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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 5, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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around the streets of manhattan, you are watching "fox and friends" first on wednesday morning. hope you had a happy fourth of july. heather: thank you for starting the day with us, the busy one on task. the trump administration holding an emergency meeting for allowing action against trigger-happy kim jong-un. rob: south korea response to north korea's missile launch with a joint show of force. heather: brand-new details, good morning, benjamin. >> reporter: yesterday's icbm launch by the north koreans was a game changer, not only able to hit alaska and its coast but a mobile launcher which means this weapon is harder to track, harder for the us, the us and south korean military by holding
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confined ballistic military drill demonstrating their firing capabilities into territorial waters off of south korea. the army said this us system can rapidly deploy and engage and have deep strike precision capabilities. the north korean icbm traveled 578 miles to japan, 1200 miles high and 40 minutes. analysts sat a different trajectory that could hit the coast of alaska and that was real evidence the threat from this rogue strake is increasing. personally overseen by kim jong-un flexing his muscles on america's independence day, the leader praised it, people around pyongyang, celebrating. a response, the united states strongly condemns north korea's launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile testing and icbm representing a new escalation of the threat to the united states, our allies and partners, the region and the world, global action is required to stop a global threat.
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nikki haley has called for an emergency meeting, the hopes that china might rain in north korea are fading and the us may do this by itself in one way or another. >> the white house, michael needham, donald trump must come up with a new approach to nuclear rising the rogue nation. >> we need active regime and tolerance, and appropriate military pressure. to force them to come forward, each 25 years can negotiate
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nuclear weapons. heather: a police officer ambushed and shot in the head while sitting in her patrol car, happening in the bronx. the suspect shooting that female officer out the window of the squad car according to the new york post, where doctors tried to save her life that she did not make it. two offices confronted the suspect, they shot him dead. the attack appears to be unprovoked on this nypd officer. >> in a few hours donald trump will fly to europe for the g 20 summit where he will meet on the sidelines with his counterparts in china and russia. rob: another historic trip
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overseas. >> reporter: the second foreign trip, 7:30 today donald trump will -- is expected to receive a warm welcome from the like-minded conservative government that facing skepticism from european allies over his commitment to nato in article 5. this is how the president put it in brussels in may. >> of nato countries made their full and complete contributions, stronger than it is today. >> where donald trump will arrive on friday. >> the times in which we can fully count on others. >> setting stage for bilateral meeting, and vladimir putin where eastern european countries live in the shadow, and jordan
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thomas, the decision to make. >> to prioritize the nato alliance, transatlantic security and european countries to deter russia or prioritize relations with russia. >> there is no agenda for the vladimir putin meeting but it could come up from syria, escalating north korea tensions, wondering if allegations of russian meddling in the presidential election will come up as well. it will be the president's first face-to-face with lame putin and the world will be watching. >> how to coalition forces -- by bombing isis. 25 separate bombings throughout iraq and syria over the holiday weekend as iraqi forces
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liberating the city of mosul after two years of isis control. the president's push to deport illegal criminals could get jammed up in the court. a massive backlog of cases from the obama administration and judge shortage slowing the process to a call. more than a third of current immigration judges are eligible to retire and replacing them could take years. rob: puerto rico not taking no for an answer, the vote for us state which is what they want, us leaders preparing to head to washington dc from puerto rico, puerto rico's governor is preparing to send two senators and five representatives falling into a potential clash, would have to approve pr. this is more than 60 people shot in chicago over the fourth of
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july weekend alone. eight people were killed according to the chicago tribune, 1700 people, in the windy city since january. the trump administration has dispatched federal agents to stop violence. heather: 18 people without a home after illegal immigrant crashed a car packed full of propane tanks into a florida apartment building. >> oh my god! >> reporter: fort pierce police say the driver originally from haiti may have been targeting his former girlfriend who lived in the building, he died at the scene, thankfully no one else was injured. fourth of july celebrations gone wrong. raging fire after filling the air in missouri after a home exploded, three injured is shocked neighbors, the illegal
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fireworks, in arizona spectators, a little more than they expected, and it was contained and no one was injured. >> the beaches are open in new jersey but chris christie feeling the heat, the sand sculpture which has gone viral depicting the governor lounging on the beach after chris christie was caught on estate owned beach, the same beach he had shut down as all of them, much of the fourth of july weekend due to a budget crisis. that shut down, his own private beach has been averted with $34 billion deal, bad press.
