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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 4, 2017 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief. >> molly: a fox news alert. eyes wide open in washington as they are keeping close watch over our allies in the specific and analyze north korea's latest missile test. welcome to the second hour of "happening now." i am molly line very happy fourth of july. >> leland: no coincidence that this happened on july 4th. i am leland vittert in four jon scott. the regime says that launch was a first for the nation, intercontinental ballistic missile they claim can strike anywhere and anyone in the world. this was the announcement on north korean state television. in china china and russia are proposing ideal to try to smooth over rising tensions in the region.
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we told lucas thomas and life in the pentagon. lucas, we heard the claim last night from the north koreans about this icbm. what is the pentagon same? >> good afternoon. u.s. officials are now confirming that north korea successfully tested for the first time a long-range , or icbm, capable of hitting alaska, something officials have long feared. >> is much more immediate now. it is clear, we cannot repeat the same approach, failed reproach of the past paired the president has directed us to not do that. to prepare a range of options, including a military option, which nobody wants to take, right >> the pentagon saying this latest missile can travel over 4,000 miles. north korea uses a much higher trajectory that a real-world lunch, which top officials say came can threaten united states. >> in my view, it's a matter of
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time. they are demonstrating capability, range, altitude, and capacity. we have to assume that the capability to today to attack the united states. >> in may, the u.s. missile defense agency shut down and icbm in outer space in an attempt to see if they could take on a rug missile. a long-range missile from the marshall islands in the pacific was successfully intercepted from the vanderburgh if space in california. it showed for the first time since the 1990s, the pentagon ordered to strike groups off the coast last night. leon panetta said there are other options as well. >> we do have covert capabilities. i think it would be wise for the united states to use those covert capabilities as a way to continue to undermine the north korean government. >> the top administration is now
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weighed the next steps and options to deal with long-range missiles. >> leland: a moment in time indeed. lucas thomason, thank you. molly has more from the administration. >> molly: the escalation by north korea. a top priority for president trump as he attends his first g20 summit. this week in germany. the other will be his first face-to-face meeting with the russian president, vladimir putin. the present will also pay a visit to poland, where there looking for reassurance from the alliance in moscow. speak out the fact that president trump has his own forces here in poland, and thats invested more, financial deals in the security of our region and he prolongs the financial support for this presence of the troops in poland. more than was intended previously. for sure is in poland.
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kristin, how is the present respond? >> molly: molly, president trump is really responded by putting a lot of pressure on north korea's neighbors, and he is going to be meeting with a lot of the leaders at the g20 summit later this week. let's take a look at what president trump said today on twitter. he said, north korea has just launched another missile. does this guy have anything better to do with his life? hard to believe that south korea and korea put up with this. maybe china will put a heavy move and end this once and for all. president trump had said repeatedly that the time for strategic patients is over. the problem is that when it comes to north korea, there are no good options. repeatedly by many experts and many folks within the trump administration as well. >> molly: highly anticipated meetings, what you expect to highlight in a second for trip? >> i think he can expect to see
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two big moments out of this trip. the first is going to take place on thursday here in poland, when present trumps speaks directly to a big crowd of polish people. he's going to be speaking in an outdoor square. the same square that was used, really as a center for the uprising against occupation back in 1944. they'll be a big moment. and then the other big moment will take place on friday at the g20 summit in germany. the first face-to-face meeting between russian president, vladimir putin, and president trump. the problem facing president trump is that both those audiences want to totally different things. poland sits right on the border with russia. it is very of moscow. they want the president to really reconfirm its commitment to nato. especially the alliance and build up in eastern europe, which ramped up after russia backed forces invaded ukraine. they are currently on the ground there. on the other hand,
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vladimir putin want the opposite. >> trump has to choose to some extent. he has to choose whether he is going to prioritize the nato alliance. transatlantic security and standing with european countries to deter russia, or prioritize improved relations with russia. >> when president trump lancer in poland, tomorrow night, he will receive a much warmer welcome than the one he receives in germany. poland, like the u.s., is now run by conservative government that has stricter immigration policies in many environmental regulations. it's also one of the few nato allies to meet his commitment to spend about 2% of its gdp on defense. there's a lot of similarities between the trump administration and the polish government. the question is, will they differ on the one issue that matters most. russett. molly? >> molly: it will be
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fascinating to see what kind of reception they get. kristin fisher from poland. thank you. >> leland: more on this with rick grenell, former advisor to ambassadors to the message. thank you, rick. >> u2, leland. >> leland: we will start with russia and vladimir putin. i north korea. for months now, the time for strategic patients is over. he's been talking a tough game. the north koreans continue to fire missiles and prepare for nuclear attacks. is there a time for the united states to make them pay a price for this? look. this is their 11th test this year. we must take them seriously. their goal is to take a nuclear tip missile, launching into space, control it, remotely, and explode it on command.
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we have to take that very seriously, because they've been looking at the different pieces, and getting closer on every one of these. the latest test means they can't launch it into space like they did before, which means, they can go farther and have -- utilize energies. >> leland: i understand, rick. we know those facts bear the question is, clearly what this administration is doing to put pressure on the north koreans is not working. to your point. they keep launching missiles. the key preparing for nuclear test. what do you do now? how do you change the dynamic in the decision-making for kim jong un? >> i was getting to that. what i want to set up is the very serious nature of this. what we have to do is take them very seriously. therefore, we need to have diplomacy with muscle. we know we have a credible threat of military action. as a diplomat, i am somebody who believes in diplomacy with muscle. we have a lot more to do when it
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comes to the diplomatic maneuverings. we haven't yet put in serious sanctions on any country that is doing business with north korea. that includes china. they are banking sanctions. their oil sanctions with other countries involved. we are giving foreign aid to some countries in africa, who continue to do business with north korea. there's a whole bunch on the table if we calculate that this is a serious threat. if we do calculate it, then we should take serious action. >> leland: nu laid out why it is. recent polling shows, 56% of americans say, the president is not being tough enough i north korea. you just laid out a number of viable options that the president can order essentially unilaterally when it comes to the sanctions. why has it not taken them, and what is holding him back now? first look, if if we were going
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to do for policy by polling, we are down a long road. hillary clinton would have won. i'm not can make decisions according to polling. and what americans are going to think about whether or not the president is making the right decisions. this is a very complicated issue. what i think we need to do is let diplomacy with muscle take hold, which is not happened. again, i go back to the fact that on the table, we still have not put serious sanctions, and that means sanctions on china. >> leland: we have not done this, and i know you are close to the administration. the question is, why haven't we done it? why not the administration taken the steps, and is it time for them to take the steps, they just laid out? >> i think they should be done immediately. you can ask a trump spokesman on that. the fact is, if you want to avoid war? , you have to have diplomacy with muscle.
