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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 4, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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on the international space station. flying through space at 17,000 miles an hour. the great thing about this, they actually had a plan to bring those outfits. >> they did not set up any fireworks ably. with that, we'll see you in an hour. ♪ spilled we hope you're having a wonderful for the delay. i am smith, meghan mccain, lisa kennedy herself is here. melissa francis, and today's #oneluckyguy, the executive producer of "eyeless in the morning." bernie mcguirk, and he is outnumbered. >> bernie: happy holidays but i love spending it with you ladies. it is glorious. >> meghan: you are our go to #oneluckyguy.
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>> sandra: holidays with bernie. memorial day. >> bernie: labor day a matter fact. spell before you fire up the girl, thank you for joining us in the hour. no holiday for the democrats, however, they plan to keep up their plan with the g.o.p. health care bill through the july 4th break. in fact, a summer of heated protests like we've seen in recent days and capitol hill is being planned against republican lawmakers, unless they already have clashes with police over the efforts to stop g.o.p. reform of obamacare. one leading organizer has issued a new toolkit to guide protesters on how to conduct a sit in congressional offices, that could last a very long tim time. this comes as congress grapples with how to handle security for members in the wake of the recent baseball park shooting. their hero, bernie sanders, spoke about the need to resist. >> we have to stand up and fight. we have to be involved in the political process in a way that we have never been before.
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what is happening in washington is unprecedented. think big. get involved in any way that you can. rally the american people. this is an extraordinary unpopular bill. >> sandra: formal new york city mayor, bloomberg, opening up his deep wallet to help america's wallet resist. the billionaire millionaire tycoon plans to shower $200 million on liberal initiatives on the local level, that are at odds with the top administration policies like climate change, gun control, and immigration. in the wake of this baseball practice shooting, bernie, we would have this moment at least for a while, it seem like it was gone. >> bernie: you would've thought. we go right back to the sword losing come of the whining, and the apocalyptic rhetoric out there. you know, who should lead the resistance? the brand-new, young, tribesmen from georgia.
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no, wait, he did not win. keep doing what you are doing. it's fantastic. the stock market is record high. unemployment is low. everything is good in the middle east. neil gossage is beautiful. the winning is continuing, and these guys -- feeling the picture is not all rosy for republicans, but you point out the recent losses. why are they sticking to that resist reggie's? >> meghan: for the july is a time when we should be patriotic, and i'm offended at the idea that people will be spending that we can protesting. what makes america already grateful for mr. trump and after mr. trump? bloomberg in particular, i'm fascinated by he's going to send $200 million going against a republican president, and i always think that there are bunch of billionaires out there, mark cuban, i was a mayor bloomberg, they are angry that president trumpet beat them at their own game. i have millions of dollars too.
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i could be present as well. >> kennedy: that's exactly right. mike bloomberg -- a lot of people at sour grapes about the election, because there are sore losers out there, hillary clinton has been leading the charge. mike bloomberg is so politically gives a frantic. here's a guy, democrat, republican, independent, nobody really knows, and he almost lost a bid in 2016 to run as an independent, and he is just bitter that he did not run. he thinks he could have one. he hates that donald trump got the attention, got the nomination, now he is president. >> melissa: i think they're jealous that he is ruining it for the next billionaire. he got out there, he won, he is terrible, they're jealous that he is not in there himself, and he beat them to the punch. i do like that mayor bloomberg is spending his own money though. i would say, if they want to raise the taxes on all the rest of us. nobody can afford to. everybody is working really hard. it is these business billionaires that are liberal, and everybody should be spending
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more of their money at washington. instead of getting all of us to send our money, they need to send their money. michael bloomberg is at least spending whenever it is. send your check to washington. nobody is stopping you. as much taxes as you want. >> sandra: is there some concern, burning, that is so fresh the shooting at the baseball field. is this encouraging negative rhetoric again? is it encouraging acts of violence or warnings about these protests that could turn violent? >> bernie: you would've thought there was some -- bernie sanders himself before the shooting, he was on the rachel maddow show in march, and he said the goal is to instill fear in these congressman's securities at these town hall meetings. he actually said that. apparently, even when he said on the day the shooting on the senate floor was a good thing. his goal is to have these congressman and senators and people be afraid for their lives, because he said as much on the rachel maddow show.
