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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 4, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> kimberly: thanks to dinosaur barbecue. >> dana: we will see you back here tomorrow. have a great rest of the holiday. "hannity" is up next. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we are broadcasting from the george w. bush presidential center in dallas, texas, for the full hour. our 43rd president will join us along with the brave members of our military featured in his book called "portraits of courage" ." joining us, the 43rd president of the united states. how are you? >> president bush: good to be back with you. >> sean: i went through this part of your museum. i am stunned, shocked, don't know how to describe it. you have only been painting five years, less than five.
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tell us how you picked it up. >> president bush: i was a little antsy. when you are the president, your dance card is full and then you are not the president. laura and i spent a lot of time here at the bush center putting programs in place to make a difference in peoples lives. i wrote two books, i am staying fit, mountain biking and the elliptical. i play a fair amount of golf but it wasn't enough, and so i read winston churchill's essay "painting as a pastime. "i thought he can paint, i can paint. >> sean: you started painting pets. you did jasper, dana's dog. >> president bush: i was a pet portrait painter, which is kind of hard to say. i painted pets in the good thing about painting pets is they really don't react when they see their painting. >> sean: in other words, they can't say it's good or bad. >> president bush: i did that and then got into landscapes.
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my firstst instructor at smu cae and saidd you ought to paint the leaders with whom you served. and i did. we had an exhibition here. putin, blair, dalai lama, angela merkel. they werela okay paintings. the most important part was that i had gotten to know them so well during the presidency i felt comfortable painting them. we had a personal diplomacy exhibitab here. which i think is really important in life and i know it's important for a president to get to know leaders from other countries. i hired -- i have two new instructors. one is a young guy who paints really find portraits and he said you know, you ought to paint people nobody knows. it dawned on me, like, boom. warriors i had gotten to know. i did, i painted the warriors. i know them. i know their stories. i've ridden mountain bikes with them. i have played golf with them.
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i admire them greatly. >> sean: 60 some odd warrior paintings. >> president bush: 60 some individuals and in the montage, there is another 30. about 98 warriors. >> sean:in in a year. that's a lot of painting. how long would it take you to paint one person? i also saw the pictures of them. i know in the book you called yourself as novice. this is not the work of an office. >> president bush: i think it is, but thank you. that's flattering. it depends, until you finish. that's one of the interesting questions for any artist, when are you through? i would go upstairs and be painting milo and look at falcon berry and think, i better paint on falkenberry. even now that i look at them, i kind of wish i could touch up a few things. >> sean: you are never satisfied perhaps.
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i've known you a lot of years. 9/11 happened nine months into your presidency.y. you were a wartime president. i look back at the last two major conflicts in america. vietnam, we lost 58,000 people. we didn't finish the job. we left. i look at iraq and afghanistan and here, many of these people you are drawing, they won mosul, baghdad. similar in my mind to vietnam, because i thought it was the right decision. i still believe it was. but it's not the right decision if washington politicized is it and gives back that which they won. does it frustrate you? >> president bush: yes, it frustrated me. i think what people have got to realize is this bunch of thugs can be defeated.