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i would suggest that we put very tough sanctions, go after banking sanctions immediately, with any country that is doing business with north korea. that would grab the country's attention, and the calculus will be different. >> leland: as you pointed out, you make it clear that the decision to do business is a decision to not do business with america. that would be a big change in u.s. foreign policy. i appreciate your time. enjoy the rest of your for the joy. thank you. >> molly: president trump promised to make america's voting system was free of fraud, but so far, dozens of states are ignoring requests from the government looking into this problem. why? congress is out for the holiday, but there is no break in the battle for health care. what are the options now being considered? we will discuss. (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow?
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>> leland: since president trump took office, targeted immigration arrests are way up in san diego, having more than doubled since the president signed his executive order back in january. that order gave agents broader authority to make arrests. according to ice, here's the data. through february and may, they have made 547 arrests, compared to 242 arrests in the same time frame just a year ago. >> molly: the trump administration voter fraud committee led by kris kobach has requested voter information from all 50 states. now, it's been reported that only 41 states are refusing to reply with that inquiry. ed henry is live in washington. ed, why are so many of the states balking at turning over this data? >> molly, they claim to have privacy concerns, but the white house clearly not happy with that excuse, because
10:16 am
officials there say, the data will be protected since it is a bipartisan commission overseen by the vice president, and it's largely asking for publicly available data information, and it will protect more sensitive like social security number. aides are wondering if democrats are actually concerned they will find fraud, and i will raise doubts about hillary clinton winning the popular vote. democrats are worried that they will find anything to back up the president's allegations of voting fraud. meanwhile, you mentioned some of these officials involved in the commission. they are reaching out to various states. the secretary of state in connecticut, said she's not turning over the data. >> i am not interested in handing over the voter role of connecticut to admission whose authority is still a question. i want to make sure, if i do
10:17 am
anything, is to protect the privacy of the citizens of our state, and that is my responsibility. >> they have a deadline of next week to turn over the voting data. most of them seem like they're simply not going to comply. >> molly: the president not happy with this. he thinks he states, officials are hiding something? he believes. >> he thinks are widespread voting fraud. out on the campaign trail. and you remember during the presidential transition, he sent out all those tweets, suggesting that there had been fraud, and that is why she won the popular vote. when he was pressed for evidence, this is why the white house came back with the idea of the commission. geary mentioned kris kobach, the official from kansas, who is the vice chair. he says, the president's right. they believe, there could be evidence of widespread fraud. >> you start where the evidence is, the data we have, so we do have a great deal of evidence about people voting in more than one state in the same election. we do have a lot of evidence
10:18 am
about noncitizens in the federal government. noncitizens who may be registered. now, we start actually dig into the facts, and see just how widespread various forms of voter fraud are. >> the commission will have its first public meeting on july 19th here in washington. all of this pressure to turn over the data will be heating up in the next couple weeks, molly. >> molly: it is fascinating. the midterms will be here before we know it. thank you very much. >> leland: we know terrorists have not given up using planes as the ultimate weapon. coming up, we take to the skies and the f-16s armed and ready to fly, protecting us this july 4th. plus, the government is back open in new jersey, but it looks like nobody, except for a spokesman, is applauding chris christie. will tell you why he's in hot water coming up. >> this is a reform they'll have less to reform for new jersey residents. i am proud of the results.
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yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh. sure. still yes! you can get it too. welcome to the party. introducing gig-speed internet from xfinity. finally, gig for your neighborhood too. his musical speech at the state of hawaii with the travel event. the trouble band from six muslim majority countries strong ties. the qualifying ties include, a parent, spouse, son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, or sibling. hawaii thinks it should include aunts, uncles, and grandpa's. the justice department asking a federal judge not to grant federal -- until they make a clarification. >> leland: whether it be threats from overseas like russia bombers or civilian airliner hijacking here in the united states, this july 4th and every other, paints a ready
10:23 am
armed and ready to fly. the nation's capital, that task falls to the hundred and 13th international guard wing. we flew along in the f-16s to see how quickly things happen when the alarm rings. >> scrambled. >> the logical up daily. signifying an unidentified or unresponsive plane heading towards the capital. >> we when we scramble, that is a real-world event just like it was on 9/11. we send more than 5,000 since 9/11. that no means, we are not defending our nation's borders and away lie. our family. >> weekly, pilots of the international guard practice going from simply hanging out to airborne in a matter of minutes. in a post-9/11 world, the planes are ready for combat.
10:24 am
armed with air to air missiles. >> we know that the threat is very different than what it was before. the failure of imagination is probably a thing were most worried about. it is evident on 9/11. >> leland: we flew along on a training mission, defending washington from a snake air attack. we flew well above mock one, i'll pass the maryland shore. at that speed, they can protect it new jersey to north carolina in a matter of minutes. our pilots calls on things once were on the ground. >> we are actually practicing today defensive counter air missions. >> leland: you're the first eyes and ears it does attack? >> we deafly are. >> leland: today, they were a test to break through the defense against the blue team, for other guard pilots, hunting them. >> data point on the ground that they wanted to protect, and so
10:25 am
as a ship went out, protect that point just like we would do against the national capital region. >> him and i had other plans. at 575 miles per hour, 2,000 feet above the water. >> leland: you and i got through. >> we did get through. >> leland: that was entirely to my piloting skills. join us now jeffrey beaux-arts out of joint base andrews for nice to see you, sir. >> nice to see you. happy fourth and happy to be here. happy fourth to you, into your men who are on call today as they are everyday. let's start with this. what struck me in the air was how quickly things happen. it's one thing to be final long. it's nothing to be fine along four, five, 6g's in making decisions within a fraction of a second. a couple of seconds. where is the rest of the training components that go into what we saw? >> every single one of our
10:26 am
pilots as well as the other men and women go through an official technical school, and then what you witnessed was our daily training fights. these guys fight every day of the week, to make sure they are current and ready for a moment's notice deployment. >> leland: i july for the couple years ago, the russian bombers fly down the california coast. they were intercepted. we did see north korea launch missiles around this time. his holidays different for you all? due to these significant events, albeit 9/11 or july 4th. -readiness? >> like colonel shepard said on wednesday, we set alert 24/7 everything all day, and every time that goes off, our pilots take off with the same intensity that they always do. >> leland: there is an intensity there for sure. i realize. i think it is norad's job realistically to protect the continental united states, and are section of that peace is to
10:27 am
protect the skies over the national capital region. >> leland: one thing that struck me out of 9/11, and colonel shepard talk about this. the failure of administration . from the pilots to get back to the white house, and then orders come back down. has that gotten ironed out? do you feel now, do you do intercept the plane come it is enough time to make a decision? >> since 9/11, we have put a lot of effort into, i would say, repairing the communication network, and right now, every radar in every radio around the united states is connected together, so we have a global picture all the time. i think you may have got to see that on the television screen. where the pilots are alert. >> leland: we saw a lot. we only followed a little. i wasn't sure what i could talk about. general, we really appreciate you being here. thanks to you and your men as well. >> thank you sir, and happy
10:28 am
fourth. >> leland: and to you and yours. >> molly: congress may be out on vacation, but the work on the health care bill has not stopped. what lies ahead for the senate and getting obamacare repealed and replaced when they come back next week? james rosen will take a look. governor chris christie shrugging off his trip to the beach that had new jersey taxpayers and to please. why he is saying, no big deal. >> when they flew that plane over the beach, and i was sitting next to a 25-year-old blonde on that beach, that is a story. i was not sitting next to a 25 year old blonde. i was sitting next to my wife of 31 years. is proven stronger on pain than tylenol 8 hour. and only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just 1 pill. this is my pain, but i am stronger. aleve. all day strong.
