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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 4, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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tourists in spring lake park, florida. nobody was hurt, luckily. the park tells visitors don't tick off the monkeys by making eye contact. don't look at them. heather: happy fourth of july. rob: "fox & friends first" starts right now. "fox & friends." >> north korea claiming first successful of interballistic missiles with range to reach the united states. >> they have far less credibility and popularity than donald trump. donald trump knows that. >> i think he is trolling the press. the cnn bit i found rather amusing. >> donald trump is a genius. [laughter] he plays the media like a little cat with a flashlight. >> iraqi forces coming close to defeating isis in mostly. >> the u.s. backed alliance syrians, arabs and kurds are closing in on the roughly 2500 isis fighters that remain. >> the thing that everybody
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has circled on the president's g-20 schedule is a planned meeting with russian president vladimir putin. >> in just a few hours, hundreds of thousands of people are going to be coming down here to the national mall for fireworks, a parade, and, of course, live music for the annual capital 4th concert. ♪ ♪ yeah, that's where america's beautiful ♪ we know know we did something right ♪ that's when americ america's beautiful. clayton: the west point benny haven's band that's when america's beautiful. i didn't realize they had all these bands. abby: so talented.
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>> really good. abby: happy birthday, america. it is here, july 4th. look at my two boys on the couch. how good do they look. >> dust off these suits one time a year. abby: did you clean them, at least? pete: we did not plan. this kind of a red, white, and blue deal going on here. clayton: we understood there is one day a year can you dust this off. pete: general theme. clayton: anna kooiman is live in south port, north carolina this morning looking festive in red. abby: happy fourth. abby: if you are not wearing red, white, and blue on independence day you should be pinched by everybody around you. i can't see you but i'm sure you look great in red, white, and blue. we just unveiled the float i'm going to be riding in and big old parade. be talking too miss north carolina.
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we will take to you meet some brand new l lamented stipulates. don't go anywhere. clayton: we have been asking you to send in your proud american pictures using #proud american. these kids are full of pride in the keys while dad is deployed. pete: thinking of bad dad today i'm sure they are. debra sent us a photo of a very patriotic barn. you drive across middle america, you see some of those every couple hundred miles. abby: can't miss that driving down the road. our producer's daughter ella #proud american every day. keep sending us your proud personal photos pete: big stuff happening overnight and we begin with a fox news alert. a brazen act of defiance for north korea. abby: rogue nation claiming first successful test of
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intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the u.s. clayton: griff jenkins in washington, d.c. with a fiery response. >> good morning, happy fourth of july, guys. it's the kind of fireworks we don't want to see. north korea successfully launching to be what it claims to be intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the u.s. and countless allies. further ratcheting up tensions on the korean peninsula. saying quote north korea has just launched another missile. does this guy have anything better to do with his life? hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up with this much longer. perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all. the missile was launched at 8:40 p.m. east coast time last night. u.s. pacific comants command releasing this statement saying the missile was tracked for 37 minutes and landed in the sea of japan. we are working with our interagency partners on a more
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detailed assessment. we continue to monitor north korea's actions. closely u.s. pacific commands stands behind ironclad commitment security of allies in the republic of korea and japan. this comes ahead the g-20 summit. the president departing tomorrow with a stop in poland on thursday and germany on friday where he will meet with china's president and japan's prime minister. both of whom he spoke with over the weekend. ahead of this trip now, even more to discuss, guys. so the president leaving town after the fireworks tonight with much on the table. abby: very busy, very important week ahead. griff jenkins live for us. pete: think about that missile test if you have a missile that can reach the united states of america that's a game changer. he said the era of strategic patience is over when it comes to north korea. if you attach a nuclear war head to that that becomes existential threat to our country. abby: all the more reason to get china on board. they are the one nation that can put that pressure on north korea. will they listen?
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clayton: we thought they were. abby: we need them. clayton: the about the before he leaves for big trip he took to twitter to talk about job numbers. really great numbers on jobs and the economy. things are starting to kick in now and we have just begun. don't like steel and aluminum dumping. pete: also went on to tweet a dow hit a new all-time high. i wonder whether or not the fake news media will sorority. that is a very fair question. i remember sometimes watching the nightly news on the obama administration. often when it hit a record high, those were big headlines. riots now under the trump administration, we will do our own analysis on that. it's different. clayton: on saturday's show we did highlight "the washington post headline remember "the washington post did have a headline. so "the washington post" got on board with it i think maybe the "wall street journal" had it as well all-time high. pete pete like finding a a unicorn a positive trump -- abby: narrative is going to
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change as griff jenkins was talking about. g-20 trip. landing first in poland. everyone is wondering what president trump and envladimir putin talk about. they focus on the optics not the substance of talking about. they shook hands. they were smiling. these two are in it together. they are best buddies. who knows what is actually said behind closed doors. will that be focused on? i hope it is. pete: sometimes we get the optics and sometimes leaked audio. we have hot microphone moments and people forget how boom microphones work which is how it worked in this situation where president obama is sitting there with medvedev a few years ago and this is that hot mike moment where he talked about re-election and how he would have flexibility, remember that. >> this is my last election. and after my election i have more flexibility.
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yeah. flawbled. clayton: i will understand i will transmit this information to vladimir. pete: nuclear agreements being signed between the united states and russia. imagine if that was said hot mike moment between? two leaders meet to get the plot to world dominance. the reality is we have very divergent interests in a lot of the places. russianst realize we are no friends of theirs. if it hate reset they have been willing to be cold and strong with the russians. abby: reports are going to talk talk about reports of syria and ukraine. maybe met ling in the election won't come up. as you say with president trump you can't predict how the conversations are going to go. maybe have something planned beforehand. that's the personality he has. who knows what will come up and be said. clayton: we saw rex tillerson when he met with the russian government it was firm on the relationship in syria.
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it wasn't as if they went over there and playing paddle ball in the backyard together. pete: riding horses. clayton: shirtless horse riding. pete: never been afraid of the optic, either. remember right after some of the issue of the tapes came out or i can't remember the exact timing, he was willing to meet with the russian ambassador in the oval office. same thing here, is he not backing off with meeting with vladimir putin. is he not going to let the media tell him there is collusion or proonget meeting with the world leader to try to solve big things. abby: new poll about the america's trust towards president trump and also towards the media. if we can show these numbers up on the screen it says a great deal of good amount of trust the trump administration, 37%. in this poll, the media, 30%. obviously you are not going to hear them report on this. because they only like to pat themselves on the back.
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clayton: how polls are doing? pete: think about that 35%. put a lot of faith in polls. even that trump administration 37. other polls have him as high as 50%. rasmussen polls. clayton: some of the most accurate during the election. pete: have him much higher like 50. abby: you are the most honest of all. who do you trust more the trump administration or the media? send us your thoughts this morning we will of course read them and play them back. peelt pete or a big fan of the polls. they had are always right too because they nailed it. clayton: let us know what you think how much you love polls. abby: and how accurate are they? >> charlie guard. the debate going on in london about this child. abby: have you followed this story? pete: i have. abby: i'm just learning more about it but it is a heart breaking one. one that every parent can relate to of the young son who is on life support in the u.k. and i guess have given the hospital permission to take him off life support.
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the parents are fighting for their little boy's life. the pope has jumped in and saying we need to fight for every person's life even nilness. now president trump is jumping in on this. he tweeted this yesterday if we can help little #charlie guard as p our friends in the u.k. we would be delighted to do. so the only hope these parents have now is somehow get permission to send their boy to the united states to get help. pete: there are experimental treatments in the united states. the united states being a leader in medical developments for obvious reasons because of capitalism and freerkt free mea. they want to do it. the government won't let them take their kid. clayton: government is a better decider of your own family's wealth and well-being than the family itself deciding maybe they want to bring this child over to the united states to get the care they need. wouldn't we all want to do that for our own children? you are going to let the government step in and tell you what you can do. this is the way it unfold would on msnbc. play it from matt bradley.
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listen. >> depending really on your impression he is of mr. trump beforehand you can either decide this is the president selfishly stepping in to help grieving parents experiencing a terrible wrenching pain and a baby who has a very rare and very difficult to treat illness or you can decide this was the president trying to use the grief of two parents and a small baby for political gain and weighing in to a situation that is really very much a national and european issue and not one that would expect anything from the united states politician. but, again, this just depends on how you look at it. clayton: that's a reporter. pete: that's a reporter straight reporter. i love the caveat at the end it all depends how you look at it. abby: as long as you put that caveat at the end. pete: that's the double speak. clayton: selfishly stepping in to help grieving parents. that's what he said. pete: reality is you have a state based healthcare system telling parents as you said clayton to do what they can and cannot do.
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statism. difference between free markets and free healthcare system. for the president to step in means everything to a feel like that. doctors that want to give free treatment to this child, give him a chance. abby: when something like this is happening you take all the rules away and think about a parent. put yourself in their position. in the emotions feeling. do everything in your power to save your child. pete: do you because have you a soul. bureaucracies are governed by rules and regulations and courts. in this case a little boy is falling through the cracks as a result. abby: we will watch it i have closely. clayton: lit us know what you think. repealing and then replacing obamacare. what do members of the house think about it? we will ask one of them. congressman louie gohmert is live in our studio next. abby: looking patriotic ♪ anything can happen ♪ anything can happen ♪ anything can happen ♪ anything can happen ♪ with hydrogenated oil...
