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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 7, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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the car. >> hit the gas. is he right next to us. >> driver stops on the road in alaska after seeing the bear cross ahead of them. then the animals jumps out and starts chasing the car. it never gave up. very scary moment. rob: amazing. we are out of time, i think: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> president trump off to an early start here the first day of the g-20. >> vladimir putin and president trump will finally meet face to face. >> we urge russia to cease its destabilizinstabilizing. >> that was the' enspeech since ronald reagan. >> the west will never ever be broken. our values will prevail. our people will thrive. and our civilization will triumph. >> president donald trump reaffirmed our nation's
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commitment to be the leader of the free world. >> i think that, you know, there is definitely a new sheriff in town. >> we're in the beginning stages of what the trump team will call maximum pressure policy on north korea. >> they are behaving in a very, very dangerous manner and something will have to be done about it. but i have been pretty severe things that we're thinking about. >> president trump has made it clear we don't threat lines we deal with reality. >> slamming president obama for failing to react on russian election meddling. >> he did nothing about it why did he do nothing about it? >> his feud with the american media, followed him to europe. >> what we want to see in the united states is honest, beautiful, free, but honest press. we don't want fake news. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ riding into battle ♪ don't be afraid ♪ to take the road less traveled. brian: why are we playing that song? steve: because the roads are less traveled today. friday in the summer all-american concert series brought to you by keurig and lynn's tand -- listening to laun alaina. i hope she has a bib because we have some ribs. ainsley: don't take the easy way out. brian: as usual. ainsley: climb the hill, brian. have you got to go through the valley to get to the mountain, brian. brian: all this symbolism. i don't know what you mean. steve: did you say the rib less traveled?
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brian: "american idol," runner-up. almost a champion in one of these "american idol" runner-ups ends up being more successful than the winner. steve: wee have tweeted the fact she is other feature performer today on the twitter verse. the president is giving us company because he has sent out five tweets. we have a couple he has sent out in the last hour or two. ainsley: we are just waking up in america. is he well into his day as he is over in germany for the g-20 summit. this is his tweet. i will represent our country well and fight for its interests. fake news media will never cover me accurately, but who cares? we'll make america great again. brian: mr. president i know you care. he will mead meet with the world leaders today. my meeting with vladimir putin much to discuss be accompanied by one person secretary of state. steve: plus his translator. brian: that's true. ainsley: rex tillerson secretary of state he has dealt with rex tillerson. he was ceo of exxon oil. that might be good to have
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that ally. brian: that's great. steve: he has actually cut deals with the russians. ainsley: that's exactly right. brian: as kristin fisher ever cut a deal wet russians? steve: wife would you be mentioning her. brian: sometimes her family meets gets to know your astronaut week kristin fisher is here. [laughter] steve: i don't think your parents want to be a cosmonaut. >> i know my mom has tried to cut a deal with a cosmonaut or two over a shoat of vodka. brian: i didn't know that. ainsley: i hope she won. >> i don't know who won. i'm guessing the cosmonaut won because my mom is not much of a drinker but who knows. listen, let me bring you guys up to speed over what is happening here in hamburg. we just got into town and you could certainly tell that something happened here last night because we had to walk about half a mile just to get to this location. broken glass all over the streets. all the streets are closed around the area.
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and that's because about 100, 111 police officers were injured last night in clashes with anti-capitalists, mostly anticall at that point list demonstrators. they damaged cars, they started fires, threw bottles. police responded by firing water canons and pepper spray. we are told 12,000 demonstrators last night. but about 100,000 are expected to be here over the course of the next two days. so the possibility of even more violence is certainly possible. now, today is the opening day of the g-20 summit. also, probably the biggest day, the most hotly anticipated day because today is the day that president trump will finally meet face to face with russian president vladimir putin for the very first time. and we're now just four hours away from that meeting taking place. and you know after all the talk on the campaign trail amidst all of these ongoing investigations back in washington, everyone is going to be waiting to see how these
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two presidents interact? will they say anything during the photo oon? whaop.? what will their body language be like? president trump used his strongest language yet to condemn some the kremlin's activities. listen. >> we urge russia too cease its destabilizing activities in ukraine and elsewhere and it's support for hostile regimes, including syria and iran. and to, instead, join the community of responsible nations in our fight against common enemies and a defense of civilization itself. >> now, the white house has said that it's hoping to find some kind of common ground with russia on what's been going on in syria. it's unclear, obviously, if that will happen, then the other big question is, you know, will president trump
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bring up russian interference in the u.s. election when he sits down face-to-face president putin. the white house has said they don't know. they don't want to get ahead of the president on this one. at the end of the day it's between him and putin and whatever president trump decides to say. he has certainly been preparing for this big meeting brian, anthony, and steve. probably the biggest meeting that he has had yet as president. steve: all right you, kristin fisher go and talk to your mom on the phone. i'm sure she wants to talk to you about -- >> i know. i have already gotten a text. [laughter] steve: thank you very much. you see all the protests over there and people are going look at all those people who are protesting donald trump and in fact that's reflected in. so mainstream media. keep in mind they think they are going to have 1,200,000 protesters over the weekend. they are not there for donald trump per se. they are antiwar people. they are anti-capitalists, activists. they are there to protest the war, climate change, the west, and capitalism.
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ainsley: look at that they are burning cars. damaged shops. blocking the streets so the leaders couldn't get through to the g-20. they threw bottles and stones. flares. steve: 76 police officers were hurt in the clashes with the protesters yesterday. so it is violent. brian: just real quick on what we could expect today. i'm curious to see what we could find out actually happened today. so far the only thing we know for sure is there are leaks everywhere what do you believe. what is the best scenario? listen, we hit it off on many aspects? is the best scenario to say vladimir putin, this is a guy i can't deal with? what is better for american? listen i got him to admit he medicine dead in thmedicine dea. they seemed to have stood up their army and wasted a lot of money. looking for an out there. ainsley: everywhere you go in
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new york people are not happy with this mayor bill de blasio. had this officer shot in -- just dead in the bronx. she is the mother of three. single mother of three. that just happened and one day after this lady right there is shot dead up in the bronx, bill de blasio gets on a plane and he is headed to germany. is he there to be the keynote speaker for all these protest people here are so upset that he is our mayor is not here to swear in 524 nypd recruits and to be there for that lady's family. steve: he skipped it take a look at the cover of the post. day after are cop is executed he jets off lefties g-20. ed mullins who heads up the new york city police department sergeant's union as the city mourns city flees. he wonders why he has a problem with the police. real leaders stay with the city in this time of hardship. he is the keynote speaker. he was invited by the organizer called hamburg shows attitude according to one of
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their tweets. brian: here's the thing. he knew this is bad. that's why he only gave us 90 minutes' notice he was leaving. ainsley: city council did not know he was abandoning the big apple. brian: maybe find a stalking mask with a guy with a head that big. this is why you should be embarrassed in new york city. he has almost 50% approval rating. as bad as he is and ineffective is he. homeless situation is coming back. gravity is coming back to new york city. crime is on slight uptick i as thest as well as the last two mayor's to change things in new york said impossible. huge step back. he looks like the favorite to get another four years. ainsley: here is the message is he sending to new yorkers who voted for him. i don't care about new york city i would rather push my progressive agenda overseas. telling to new yorkers and to the family of this police officer. brian: gets up every day and works out for two hours and shows up late for everything.
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ainsley: let's say you have a vacation plan and something big happens at the plant or office. you have to cancel your vacation or go a few days later you hold down the fort at work. that's what you are paid to do. that's what the constituents voted and elected to do. brian: protest trump embarrassment. steve: he can't put those anti-capitalists on hold. brian: he a agrees with them. steve: mark penn is going to tell us how the problem for democrats right now is they need to move to the center rather than to the far de blasio left. all right, 6:11 now here in new york city. jillian joins us with those headlines. jillian: that's right. good morning to you and to you at home as well. protesters behind bars accused of making a sick threat against a republic lawmaker. police say mark vowed to get better aim than the congressional baseball shooter that threat allegedly made outside senator jeff flake's office tucson office. comes as congressman steve scalise as you remember was hurt in the baseball shooting is back in serious condition.