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10:33 am
of the repeal and replace legislation that would do away with obamacare. lawmakers are also quietly at work. according to published reports, crafting several legislations that would got a key provision of barack obama's initiative. the individual mandate. house republicans are hoping to insert a spending bill for treasury and the internal revenue service. a provision that would black irs from spending any money to enforce the tax penalty faced by any american that reports not having health insurance. at the same time, republican senators michael lee of utah and ted cruz of texas approved an amendment that will allow health insurance gimmick insurers that will have one obamacare like plan and indicated. they will reduce premiums for most insurance. critics say it will have an income cliff that will make insurance very expensive to those who own over 42,000 years.
10:34 am
as they grapple with these and other conundrums, day in the white house face a ticking clock. the presence of only three legislative calendar days before the end of the fiscal year. >> if you plan to get health care finish this summer, tax reform in the fall, and completed before the end of the year. >> do you need to do health care reform first? >> we need to do both, john. >> and number of republicans in congress, and even president trump have expressed repealing it now and replacing it later, but senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, has ruled that out. >> leland: james rosen ndc. thank you. watch the special report tonight. molly? there back open in new jersey as chris christie reached a deal overnight. he is under fire for enjoying a new jersey beach while it was close, because of that government shutdown. >> we do not get a lot of time
10:35 am
to spend together as a family anymore, and to have them in many close friends and my daughter's close friends to be with us. i simply wasn't going to cancel that. because they cannot get 41 votes for a budget. >> molly: university poll shows 15% of people in new jersey approve of chris christie. just 15%. join me now. wendy, and i am also joined by the president of -- -- periods let's kick off. you have seen these. we see that. and when all started. chris christie was challenged as to whether or not he got son that day. later denied it. people made a joking remark. well, he had that had on. we look at the photos, and knowing how chris christie and administration have responded, what is your first thoughts, wendy? >> i honestly believe this was chris christie's long song.
10:36 am
i really don't care what happens. i'm going to do what i think is best. unfortunately, as we see in that poll, he is 50% approval rating, and this is not going to help them any. i think it needs to be noted that lieutenant governor, who is also republican, as you said, she is appalled by this, and if she hadn't her way, again, i feel you know longer cared what happened, he doesn't care about his image. >> leland: beverly, doubt waning days of the administration. you agree with wendy, that he has given up at this point? >> i would definitely say what she said, his swan song. his defense, at least it was not a 25-year-old blonde. at least i am faithful to my wife, then you are in a bad position. this is a shocking downfall of chris christie. he was a g.o.p. darling years ago. republican winning in new jersey. i would say, he is been bullied
10:37 am
by president trump, who really put him in his place in that 2016 election, and it has been done however since. >> molly: let's take up a little bit more. here's more. >> let's be clear. that is our residence. we have a right to be there whenever we want to be there. i don't apologize for. i do not back away from it. i think my poll number so that i do not care about political office. >> molly: even said this on twitter, some of the new the ny beaches were open. come get son in hydrate just at the beach he was on. his eternal death? >> we are talking to someone who is supposed to represent the state, but i can go to the beac beach, others can't, and in an era when people really do want politicians to drain the swamp, so to speak, it seems like it's complete
10:38 am
double standard i think chris christie got to the point in his lame duck term, does really matter what people think of me. i'm going to do regardless. >> molly: as you said swan-sahn, wendy. closing in on the end of the administration. what is next for him with the pictures, the kind of final image as governor? >> to be honest, i do seems question, because if you want to close, you want to close out some comment is not what he did here. there's actually that there were 20 democrats in the assembly who stayed for voting. he could easily pivoted and said, this bill did not go forward, because the other people on the other side of the aisle did not want to work together in a bipartisan manner. he did not do that. as a result, someone who is nigerian and i know what it looks like when up a politicias living in the lap of luxury, and taxpayers are just trying to get them to do i will elected him. he did not do that. this the last time we will see him in politics, i wonder.
10:39 am
again, this is not the way any politician wants to go on. you want to go out on a high. an ibc, the optics are not good for him. >> molly: wendy, he was called the trumpet before there was trump. in this case, has he gone too far? are people knackered like this final measure? >> i think that he has gone too far. i think the optics are going to stay around for a very long time. however, there is always the comeback kid. there are people who are able to come back even though they do things that the public does not like. right now, just thinking he needs to lay low and think about what he wants to do. right now, all i can see is him lunching with his baseball hat and looking up at the cameras. that is my image of chris christie right now. >> molly: beverly, your final thoughts on what could be the next image for chris christie? >> i would say he needs to go back to what really -- what is when his star was rising. being tough against the right things.