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♪ >> advocated for the last six months, pushing a simple repeal bill, something patterned, perhaps, or built up upon the foundation of the 2015 repeal bill. the one that we passed in december of 2015. people f. people knew what was in there, they could vote on that, we could pass that with a delayed implementation provision. then we could figure out what
3:18 am
comes next later in an step-by-step process, one that could potentially involve democrats once obamacare has been repealed. abby: that was senator mike leon "fox & friends" yesterday. one of the republican senators behind repealing obamacare first and then replacing it so where do his colleagues in the house stand on this? let's ask one of them g.o.p. texas congressman louie gohmert who joins us now. happy fourth of july. thanks for being with us. >> happy fourth of july. abby: it's great to have you with us. >> we passed our bill three months ago. we expected the senate to do something before now anyway. but, we finally in the bill that we voted on, we were going to bring premiums down. that was a big concern before. it wasn't doing any real repeal. it was leaving too much of obamacare in place. but, people couldn't afford the premiums to keep going up and they were going to keep going up with the bill that was originally proposed. but, the senate, all this time
3:19 am
later, and they come out with a bill that is not popular enough because, according to people i trust, we're leaving all of obamacare in place. the premiums aren't going to come down. the deductibles aren't going to come down. abby: where does this go? that is the frustration that republicans have promised us for years and years if they had the power they would figure out what to do with healthcare. here they are they still can't come to agreement. mike lee at least come together on rebeal and preplace. who knows how long it will take them to get a replacement. >> if there is a repeal done, the president tweeted that out, he is playing it so smart,. abby: is he? how so? >> when he tweet out, look, i'm okay just doing a straight repeal and work on a replace later. it's what some people have talked about doing with the tax code. just repeal the tax code. set a date certain, and then
3:20 am
it will force us to get a replacement done before the deadline. and so that he same kind of thing is being proposed potentially for obamacare. i just know that the huge majority of my constituents, people around texas, they are hurting. they cannot afford this any further. they lost their doctor. they lost their insurance. the people that were giving them the life-saving work are not in the network now. and part of that was the plan to bring down obamacare so people would beg for socialized medicine. we can't go there. we have got to help the american people. abby: heart breaking when you hear these stories. i have traveled around the country as well. it's very real. these why they are hoping on the house and senate to figure this out. >> the senate has got to get it done. i was telling the president sunday don't let them drag their feet too long. keep the fire lit. that's something he has been doing. it's been fantastic. abby: that is for sure. >> they are dragging their feet. they are slow-walking this.
3:21 am
we have got to get it done. abby: good to have you with us. >> happy fourth. abby: happy fourth. have a great day. all right. we will be right back. like natu.
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with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ ♪ clayton: welcome back. quick headlines for you. a plot to attack the french president has been foiled. french authorities say a man has been charged with terrorism. he allegedly plotted to attack president emanuel macron. found suspect found three kitchen knives in the suspect's car and he looked up three on line. president meeting with the leader of south korea reportedly giving him advice on how to improve the relationship with president trump. obama once said he appreciated president george w. bush's silence once he took over. pete? pete: thank you, clayton.
3:25 am
a bbc reporter saying this about the media operating in president trump's america. >> this is getting a huge amount of coverage in other countries. and it looks totally crazy it really looks like america has gone off the reservation in some ways. and i don't mean the president. i mean the whole coverage of it, the fact that this is all anybody is talking about at a time when there are huge issues, as you said, going on around the world. pete: that's catty k and british press. herhere to discuss is army rangr and ceo of branding freedom sean parnell. >> hey, pete, how are you doing? pete: she got criticism for using the phrase off the reservation because the politically correct police are always policing any particular speech. >> that's right. god, the american people and me in general, we are so sick and tired of being tied up in knots by a small handful of liberal elites in this country telling us constantly that everything we do is wrong. you drive an suv, you are irresponsible.
3:26 am
you use your airconditioning in the summer and you hate the environment. you make money, you want lower taxes and you are greedy or now we live in a world where if you like the redskins football you are racist. this is insane. and the american people are sick of it. ultimately exactly why we have donald trump in the white house today. pete: absolutely. i know there is a little fake news in there. you are from pittsburgh a steelers fan and not a washington redskins fan but i take your point. >> exactly. pete: kdk from the bbc was forced to come out and retract it and stating an apology. teachable moments. i won't be using off the reservation again. honestly was clueless off the deep end it will be thanks for the feedback. clearly she didn't mean it maliciously. >> of course. pete: same thing happened to hillary clinton during the campaign. understand the turn of a phrase or in president trump's particular example with the body slamming of the cnn reporter for the wwe, can anyone ever have a sense of
3:27 am
humor in this country? >> that's exactly right. stop looking for every reason tore outraged and just learn to laugh. i mean, everybody would be a lot better off. you are exactly right. off the reservation is a phrase that's evolved over the last 150 years. it doesn't mean today what it meant back then. people need to chill out. for that reporter to have to retract her statement is silly. own your words and be proud of them. think about it as this man. i can't even dress up as a normal guy on halloween without being accused of cultural appropriation, pete. we have to draw out line somewhere. the world live in is crazy and we need more humor in our lives and let's start now on the fourth of july. pete: if you have a picture of that costume i would like you to send it to >> nobody wants to see that costume today on the fourth of july. pete: great point on the fourth of july everybody chill out and celebrate this great nation's birthday and tone down a little bit. >> amen. no coordination involved as you mentioned.
3:28 am
you guys look ultra spang but i on the couch today. makes me to be prude american for sure. pete: you are looking good as well. good man. i appreciate it. >> take care. pete: just when you thought it was over retirement watch is back at the supreme court. new rumors surrounding justice anthony kennedy. what's more american fourth of july than a come back story. i can't read a teleprompter. anna kooiman is in north korea with a very special guest. anna? >> yeah. wee will tell you about that come back story with miss north carolina. she just was crowned. give her a big congratulations. more proud american coverage south porth voted by coastal living best seaside down to celebrate independence day. ♪ build attendance for an event. help people find their way.
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♪ kick off your sunday shoes ♪ abby: we are celebrating america this morning. the west point band. >> we have a front row seat. they are 10 feet away from us. abby: every morning. another incredible wand from our military. so talented. couldn't be more beautiful this morning. pete: awakened manhattan. everyone is sleeping in on this fourth of july holiday. abby: what is more american on the fourth of july than a come back story. pete: took five try but on last year of eligibility she won the crown. clayton: what's her official duties at the it if south port, north carolina. >> she is love loy inside and out. this is victoria huggins. good morning. how are you? >> good morning. it's great to be in south port. >> this is miss america north carolina.
3:34 am
we were in the azalea festival together. >> yes the azalea festival is the pride of will manipulatington. that's where i lived for the last two years. we were happy to have you as our avail i can't queen. >> this is my home state the tarheels state. really proud to have you on the program. tell us about the come back story. this was the last year of eligibility and you made it happen. what did you do different this year. >> making sure i was prepared emotionally, spiritually and physically for this job. it's a full time job. 365 days a year. when i went into that interview room. i had five points i wanted to get across to the judges. i equities executed that and hopefully they fell in love with me because they gave me this beautiful crown and job. and ready to implement business plan to the tarheels state and represent as best ascii to be miss america. >> what's the business plan. >> meet with governor roy cooper share with him my hope for alzheimer's. i want to advocate for that
3:35 am
all the way to capitol hill. i want to be the most visible that starts today on fox news. >> tell me about your military history that is within your family. both your father and grandfather were in the national guard; is that right? >> yes. combined. we have over 60 years of service in the north carolina national guard and my family through my poppa and my father. i'm very proud to be a military child. making sure i represent the military. north carolina is the most military friendly state in the u.s.a. that's important as north carolina to involve military families as much as possible. >> i'm excited to spend more time with you. thank you for coming on the pleasurable. >> hey i'm a broadcast pleasurable so i would really love to work for fox news some day. just saying. clayton: smart move. abby: i love it bold. >> what are you looking forward to the most today. >> i'm looking forward to seeing all the people. i received most people people.
3:36 am
i i'm going to find that girl who wants my autograph. abby: thank you so much, anna. clayton: get inside to jillian with the headlines this morning, red, white, and blue. jillian: i have a feeling she will have a fine career. rumors swirling once again for justice anthony kennedy. including to npr people applying telling his people as law clerk he may step down next year. there was speculation he would announce his retirement at the end of the term next week. he turns 81 later this month and been on the bench since he was nominated by president reagan in 1988. the right to defend yourself under attack in the state of florida. a judge in miami ruling the new version of stand your ground is unconstitutional. the original law required prosecutors to prove the defendant was not acting in self-defense when using deadly force. the updated versions required of the opposite. drifting a self-defense claim.
