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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> sandra: thanks for being a part of "the story" tonight. tweet your thoughts tonight. i am sandra smith. have a wonderful, safe fourth of july. enjoy the fireworks. here is "tucker carlson tonight." ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." donald trump's feud with the media got even weirder and more intense over the weekend. the president tweeted a video of a cnn logo as he wrestled at, a little confusing since cnn could not be more different. the most over-the-top fictional narrative, the other is a wwe. but whatever. there's a word for this. it's called trolling. the digital version of getting someone stoked. should the president take time
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from running the free world to drive the media insane? maybe not. probably not. he enjoyed it quite a bit. here's the response he got. all of which you could have predicted ahead of time. >> he same thing the message that this kind of violence is okay. >> he's going to get somebody killed in the media. there are way too many unstable people on the streets right now. >> there are people out there, unhinged. irrational. to take these messages, internalize them, and may act on them. >> tucker: cnn's media critic argued this video is so offensive that we ought to censor the president's speech, at least on social media. an odd argument for a journalist to make. there you have it. >> he's talking about violence against cnn, not saying go out and beat someone out but it
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models the behavior. i asked twitter about an hour ago, is this a violation of twitter's terms of service? we have not heard back from twitter. keep in mind, the terms of services do for bit incitement to violence or harassment. >> tucker: there's no defending it but violent? okay, you wonder if reporters by the same standards -- do they apply to journalists? remember when bradley manning dumped 750,000 pages of u.s. documents? did anyone get hurt because of that? we're still waiting for the follow-up story. doesn't seem to be a ton of interest in newsrooms. or how about a month ago, when the press published leaks about the manchester bomber that infuriated intelligence in the u.k.? did that hamper british
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counterterrorism? tammy bruce is a radio show host. she joins us now. tammy, thank you for coming on. i should preface by saying the obvious, i have not been in favor of this since day one. probably should check out of twitter, in my view. at the response is so disproportionate but in a very specific place. this is dangerous to us. that is what people safely say. is it dangerous? >> only if they are successful in shutting down the president's ability to tweet and the act in this manner. what's dangerous and what the press does, you get some really good examples -- also just last month, "the new york times" revealed the cia's operating agent in iran, they named him. they discussed his role and even his alleged role in the killing
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of an operative as well. that puts that individual directly in danger. let alone all of the vigils that may have been working with him. if they don't have a problem doing that when there's a real direct damage but in this case, i happen to like the twitter feud. let me tell you why. it really brought up -- it was predictable as you noted in your opening, and isn't it interesting that that response proved his point about the media? they focus on the absurd. they cannot be taken seriously. they themselves do not take their job seriously and it re-invoices the point that they are increasingly irrelevant. they are not bringing people real news. you look at his twitter feed. they've begun counting his tweets and checking out the percentage of what is on policy versus what is on complaining about the media. there is very little policy. which tells you there's a
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specific reason for the twitter feed. to push back on these issues. as he governs on serious issues like foreign policy, talking with china, dealing with north korea. shooting at isis. killing them. the little kid in england, sometimes twitter serves the purpose in that regard. it reinforces his point about the media and they fall right into the trap. because they are caught up in their own little thing. they can't see past themselves. >> tucker: the point of these tweets is to make reporters heads explode and allow them to upset themselves? >> that's what i'm seeing. if you think about how much time it takes, tweeting, working -- how long does it take it, you have a twitter account. it's fabulous. i do too. it takes about half of a second to press that button. he continues to do his work dealing with the g20 summit coming up. at the nature of the health care bill. the tax reform. for a simple push of a button,
