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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 5, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> dana: there's gotta be a catch. never miss an episode of "the five." you know what, "hannity" is up next. >> this is a fox news alert. tensions are running high between the united states on north korea over the world regime successful test of an entered continent ballistic missile capable of hitting alaska. i am shapiro in for sean tonigh tonight. earlier today and an emergency united nations security council meeting, ambassador nikki haley slams pyongyang.
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>> make no mistake. north korea's launch of an icbm is a clear and sharp military escalation. the north korean regime openly states that its missiles are intended to deliver nuclear weapons to strike cities in the united states, south korea, and japan. now, he has greater capacity to do so. in truth, it is not only the united states and our allies that are threatened. the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies. one of our capabilities lies with our considerable military forces. we will use them if we must, but we prefer not to have to go in that direction. >> jeanine: joining us with the reaction is deputy assistant to the president, dr. sebastian gorka. doctor, thank you for being with us. you just heard nikki haley, military action, we will use it if we must. what is the administration plan to do?
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>> the administration will use whatever tools and instruments the president deems necessary based on the advice of his principles and general mcmaster, because the ambassador is absolutely correct, judge. north korea is a grave threat, not only to our allies and partners, but now to the united states, and we cannot permit it to move down this trajectory of further developing longer and longer range ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. it cannot go on. >> jeanine: you know, there has always been problems with north korea, and we have tried all kinds of diplomatic as well as economic efforts over the years. although, i'm not quite sure in the last eight years much was done at all. but this is the first time, doctor, that it appears they have the capacity with this icbm to hit our shores. this is the closest that we have
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seen north korea, in terms of capability and hitting the homeland. how does that change the scenario? >> it changes the scenario by clearly demonstrating to us that they have no intention of standing by the international treaties and the international regulations on ballistic missile testing and weapons of mass destruction. let's not get carried away. if you use the phrase from the cold war, the correlation of forces, the north korea compared to our capabilities is not a threat. it can hurt us, but america is not just this superpower, we are a hyperpower. nobody comes close to our capabilities. what it looks like it is happening now, their attempt to destabilize the region, to make our friends nervous, and potentially to blackmail the weapon community. we won't stand for any of that. >> jeanine: it's clear that we are the superpower with the best
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military capabilities. but, doctor, at the same time, i have not heard anyone say that some kind of military attack by us or some effort to stop north korea will not have implications to seoul, korea. 10 million people who will be subject to catastrophic losses in the event that we send something over there that they will have time to react to. speak out right. everything changed on january 20th. when donald j. trump became commander in chief, what did you see instantly? you saw decisiveness, whether it was the 59 cruise missiles and syria, the 21,000 mother of all bombs in afghanistan. we don't talk. we are prepared to use force if necessary. north korea has to understand that as well. this is a very different kind of president, and he will use those measures required to protect our interest up, our nation, and our friends. nothing is off the table.
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>> jeanine: given the fact that if kim jong-un, and who knows whether he is mentally stable or not, but let's assume, to do this yesterday on the fourth of july, like a birthday present, sending this answer continent and ballistic missile, which is the one they paraded out in april at that parade when they were showing off all of their missile defense systems. but, to do that is basically, not just thumbing his nose, but actually his middle finger to the united states. it tells me the guys interested in doing it, and the only thing we can do is preemptively stop him from doing that. >> nothing has changed. they may be trying to send a message to their neighbors, to the countries of the region, but the most important thing is, north korea, remains a decrepit stalinist regime, but without
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the support of china, would economically collapse. they know that, we know that, and beijing knows it. the question is, is china going to start drawing its own redlines with regards to this atrophy. >> jeanine: before we run out of time, i understand the present will be getting a speech tomorrow in poland. can you give us tomorrow to make an idea what to expect? >> you have to listen to the speech. the president will be at the monument and front of the warsaw uprising, or reaffirming western civilization, christian values, the role of poland in resisting fascist and communist dictatorship. it will be an amazing, historic speech. >> jeanine: all right, doctor, always great to have you on. thanks for joining us, tonight. here with more reaction other host of war stories, colonel oliver north, and from the heritage foundation, bruce.
