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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 6, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. stay tuned for "the five" from new york city. that's up next. >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, greco failed, and jesse watters. this is "the five" ." america puts the world on notice after north korea testfired an intercontinental ballistic missile on our independence day. the trump administration says global action is required to stop a global threat and called an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council today. the u.n. said it's prepared to use military force to defend ourselves and our allies if we must. more from national security correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon.
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>> dana, u.s. defense officials say this is not a missile they have ever seen before. it's so new the pentagon doesn't even have a name for it. it was fired from a launch pad not used by north korea in the past. to get a today, nikki haley pue world on notice. >> the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies. one of our capabilities lives with our considerable military forces. we will use them if we must, but we prefer not to have to go in that direction. >> the pentagon says the u.s. did not shoot down the intercontinental ballistic missile after launch because it was deemed not to be a threat to the homeland or to allies in the region. a pentagon spokesman added the launch date threatened airliners flying overhead, as well as shipping in the sea of japan because north korea did not coordinate with anyone.
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the pentagon responded to the test by testing short range surface to surface missiles which can travel up to 200 miles away. north korea has thousands of artillery units pointed at the south korean capital, seoul. >> dana: president trump is in poland now ahead of the g7 in germany. >> the threat must be dealt with after a quarter-century of inaction says charles krauthammer. >> what the north koreans have done a crossed the rubicon. this is an entirely new phase. what happened today is after 25 years, successful administrations have kicked the can down the road, we are at the
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end of the road. >> dana: all right, greg, even though charles krauthammer used a cliche, he is correct. >> greg: north korea is a threat. how big of a threat, we don't know. you need to have a series of measures to allow you to escalate pressure without ending a nuclear war. we have to have all these options at the ready. if you want to win at strip poker, you win a lot of close. so you have to have a lot of options. dealing with national security is like wearing a lot of clothes during strip poker. you start taking things off, so it's important that you have these options. i think, you noticed it with syria, the way they treated that, they started with an option that sent a message. it wasn't a message that lead to retaliation. it was, this is --
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-- the mother of all bombs. they are measures moving closer and closer making them nervous. you have to look at north korea's perspective. what if they play ball? what if they de-escalate? what if they decide not to have nuclear weapons? what happened with qaddafi? >> dana: earlier today, president trump tweeted, "trade between china and north korea grew almost 40% in the first quarter. so much with trying to work with us, but we had to give it a try." that number surprised me because it's been no secret that north korea has been a big problem and china saying that it wants to help. but if it provides 90% of its goods and a 40% increase, that's a big difference. >> jesse: that's why trying to leverage is only one article of clothing. 40%, that's a lot of trade. if you want to go into a trade war with china, that's what we're going to have to do. but i think there are other
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things you can do. you can get the u.n. security council, sanction package. another band phrase, kicking the can down the road. preemptive strikes i believe are too risky. it's too dangerous and too many people will die. i think the only legitimate option is an assassination attempt or a coup, but that possibility is probably the most difficult. i think what president trump need to do is make sure north korea, as well as south korea, japan, china and russia, believe that we are going to take preemptive action unless -- and here's the unless. i think the unless has to be, the intelligence agencies of russia, south korea, japan, and china, and the united states, they need to start collaborating. get some spice in there, get an assassination network or sell in there, and take preemptive action that way. i think preemptive strategy is the best strategy, and ultimately, this is a huge test
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for donald trump. if he doesn't rally the pacific partners, we can have in a year or so, a missile that could potentially reach san francisco, los angeles. this is why it's not a partisan issue. this is not iraq, this is not just a regional threat, this is a threat to the homeland. i think republicans and democrats need to rally around the leadership of the president to make sure the menace does not reach our shores. >> dana: this is a person that thinks a little bit differently than the previous president of south korea. at one the suggestions on the table as a possible option is the united states would stop doing joint military exercises with south korea in order to placate kim jong-un. i don't like the idea, but i guess it's one of the many bad options on the table. >> kimberly: i agree with you. placating is not going to get us