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he spins them around so quickly. of course it tells the american public that the media is so consumed in groupthink that even they do not realize what's going on. a recent poll from today notes that -- i think it was -- the media's polling numbers are at 30%. 30% of americans trust them. 37% trust the president. his rating is higher. i think that tells you how this fight is going at this point. >> tucker: that is fascinating. a really interesting analysis. for the record, i treat my social media like a loaded gun. i don't have that control for that stuff. >> i think it's smart. people have to look past themselves to see the nature of what is occurring here. i think it's great. >> tucker: fascinating. tammy bruce. thank you for coming on. as we just said, the president's
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twitter feed has so dominated the news for the last week that you would think nothing else is going on. last week, the house voted to crackdown on illegal immigrants. two major legislative priorities, of the president. maybe that was the point. bring us up to speed, the director of research for immigration studies. thank you for coming on tonight. what have we missed as we have been watching the tweets and the cnn response and reporters losing control of themselves? what else has been going on with immigration? >> there has been real progress. we seen a step up in arrests and enforcement. they were two moderately important bills. the sanctuary bill. the more important of the two. it helps to withhold funds from cities that do not cooperate
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with immigration authorities even when they have someone in jail. and also clarified some things in the law, it's a complex legal thing but they are saying they don't really have to hold people in their jails when the immigration service asks them to do that. this bill clarifies that oh, yes, they do. the law was already clear, in my opinion. the other law is called kate's law. when someone has previously been deported, being in the united states is a felony. this raises the penalty. hopefully people who reenter the united states after being deported will be clamped down on. that's the idea. >> tucker: both of these seem as an extension of common sense but also already something that's a law. how will we get these from the bill states to become law? >> gotta make it through the senate. the democrats basically save
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even when someone is in jail and illegally in the country and the immigration services same we ask you to hold them, they say no. they are going to release them. it seems like this is a great opportunity for the republicans in the president to beat up on the democrats because only the most radical person would say no, that person should be made to leave the country. the only people who object are the people that object immigration enforcement, basically. i think it's a great opportunity for the president. this really is a very radical. it just seems like common sense. >> tucker: so, are there republicans in the senate willing to publicly oppose these bills? >> yeah, it is not clear. i'm guessing the ones who might be most likely might be from arizona, but i think he might go along. it became, lindsey graham, these are the ones who might. i think they will mostly go along. they need it democrats.
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seven democrats. >> tucker: it seems like it would be a great debate to have. both bird the republicans in congress, the white house, but really for the country. what is your position, someone opposed to this, the people here illegally have a moral and legal right to be here? just open up the borders illegally? you can really press people to explain that position. but it won't stand. they will melt if they have to explain the stuff because it's too crazy. >> i completely agree. we are talking mostly it comes into play when someone has been arrested and is in jail and immigration enforcement says hold that person for a second. as a matter of policy, actually, in fairness, they have actually published a list of all the crimes the people of
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previously committed. serious offenses, robbery, and yet they are still doing it. republicans can't seem to articulate this. which is a very hard but for whatever reason, it's not a fight they seemed very anxious to have. even though it seems like it would be one easy to win. >> tucker: because they don't believe it. in the end, a lot of them are guilty liberals pretending otherwise. this would force them out of the shadows into the light. thank you for joining us. voters in the city of houston especially campaigned to stop a public housing project there. "the new york times" is of course suggesting it's time for democracy to be put aside for the sake of diversity. that's next. chris christie did not go swimming this weekend but is still in hot water for relaxing on a public beach after closing it to everybody else. more details on that story, just
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♪ >> tucker: "the new york times" ran a piece this weekend, attacking home owners for the sin of wanting some control over their own neighborhood. the article focused on houston where residents petitioned blocking the construction of a low income apartment block. policymakers love low income housing. it makes them feel virtuous, like they are doing something good even if they aren't. landlords love it too because it makes them rich. people have a different view, the ones that live nearby.