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i'm going to start with you colonel north. it appears this rogue dictator is on his way to at least attempting to destroy us. we have the economic sanctions aren't working, china ain't in it anymore, if you listen to the president's tweet today, he says you can't blame us for trying. so, now the question is, can we resolve this issue through a cyber attack? we are hopefully more sophisticated than they are without a military approach. >> it is time for every reality check. the north koreans and the iranians have been working together, joined at the hip since the clinton administration. in the two years since the
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sanctions on iran were lifted by the obama regime, and we airlifted $1.8 billion from iran, the north koreans had conducted more icbm tests done in the last two decades. i wonder how they are paying for. grass is a vegetable in north korea. china is not going to help until beijing feels the pain. here are our options. i'm fascinated to see how they are received around town. one, the president needs to tell the g20 summit two days from now that any company doing any business whatsoever with the democratic people's republic of korea and iran can't do business in united states. number two, tell japanese prime minister that the u.s. will support a change in the constitution to acquire nuclear weapons. number three, tell the chinese president that it is time for regime change, that kim jong-un has got to go.
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number four, we need the full fad deployment that were there from the 1960s all the way to 1991. if that doesn't work, we have enough conventional ordinance to turn north korea into an overdone pop tart. >> jeanine: you heard with the colonel was saying. but look, it appears that -- china has already got to know that we are interested and a regime change. we clearly would be interested if north korea has his nuclear weapon to give it to japan to make sure they got it. but, isn't there a risk in any military option to the people of south korea? >> exactly. when i was in the cia and participated and word games and tabletop exercises, any kind of escalation of the conflict in that scenario would lead to, although the alliance won, hundreds of thousands of casualties. there are 25 million people in
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seoul and 35 million in tokyo. any kind of conflict on the peninsula does risk all out conflagration, including the use of nuclear weapons. just to point out, we are focusing on the rogue mobile icbm. but north korea has artie had a capability to hit the united states with a fixed missile. when they successfully launched satellites in 2012 and last yea year, the south korean navy trudged out the stages of the missile from the ocean floor, and the estimates was that it's from a fixed launcher, but had a capability of 10,000 kilometers, or 13, 13,000 kilometers. we still think they have a nuclear weapons for, but clearly they are working on it. >> jeanine: what they launched yesterday it was not from a mobile launcher, is that correc correct? >> i'm sorry, the one they did launch yesterday was from a mobile launcher, but they did previously have the ability of the continental u.s. what we have heard from, at
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least for u.s. four-star generals, they assume that north korea already has the capability. most outside experts don't think they are outside yet, but clearly we know they are on the path itself. but we know the objective is to not only threaten our allies and our bases in guam, but also the continental u.s. >> jeanine: gentlemen, i'm going to ask you, can we assume that it is in the not too distant future that they will have that ability? given that you got this lunatic, you've got his ability to hit the united states sooner than we expected. we have to take preventive action. yes? >> i made military action the 5th of 5. all of the rest of them first. i was one of those guys who
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said, if it's not important send in the marines. i don't want to send in the marines unless we've exhausted every other possibility. i just presented for others, besides military actions, that haven't been tried yet. >> jeanine: with all due respect, you don't think that president trump has already said to the president of china, kim jong-un has to go? you don't think that -- that was your third point. >> tell all of them, at the summit two days from now, nobody who does any business with this regime can do any business in the united states. it's a unilateral sanction. we don't need to wait for the u.n. to make another toothless resolution. we can do that tomorrow by executive order. the fact is, everything that they have came from somewhere else. of course, the iranians are big support of this activity. the bottom line is, the chinese are going to help us, the russians are going to help us, until it hurts.
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>> jeanine: with what is going on right now, do you think that the ability to stop this man is within our grasp? or do we have to get rid of him? i agree with what the colonel is saying, i don't think any more economic or diplomatic is going to work. so then, what do we do? >> i think there's a misperception that we have used every option on the sanctions. that something not correct. when present obama said north korea is the most heavily sanctioned and cut out nation on earth, he was wrong. the u.s., the e.u. has done things to iran that we have not gone to north korea. last year was the first year that the u.s. accumulated to sanctioned. we are pulling our punches. >> jeanine: do you think that kim jong-un cares about sanctions to his people? >> we can wean off the chinese banks and businesses that are engaging with north korea and using existing law.
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the last week that the front administration finally sanctioned a single chinese bank that's long overdue. i hope it's the tip of the iceberg and that we will see follow-on secondary sanctions. that can have a dramatic effect on north korea. we don't need to wait for beijing. >> jeanine: all right, thank you both. be sure to check out colonel north's show "war stories" on the fox network. coming up, cnn is under fire again. senator ted cruz says the network could be in legal trouble for appearing to blackmail the creator of the wrestling video that trump tweeted. plus, gregg jarrett and anthony's car in which you will weigh in later on this developing scandal. that and more as "hannity" continues. i never miss an early morning market.