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anywhere. this whole strategic phase is done. don't even mention it again. we need to do is start punishing people. we need to understand respect. i would start with economic sanctions, anybody. chinese governments, banks, anybody doing business with north korea, they need to be publicly identified and shut down. there's no more of this in terms of allowing people to do whatever they want privately and then everything else is on the united states. also, i think most importantly, let's be honest, we got no more space, no more room on the runway. they need to pursue actively and immediately, regime change. the problem with north korea is, this family, starting with kim jong il, and also kim jong-un, they are seen as a religious family. almost like a deity. you have to replace them with someone that north koreans will accept of similar like. instead of saying, where going
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to take him out, you have to make sure that it something that will stabilize the region, the people will be accepting of, while at the same time pursuing the parallel path of the economic sanctions and putting pressure. we need to put pressure on europe as well. they can't be doing any business with them, because if you sit there at the table with kim jong-un and you placate, then you are looking at two very disastrous results. you're looking at a nuclear iran, thanks to the pastor administration, and you are looking at nuclear north korea. those are both untenable options. you can't do that. put pressure on europe, because they don't want a nuclear iran that can reach them as well. they are also sitting ducks. we have to work together, cooperatively, to put a stop to this, and i think there really is the will to do this in this current administration, it certainly is with art secretary of state, rex tillotson, who also is really not going to suffer any fools and saying enough is enough. >> dana: this is a subject that you covered for years as a
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journalist. it seems like now, they need is urgent to do something. i wonder if you think there will be bipartisan support for president trump when he decides to take action, whatever it might be. >> juan: i was surprised to hear jesse say that he is a great defender of san francisco all of a sudden. anyway, you know it's interesting to me, if you talk to people who have been any national defense industry at some time, they say it's time to stop talking. it's not about the fists. if you raise a fist to north korea, not only do you endanger the 38,000 americans who are right there on the border, our troops, but there are 10 million people in our prime ally, south korea, and that vicinity who can easily be struck. the north koreans have so many missiles. it's not just one or two. the option, dana, are things
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like containment, which is just that you could put more of a naval force in the region to say to them clearly, no more trafficking in nuclear missile materials or supplies coming in. they used apparently, liquid fuel. we can get support from the chinese. >> kimberly: i take longer to do that. >> juan: i am just saying it's an option. i'm not saying that beating them up is not the only option. >> kimberly: i'm not saying that. that's sophomoric. >> kimberly: we would have to figure that out. >> juan: you know, russia and china both said, we should be negotiating with the north koreans. so has the south korean president, as you point out. it's just that, we've tried
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before to negotiate, and this guy is a deceitful, egomaniac, and not trustworthy. russia and china think that this is what we should do. there's no choice here but for us as the american people to support president trump. the thing is, he said that they are never going to do it. never going to try and icbm. >> dana: white and they don't a lot sooner. >> jesse: can i say something. i know you are a carrot and stick sort of guy but we've been using a lot more carrots with north korea, and they've been using that money to fund their nuclear weapons program. so i don't know how many more carrots we can give them. and talk about what can really go for a side. you make a good point about exposing the countries and companies that do business with the north koreans. we should do more. we should shame them.
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>> dana: that's what greg's monologue -- coat >> greg: but also, we have to be prepared to pay higher prices if we want to go after china. would you rather have a war or go after china because they are doing with the trade and going after labor. actually, what about apple? apple has companies in china. >> jesse: we could lean on apple to get something done over there. >> juan: what would be my number one solution, and i think we have done this. get involved it with the cyber warfare. i think we stop some of their launches by getting into their programming -- >> kimberly: we did already. >> juan: we've reached a point where it's intolerable. help us with wage the cyber war
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against north korea. >> kimberly: were doing it. we've already tried once before. >> dana: and the north koreans are not too shabby in the cyber warfare themselves. >> greg: donald trump is also playing mind games with china saying we , it's a shame you cat handle the small country. that's like, a tiny percentage, and they are kicking your. >> kimberly: we need some more meme videos. >> dana: were going to talk about that. ahead, cnn seems to threaten the online user who posted that trump wrestling gift. some are opposing cnn of black male.