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affluent liberals like hillary clinton and barack obama live nowhere near it and it never will. crime tends to increase, along with drugs and signs of decay. none of this is an attack of people that live and public housing. most of them probably don't want to be there other. there's nothing more to back him or about saying this. if this was your neighborhood, a place you worked hard to get to come he would probably say this too, no matter what -- there's always a strong reaction. until some bureaucrat decides this neighborhood isn't diverse enough and tries to put low income housing or a homeless shelter in next door. the complaining may soon and because according to "the new york times," several u.s. senators have introduced a
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bill that would ban local communities from getting in the way of any of this. if that happens, the federal government will be able to do whatever they want to your neighborhood. it's easier that way. unless democracy, less foss. you can just be quiet, mr. bigoted middle america. it's for diversity so don't ask questions. happy fourth. there are people that need assistance for housing. two points, it seems totally unfair to tell home owners they have no right to have a voice in that discussion. all the virtue signaling in the world can't help that be covered up. how dare u.s. congress tell home owners this?
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>> there is a per se mission in charge to integrate housing in this country. it's for the expressed written purpose of eradicating housing segregation. that's one way to consider it, by allowing mixed use and mixed income developments to be put in areas of the country that are not segregated, to just be geographic areas we have limited them to. that doesn't -- >> tucker: slow down. the government is not forcing anyone to live anywhere. let me just say, this only seems to work one way. i don't see integration as a goal -- i don't see the feds moving affluent white people to the poor become neighborhoods. that's called gentrification. aren't we against that? i thought liberals were.
5:19 pm
>> i don't run with the proposition that gentrification is not just to make necessarily a bad thing. it has a revitalized urban neighborhoods throughout this country. to the other question, is not necessarily it. it's integrating housing as well as helping to eradicate poverty. very hard to eradicate poverty when you are living in necessarily segregated segregad neighborhoods amongst themselves. neighborhoods should have something to do with that but if we can show -- if you can make a showing that it would bring positive value, that's something all neighborhoods should consider. perhaps not force it upon them. >> tucker: nobody is forcing -- no. what we are saying is as a society, we cannot afford
5:20 pm
housing -- we are not forcing. why is this fair for someone who is working really hard, to move his family into a safe neighborhood with good schools and then part of his taxes are going to pay for someone else to live in that same neighborhood, potentially making it worse? why is that fair? i do not understand. >> your assumption is that people living in subsidized housing is necessarily a bad element and would bring that element other neighborhoods. there are substantial values to mixed income community throughout this country. we see that right here in d.c. where you and i live. we see it in st. louis. many of the gentrified areas that you spoke about. we have people of varying incomes living in peace and harmony right next to each other. all political stripes, race and gender, we have mentally declared war against the poor in this country. we continue to advocate --
5:21 pm
>> tucker: you know what? i am never going -- stop with your argument. i don't think poor people are bad. i don't think everyone in public housing is bad. i don't think they are criminals. i'm not making any kind of generalization. i'm looking at the numbers. if you have a large cluster of public housing in your neighborhood, crime goes up. schools get worse. it's just true. it's not an attack on anybody. i'm not attacking those people. i'm saying there is a cause -- >> what is the problem with spreading out mixed and lower income housing development, integrating them into communities which are not necessarily low income? wouldn't that be better if they lived among people who are not necessarily low income? if they had access -- >> tucker: better for whom? >> better for poor people and hoping to lift them out of poverty, tucker. >> tucker: what about the
5:22 pm
other people who lived there? >> you are assuming that living among poor people degrades the neighborhood. it doesn't. >> tucker: you are wrong. you are wrong on this point. i don't think living amongst poor people do aggregates anybody. if you have a big cluster of subsidized housing, it has an effect. >> we're talking about houston and urban redevelopment, mixed incomes. people of all income levels. >> tucker: you can call it whatever you want -- >> here's what bugs me. i got the dream. it has been a dream for 50 years and i am not opposed to that. i am for integration, unlike many people on the left.
5:23 pm
i am saying the people who lived there have a right to have a different view. it doesn't make them bigots. >> nobody is saying -- >> tucker: of course they are. they're housing people, you are a bigot. >> you and i always have good discussions. i have not said they are bigots. there is potential value looking at mixed income communities throughout the country. >> tucker: it hasn't worked very well. thank you very much. up next, a new poll shows that those on the political left are far less likely to say they are proud of the country they live in. is america becoming more anti-american? we will discuss with charles krauthammer, next. e-dai, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours.