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he said it. >> kennedy: to that point, talking about the people who are trying to agitate and jostle protesters, why not put in your toolkit how to run for office. if you want to make changes, and if you really want to sort of sculpt the future of this country, you do not do it by having a sit in. it may be a good feel good exercise, and i am all for people to write to protest. before i saw a yoga summit for resistance. that's a really good idea. doing yoga and brooklyn will help you win elections, guys, moving forward. >> kennedy: i will say, i think of the enforcement officials that will have to covet over the for the joy we can. >> meghan: they should be spending it with their families and the freedom, and they are forcing them to work and cover this, it is really unpatriotic. we have to move on. >> kennedy: unless they like the overtime plan? there's that.
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before meantime, some liberals are putting the idea of bernie sanders making another presidential run on the democratic ticket in 2020 as the party considers its forward. better sanders fans have been pushing for. one democratic tribesmen put jumping on board the idea same, absolutely he should run again. if you look at it on the perspective of anyone in the past, it becomes that close to the nomination, they almost needed him as a de facto nominee lesson. i don't think he should be anointed. we should not make the mistake of 2016 again, but he should run again. other potential candidates like elizabeth warren may not be so quick to step aside, and sanders who turn 79. he's going to turn 79. i'm not people who are cool about my father's age, and who is younger than bernie sanders but i don't care about his age, but we cannot pretend that would not be a factor to think he would run again. >> bernie: i think it might
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come up because they don't have anyone else really. elizabeth warren, forget about it. she turned a lot of people off and she campaigned for hillary. he will be 79 in september. he may need a rascal scooter. >> melissa: like that. he may need it. >> bernie: president of the united states with the first lady. that's a problem. >> bernie: >> meghan: can use l? >> bernie: jane sanders was a president of a college, and got loans and financial fraud, and he made of interceded on her behalf. he may be on the hook too. >> kennedy: are you scarcely defending her? i think he is getting in. i think joe biden is getting in. i don't think i'd be surprised if hillary will be also. i think they all get in, because age is no longer a factor. so is the american people, any rational thought, but none of
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that seems to apply to her. >> sandra: i think sanders could be danger -- more dangerous than anyone things. he did better than anyone thought. at first, we are talking that quentin had picked him and for all we know, they did take them, because they thought he would be weak, but nobody thought donald trump would win either. you underestimate what a groundswell gets rolling among dissatisfied people. i don't know. >> kennedy: and there is no lack of adoration. it continues to grow. the party still moves left. >> meghan: he is statistically the most popular politician, which was at i was actually shocked. i am still shocked. i don't pretend to understand. >> bernie: let's face it. he is still a socialist. he's a crackpot. he had his honeymoon in the soviet union peered all those things are liable. he never got the nomination and we will hear more about that. >> sandra: you let off talk about the stock market and all-time high. the situation with the economy
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make a big difference, if bernie sanders would make a run if we are still seen this boom that we are in the stock market? unemployment has been dropping. >> bernie: he is the one guy who could appeal to the former obama voters who voted for trump. he could be the guy appeal to them. as long as trump keeps the economy sailing, why change it if it's opera? >> kennedy: he was not bedded. once you make it it's nice to have the honeymoon. have a time and time again to howard dean. i can name many elected politicians, who have these honeymoon peers. if you were to be the nominee, it would deftly be a game on like donkey kong. everything in his path, including his wife, jane sanders. >> bernie: including the things he wrote in his 20s. really disgusting stuff. >> sandra: the bernie-commune?
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that's the most interesting stuff he has ever written. >> kennedy: i don't know what that means. >> melissa: what would be the new slogan be? burned up, baby burn? >> bernie: get a hold on the old. i don't know. [laughter] what is very depressing and if you are a young democrat, which i do know some young democrats, there really isn't some more oxygen in new people. they were hoping -- -- >> meghan: a 30-year-old documentary filmmaker and his own district is not the answer. >> kennedy: avicenna, but the democrats were hoping. they were hoping establishment democrats when it hit, his young face. he's a dime a dozen, right? >> melissa: he had no political background. there's a million guys like him that they could recruit. let's not pretend his talent got
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in there. before he was in the right time in the right district. >> bernie: there was a referendum on trump, and trump won. >> meghan: glad to have you here, bernie. democrat is at his odds with their message strategy. should they bang the drum over the russia investigation, or spotlight their own agenda and have a message to the middle class pay republican voters in droves to carry the victory in georgia. in the special election. they are 0 for 4 in recent elections, and is that a sign in the '18 midterms? for years i've trained dogs for the marines - like me, some of these dogs have seen many tours of duty. and for the past 15 years i've been a navy federal member.
