was the outrage when our own james rosen under the obama administration, his communications were being tracked by the government? there was a subpoena for his
9:22 am
email signed off by the attorney general of the united states, where was all of the nonstop outrage over that, which is a great deal more insidious if you are concerned about the first amendment. >> we know he is a little bit subversive. >> he was labeled a co-conspirator in that subpoena. >> this is what the republican base is wanted for decades, some want to take on the shenanigans of the left. to have been in his position, where he ran a company, he had a media company that put on a very successful show, under all of that -- with all the research he gets about what motivates people, what people are interested in, what people pay attention to, the president knows what he is doing when he tweets these things out. let me ask one last thing.
9:23 am
>> it was too moderate for you at the last block. >> for all of this outrage by the media, it's a complete misunderstanding and in idiocy that the media and of the president have not gotten along since day one. thomas jefferson owned newspapers to attack his political opponents. somehow this is all new that the media and the president have never been involved, it is a complete misunderstanding. >> during the 1930s, the flip side. >> jessica, go for it. >> he's the president of the united states of america, i remember the good old days when president obama used to be criticized because he wore a tan suit when he thought he should be in navy. or that he used selfies. >> there was outrage over these things? >> the selfie stick for the interview, that he was embarrassing the country for
9:24 am
using the selfie stick for this job interview. the idea that on the fourth of july weekend, the president of the united states of america is spending his time retreating something like that, using his speech to veterans to criticize the media, the media has been responsible for exposing many scandals that are going on at the va, we need press to go in there and release these kind of details. >> it was a local news reporter that uncovered the loretta lynch tarmac meeting with bill clinton. >> it still part of the press. >> what reporters freedom of speech has been taken away? not one. >> quite honestly, i respect you a lot and i respect a lot republicans and i think they are in a very difficult position, this is not the president an attitude or in policy preference
9:25 am
if they wanted. >> i was on her when this got tweeted out yesterday morning, i know that for a lot of us, our initial reaction wasn't that it was funny, i think you get to that a little bit later if you watch it again, it was wow, he is going for it. he clearly didn't think that the mika tweet was overboard. and then he went and did this. clearly it is part of his strategy, he sees this working. >> i agree in the sense that i don't understand why he cares what this group of peacocks preening, humorless, self-involved insecure overeducated liberals, why they care what he has to say. >> the danger here is that it sucks all the air out of the white house. there are people there like the
9:26 am
homeland security advisor who was forced to go on a sunday show and respond to whether this incites violence. there are such barrage of issues on the national security side the need to be dealt with, and when you suck the air out of the administration and forced all the top level focused upon the defense about this, reporters are going to say you are not acknowledging what he is getting done. >> you are spot on. >> you are completely separate. what he is accomplishing is a separate issue from what this is preventing getting done. >> in 50 years, people won't be judging donald trump off of his tweets. were americans more secure? where they more economically advantaged? that is what historians are going to look back on and decide. under that record, getting rid of many of the executive orders of president obama is a good thing, you look at the legislation that congress is working on.
9:27 am
>> we all know that executive orders don't in and of themselves accomplish anything. they require implementation across the federal government. we can count those as policy of compliments once they are implemented. and nothing has happened on them. >> members of the swamp are going to use trumps tweets and the way he talks about the media as cover for not getting anything done. so they can just wash their hands of the american people and the agenda and say it's his fault when indeed it is not. >> they are also responding to americans, 71% of americans say the tweets are hurting trumps agenda, a lot of his supporters are in that group. in this war on cable news that he is taking on, americans have a choice. you can watch morning joe or not, you can watch "fox & friends" or not. you can't turn off the president of the united states of america.
9:28 am
and you shouldn't have to think that, you shouldn't have to be sitting around your kitchen table with your children and say i don't want them to see this, i don't want them to see his press conference. and that is why it is beneath the dignity of the office. >> president trump gearing up for his first sitdown with russia's president vladimir putin. how mr. trump should handle this high-stakes meeting. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can take on psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,
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>> president trump heading overseas later this week for the summit in germany, likely to dominate the headlines is the first face-to-face meeting with his russian counterpart. of course, that comes amid multiple federal investigations into russia's meddling in our election last year, and though it is not clear what will be on the agenda for that meeting, democratic senator joe mansion
9:33 am
is offering some words of advic advice. >> make sure he knows that america will not take a step backwards and we will not allow him to infiltrate and change who we are as a people. basically telling the people that elected officials are not legitimately -- >> can anything good come out of this meeting, it is going to be the democrats over and over reading the language between these two comen. >> optics aside, even the investigations aside for a second, there are some really hard work on the policy level that needs to be hammered out between these two. we've got serious disagreements with the russians. when it comes to foreign policy, we are at odds in the syrian civil war, we are categorically
9:34 am
opposed to their illegal occupation of ukraine which has been going on for three and a half years. we'll all for nato expansion, which the russians are doing everything they can to prevent. these are the kinds of things, that is the work that needs to get done. whether they get sidetracked by the investigations and that kind of thing, 50/50, i would say. i could go either way. there is some important work to get done. >> if donald trump brings a potential meddling in the elections, we have yet to see one credible piece of evidence to suggest that somehow russia impacted the selection that changed one vote, despite all these investigations and all this talk of meddling, we have yet to see where anything they did influence one vote in this last election. >> if i might push back, may be
9:35 am
no votes were influenced but there is hard-core evidence that they attempted to interfere. >> propaganda, while it might not be that someone said to the pool and said they change their vote because i read this in her email, we know what the purpose of propaganda meddling is and we know this isn't news. historically this is something that has happened for generations. i do think it would not be smart of him to not bring it up, also donald trump does better overseas. just a few weeks ago on his middle east trip, he got the most praise across all networks in every newspaper -- >> he got praise from you, jessica. >> he did. it was real. i want him to do well because america succeeds if your president to succeeds, even supporters to want him -- >> what you said is important, what it is going to seem.