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5:28 pm
park. yesterday helicopters took pictures of the governor and his family. busted. he became a star on social media and not in a good way. even the lieutenant governor denounced him. he compounded the problem by trying to claim it never happened. >> i didn't get any sun today. >> reporter: > are there life beach? >> no. there's no one on the beach. there are no lifeguards. there is no one to pick up the garbage. there is no one providing any services at island beach state park. >> tucker: didn't get any sun? who's going to believe, the governor of new jersey or your own lying eyes? despite sitting on the beach during a perfect day, the peak of summer because he was wearing a baseball hat. that's what people mean if they ask you did you get any sun when the rates were falling directly on the top of your head?
5:29 pm
it's not a huge scandal. perhaps an example of what people mean when they say there's one standard for the powerful and one for everybody else. rather than simply pop apologize, he ridiculed anyone annoyed -- he said it was his privilege to do that. if you want to go to the beach when nobody else is allowed to go to the beach, go ahead and get elected governor. otherwise, be quiet. 15% approval rating. today, kristi immediately blew up on social media. here are some of the highlights for you. there he is in a beach chair during a bill signing. pretty impressive. here he is building the rca building adam rockefeller plaza during the 1930s. on a high beam. my favorite, in front of the famous sopranos meat store.
5:30 pm
[laughs] a fox news poll conducted in the last week finds a chasm between left and right and how they view this country. overall, according to the poll, 51% of americans are proud to be american. 45% are not. that's a huge drop when 59% said they were proud to be american. the partisan gap is enormous in this fold. 64% of republicans say they are proud of america. compared to just 39% of democrats. charles krauthammer joins us now. on the eve of the fourth of july, 39% of democrats are proud of the country. that's a profound number, could it be true? >> yeah, i think it is true, probably. a lot of that probably has to do with trump. that is not good with the country, they are upset by tweets and lots of other stuff.
5:31 pm
what strikes me is the fact that we have remarkably high numbers overall. and party affiliation. i think it has to do with the fact that we teach our children about all the pathologies of the united states and very little -- any child having gone through the schools in the last decade would know that. it's really abnormal, anti-american, and destructive. >> tucker: why would the rest of us tolerate that? this is not a new thing. i know you said you have a child in school. they come home, they tell you about all the sins of the country. it totally out of proportion to their relative weight and the rest of us just kind of sit back, pay tuition, why do we do that? >> i think the left, starting in
5:32 pm
the '60s, the countercultural left, had a strategy. to take over the institution. they weren't just out there writing and sitting in. they went into the professions, the teaching professions. they've essentially taken over, that generation of radicals around the university. the teachers union. the curriculum. i was on the curriculum currently at my son's school. i had a fight like crazy to get them to introduce european history. it was called eurocentric. my son could practically speak inca by the time he got to third grade but he didn't know thing about france or britain. there is this prejudice that has seeped through. in the end, what brings civilizations down is when the elites lose confidence in the
5:33 pm
rightness of their cause. and when that happens, the rest is just commentary. >> tucker: is certainly taint the british empire. that's exactly how their command of the world collapsed. i'm not sure it was better for it in the end. how do you write it or is it too far along? >> it's very far along. in the end, if we need a new generation, we are not committed to this path though history. the sins of our ancestors. every generation is founded on sins. dispossession, violence, appropriation. what distinguishes civilizations is who rises above it. yes, the west had slavery. like any other civilization. what's unique about hours, the british empire, we decided to
5:34 pm
outlaw slavery. that's new. that's unique. you don't hear that story. >> tucker: no, you don't. because they are liars. charles krauthammer, thank you very much. >> happy fourth. >> tucker: well, a clergyman in texas is furious about the prospect of enforcing american integration laws. a century city crackdown. that pastor will be here, next. and coming to "the friend zone," there she is. kind of joking with him. and my dad was so proud to tell her, "as a matter of fact, she is my middle daughter". so now dad has the venture card, he's earning his double miles,
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5:39 pm
law that cracks down on sanctuary cities. he made his church literally a sanctuary, welcoming illegal immigrants from guatemala. pastor rigby joins us tonight. thank you for coming on tonight. >> thank you for inviting me. >> tucker: because you are wearing a clerical collar and you are invoking your religion, there is a moral weight behind your argument, what is your argument exactly? who has a moral right to come to the united states? >> we are a sanctuary church. we have two people from guatemala. do you remember the colin powell's pottery barn rule? this young mother and her son were born into a country that had been destabilized and as an
5:40 pm
american, i feel like i'm partially responsible for that. to give her sanctuary. >> tucker: guatemala had a crew backed by the united state united states, probably what you are referring to. germany and japan, in effect, we orchestrated crew is in those country. they don't have sky hybrid rates. i don't understand -- u.s. was much more involved in germany and japan. those are not a mess. how do you prove guatemala's foreign policies are a result of u.s. foreign policy? >> i'm just a presbyterian minister. in austin, texas. i had a family come and ask her sanctuary. our church is a democracy. we all voted on that.