10:40 am
you're not being tough, if you're saying it is fine i was at the beach. you have to get the policies in your state that are not helping those in new jersey. if you went back to that, i think he could potentially have a future, but let's not forget there are also others' scandals like bridge-gate. he has an uphill battle had. >> molly: wendy, beverly, thank you for joining us. >> leland: was charlie a moment and legal history. jeb bush signing the states stand your ground law. that happened in 2005. >> it is almost like the obama administration does not realize that the best form of national defense is a nation of free men and women, exercising their second amendment rights. >> leland: that law making new headlines now as the florida judge blocks in a minute to expand it. we debate the new battle over gun rights and public safety. you do not want to miss it. as the sun sets tonight, the
10:41 am
skies will be bright with fireworks, and it will be a lot of these folks, police officers, brave men and women around the country, working to keep us safe. we will tell you some of the new measures in new york city, when we return. >> something new this year. we will be utilizing over 100 block vehicles, and almost 20 trucks. without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress. ♪ >> leland: police shot and killed amanda portland, oregon. they're saying he is trying to steal a helicopter. according to police, he hopped the fence and approach the aircraft, holding a gun. he fired several shots, forcing the flight instructor and student to get out of the copter. police arrived before the man could take off. see this video from outside the airport. they exchanged gunfire before police finally killed the man, as he tried to escape. police say it is unclear as to why the man was trying to steal
10:45 am
the helicopter. they're still looking into it. >> molly: a florida judge striking down the states updated standard ground law. the changes aimed to further protect those who respond to deadly force. critics argue, it would make convicted violent criminals more difficult. you'll remember, this received national attention when george zimmerman successfully claim self-defense in the fatal shooting of trave on martin in 2012. join me now, a legal advisor, to georgia sheriff department, also wendy patrick, veteran prosecutor and trial attorney to discuss this. the standard ground. in the way, they ask he pushed for revisions to law. they wanted things to be a little bit easier. did this. they wanted posters to have that
10:46 am
requirement, and they were disappointed as to their ruling. just to kick things off, how do you feel about the judge's ruling? >> first of all, i find it difficult to believe that this judge was not absent from law school the day they actually taught law at law school. this decision has absolutely nothing to do with any constitutional principle. basically what the judge a saint, he is saying, look, i think the state's supreme court should be the one to decide rules of criminal procedure and at the state legislature, and that is probably the most moronic thing i've ever heard of the judge say. we can really talk about for an entire segment about why the zimmerman trial was not about the stand your ground law. it is about traditional self-defense. the two things that generally get mixed up. not only in the media but in the public. this case. it was limited to the facts of this specific case in miami. any other judge in florida is
10:47 am
free to interpret the law and any other way, so it is not accurate to say that the law was struck down. it is very much still in force. this ruling will be taken up on appeal, and that is where the issue will be decided. i predict with a very high degree of confidence, and this judge will be reversed on appeal. >> wendy, you mentioned the spirit remains will rita. the judge's ruling. as a matter of constitutional separation of powers, that procedure cannot be modified. he does say it, separate of power argument. wendy, your thoughts? >> i have to tell you. this is a very controversial law. it is much more than shoot first. that is one of the reasons it is so controversial. there's a lot to it. it has to be a reasonable belief that one's life is in danger, and that deadly force is necessary. the really -- it goes like this. he says, the legislature,
10:48 am
determines substance it, the courts determine procedure. shifting the burden of proof is procedural. those courts argument. no doubt anticipating a lot of pushback. you heard some from philip. heard other places. you're hearing a lot of it. it just happened yesterday. it's a 14 page ruling, really justifying why the court came to the decision that it did. we still have this law in florida. determining how it moves forward, obviously, that will be through the court and not legislature. >> molly: and it does not matter in these issues. such a hot button topic. florida governor signed the legislation. backed by the national rifle association. florida legislatures -- but this is said by jeb bush back in 2015 in the wake of the zimmerman trial. in florida, you can defend yourself anywhere you have a legal right to be. >> in florida, you can defend yourself anywhere you a legal right to be.
10:49 am
if you reasonably believe you're in danger of kidnapping. this is a law that other states have adopted, because you should not worried about being attacked or going to jail. >> molly: is an ongoing issue. it's been going in florida for a long time. philip, is this a unique place to see it play out, and will it have ramifications if the discussion continues? >> this is absolutely nothing new. there are 24 states that have so-called zimmerman stand yours laws. the personal right of self-defense goes back centuries. it goes back to old english common law. some jury dishing, the mechanic they must exercise that avenue of retreat before they are entitled to use deadly forc. other jurisdiction said no, there was no duty to retreat. what happened was, states have basically made their own individual decisions that either
10:50 am
you do or do not have an obligation to try to retreat if you believe your life is in danger. florida made the decision that says, we do not have a duty to retreat. in the zimmerman trail, that case was not even tried under the stand your ground law. it was traditional self-defense, because if you agree with the verdict or not is irrelevant for this discussion. basically what it was decided in that case is there was no avenue of retreat anyway, and therefor therefore, stand your ground did not come into play. >> wendy, we are running out of time. when you come up phil, thank you both. >> happy fourth. >> leland: fireworks, they will be increased security around the country. we talk about it every year. we will talk about it again, and we'll talk about how to keep your four-legged friends safe when you are using fireworks of your own. coming up. you get used to food odors in your car. you think it...
10:51 am
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10:54 am
♪ >> leland: tonight, while we are all watching the fireworks and enjoying them, police will be watching for any threats. security particularly tight here in new york for the cities fireworks spectacular. more on the preparations. hello, laura. >> hello. we are of course several hours away from the big event, but thousands of firework loving people will be filling up the east side to enjoy the spectacular show this gets a pair while everyone has her eyes pointed out, the nypd will haveo make sure this very large event will remain safe. it is a top priority area.
10:55 am
new york's finest work on big protection. this year, they will be assigning several thousand uniform officers on patrol. many of them at checkpoints with radiation detectors, the hercules team will be in play. big bag searches as well. people also no trucks blocking streets. the nypd and started using these large trucks for parade routes, after that massacre last year, when 86 people were killed by terrorist driven truck when it drove into a group. ill be a first for a fireworks show in the big apple. >> something new this year, we will be utilizing over 100 block of vehicles and over 20 sand trucks. counterterrorism offices will be working. they have radiation detection devices on their persons. explosive detecting canines will
10:56 am
be deployed. we will have officers on rooftop posts. >> molly: >> while they said tho credible threat, the current state of affairs in the world demand this type of security. vehicle related attacks have been a priority in other cities as well paid washington, d.c., for example, large fences had been put up around the national mall for the firework show tonight, and in boston, police will have tethered drone for the first time. to keep an eye on things, and despite all this effort, police all across the country continue to say, if you see something, say something. it is cannot be more important in our. >> leland: for sure. laura down by the fire was spread laura, thank you. molly? >> molly: try families, from the science committee pets on so much. make sure your pack pets are t. maybe radio to keep them
10:57 am
distracted inside, and if you plan on going to your local community fireworks, probably best to leave your dog at home. north korea with another show of strength just as president trump heads to europe for the g20 summit meeting. he will meet vladimir putin on friday. you know, you missed a bunch of great guys today? everywhere you went. where? i don't know, who? but you could know with new missed connections from match. check it out... oh, crossed paths with john. you had no idea. check out new missed connections on match. start for free today!
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11:00 am
>> fox news alert breaking there the past hour or so, the u.s. confirming north korea has launched its first ever intercontinental ballistic missile. and that missile could reach american shores if targeted on us. now we are watching from a response from the white house and american leadership on this independence day. welcome to the third hour of "happening now." nice to be with you. north korea successfully test fired its first icbm into the sea, even as americans prepare to celebrate this holiday. the missile reportedly flew 580 miles in 40 minutes.