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>> donald trump putting the fourth of july at the white house with military families, the commander in chief, hosting a picnic and fireworks show pledging to support he rose serving overseas. >> at this moment your brothers and sisters posted around the globe fighting our enemies, fighting for us. we are thanking them, praying for them and saluting them for their selfless sacrifice. >> americans around the country celebrate independence day with fireworks lighting up the sky's from coast-to-coast, macy's annual showing kicking off with a bang, millions in new york city on hand to watch and the sky lit up over cinderella's castle in orlando. did you see? >> i couldn't make it.
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mahmoud abbas adam is here to talk about it. heather: 7 it felt like the fourth of july. >> things were looking really good. it will be a similar forecast today, the south is almost the same from yesterday, 72 in new york city, 65 in chicago, where the yellow and green meat is a frontal boundary across the center of the country, that is where we saw rain yesterday, stationary front is where we will see rain today. slight chance of severe weather popping up right along the stretch where the frontal boundary is. in the evening hours that will fire up. we will see a little bit of rain already this morning. that will linger, strengthen, folks battling on the fourth of july will be battling rain again on the fourth of july.
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>> joey chestnut, the hot dog eating contest in coney island for the second year in a row or record-setting fashion. heather: is a man known as jaws down to 72 hot dogs and buns, 72 hotdogs and a bun, near the fourth of july contest, he has won the misted held, 10 of the last 11 years. watched for the first time ever and it was so gross. i don't know how they do it and how they practice for it. rob: kim jong-un taunting the united states with another missed lunch. what steps should the united states take yes? here is a possible answer. heather: crime does pay if you are an illegal immigrant, to doesn't think very cities in
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rob: a fox news alert the new york city police officer ambushed and shot in the head sitting in her patrol car. heather: it happened in the bronx, the suspect walking up and shot her right through the window. a law enforcement since she is in extremely critical condition, two other officers confronting the suspect shooting him dead and a bystander shot in the stomach but in stable condition.
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rob: we are reporting the officer had died, now we are reporting she is in critical condition, the attack appeared to be unprovoked. the officer who has not been identified is a 12 year veteran of the nypd. there was a double assassination two years ago just before christmas time in brooklyn where two officers were shot in the head, eric garner was a black man in staten island, that person ended up killing himself, this time the suspect was killed by police so no other damage could be done. heather: unprovoked, just trying to do a job. rob: we will see if we have any updates after the show. another alert the trump administration calling on world leaders to condemn north korea after the rogue nations the successfully conducted intercontinental ballistic
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missile test. heather: kim jong-un claiming he can strike anywhere in the world. what happens next? national security expert, thank you for joining us. nikki haley calling for an emergency meeting with the un today, donald trump along with south korea yesterday, and they can respond, russia and china, and south korea, wide ranging military exercises, what do we think we should do? >> the united states should show ironclad commitment to south korea and japan, we should not stop military drills. these drills are meant to demonstrate convinced -- commitment of the alliance and
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link to use force if needed. these military exercises have to be believable. of the chinese don't leave the united states would respond militarily, they are for nothing in that regard. with the united states could do in going into these conversations with the chinese and the russians in the days ahead is to say the united states will not stop these drills, the united states will increase pressure, in this regard. rob: the same reason you don't negotiate ransom and other things, north korea pulled these moves trying to get something, meetings or aid or money, whatever they need and in the past, administrations have bend to this and it is never going to stop. is this why the administration, no more of this bs? >> this is an important point,
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the chinese will not see north korea as a problem until the united states makes it a problem for the chinese. time for the united states to start up lamenting increase secondary sections against the chinese entities. it is irrational, and unreasonable regime, starting at 7 people, torture camps, political prisoners, and donald trump should reject the idea out of hand immediately. heather: we have had sanctions against them since 2006. they have had five nuclear tests, threatened the 61. what can we do? sanctions against china, the answer to it. >> china accounts for 80% of north korean trade. without china, north korea is completely shut off. the chinese cannot pay lip
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service about helping, it will make the problem for the chinese and that means a tough situation for the united states and china and other issues to deal with. we cannot allow american cities to be held hostage by north korean intercontinental ballistic missiles. the obama administration kick the can down the road. >> china going to world war over north korea and any conflict whatsoever, hopefully they will see the light and come to the table. >> directed towards china. >> thank you so much. the free ride is over and what may be the reason why. >> a tearful apology, kathy griffin is learning the hard way
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that this joke assassination wasn't so funny after all.