5:41 pm
because i knew the story down there, i didn't feel her story started when she got to our boundary. i'm not a political scientist. i did not feel like, as a christian, that i could close the door under those terms. >> tucker: i respect that in some ways. you sound like a passionate person. i admire that in you. there are bigger implications here because you are violating the law and encouraging others to do the same. it raises the obvious question which i asked a minute ago, who has a right to come here? people you feel compassion for or what is the rule that other christians like me should abide by? >> obviously, a lot of christians are going to disagree with me on this. i would say when people are in harm's way, this mother was born in guatemala.
5:42 pm
it was too dangerous for her there. she fled. this is not just one person. if these are of stories. she flayed it, she's an indigenous person. she's not mexican. she is mine. she stands out like a sore thumb. she is mayan. she has to throw herself on the mercy of the united states. there are millions of stories like that. i realize this is a comp located issue. i understand. i'm not trying to vilify somebody who disagrees. i was in a crisis of conscience. >> tucker: it doesn't seem like that. i understand that and i am much more sympathetic to you than i thought i would be. you seem to invite compassion but you are also attacking a system that was decided by the united states congress, they voted this into law.
5:43 pm
if you are saying all of these laws should be ignored. i'm giving the finger to the federal agents. we should blow them off. i want to know when as a christian i can do that? whenever my conscience is perfect? is it a buffet style deal, what are the rules? >> abide by the laws but when you feel like a higher law is being a principal -- dr. king saying when you feel the law is unjust, for me -- the law enforcement people all over the state gather to argue against this. i do not believe the purpose of this law in texas was to make americans safer. if that's true, i don't think sheriffs in the police from all of the state would have, and argued against it.
5:44 pm
>> tucker: i don't know, please don't get to make the laws in this country. lawmakers do. i don't think you will want to live in a country where police make the laws, do you? >> if it's -- >> tucker: of course, we are out of time. an interesting conversation, pastor. >> i agree this needs to be something -- you need to be willing to pay the consequences and that may be six months in jail. i understand where you're coming from. i just couldn't do it. >> tucker: look, if you are willing to pay the consequences and look at right in the face, i'm not going to attack you. i appreciate it. the fourth of july celebrates national unity but an obsession with race and white privilege and all the stuff, it appears to be keeping this country divided in ways that may be dangerous long term.