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the white house majority whip moved to the icu over concerns about possible infection after another surgery. well, a major win overnight for the trump administration vowing to make america safe. a federal judge in hawaii ruling the travel ban from six muslim majority country also remain in place. now this move denies the state's request to challenge the border order clarifying the criteria on relatives. most non-immediate family members are restricted from traveling to the u.s. for 90 days. hearings train their attention to u.s. nuclear facilities. homeland security and the fbi says hackers have been infiltrating companies that control nuclear power stations, possibly exposing dangerous information. the agencies don't know what the hackers were after. but officials say russia could be behind it and a major scare in the air overnight as a plane packed with people forced to make an emergency landing after a passenger allegedly assaulted a crew member. the delta flight from seattle, headed to beijing, turned
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backs around after the man fought with the attendant in first class. several passengers jumping in to steal him. in this event three people were hurt. 23-year-old suspect from florida was taken into custody. we'll keep you updated on all of these headlines and i will see you guys back here in a little bit. steve: maybe the not so friendly skies. jillian: not so friendly skies theist days. steve: thank you. woman who organized women's march calling on muslims to wage jihad against president trump. brian: we have our first fake controversy on the president's frorn trip. we have the story behind the handshake that did happen. ♪ going to be all right. ♪ because the players are going to play, play, play ♪ and the haters going to hate, hate, hate ♪ i'm just going to shake, shake, shake ♪ shake it off ♪ shake it off ♪
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3:18 am
that piece senior advisor to the clintons mark penn. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: who has pulled the party so far out to the lift? is it bernie and elizabeth warren? >> i think there is a lot pulling it to the left. i think activist groups. big donor money. i think sanders and warren. i think the vacuum in the party after the last presidential race, which hillary clinton, everyone thought, was going to win. steve: um-huh. the problem for the democrats is they have lost the support among working class voters. and democrats don't get elected unless they have got them. how do you get them back? >> well, i think that's where the democrats have a real opportunity. they're leaving so much issues on the table. take infrastructure. where is the democratic infrastructure plan? i think they could come out with one right now. what about the opioid crisis? what about some of the crime that we're seeing in major cities? what about the growth of the concentration of economic power in the tech industry
3:19 am
that there could be a prime issue for democrats. steve: sure. >> there are a lot of new issues, not just old ones that democrats can use to prove that they could restore leadership in the 21st century here. steve: in your op-ed you talk about how the democratic party has shown disdain for religion and has been so immersed in identity politics that's really damaged the brand. >> yeah. i think that again, if you go back to the 1990s, the party was involved in a lot with identity politics. believing there should be a government program that would solve every problem instead of creating opportunity instead of, i think at this point, really understanding the cultural disconnect between the party and working class voters who want to be respected for values hard work, religion, and family. and i think there is room for that in the democratic party without question. steve: okay. well, you've got some problems now. people on the left don't like your op-ed, "the huffington post" says hey it's 2017,
3:20 am
democrats should really stop taking mark penn's at vice. "the washington post" says breaking the democratic party is different now than in 1995. slate says the silliest advice in that asinine "new york times" op-ed promoting democratic centrism. your friends are steamed at you. >> i knew i would be poking the bear with this article but it had to be written. more people has to stand up for the center because the country is in the center. only 25, 27% of the country is liberal. democrats know that three quarters are moderate or conservative. the primary system, in particular, is squeezing out the voice of moderates. one of the things i say is let's get rid of caucuses. let's make the democratic primary process more democratic by having it all based on primaries. those caucuses favor activists, give the left too much power in the party. steve: all right. it's provocative op-ed in the pages of the "new york times." mark penn thank you very much for joining us live today. >> thank you.
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steve: what do you think about that? let us know. meanwhile president trump in poland talking tough on terror. >> we are fighting hard against radical islamic terrorism and we will prevail.
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hey you've gotta see this. cno.n. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine.
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okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. brian: so glad you're up. it's friday. here are your headlines. ohio man facing decades behind bars after admitting sending $250 to isis recruiter there he is. 20-year-old aaron davis. he was arrested after trying to board a flight to libya last year. facing maximum of 20 years in prison. convicted cop killer executed overnight in virginia. there he is william morva. no word on his final last words if he had any.
3:25 am
did he not have any. i just got that confirmed through my ear: he was convicted of 2008 for killing a security guard and hospital worker. go downstairs to ainsley. ainsley: thank you so much. president trump on the world stage delivering one of his most well-received speeches. how did his message resonate with the voters? we have the brand new dilsz grading the president yesterday in poland. lee carter is president and pollster at maslansky and partners. she has the results for us. good morning, lee. >> good morning. ainsley: let's start with when he was talking about america is not going to back down. listen to the sound bite and we'll discuss. >> our citizens did not win freedom together, did not survive horrors together, did not face down evil together, only to lose our freedom to a lack of pride and confidence in our values. we did not and we will not. we will never back down.
3:26 am
ainsley: what grade do you give it and what did the dials say? >> you can see there republicans gave this a plus off the charts. independents a b. democrats even a c. this mess savage unity, bringing us all together. on the back drop of warsaw, reminding that we all came together over threw a dictator symbolic what we are facing in north korea. it wasn't lost on the democrats. people are really happy to hear that it sounds like we weren't going to go this alone and reach out to our allies. ainsley: he also talked about border security. he said we will prevail over terrorism. >> watch this and watch the dials. >> we are fighting hard against radical islamic terrorism and we will prevail. [cheers and applause] we cannot accept those who reject our values and who use hatred to justify violence against the innocent. today the west is also confronted by the powers that seek to test our will,
3:27 am
undermine our confidence, and challenge our interests. to meet new forms of aggression e including propaganda, financial crimes, and cyber warfare, we must adapt our alliance to compete effectively in new ways and on all new battle fields. ainsley: republicans, of course high. independence right under. >> they were right there. republicans a plus. independence a minus and democrats gave it a c. this was a home run for the about the. he hit everything. he hit his america first message but really bringing people together. talking about all the values we share. very unifying message. democrats were even willing to get on board. i think this was really really great moment for him. despite the fact that a lot of people are talking about the press conference instead of the speech. ainsley: saw talking about terrorism and security. also talked about isis and the borders here in america. listen to and this watch the dials. >> we must stand united
3:28 am
against these shared enemies to strip them of their territory and their funding and their networks in any form of ideological support that they may have. what we will also welcome new citizens who share our values and love our people. our borders will always be closed to terrorism and extremism of any kind. ainsley: off the charts for republicans. off the charts there republicans gave this a plus. independents b plus. surprisingly there, even the democrats gave a c. when he was talking about closing our borders. so i think this speech overall did a lot to help donald trump and if people can pay attention to this part of yesterday and not just the press conference and a lot of the riots that were happening in hamburg that they could really have a different peivelg on this president and what he is going to do with nato and how is he going to stand up to world leaders right now. people saw a strong, strong leaders. ainsley: you know what i'm thinking about when i'm watching those dials when we had you on almost every day
3:29 am
with the election. the independents were right there with the republicans. we weren't sure if donald trump was going to win or hillary clinton was going to win. looking at the results and looking at the democrats. the democrats were of 00 charts bottom during the election. now it looks like they're coming on board. giving him a c. >> this is one of his best speeches so far. ainsley: interesting. thank you so much, lee. we have a fox news alert. we are getting ready for the world leaders at the g-20 to take their group photo. you are looking live at hamburg as that is about to get underway. we will bring it to you as it happens. we have our first fake controversy on the president's foreign trip. we have the real story behind that handshake right there. ♪ giving all my secrets away. one laugh, and hello sensitive bladder.