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we did so with the surge. by the way, the president's new national security advisor was part of that philosophy of how to win the hearts and minds of the local population, which is necessary for victory. we can win again. so you've heard both presidents after my time say we are going to degrade and defeat isis, and i say go get them because they can be degraded and defeated. it's very important in my mind that we do so so that people know they can rely upon us and the people, not only governments but people on the ground, people who want to beo free. you ask troops, were you able to see human deprivation and improvement? they? say yes. a lot of them say to me i love the idea of girls being able to goab to school for the first tie in afghanistan or young kids in iraq being no longer subjected
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to the thuggery of these ideological fogs. >> sean: you warnedn: if we pulled out too early. unfortunately you were 100% accurate. >> president bush: i am not surprised. we are it in terms of defeating isis for al qaeda, what ever you wantm. to call them. they murder the innocent to advance the point of view and it requires u.s. leadership to defeat them. this exhibit honors those who heard the call and volunteered. and were willing to be, willing to risk their lives to not only defend ourselves but advancean liberty. >> sean: two things about you peoplele might not know which i think is the underpinnings for your passion f for our military. you use to always often sneak over to bethesda, speak to walter reed, never wanted any cameras, nor did you want
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anybody to know. you did that a lot. >> president bush: i did. >> sean: i was on the campaign trail with you in jacksonville, florida, in 2004 and it was at a big stadium where the jaguars play. >> president bush: a little bit of a showoff. >> sean: when you got there, you got out of your car, went in a private room. gold star families were in ther there. andd i remember because i sides. you came out of the room and it was obvious you had beenn cryin. >> president bush: yeah. i am kind of a crier, and when a mom hugs me and talks about m hr son, it affectedct me. on the other hand, it's hard for many people to understand but when you go to walter reed and a soldier looks at you who's lost his leg and says i would do it
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again or you ride mountain bikes with these troops some of whom lost a leg and went back into combats. a mother who says i want you to know my son died doing what he wanted to do, it lifts your spirit. >> sean: amazing people. >> president bush: amazing. hopefully my art captures how amazing these people are. >> sean: you have to make tough decisions. >> president bush: the toughest is putting somebody in harm's way. >> sean: let me ask you about the art process. you started painting, you started with the apple and the watermelon and you went to the pets, then landscapes. and you evolved and evolved. it is less than five years and we can see all throughout this room, it will be showing them
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throughout the program. pretty sophisticated work. how many hours the day do you work in the studio? >> president bush: some days more than others. when i am not here promoting what we are doing here, including the vets, i would be home three or four hours. >> sean: in your man cave. i saw that laura said that. >> president bush: in my man cave, and i would paint a lot. even when i wasn't painting, i was living with these paintings because i would go up there and hang out with bob the cat and look at the paintings. think about the individuals involved. i studied everyone of their stories ahead of time. >> sean: they are all in here. you give a story with each person youu paint. when you as angry as a lot of americans were when you heard about the corruption, institutionalized corruption at the va. they had two sets of lists.
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>> president bush:h: i think it was isolated to a few centers but of course i was. i have known the last va director and i know the new guy and they are committed, as best they can, to excellence. the truth of the matter is what we need is public and private groups helping these vets. our focus is, i understand waiting lines in vets being discouraged. it was the same when i was the president. there was a lot of focus on that and there should be. but rather than being angry with the va, we are trying to help them fix it and do the best they can. one of the interesting things i was told and maybe it is still the same thing, a couple years ago, the pipeline became full of pts and tbi. >> sean: you don't say ptsd. >> we dropped the d, it is an injury, not a disorder. if you want a soldier to talk about their condition, you don't want them to say -- if you talk
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about it, you will be labeled someone with a disorder. it's an injury where we can help people. >> sean: you can heal. >> president bush: enough to be productive. >> sean: it's estimated 250,000 soldiers are impacted by pts. >> president bush: many of whom who don't seek help. one of the great things about this show is i am confident they are watching your show so my message is it is courageous to talk about pts. you are not less of a man or a woman. talk about it. go to our web site. we will direct you to our groups with fellow vets who can help you. >> sean: we are going to take a coming up, we are just getting started, president bush with us for the entire hour. the story is featured in the
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>> this is a fox news alert.
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the u.s. will never accept a nuclear armed north korea. that is from rex tillerson after he confirmed pyongyang did test fire and intercontinental ballistic missile. such a weapon could strike alaska. the pentagon respecting to this -- responding to the crisis. saying "it demonstrates north korea poses a threat to the u.s. and its allies." earlier today american and south korean militaries conducted a joint ballistic missile drill utilizing the army tactical missile system which fired missiles into territorial waters off south korea. the north korean crisis is likely to top the agenda at the g20 summit in germany this week. president trump will face chinese president xi jinping and set to meet with vladimir putin. i am marianne rafferty. now back to "hannity" ." >> president bush: john falkenberry was raised in my
7:17 pm
hometown. he joined the army while still enrolled in high school, he signed up for the army. even at that young age john said he was 100% sure that was what he wanted to do. he served three deployments, two to iraq and one to afghanistan.e that july, his unit came under fire from both sides of a river. they took heavy casualties in the ambush. john was targeted while trying to recover the body of his company commander. i was shot by machine gun, multiple times in the right upper thigh, basically cutting my leg and half. for the next three years, he fought to keep his leg. eventually with support from his wife sarah and daughters, he made the excruciating decision to amputate. looking back on it, john considers that the best decision of his life. it freedfe him to begin his recovery in full and start running, climbing, playing golf.