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intensive unit with an infectio infection. the network is under fire for what the some say blackmail. cnn published the story about the person responsible for creating the now infamous video of the president wrestling cnn. according to the article, the network decided against releasing this reddit user's identity because, "he is a private citizen" he shook his remark by saying he is taken down all his offending post, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again. the article then went on to issue what appeared to be a not so veiled threat. "cnn reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change." cnn has denied any allegations
7:20 pm
of blackmail, issuing a statement that read in part "cnn decided not to publish the name of the reddit user out of concern for his safety." joining us now in a reaction to the latest investment of cnn is salem radio nationally syndicated radio host larry elder, and from "the hill" joe concha. when cnn says, we are not publishing his name because we are concerned for his personal safety, but then they turn around and say, but if he's bad, if he does anything like this again, we are going to dock him. tell us what that means. >> it's interesting you bring up that on safety. because if he were to do something that they deem to be unprofessional or objective, then safety, screw it, goes out the window. you're on your own. the option is exposing someone who is otherwise anonymous on the internet.
7:21 pm
what we are seeing here is a major national news organization getting into the business of shaming, policing the internet, avoiding journalism in this pursuit because of a silly internet video that no one is taking seriously, but cnn claims is inciting violence against the network. if you watch that video, that's not inciting violence, it's a stupid video of a thousand stupid videos that we see on the internet. >> jeanine: is like wwe. it's a wrestling match. but larry elder, let me ask you this. you got this guy who did this, what they call a , and they hunt him down, the guys apologetic, for all of the prior sins in his life. in the priest says to him, look, if you show up again here, i'm going to tell the whole conversation how bad you are. >> it's not like the meme made him out to be a serial killer. it was funny! nobody takes wrestling seriously. it was funny, for crying out
7:22 pm
loud. suppose he had body slammed a fox reporter. do you think cnn would've made the same deal? >> jeanine: i doubt it. >> are they a news organization or are they juvenile hall. are they public relations? it's ridiculous. i think ted cruz is onto something, judge. if it came down this way, you apologize or else, that very well could be extortion. if he was apologetic and volunteered never to do it again, that's a whole different thing. it depends on how cnn came around with this deal. >> jeanine: we're going to talk about that men exit segme. i want to read to you what wiki wikileaks put on twitter. they said that trump is bad but cnn was worse. even wiki links finds that this is unethical. so we're going to save the legality of it for the next segment, but this is unethical. this is what you do, right?
7:23 pm
>> the intercept has a great rhetoric. they said, this is a dark turn for cnn. he is not a conservative or anything. this is become something where they are getting killed from both the left and the right. this was trending on twitter. cnn blackmail for most of monda monday. the reason why, i think it's getting more attention, think about the last couple of weeks. everything that we have seen. two major attractions at that network on stories involving trump and russia. multiple reporters basing their stories on a foundation of one unnamed source. you have people and undercover video saying that most of the cnn coverage of russia is mostly b.s. also that the president is stupid for sitting in doggy do, their own producer saying this. new year's eve co-host kathy griffin fired for raising up a bloodied head of the network.
7:24 pm
i could go on and on. all of this is bad p.r. for network that's trying to complete a merger with at&t, and this kind of p.r. disaster is one after the other, it's having an effect of the integrity of this network. michael goodwin, who was a pulitzer prize winner, he said that cnn used to be trustworthy, he said now it's boring and untrustworthy. >> i'm going to say, had this been a man that they had entered into a same deal, or did they do it because he's a teenager. if so, isn't that bullying? >> he wasn't a teenager. there was a misreporting about that. >> jeanine: they didn't know it at the time, but clearly, cnn has a culture that is determined so it appears to destroy donald trump, and to destroy him to the point where they are losing all credibility. >> janine, harvard did a study a couple of weeks ago saying that 93% of cnn coverage on the trump
7:25 pm
administration is negative. about that, only seven of the 100 stories in the segments you see on there can be deemed positive. they are obviously showing an agenda. >> may be, someday, we are going to get an apology from cnn. maybe they will admit that they mistreated president trump. that's when you know hell has frozen over. speak >> jeanine: don't hold yor breath on that. thanks for being with us tonight. coming up, senator ted cruz says cnn may have broken the law by potentially blackmailing the creator of a wrestling video president trump tweeted. gregg jarrett and anthony skerritt mucci are in next with reaction. and later, according to a new report, the secret service interviewed kathy griffin for over an hour about her bloodied truck head photo shoot. doug schoen and corey lewandowski react later. that and more as "hannity" continues.