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steve: welt, ladies and gentlemen, we have ours first fake #fake news authenticated snub that certainly made its way around the twitter verse yesterday kristin, the guy who had been at "the washington post" and nows is at cnn, he put this up tweet yesterday. it simplely said omg, omg, omg it linked to what looks like. watch this, president trump appears to put his hand out to shake the hand of the first lady of poland but she walked past to shake melania's hand. it looks like a super awkward snub. right? when you play the whole thing you realize wait a minute, she does shake the president's hand. she is making eye contact with melania. she is not even looking at president trump. that's the real take. she shakes hands with her first and then shakes hands with president trump. >> they make it like the big snub. of course it's going to be
3:34 am
awkward. make a big deal of it the problem is it never happened. you are seeing the actual video now. the polish president got involved and tweeted this out. he said cob temporary to surprising reports, my wife did shake hands with mrs. and mr. trump potus after a great visit. let's fight fake news. it wasn't to hut that out. it was northeast it said watch donald trump handshake rejected by polish first lady in hilariously awkward exchange. "u.s.a. today" and "the washington post and it was others. brian: can i say something, too? these people don't know each other number one. number two, hav have you been ia group and met somebody for the first time maybe tonight it's going to happen sometimes you don't know whether to kiss the person. you don't know like you don't know. this is an aunt that you kiss? is this a friend that you should know. do you shake. ainsley: if you watching, an
3:35 am
aunt that he kisses. >> you don't walk up to someone and start kissing them. i get that you know in that moment. ainsley: not anymore. brian: you feel bad. usually understand i being can see that after it happened. why are people waiting for the biggest slip up. ainsley: it would be different if it were vladimir putin and putin his his wife. they like each other. not like she is snubbing him. brian: who is vladimir putin's wife. is he married? >> steve: that was not the only fake news thing yesterday as well after the press conference in the 4:00 hour. jim acosta from cnn said ever he was doing the reporting on what the president said. the president was talking about russian interference in our election. evidence said the president said that he had heard that it was 17 of our intel agencies had said that it was russia involved president trump said it actually it was three or four and mr. acosta said that's not true. if we ask the white house
3:36 am
about that they are probably not going to get back to us. apparently mr. acosta did not read in the pages of the "new york times" about a week ago. where they actually corrected the story. it's a story we did here on this program so i think my advice to jim acosta is watch more "fox & friends" go watch sean spicer. that's what he does best. brian: jillian, have you more news and this is not a good story? jillian: it is not. get you what you need to know. we have brand flu video showing the devastating moment a police officer is assassinated. alexander bonds standing there behind a tree shooting through the window of a police vehicle. killing nypd officer familia and then running away. she was a 12 year veteran of the force and mother of three. across the country a country. police are remembering the five officers killed in ambush one year ago today. can you believe a muslim activist now calling on people
3:37 am
to wage jihad against the trump administration. that we when we stand up to those who oppress our communities that our as a form of jihad that we are struggling against tyrants and rulers not only of abroad middle east other side of the world but here in these united states of america where you have fascists and white supremacist and islamophobes reigning in the white house. that is former dnc delegate. this isn't her first outburst of hate against the president. she organized the infamous women's march against him. we have video off the plane burst apart on chicago runway. take a look. ntsb shows emergency slide blowing around uncontrollably before the pilot shut the engine off last fall. also revealing chaos in the cockpit as can you imagine. flight attendance told them to stay seated as flames overtook
3:38 am
the plane. all 170 people on the american airlines flight made it out alive. that's a look at your headlines. i can't imagine what it would be like in a situation like that. that is so frightening. brian: how about who is taping it on the inside? jillian: everyone is taping something now adays. that's the reality of it. brian: thank you. jillian: thank you. brian: let me tell you what's coming up next since my name is on the prompter. he ran hillary clinton's failed presidential campaign. why is john podesta the talk of the town at the g-20? ainsley: super cars for super stars. custom rides build for the celebrities. we are getting a sneak peek at them on our plaza. brian: celebrities? ainsley: no. cars. ♪ baby, you just ain't seen nothing yet ♪ here's nothing that you're never going to forget. you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste.
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3:42 am
supremacists some campus buildings about to face big changes. the university of mississippi will soon post signs acknowledging the buildings were constructed by slaves and rename a building originally named after white supremacists mississippi governor james vardaman university leaders saying they are trying to make all students feel welcome. new video now showing the terrifying moments a college dorm gets blown to pieces. you can see the building murray state in kentucky explode after a gas leak explosion. thankfully no students were inside at the time. an employee did get injured but is expected to be okay. brian? brian: thanks, ainsley. time zones won't stop the president from tweeting in the latest topic on everyone's mind apparent solid john podesta. the president tweeting this out this morning. everyone here is talking about why john podesta refused to give the dnc server to the fbi and the cia. that happened back in july. that is disgraceful. joining us now to react to do that and so much more is
3:43 am
adrian elrod, former director of strategic communication hillary clinton and. adrian, your response is true, the dnc did not turn over that server, it would have answered a lot of issues quickly in july, right? >> yeah. first of all, why is donald trump treating about hillary clinton's server when is he on arguably his most important foreign trip to date? is he trying to deflect from some the criticism of his speech or some of the other issues that he has raised since he has been over there? secondly, john podesta, number one, i was our campaign chairman it was not his jurisdiction or authority to turn over the actual server. and, secondly, in terms of the dnc, they obviously have some issues with the way the fbi handled the investigation to hillary clinton's server. it did take longer to turn over emails that eventually led to james comey's revelation in the most recent congressional testimony where he made it very clear that he thinks russians meddled in
3:44 am
this election. brian: president brought up something in response to a question question if president obama knew about the hacking in august why did we not hearing anything about it until november or late october and then, of course, did he something about it in january. jim, is this beginning to become a murky issue? >> i'm kind of curious. it wouldn't be what you would expect to sees a a hot topic of the g-20 summit. what i find a scenario i find a little bit more plausible meetings with merkels, meeting with trumps. they are trying to have a nice conversation. she needs a refill of her drink and she says where is that server? and trump says exactly. that's my point. the other possibility is merkel and trump did not have the warmest or best of initial meetings, so, if you are a g-20 world leader, maybe you ask about this sort of thing. you know it's a topic on the president's mind and probably can get him talking. if you ask about favorite
3:45 am
topics and non-polite smile and nod that maybe you will ingasht gratiot yourself with him. everyone here talking in his limo. brian: peter swisser talked about the investments russian bank if you are going to bring that up, let's see if that investigation going to continue there i want to bring something else up to your attention, adrian. one thing unique. seems like president obama to a degree is shadowing the current president. think about his meeting hours after with the new south korean leader did he that he met with the italian leader. he was over in the -- as a preor post with angela merkel to the president's initial meeting at the g-8 with angela merkel. what's going on here? i thought president obama was going to fade away like president bush? >> look, with all due respect to president trump, i think the last thing on his mind on president obama's mind is trying to shadow president trump right now. look, he is obviously got engagements, speaking engagements and whatnot across the globe.
3:46 am
but i think the last thing on his mind rights now is trying to make sure that he is following donald trump. brian: he seems to though. right after the meeting with the south korean leader. having a sit down with him. i think it could be because president obama seems to have more international popularity. could be trying to swamp him. but i'm going to switch it over to you, jim. in the big picture. this question was asked of terry mcauliff who many people believe is going to be running for president. who is the leader of the democratic party? how would you answer that? >> well, as you say, the more time president obama spends out on the campaign -- out on making public apances or his various facebook statements, the larger the profile for president obama. the less media oxygen there is for any other figure to emerge for that whether it's chuck schumer or nancy pelosi or any one of the younger voices in the party since a good portion of the party's leadership looks like a sequel to cacoon right now. i have think they could use somebody like corey booker or somebody like that younger than a baby boomer to be fair thinks and voice in the coming
3:47 am
years. the more obama wants to keep that front and center, you can hear the teeth grinding of democratic offices all across washington. brian: let's close with this. today is going to be a hallmark meeting, everyone is looking at vladimir putin and president trump. best case scenario, if you are a part of the trump administration, what do you want to emerge from this adrian elrod? you first. >> you know, if i were the trump administration, i would want to emerge with being able to reassure the american people that we have got it together in terms of forming allies to keep the threat of north korea and nuclear proliferation away. as an american citizen that is what i'm hoping for. brian: jim? >> sure. i think a lot of the media that's hostile to trump has created this narrative they are going to come out of today's meeting blah ha ha ha ha, we finally got away with it you and i. i don't think that's going to harassment polite meeting,
3:48 am
cordial and diplomatic. we have two alpha meals. one points or another they will feel like one will disrespected them. brian: i don't know that they have a friendship to wear on to wear off. so many consequential issues i don't know if you get that done in 30 minutes no. matter what happens, people going to say great job and bad job. the same people saying going in will be saying it going out. we will see what goes on between north korea and syria of course the ukraine and the rest of eastern europe. thank you so much for the debate. >> thank you. brian: and signed. insight. dan bongino will be on and judge jeanine pirro will be on to provide insight. let's check this out. that's called the army wrangler. it has a full hydraulic system. that's not all. we have a sneak peek of super cars that you could buy ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ainsley: these cars are super cars for super stars. they are tricked out rides built for. so biggest names in sports and entertainment. today we are getting a sneak peek of some of the ones that you will see on a new tv series called the auto firm. here to showed us about his cars the host of that show alex vega. thanks for joining us. your first show aired on velocity tv network on wednesday night. >> it was great. it was awesome. ainsley: i love your story. had you a dream as indicated. you were a teenager when you started tricking out these cars and customizing cars for individuals.