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>> greg: in the spirit of woodward and bernstein, cnn tracked down the dude who posted the trump wrestling video. imagine if cnn went off their violent rioters and looters the way they go after a cruise prankster. apparently the guy posted some pretty bad stuff in the past, but come on cnn, you are starting to creep us out. in an article boasting about
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their scoop. cnn said they would not publish his name, because he apologized and promised they would not do it again. but cnn added that they reserve the right to publish his identity should anything change. the network pursues a guy up over a joke about them, then after he has spooked, they grant him safety on unless he misbehaves. again, this isn't some violent thug who burned down a bodega, it's a guy who teased the network. why would cnn do this? is this to keep others from making fun of them? in a statement, cnn claims the guy apologized before speaking to the reporter, as if being contacted initially by cnn wasn't the catalyst. then they added conditions based on the guy's behavior. this is sinister vindictive stuff. whether trying to get tunnel trump tossed off of twitter, cnn
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is now the shrill's gold who can't bear being the of jokes. they are the old guy and an open rope shouting get off my lawn. actually it's worse. he still weird neighbor you don't invite to your party because if you don't he will call the cops. how proud they were last night announcing this group, that they got this guy, that a multi-billion-dollar company found this little worm and plucked him out of the ground and crushed them. >> dana: . >> kimberly: it's unbelievable. it's like how do we make this really bad. now, they are h and n, humorless news network. you are scared of a wrestling video? i've never even heard about anything like this, it's so
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cnn willfully proffering false information and stories they knew to be false because of some of the tapes and undercover reports. there are a lot of things in the mix. you have to separate what is partisan or ideological, and what is purely on a legal, legitimate, or constitutional basis. this definitely is an open question. it doesn't matter how far people are willing to take it, and again, i said you got three options, state law in new york, georgia, or federal law. >> jesse: so if they do threaten to expose this guy's identity or address, you will have people descending on this
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guys house, making phone calls, harassing him. that's dangerous. >> greg: the other danger that cnn should think about is that they are justifying the same actions against themselves. the press has for the longest time been claiming an exemption. they are in a special class. like, we do god's work and we cannot be threatened by the president. but, we can threaten you. you can't threaten us. now, all bets are off. when you do some thing, it's like, you do that to me, i'm going to do that to you. if cnn had still not explained why they withheld information based on conditions about behavior, that's the problem. >> jesse: so, dana, they say in their statement, they were transparent about the guy coming forward because they wanted to make sure that there was no deal. does that even make sense? >> dana: i told mike i wish i could go back in time and be in the room when they were crafting the press release.
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the cnn p.r. department has had a really rough couple of weeks. people who have been under the gun for a long time, if you're at the white house, you feel that constant pressure. just stop hitting yourself. you're making it worse. >> jesse: could you imagine if cnn goes down for a fake video? >> juan: i don't think there's any way. i think kimberly is right. it's not going to happen. but what's striking to me is when you see politicians like ted cruz get involved, you know that the right is delighting. >> kimberly: don't you think he's kind of jokey? >> juan: i hope he's joking. but we are doing an additional segment on it. >> jesse: if he likes her story, that means it's good. >> juan: when you have this guy, who says that he goes online, participates, greg pay attention to me. he participates, and he got a kick out of using the n word and calling people nasty for being
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jewish, because he wanted to get a reaction from the other side. he was doing this, but he didn't really mean it, that's not who he is, he's really a nice person. he didn't mean to incite any violence against anyone. but this is bad behavior when he goes online all the time. if you're mad at cnn, why are you mad and talking about the start? >> greg: it doesn't matter, because the meme exist independently. nobody owns that reputation, because if trump retweets that meme, he has no idea about the stuff. by the way, they might be wrong on who the person is. so the whole story falls apart. so you say, ted cruz is going after, delighting in cnn problems, we have had that same problem. the left loves it when fox news is in trouble. believe me. >> juan: this is an eye for an eye. it's a fools errand. >> jesse: an eye for an eye, let's not talk violence. [laughs]
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>> jesse: a former millionaire, a former gitmo detainee, a killer. and an apology from canada. that obscene outrage, of next whoooo.