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>> jeanine: welcome back to "hannity." more on the allegations that cnn blackmail of the user who created the anti-cnn trumpet wrestling video. senator ted cruz actually tweeted our earlier today that what cnn did could be illegal. joining us now with reaction, fox news anchor and attorney, gregg jarrett, and senior vice president and chief strategy officer of the import bank of the united states, anthony scaramucci. anthony, i'm going to start with you. you have been a victim of cnn's fake news. you are a fighter, you took them on, you proved them wrong. they actually alleged that you are under federal investigation for some collusion with russian officials. absolute live. you had to put yourself to the
7:31 pm
task of making it clear that it wasn't true. you could have sued them for a fortune and owned half the place. why didn't you? >> a number of reasons. as greg was putting out during the day, it mitigated the damages, but i also do not think it was the right thing to do given the fact that i have had a journalistic experience paired i know that people make mistakes. >> jeanine: it's one thing to make a mistake, but to identify you as under investigation -- >> i see myself as working for the president of united states. what is in the best interest for the president of the united states, its for us to stay on the air and execute his agenda. to explain his economic policies. to explain his national security policies, and if i had gotten into a lawsuit with them, it would have led to me getting taken out of that position of advocacy. so if, for me, if you weighed those things, at the end of the day i serve the president. >> jeanine: you have always been very rational and very reasonable. although, i suspect that cnn is
7:32 pm
now playing in your home? >> is like the red sox watching the yankees. it's a part of your scouting extremes. >> jeanine: gregg jarrett. you've got ted cruz saying, this could be extortion. it's like blackmailing. the fact that they said, he has apologized after they dug him out. he's apologized, he's never going to do it again. he apologize for everything he's done in his whole life, and if he does it again, we are going to expose him, even though we know that by exposing him, he is subject to danger. the guy is in danger. a lot of threats. what are the statutes? >> think about what cnn has done. they have said that if you mr. reddit user do something that we don't like, we are going to publicly expose you to ridicule and scorn. that's a violation of the law.
7:33 pm
ted cruz was right, only he cited the wrong law. a real straightforward law of coercion says, you can't threaten somebody to coerce them into abstaining from otherwise legal behavior. it's an absolute crime. >> jeanine: we're going to put this up so our viewers can look at some of the statute you're referencing. the first one is coercion. in coercion, you're talking about, new york law. under the guise that cnn has offices, and the reporter is based in new york. there are plenty of contacts in new york, so that's a relevant law. then you also have, a federal law, it's called conspiracy against rights. it basically says, you can't threaten and intimidate somebody for using their constitutional right to freedom of speech under the first amendment. >> jeanine: which is very similar to the new york law saying you can prevent someone from doing what they have a legal right to do by instilling in them fear that if they do what you're going to subject
7:34 pm
them to hatred, contempt, or ridicule. so, we've got the federal. for the federal law, the feds would have to prosecute. >> the feds would have to prosecute, accept, you will note as it's up on the screen, it requires a conspiracy. >> jeanine: of two or more people. speak out but this reporter didn't do this alone. contained in his story is the editorial statement policy. clearly, more than a kaczynski was involved in this story, conspiracy, thus violation of federal law. >> jeanine: the georgia statute that ted cruz reference. i think it can apply paired i know you don't think -- >> a little bit. unfortunately, property is defined as not your identity. >> jeanine: the courts are becoming more engaged in applying it to contemporary times. now, anthony, in terms of cnn,
7:35 pm
and terms of their coverage, what do you think is going on at cnn right now? >> i think it's a cultural thing. what has happened there is, for whatever reason, they are chasing the president like he is moby dick. management there is captain ahab. it didn't end well for the captain or the boat at the end of the story, so when you lose sight of your moral compass and your grounding of what you need to do is your editorial coverage, you are running amok now. hopefully this will bring it back for them, and they will be less than 93% negative coverage on the president. i think people are starting to tune them out as it relates to what they are saying that the president. that is not effective for the president this week. >> jeanine: given the fact that there have been so media corrections and retractions, it makes it clear, i would think to the average viewer, that this is coming from on high. not everybody is going to violate journalistic standards so that they can get a story out there. it's almost as though there's
7:36 pm
this prophylactic, we are going to protect you if you destroy president trump. >> i think there's a rush to get the stories out without verifying the sources, double checking the sources. but i think the good news is, the bombs that have hit them recently will hopefully bring them back into some more journalistic oriented standards. more objectivity, judge, and if that happens, it's better for the country, better for the president, i think they have to give him a fair shake on that network. i think that people are going to demand that now. >> jeanine: greg, what if the person who posted this, what is he thinking right now? >> he is scared. he doesn't want to be publicly exposed. he doesn't want his family and his neighbors and everybody to be converging on his home because he's at the center of this controversy. but, the real controversy rests with cnn. anthony is right. his comparison to captain ahab. his hatred robbed him of all caution and reason.