11:01 am
that means alaska could be within range. china is calling for restraint after president trump responded to the news on twitter by saying, china could, quote, put a heavy move on north korea to end this nonsense. all of this before president trump heads to the g-6 summit. let's get a response from kevin cork outside of the white house. hi, kevin. >> reporter: hey there, molly. >> how much does this latest provocation change the conversation between president trump and president putin? >> reporter: well, i think your windup was right on the money. there are a number of stake holders involved in this conversation moving forward. clearly this will enhance if not crystallize the u.s. conversation with its allies in japan and south korea. but i also think it adds new pressure on both china and maybe even russia to somehow reign in the north as a rogue regime in pyongyang. let me just tell you what we
11:02 am
know so far. we do know the president has been briefed. we also know that despite what has happened already, we know that the trump administration is considering, i'm quoting, all options are on the table. the president also went to twitter to express his feelings. no surprise that once again imploring the chinese to do something. let me share just part of what the president tweeted today. north korea has just launched another missile. does this guy have anything better to do with his life? hard to believe south korea and japan will put up with this much longer. perhaps china, as you said earlier, will put a heavy move on north korea and end all this nonsense once and for all. state television in pyongyang said that missile launch could hit targets anywhere in the world. and while u.s. and russian experts say they don't believe it had exactly the capability to strike north america, other analysis suggest it may have been capable of actually striking alaska. we did some math. alaska a little less than 4,000 miles from the launch site. if the analysis is accurate,
11:03 am
believe it or not, that missile could travel up to 4,000 miles, which would put alaska in play. we'll have to see what the experts do say as we continued to analyze what happened. molly? >> what does the pentagon say about the launch? >> reporter: welsh some of the numbers you've shared. they're trying to make sure we have granular information as much as we can. 37 minutes doesn't sound like a terribly long flight, but when you're talking about traveling 568 miles, now you're getting down to what this is possible and what is capable from a launch like this. i launched at exactly 2:40 p.m. yesterday hawaii time. didn't pose a threat to north america. that's their belief still at this point. u.s. pacific command standing behind our iron clad commitment to the security of our allies and the republic of korea and japan. just want to bring this back for the folks at home. they may remember this from friday. we saw the president over the
11:04 am
rose garden telling the world now's the time for action to stop the renegade regime in pyongyang. >> year of strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed. many years and it's failed. and, frankly, that patience is over. >> reporter: there is the word. if the patience is over, what does that mean? not just for u.s. interests but for our allies in the region. all of this happening on a day we're supposed to be celebrating the birth of this nation. the president making his way back here for a picnic with u.s. personnel and their families and a bird's eye view of the fireworks happening. so you have the fun tonight but a major contrast with the incredibly seriousness taking place overseas. >> thank you, kevin, very much. more on this with anthony
11:05 am
ruggiero. anthony, nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you. >> all right. so we had the president say china needs to put a heavy move on north korea. on friday, he said the time oven strategic patience is over. we heard this exact phrase. time of strategic patience is over. yet the north koreans keep launching missiles as the u.s. keeps doing nothing. is that a problem? >> the chinese are not going to do anything. this is what they want. they know this is not a threat against them. they will blame the united states, i'm sure, at some point. they won't allow the u.n. to do the level of sanctions necessary frankly against chinese persons. and the trump administration got it right on thursday by declaring a chinese bank a money launderer for north korea and going after two chinese individuals and a chinese company for sanctions. my answer is thanks for that. let's do some more of that. that's what we need to be doing, not relying on china to wake up
11:06 am
and pressure north korea. >> it does seem like an awfully small, don't want to say slap on the wrist. almost a slap on your pinkie finger to sanction one bank and one person. how about saying, look, decision to do business with north korea is a decision not to do business with the united states. you buy any more north korean coal, we will not buy any more chinese steel. when does the u.s. put some teeth into this litany of statements? >> sure. i think you're right. it was a small bank in china. the reason they went with the money landerer statute is to try and get some systemic rift in the chinese system. you're right. perhaps they need to move up the escalation ladder. and they can do that. they can have a regulatory fine against the bank of china. there are many networks in china that they could take down. they could do it tomorrow. >> you talk about china being the lynch pin.
11:07 am
the chinese are pressuring the u.s. in other ways. we've got a picture that the chinese built out of coral reefs. you've got u.s. ships sailing nearby. the chinese are angry with the united states for doing that. is it a quid pro quo with the chinese if it comes to the u.s. has to give up those challenging the chinese in the south china sea in order to get them to do something about north korea? >> i mean, i don't think that's the tradeoff. i know the trump administration perhaps made a strategic error in putting all these in one basket. but the bottom line is that we have to confront china not only in the south china sea, but about north korea. i think the chinese have, unfortunately, for the last eight years, allowed them to skate by. those islands did not just pop up. they built them over that time. frankly we should have been doing more during that time period in trying to stop it.
11:08 am
>> put radar facilities on them, bomber bases on them. quick poll. do you think president trump has been tough enough or too tough on north korea? too tough 13%, not tough enough 56%. i come back to the original question. why is this administration that seems to be talking so tough about north korea and making these proclamations not backing them up with really meaningful action? >> right. i mean, i have done north korea for a long time. under the last ten years this is the same question. unfortunately the answer has always been there's something else more important than the u.s./china relationship. we would always say down the road they'll have an icbm. and that down the road is today. it's only going to be further. they'll put a nuclear weapon on it to reach the homeland. this is not going to get better,
11:09 am
it's going to get worse. we need these robust measures that i think you're advocating for and i'm advocating for. >> i don't know that i'm advocating but i am asking for them. july 4, 2017 is a day that the situation with north korea changed drastically. appreciate your time, sir. >> thank you. >> president trump's first face to face with vladamir putin now set for friday in germany. it will be the first official meeting between u.s. and russian leaders in two years. the editor in chief of the daily caller is joining me to talk about this. thank you, vince. >> sure. >> starting things off, we're seeing this dramatic involvement out of north korea. here we have the timely anticipated g-6 meeting. perhaps the most watched meeting of heads of state. lot to talk about. russia interfering with the election, syria, now north korea. what should be at the top of their agenda? >> the russian interference in the election seems like it's
11:10 am
pretty unlikely to dominate the conversation. you already have vladamir putin declaring it to be total nonsense in public. whether or not that was true. so this seems pretty unlikely that he'll do an about face in a meeting with president trump. that would be relitigating the past because there are two pressing issues that exist. that's handling both syria and now all of a sudden top of that list north korea. russia's pressuring the united states and north korea today to sort of cool down all of their military actions in the region. but it sort of seems like russia's using this as a pretext in order to descale the american presence in the region. they want missile defense systems, for instance, to be yanked out and not to be used in the protection of places like south korea. i think there will be a lot of things on the table especially now that we've seen an icbm tested by the north koreans. >> when you talk about descaling these are two strong
11:11 am
personalities. does one or the other have the upper hand as these discussions get under way? >> if anything, i think this icbm test may tilt the scales in president trump's favor in terms of leverage. for a number of reasons. you've got this icbm test which destablizes the entire region. russia in its entirely practically is within the range of this icbm. forget the fact that only the united states is alaska that's in the range of that. additionally the russians are really hurting economically. a combination of u.s. sanctions and the global price of oil has put vladamir putin's regime in a tough position. they're looking for any concessions they can get. yes, they're going to act aggressive where they can try to impress their own people. one of the top concerns is getting some of these u.s. sanctions drawn down so that they can get some economic viabilitied viability going
11:12 am
forward. >> there's been some talk that maybe president trump won't be so warmly received after pulling out of the paris climate accord. when these leaders, putin and trump, are meeting with other leaders around the world, what kind of impact will have that? does anyone have a higher stake or is in a better position going into the summit? >> united states still the strongest count tphreut world. many leaders will want to bring the u.s. to the table for varying interests. if that includes things like climate as well. this -- president trump, when given the opportunity, every time he has had a meeting with a foreign leader, by and large these have been cordial affairs. you had issues saying president trump is a man of his word. we'll see if he can get any lasting long term concessions out of the global community. right now when it comes to president trump and the purpose of his existence in the united
11:13 am
states especially, his base and beyond that are looking for him to do what's in the interest of the united states. all of these conversations as the president steps into them should be colored by that. i expect they will. >> thanks for your insight. all eyes on germany later in the week. >> thank you. >> major progress reported now in the fight to defeat isis with u.s. backed syrian forces a key milestone in what was once the defacto capital of is lamb is state. plus, president's chief strategist, but steve bannon is pushing something the gop faithful will not like. what it is and whether or not it's the raoeu move. with hydrogenated oil... ...but real joyful moments are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪ reddi-wip. share the joy.