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>> kimberly: johnny cash. 2002. he pleaded guilty, and later apologized for his crime. >> all i can say is i'm sorry for the pain that i caused the families of the victims. there's nothing i can do about the past, but i hope that the future, i can do something about the future. >> kimberly: so why is canada now apologizing to him? the country made khadr a
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multimillionaire after his lawyers argued his rights were violated during his interrogation. the lawyer for the widow of the medic that he killed is trying to get the money transferred to her and to the other u.s. soldier that was injured. this is a story that, when you hear about it, you almost cannot believe that it's real. >> greg: they claim that he made a guilty plea under duress. well, aren't they all? this is why, generally, why people are for the death penalty. because, there's no guarantee anyone actually serves out the sentence. at least with the death penalty, you know it's final. there may be a possibility that the guy can get out and get $10 million because canada didn't defend him well enough. more people would be against the death penalty if they actually trusted the sentences, if they knew they would be completed. i don't know what he's going to do to make up for, to kill less people.
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>> kimberly: hopefully we won't get to enjoy. before i'm baffled by this. i understand that he was 15 when he was picked up on the battlefield. there was a soldier who died, there's another who is blind. they don't get anything, and the canadian government giving this guy $10 million, it seems like -- i'm baffled by the use of taxpayer dollars in canada to do something like this. especially when he was picked up on the battlefield. we were just talking last week, how are they allowed to come back? why are we allowing him to come back if he traveled to go fight with isis. you come back and complain because you can't get a job? this is insane. we have to fight this fight in a way that allows us to win. >> kimberly: it's awful. and his father, with a known al qaeda terrorist. none of the less, what they say we got to give this guy money for loving and killing people. there's something seriously wrong. you wonder why all these terror
12:43 am
attacks are happening across the world, because of the permissiveness and the lack of regard for human life and inciting on the wrong side. >> jesse: you kill an american and get command dollars. an illegal alien just sued the city of san francisco last week and $109 million. isis fighters are returning to sweden and getting free housing and food stamps. is this real life? there are people in canada who were sleeping on the streets because i can't find work. some people are waiting for expensive mammograms to get themselves checked out, and this killer, this guantanamo killer is getting $2 million just because they kept him up late at night while they were asking him questions? hockey players, and canada, get treated more rough than this guy. you gotta be kidding me. >> kimberly: and by the way, just so you know, you're welcom welcome. the united states hospitals and medical care saved his life on the battlefield. and now they want to say, let's go ahead and give him all the money. canada, extremely bad and
12:44 am
reckless, i think precedent. >> juan: i just read a different story. the story i read said that the supreme court of canada ruled in 2010, as a 15-year-old this guy was tortured by canadians, and then given the information that was acquired from him while he was tortured was given to u.s. officials, who then put him into gitmo. this is all about canada's laws against torture, saying this is a canadian born on canadian land and you can't do that to people. it's all about their rules. >> kimberly: it's not torture. they call sleep deprivation torture. if someone paid me 10 million, i've got it every night. >> juan: on the surface this looks like an outrage if you get away from the law. canada has come down saying clearly, no torture, we can have it. i do like the writing put forward by conservatives in canada, saying that this guy should give the money to the
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widow of this dead soldier. >> jesse: a great idea. >> kimberly: president obama pledged to help president trump when he left office. instead, he's trying to work against him, especially when he is overseas. the latest swipe i have the jefferson nose right there on the front of my face. when i think about being related to thomas jefferson, it certainly makes me feel a sense of pride the tenacity of not only that he showed in his life but was given to me through the slaves that i'm birthed through as well. it makes me think that there's really no excuse for me in any area of my life to not be able to conquer anything. ♪
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>> juan: president barack obama is added again. earlier this week at a conference in seoul, mr. obama took a not so been lead veiled swipe at president trump. they go in paris, we came together in the most ambition agreement in history to fight climate change. an odd agreement, even without the presence of american leadership, will still be present to help our children solve this enormous challenge to humanity. >> juan: so, dana, he's not only talking about climate change, he saying there is no silver bullet right now on north korea, which we discussed earlier. but some people on the left want him to be more aggressive, and now some people are saying he shouldn't be saying anything. >> dana: i think it's in the timing. if you are the left, you don't need president obama to be aggressive right now. you wait until there, you get closer to the election. right now, it's just noise.