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with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. heather: them friends after the benefit program swelled for years and the obama administration fresh new figures show that number plummeting. >> what may be the reason why. >> reporter: a dramatic reduction in states that reached work requirements. alabama began 2017 by requiring able-bodied adults and children to either find a job or participate in work training as a condition to receive
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supplemental nutrition assistance programs. the number of those recipients are 538 to 831 at the beginning of may, and 85% drop. georgia and kansas climbing in enrollment as well. heather: burgers may soon be made by robots. >> the robot could soon be making your burger. a southern california company has built a robotic kitchen assistant called flipy to do the hot, greasy repetitive work, flipy can identify patties on the grill, track them and place them on a bun when they are done. the first job will be out of california in los angeles in 2018. others are developing robots to help commercial kitchens make pizzas, cocktails, frozen yogurt
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you know i can't remember that. stop this madness. if it's appreciation you want you should both get snapshot from progressive. it rewards good drivers with big discounts on car insurance. i have also awoken from my coma. ♪ it's called a nap, susan lucci. ♪ rob: back with a fox news alert confirming a new york city police officer who was ambushed and shot in the head has died. >> my partner is shot! heather: horrifying. just hours ago, and in the patrol car two officers
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confronted the suspect. a bystander is in stable condition. >> 12 year veteran of the nypd, thoughts and prayers with her partner. others at the nypd. >> another fox news alert, said to hold an emergency meeting allowing action against trigger-happy kim jong-un. heather: the us and south korea respond to north korea ballistic missile launch. heather: in london -- >> reporter: we keep looking at how significance this is, the first missile capable of hitting the alaskan coast, and impossible to track and we
2:32 am
wouldn't know how many the north koreans have or where they might be. a ballistic military drill firing whistles into the sea, issuing a statement saying self-restraint is all but separated armistice and more and could be changed at any time and it would be a grave mistake for the north koreans to think otherwise. the north korean icbm traveled 578 miles towards japan. and a different trajectory hit the alaskan coast. it was overseen by kim jong -- kim jong-un, flexing of his muscles in america's independence day. the united states condemns north korea lunch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. testing icbm represents the new escalation of the threat to the united states, our allies and partners, the region and the
2:33 am
world. global action is required to stop a global threat but others disagreed. >> a global problem, it is not -- it is a us problem. it is not that interested in solving it. that is why all the sanctions and un security council resolutions are not going to do a thing. >> so far that is all we have seen out of the administration and a un security council meeting at 3:00 pm today but it always comes back to china. do they have the motivation to intervene or is the us going to have to do more by itself. >> we will follow that meeting in new york city. in a few hours, the g 20 summit. live in dc a preview of what is expected to happen and it could be another historic trip overseas and a big meeting.
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>> reporter: two hours from now the president takes off, his second trip will be every bit, a diplomatic dance, highly anticipated bilateral meeting between him and russian president vladimir putin but first donald trump heads to poland where he is expected to receive a warm welcome but facing emphasis from european allies with a commitment to nato, the president's reluctance to embrace article 5 on its first trip to sharp witticism from angela merkel who is chairing the g 20 summit. >> reporter: the times in which we fully count on others are somewhat over. >> reporter: the bigger challenge is getting nato to pay its fair share on friday when donald trump meets with vladimir putin as eastern european countries are living in the shadow of russian aggression. american university professor says the president has an
2:35 am
important decision to make. >> he has to choose whether to prioritize the nato alliance and transatlantic security and european countries to deter russia or prioritize improved relations with russia. >> there is no agenda for the vladimir putin meeting but syria to ukraine and the climate change agreement, now escalating tensions between north korea, many wondering if allegations of russian meddling in the presidential election. it will be interesting to see what sort of line. heather: thank you so much. and exclusive look to target the dangerous criminals in the united states illegally.