3:53 am
now have you your own tv show. who are some of the celebrities that asked to you customize car. >> we had taylor on the show. we have marc anthony. ramirez, gary sanchez from new york. ainsley: wow, have you worked with michael jordan, may weather. lil' wayne. tell me about the car i'm sitting. in what makes this so special. >> this is like a marvel edition. we painted it like an army green. we did the whole interior like a marvel design. and if you look at the back, i know it's crazy, but. ainsley: let me see. >> people love it. ainsley: can we show the back of the car? let's see oh, wow. is that a speaker sound system? >> yeah. like a sound system looks like it's coming at you. ainsley: can you hear this thing down the road, right? >> oh probably like three blocks. ainsley: brian is in the next car. will you run over there and show awesome car and what makes it so special? >> definitely.
3:54 am
ainsley: take it away, brian. brian: this is the biggest disappointment -- not been healthy but his car has been. tell me about this car. >> well, we pretty much made it a complete white body. you will see it now in our second show on wednesday. brian: there is for mets outfielder. we customize the whole inel tierier. gave him his -- what they call him. brian: that's his make name you put on it. customize the seats. made it wider. >> made it wider. gave it some custom wheels. new design we made for him. brian: did you see this? >> his number 52 in front of the car. brian: check. this just in case you he wants to know what car is his and what spot he should park in that's his number with the new york mets. >> that's how you know he is coming? brian: how much does this cost and does he need it back. >> a build like this is about 50,000. brian: wow. very nice. steve, take it away.
3:55 am
come ove. steve: come over here, mr. vega. this is gary sanchez. the grill is fantastic. tell us how have you outfitted this jeep wrangler. >> we pretty much whole front of it brand new. hood is new. steve: yankee blue. >> had the white and red. we made his white and blue. steve: let's go on inside and take a look at the interior. what i love about the interior is -- come on in here. where do you get this custom leather. in-house. hand stitched. show them different designs. they pick the designs they like. and we make it happen. steve: what happens? a celebrity comes to you and says you know what? i would really like a really cool ride and do you come up with the idea or do they have something cooking up there? >> no. they usually tell me go at it i want something different, special.
3:56 am
everybody has a turned car. they want to outdo each other. steve: can you do it with any car? >> any car. >> could you do it with that taxi behind you? >> 1,000%. steve: thank you. >> my pleasure. steve: where can we see your tv channel again. >> velocity channel every wednesday night at 10:00 p.m. steve: round of applause who makes your car really cool looking. still ahead. big program on this friday. pete hegseth. dan bongino and judge jeanine and newt gingrich all here live. fresh off winning the cmt award for break through video of the year. lauren alayna going to be here for our summer concert series brought to you by keurig. ♪ bln .but real joyful moments are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪
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>> president trump off to early start here the first day
4:00 am
of the g-20 summit in hamburg. >> president trump and russian leader vladimir putin will finally meet face to face. >> we urge russia to cease its destabilizing activities and its support for hostile regime. >> that was the most anti-russian speech since ronald reagan. >> the west will never ever be broken. our values will prevail. our people will thrive, and our civilization will triumph. >> president donald trump reaffirmed our nation's commitment to the the leader of the free world. >> there is definitely a new sheriff in town. >> we are in the beginning stages of what the trump team will call maximum pressure policy on north korea. >> we are behaving in a very, very dangerous manner. and something will have to be done about it. but i pretty severe things we're thinking about. >> president trump has made it clear we don't red lines we
4:01 am
deal with reality. >> skipped out on a ceremony fallen officer to protest president trump and other world leaders at the g-20 summit in germany. ♪ ♪ ainsley: it is a friday. brian: buck wild. that is reminiscent of almost every friday. i will say this, the turf begins to fill up for one very good reason. this is the "fox & friends" concert series sign. and we are about to hear from lauren alaina. steve: that's right. she was out preparing with the sound check just a moment ago. she was out wearing a poncho, some of the folks in front of
4:02 am
our studio are doing. you don't need it for ribs. drop by 48th and sixth avenue this morning. we will give you a concert in one hour and all you can eat. ainsley: sings that famous song the road less traveled. she is a country musician. she is young. she is cute. we have so much fun on the plaza. brian: she is doing fine. we will be singing in the f block. ainsley: if you know tv talk you know the f block. brian: check your fax i gave the run down. steve: right now 7 o 02 in new york city. but two minutes after 1:00 in the morning in the city of hamburg. this is a procession where the. ainsley: you mean 1:00 in the afternoon. steve: 1:00 in the afternoon. thank you very much. they are now taking photographs, we believe, one at a time with angela merkel the chancellor of germany. here comes one of the world leaders. and we believe he will eventually shake hands with the host.
4:03 am
ainsley: she is the hostess of the g-20 summit. her focus primarily on paris climate change. she says she is willing to compromise and she wants to talk about open international trading systems. brian: this is kind of interesting. this reminds me of the dating game after you choose the bachelor because they have to walk from around the wall and just appear. there is your choice. we will keep an eye when the president of the united states shakes hands. and meet president putin later today. ainsley: i look forward with world leaders including vladimir putin. much to discuss. i will our country well and represent our interests. fake news will never cover me accurately. but who cares? we'll make america great again. brian: this happening as police face major protests at the g-20. watch. [chanting.
4:04 am
brian: when you don't have a job it's easy to get off on thursday and run the streets. kristin fisher joins us. you are witnessing the aftermath, right? >> >> yeah, we really are. broken glass all over the street here. and this is happening, of course, on one the biggest days of the g-20 summit. and we are just three hours away from this first big meeting between president trump and president putin. i don't know if excited is the right word to use. i will be on the edge of my seat as we wait for this video to come in and see how these two world leaders interact. now, both president trump and president putin have already arrived here at the g-20. and the kremlin is saying that they already shook hands. the white house won't confirm it as for what we can expect. according to the white house, only president trump and secretary of state tillerson will be in the room along with the translator, of course, syria, ukraine and north korea all issues that are almost
4:05 am
certainly going to come up. syria in particular is an issue where the white house is hoping to cut a deal. the secretary of state said yesterday that the u.s. is prepared to explore the possibility of establishing esth no-fly zones. to use president trump one of his favorite phrases we will see what happens. yesterday at that big speech in poland, president trump used his strongest language yet to condemn some the kremlin's activities including its interference in the 2016 u.s. election. >> i think it was russia. and i think it could have been other people in other country. it could have been a lot of people interfered. i said it very simply i think it could well have been russia but well could have been other countries and i won't be specific u. >> of course, all of this is happening just hours after these huge protests here in the streets of hamburg. more than 100 police officers injured last night and, you know, i'm just now getting here. one of our photographers was on the ground during the
4:06 am
protest last night. he has been around a lot of protesters in the past. he said this one was given. these protesters intimidated him whereas other ones typically don't because these protesters inel tim dated him and the words he used was because of their size, their physical size and their intensity. so the potential for more violence certainly possible over the next two days, brian, ainsley, and steve. steve: bigger protest is planned for tomorrow. brian: protesting capitalism, oops, russia is there, saudi arabia is there. it's not about donald trump. it is causing a big problem. in fact there was a spouses reception scheduled earlier. melania trump missed it because of protests. ainsley: protesters were linking arms, sitting in the streets. saying they were not going to incite violence. wearing plastic bags over them like the things you wear at the football games when it's raining. steve: it wasn't raining. ainsley: because the police officers were firing water on them. trying to get them to move. and they wouldn't.
4:07 am
the police officers removing them one by one and then arresting them. brian: one thing they have a no mask rule. take your mask off. won't do that then the cops have to move on them. of course they expect 100,000 people little by little. ainsley: this has been planned for a year. brian: report from another network angela merkel to get under president trump's skin i planned this in the middle of the major city so he would see at loft protests and that couldn't possibly be true because this was set a year ago when donald trump was a candidate and i don't think angela merkel thought president trump was going to win. steve: so maybe that's some fake news. ainsley: see on the left-hand side of the screen world leaders involved with the g-20. getting ready for their photo. steve: there is president trump there next to macron. as soon as they get ready for the group photo, group of 20. we will tell you while this is going on inside this gigantic
4:08 am
protest is going on outside, do you know who was invited by the protesters, the hamburg shows attitude group as their keynote speaker. the answer is mayor bill de blasio of new york who skipped a new york city police department swearing in ceremony for new -- there is vladimir putin. for new recruits made somber by this week's cop assassination here in new york city. instead of being here in new york city where the city needed him in the wake of this tragedy, mayor de blasio went over there. he says it's to promote human rights to make sure that people in that photograph, the g-20 countries know that he stands for basic human rights. brian: i imagine by the way there are spots on the ground they seem to know where to go or told behind the scenes exactly where to go. and i think this is the time in which you want to see people as if you are looking in on them. that last 10 seconds before did you go to break johnny carson "the tonight show" and see what these guys really talk about. you want to seat relationship
4:09 am
who is walking over to whom. and what they possibly could be saying. steve: i wonder what the reaction to the group is on the president's speech yesterday in warsaw because you look at the reviews. you know, for the most part across the united states of america. and they call it a defining speech. it was a good speech. actually it was a good speech to introduce the president to the world. it would have been great to have some of those themes at his inauguration. they chose about six months in to do all of that. ainsley: angela merkel is the most obviously of the g-20 summit because it takes place in germany. she standing in the very front row, wearing red. everyone else is in basically navy or black suits. i was watching as president trump walks in and then vladimir putin walked in next to angela merkel. and i wanted to see if they were going to discuss anything or talk or shake hands. didn't see that. brian: couple things interesting. vladimir putin is in this one. told to stay out of home g 8.