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>> >> the first time i saw the picture the president painted, i was shocked to have the full action. very muchh honored. i liked the idea that he captured my walk and everything. a little smirk. i like that. i think he did a really fantastic job. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity," we are coming to you from the george w. bush center in dallas, texas. joining us as one of the veterans featured in president bush's brand-new book "portraits of courage," a commander-in-chief tribute to warriorsre. purple heart recipient and retired u.s. army sergeant, john faulkenberry and his wife sarah and there's two kids. good to seewo you. you are married when you hired your injuries. explain what happened to you. >> i was on my third deployment
7:19 pm
in w northeastern afghanistan, d it was pretty -- it was in '07, it was a pretty hot time in the war. our unit got ambushed. i received a couple gunshot wounds in the right upper thigh. they were pretty severe. my leg was pretty much cut in half. i thought it was bad but we made it through. we were completely surrounded, we had to fight our way out. it wasn't like i could just get to -- just quit. and go home. i had a friend help patch me up. a missing femur, a quad, severed nerve. >> sean: it ended up in amputation. >> it ended up in an amputation. yes, sir, . >> sean: i guess we all try to put ourselves in people's shoes but it is not possible. you have to now go through p a whole process where you come to grips with that severe injury
7:20 pm
and now you are building this new life for yourself which by the way i think everyone would be proud to hear. sarah, your husband is away and you get a phone call. did you know how bad it was? >> like he said, he was being deployed, a rough area. we were stationed in germany and i was in texas visiting family. i had missed the original phone call. as soon asi i saw the number, i knew. >> sean: you knew. >> i went to germany for a couple days, stabilized and then i went straight to walter reed. >> sean: how long was your recovery? >> 11 months at walter reed. 2.5 years trying to salvage the limb and then ultimately decided to amputate. >> sean: i followed the case of someone who had a similar injury. after 11 months and it doesn't work out, that was tough. >> it was a hard decision. we did our research.
7:21 pm
someone with a very similar injury, he was a mentor to me in the hospital and then after. he amputated before i did. i went and talked to him. >> president bush: not to do the question for you. >> sean: takeover. you are the president. >> president bush: i'm going to. there are two aspects to john's recovery that's impressive. one is physical. he is out playing golf. the other is the mental. one reason i wanted to talk about john in my book is becaush he realized he was self-medicating. and quit. >> sean: drinking? >> yes. >> president bush: we both share the same thing. we both quaked. >> i haven't quite yet. >> president bush: maybe that's why you have gained a little weight.
7:22 pm
>> sean: i come here and get beat up. [laughter] when the president drew this painting and you saw it, what was it like? >> i mean, the president of the united states painted a picture of you. >> president bush: he was in shock, that guy can paint? >> it is now a history book. so now i get to be in history. >> sean: you like that part of it. are you happy with the painting? >> i am. >> sean: if you could be an art critic. >> i would definitely give him a 10. >> president bush: his is an action shot. might have a different view if it was up close the reason i put him there was because it's very important for citizenry to know these people do not feel sorry for themselves and they can go out and play golf.
7:23 pm
>> sean: are you proud of your dad? are you proud of your dad? do you have a lot of fun with your dad? what do you like to play the most with your dad? >> soccer. >> sean: who is better at soccer, you or your dad? >> daddy. >> sean: daddy? who's better? but you are a better dancer, right?te it is an honor to meet you. you guys are friends. >> president bush: we were both raised in midland texas. >> similar things. part of the recovery in that life-changing moment, years to come after that, in history -- that ends up being the easier part. the actual transition is where it becomes difficult. complicated for most. >> sean: the people i've found, the deepest and most introspective are people who have been through really difficult challenges.
7:24 pm
cancer, something like you went through, because they have a greater appreciation than the rest ofou us. we take a lot of stuff for granted. so we are really proud for you. it's an honor to meet you. you have the two cutest kids in the world. nice to meet you too,o sarah. thank you all. coming up, we share the story of purple heart recipient and american war hero, retired staff sergeant spencer milo. he is also featured in the president george w. bush's new book, "portraits of courage." that, and more as "hannity" continues from the george w. bush presidential center in dallas, texas. [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you now that the summer of audi sales event is here.