2:36 am
with ice age ands in newark, new jersey, firsthand look at what ice agents are doing to protect our borders. >> fascinating experience, ice agents conducting a surge, 13 criminal aliens taken off the street and five days. we look at what happens on the front lines of the battle to keep us safe. >> first target we have, the subject came through the united states, the border four years ago. any questions? we received some information from a source that told us not the person we say he is, he might be wanted in honduras for two separate, sides. >> really bad, why do you choose this? >> i feel i can contribute the safety of the community and the country in its way to work.
2:37 am
the element of surprise. >> reporter: how deep is the pool of illegals in the us? >> we do not have -- don't target, hard-working people. >> shocking someone who has been aggressive. >> they don't notify us. jails have been detaining us. throughout the united states. >> reporter: the third week of january? >> the officers feel they can do the job they are paid to do, we are professional in our job, making communities a safer place. >> reporter: the work you have been doing the last 25 years does that make america safer?
2:38 am
>> absolutely. >> reporter: of 113 aliens arrested, 87% had prior felony convictions. these are not just random people, these are people doing bad things. heather: that is what people don't seem to understand, breaking the law and here illegally. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. the liberal media attacking donald trump since day one. >> i think he is such a narcissist, it is possible he is mentally ill in a way. >> he is going to get somebody killed in the media. >> reporter: when does it cross a legal line. attorney jesse weber on deck next to way in. north korea fired a missile that could reach the us sure but nikki haley taking the heat. carly shimkus is here with the tweet that set that off and social media reaction to it. ♪
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rob: fox news alert, life pictures from the scene of a shooting in the bronx, new york city police officer has been shot in the head in an ambush style shooting. that officer has died. heather: he was ambushed while sitting in her car in the bronx, she was a 12 year veteran of the force. rob: no real motivation, and ambush, still waiting to figure out exactly, live at the scene this morning a terrible story.
2:43 am
>> reporter: not the news anybody wanted to hear. she has been with the force, i will step out of the way to give you a full view and recap the scene. it happened at 12:30 on east morris avenue in the bronx, a frantic officer making a call over the radio. >> my partners shot! >> reporter: a terrible scene unfolding, a marked nypd command vehicle, shot through the window and ran away. bond was confronted a week away by an nypd sergeant and police
2:44 am
officer, police shooting and killing him. going through surveillance video to understand what took place before the incident and during, this was an unprovoked attack. passing a bystander was also shot. and a 12 year veteran of the nypd with the 46th precinct. and since march, the worst news they wanted to hear. a lot of people in uniform, gathering here sharing hugs sharing remorse they feel for the whole situation that took place here. one live look, a handful of officers on the rooftop, the lay
2:45 am
of the land, if there were police officers in a handful of these apartment rooftops, going and talking to people, a developing story, the news we have to share, with the nypd. >> camera footage in that area would definitely be helpful. we will be right back. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free.