4:10 am
g 7 because of invasion of ukraine. that was a quick photo op. ainsley: there is our president all the way to the far left. >> someone pulled him aside. oh that was macron of france. ba still day soon together. they are going over the logistics. steve: later on in the day president of the united states and vladimir putin will meet in a side room. very intimate affair. six of them, the president, rex tillerson, a translator and then three from the former soviet side. the russian side. ainsley: a lot of power in that room. steve: no kidding. brian: getting reports that when macron walked over to president trump he gave him like a fist bump in the chest. that's kinds of like a guy thing i think to say you are taller. i'm not sure what that means in france -- in french. it's interesting to see because when the president was walking out on the g-7 recommendation he wanted to get ahead of the leader from montenegro who was making his debut. that made international news.
4:11 am
steve: we talked a little bit about as we look at them file out of the room after the class photo, it would be good if we could split the screen right now and after we play for you yesterday et president's speech live during our program just about 24 hours ago, rush limbaugh had an unbelievable assessment of the trump speech and it was like nothing he had heard in a very long time. he said it was very reaganesque. if we could watch a little of these pictures and watch and listen to rush from yesterday, this is going to sum it up. ainsley: trying to get that together. while the producers in the back have it. take a listen. steve: here is rush. talking about western civilization. western values. american culture. the american culture, this distinct american culture that resulted from our founding, that is now under assault, not just from enemies around the world but from enemies within.
4:12 am
that distinctive american culture which has given freedom its greatest repository and chance in the world is under assault from the miner media and agents in the democrat party and academia and i hollywood. the threat is domestic and it has to be beaten back if we tore survive. and it's a battle to the death, folks. we are is that correct dab in the middle of it. and trump is the only president since reagan to acknowledge it. brian: that's rush going to break. right now you are witnessing they are going to have a working lunch together and that's going to be closed session. angela merkel is supposed to make opening remarks before this starts. and the president, of course, find ago seat, going over some things. he has some big meetings. not just with vladimir putin. ainsley: also have a concert with hamburg philharmonic
4:13 am
playing for them. dinner tonight at concert hall. leaders will be seated together at one large table discussing world issues. brian: president going to have one-on-one with the mexican leader as well as theresa may of britain. these things came together relatively quickly. these end up being regular bilaterals instead of having the polar side where you maybe have an informal conversation. now usually you walk in with somewhat of an agenda. the president like he always does likes to keep things to himself. not play his hand ahead of time. steve: let's have bilateral meeting right now as the president talks to steve munich and gary cohn right there. our bilateral is with pete hegseth. pete, as we look at these images as he commit commence ths there at the g-20 in hamburg. your topic today while why the founding fathers make things great again speech yesterday. >> what he underscored
4:14 am
yesterday were the foundations and fundamentals of western civilization. they would recognize what he had to say. but those very fundamentals have been forgotten by most of the leaders and countries in that room. a message he was to deliver if we're going to save our civilization. if the west is going to remain strong and free, we have to remember the values that got us here. the values enshrined in the declaration and constitution. basic things like patriotism and productivity and borders and belief in your own country. having babies and passing it onto the next generation. these things are sort of passe or not as sophisticated as many in those room would view them as. therefore, they are discounted. they focus on diversity, multi-culturallism, atheism. frankly he talked a lot about god. if you believe in something greater than your sufficiently that forms how are and what you are willing to fight for. ainsley: what was hisst his message for vladimir putin because think will be sitting down today. >> his message strong anti-russia or pro-u.s.a. speech we have heard. ainsley: without saying russia.
4:15 am
pete: of course. reinforcement of article 5 in nato. steve: unmistakable message. pete: unmistake cable and where america has stood with free people and freedoms and europe. and if the kremlin didn't get that message, they weren't listening. it was very strong speech. brian: interesting g-20 for many reasons. number one, there is a sense of a split personality among western leaders. do we go towards free trade? do we go for making these huge agreements whether it's the tpp or whether it's redoing nato? there is a sense among in the eu do we keep this thing together? do we really redefine our borders? do we open up our arms to refugees? what about america as a leader? firm and strong but also saying america first. what does that mean for us? you have the menace of russia. this all has to get done and these things are implied and inferred over a two-day period. this should be a two-week meeting where everyone should
4:16 am
have a chance to go one on one, one on three and should be able to hash things out. i don't know what could possibly of substance take place. so much has to be defined. pete: there are a ton of meetings that happen beforehand to make these meetings productive when you get there. two week meeting you are talking about u.s. election. the brecket election. it is a clash between nationalism and globalism. and this -- the difference between international agreements and alliances. alliances based on shared values. something like nato, our countries, if they invest the proper amount of money in military force, countries with like minds coming together as opposed to big international agreements where ultimately the values. steve: that's a great picture. the president of the united states with angela merkel and emanuel macron not including vladimir putin the three most cons questionable person in that room. pete, let me ask you about what rush -- macron and trump
4:17 am
seem to be forging relationship where initially people were saying independent guy, ran against a trump-like figure in le pen, but all of a sudden when they got a chance to meet each other, even though there is a 30 year gap in their ages they steam hit it off. hence la krohn reaching out. mr. president, when you are done with the g-20 while don't you come by for ba still day in france. pete: personalities matter in these particular cases. that's why president saw a possible friendship in vladimir putin to begin with fed into the conspiracy of the mainstream media or the so-called mainstream media that they -- he was in collusion. no, no. he saw someones who he saw as a strong leader who believed in his own nation. like president trump believes in america. forge a bond based on common interests. he was willing to talk about that openly. his critics used that against him. the fact that emanuel macron and him are forging a relationship is fantastic. longest alliance america has is with the french. steve: remember the last time
4:18 am
the two of these were together they did a handshake like a death grip. later he said well, i knew it was essentially a standoff. it was a. brian: president has never acknowledged that. steve: mr. macron did. ainsley: do we think climate change is going to dominate the g-20. angela merkel is willing to compromise. justin trudeau we saw some images there recently saying that president trump needs to take a lead role in this. >> climate change is going to dominate for all but two countries, the united states and russia. two still playing geopolitical ball. because, for the left, to the international left especially, climate change and issues of refugees are sort of a borderless world are of utmost importance. for president trump, leadership doesn't mean international climate agreements. it means leadership in a world where danger still exists. where enemies -- where you still need navies to command the seas and still need armies
4:19 am
to make sure dnc in south korea remain where they are. to president trump's credit he is willing to dismiss that they will try continue to diet america first as screw you guys, we are focused on what we want and we don't care about the climate which the some sit. ainsley: meanwhile ask us to fund everything. pete: discuss to fund everything and induce people to start giving the way they should to nato which is tough love. brian: already happening. france is picking up the pace. germany is slow to do so. we know that poland has surpassed it. and england has already gone over the 2% since they have been called on the carpet. pete: turns out the guy who was going to destroy the nato alliance is going to be the one to who he vifs it. making member countries invest it and making article 5 mean something. pointing it towards the real threats which ultimately are radical islamic terrorism in their midst. he realizes the west is committing suicide because it doesn't believe in itself anymore. that's the message he delivered yesterday in poland. ainsley: let me read out the countries involved 19 country
4:20 am
trisz and 20th is the eu. i want your opinion as to which countries we need to be focused on. russia, germany, argentina, australia, brazil, canada, china, france, india, indonesia, italy, japan, mexico, saudi arabia, and south africa, south korea, turkey, and the u.k., of course, the united states and then the eu. pete: go ahead. steve: i was going to say we got another image in from the german government facebook page. and it is of a consequential meeting just moments ago. there can you see right there. there is president trump and vladimir putin shaking hands off of facebook. ainsley: who posted that, steve, did you say? >> the government of germany. >> got some graphic. brian: they met yesterday 40 minutes angela merkel and president trump. going to be meeting later today vladimir putin it looks like somebody has got a body cam. i think the impractical jokers use the same type camera equipment. i'm not sure why this is surveillance video.