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and you can only stream on two devices at once. this is fun, we're having fun. yeah, we are. no, you're not jimmy. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. xfinity gives you more to stream to more screens. ♪ >> sandra: some democrats at odds over the party's messaging system. they're begging their colleagues to stop talking about the trump administration ties to russia, saying that is not what your borders care about. democratic congressman peter welch same, we should be focused relentlessly on improvement, and not just piling on the criticism of trump. we are much better off if we just do the hard work of coming up with an agenda. talk about trump and russia does not create an agenda. others argue, the party has no
9:17 am
choice but to seat on the issue. democratic strategist jesse ferguson same, democrats are not driving this. reality is driving it, and trump twitter is germany. we better not fall asleep. >> kennedy: i think a lot of people are falling asleep, because it is incredibly boring. tim robin of ohio point out, people in his district, they want to talk about jobs. they want to talk about health care, they want to talk about why they cannot put their kids through college and not russian collusion. >> bernie: and to mention the fact that there is nothing there, al capone's vault. they suffered a credibility crisis. to put all their eggs in the collusion basket, and it came up a goose or whatever. two to an extent, in a naturalid naturalized -- it is hurting their current ability. the mikey been whining about
9:18 am
russia, continue. it's a disaster for you. >> meghan: when you have people on media getting caught on tape saying that russia is not that big of a deal, and nothing burger. i'm not going to say much. when you have people like that that's in russia and all of the conspiracies going around, ended up being so far nothing, and you still have people and other cable news network's focus on it every day, had to send a message to democrats that, this is not what the american public wants to talk about. if you keep assessing, it will only hurt them. >> melissa: if they were to do some soul-searching as many say they do, democrats, if they look at the economy, that's a tough one, right? how do they combat president trump? really back regulation and wanted to lower taxes. creating a family business environment? >> melissa: and outthink the
9:19 am
they're mechanized that is the problem. they switch all the spots. all the wealthy ceos, elite, all of a sudden become super liberal. at the other hand, people who are getting stuff from the government, democrats, because it is in the best interest, that giant middle of working people with the job who are trying to get by day by day, who are trying to build a better life, put the kids to school. they pretty much care exclusively about the economy. the other stuff is meaningful, but the economy and health care, this is their day to day concern. democrats do not have a message. >> kennedy: day and even trying. something about that point. they have not been served by identity politics. the fact that democrats cannot figure out how to talk about the bottom line, which this should be a natural issue for them. there are a lot a populace solutions that should fall squarely into laps, and they are not taking advantage of that, and they cannot understand why they are losing? >> meghan: they have a disdain
9:20 am
for the middle of the country. i had a conversation a week ago talking to a friend of mine, who was talk about that talent in the democratic party that they want. bernie sanders, elizabeth warren. that's great. if you do not care about all the people that donald trump just won and won over. if you're never going to care about coal miners and people making under 40,000 a year, that is great candidates for you. if you want to be the party of the coast. be the party of nancy pelosi. these are people perfect for you. there are people outside silicon valley, new york city, in the middle of the country, who do care about jobs and terrorism, you're going to end up just like that. they aren't going to listen to me. >> bernie: speaking of russia, ironically, people seem to be on the hook like loretta lynch, even president obama, bill and hillary clinton susan rice. maybe robert moeller is going to
9:21 am
subpoenaing and indicting them. trump is an innocent man, it went nowhere, and the credibility is gone. >> kennedy: that bernie is such a firecracker. speaking of the midterms, the democrats are 0 for 4 in special elections as a seat to retake the house. let's see the posters and their latest loss, that should have the dems reaching for the tums. we are very patriotic. this is "outnumbered" ." ♪ at panera, a salad is so much more than one thing. more than one flavor, or texture, or color.