3:37 am
a victory in the fight to defeat isis. brand new video showing iraqi security foferses raising their flag over a mosul hospital. retaking it from the terror group. a military spokesman saying the hospital was being used as a killing tower to target civilians. the u.s. led coalition says it was one of retwo remaining isis holdouts. mosul's liberation is days not weeks away. this fourth of july budweiser and the folds of honor foundation teamin teeming up. dad army veteran is her hero inspired her to become a nurse to help other vets. financial burden has become too much. that's when folds of honor and budweiser sent actor and marine vet adam driver to step in. >> they reached out to me and they told me to let you know that you got the scholarship. >> oh my goodness. >> but also budweiser and i thought you shouldn't have to worry about school so
3:38 am
budweiser is going to covering all your remaining school expenses for next year. >> wow. >> that means everything. i'm shaking. jillian: so special. since 2007, folds of honor has awarded more than 10,000 scholarships in all 50 states. and on this independence day, thank those who have sacrificed everything for our freedom. do that by going to folds of to help. that's a look at your headlines. the important news of the day is if we are going to see rain or not to be able to have these fourth of july fireworks. hey, adam. >> gorgeous in new york city. going to stay gorgeous throughout the entire city. folks in the city are going to love it couple spots throughout the country where maybe mother nature is going to be providing fireworks. we are tracking thunderstorms moving across the plains. that's only going to fire up a little bit more as we get going in the afternoon hours. stretching right now from portions of eastern texas up into oklahoma, that's where we have seen thunderstorms early here this morning. backing out a little bit. we're going to be talking about a good amount of rainfall with that system,
3:39 am
anywhere from 3 to 6 inches before it's all said and done. that may wash out a couple of folks' plan but that's not the entire country. here is what we're looking at coast to coast. mostly sunny conditions. rain in the center and rain moving from the southeast and mid-atlantic as well. look at those temperatures, 92 degrees in denver. 92 in portions of montana as well. going to be a hot one. great opportunity to get outside wear those tanks out. sun is out, gun's out. short shorts. suns out thighs out. >> red solo cups. abby: right now in new york city thighs out. abby: got to be 75 right now with the breeze it is beautiful. clayton: can we do the whole show out here, please. abby: big recall from whole foods turns out chicken salad doesn't even have chicken in it. what? clayton: coming up while the mainstream media is busy obsessing over the president's
3:40 am
tweets and russia. quietly helping businesses get back on track. 10 examples you haven't heard anywhere else. >> my only job at fox is to keep company with heroes. and what i see of these youngsters makes me proud to be an american. these are guys who have been remarkably well-trained, they are better equipped, better led, better trained than any military force in history. it's the best military any nation has ever had. i wouldn't trade you a billion dollars for guys in combat in vietnam. these guys are remarkable. they can go from high octane adrenaline in a gun fight to instantly that fast looking after women and children. the kinds of things that i have seen them do inspires me that we really are a great country. >> share your pride on facebook, twitter, and instagram #proud american. ♪
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♪ pete: welcome back to "fox & friends" on this fourth of july. for some quick business headlines. check your fridge. if you recently bought buffalo style chicken salad at whole foods. it's not chicken. it's actually tuna. retailer recalling 400 pounds of it. mislabeled packages sent to stores in new jersey, new york, and connecticut. and talk about irony, a glitch on wall street causes big tech stocks to look like they were crashing. the glitch made it seem like google, amazon stocks all fell to the exact same level when they real there didn't. nasdaq said the surfaced from third party vendors not entering data correctly. clayton, down to you. clayton: as the mainstream media obsess over twitter habits. working behind the scenes to fix american businesses. so is it working? here to explain is cpa and
3:45 am
small business advocate gene marks who also writes for "the washington post. nice to see you this morning. >> thanks, clayton. clayton: not only do you write with for "the washington post you are running a small company. you are out meeting with small businesses on a regular basis. are they more concerned about the president's twitter feed or regulations he is rolling back. >> they are thrilled to see what he is doing. clayton, again, my firm has about 600 small or medium size clients across the country. i write every day for "the washington post. my audience is small and medium size business owners. whenever we see what the president is doing with tweeting and antics. client after client business owner after business owner they are not concerned about what he is doing. they are more concerned about what he is doing for business. is he doing a lot for business and doing it very quietly while his tweets are diverting the media. clayton: you think a lot of these small business owners are using a laser pointer with a cat to the media. he knows what he is doing. is he just toying with the
3:46 am
media? >> they are. they love did. i have to say as a business owner myself, i love it as well. i love to see what he is doing. clayton: let's talk about whether a he is doing with some these regulations and get our hands dirty. some of the regulation roll backs that he has done january cutting two regs for every one ruled. february each agency will review recommend masks. >> for years all the business owners i speak to and biggest complaint is government regulations. please get out of the way and let me run my business. now though see a guy in the white house doing just that for every one regulation created we have to get rid of two. sends a huge message to the business community. clayton: any specific can you point to small business owners this one has changed things for us. >> there are actually many. one that comes to mind is actually trade. one of the executive orders that president trump did recently where he is telling
3:47 am
the department of commerce and other agencies to look at all trade agreements with the idea of seeing if there is anything that does not put america first. if they are unfair. clayton, again, i have countless business owners that have complaints made about unfair trade agreements with other countries and they are not able to grow and sell into other markets. again now when they see him actually instructing his department of commerce to look at anything that's unfair resonates very deeply. clayton: here are. so trade examples. examine trades of country treating the united states by trade partners and then buy american, hire american executive order. what does that one do? >> that is actually the federal government favors companies that are not only hiring nonimmigrants and, again, some of these are controversial, i will say that also companies making in this country. president trump likes companies that are making stuff in this country and hiring americans to make stuff as opposed to companies that are making stuff out of this country and hiring non-americans. a lot of the businesses are
3:48 am
doing just that if they get favorable treatment by the american government to do business with them they are all in favor of doing that. clayton: one of the things i'm excited about dr. from this administration is this apprenticeship program. you know there are companies that are ready to hire right now. they want to hire because people are demanding their products hand services. they are having a hard time finding specialized labor. >> correct. clayton: by this apprenticeship program. what would that do. >> biggest problem among small manufacturers in this country. finding good people. what's happening is a lot of these companies have to invest their own money and partner with local high schools and technical schools finding people skilled. cannot find people levels of skills to operate the machines and do the work to produce products. this apprenticeship program. investing hundreds of millions of dollars in this program to enable businesses both large and small to get skilled workers into their companies. the point of all of, this clayton, is as i'm writing every day for "the washington
3:49 am
post, we're reading about all the tweets and the antics and the behavior and everything that the president is doing. the media is focusing on august of this stuff while behind the scenes a lot of things are being done to ease up regulations on businesses and provide suprem support. so all the business owners, medium size companies, executives at larger companies, thumbs up. clayton: gene, great to see this morning. happy fourth of july. >> >> you too. clayton: president trump gearing up for second overseas trip, is he going to meet with vladimir putin. what does corey lewandowski expect from that meeting? we will ask him at the top of the hour. and we are firing up the grill on this independence day. we have a tasty pork chop recipe for you. don't want to miss that we'll be right back. ♪ going to get a little crazy ♪ because can i ♪ you know i'm in it for the moneyliving moneyliving ♪ going to have fun ♪ liberty did what?
3:50 am
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>> millions of americans, of course, will be firing up the grill. stu len flard jr. from stu leonard's the world's largest dairy stores along with chefs kent and shannon and michael with unique recipes sure to wow. good morning, chef. >> good morning. how are you? pete: doing great. awful american is going to be out there doing some form of grilling today. give us tip tips. >> corn fresh. so a little olive oil, salt and pepper on the green. don't steam it, don't microwave it. pete: olive oil straight on the grill. pete: got to pay attention to it. >> keep it tempo. chicken, lemon, thyme, olive oil.
3:54 am
naked burgers. pete: slice that bag dog up. >> going to come to us for this. this is lightly smoked and served with bore bon, brown sugar. >> kent has great stuff as well. >> what have you got? >> come on, kent, talk about your pork. >> grilled pork chops here and put a chipotle relish that goes right on top. pete: that's what i tried. what did you call it sweet and heat. >> sweet and heat. chipotle relish. and a little green chilis and some sugar and a good new york strip. we're going to put some bore bon onion sauce. >> that's a real southern man. oklahoma. he came up here and you are talking the good south cooking down there. pete: what kind of heat? how hot should the grill be. >> i like it hot. nasa hot. when the spaceship reenters.
3:55 am
you want it to be cedar. you want that grill to be up there. when you put that on there, that's what we're after. >> our customers ask us all the time how do you cook that? >> i'm going to take it and probably do it like chef michael or you can reverse sear that, put it in a smoker and cook it 180 two hours to get this crust and get a seal. we want to hold that moisture. >> lay it on the grill for a couple hours. >> you can put that in tin foil steam on the slow side of the grill. slab it on it and get some heat to it. he done died once. we are going to cook him to rare. pete: died once, cook him to rare. >> use the heat thermometer. >> i use touch. it's all about right here. pete: middle of your palm. >> that's about rare to medium rare. going over here cut those two fingers off. pete: tell us about the cowboy cookbook. >> that came out a couple years ago. taste of cowboy.
3:56 am
we cook for ranchers all across the rest. we share stories and pictures. >> there you go. >> good food. pete: good food, right? >> yeah. pete: this is literally food for cowboys. >> we feed them three meals a day out working cattle. feed them hearty. >> is that a cowboy. >> abby always wants more food. >> two and a half pounds. that is ribeye steak. when ranchers come to visit, do you know whether a they want? that salt, pepper, a little olive oil on it. pete: wouldn't be fourth of july without cowboy cooking. chef michael and stu thank you very much. good to have you here in new york city. fellows, over to you. ♪ my generation ♪ that's right ♪ that's right ♪ my generation
3:57 am
♪ we're all about a good time ♪
3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> kind the fireworks we don't want to see. north korea successfully launching what it claims to be an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the u.s. and countless allies. >> the establishment media have far less popularity than donald trump. trump knows that. >> i think he is trolling the protests. the cnn bit i found rather amusing. >> donald trump is a greenous. hgenius. he plays the media like a cat with a flashlight. >> i was telling the president sunday don't let them drag their feet too long. keep the fire lit. that's something he has been doing. it's been fantastic. >> the thing is everybody has circled on the president's g-20 circle is a planned meeting with russian president vladimir putin. >> combined we have over 60 years of service in the
4:01 am
national guard through my papa and my father. i'm very proud to be a military child. i want to be the most visible north carolina. that's starting today being on fox news. ♪ ♪ it's the high school prom ♪ it's a springsteen song ♪ it's the ride in a chevrolet ♪ it's the man on the moon ♪ fireflies in june ♪ kids selling lemonade. clayton: happy birthday to the united states of america. happy happy birthday july fourth to you all. wondering what was in my coat pocket. abby: you can't see out of them. clayton: do not drive in this. sit at your barbecue. abby: look how wonderful these two gentleman look. seersucker. and royal blue. clayton: what did you call him. abby: seersucker.