4:21 am
i don't know if they knew they were even being taped. ainsley: i doubt it. pete: are we going to stop and take 30 minutes to analyze that handshake? steve: somebody is already doing that on another channel. brian: out of those countries that ainsley mentioned, what really intrigues you? pete: china does for very significant reasons in light of what we have seen out of north korea. i'm sure there are side bar meetings happening. are they really going to come to the take? is of critical importance to prevent what could be a nuclear showdown or no one wants what could happen on the korean peninsula if it becomes a shooting war. that's an important conversation. brian: you know what's also interesting, too. not only did we send a destroyer there over the weekend. yesterday, we are continuing to challenge those man made islands and those international seas. we have been very aggressive in that area without the bluster and the verbiage that goes along with it. pete: we have to be. your comments yesterday about the president's steady hand on foreign policy in light of what they want to be talking on is spot on. in case of these islands, we're sailing past them
4:22 am
because we do not recognize them. barack obama said sure you can build them if you don't militarize them. it's such a perfect geample of the failure and night at this of that administration. of course they were going to militarize them that was the point to begin with we let them do it. try to roll back the failures of the last 8 years. brian: looking at the leader of turkeyered within a no turke. one of the biggest disappointments in the nato alliance and alliance with america. they seem to be going to the islamic extremist doctrine more than not. pete: of course. once again,. brian: pushing back of our arming of the kurds. pete: invoke article 5. brian: would they defend us? >> are they helping us in the fight against isis? these are a lot of the real questions that people ask. ainsley: when it comes to nato, the president is saying we are one of the few countries paying into this, you are asking us to support you and defend you if there is a problem, but we're not going to do that unless you pay into nato, too. those are the rules. do you think that the other
4:23 am
countries are going to start paying more and more money in the president said yesterday in the speech is he seeing more and more money pouring in. is it really going to make a difference? how important is it that america is saying hold on, we are not going to take part in this unless you give your money. pete: extremely significant. it's the tough love aspect. if they don't believe in defending themselves. ainsley: they need ults. pete: they have free loaded off of us for years. fay for they're welfare states. reverse that equation. makes us more secure and them more secure. brian: we where to see angela merkel's opening remarks. in any language it sounds like please find your seats while we were going over a few things. and there will be the host of the g-20 summit angela merkel. steve: exactly. we saw the images of donald trump. we believe that was a prepared text of her comments in english. ainsley: is that our president two seats over from her on the left? steve: i believe it is.
4:24 am
brian: right. they asked everyone to turn around so the press can goat a photo. brian: if i paid more attention in school. i took three years of german we wouldn't have needed a translator. steve: how smart was it for the president to start in poland before this event? pete: perfectly played. the audience were those people this those seats as well. steve: letter, let's listen. >> i would like to bid a very warm welcome to awful you. some of us have already met in the retreat format. a very warm welcome to germany. germany, as you probably know, is hosting the g-20 for the first time. and we're very glad to be able to do this in this port city of hamburg, a maritime, a location which is why we chose the logo from the maritime from the maritime world, it is a -- the more you pull on it, the faster it will hold.
4:25 am
so, the motto of our g-20 shaping a -- world. since all of us around the table represent a large part of the world, there are millions of people who are listening in on what we have to say. they bring our anxieties, their fears to this table, they hope we will be able to contribute to allaying their fears and anxieties into solving their problems. this ought to be the spirit in which we cooperate here. i am absolutely certain that each and every one will do his or her own to give a good contribution to the success of this meeting. before we come -- before we could come here together, we have done a lot of work. they will work through another night and yet but that's part and parcel of their job. many young people here.
4:26 am
[speaking german] steve: it does look as if we have lost the translation. now brian we will put you to the test. brian: quiet down. let me here. >> we have worked together with norway. brian: got them back. we have worked together with each of the au with -- all of you are our guests are very welcome guests here and thank you also for the contributions have you made already to making this meeting a success. we are all familiar with the great global challenges we all know time is of the essence. and only be frowned if we are ready to strike a compromise
4:27 am
if we accommodate each other's views without bending over backwards too much. and giving up our principles. i mean, key with very clearly also say well, we differ. we are represent two thirds of the population. global g.d.p. and three quarters of global trade. so, everyone not at the table today is absolutely justified in expecting us to do a good job. we are tried to put together a good agenda on global trade obviously and growth but also climate change, energy policy. germany has set a particular priority on africa because we as europeans if i may be allowed to speak from european vantage point consider africa as our neighboring continent. we think we have to do everything in order to bring this continent forward. health will play a central role.
4:28 am
all of these issues will be debated here. also central role of women in the world where women unfortunately far too often do not enjoy equal rights. have it difficult and at the same time in many, many cases bear the brunt of family work and of looking after the youngster he is. thank you all for coming here. i will now ask the members of the press to leave us so that we may start our serious work and then later on, we start with global growth and global trade. this, after all, is the core competence of the group of 20 nations. brian: that was opening remarks angela merkel. now they want the press to leave which most leaders do. steve: want to get something done. ainsley: heard her call on the paris climate change agreement several times. that's a big issue for her. she did say earlier she is willing to compromise. steve: in fact, the key message there was everybody
4:29 am
lehr ihere in this room needs to compromise climate and energy and africa as well. this is the kickoff. they are going to be meeting throughout the day. at some point the president of the united states will be pulled aside by vladimir putin or visa versa. and they will finally have that face to face that so many people have been talking about. brian: a lot of issues going on with north korea with the presence of vladimir putin who is told to stay home and the last time they he had a summit of economic powers. the g 8, the g 7 because of their invasion of the ukraine. what about a way forward in syria? pete: we thought this was going to be place for cooperation. instead more antagonism as they have dug in deeper with the iranians. there hasn't been overlap as much as we would like. i heard her talk about trade, climate change. growth: on trade we are talking about leveling the playing field not just fair trade and free trade. global climate change obviously pulling out of the
4:30 am
paris climate accord. on energy unleashing. deregulating. the rest of the world. steve: take that russia. pete: on growth, president trump says cut taxes and reduce bureaucracy. the rest of the world is drowning in bureaucracy and even more taxes and global and their welfare states. he has a message the world needs. brian: one thing, lng offering poland i'm pretty happy with russia's which is unbelievably disrespectful to us that they might view russia is more depend being. ainsley: money talks. maybe they can negotiate a better deal. brian: so much more street smart. steve: as we looked at those images and everybody was smiling behind the scenes there is a lot of tension. pete hegseth thanks so much. brian: see you tomorrow. meanwhile here for 8 hours. terrorist who killed an american soldier. why is canada paying him millions of dollars? ainsley: as all hell breaks loose between police and g-20 protesters in germany, the
4:31 am
press is blaming president trump? steve: that's right. dan bongino is next. he has a reality check for the left. good morning to you, dan. brian: our live coverage of the g-20 summit continues as we can let our cameras back. in hey, dan. ♪ ♪'s go ♪ let's go ♪ ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances.
4:32 am
the toothpaste that helps new parodontax. is
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4:34 am
brian: 26 minutes before the top of the hour. looking at the images we shaw. we shared them with you. president trump and vladimir putin we believe that the first time they have met face to face. that was posted on the facebook page. all in the greeting room behind the scenes. someone was this there with a camera obviously and they posted it on the facebook page. brian: what do you say to somebody who has been linked to somebody have you never talked to before. ainsley: talk to you later.