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7:29 pm
he was given six months to live. fortunately that diagnosis was wrong.. the tumor was removed, giving spenceriv a new lease on life. he chose to use it to continue serving in the united states army. spencer embarked on his second combat deployment, this time to afghanistan. in january 2011, he was injured again in a horrifying way. a child suicide bomber detonated 8 feet away from spencer. the experts helped spencer rehabilitate with the therapies that works best for him. mountain biking was effective. getting off prescriptions helped a lot and family was at the top of the list. when i found out that my wife was pregnant with my daughter, i remember an emotion i had, in order to take care of others, you have to take care of yourself. it gave me a new and reinvigorating motivator to get better and allow myself to heal. >> it's pretty humbling to even have a remote thought thatth
7:30 pm
someone like that, a man you chose to follow and personally i idolize to take time to paint a portrait. it's pretty humbling. >> president bush: we are in dallas, texas, as the george w. bush presidential center. joining us as another american hero. he is featured in president bush's book, "portraits of courage." purple heart recipient, retired u.s. army staff sergeant spencer milo. he calls you milo?u. >> he can call me what ever he wants. >> sean: you had a pretty severe brain trauma. tell us what happened. >> well, i had two separate traumatic brain injuries. my first one was in iraq and my second one was probably more prevalent, in afghanistan. there was a young teenage boy, right on the afghanistan-pakistan border.
7:31 pm
about 10 feet from me. he detonated himself. gave my entire platoon quite a memory. >> sean: how far away? >> 8 to 10 feet. >> sean: wow. how are you doing now? >> i'm doing a lot better. to be honest with you. long road, a lot of hard work. i would say i'm definitely on the right path and i am grateful for it. >> sean: you see the president of the united states draws a portrait of you. what was that like? >> he made me look much better. i appreciate that. incredibly humbling. to think someone i chose to follow and have the utmost respect and would continue to follow anywhere would take the time out of his life to do that for me. it is humbling, surreal. it's a true honor. >> sean: how long did it take
7:32 pm
for you to get to the point where you are now, where you ar now helping other vets? how long was the process of healing? >> i feel like it started probably back in 2009 after ira iraq. it has been an ongoing adventure ever since. it will continue for the rest of my life. >> president bush: one way to look at it, by helping other vets, he is still healing. this is what we will find in this book. the healing process is accelerated when somebody helps somebody else. that's what spencer is doing. >> sean: you are helping them vets find a work? >> president bush: yes and at the bush center as well. >> sean: you said that there is a divide, the public sector, you said well, maybe sniper on
7:33 pm
your resume, some companies are not looking for a sniper. aren't t you looking for disciplined, hard work, willing to serve? >> president bush: he is the one helping people find work. we are trying to bridge that gap so the employer understands the vet and the vet understands the employer. >> sean: explain how that is working out. >> i work for hire usa. we transform military service, into civilian success. a term we toss around in the industry is civilianizing.te the lingo, the jargon. like the president said, if you want to go work and you want to be general manager at let's say an auto sales placed, you're not going to go in and say i was a sniper. they will say that's great. how are you going to sell cars? the skills, the operational planning, they are so meticulous
7:34 pm
with what they do. you talk to any sniper in the world, they will tell you that they will be better at math than half the people i know. and probably more so. we really talk about highlighting the skills they may not realize they have or think about on an everyday basis but they will be some of -- they are the future leaders. >> sean: you are translating military skills into everyday skills, but they also have that added discipline, dedication. >> correct. >> president bush: teamwork. personal responsibility. >> loyal. hard-working. they are the most selfless people you are ever going to need to. if we may not know how to do something right now but if you put something in front of them, i promise you we will get it done. >> sean: how well are you doing?g? >> we placed over 6,000 veterans in careers, not just jobs, w we will continue to knock it out of the park. c we will continue to educate all of the employers and what they will get when they hire these men and women. we are a group of men and women
7:35 pm
that are not willing to quit. we are never going to quit when it comes to this. >> sean: this is now your life's vocation. your passion. p l this is what you love. >> i will spend the rest of my life doing everything i can to help my brothers and sisters in any way. >> sean: and this is your like passion now. i know you spent a lot of time painting but you also have golf tournaments, mountain biking. >> president bush: mountain biking, that is where i met milo. these are great athlete. i love riding bikes with him. we are doing a w100.i 100k, 62 miles over three days. it is fun. >> sean: milo -- i do not know if i can call you milo -- good to me too. thank you for being with us. coming up, we will speak with yet another purple heart recipient featured in president george w. bush's new book. then the president will give me a tour of his gallery where his
7:36 pm
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>> i am marianne rafferty in los angeles. a show of force by the u.s. and south korea in direct response to that missile launched by north korea. the u.s. eighth army and south korean units firing deep strike precision missiles into south korean territorial waters.