4:02 am
pete: american experiment continues. abby: this is a picture from from proud navy jet james 20 years for me and my grandson just getting started. good for them. clayton: 4-year-old granddaughter hamilton. pete: gavin celebrating the fourth giving a nod to president trump with, of course, signature thumb's up. abby: similar layer. the sideswipe. pete: nailing it. clayton: anna kooiman is in southport north carolina. that is decked out car. abby: multitasking anna kooiman. >> good morning, abby, pete and clayton. good morning to everybody at home. i was so pumped about our fourth of july coverage we are doing for fox news channel. we are in southport, north carolina in my home state the tar heels state. this has just won the number one small town coastal city to
4:03 am
watch the fourth of july fireworks and festivities by coastal living magazine. so we are in the right place. we have a whole lot more coverage for you coming up. don't miss a minute here on "fox & friends." pete: #proud american. >> i'm going to coast on out of here. pete: that looked like illegal stop. abby: i that truck though. pete: fox float in the parade there. clayton: clay president trump up to be early on any day it would be independence day. it seems that he is. he just tweeted moments ago this tweet it says #happy independence day. #july 4th. #u.s.a. it's a video. clayton: video is it's a church band playing their version of what they think it would sound -- what they think make america great again would sound like put to music. abby: take a listen to this. ♪ ♪ make america great again
4:04 am
♪ make america great again ♪ lift your voice of freedom ♪ all across the land. abby: this is perfect welcome before the donal former donald p campaign manager corey lewandowski on the show. clayton: did you write that song? >> yes, did i. a lot of work. abby: corey, happy fourth of july to you. we want to start off with donald trump second overseas trip for the g-20 summit. speculating what these two might talk about. will they be overly friendly. what is this trip about? what does president trump hope to get out of it? clayton: or will he put him in a head lock? >> as you know, the president wants to have good relationships with all the world leaders because that's helpful to the united states u but you have to remember, the president has been very clear. there are times, if this country can work with russia, particularly as we look at the battle in syria, and what we can do to work together to rid
4:05 am
ourselves of isis and isil. if there is ways to do that, then the president wants to do that clearly. he wants to be fighting terrorists in those countries not in our country. if there is way to get that done i think it would be at the top of the agenda. i have read that secretary of state rex tillerson has a desire to allow u.s. citizens to start to be able to adopt russian babies again. that's stopped in the last few years. that's something on the agenda that the president could be talking with vladimir putin about. pete: you are talking about policy. if you look at the coverage of this. do you think you are going to get a lot of coverage of that policy or instead are you going to get did they shake hands? did they not shake hands? did they give each other a bro hug? was a there a head lock? clayton: was there a body slam? abby: are they wearing a shirt? pete: more coverage of this or just palace intrigue. >> the media doesn't want to cover when the president achieves a number of things, obviously. as you know, they want the sensationalism.
4:06 am
they don't want to talk about all the pieces of legislation he has signed. all the good he has done to help coal workers and aluminum workers and putting people back to work with the stock market. the highest has been yesterday in the history of the markets. the market has been through the roof, jobs, the economy. all of those things are doing great because of the president's policies. nobody wants to talk about that. they want to talk about everything but his right policy he is. clayton: guests on the show wondering whether or not he would press vladimir putin on meddling in our election. >> it's a question, you know. here's what we know guys. it wasn't that long ago where 17 government agencies all agreed that it was meddling. now all of a sudden that didn't take place. right? now it was three or four government agencies that maybe something took place. what we do know is that barack obama knew if russia waste trying to meda meddle it was unr his watch. donald trump won the election
4:07 am
fair and square. hillary clinton was a terrible candidate. she couldn't find michigan and pennsylvania and ohio on the map. she wouldn't find iowa. russia had nothing to do with her being a terrible candidate. abby: how much can you trust the mainstream media today there is a new poll out. npr, marist poll. they asked the question how much do you trust the trump administration and the media for the trump administration a great deal. good amount 37% for that administration. you compare that to the media at 30%. corey, so they're below the trust of the trump administration. what do you make of that? are you surprised? >> i'm not surprised because i have always said the american people are very splatter. what they know, what they get with this president is the truth. maybe they don't want to hear the truth but he always tells them the truth. the difference is with the media. we have seen this from cnn to abc to the failing "new york times" to the "the washington post" and the "wall street journal," they all write false narratives, fake stories. they have to recant or replace afterwards because they didn't have the facts right.
4:08 am
we saw that with cnn recently. we have seen it with the "new york times" recently. the bottom line is the president goes to twitter and tells the american people exactly what the truth is people's head explodes because they don't want the truth it doesn't fit their narrative. clayton: if you were at the beach like crist christie here in new jersey. people going after. people in new jersey don't like chris christie. most unliked governor in the united states. he has 15% approval rating right now. he was there on a private beach, state beach. everything else was shut down so no one else could go to the beach. people are outraged in the state of new jersey. the media outraged about it making front page of the "new york post" and other places saying is he a hypocrite and arrogant for being able to sit on the beach while other beaches were closed to typical new jerseyians. what do you make of this. >> governor criminals city had the state closed because he wasn't happy with the budget deal. that budget deal is now signed. and everything is back open today. bleant optics weren't the greatest. here is the difference.
4:09 am
what was he going to do sitting in his office all day waiting for the legislator give him a piece of legislation and okay we're going to agree to it? again, if the fake media news stories that want to sensationalize things that don't need to be sensationalize i had. this is the narrative that they want. this is always the narrative they want. sensationalize things that aren't a big deal. pete: he may have a 15% approval rating but he held the line to make sure taxes didn't get increased in the state of new jersey which is what democrats want time and time again. optics are bad but the media are pouring over it remember when they were talking about m&ms. they are going to go after republicans in this case it's chris christie. >> again not talking about the policy. not talking about the fact that the governor held firm in knot raising taxes and making sure that the money in the state was used from taxpayers to the best of his ability. no. they want to talk about a picture of him on the beach with his family. i saw what chris said yesterday. he said look it would have been a real story if he was
4:10 am
next to a 26-year-old. that wasn't the glas. that would have been a real story. abby: emotional one getting a light of attraction around the world. president trump is now even talking about it charlie gard, you can see here a young boy who lives over in the u.k. he is on life support. the hospital has been given permission to take this boy off life support. the parents as can you imagine are fighting for his life. the pope has chimed in on this and president trump tweeted this yesterday. he said if we can help little charlie gard as per our friends in the u.k. and the pope, we would be delighted to do. so as you can imagine, corey, any parent thinking about this it's an emotional one but msnbc took to the story yesterday. this was a reporter covering. this take a listen to how he put it. >> depending really on your impressions of mr. trump beforehand you could either decide this the is president selfishly stepping in to help grieving parents experiencing terrible wrenching pain and a baby who has a very rare and very difficult-to-treat illness or you can decide this
4:11 am
was the president trying to use the grief of two parents and a small baby for political gain and weighing in to a situation that is really very much a national and wiewrp european issue and not one that would expect anything from a united states politician. again, this just depends on how you look at if. clayton: selfishly tweeting about, this corey. >> depends. >> what's amazing is the president has such a big heart. he heard about this story around said if the united states can be helpful, by all means if the parents can brings the baby over here. if that baby can live one more day, one more week, one more month, one more year, wouldn't any parent do anything they can to make sure that their child stays alive as long as humanly possible? what i don't understand the president has a big heart. he has offered the opportunity if the parents can come here to have medical care for that child which is obviously very, very i will. they should be praising the president for this work right now. it's so disgusting that the media want to attack him for trying to help save a child's
4:12 am
life. this is beyond reproach even by the left wing media of msnbc. abby: absolutely heart breaking. pete: just a reporter though, telling it straight. that's what they tell us every single day. >> no bias over there what if that reporter's child? wouldn't he want the absolute best care for his child. pete: great point. >> amazing to me the hypocrisy that we have to listen to. abby: when you put it in that perspective, corey, it's a great point. have great day, corey. happy fourth. >> happy fourth. pete. clayton: get it over to jill within a with a fox news alert. jillian: we begin with a fox news alert. breaking overnight. north korea claiming first successful intercontinental missile with possible range to the united states. president trump posting a fiery response tweeting quote, north korea has just launched another missile. does this guy have anything better to do with his life. hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up with this much longer.
4:13 am
perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all. now, just last week, the commander-in-chief said u.s. patience with the rogue nation is over. boston police not charging the driver of a tax i didn't cab who plowed into a group group of other tax can i cab drivers. 10 were injured when the cab jumped the curve. 56-year-old driver may have hit the gas instead of the brake. terrorism is not suspected. beat pete on "fox & friends" on sunday. now he is ready to defend his mustard belt today in nathan hot dog eating contest. he ate 70 last year in 10 minutes. how many will he eat this year? it kicks off in coney island this afternoon. are you up for a rematch? >> no. >> barely eaten since. this year do 75. flash. >> he says he has a liquid diet two days before. and tries to stay hydrated. that's key.
4:14 am
clayton: it takes him five days to not feel bad afterwards. pete: took me a day and a half. abby: actually less time than i would think. clayton: president'bill to makee president declared unfit. dennis kucinich is on deck. the joy of real cream in 15 calories per serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy.
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♪ ♪ pete: more than two dozen democrats getting behind a new bill to declare president trump mentally unfitted for office. including disgraced former dnc chair woman debbie wasserman schultz. former democratic colleague our next guest disagrees saying moves like this are destroying the party. here to explain former democratic congressman and 2008 presidential candidate and fox news contributor dennis kucinich. happy fourth of july, sir. we appreciate you coming on the program this morning. have you heard about this bill. >> happy independence day, america. pete: happy independence day. even better way to say it. >> this bill would propose that the president could be removed from office for being mentally unfit. the vice president would have to sign off. it's not going to happen. but democrats are trying to make a statement. is it helping them or hurting them? >> well, it's a political statement. not a medical statement. and, you know, i think it's
4:19 am
destroying the party as an effective opposition. people want political parties to be focused on america's economic needs. on jobs, wages, healthcare, education, redirmt security and peace. and they want american politicians to be constructive, not destructive. i think that what's happening here is not good for the country. >> mr. congressman, you are a progressive. some of the members of this bill are progressives. others are just straight democrats. who is pulling this party off the cliff. who is making it less relevant. why is it it folks so focused on being rabid against this president as owe poised to being the loyal opposition and presenting different ideas that the american people can ultimately choose? >> there are some people in the party still having a great difficulty being able to reconcile the results of the november 2016 elections with their own politics we have to realize the american people are the ones who judge
4:20 am
president trump they decided he should be president in november of 2016. that's the way the process works. we must find common ground and you can't establish common ground if you are slinging mud. pete: sure, oftentimes the tone gets set at the top. we have seen rambling press conferences from nancy pelosi. do you believe she should still be leading house democrats. >> nancy pelosi is a friend of mine. i think that the democrats, if they want new leadership, they first have to disconnect from the corporations who are funding the party so that they can be truly independent of those forces and then represent the american people. but as long as they are tied to various corporate interests, it really doesn't matter hot leader is because it's the interests who are calling the shots. pete: doesn't the leader set the tone have you lost some elections. i understand she is a friend of yours. but might it be time to hang it up? >> that's to the for me to say. i think it's up to the democratic caucus to make that call. they made that call, i might
4:21 am
add, at the beginning of this congress. pete: sure. >> they decided she should continue to be the leader. there needs to be in the party a continual debate about the needs of the american people. pete: we have got to leave it right there unfortunately. as you said happy independence day. more "fox & friends" coming next. >> thank you. you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪
4:22 am
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we're always working to make our services more reliable. with technology that can update itself. and advanced fiber network infrastructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. abby: time now for news by the numbers. first 41. how many states are now defying trump's request for voter information. that's according to a new report. president trump is questioning whether they have something to hide. next, 547, that is the number of people arrested by san diego's fugitive operations team this year alone. the city's number of targeted immigration arrests has returned to levels from before former president barack obama. some credit president trump's tough immigration stance for
4:25 am
that and finally, 7. the u.n. admitting that is how many migrants out of every 10 people crossing the med from libya who are actually not refugees. this comes as the crisis sparks hostility and violence in italy. clayton, over to you. clayton: thanks, abby. the liberal media gets back to work tomorrow well-rested and readready to turn out more fake news on the trump administration. what will they ignore? here to tell us which stories deserve more attention is our panel of journalists, white house correspondent for "the washington examiner" sarah westward. free press. and katy. welcome to all three of you. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having us. clayton: sarah, start with you. the story that may get the wrong kind of coverage the next few days is the president meeting with the vladimir putin. what do you expect. >> biggest story next week of his trip to hamburg but thought for the reason
4:26 am
democrats are saying. democrat and a lot of mainstream media are focusing on whether or not president trump will bring of election meddling and under enormous pressure at home to do so. the most important thing out of that meeting is what president trump says about syria. pressures in syria are reaching a boiling point. russian threatened to shoot down u.s. and coalition planes operating there as well as shooting down sirian government what the greatest escalation of miner role to date. at this point der box that could lead to confrontation with russia at any moment. missing the forest for the trees to say that election meddling is the most significant part of this meeting because syria is certainly the most urgent point of contention between the u.s. and russia right now. see what he says about hamburg this week.