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i get to be present and enjoy what i love. this is my pain. but i am stronger. aleve. all day strong. all day long. ♪ >> sandra: it has been a rough go poor democrats and recent special elections, despite them spending millions in a suburban atlanta grace. karen handel against jon ossoff, the loss in the each state
9:26 am
making them 0 for 4 industry special elections. this as many pollster assumed jon ossoff would be the winner astonished at the surge that put karen handel over the tap. meantime, they're hopeful they can make gains that are not as read. right now, the balance of power in the house at 241 republicans republicans-231. they would need 24 seats to retake the majority. i'm to say. there's a lot of seats. >> kennedy: it is like an empty stadium. >> melissa: they are obviously hopeful that cities our last read, they can have a better turnout and crush their hopes, and heading into the elections. will they see more success? >> kennedy: democrats? not at the rate they are going. people are peeling off from parties left and right, and when it is not a presidential
9:27 am
cyclical, i think democrats are pinning their hopes on a big anti-trump movement, it has not told lies. if obamacare absolutely collapses and there is no republican alternative, then democrats will have to answer for that. they've been praying for this senatorial failure of the latest version of the health care bill, and if they don't get that, in the markets employed, then democrats are in some real trouble, especially if the president can have some big legislative wins before the end. >> bernie: i could not agree more. especially with the senate health care bill. i think, yes, they should let it go, and has other headset early on, let obamacare run its course and they would be on the hook for that. they would suffer in the 2018 elections, as it should be. otherwise, i say repeal the whole thing and revamp it. i don't think they have the time. they don't know what they are
9:28 am
doing. this repeal, the senate bill, is a mismatch of nonsense. it makes no sense. more obamacare is what it is. that would hurt the republicans, but if they let it -- don't get it done and let obamacare remain in existence, they will be in trouble. >> sandra: that is true for sure. one interesting thing we saw in the georgia race was this idea that all the money that went in on the democratic side benefited that republicans in a lot of ways, because they just raised awareness about the election. as much as it fired democrats up, and they push their candidates, it seemed like, and i've seen a lot of analysis, it also fired up republicans to show up for their candidate. that is something they did not plan on. so much money would actually backfire, and literally work against them. i wonder if that continues into the snack cycle, and i wonder how you factor that in. do you run your race really quietly? [laughter] >> meghan: it's a great point. democrats nationalize
9:29 am
everything. yet samuel l. jackson making calls. celebrities all over twitter. raising money. it really backfired for democrats, because it shows the american people, average americans, they don't want to be lectured to by hollywood. they don't want to be lectured to by samuel jackson. you don't live in our district or know the problems. >> bernie: nobody cares i'll sarah silverman. >> kennedy: international race, it did not matter. it affected hillary clint's operation, all this money in the ground game, everything else. it did not amount to anything. if i were in that district, i would be really resentful. i would turn to the candidate who knows my issues. the fact that it turned into a national race for the people who live in the six district of georgia. >> sandra: how do the president's approval rating going to this? where will lessen voters? >> bernie: barring any unforeseen or cataclysmic event,
9:30 am
i will assume it arises. i am on the for sure. the gorusch thing was a gem. drawing from in the paris accords. brilliant move. the stock market, unemployment. they'll creep up. when you see those approval ratings, they are at a certain number factoring five more points. just like the election. they had them at a certain level, and of course, the polls were wrong. he was actually at a higher level. you can do the same for him here. >> sandra: we will leave that there. one high school teacher forcible a realist after parent said the reading list was to conservative. is that trend from college is moving to schools? the one dead establishing on smartphone sales to children. is it the government's responsibility to monitor kids
9:31 am
use of smartphones? is it the parents? i think kennedy has an answer for that. we will debate that. ♪ dad forgot how to brush his teeth. (woman vo) my husband didn't recognize our grandson. (woman 2 vo) that's when moderate alzheimer's made me a caregiver. (avo) if their alzheimer's is getting worse, ask about once-a-day namzaric. namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease in patients taking donepezil. namzaric may improve cognition and overall function, and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. namzaric does not change the underlying disease progression. don't take if allergic to memantine, donepezil, piperidine, or any of the ingredients in namzaric. tell the doctor about any conditions; including heart, lung, bladder, kidney or liver problems, seizures, stomach ulcers, or procedures with anesthesia. serious side effects may occur, including muscle problems if given anesthesia; slow heartbeat, fainting, more stomach acid which may lead to ulcers and bleeding; nausea, vomiting, difficulty urinating, seizures, and worsening of lung problems.