7:37 pm
he became the personification of fanaticism, and that is cnn for c . for those of us who did not take literature, that is the guy who chased moby dick. >> hubris, pride, and ego overtaking you and making you lose your judgment. >> jeanine: gentlemen, thank you very much for both literary, legal, and the educational input on the story. coming up, according to a new report, the secret service interviewed kathy griffin in person for over an hour over her isa style photo shoot with a bloodied trump head. doug schoen and corey lewandowski will react. and then, congressman dennis kucinich is here with reaction against the plan to impeach president trump. straightahead on doug schoen noo
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and corey lewandowski. i want to read to you what the statute is. i haven't heard too many people mention it, but it's threats against the president, whoever knowingly and willingly deposits and conveyance in the mail, or delivery through the post office, or by letter, carrier, et cetera et cetera, shall be fined or incited to prison for not year of more the years or both. do you think this applies? >> i think it's appropriate that the secret service asks what she was doing, why she did it, and why she effectively seemed to
7:43 pm
threaten the president. from that investigation, a reasonable judgment can be reached. my own opinion is, it was just extremely bad judgment. but i'm not the prosecutor, and i'm not the secret service. it let the interview, the investigation go forward, i say. >> jeanine: corey, don't you think it's interesting that when you show a person's intent, that what prosecutors could show in this is that kathy griffin had indicated that she was going to go beyond just president trump, that she was going to go after 10-year-old baron. do you think that's indicative of a negative intent toward the trumps? >> it clearly goes to show not only her bias, but her obsession with the trump family. what we have seen for the longest time, judge, is that the left-wing liberal media and those in hollywood who agree with them have operated with impunity. just imagine for one second if a conservative would have done this with barack obama. the media outrage would be at
7:44 pm
historic levels. it would still be the story today, and what we've seen, look, i'm happy cnn fired kathy griffin. it's not enough. these people should be boycotted. it's whether you agree with president trump or disagree with him, he's the president of united states. we should all support what he's trying to do, which is trying to make our country great again. >> jeanine: don't you worry that with all of this left attacking the president, whether it's that shakespeare in the park, or kathy griffin, or some of the crazy stories that even cnn has had to retract, and "the new york times," that they are almost lowering the standard, not just in terms of respect, but reporting as it relates to the president? >> i think you're right, but i think it goes beyond that. we are dealing with a situation where our country is being weekend by this gotcha culture where the lowest common denominator appears to rule.
7:45 pm
i think the democrats in my party are making a big mistake just in this resistance without doing what cory says. to try to work with the president and at the same time articulating views and positions that are consistent with democrats. we've got to stop this. the media, the politicians, activists, we got to work together, because right now, we face a grave risk from north korea, the chinese and the russians. they are not really asking why, they are seeing a weekend, divided united states. >> jeanine: just calling everyone xenophobic, homophobic, racist. they should've learned their lesson. but there during the same thing again. >> the american people are very smart. i've said many times. they want to send people to washington who are going to get things done. that's why donald trump was sent to washington, d.c. name calling, pointing fingers doesn't get things done.
7:46 pm
our country it has $20 trillion in debt. it's time to send people who are going to get things done. that's donald trump. the economy is now back on track. job growth is where it should be. it's moving forward. the tax cut bill is done. we've got to get repealed and replaced on. we have to build the wall in the southern border. we have to invest a trillion dollars in infrastructure spending. these are bipartisan issues that needed the support of everybody to make the country great again. let's work together to get that done. >> jeanine: all right. doug schoen, corey lewandowski, thanks for being with us this evening. and former congressman dennis kucinich is slamming the latest left-wing plan to try and impeach president trump. he will be here to explain that and much more as "hannity" continues. then keep the tradition going at bass pro shops with great deals-- like select men's short sleeve shirts for under $10.