4:27 am
clayton: what do you expect to hear. >> the family research center compiled outlining that te'o tacks on religious freedom have increased by 76% over the last three years. there is a lot of talk about you a lotted of religion on college campuses. what often gets ignored is this hostility often starts at much younger age. in one instance there was a little kindergarten girl told to stop praying at mealtimes by her teacher. when the little girl responded you know but pray sag good thing and the teacher said know, it is want a valedictorian said at graduation his microphone was cut off when he started talking about faith and freedom. these are just two example out of. , many, many in this report. we need to stand up and defend our first freedom which is religious liberty or else we are in danger of losing the rest. clayton: chances seeing this
4:28 am
on the front page slim to none. moving poll land away from relines on russian energy. tell us about this. will this make a front page story never? >> it may but, again, not for the reasons you would want it to. president trump is going to be in poland. he gets there late wednesday. he will be giving a speech in warsaw thursday afternoon. and the key point of this is both in american troops to he deployment to poland and reducing dependents on russian gas by increasing export of gas to poland. russia can't bully its neighbors as much as it has. you will see coverage that trump is destabilizing the eu and making it harder for the g-20 summit to go smoothly as if it's his job to be nannying the eu in the first place. clayton: good see. let let's see how these stories are picked up on.
4:29 am
>> happy fourth i. clayton: his industry channel had one job, and they failed it can you see what is wrong with this tweet? look at that attachment it's about gettysburg. take a look at the picture. who is on the horse back. we will tell you. today is a special independence day for a group of americans. anna kooiman is live in north carolina with more on that story. good morning, anna. >> good morning to you, clayton. good morning to everyone at home. more than 100 candidates for american citizenship just took their oath during water front naturalization ceremony. why will introduce you to a few of them as our proud american coverage continues from south port, north carolina, right after this break. when you've got...
4:30 am
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♪ come on and tell them what you're worth ♪ make them go oh, oh, oh ♪ as you shoot across the sky, sky, sky. clayton: that's the first car roof flag system by beach car flag. make you're flag great again. $99 price tag. 20% off if you enter the word fox and did you go to beast car pete: i like that. i assume you can fly it on the freeway with that thing. abby: look how sturdy it is. it's not going anywhere. clayton: major sure when you go under overpasses. i had one of those things that you had on top to put sue cases in. i almost went right through it. right underneath in a parking garage. pete: mitt romney put his dog on top of the suv. that whole story is horrible. be a how much i love dogs. we are celebrating fourth of july all morning long.
4:34 am
today is a very special independence day for group of new americans. pete: people representing 48 countries took the oath of citizenship at naturalization ceremony in southport, north carolina yesterday. clayton: anna kooiman joins us live. >> good morning, anna; got to go everybody do a rain dance. got to get this stuff to stop before the parade begins and fireworks tonight. good morning and thank you for being with us during our proud american coverage. we did get to watch very special memories being made yesterday for new la wanted. more than 400 candidates took their oath in naturalization ceremony water front here in southport. amazing moments to watch. we will introduce to you a few of those new american citizens right now ♪ o say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light
4:35 am
♪ what so proudly. >> i would like to present for naturalization. constitution and the law. >> constitution and the law. >> of the united states of america. >> of the united states of america. >> marie fletcher. [cheers] ♪ endless fight. >> i american blood in me. >> what makes you proud to be an american. >> just the freedom. >> i came here to get away from war in my country. this place has basically everything people want, which is freedom of speech, religion, and safety. >> the united states was always for me a country and the people of the united states to just love ♪ god shed his grace.
4:36 am
>> so when you sing songs and hear songs just proud to be an american and the star-spangled banner does it have a new meaning for you today. >> it has a different meaning. i think it makes me even more proud than i was before. i'm proud to be a part of the country that freed my country years ago during world war ii. my parents and grand parents got deported by the nazis and they were freed by the americans. and so we always looked up to our liberators. >> i see a sticker here. i registered to vote today. how does that feel. >> it feels good. finally can i vote. it's a good feeling. >> how are you going to celebrate today and when you go home. >> honestly, drink a beer with my family. >> and flu american citizens represent 48 countries from 8 regions around the world. and now they have the same rights as you and me. and we at fox news would like
4:37 am
to be first congratulations. they shared their prides with us. now we would lining to you share your pride with us. use the #proud americans. send pictures on facebook, twitter, youtube. you name it email us at fox emat we will continue to share those pictures throughout the day. we have great fox fans. proud americans. they will don't mind the rain today. clayton: i love that shirt. fox news and chill. abby: thank you so much. pete: some are the most patriotic. they know the most about our his tri and constitution, declaration. abby: what it means to them great point. let's go to jillian inside for other headlines. hey, jillian. >> good morning to you guys. let's get you caught up on what you need to know. california sheriff slamming her own state's proposal to become sanctuary for illegals. sandra hutchins says the new measure is very political and anti-trump and endanger
4:38 am
residents. bill still being debated would order all authorities not to cooperate with immigration officials seeking to capture illegal ail i didn't knows. supporters say it will help reduce crime by encouraging residence to support it instead of hide by police. >> three playboy models, one of them american, arrested in mexico. accused of working a party last week without vista sass. models say they were locked up for 24 hours having to beg for food and water. the women say they weren't being paid. they have since been released. playboy mexico called the whole thing misunderstanding. the history channel being slammed online for tweeting out a george washington fighting the wrong war. the tweet reads quote on this day in 1863, the battle of gettysburg ends. the problem, the picture walls of george washington and the revolutionary war. but he would have been dead for 64 years. the tweet has since been deleted. those are your headlines on this fourth of july. i will send it back to you guys.
4:39 am
>> thank you very much. beautiful fourth of july here in new york city. you guys liking this forecast? >> yeah. there we go. unfortunately live it can't be this way for the entire country. and we're tracking at least some showers tracking across the country. fueled by warm air. a look at some of those temperatures. 75-degree necessary kansas city. along the manhatta mid-atlantic stretching from the southeast into the center of the country. we are going to be dodging at least a couple of raindrops. the story as we continue on throughout the afternoon hours eventually into the evening hours. if you are outside of that region where you seeing the rain, what are we talking about? very, very warm temperatures. spots in the middle of the country, guys, running up into the middle 90's, 92, 93, 94-degrees. it's going to be a hot one. lots of pool and lake time. sunscreen here throughout the afternoon hours. guys? abby: thank you, adam. pete: good news from a beautiful man.
4:40 am
abby: he is like a puppy dog. staring at the meats. his mouth was just watering. >> i just want like a budweiser and steak and call it a day. >> what time nut morning are you allowed to start doing that? >> no rule on the fourth of july: are coming up the associated press. perplexed about honoring americans but going to barbecues anyway. lawrence jones is lehr to react to that story next hour. pete: are you kidding me? unreal. president trump is on a mission to make america great again. >> though we have our differences, what unites us is so much stronger. our love of our country, our devotion to its people. pete: we worship god, not government. this independence day let's remember who our president is and how he got here. brad thomas the author of the trump factor is on deck. abby: look forward to that benning -- performing 24 k.
4:41 am
take it away ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ a drop of dawn and grease is gone.
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so find a venus smooth that contours to curves, the smoother the skin, the more comfortable you are in it. flexes for comfort, and has a disposable made for you. skin smoothing venus razors. ♪ clayton: welcome back. some headlines now. a hot air balloon ride near the happiest place on earth ends with a big scare. a crash landing into a gator infested pond. balloon landing outside of orlando 16 people on board. the pilot did attempt to land on the grass.