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11:17 am
milestone in raka. reaching the old wall of the city that was once the defacto capital of the islamic state. john hutty following the story. john, how important is simply reaching this wall? >> reporter: well, very important because this is really has been an impenetrable part of raka since the taliban declared it in 2014. raka being isis self-declared capital in syria. this is a major advance for u.s. backed forces that have surrounded raka and are pushing deeper into the city, in particular now the old city. the u.s. central command said that coalition air strikes targeted two portions of what's called the wall allowing fighters to advance into the most heavily fortified section of raka, of the city. the attack allowed syrian democratic forces and fighters to bypass ied's, booby traps and
11:18 am
snipers while leaving the rest of the wall in place, intact. so it's a major advance really over all in the battle to drive isis out of its self-proclaimed capital in syria, again, surrounding the city to the north, to the west and now they continue to push eastward into the city, leland. >> leland: we saw huge humanitarian crisis in mosul. every city isis has taken control of, atrocities of unthinkable kind. is that happening in raka as well now? >> reporter: well, the concern is that it could happen. here's the concern. at least 50,000 people remain trapped in the city according to the u.n. syrian observatory for human rights. the concern is that likely seen in mosul the atrocities as you mentioned could repeat in raka.
11:19 am
that is men, women and children being executed as they try to leave the city, shot in the back, shot in the head, so that rae plains a very grave and dire concern at this point, leland. >> leland: all right, john, thank you. molly? >> molly: one of president trump's senior aides is proposing a surprising idea, one that could get applause from the president's fiercest critics. but it also goes against a major principle of modern conservatism and could have a major impact on business, big and small. managing blood sugar is not a marathon. it's a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress.
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hey you've gotta see this. cno.n. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. >> leland: one of president trump's aides is pushing for a tax increase on the wealthy.
11:23 am
chief strategist steve bannon said he wants the top tap bracket to have a number 4 in front of it. right now the tax bracket for those earning the most is 39.6%. throez of you earn more than $418,000 a year. cpa advocate for small business and contributor to "the washington post." great to have you. >> how are you? good to see you. >> leland: incredible, seeing that the president has so often talked about tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts, now over july 4th weekend you've got steve bannon talking about, oh, for the wealthiest we're gonna raise it up in the 40% range. >> i actually haven't heard the name steve bannon in awhile. seems like he's been like playing somewhere in the shadows. then all of a sudden he's the big news this weekend because he's proposing tax increase. if you're a republican, you're a trump supporter, a business oerpb like me or so many of my
11:24 am
clients. a tax increase is sort of the last thing that we expected to hear. that's something we think would be good for us or our businesses. >> leland: you have to think ab when this is happening. it is happening when healthcare is somewhere between stalled and in need of a new engine, if you want to continue the car metaphor. tax reform we haven't even gotten to. still you've got to come up with a budget. is this perhaps an olive branch to the democrats saying look, if you give us something on healthcare or tax cuts to the middle class, maybe we're willing to sock to it the wealthiest americans? >> i'm gonna give mr. bannon the benefit of the doubt saying it might be an olive branch. but more it might be pragmatic thinking. when you do the numbers of the president's latest budget proposal, he is looking to send the government into $10 trillion more in national debt over the next ten years depending on which study you read. every congressman senator that i
11:25 am
speak to, they're trying to fund this health care reform and they're really having a hard time raising revenues. just a few weeks ago people were talking about taxing employer contributions. while he may be extending an olive branch to the democratic side, he's trying to raise some money. having said that, would increasing taxes even just a few percentage points on the very very wealthy make a difference? top 10% in this country already pay two-thirds of the tax bills right now. the bottom 50% wealthy pay less than 3% of tax bills in this country. >> leland: bring a key point, something people talked about during the election. are we seeing now the true split between the populism movement that elected president trump and the conservative movement he
11:26 am
aligned behind as president. >> there has always been that split. at the same time, a lot of the large donors, people financing that very popular agenda, are big money people. also wealthy and large korp corporations. there really is a lot of overlap there. again, ky only -- you can speak to ten economists that will tell you raising taxes on the wealthy will spur growth in the economy. you can talk to another ten economists that tell you the exact opposite thing. i have come to the conclusion that no one really knows exactly. it really is a populous move. i can just key what it is on the ground. raising taxes on even the wealthy, these are people funding, investing, buying equipment, hiring employees. i can see that as anything but detrimental to their cause. >> leland: we'll have to see how this has an effect on the markets. they were up monday. this thing broke loose sunday night. once people get back and digest
11:27 am
it, whether the tax cuts that seem to be baked into the market start coming out of the baking, so to speak. gene, appreciate your time, sir. thank you. >> thanks, leland. >> molly: north korea's latest missile test has russia and china looking at changes on the u.s. presence on the peninsula. all of this as president trump prepares for his first g-20 summit and first meeting with president putin. plus, celebrating the birth of our nation on this independence day. we are visiting some of the people and places that make america so great. mmmm. mmmm. mmmm... ugh. nothing spoils a moment like heartburn. try new alka-seltzer ultra strength heartburn relief chews. it's fast, powerful relief with no chalky taste. [ sings high note ] ultra strength, new from alka-seltzer. enjoy the relief. dude. yodude.unching's sthey're just jealous. kellogg's raisin bran crunch with crunchy clusters
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11:31 am
>> leland: this will make just about anybody a proud american. cute puppy. you can make independence day every day when you give a dog a job with canine companion. we're gonna tell you how these dogs are giving new life to a number of veterans and american heroes around the country. talk to some of the veterans and we're gonna try to talk to the dogs about the job they do. >> molly: a fox news alert. breaking ahead of this week's g-20 summit, the u.s. confirming north korea did just successfully test fire its first
11:32 am
intercontinental ballistic missile, one that could reach the u.s. russia and china now pushing for the u.s. to sign on the china's deescalation plan for that region. developments unfolding days before president trump's first meeting with russian president putin at the g-20. bill bennett, a member of both the reagan and bush administrations weighed in on that meeting earlier on fox and friends. >> it will be straight forward and candid. they'll talk about syria. they'll talk about common ground. i expect the president will raise this. he has little retisence. >> molly: joining us a democratic strategist and author of gop gps and a gop strategist. gentlemen, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> molly: happy independence day to both of you. this is a pretty big development. the fact that feasibly there could be a missile that could hit american shores and could hit alaska. now we're getting word that the president seems to have a pretty
11:33 am