12:50 am
the timing is also very weird. when he's talking about the paris climate deal, even the europeans in the lead up to the g20 meeting that is happening this week with president trump, they've even said that they are not going to bring up the paris deal because they know where president trump stands and it's a waste of time. so, i understand this is one of his big legacy items, but i think it's all in the timing. if they want to use him from the left leading up to an election, great. but right now, i wouldn't do it. >> jesse: obama's definition of leadership is leading from behind. i am not sure we need lectures from present obama about that. who knew the apology tour was going to continue after he leaves office. pretty amazing. we all know the reason that the rest of the world wants us to get out of the paris deal, because it knocks america down to size. >> juan: is that right? that's your interpretation? >> jesse: it's the truth. >> kimberly: apologies who are not back by popular demand. >> juan: here's another thing that is taken as a shot.
12:51 am
when it comes to populism and nationalism, dealing with an income inequality, nationalism, terrorism, climate change, we in the world have to have allies. populism encourages people to go into a website with people who agree with him on everything. >> kimberly: okay, he had his eight years. he had them. it's over. >> juan: so ignore him? >> kimberly: i think you should do what president bush and president bush did. not sit there and try to impose your will, or undermine, or trying go and do advance work before president trump is going to go talk to somebody. he just happens to be in indonesia, or happen to be over here, or i'm just going to happen to go and talk to her and sprinkle a little bit of trial paid. no. enough already. give him a chance to try and do it. it's going to be his
12:52 am
responsibility to lead and do what he promised, that the voters put him in for. president obama doesn't need to do this. write some books, tend to your library. be the bigger person, and don't interfere. >> juan: correct. >> greg: while this was going on, donald trump went to warsaw and was greeted by very favorable polish people. finally poles that are accurate, ladies and gentlemen. trump showed real leadership when he pulled out of the climate deal. if you actually believe that climate change is a worldwide threat, then you also know that the deal would do nothing for it. it was largely symbolic, and it was beyond costly for all the countries involved. it would hurt more than it helped. i think, president obama was hoping to isolate present trump in the g20, but a lot of these countries are taking donald trump's lead, whether it's indonesia, russia, turkey, saudi arabia. they are actually thinking, finally, he saying what everyone
12:53 am
else is thinking. now we don't have to go along with it. it looks like president obama is the guy who is out of step and out of time. >> jesse: and he did this in south korea, when we are trying to show a united front against north korea. >> juan: has already according at the dnc, you know what, obama is not going anywhere,
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>> dana: it's time now for one more thing. critical field. >> greg: we keep talking about a climate of hate and intolerance. the real climate of hate, we saw evidence of it today when a killer executed a police officer. miosotis familia, who killed her had six prior arrests. he posted a facebook video ranting about how police officers and not gangs kill people. he had a very specific ideology that you have heard before that portrays cops as evil. so when we talk about a climate of hate of it and intolerance, i remembered that hands up don't shoot was a meme. there are some memes that are worse than others.
12:58 am
>> dana: and she leaves behind three children. this is a tragic story. a bit of a turn here. i had a summer photo to. i learned from my mom. she went on a road trip and had her picture taken of her. the lady said, after i take a picture of you, i'm going to make you look at each other and laugh. so i tried this last night at the fourth of july event. this quote scroll through quickly, all these pictures. if you do this with your family, you will end up with a really cute. honestly, couples have not looked at each other like this in years. >> jesse: you're right, i do hate it. >> juan: yesterday, of course was fourth of july. a lot of people say what you do? so is really a summary day, 90 degrees in d.c. with my grandchildren, i jumped in the pool, lots of splashing and splashing.
12:59 am
later that night, local fireworks, will had a really good time. celebrating america's birthday. >> kimberly: i want to say 152nd birthday to the united states secret service. the agency was established july 5th 1865, to combat post war counterfeiting. we are very thankful they have protected so admirably all of our united states presidents and their families. president trump issued a statement today thanking them, and i want to say also, they are hiring. oh what a fantastic way to serve your country. we thank you for your service. >> jesse: president trump got a big boost of support from this famous actress. lindsay lohan. she says this is our president. stop bullying him and start trusting him. thank you personally for supporting the usa. that's it. lindsay is on board the trump train. it's over.
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>> dana: there's gotta be a catch. never miss an episode of "the five." you know what, "hannity" is up next


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