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>> jeanine: almost from the moment president trump took office, president trump, democrats in the mainstream media have pushed the idea of impeachment. >> i will fight every day until he is impeached. impeach 45! impeach 45! >> i rise today, mr. speaker, to
7:51 pm
call for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america for obstruction of justice. >> are we getting closer and closer to the possibility of yet another impeachment process? >> after watching the clinton impeachment, i thought i would never see another one. >> we are well on our way to impeachment, because i think there is a clear set of facts that show obstruction of justic justice. >> i think that donald trump has already done a number of things which are legitimately raised the question impeachment. >> jeanine: now, former congressman dennis kucinich is standing up to his fellow democrats and blasting their latest plan to remove president trump from office. joining me now to explain more is former ohio congressman and fox news contributor, dennis kucinich. good evening, congressman. you know, you are taking a rather strong stand against many members of your party who want
7:52 pm
to impeach this president. why? >> first of all, this is about our country. the american people made a decision in november and that decision has to be respected. there has never been any charges brought forward that would in any way warrant a consideration of impeachment. personally, i think this whole thing about russia is a lot of wasted energy, and it's misplaced. there is no crime that often proven or even charged, and the country needs, the congress needs, to focus on the economic problems of the american people. on jobs, wages, health care, education, retirement security, and peace. these are things people care about. it's becoming hyperpartisan, and it's not good for america. >> jeanine: it's clearly not good for america, but it's also not good for the democratic party. they're starting to look like buffoons. it looked, all this about collusion and russia. forget about no crimes being charged and no conviction, there
7:53 pm
isn't even an iota of evidence to suggest that donald trump or his team were working with russia. it's almost out of the news now because they should be embarrassed. now, they are starting with this impeachment based on what i think is interesting, and oversight committee on the president's capacity, carrying out a mental exam of the president to determine whether he is mentally well. i've tried a lot of murder cases, a lot of the insanity defense is, i got the shrink who would say this, defense got the strength that would say that. what is congress going to do? hire the local trying to say that the president is crazy? this is stupid. >> a look at the law. plus interesting is, what they are proposing seems to comport with the 25th amendment to it however, also, if you ask a president to give up health information, there are federal laws to protect everyone's health information. if you ask the president to provide his medical details, and you don't or to anyone else, to
7:54 pm
me, that doesn't respect equal protection of the law. therefore amendment rights under unreasonable search and seizure, and there's a fit amendment right against giving information on yourself. why are we violating our constitution and treating their president this way? we have to be careful in our effort to object his policies, attacked the presidency and destroyed the presidency, and belittle and demean an individual who holds the office. he's unconventional in approach, i got that. we also have to realize we've had president fdr, jfk, and president reagan, all of whom had various health problems but we never heard about anyone trying to run them out of office based on health problems. and it's really up to the president's doctor to determine whether or not president trump is well or not. >> jeanine: it's very interesting, under the 25th
7:55 pm
amendment, the vice president could put this in action. but don't you think, that democrats have lost in 2012, 2010, 2014, 2016, they need to have a message instead of just a bunch of hate? >> one of the things that bothers me about this, i don't think that these efforts come from compassion for the man who is president of the united states. it really comes from a venom. that is very dangerous. when americans, the american people are compassionate people. we got to be careful that we don't offend our sensibilities on the way that this is being approached. >> jeanine: congressman got a run. thanks for being with us. liberty mutual stood with us when a fire destroyed everything in our living room.
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we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> jeanine: welcome back to "hannity." that's unfortunately all the time we have left this evening. don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss an episode of
8:00 pm
"hannity" and be sure to check out my show saturday nights at 9:00 right here on fox news. thanks for joining us. i had a lot of fun. have a great night. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we hoped to be off the twitter beat by now. there is actual news happening in the world. but there was a development in the president's ongoing feud with a certain cable news outlet that we felt was revealing enough to bring you details tonight.t remember that professional wrestling video the president tweeted out the other day, the one with the cnn logo superimposed on the face of a villain? how could you forget that? we interrupt this broadcast for some breaking news, because cnn had its own crack investigative team working through the nightn to hunt down who made thatse seconds-long piece of tape because nothing is more important than that. they


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