4:35 am
we have a one-on-one. discuss everything then. brian: a lot of the people are going into this meeting and prepare for vladimir putin if you are john kerry, you learn everything about them. you understand what he is going to bring to the table. h.r. mcmaster national security advisor is president trump is not going in with a specific agenda. so that gets some russian experts nervous. steve: we have an agenda. the reasonable somebody is sitting next to brian, dan bongino is because he is the renegade republican you see. and is he a former new york city plymouth officer and former secret service guy. we want you to react to the protests going on in hamburg. the protester referred to they have title dollars it welcome to hell. it's officially sponsored by a group that is a passivist group. however there are some trouble makers in there who wear masks and black and refuse to take them off and about 100 cops were hurt yesterday. >> interesting they call it welcome to hell because as a secret service agent and cop
4:36 am
hell with dealing with intellectual buffoons. sometimes you would grab these guys this they were engaged in law-breaking which sadly was often and say to them what exactly are you protesting? i will never forget one of their answers like one of those dude type answers like the guy from the big labowski he couldn't get dough heernt sentence out. my humble opinion is they want to break stuff. a way for them to vent. they don't even understand what they're protesting. brian: i understand, too, getting reports that the first lady is not being allowed to leave her residence because of security concerns. >> i'm not surprised by that having done a lot of these big, you know, multinational meetings where u.n. general assembly down the road or g-20 or if type of events. crowd get out of hand. secret service have to be lucky all the time. don't want to have to deal with luck. brian: show you they put her in the wrong place leaders can get there but first lady can't? >> may be motorcade trying to get through the city. they are not going to walk her
4:37 am
out there. me being a former transaction guy, when you have large crowds who are really violent or can be really violent. you don't want to get out there in a motorcade and lost in a car. steve: there is a story this morning i read the united states government in planning for this apparently didn't book one of those luxury hotels in downtown like they normally do and instead had to go to i believe they're staying the president and his family are staying at the senate house over there and then the balance of the staff is staying at another location. but, this is the kind of event though with these anarchists or anti-capitalists activists in this case. this happens every couple of years. i know some members of the mainstream media are saying look at all the people out there to protest donald trump. they are not protesting him. they are protesting the war and global climate change and we have just put together a montage of all of these guys over the years. look at that. >> what's interesting. i know that story is picking up some steam about how they couldn't find a hotel room.
4:38 am
i remember being an agent and we have ppd ops. presidential protection division operation section. they are the ones who book the hotel rooms. we can only go by what the staff says. if they made this decision within the last few months, i remember going to events like this where there was one time we rented an rv because you have to be housed somewhere. brian: advance guy? >> yeah. ainsley: we have been reporting this morning that bill de blasio the mayor of new york city that he was going over there. he took a flight out one day after the officer was killed here in the bronx. >> yeah. ainsley: this the is city he represents. many people are outraged with him. he says he was going to promote human rights issues answered felt like that was important. as a new york city former police officer, what are your thoughts about that? >> yeah. i have to be honest with you. i hate talking about this because i get so emotional about it i don't mean that in a bad way. this cop goes to work on mid night shift. she has three kids. these kids are never ever -- every single holiday for the rest of their lives is going to be memorialized by the fact that one thing happened.
4:39 am
their mother is not there because some savage decided he was going to shoot her in the face. brian: you see the video now that's exactly what happened. >> he cased it, brian. he cased it: i good friends in the camera unit. he cased it. meaning he walked by and then he premeditated act of human savagery shot this cop right in the face, who was just there to do her job. this story is an salute disgrace. anan sloot.itabsolute.99% cons . do their job and work for very little money and look what happened to her. ainsley: the mayor is not going to be there for the funeral. i don't know about that. but i know he is not there for -- we don't know when the funeral is going to be. he is skipping the swearing in ceremony. 524 new york city police officers, new recruits getting sworn in and he is not going to be there to shake their hands.
4:40 am
>> i will be honest with you. best thing de blasio cuckoo is to skip it cops i know can't stand him. he has never been in the cops' corner. he has seen the cops as some sort of form of liberal oppression. he has never ever been fasten the cops. the cops turned their back on him a long time ago. is he not a leader. is he a follower. the west thing he can do to leave the country. brian: they turn their backs on him at the hospital and swearing in ceremony would have been nice if he attended the swearing in of brand new officers that was happening today. >> bill de blasio carsz about bill de blasio. everything sales distant second. steve: instead, he is the keynote speaker at this event, big protest event in hamburg, germany. >> i'm sure that's good for his fundraising and international profile for his soon to be presidential run. there is a dead cop who is going to be laid to rest and hero. they deserve leadership. brian: we appreciate you joining us. >> new digs are nice.
4:41 am
brian: meanwhile, speaking of new, here is jillian providing new headlines for us. jillian: good morning to you guys and to you at home as well. a protester behind bars accused of making a sick threat against a republican lawmaker. police in arizona say mark pichard vowed to get better aim than the baseball shooter. that threat made outside of jeff flake's office. his arrest comes as steve scalise hurt in the baseball shooting is back in the hospital in serious condition. moved to the icu over concerns about an infection. a major win overnight for the trump administration vowing to make america safe. a federal judge in hawaii ruling the travel ban from six muslim majority countries will remain in place. the move denies the state's request to challenge the border order clarifying the criteria on relatives. most non-immediate family members are restricted from
4:42 am
traveling to the u.s. for ninth day us. former gitmo detainee who killed an american soldier is now an amillionaire. convicted terrorists sued the canadian government by not protecting his citizenship by giving information to the u.s. the supreme court agreed awarding him $8 million. that money is now officially in his bank account. the government must also apologize i that's a look at your headlines on this friday. steve: no wonder is he smiling. ainsley: $8 million. crazy. steve: thank you, jillian. ainsley: we just told you about the police officer mother of three asan sis nateed up in the bronx. why is the mainstream media ignoring this story? judge gentleman subpoena here and she is fired up. steve: she is lauren alaina just won the cmt award for this hit ♪ riding into battle ♪ don't be afraid ♪ take the road less traveled. steve: lauren is getting ready to perform on the plaza 48th and sixth avenue.
4:43 am
come on down. we will talk to her next. ♪ when itrust the brandtburn, doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day, all night protection. when it comes to heartburn, trust nexium 24hr. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day 50+ a complete multi-vitamin with 100% daily value of more than 15 key nutrients. one a day 50+.
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4:46 am
♪ running into battle ♪ don't be afraid ♪ take the road less traveled brian: that woman has a really good voice. that is country music singer star lauren alaina. she is here now. just received cmt's break through video of the year for chart topping hit road less traveled. ainsley: you said you wanted to meet her now you can. releasing brand new single doing fine. she shot the music video in new york yesterday. >> i did. steve: ladies and gentlemen, give it up lauren alaina joins us live. [cheers and applause]
4:47 am
steve: in the rain. ainsley: welcome to new york. so glad you are here on "fox & friends." tell us a little bit about yourself. how you got started. where you are from. >> i was on "american idol" when i was 15. i was a baby. steve: runner-up? >> i got second place. it's been really crazy. i have been traveling for the last six years and working really hard. we finally got a number one song earlier this year. so i was really excited about that. but it's crazy. we have been on tour with leukemia brian thi -- luke bryad martina mcbride. i'm on the road traveling around with my heroes. brian: trying to make sure you're protected. >> it's raining, people. brian: did the music video for the song you are doing for us. >> brand new song is doing fine and it's about my family and my parents' divorce and growth period through all of that we all have crazy families and situations that we're trying to hide.
4:48 am
and i write country music for a living so i don't really hide my problems. brian: sorry, family. >> i love that song. going through a hard time got to stay positive. that song is say you know what? i didn'i didn't think i would gt here but i'm here and i'm doing fine. >> exactly. steve: speaking of crazy stories. "american idol" was on fox for a long time went away and now it's coming back? >> i'm excited because i wouldn't be talking to you guys without "american idol." it changed my life. i guess the thing i was most sad about is that that opportunity was gone for people. i know, there are other shows, but there is only one "american idol." so i'm glad they are bringing it back. it will be interesting to see what they change about it. brian: there are other shows but no shows give birth to stars like "american idol." people win the voice, absolutely. you don't even actually have to win to be a super star. ainsley: shark. brian: they don't sing on that show. ainsley: brian lives and you
4:49 am
rock. brian: you have been singing since 3 years old. does that mean you were born a star or do you have to develop your talent. >> look, i was definitely not a start. i had to work on all of that i have always been comfortable on stage. it was the cute outfits and the dresses and nice hairdos i had to work on. steve: i will tell you what, you are going to be performing starting at 8:00 eastern time. 10 minutes from right now. right here the next hour of "fox & friends." brian: are we going to let the rain stop us? >> no. brian: good. that's why we are going inside. [laughter] >> bye-bye. brian: talk to you in a little while. you will be singing in the next hour. a police officer and mom of three assassinated. the mainstream media has not covered the story. judge jeanine is here to talk about that. she has plenty to say. steve: we have our first fake news controversy on the president's foreign trip. we have the real story behind that handshake coming up straight ahead live from new
4:50 am
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4:53 am
♪ steve: a 12-year veteran of the new york city police department and mother of three, officer familia. nobody else talking about it. ainsley: what needs to be done to protect our police officers? brian: the host of justice with judge jeanine, judge jeanine pirro joins its right now. judge, not only are you a woman justice with your own show, you are also a new yorker. so this must be outrage -- especially outrageous for you.