different stance from what they're calling for. from what russia and china are calling for. he said last week the era of strategic patience has failed. patience is over. michael, do you think the president is doing enough? >> no, i don't. i think this is the worry everyone's had leading up to this. that at some point there would be an international crisis. when you have a president who is more concerned with being a celebrity, tweeting things like that, that when it comes time for an international crisis, that he won't be prepared. seems like in dealing with north korea, he hasn't really done nis homework. that's something all americans, whether democrat or republican, should be concerned about. >> molly: he said pushing back on china, calling for china to put a heavy move on north korea. we're not exactly sure what he meant by that, but that is what he said. he's starting to put even more pressure on china. your thoughts. >> i think as a critic of president trump, he's doing everything right there this situation. the president has recognized that since the early '90s, no approach has worked, be it
11:34 am
republican or democrat, for any country in dealing with north korea. now we have kim jong-un who stakes the entire legitimacy of his reseem on creating an intercontinental ballistic missile. what president trump is doing to sanction, not just north korea itself, but any company that provides any economic benefit to the north korean people and government. how you can leverage it and get people to stop feeding this regime. under the old way we've done it, we've said we're going to have sanctions through the eos. but those are toothless because there's no enforcement mechanism. the south koreans even undercut it. from 1991 to 2015 -- while we were sanctioning them for bad behavior. it completely under kit and empowered the regime. >> this is the same president who criticized the obama
11:35 am
administration for sanctioning them. >> they're not sanctioning north korea. i called for them sanctioning companies. >> molly: just look ahead at the g-20 just around the corner. we'll see all these world leaders togethered. will be a chance for president trump to meet with president putin. he'll be peting with president xi from china. very warm meeting between the two. now things have changed a bit. tkh is a big change with what's happening in north korea no doubt the seriousness there. do you think this will be a more frosty meeting and can he continue to put more pressure on china and could it be effective? >> i think he could put pressure on china. it will be interesting to see what campaign trump said, now how this will work when we need china when it comes to north korea. the more important issue is whether or not trump's going to bring up the hacking of our elections with president putin. he said he has no plan about what conversation will be had.
11:36 am
that should terrify everyone whether you're democrat or republican. hrafrt time he went unprepared in a meeting we ended up giving classified information to the russians about israel. i hope he'll stay off twitter. that he'll do his homework. >> molly: there's so much ground to cover when you go to a summit like this. what can the president do? it's not just a meeting with the president of china, but also the president of russia coming up. japan has called on russia and china to do more. does the american president have the ability to pressure these nations to get in on this and to work on this as a world wide problem? >> yes, the president has two big problems that he needs to work with the international community on. he can sit down with putin on north korea and syria. we are clearly not seeing eye to eye on either of those. but we can still start laying the ground work to find common ground. it would be very successful if president trump would use the threat of terrorist and protectionist policy to leverage china, to play more fairly and
11:37 am
to be more fair to the american people, as well as the economic and world community. china manipulating its currency, harming the rest of the world at its own benefit, as well as expanding into africa, the caribbean, central america and trying to put a military base 180 miles off the united states. >> molly: all right evan, michael, thank you for joining us. happy fourth of july. we appreciate your time on this independence day. leland. >> leland: on this independence day we celebrate what it means to be a proud american and get to know some of the people, help you get to know some of the people who love their country, like these coast guard men and women we caught up with in north carolina. >> i'm proud to be an american because i get to protect the freedom that this country has. >> i get to wake up every tkaeurb put on this uniform, protect and serve some of the greatest people that i believe to be inspiring. >> i believe we live in a great country. one that where you work hard enough your goals can become a
11:38 am
reality. >> leland: and along the way, we are seeing some of the places that make our country great, like beautiful south port, north carolina. anna coyman back with us with some friends as well. hi, anna. >> lot of friends. hey there, leland. happy fourth of july. this has been the best independence day i have ever had. my mom and dad are here. they came up from charlotte, north carolina. we just had the most amazing parade. we've got video to show you from that. there is an amazing history. 200 years ago ships would come and lay anchor in the harbor and fire off cannons. back in the 1970s, the north carolina festival was added to july fourth. they've been growing by leaps and bounds. they're thinking the numbers are higher because fox news channel is here. we've got some proud americans. hey, guys. this is part of our social media
11:39 am
booth. we've been introducing a lot of people to the fox news glasses that have become a fixture for our proud american coverage. you like them? you can hardly see through them. they're perfect on a sunny day. everyone is coming by taking pictures 37 using the hash tag proud american on facebook, twitter, instagram, you tube. we've been retweeting and showing a lot of pictures throughout the day on fox news channel. we couldn't have been doing any of this without our sponsor navy federal credit union. how are you? >> i'm great. how are you? >> fantastic. >> i'm proud today. >> tell me why you wanted to get it involved. >> hash tag proud american has a deep meaning for the folks we serve. it gives us the opportunity to say thank you for their family and veterans and that's the reason we're here today. >> you have a military history yourself. tell us about that. >> i served in the united states
11:40 am
navy. being that this hash tag proud american means so much to navy federal, it means so much to me. i have men and women out there. i know what it's like to be a veteran and a family member. >> yes. it's the family member that served, too. we know that. thank you very much for your service. how about other bits of america that make you proud? is it the landscape? is it the people? what do you love about them? is it the food? >> it's everything. of course it's the food. >> we've been having a little bit of that. >> just being able to be here in south port to say thank you to every man and woman who served our country. it's the most amazing thing that i can think of right now. >> so the truck, the fox news truck, with my float in the parade was incredible. like jaws have been dropping as soon as we unveil it. how did you come up with that? >> i think it was a great partnership with you guys. i think we have the same goal here to say thank you to our veterans. that truck is an amazing thing. i think all of our military love
11:41 am
pickup trucks. to see you in that truck, it was awesome. >> the crowds have been awesome. michael, thank you very much. thank you to navy federal credit union. we appreciate it so much. everybody at home get on facebook, twitter, instagram. use the hash tag proud america. let's hear it for our fans. [ cheering ] >> leland: great to see you, anna. thank you very much. molly? >> molly: could the trump administration be considering raising gas taxes? why we pheugt see the price at the pump jump in the near future. and dog owners know the special love and companionship we get from our four legged friends. but a dog can mean even more than that for some. certain dogs can mean freedom. remember our special night?