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ask your doctor about victoza®. ♪ >> sandra: most middle school age kids will have a reading assignment, but not if they are in gene ponder's class in alabama. that's right. high school teacher, gene ponder reading list cap next. on it, books by conservative diggers, including ron paul, ankle ta, and ronald reagan. including this. retweet if you agree that this propaganda is not okay. as a result the school had to say, gene ponder's list that is going on at social media has not been endorsed by the school system. it has been removed by the teacher. public schools have a process to vet and remove list and a bunch
9:36 am
of resources are used. i expect all employees to follow our thought policies. pertinent ap class and politics. >> bernie: i don't think political books should be assigned. i wouldn't want them assigning books by michael moore or rachel maddow or someone or elizabeth warren. i think they should first of all make them read papers. newspapers. be informed. have the kids don't even know how many senators there are in the country, that kind of thing. this is to advance. my friend is on that list. mark levin, make them read les miserables. great expectations. >> kennedy: i have karl marx, for kids but i don't agree with anything those two had to say about economics. i don't think they should have -- >> melissa: there can be
9:37 am
embracing -- they see their parents pay taxes, and they know what they can buy with that money if i wasn't sending it to the government. they're very clear on the evil of taxation. i don't think there's any problem with letting kids read up both sides. you can read fiery things. you had to be to challenge your mind and think about the other side. >> kennedy: i know. they don't do it in college. they don't do that simple basic thing you're talking about but you know what, to the point of the story, this is not necessarily about gene ponder's reading list, and yes and big hopes and james. this is about school choice. parents no longer have school choice. if you read that statement, the school assessment program -- gene ponder -- no, it is not about the bureaucratic forcing people into one box and parents should have the right to send their kids to a school day aligned their ideals.
9:38 am
>> sandra: they should learn by low, sell high, basic economics, and how they play a part in previous administration. that would be helpful. that would be good. >> bernie: you have to get them hooked on reading. they're knocking to get hooked on reading by reading and coulter or michael savage. they have to read the classics. learn to read, and write, instead of being bogged down with partisan stuff. it's just wrong. it is summer reading. >> meghan: and are ways to communicate to young people about conservative politics that is not using politicians or ideological personalities. i think this could have a negative effect. we already have a hard enough time getting young people to come to the table and conservative beliefs, because they are being indoctrinated by liberal professors and teachers, but i would make the argument that this -- if it was like, meghan mccain, come up with the syllabus to help teenagers understand why you believe what you believe. and coulter will not be on that list.
9:39 am
i think you have to make them understand the principles, for which we believe what we believe instead of focusing on personalities. >> kennedy: i would love a liberty bay school. i actually would. that would be fantastic. >> sandra: so if your daughter was assigned liberal, savage solutions. >> kennedy: that's the name of his book. [laughter] economy security. if my kids were reading those, i would be delighted. if there was an elementary school for some of those books. ayn rand. we don't need that. >> melissa: i think the academic readers can be boring. >> kennedy: when you get into marx, and cain, and if you get into the fiery reddick on both sides, you get kids engaged. >> meghan: juergen have the and coulter school --
9:40 am
spill we have to move on pier one colorado dad is drafting an initiative to have a limit on smartphone sales to children. his youngest son should get phone, they became assessed with it. the summary of the measure reading apart, initiative to have retailers stop sales of smartphones to kids under the age of 13 or anyone who indicates that the smartphone will be wholly or partially owned by a person under the age of 13. critics argue, parents should be responsible for the children to eat use of technology, not government. one state senator saint, frankly, i think it should remain a family member. i know there has been different proposals and the internet putting focus on websites that put kids at risk. ultimately, this comes down to parents, making sure the kids are now putting themselves at risk. i know you totally agree with all that. kennedy! >> kennedy: some kids live in places where they have to communicate with their children, and one thing about technology which escapes the authors,
9:41 am