4:45 am
the wind blew him off course. everyone did make it out okay. some call him crazy. orioles say a great catch. drone video showing this fisherman reigle had n. a massive hammerhead shark. can you see the shark thrashing around fighting against the fisherman just feet await a minute the shark was later released a lot of crazy news out of florida. abby? abby: i wonder if he knew that was a shark or thought it was a huge fish. despite the repeated attacks from those in the mainstream media. president trump is on a mission to make america great again. >> though we have our differences, what unites us is so much stronger. our love our country. our devotion to its people. now, more than ever, these values must guide us and bring us closer together. let us always remember that our job is to serve and represent the whole american people that weigh are all children of the same god. abby: let us remember who our
4:46 am
president is and how he got here. entrepreneur from queens who left a successful real estate business to lead this country. here with more advisory board member for the author of the trump factor brad thomas is with us. >> great to be here. thank you. abby: start with that love for this country. can you criticize out president as much as you want, you cannot deny the love that he has for this country. >> president trump loves this country, absolutely. remember, he gave up his multibillion-dollar business, which i cover thoroughly in my book, all the businesses, but he gave up all of this empire to run this country. and now what we're seeing today, with this great americans, great make america great again campaign, is he making this country wealthy again today. abby: take a look at where we are. president trump has signed 41 bills into law since taking office. there has got to be a frustration when you look at capitol hill and the dysfunction and how little is getting done. he wants to get more done.
4:47 am
he wants to get healthcare and tax reform. he wants to keep moving on these things. >> this is nothing new to him. he had complicated deals in his previous career when he built his businesses that i just mentioned. he knows all about how to create complicated structures. commodore hotel, trump tower property. all of these properties he has in his portfolio he understands how to manage this risk. this is really nothing new to him today. healthcare will get done eventually. i'm really excited. i'm really excited, to move on to tax reform and infrastructure. these are going to be market movers for this country so are the american people. you understand president trump better than many. have you written a book about it do you think the media understands president trump? >> you know, absolutely not. frankly, abby, that's why i wrote my book. the media didn't understand his businesses. and it was really all the fake news that existed back then. that was the whole purpose for me to write this book today. this is, again, this is nothing different from what we are seeing today with all fake news, all the rhetoric, you
4:48 am
know, donald trump is, you know, is he frustrated, absolutely, that's what we are seeing through quite a few of these twitter feeds today. again, he knows how to communicate effectively with his audience. that's been a big support of his campaign. and one of the reasons he is in the white house today is how he has been effectively communicate with his followers. check all the boxes. i've been to all these rallies and look at all the things he has done already to date. it's amazing to see what he has done in the first half of this year. abby: brad thomas, good to have you with us as always. happy fourth of july. your beautiful daughter is on set with us as well. hope you enjoy it with your family. >> thank you so much. abby: a lot of millennials don't enpatriotic anymore. is there anything wrong with that bill bennett with a lesson for those millennials. that is just ahead. speaking of lessons, we have revolutionary war history in our studio this morning including a musket ball from the war itself. there is pete trying it out. that's next.
4:49 am
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say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. ♪ >> i grew up in a patriotic family but no different than most anybody else, small town minnesota. and we would always go to the memorial day parade. you blink and you miss it. but it's one of the most powerful five minutes that i have ever had as a kid, and it woke me up to true patriotism. you would have the world war ii vets in their uniforms that didn't quite fit so well anymore and the korean vets and the vietnam veterans and gulf war veterans younger and fitting into their uniform still. as they walked by, i would never forget the men and women of that town standing um, and there would be men saluting
4:53 am
those who had served and in true gratitude for what they had given. every town in america is like minnesota. it all comes back to the families and the faith and the communities that we serve for. because, in america, you don't fight because you hate what's in front of you. you fight because you love what's behind you. >> share your pride on facebook, twitter and instagram, #proud american. clayton: look at that young man. abby: so youthful. delay. clayton: newly opened museum ready to open for the very first independence day. abby: marking july 40 with look at artifacts from the american revolution. v.p. of exhibits for the museum. good to have you with us this morning. clayton: from philadelphia. two blocks from ends hall. abby: opened in april. >> april 19th. abby: i'm sure it is packed. >> just about standing room only. we still have tickets available. so items you were kind enough to bring up today they are amazing. let's start with this little
4:54 am
statue of king george. why do you have that here? >> this is actually an artist model. we recreated with a great boston firm studio eis who specializes in historical recreations. this statue of king george stood down at the bowling green in manhattan. the back end of the bowel there ibowl witha circular fence site where the statue of king george was erected by colonists before the revolution. clayton: it didn't last though. wins the revolution happened. >> july 9th, the new declaration of independence is read in new york for the first time. washington last it read to the continental army. that night a grouch soldiers and sailors snuck down in the evening and tore that statue down and that's something we recreate in the museum. pete: that very night we're taking it down. clayton: they tore it down but they didn't let it go to waste. so now you have a musket ball here. explain why this is relevant.
4:55 am
>> so this statue looked like it was golden. it was actually made of lead. 40,000 pounds of lead very valuable commodity. called melted majesty. and here is the amazing thing. this musket ball here recovered by archaeologist at monmouth battlefield in northern, new jersey was fired on june 28th, 1778. scientific analysis looking at the elements has matched that musket ball to the original statue. that is a piece of melted majesty. fired at the british. be a that be is incredible. pete: what you on paper has to be defended by force of arnlsz. >> that is correct. clayton: tell us what have you here. >> wanted to show the way you make those musket balls is in these bronze or stone or iron model. you pour that melted lead. it's turned into ammunition, which, today we are used to, we have a cartridge all
4:56 am
together, you put it inside and fire it. then you had to assemble each one of those charges inside. so had you a cartridge which was essentially a paper tube with gunpowder and one of those musket balls and you would put a little powder in the pan here, you would put the rest of the powder down the barrel. pull the ramrod out seen this in the movies. you would ram that charge down the barrel. you would take the ramrod out. meanwhile the british are charging at you with bayonets. one charge. repeat. abby: unbelievable. pete: in that moment they may be charging with bayonets and can you load it fast enough. clayton: not be nervous about it go to philadelphia and the museum. dr. scott stevenson thank you for joining us on the fourth of july. abby: congratulations on the museum. clayton: new poll says more americans trust president trump more than they do the
4:57 am
mainstream media. bill bennett says the media has earned it. he joins us live next. pete: i think he is right ♪ made in america ♪
4:58 am
. . . .
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> kind of fireworks we don't want to see. north korea successfully launching what it claims to be an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting u.s. and allies. >> media has far less credibility and popularity than donald trump. trump knows that. >> i think he is trolling the press. the cnn bit i found amusing. >> donald trump is a genius. plays the media like a little cat with a flashlight. >> i always said the american people are very smart. what they know they get with this president is the truth. >> got to get it done, i was telling the president sunday, don't let them drag their feet too long. keep the fire lit.
5:01 am
that is something he has been doing. it is fantastic. >> they have circled on president's g20 scheduled, a planned meeting with russian president vladmir putin. >> combined we have 60 years of service in the north carolina national guard you through my family, papa and i'm proud to be a visible for north carolina. that is it starting today on fox news. ♪ ♪ they're coming to america abby: we love it when clayton morris sings on the set. pete: doesn't do it enough. abby: we're in the studio with "fox & friends" this morning. hope you wake up with a great tuesday morning. handsome you two look. you look great. clayton: spent a lot of time in front of the mirror.
5:02 am
happy independence today for america. 241 years young. pete: 241 years ago our founders pledged each other their lives, say crowd honor. fighting to the death for the belief of freedom. make sure when you're barbecuing, talk about why this country is so great. clayton: think about independence hall in philadelphia, where declaration of independence read for first time. you can see the moment america started in philadelphia today. big fireworks displays all over the country and philadelphia. we're battling who do you think has the best fireworks display. get into a little e-mail battle. i say it is philadelphia. pete: new york likes to say it's them. abby: i was in nashville for proud american series. they have an incredible show in nashville. pete: i said forest lake, minnesota has a great fireworks
5:03 am
show. bombs bursting in air. abby: we have busy last hour. pete: fox news alert. abby: the rogue nation claiming the first successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the united states. clayton: griff jenkins with the president's fiery response. reporter: happy fourth. north korea said it was icbm. that it is capable of hitting the united states. the united states is looking to confirm what it was. it raised tensions on the korean peninsula. president trump responded to the prove vision by tweeting this, north klee launched another missile. does this guy have anything to do with his life? heart to believe south korea and japan will put up with this much longer. perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all.
5:04 am
by nonsense, constant war rhetoric, the north korea a academy of defense, that the test marked a final step creating a powerful confident nuclear state that can strike anywhere on earth. u.s. pacific command released a statement, the missile was tracked for 37 minutes and tracked the sea of japan. we're working with our inneragency partners for detailed assessment. we continue to monitor north korea's actions closely. we stand behind our ironclad commitment to the security of our allies, republic of rewhy and japan. this comes ahead of the g20 summit. leaves tomorrow. he will meet with china's and japan's prime minister end of the week. last time they launched a missile was may 14th, mother's day, guys. abby: we debate the best fireworks in the country. bill bennett former secretary of education joins us now.
5:05 am
he is in bald head, north carolina. i venture to say you argue best fireworks where you are, sir? >> i'm a couple miles from anna, guys, over in southport. we think that is the best little place for celebration of the fourth. voted best small town or sea beach town for the 4th of july. it is a great day here. golf cart parade. 100 carts decorated with various themes. small town america. great to be out of the swamp. pete: we'll get into politics. you're a historian. ran the department of education. remind americans out there as they wake up on independence day, how significant this date is? >> this is great day. you let me borrow, i put in my commonplace book, i write down things that are memorable. pete, that is great what you said in the piece. we don't fight because we hate what is in love of us but what is behind us. we're the last best hope of earth as lincoln said.
5:06 am
america is not only greatest country but greatest idea ever struck by the mind of man. constitution, we mostly celebrate the declaration. the constitution is most imitated political document in the world we have lived longer, continuously, even though we're a young country. we have lived longer continuously under single document than any nation on earth. clayton: what you look at that i'm still touched by idea of declaration of independence being approved on this day in 1776. read aloud a few days later in philadelphia. >> right. clayton: to the world really declaring our independence from tyranny. how far have we moved since that day? do you recognize the same country? >> some of us have moved a long way. there is the transatlantic agnostics who do not recognize either god or country. but a lot of america stayed right put, right where it was at the beginning, witness the last election. survey that.