11:42 am
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>> molly: a number of states are considering raising taxes on gasoline. the federal government might just do the same. federal and gas taxes have been frozen since 1993. but raising them could help pay for infrastructure programs the president has been promising. the average gas price is $2.32 per gallon. the lowest in more than a decade. allison barber has more from washington. allison in >> reporter: hi, molly. in a new york times opt ed, rom emanuel called on president trump to increase the federal gas tax by 10 cents. back in may president trump said he would consider inkriegs it in an interview with bloomberg news, but sean spicer seemed to back track shortly after that interview. >> he did not express support for it.
11:46 am
he expressed that a group that had met with him expressed support with it and that he, out of respect, would consider their request. that's it. there was no endorsement of it or support for the it. he was just relaying what another industry group had shared with him about how to pay for the roads and bridges. >> reporter: the federal gas tax was most recently raised in 1993. the congressional budget office said by 2021 the highway trust fund will not have enough money to fulfill its obligations. >> the gas tax essentially finances the highway trust fund. it's the most significant source of funding for building and improving federal highways. >> reporter: states have their own gas taxes as well in a number of places like montana and south carolina have increased it in recent weeks. according to the american petroleum institute, americans pay a little over 49 cents in
11:47 am
state and federal taxes on every gallon of gas. for diesel, it's roughly $.55. gas is cheaper than it has been in the past. aaa said gas today this year on fourthed of july, is $0.04 cheaper than it was this time last year. >> it is a pocket book issue people will be watching closely. allison barber, thank you. >> leland: you thought you were going to see me, but you're seeing something so much better. we have puppys. we have miller here. he's in training. we have liz over there. and we're gonna tell you how these dogs are making independence day every day for somebody like captain lon talk of the u.s. army. g new cars.
11:48 am
you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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>> a potential game changer involving north korea, on the very day that america celebrates its freedom. u.s. officials meeting right now after confirming north korea successfully launched an intercontinental ballistic missile. analysts say it's possible that weapon could reach alaska. we'll talk about it live with former state department spokesman maria hart coming up when i fill in on sheperd smith reporting. july fourth is of course a proud american moment for sure. but we can make every day independence day for many americans. and these guys are gonna help. we're going to give a dog a job. this is how it works. canine companions for independence provides highly trained assistance dogs to children, adults and veterans with disability. they rely on lab ra tkors and
11:52 am
golden retrievers right at their own facilities. puppies teach them basic commands and socialization skills. >> molly: these puppies learn 40 advance commands at a professional training facility. they can open and close doors, turn lights on and off, pick up dropped items, even pull a wheelchair. the dogs are all -- all services are free thanks to donations. we're joined by retired u.s. captain james van talk and his service dog liz. here, beautiful. raising a puppy along this handsome guy here is miller. so glad to have you here. captain, thank you for your service. just tell us a little bit about why these dogs matter so much to the people that need them. >> yes. service dog for me, in fact, other people, give us a second lease on life. with my injuries from the war zone, i wasn't able to work or have a future career as a military officer.
11:53 am
it has impacted my life. her empowering me has allowed her to become a prevention counselor. give them a second week to life and has brought me to afghanistan as well as israel. as well as to help people who are affected by military problems. it's the gift that keeps on coming. >> molly: your personal story is really incredible. graduating from lawsuit. volunteering. you went back and were injured again. you have that personal knowledge about what it takes to recover. do these animals not only help but in a physical sense, but is there an emotional component? >> most definitely. these service dogs are trained to complete tasks, but they are in their own natural setting from their brand and housing, they're able to motionally give a connection to each individual
11:54 am
so it's extra whipped cream on the top. it's a great opportunity. it's a great benefit provided to us free of charge. >> leland: can you give us a sense of what liz can do for you. you always hear what service dogs can do. show us. >> because of my age, i take about 21 pills a day to survive. i'm not able -- when somebody is not around me, i can possibly die. so for example, one of the medications is very important that i need. i try to grab it. i drop it. i can just teller is, liz, get, get. hold. sit. she's not gonna chew it. hold. good girl 37 good job. >> molly: wow. that is a huge job. she was running for that. how quickly do they react when they're trained like this?
11:55 am
>> give them about two years of training to complete all this. once she provides a person with disability,there are regular goals, just like a police dog graduates from police academy. they're ready to go and ready to save and help that person have a second lease on life. >> molly: are they individual dogs matched with an individual person? >> yes. when you're going through the training with the service dog, there is a week of training with several service dogs. then there's a committee that makes a decision which one is the best for you. also, you can do your top three. what works best for you as well. >> leland: i want to bring you there here. this is totally volunteer on your part. >> yes. i'm a volunteer puppy raiser. i keep the dogs for about a year and a half, about 20 months. my biggest job is teach them
11:56 am
manners, basic skills. what we're doing here today, he is being calm, laying down, settling near a working service dog. that's a great socialization experience. >> leland: it's incredible for you to give your time. but you're also giving your heart. you have a puppy that you raise from eight weeks to two years, then you have to ship them off. >> koufrs of course it's so hard. good-bye is very hard. there's no better payoff than when your dog succeeds and makes a positive impact on someone else's life. standing here. a wonderful reminder of why i do this. yes. puppy raising. >> leland: that's what you can become some day. that's what's coming. >> molly: so many people that would love to be involved. for more information. i'm sure there are a lot of folks who would love to be a volunteer puppy raiser. >> leland: all right. we'll be right back. (flourish )
11:57 am
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>> it was wonderful to meet the dogs. happy fourth! >> gregg: top u.s. officials meeting on this july fourth to discuss potential plans for north korea. after confirming that kim jong-un and his cronies successfully tested the country's first intercontinental ballistic missile. it's a weapon that analysts say could be capable of striking alaska. russian and china proposing their own plan to draw down tensions between the u.s. and kim jong-un's regime. all of this as president trump prepares for his first face-to-face meeting with russian president vladimir putin. we'll be speaking live with bret baier for the latest. plus, wounded warriors teaming up with experts to help preserve


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