parents can put controls on phones. we know this, because her oldest daughter has to have a smartphone. based on where she goes to school and where she is after school. you have to be able to know where your kids are, and if you go into an at&t store in colorado, and they say you cannot buy a phone if it's for your child, then lie. say it is for you. it is up to the parent. it's not up to the state. sometimes, parents just have to know, and they are the ones i can put the controls on the phones. that is what technology companies allow them to do. >> melissa: i think some guidelines are needed. >> kennedy: from the government? >> melissa: some parents i know, i will confess, it is a huge concern. you do see the kids are drawn to it. at age one or two, they start wanting to get on these things. it's a reality of our lives. since in front of all of us. i don't know about you, but i see her on it consciously, try to see what's good, was bad, if any. >> kennedy: that's why you control the apps on it. >> sandra: what if the parents e
9:42 am
it's a problem? they need somebody, the government is knocking to make limits. i'm not talking about laws. will you listen to me? >> sandra: you are saying the government -- >> kennedy: i think some information would be helpful. >> bernie: this illustrates the difficulty on top of it, because they are affecting kids in insidious ways that we do not understand you. kids in the 20s, there is no study, apprehensive studies don done. i agree, the government should not allowed to buy alcohol or drugs before they are 18, so in principle, the government does serve a useful purpose and essence. as you point out, kids might needed to communicate with the parents. it is a tough issue. still, it is very addictive. >> kennedy: if you do not like it, get your kid out a foot ph.
9:43 am
>> melissa: some say it is more addictive than the two drugs you mention. >> sandra: i am the arbiter and can do the research. when you look in and get into it, and your kids get a little bigger, and you see them with income i feel like you can decide. i loved it when they outlawed a hoverboard in new york city, because i could say to my kids, sorry. >> kennedy: then what happened in florida? >> melissa: then i can say to my mother law, sorry. they have to stay down there in florida. >> meghan: i will say, i don't have a memory because i was 11 without a phone for the same reason. if i wanted to go hang out with my friends, my mother was also a helicopter parent who is worried i would get smashed. she gave me a phone to call her to tell her where i was coming i do think parents can have control, and i think there is -- i don't mean this disrespectfully because i don't have children, but i think we take internet, the presence of
9:44 am
internet and smartphones to this dark, dystopian place, and it is a positive attribute. safety and knowing where your children are, i think i am in the same camp as kennedy, but i think it's up to the parents. >> sandra: they can roam around on youtube. three kids, you don't let them have a smartphone, because they are 14. >> meghan: i do not have children. spent present comp continued to make research shows that americans are behind him pushing his agenda. on this july 4th a magazine listing it's 100 reasons. one of those reasons just may be sitting on the couch. she looks gorgeous. details ahead. >> meghan: sucks, guys what's that?
9:45 am
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9:49 am
print when 9/11 happened, and we are at a point where we did not know if they're going to send us to afghanistan to a new war, or send us back home as part of our rotation. we ended up fine to virginia beach where we landed, diving on the streets in america for the first time, seeing the flags on every house, every street down independence boulevard, shore drive, that's when i realize, i'm going to reenlist and fight for this country. >> share your pride on facebook, twitter, and instagram. #proudamerican. ♪ >> sandra: president trump has made america first the centerpiece of his foreign and domestic agenda. a recent survey sows that most america support the message when it comes to foreign policy and national security. 66% approve of putting america first. when asked if the government should have a buy america policy, 74% say yes, while 26%
9:50 am
support seeking the lowest price. to that end, the president has already found an executive order requiring agencies to buy more goods and services from u.s. companies and workers, and while we have seemed to make usa stickers that show a product was manufactured here, now in atlanta firm is going further, launching a new america first certification program. it lets businesses certify that they buy, hire, and source american, using specific metrics. what he think about this, kennedy? >> kennedy: i think american companies are great. i support american manufacturers, but unrealistic to have all american parts, especially if you make things like computers, or snowboards. the rest of it, i do. i am very proud american, and my family does engage in manufacturing. >> melissa: there's another piece to this. you want america to buy american, but you want to create a is this climate.