9:36 am
the optics will be huge here. will the media even pay attention to what is discussed, because they will be looking so closely at whether the president smiles are shakes his hand. is that going to become the big story that comes out of that? it shouldn't but certainly that is going to be analyzed. >> there are analysts who are looking for the -- the fact of the russia sanctions bill passed 98-0. in the senate. >> the report that the white house was trying to water it down. >> there are areas of compromise between republicans, sanctioning russia and being tough with them is one of them. i hope the journalists will be paying attention to that. >> i agree with you, saying something to vladimir putin, you are not messing with this country anymore. whatever shenanigans were going on during our election, that is over under my presidency.
9:37 am
his posture on twitter is part of this, i am a tough guy, take no prisoners, i don't care who you are. if you act a certain way against american journalists and then you don't act tough, face-to-face with vladimir putin, he does have a problem. >> it is the president's job and his role to rebuke the russian leader for attempted meddling, that is not something that happens at a lower level. that happens president to president, that is why it is incumbent upon him to take a stand here. it's not going to happen intelligence director to intelligence director or secretary of state to foreign secretary. this is really on the president. >> final word there, house intelligence committee setting its eyes on susan rice as the former national purity advisor agrees to testify on the unmasking of trump associates caught up in surveillance. what are the odds that lawmakers finally get some answers? we will debate.
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>> we are expecting fireworks on capitol hill sometime after the fourth of july, susan rice has agreed to take the hot seat. she will testify before the house intelligence committee about her alleged role in the unmasking of trump associates caught up in u.s. surveillance during the 2016 campaign. no date yet for her testimony, but the former chairman of that committee said it is high time lawmakers finally get some answers. >> remember, senator graham, senator rand paul, they've asked the questions, during the last presidential campaign, were we monitored, were retracted, where we unmasked in the intelligence community has been unwilling to provide them with those answers. this may not be an easy job for the house intelligence committee to get to the bottom of, for
9:43 am
some reason the intelligence committee has not been fully cooperative. >> rice is suggesting race and gender may be part of the reason she has come under fire lately. >> i think that is total nonsense, this whole issue of the nsa monitoring americans, this has been festering for a 10-12 years. a number of senators and members of the house, a couple of years ago, famously asked the director of the national intelligence james klapper, is there a huge database of americans being monitored by the nsa? and of the director of national intelligence came back and said no, there is not. it was later revealed that there was. this has been an ongoing issue regardless of who has been in various positions. >> you heard it there. it is time for some answers, right? >> it would be more news out of
9:44 am
susan rice if she took credit for or explain the actions and the words used during the obama administration. there is so much doubletalk that came out of that administration, so much redirection and so much blaming someone else. >> is this time different? >> no. >> that's a? >> no. >> first of all, she is testifying behind closed doors. that significantly changes things. >> no. >> it's guaranteed that no one is going to get any answers, all you are going to have his feedback from the sitting senators, you won't even have a firsthand account. you won't be able to watch her testimony. >> she can also use her job as national security director and cover for the unmasking. she can simply say it wasn't politically motivated, she was doing her job. talking about samantha powers, that that is different. >> the whole purpose of the hearing is to try to suss out --
9:45 am
when you unmasked somebody's name in an intelligence document, there is a threshold you have to meet. the threshold is clear, is there an imminent national security issue at stake? it is incumbent upon her to explain to the senator's wife in these cases she believes there was, they will decide, they will make their own assessment. >> she told judy woodrow in march that she knew nothing about the unmasking of trump associates, and rice turned around and told msnbc later, she did admit that she sought out the identities of trump associates who communicated with foreigners. there has been a lot of doubletalk. >> listen to this back and forth, senator lindsey graham demanding answers at this point, you will hear him do so. he wants answers, listen to this. >> i am talking to the russian ambassador to the united states and apparently you are listening, i don't mind if you are listening, i do mind if
9:46 am
somebody can take that conversation and use it against me politically. >> we are processing that request. >> am i ever going to get it in my lifetime? >> if there is anything to this country people are entitled to, it is an answer to their question. >> if i were you, i would answer my question because he is mad. >> a little humor. senator graham saying he asked for this months ago. also a great reminder of how funny lindsey graham was in our presidential debate. i think he is spot on there, i think this is somewhere where we can have bipartisan agreement, there should be answers about this. if there is anything being done in terms of unmasking, that it is politically motivated, not what is legal and appropriate, if there is a real threat, that is fine. if it is being politically motivated, this is in the neck and could have been under a democrat or a publican administration and we should