7:40 pm
intended to demonstrate solidarity. the u.s. confirming north korea did launch an intercontinental ballistic missile earlier today and that missile has the potential of hitting alaska. secretary of state rex tillerson saying it represents a new escalation of the global threat posed by north korea. u.s. concerns will be raised during an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council tomorrow. at the white house, the president made no mention of north korea during his fourth of july speech to military families and staffers. i am marianne rafferty. now back to "hannity" ." ♪ >> president bush: danny is a man of many interests. he started playing the drums at age two. at seven, he fell in love with baseball. he was a biology premed student before changing his major to music and the liberal arts. then he joined the army. he was the first participant to compete in both my institutes
7:41 pm
golf tournament and our mountaif bike ride. what makes it remarkable is that in 2005, an antitank mine flipped danny's personnel carrier. killing two of his teammates and crushing danny's legs. "doctors asked me if i wanted to save my legs," danny writes. and he said i came into this world with two legs and i want to leave with two he spoke at a dinner. had the entire audience captivated with his story. he was so good i nicknamed him "the preacher."" >> the first time i heard about him painting me i was ecstatic. it is an honor and privilege p having the president of the united states of america taking his time out to paint me and so many others. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity," we are in dallas, texas at the george w. bush presidential center. joining us now, another american hero.
7:42 pm
featured in "portraits of courage." he is also purple heart recipient, daniel kucera is with us. good to see you. did you know the president of the united states had painted a portrait of you? >> i did not. i saw maybe a facebook post. someone sent it to me. >> sean: what does that mean to you? >> it was an honor. knowing that someone that had then part of leading the free world and took the time and that is what i think people need to understand. he took the time. he could have gone and cycled or
7:43 pm
golfed. >> sean: he could have done what i wanted, he could have bashed obama. >> he didn't do that. he is a man of honor and integrity. to see the 90 something portraits of great men and women, he showed that integrity that this man has in his heart. >> sean: this means a lot to you and i know it does for all the other guys. >> president bush: i call him their preacher. at our events, we ask the vets to speak and he gave one of the most stirring speeches. i've heard a lot of speeches. this guy could speak. remember that? that was awesome. >> thank you, sir. >> sean: would you consider being a preacher? >> no. i love god but i do not believe that is my calling. >> sean: danny, let's talk about what happened. >> september 2005 i was in south baghdad, iraq. me and five others were in an m113 personnel carrier.
7:44 pm
a smaller tank. basically getting from point a to point b and we rode over an antitank mine, ied. whatever it was, it had enough power to where it flipped the tank over. it killed two of my guys. from that, i sustained a bilateral fracture to my right tibia and fibula, shattered left tibia. both of my ankle bones were fractured. dislocated right hip. >> sean: how did you heal? how are you now? >> slowly, i'm still healing to this day. anytime i have a bad day, i slow down and think about their families. it pushes me through. >> sean: i told the president i have been to iraq. i went to one of the hospitals when i was there. or bethesda, walter reed. it is embarrassing. you walk out there, these things are pretty superfluous.