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rob: the media delivering below the belt attacks on donald trump since day one. >> i think he is such a narcissist, it is possible he is
2:49 am
mentally ill in a way. >> developing dictatorship. >> know anything what donald trump is doing is right, we think it is extraordinarily dangerous. >> my concern, shared by others, is this kind of rhetoric, this kind of behavior is going to lead to a journalist being hurt. >> incitement to violence. he is going to get somebody killed in the media. >> i will meet you in the schoolyard. rob: how far can these pundits and some of them go before they cross a legal line? to weigh in, attorney jesse weber with us this morning, thanks for coming in. it has been an assault. i will say a lot of this has been propagated by his own behavior, he brought it on himself but a lot of it is unnecessary and a lot of statements i heard especially on cnn that are outrageous to say
2:50 am
about the president of the united states we do what point does it get to the point would it be defamation, slander? >> this is nasty on both sides but from a legal perspective first amendment protects freedom of speech and freedom of the press and that includes speech that is critical of the president. that can include stories that are not necessarily true and contain mistakes and errors but when you get into deliberate false reporting you have issues of defamation. people say why doesn't donald trump go after every news outlet for every bad news story that hurt his reputation? here's the thorny part. he is a public figure. he would need to show actual malice. what does that mean? he would need to prove these news outlets new these stories were fake, showed a reckless disregard for the truth or falsity of that and that is not an easy thing to prove because every news station will say we thought it was true. rob: the cnn retraction that
2:51 am
linked anthony scaramucci to this russian bank got pulled back, that was a big one but can you prove they knew it was true and did it to hurt him? i don't know that anybody thinks they do believe that, they were just careless. the new york times, all 17 intelligence agencies agreed the russians hacked the election to help trump win, only four did, 13 of them didn't believe that. another huge retraction but again proving that to be a legal problem is a high bar. >> a separate issue. you can have issues whether they are allowed to purport these stories and whether or not news outlets have their own internal mechanisms before they put out stories or report on information to make sure it is accurate or not. they did not file proper protocols for accuracy and collaborated stories but in terms of a legal line you have issues showing things like defamation.
2:52 am
rob: if you want to go after a media outlet, easier would be for threats because cnn makes such a big deal about the president postings that videos of looks like him wrestling and beating up a cnn reporter over the weekend but you had a cnn contract employee and kathy griffin who did their new year's eve show holding the president's buddy head in her hands. isn't that a direct threat? even madonna said i think about blowing up the white house, isn't that a direct threat? >> same thing with johnny depp. what is a reasonable person going to think? will they see that is a perceived threat? somebody's opinion is in bad taste wasn't funny and doing that and so many threats against the president which is terrible to say but celebrities have a platform to be able to do that, no one would look at that and think it was an actual threat. rob: we will be right back. vaca.
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mahmoud abbas nikki haley picked the wrong day to complain about her job. rob: even hotdogs, watching fireworks and having fun she was in meetings all day long thanks to kim jong-un. heather: carly shimkus with 24 seven sirius x m --
2:57 am
>> nobody likes to work a holiday except us. the national security team was very busy after north korea announced it successfully tested its intercontinental ballistic missile, and nikki haley appeared frustrated with the situation sending this tweet saying spending my forth in meetings all day, hashtag thank north korea, she is peppered with criticism, some calling that tone deaf. what did you think you were signing up for exactly? jennifer says doctor, apparently, surgeons work on holidays, pilots work on holidays, fire department worked on holidays, get over it, it is your job. a little back lash for saying that. she has a lot of meetings, they called for an emergency meeting regarding this missile launch.
2:58 am
very busy lady. rob: i always love it when the 21 is in the news. >> colin kaepernick traveled to ghana to visit ancestral roots. he sent this video from the trip that included this controversial message saying how can we celebrate independence on a day that intentionally robs our ancestors of theirs? to find my independence i went home. this inspired 2000 comments, some people agreeing with his message, other people disagreeing. bottom line still creating controversy. heather: another celebrity quitting twitter over bullying. such a talented singer, songwriter, musician, recently announced he is quitting twitter because of cyberbullying. it is lady gaga fans trolling him hardest over something he
2:59 am
said in the past interview, she showed her support in this into graham post calling him a talented musician, since she loves him but he is off of twitter. heather: maybe after her tweet. rob: who needs twitter? heather: difficult transition, we want to let you know we are following breaking news out of new york city, a police officer killed in cold blood. officer familia shot in the head in her patrol car. rob: a live look in the bronx after the city celebrated independence day. the suspect was shot dead a block away from the scene by other nypd officers, a bystander was shot in the stomach but is in stable condition expected to
3:00 am
be okay. rob: the suspect's name is alexander brooks. heather: the attack appears to be unprovoked. familia, a 12 year veteran. stay with "fox and friends" all morning. we will be out there. rob: see you later, goodbye. >> 6:00 in new york city, fox news alert. this wednesday morning new york


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