9:47 am
have answers to that. obviously susan rice testifying behind closed doors, we are not going to have big answers on that but i think she is complicating her own situation, we were talking about this in the break. kind of deflecting and saying this is an issue of sexism or racism, i think it moves us away from the fact that there is strong partisanship that is at play here and i think that is more of a factor. i take the point that she needs to defend herself and the obama administration, there are a lot of people who are going to be looking to pin everything on her and focus on that when there is an entire sideshow going on with republicans and it becomes a distraction. >> can progressive women stop using their gender as a crutch? and take some personal responsibility? >> they can as long as these conservative women don't deny the fact that there is systemic sexism and racism built into the system. identity politics is complicate complicated. it doesn't mean that there
9:48 am
isn't -- it's not every time. absolutely. i just offered that up. to deny -- >> david is right, we will not get any answers in this hearing. it is going to be up to the interpretation of the senators who are there. obviously, the folks in her party are going to be supportive of her rationale for unmasking and the opposing party will be critical. we, where we started. >> the democratic party struggling to find a way forward after a string of special election losses. former president obama may be coming to the rescue behind the scenes, will that be a good idea? we will surely delete that next. s to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by
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♪ >> after losing the white house and a series of special election since, democrats are trying to find a new path forward. there is a report out that says that president obama is taking a larger role in his party strategy, mostly behind the scenes. there is a piece in "the hill" saying --
9:53 am
the conversations between obama and the lawmakers and party leaders are said to vary. -- i want to go to david first on this. what do you think about president obama assuming this messaging role behind the scenes. is that a good place for him to be at. he did a pretty job of messages for his own campaign. >> it is a good spot for republicans. no president can match president obama's record of endorsing candidates who ultimately go on to lose. as the ones helping to lead the efforts to help stop president obama, i say we welcome his involvement, it is going to make it harder for jessica and her team. >> i think there is a pretty broad consensus among the american people, president obama's campaign messaging was a lot better than the governing.
9:54 am
what do you think? is he really going to help with the dash democrats are in campaign mode. isn't he the right person to do this? or still no? >> i think his greatest asset is him as a messenger, not the actual message. he is quite frankly very charming and very easy going on the campaign trail. he is a great speaker, great comic timing and that has always worked for him. he can craft the best message on planet earth but if you have someone delivering it who squawks at you like a pterodactyl, nobody is going to listen. >> who are you talking about? >> that is a remark about female candidates and some male candidates as well. i think again, it is why you saw in britain, theresa may didn't do that well, because of the personality, quite frankly.
9:55 am
>> there is something missing from the whole announcement that he is going to be doing this, what is the message he is going to be brought into cell? >> democrats haven't figured that out, have they? >> jessica? what if you had a chance to craft a message, what would the focus be? with the top issue? >> i certainly think the economy and it is absolutely not -- we are not donald trump, i think that is a nonstarter. not because people will turn out for donald trump. >> that economy is turning around under drum. >> there are a lot of gains that were made under the obama administration. unemployment is 4.3%, he took over at 4.8%. there are a lot of things you can talk about, people don't want to be lectured. that's what has gone wrong for people on the local level, state and national level even. i think democrats really have to compose a hopeful, positive
9:56 am
economic message and a lot about the american dream and restoring that. >> how about actually talking to people who live between washington, d.c., -- >> they do that, joe biden will be great for that, the tim ryans of the world who are coming up. i think president obama playing a role in this is important. he can't keep everything on in his office. >> more "outnumbered" in a moment, we'll be rightd. back. everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪ what does life look like during your period? with tampax pearl.
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>> thank you for joining us on this third of july. david avella, good to have you. "happening now" starts right no now. >> a fox news alert, wall street kicks off july with a bang, hitting a record high during a short trading session in front of the independence day holiday. >> leland: the dow jones industrial average skyrocketing. more on the energy stocks coming up today. ♪ but in the meantime, the senate is on vacation for july 4th. i'm sure they are enjoying it. we are here for you, though. the president is pushing a health care idea that could really change everything. second hour of "happening now" " i


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