5:07 am
go to southport. talk to people today. replay those interviews you guys had in the first hour. this idea still beats in the hearts of americans. most important probably though, is how much it beats in the hearts of people in other countries. i use to say, pete, and clayton, you know that, that if you're in a foreign nation with a boot on your neck and you see a you group of soldiers coming up a hill carrying a flag, you pray that it's the american flag because that is the only group of soldiers you can count on that are there to help you, not to hurt you. abby: gives you chills. you can't help but feel so feel patriotic, see hit of this country what it means. new poll out, secretary. i know you have thoughts. 35% of people under the age of 30, they say they are not patriotic or not patriotic at all. you have two millenial sons.
5:08 am
what do you say to all of those out there say they are not patriotic or not patriotic at all? >> my sons are fine. mrs. bennett raised good boys. >> you have a wonderful wife. >> a wonderful, one marine, abby as you know. pete knows john. john talked to you about joining the army rangers a while back. so they're fine. millenials are difficult. they're a problematic generation. however hope is on the way. help is is on the way. generalization z looks very promising this is the younger group, oldest age, 22. looks like their ads are shifting back to more conservative view of the world rather than millenials, children of boomers. boomers didn't teach everything they should have have. clayton: president trump meeting vladmir putin next couple days. much made in the mainstream media about that meeting. will be a bromance? my question, how tough and
5:09 am
strict with vladmir putin? will he put him in a headlock? this administration is pretty vocal against the vladmir putin regime. rex tillerson is meeting. what do you expect to see? >> who would you rather have in negotiations, guys and abby, donald trump or would you rather have barack obama whispering to medvedev about more flexibility? i will trust this guy in a deal. it will be straightforward and candid. they will talk about syria, interests, common ground. i expect the president will raise this. he has little reticence i would think you all he agree. will we talk about the media, by the way. abby: please, go ahead. pete: hysterics over the tweets. what is your take, doctor? >> there is a lot of talk about the media. i get fair amount of people talking to me about the media. you know, we have media here in north carolina and, wait a minute. okay, okay. clayton: what was that?
5:10 am
>> this is fox country. get out of here. president taught awe lesson. this is fox country. any way. abby: tell them, sir. >> look at that. isn't that terrible? they horn in on every conversation, but the president taught them a lesson. look, the media, a lot of the media dislikes the american people and the american people repaid the favor. there is a great latin phrase which i know pete will immediately translate -- i hate the vulgar crowd. if americans like it, whether it is fireworks and hotdogs, 4th of july or the disney world or clint eastwood movies, the snobby media will not like it. the american people sense that this know that. they know they're held in disdain by these elites. they return the favor. but i love this president and his aggressiveness about this. some of the tweets, yeah, could
5:11 am
be rephrased and reframed but you know, i watched several presidents bow to the media, try to ingratiate themselves to the media. it doesn't work. they deserve a tap on the head. by the way nancy pelosi said media guardians of democracy. frees press is important part of our democracy, if you bad guys coming over wall, who you do you want defending you the staff at cnn or the marine corps. abby: have you ever seen media treat the way they have treated president trump. you've been around a long time. >> no, abby i've seen it all. i saw what they did to reagan before he got in. when he got in. the bushess both of him. poor dan quayle was subject of ridicule. i have never seen anything like it. but, you know, flannery o'connor, the great writer, said you have to push as hard as age pushes again you. they're pushing against donald trump very hard but this
5:12 am
guy pushes back. pete: absolutely. i see a sign behind you, let's roll. we talked about how the declaration led to revolution. >> right. pete: you speak about not just ideas you have, but willingness to fight for them. declaration led to revolution we almost lost. took courage of a few to preserve our republic. >> i remember reading in one of the latest biographies of george washington he lost more battles than almost any general in history. you're right. this thing was touch-and-go. of course they were badly served. they didn't have equipment, didn't have material. didn't have shoes a lot of them, fighting greatest army in the world. but you know whether it is brittish red coats or now this nut in north korea, the american people, the american people are up to it. i said the other day one of the best things about fox, i know i'm a company guy here, but salutes to the military. constant theme of how much we owe the military.
5:13 am
it's extraordinary. our younger son went to princeton. that was a great achievement to go to princeton as pete will tell you, but the better thing the graduation day when he took the oath to the united states of america and became a marine. pete: amen. >> it's a great country. we're grateful for all a the wonderful people today. abby: that is what makes us proud our military. clayton: perfect guest. dr. bill bennett thank you very much. >> you know what that means, pete? pete: you gave me a lot of credit. i will fail you here, doctor. >> i hate the vulgar crowd but we don't. pete: i know semper fi. clayton: he thought it was barbecue we are going to have outside. thanks, doctor. happy fourth. pete: still ahead the associated press with this headline on 4th of july. minorities who are perplexed about honoring america, go to barbecues anyway, if that is some sort of a bad thing. seriously.
5:14 am
clayton: kids, no sparklers for you. fun police want you to play with pom-poms and bubbles. ♪ new parodontax. the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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abby: we are all celebrating 4th of july today but big cities are on high alert this 4th of july, bracing for worse of new fears and terror attacks overseas. clayton: as always new york city beefing up security for the big macy's fireworks show where three million spectators are expected. rob schmitt joins us live for the final preparations are underway. good morning, rob. reporter: this is one of the biggest shows in the country if not the biggest. huge spectacle in new york city where three of the five boroughs see this live in person. because of what we've seen in the past, we saw the terrible attack in france on bastille day which was about a year ago. all those people lost their lives after the truck mowed through the crowd. we saw car attacks in london. because of that, a new security effort is here this year also used in the macy's thanksgiving day in new york city, that is going to be security. vehicle security of places where
5:19 am
people gather to watch this. you will see 100 vehicles used here today, including dump trucks filled with sand to block off areas where people will be watching the 4th of july fireworks, including down here. i'm in the financial district of lower manhattan. a lot of people will be here because the show goes off right here. you can see the brooklyn bridge behind me. there will be 0,000 shells a lot fired from the brooklyn bridge and five barges on the east river. we're expecting somewhere three million viewers to gather along the banks of east river, up you and down in manhattan and queens, brooklyn across the river to watch this show. right now we can tell you there are no credible threats to this show. there will be thousands of heavily armed police and a lot of fireworks. we hope for great weather hope
5:20 am
everything will be safe. back to you guys. abby: thank you, rob. we talk about law enforcement during holidays, but every single day they're on the streets keeping us safe. kudos to them every day of the year. pete: there are more in plain clothes when you think or no. when we relax on 4th of july, they're working. that ising always the case, abby. we salute our men in blue. abby: coming up president trump wants to help the family of a terminally ill boy overseas. how does the mainstream media react? >> you can decide this was the president trying to use the grief of two parents and a small babe by for political gain. abby: corey lewandoski was on with us earlier. his response you do not want to miss. pete: nothing but straight reporting, abby. check out the independence day headline from the associated press. 4th of july brings mixed feelings for some minorities. lawrence jones is fired up about this one. you will not want to miss it.
5:21 am
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♪ clayton: welcome back everyone. quick headlines for you. a plot to assassinate the french president has been foiled. he french authorities say a man has been charged with terrorism. he allegedly plotted attack president emannuel macron while president trump was visiting. police found three kitchen knives in the suspect's car as he looked up potential targets online. the fight to defeat isis. brand new video showing iraqi security forces raising their
5:25 am
flag over a mosul hospital, retaking it from the terror group. they said it one of two remaining isis sites left in the city. they say liberation is days, not weeks away. pete: good news on that front. in other news the associated press under fire for another report on a scandal louse white house meeting that never took place. that is not stopping them from profiling minorities still going to barbecues but perplexed about honoring america under president trump this independence day. here to react, host for "the blaze," lawrence jones. lawrence, the app is pointing out in the era of president trump some groups may not like him, maybe they will go to barbecues but they're confused why they love america still. >> i believe that is absurd. we endured eight years of president barack obama, it didn't stop me for celebrating america. i think it is important for our audience to understand that america has never been about the man that was leading the nation.
5:26 am
it is about the ideas of america. and leaders come and go but the american ideas remain the same. and i think we should all roll up our sleeves and make our country great. pete: lawrence, this president speaks all the time how proud he is of america. how he does want to be president for everyone and keep us safe. so why this focus on the left of all the negative no matter what, not just with president trump, but also in our history? our history books are full of what america did wrong as opposed to the american experiment based on ideas we always strife toward? >> you speak of those ideas. i'm reminded of one of my great thest mentors i would say in american history, that was frederick douglass. i'm reminded his speech, july 5th, 1852. he talks about the declaration of independence. this is former slave. he talks about the idea of america. that even though slavery
5:27 am
existed, it was against the idea of america. we are to strive to get those ideas implemented. we're going to have disagreements on policy in america but we can all celebrate the ideas of america and strive to mick this more per union. every nation has a track record of bad ideas when it comes to human rights. america got it right. we had a past. we fixed it. we continue to strive to make this nation better. pete: lawrence we heard a study, reported on couple times here, 35% of millenials aren't patriotic at all or don't feel patriotic about their country and certain segments of population feel same way, pretty difficult to perpetuate a republic or patriotism. how do we stop those trends. >> we have to stop babying people.
5:28 am
people come into the united states. they are risking their lives to come into the united states because this is a great country. we're living in generation where they're babied on college campuses or in the local high school. i think it is time to celebrate america. before president donald trump, a lot of americans were afraid to celebrate the greatness of america. they only wanted to talk about the bad things of america. they didn't want to celebrate this great country. i would put america against any other country in this world. i think it is time now that parents, and educators and people in the press educate our young people about the great success, and ideas of america. pete: are you suggesting that members of the press could actually be patriotic, cheer for the home team, believe america is a good place? we lost that very idea as well. almost has to be adversarial, to the point not of just taking on the administration but indicting this country. >> it is kind of comical, pete, when president donald trump ran
5:29 am
for office, he was criticized for america first agenda. we see this term, this term from the media now that he is somehow a double agent for russia. now they want it both ways. first he was too patriotic. now he is is a double agent. i don't think you can win with the press, brother. pete: i think you are right. you're in dallas. are those the best fireworks in the america? >> not only the best fireworks but the best barbecue. i plan on celebrating with my family and having a good. pete: i think you might be right about that. everyone declaring philadelphia. probably better barbecue in dallas, texas. you're a good man. >> thank you, brother. appreciate it. pete: next on the run-down, sorry, kid, no sparklers for you today. the fun police want you to play with pom-poms and bubbles. have fun with those. anna kooiman about to take part
5:30 am
in a tradition in north carolina. reporter: good morning, pete. no pom-poms. we have bucket brigade and barrel push with the southport fire department. who will win the competition? >> you are! reporter: i will win. put on your red, white and blue as we roll on after the break. ♪ there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening. fixodent plus adhesives. just one application gives you superior hold even at the end of the day fixodent. strong more like natural teeth.