9:51 am
for it to push that agenda and promise in kim jong president s place. if it was cheaper and more efficient, and the labor wasn't so expensive, because right now, so many companies have to go outside of this country to make those products at a decent price. doesn't the environment have everything to do with this? >> bernie: i would say, yes. it has a lot to do with it. just generally speaking, the phrase, america first. what is the alternative? america fourth, fifth? >> sandra: a global citizen? >> meghan: any time someone says, i don't want to hang out with them or drink to that. there really, obviously exactions. when people say that, i am such a proud american cut. i'm not a globalist. america first. we are all american. i hate that. i'm sorry. i'm not threatening you, meliss melissa. >> melissa: i was not
9:52 am
saying -- >> bernie: there saint romania third, first. of course. they want to be first. the phrase has tarnished in the beginning of world war ii. because of the anti-semitic overtones. look. how can you be a beacon if you're like don't sign. it has to be a great country, so we can be that beacon. we had to take care of ourselves. the rest of the world, the iraq war pier look at how we left. we slunk out of it. we had to march out. with our rearguard. they were thanking us. they did not care. america first. >> sandra: it is interesting to see how much of change. >> melissa: american exceptionalism was a concept i was taught in social studies when i was young, and went through how it manifest destiny, and the overtime, that has taken up a very negative undertone in academic circles, and then you have president obama in the last administration really denouncing that idea, right kennedy?
9:53 am
>> kennedy: he was also an apologist for this country. almost despised the constitutio constitution. it is interesting, because i was talking to a woman in colorado at a leadership program, and she wants to bring back the idea of civics, elementary school, and in high school, because as something we really lost touch with. engaging with your community. being proud of where you live. not only locally, but in this country. i think that is wonderful. >> sandra: and on this july 4th, the new issue of "people" magazine. lists 100 reasons to love america. just a few on that list, doughnuts. the store, home goods, and of course the chicago cubs. what caught our eye is meghan mccain making that list. [cheers and applause] the cohost of fox news channel, "outnumbered" ," freedom, the mn and women who serve in the men.
9:54 am
touching music. grand canyon. blackjack. in las vegas, and barbecue. >> meghan: 28. i have to tell you all the things that ever happened to me. this is one of the colas. thank you. i love america so much. i have a giant flag in my apartment. i love america. i love the men and women in the military. it is just a total honor, and i love the fourth of july, we should really celebrate the greatest country in the history, and what an amazing thing. >> melissa: and you have a need perspective coming up in a political family. my whole family is hyper patriotic. we should all have kentucky bourbon at her house. >> sandra: blackjack, kentucky bourbon? those are all fantastic. >> meghan: give a favorite thing about america? >> sandra: freedom. >> bernie: how about beer, fireworks, and beaches on this fourth of july?
9:55 am
this glorious fourth of july. the military of course. if you are born in this country. you walk into any supermarket, the abundance of food. people take it for granted how lucky we are. how blessed we are. in the history of civilization. this country is the best of the best. we should be grateful. you have nothing to do with where you're born. what family are born into. >> sandra: to be born into this country, where no matter what anyone has to say, there is so much opportunity, and there's so much opportunity if you just work for, and you go out. it is overwhelming, and it's humbling. >> sandra: i love our military. >> kennedy: i think for my dad. freedom of religion. freedom of speech here we talk about so much on the scotch. the ability to start a business. it's unbelievable. >> meghan: i love the politics. i love the democracy in our process is the coolest thing to
9:56 am
watch. we all have a front seat to history. i know last year were completely turbulent and the election cycle. it's all fascinating, and the american public does have a voice in this country. you really do get to dictate who leaves our country and why, and that is a very unusual. if you are more engaged than ever. >> bernie: and the most beautiful women in the world. >> sandra: bernie! speed 26, thank you for joining us. get some rest. we will be back on tomorrow. very happy the fourth of july to you and yours. they give or join us there will) be back here tomorrow, noon eastern. we will see you then. this is a different breed of nutrition. purina one, true instinct.
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use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief. >> molly: a fox news alert. eyes wide open in washington as they are keeping close watch over our allies in the specific and analyze north korea's latest missile test. welcome to the second hour of "happening now." i am molly line very happy fourth of july. >> leland: no coincidence that this happened on july 4th. i am leland vittert in four jon scott. the regime says that launch was a first for the nation, intercontinental ballistic missile they claim can strike anywhere and anyone in the world. this was the announcement on north korean state television. in china china and russia are proposing ideal to try to smooth over rising tensions in t


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