5:45 pm
we will talk to jesse lee peterson, doing his best to move this country beyond the fallback. an update from him. stay tuned. bell dinging new febreze car with odorclear technology cleans away odors... ...for up to 30 days smells nice... breathe happy, with new febreze. [boy] cannonball! [girl] don't... [man] not again! [burke] swan drive. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, i accept i take easier trails than i used to. a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin,
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>> tucker: 150 years after the civil war and have a century after desegregation, part of the country does remain divided. over the weekend for example, joan walsh blamed white racism for the successful donald trump. >> the election shows that fear of a changing america is the number one factor that you can
5:50 pm
see that really derides a white trump photo a white donald trum donald trump -- a white nontrump voter. >> tucker: you hear that a lot, is not helping. jesse lee peterson, founder of bond, he is also wrote a book called the antidote, he joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. have you noticed an exhilarating tendency to make everything about race? especially in the last year? >> i have. thank you for having me on. happy independence day to you. i have to tell you, tucker, on november 9th, i woke up early in the morning. it turned on fox news because i wanted the real news. i wanted to check and see if president trump had one back. when i found out that he had
5:51 pm
won, i went to cloud nine and i have been going off the feeling ever since. we finally have a government. a president, who is going to keep his word. keeping his word by putting america first, he doesn't care what color you are, male or female, he loves us right. he loves the country. people like al sharpton or jesse jackson, they do not want that. what they are doing -- they are using the phony idea of racism in order to keep the people angry and keep them divided. over the last 50 years, the democrats have pretty much been in control and they haven't done anything good for the country. they have nothing to offer. they have nothing to stand on. so they are desperate, they are angry. they are desperate and what they are trying to do, tucker, they are really going after the
5:52 pm
president. and his supporters. if they can turn the president's supporters away from him, they can destroy the president. they are using phony ideas, racism doesn't exist. it has never existed and it has always been a lie. our issues in life is good or bad. right or wrong. good versus evil. it has nothing to do with color at all. they know that. >> tucker: let's say you are running a city, your party ran at for 100 years. he got high crime and very few job opportunities. and you said don't be mad at me, be mad at that confederate monument or pick some symbolic issue, to make them upset. for people who weren't running the city. that would be the kind of tactic you are describing? >> yes, sir. you cannot control a free people. you can't control immoral people. you have to demoralize them in order controlled to control th.
5:53 pm
as i wrote in my book, healing america from the poison of hate, blame, and victimhood -- not all -- the most black americans are suffering not due to racism but the discussion of family and lack of moral character. it's about that. if we dealt with the family issue and the lack of character, black americans lives would change overnight. they don't want that. it looked, we gave them a black president. we gave them barack obama, a black president. twice. i didn't vote for him but he is there. we got it worse. black americans got worse under barack obama than any other time in the history of america. if it was a race issue, why did it get better, we have a black president? >> tucker: that's a great question. >> he used them for his own personal gain and didn't care about them. >> tucker: reverend jesse lee
5:54 pm
peterson. i appreciate that. up next, fourth of july celebration's already starting across the country. joining us in a minute, anna clayman from a patriotic friend zone. here she is. there's nothing more important to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it, with great summer deals up to 40% off.
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>> tucker: time now for "the friend zone." tonight, one of the all-time favorites, anna kooiman who moved to australia and is still a proud american. what are you doing here? it's wonderful to see you. what are you doing here? >> good day, mate. congratulations on your new show. i'm so proud of everything you've done. you are doing a great job. yes, the fox news channel bought
5:59 pm
me back to north carolina. we are a big old party. sending fourth of july pictures, using the hashtag "proud american? ." >> tucker: is there anything like this in australia? >> australia day. you put another shrimp on the barbie, there. >> tucker: do literally do that? >> there are barbecues a lot. you don't say you're going to grill out. you say you're going to have a barbecue there. there's a lot of great aussie slang. your thongs are your flip-flops. i've been doing a lot of tea tv
6:00 pm
there. i've also launched a web site. a lifestyle web site. >> tucker: i was there this morning. my favorite. anna kooiman. >> i miss you, tucker. >> tucker: that's it for us. happy fourth of july, "the five" is next. >> greg: hi, we are the only people that did not take tonight off. i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, jesse watters, dana perino and richard fowler. sunday, president trump retreated a video, this is his head being replaced by the cnn logo. i bet you haven't seen it yet. it was silly, harmless nonsense. yet people lost their minds. sorry, did i say people? i meant humorless libs who


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