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>> we were over run by the north vietnamese, 29th regiment. a young soldier came running up to me, do you know captain snell? >> yes. i think he is in really bad trouble. in terms of personality entirely different. in that one moment, that one moment on that morning of the 13th of june, 1969, i realized as i held him in my arms, that mike and i shared a bond in both life and death that no one will ever understand who hasn't lived it. share your pried on facebook, twitter, instagram, # #proudamerican. ♪
5:35 am
♪ i see a brand new day when i open my eyes, to beams of lightheaded in the new york sky ♪ ♪ hope is still up there, flying high, it is a beautiful day when america dreams ♪ ♪ oh, morn than the ground underneath our feet, oh, turn on the hands of the brave and he free ♪ ♪ oh, hope is in our hearts, and
5:36 am
when america dreams ♪ ♪ it is a beautiful day, when america dreams ♪ [applause] >> west point, beney havens band. >> thank you so much. >> sergeant jeremy, you were also on the voice. >> yes i was. clayton: what was more nerve-wracking, this crowd or "the voice"? >> this crowd. [applause] pete: staff sergeant, we're here talking about proud american. we'll talk about the band in a second. what makes you proud to be an american? >> put on this uniform. makes me proud to be an american. if you pose that question to each one of those guys, you get different answer.
5:37 am
this is nearly 2 1/2 centurieses selfless service in the nation. we stand together as guys in the unnorm. guardians of freedom and the american wear of life. that makes me proud. >> we love you! abby: west point band is oldest band in the army. >> yes, ma'am. abby: how did you come together? how did you form your band? >> we came together by good will. we have great leadership kind of put us together. we recently celebrated the biandersen kneel, 200 of years of selfless service to the nation. >> how did the band originally look. at west point they have some of the original instruments. do you sneak in the closet? >> of course we do. we have a tuba. it is monumental, pass by it every day as reminder to myself. we're like fine wine. we get better with age. clayton: introduce the band.
5:38 am
master sergeant, what is your name, where are you fram. >> master sergeant, dan peers. from new york. pete: why are you proud to be an american? >> to serve with my brothers and sisters in the armed force, greatest nation on earth peet peet absolutely well-said, well-said. sergeant major, what is proud for you? >> serving with these guys every day makes me proud. pete: i jacked up your rank which is very important. e-9, right. >> sergeant major. pete: i was right. crowd messing me up. staff sergeant is my favorite rank in the army. where are you you from? >> wisconsin. pete: what making us proud to be an american. really great country. really proud to be part of this organization to serve americans. and serve as a musician as well. pete: you do a nice job. >> thank you, sir. pete: sergeant first class, where are you from? >> dallas, texas.
5:39 am
pete: where your name? >> brandon until son. pete: why are you proud? >> greatest country in the world. abby: where do they find your music? >> west point that is where you find information about the west pound band. american dream is one much our original songs. search benny havens ban on amazon, itunes, all digital outlets. abby: also on our web as well. pete: two hour show. rock stars, usually with a tank top, they're sweating. after two you guys look perfect. abby: another proud american. anna kooiman is noun in north carolina. anna, what is going on? reporter: abby, good morning to you, everyone at open who.
5:40 am
>> it is all about a brotherhood. all about comradery. not only fun and fellowship and training and skillings. preparing for an emergency. reporter: little bit of history behind this before the technology advanced, this is what people really did with the bucket brigade? >> exactly right. tradition years ago before pumpers and engines. people protected houses with bucket brigade to put the fire out. we still have it in the event. reporter: how do you think i will do? >> you're a north carolina girl. i expect good things. reporter: i don't have any audio. anchors, you do commentary.
5:41 am
you give me the whistle. >> we're getting ready for the command post and midnight alarm event. we'll see how anna does. everybody's ready here. are we ready? [whistle blows] they're off to see who gets fastest with the turnout gear. ♪ pete: if anybody wins the competition, it is anna kooiman. abby: come on, anna. >> she is struggling a little bit.
5:42 am
whichever team fills up the pool fastest is going to win. ♪ [inaudible] okay. directing them to the fire hose. going over to the fire hose. she seems a little bit confused. [shouting] >> chief, what is the hold up? >> go. go. >> oh, boy, oh, boy. she would do a little better if if -- she looks like she is struggling.
5:43 am
we got water flowing. fill these pools up. abby: shows how tough it is to be a firefighter. thinking of sirens going down the street, sounds really loud, think about what they put on, how difficult this job actually is. anna will probably never think about it the same after this. pete: filling the kiddie pool. that is what it is. abby: anna, you are a trooper. she is a fireman. nice work out there. abby: singing every word of "america the beautiful." member of you have to here from inside the white house. pete: west point benny havens
5:44 am
band performs skylight. it is standing tall. for the lowest price on our rooms guaranteed. plus earn free nights and instant rewards at check-in. yeah. like i said. book now at
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abby: if he can help charlie guard for our friends in the uk and pope. we would be delighted to do so. charlie's parents want to bring him to the u.s. for experimental medical treatment but are being blocked by european courts. here is nbc reporter matt bradly's take. >> you can decide this was the president trying to use the grief of two parents and a small babe by for political gain. >> now president trump's former campaign manager corey lewandoski joined us earlier to react.
5:48 am
>> what is amazing. president has a big heart. they should be praising the president for this work right now. it is so disgusting that the media wants to attack him for trying to help save a child's life. what if it was that reporter's child? wouldn't i he want the absolute best care for his child? >> doctors in london want to turn off charlie's support against his parents wishes. embase aing mix-up for grocery giant whole foods. if you recently bought buffalo style chicken style, it is tuna. retailer recalling more than 400 pounds of it. they were sent to stores in new york, new jersey and connecticut. no sparklers for you today. fun police want you to play with pom-poms and bubbles instead. they warn parents about taking part in the 4th of july tradition. blaming sparklers for 900 emergency room visits last year. abby? abby: president trump showing
5:49 am
patriotism for his first 4th of july as commander-in-chief of the white house. >> joining you first ever, 4th of july freedom rally. you shed your blood, bared your soul in defense of our country, our great people and great american flag. abby: shows a great love of country similar to the days of president ronald reagan. here to give us a glimpse of that patriotism, a member of reagan's inner circle. author the book, the president will see you now, former executive president to president reagan, peggy grande. happy 4th of july. >> happy 4th of july. thank you for having me. abby: think about president ronald reagan, as he would listen and sing along to most patriotic songs. you say he was incredibly patriotic, but never more evident than on the 4th of july. take us inside of the white house. >> it was amazing working for
5:50 am
him post-presidency as i did. seeing him behind the scenes when nobody was watching, when cameras weren't rolling to see the man was truly like. what i witnessed the same man you saw in front of the cameras. patriotism, love for the country and pride in the military, he loved our country with every ounce of his being even when the cameras were rolling. abby: what would he mean today to this country? >> i believe he would look at it the same way he did when he left office. he was not looking at it as list of accomplishments, things he had done as president. but really look at what had we done as american people. he was most proud of the fact that we as a people were more proud of ourselves when he left office. we were a beacon of freedom all around the world. we had a strong military. we were strong economically and really took a place of global leadership. i think that is something he would be proud of and would want for america to continue moving into that direction.
5:51 am
abby: that is great message, peggy, thanks for being with us. have a great holiday. >> thank you. happy 4th of july. abby: up next, time to fire up the grill. where is pete? we have tips for perfect burgers and hotdogs. there is pete. eating as always for years i've trained dogs for the marines - like me, some of these dogs have seen many tours of duty. and for the past 15 years i've been a navy federal member. thanks to their fast approval process, when it came time to buy a new car, we got everything we needed to transport my wife's little bundle of joy... ... who i just adore. open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union.
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♪ clayton: americans are firing up the grill. abby: crew from phil leonards with steps to make -- tips to make all of us brewmasters. pete: stu leonard, jr. we're ending the show the way america starts the day at the grill. tell us what we have, chef. >> what we got? we have small lobsters.
5:55 am
abby: those are cute. >> and we have tiny little stakes. clayton: like "the flinstones" steaks. how do you cook seafood on the drill. how difficult is that? >> it is not that difficult. take out fear you're putting something unusual on the drill. they may take a little longer. high heat is really great for it pete: how long do you keep it on there you? can't crack it or check it? >> you can look at juices. use a thermometer in the safe zone. it works. abby: chicken and burgers and steaks how do you cook them out differently to get it perfect? >> one at a time. >> you're starting out, start with this. medium rare. clayton: when you have that pliability, that is medium rare. >> when you have --
5:56 am
pete: ever order well-done steak from you. >> one time. i tell them here's the grill. you can cook it. abby: corn, because that is one of my favorites on the 4th of july. how do you grill corn? >> olive oil, salt, pepper. get a little color. it is fine. >> two, three minutes. you're good. clayton: what about cheeseburger? >> five or six minutes. >> just did those. you want to grab one of these? take that claw there. clayton: what do i do with this? abby: how many can that serve? how many people? clayton: "fox & friends" ends moments away. we'll be right back.
5:57 am
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... >> happy america.
6:00 am
we are there from all over the u.s. we love having them celebrate with us this money. pete, show eyes. >> look at this cupcake! this is a cheeseburger cupcake. >> eric: and we begin with a fox news alert. north korea firing another missile into the sea of japan, but they say this could be a game changer. expert fear that kim jong un could hit alaska. he is claiming that is a first test of a icbm, but that is not confirmed by experts. happy fourth, everybody. it is independence day, and i am eric shawn. >> bill and shannon are enjoying the holiday summer. this was airborne for 37 minutes. longest of any missile to date. christ 40 miles outside into


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