7:45 pm
when i think of my life. when you see the suffering that happens there. >> the doctors asked me if i wanted to keep my legs. the chance of me being able to walk again was pretty low according to them. it was early on, they hadn't seen many cases like mine. the question was do you want to keep them? i said i came in with two. s i would like to leave with two. >> sean: you made it part of your recovery. >> it did. i got up of the wheelchair to try to walk again. i was on parallel bars and i went half the way with my arms because i was strong up top. i had no mobility down below. i am walking with my arms. the physical therapist yanked ow the belt that was around me, pulled me back and said no, that is not how this works. just try to put 1 foot in front of the other. it was very difficult. >> sean: he didn't want you
7:46 pm
relying on your upper body. >> correct. >> sean: where are you in terms of your progress? >> well, golfing, cycling. >> president bush: he is one of the few vets the played golf in our tournament and rode the w100. he did both. >> sean: that is pretty good. >> very accurate statement. >> sean: what was the speech that so inspired the president? do you remember what you talked about? >> just about being there. kind of how i felt, for the men and women who were sitting there. being a voice. i wanted the donors to understand that we are not to be looked down or saying oh, poor veteran. this man or woman is at this place, what can we do to help them? >> sean: i do think a lot of people do not understand the trip to germany, walter reed,
7:47 pm
bethesda. you guys are there for a year or longer. >> president bush: most people a lot of people -- look at danny and say i feel sorry for you. >> sean: and you hate that? >> i really would.ll >> sean: i respect your courage. the single most special quality character trait is courage.le and you embody it. all these other guys embody it. mr. president, i think that is what you capture in these guys. >> president bush: thank you. i think the thing we ought to focus on is helping people transition. the future of our country is bright. when you think about the people like danny in this world, that is what we are all about. how can we help these men transition? >> sean: this guy is awesome. honor to meet you. i think you are supposed to be a preacher, though. if the president says you have to do something, you have to say yes. >> president bush: no, he doesn't. >> sean: when we come back, president bush will take me on a tour of his gallery for hisac portraits of courage are being displayed.
7:48 pm
that and more as we continue from the george w. bush presidential center in dallas, texas. d everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> sean: welcome back to
7:52 pm
"hannity," we are at the george w. bush presidential center, dallas, texas, earlier, had a chance to tour the gallery with president bush and take a look at the paintings that make great painting. you have done a number of self-portraits. this was really cute. >> president bush: that is literally from roswell, new mexico, . i, saw him and i thought he woud never get out of the hospital. i looked at the roster of people playing the golf tournament and he was on the roster. he came to play and he said, cam he bring his daughter. this scar on his head points to the little girl. his brother and arms. it's an experimental painting and away and i didn't complete a lot of it.
7:53 pm
likeke here, the hint of shoes t the reason i do that is i wanted to emphasize the prosthesis and i love the idea of these two guys arm in arm, both real good men. >> sean: we talked earlier about how often you go to bethesda, walter reed. >> president bush: probably six times a year. i don't know. there is faulkenberry, who you talked to. >> sean: great shot. some of these guys are really great golfers. >> president bush: a couple of them are really good. he lost both legs and is now a yoga instructor. yoga is an important way people can heal. he travels the country giving lectures. jay barkley lives in houston. scottn adams. barclay lives in houston, 45% of his body burned. father of three, he's got a good
7:54 pm
job in the private sector. >> sean: you have never told anybody you were painting them beforere you did it. >> president bush: no. i ride mountain bikes with will. speak to a different style. >> president bush: a little bit. it evolves. will is a guy who works for bell helicopters, really good mountain biker. this is the piece. 16 feet i long. i painted, you can see except for these two guys, the uniforms were pretty uniform. they were all part of something. even though different branches of service, they were part of somethingch bigger than themselves, serving the country. >> sean: the mural of heroes. >> president bush: it's america, people from all walks of life who put on the uniform and they volunteered to do so. i tell people, what an amazing
7:55 pm
country. one should not feel sorry for them but we ought to feel thankful to them and we ought to help them, and that's what we do here at the bush center. i'm so thankful you came down because i want to talk about, to vets who are listening. get on the website. we help you find a job and we help you with your wounds of war. if you arere a citizen and you want to help, get on the website. there are programs that work. >> sean: the book is phenomenal. each story is phenomenal. i am impressed. pretty impressive. mr. president, good to see you again. >> president bush: appreciate you coming. >> sean: we will have more "hannity" after the break as we continue from the george w. bush presidential center in dallas, texas, .
7:56 pm
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tha...oh, burnt-on gravy?ie. ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. new cascade platinum powers through... even burnt-on gravy. nice. cascade. ♪ >> sean: that is all the time we have left for this evening from the george w. bush presidential center. "portraits and courage."
8:00 pm
brave men and women, their sacrifices for our freedom. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington on this fourth of july. it is a ballistic ballistic mit holiday fireworks, that has the attentions of americans and because of their around the world. north korea says it has successfully tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile. u.s. officials now concede that thece north koreans may have changed the entire dynamic with his launch. while the u.s. intelligence community is not sure how far the communist north is in its effort to miniaturize a nuclear weapon to put on a missile, they now say the test firing last night might have been able to reach alaska. reports from the region suggest it was