4:54 am
>> not just that i'm a new yorker. i spent 32 years in law enforcement. and what we have a mayor right now who is not focused on law enforcement, who has done everything he can to criticize law enforcement, a female police officer, 48 years old, 12-year veteran, three children, is executed. she is assassinated. and the next day the guy flies off to hamburg, which is why. brian: knew it was a problem. he gave 90 minutes notice. >> he kept it quiet. look, bill de blasio, also known as warren wilhelm, that's his name. he didn't officially change until 2001. brian: why? >> why? i don't know. he and i don't talk regularly. we don't talk at all. but what this guy -- if you recall, i think it was 2015, he really angered the police because he said he had to talk to his son about the dangers of confrontations with police.
4:55 am
and then he had this whole thing during those protests, what do we want dead cops when do we want them now he? called that a patty'sful protest when police officers were seriously assaulted he called it an incident. everything this mayor has done has been antipolice, anti-law enforcement. it's no wonder as ed mullins said that police don't like him. think about it, 254 new recruits, nypd, i went to a lot of these where, you know, the rookies, they are sworn. in given the badge. the guy is not even there this is in the shadow of the assassination of a female police officer. all of those family members, all of those recruits are saying did i do the right thing? ainsley: how do we get to this point where msnbc is not even covering the story, a police officer was killed. >> well, and the police officer, you would think that they might say well, you know, it was a woman, a mother of three, maybe we will, because it's not important to them. law and order is not important to msnbc.
4:56 am
it's not important to the other channels because it's all about, in their mind, donald trump, the victimization of police, they don't believe. ainsley: rather talk about his tweets than a police officer that is killed. >> that's why they are quickly losing a lot of support among the american public. the american public knows they are fake news. they are not only fake news you, for the most part they don't even cover the news. brian: we want to watch over the weekend how do we do it? >> turn on fox news channel at 9:00 p.m. eastern time, and then midnight, and then my mother watches it, i think, again at 4:00. [laughter] >> we have a great show. we will be talking about what's going on today with putin and the president and, of course, jason chaffetz, lee zeldin, and a bunch of great guests. brian: we have the first video of president trump and vladimir putin meeting. we will be watching.
4:57 am
>> would you like to analyze. brian: do it in the break. we have a big hour straight ahead. steve: geraldo rivera, newt gingrich all here live in the next hour. lauren alaina starts singing in two minutes ♪ baby, you better believe ♪ i'm back ♪
4:58 am
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5:00 am
♪ >> president trump off to early start here first day of the g20 summit in hamburg. >> president trump and vladmir putin finally will meet face-to-face. >> we urge russia to cease destablizing activities and its support for hostile regimes. >> that was the most anti-russian speech since ronald reagan. >> traditional lines where america stood with free people and europe. if the kremlin didn't get that message they weren't listening. >> the west will never, ever, be broken. our values will prevail. our people will thrive. and our systemization will triumph. >> a president donald trump reaffirmed our nation's
5:01 am
commitment to be the leader of the free world. >> i think there is definitely a new sheriff in town. >> we're in beginning stages of what the trump team will call maximum pressure policy on north korea. >> they are behaving in a very, very dangerous manner. and something will have to be done about it. i have pretty severe things we're thinking about. >> president trump made it clear we don't accept red lines. we deal with reality. >> his feud with the american media followed him to europe. >> what we want to see in the united states is honest, beautiful, free, but honest press. we don't want fake news. ♪
5:02 am
♪ they can tear you apart ♪ ♪ the road less traveled . ainsley: that young girl is lauren alaina. that is the american dream. she was on "american idol," finished second place. she won an award for that song, road less traveled.
5:03 am
she is sing on avenue of americas. brian: the rain not helping yet. steve: the road is less traveled today because it's a little slippery. she was able to make it live today, on curvy couch, laura ingraham. >> you guys are spoiled in the studio. this is really cool. you need ropes to scale up here. i made it. ainsley: did you sweat? >> like one of those little tank tops. steve: were you in a closet couple days ago you tweeted out this image. i didn't go to fox and friends. the show came to me. >> look at that photo. steve: where was that? >> that is my house. i have five foxes in my backyard. i just moved -- do you have an idea for me? do i look like beekeeper farm are? i wish i was. brian: don't foxes go for chickens. >> they were clever.
5:04 am
knew i hadn't seen you guys. three of them. my son last one is kilmeade. there is doocy. the ainsley is the one dainty on the steps. isn't that hilarious. i have five of them. brian: first off we know at 9:45 eastern time president trump will be meeting with vladmir putin. we know that the agenda has not been solidified from our perspective. we do know of a hand shack that took place posted on german facebook which is more expensive than american facebook. this video just posted. for the first time we believe they met face-to-face. >> he did this thing. trump, hey, brian, how are you doing. everybody is talking about the handshake. everybody is talking about it. brian: you know him a little bit. what is going through his mine? >> he knows how important the image is, what people are speculating meeting. top of the agenda, north korea, iran. of course syria.
5:05 am
i would be very surprised if he didn't mention the election meddling. these cyber attacks on united states not going over well. brian: right. >> we have capabilities of our own. we respect you as a freight power. you need to respect our sovereignty and election process. steve: sure. >> we'll not going to put up with it. people think he won't bring it up i would be surprised if he didn't bring it up. steve: you mentioned four things on the agenda. the white house said, this is kind of a blue sky thing. >> that is not how it goes. they don't go into the meeting. they will not wing it. putin is crafty guy. he does what is good for russia. people say he is can knifing but not strategic, putin. i disagree. he wants the mother land back. he wants the greatness of russia to be recognized on the world stage. he will work with us if it is benefit.
5:06 am
just like china. president xi will not do anything to help with north korea unless we use significant trade and economic front to really force their hand. you will have to help us. if it means with have to pay dollar more for pair of pants at target, that is what we'll have to do. the alternative is thermonuclear war. we have a lot of leverage. ainsley: isn't north korea the most important issue? >> most important, without a doubt. it has been the most important issue. we were talking about north korea on this couch year-and-a-half ago, more modest studio. it has been the biggest single threat for the united states. we have unstable actor. we have a desperate situation brewing in north korea. there is no great alternative. brian: this guy john finer, writes in today's playbook, has working with secretary kerry, his challenge with the running up the clock with history lessons and russian grievance.
5:07 am
constantly playing defense. the trick absorb as much and put back at times. i don't know if president trump cares about what vladmir putin brings to the table. he cares more what he wants. >> that will be interesting. trump doesn't sometimes let you get in a word edgewise. siege of leningrad. we're not talk about the battle of stalingrad. let's get to what is really going on here. get to the point. we respect. you have to respect us. ainsley: get that image up there. put that up again. both their faces. >> everyone made a big deal how angela merkel and president trump didn't have warmer moment. it was kind of a handshake. steve: at least they shook hands. >> they were saying similar things about reagan going to europe. there were massive protests. merkel is irked by the united states.
5:08 am
she is irked that he is calling them out not paying their fair share. that donald trump has american first policy. she preferred american president happy to cede to global bodies. i can't blame germany preferring barack obama. but strong are america is better for stability around the world. ainsley: this is the front cover of the post today. steve: saving you a dollar. ainsley: telling mayor de blasio in new york city, don't come back. he decided to go to russia to participate in the protests. he is the keynote speaker. >> things are going so well. ainsley: we had the police officer just shot. >> we know his priorities. he is is community organizer that happens to be mayor of new york. bill de blasio made it clear citizenship means nothing to him. rule of law is mallable. we have a crisis of respect with police officer at all levels of society. what happened to that police
5:09 am
officer was so appalling and so heart-breaking. three little children. a wonderful person. but this is being repeated across the country and they're talking about trump wwf video? are you kidding me? steve scalise is back in serious condition in the icu. it is a video you're worried about? people are being shot in cold blood in middle of the day. brian: funding to bulletproof this glass. it hasn't been done yet. millions set aside to do it. that should be focus. if he wants to win over new yorkers, republicans, democrats, series of speeches picking up pace. >> maybe he can put on the black mask with all the brave once. steve: it is not about donald trump. it is about the west and climate change. you mentioned ronald reagan a little while ago. >> yeah. steve: many people looked at speech president delivered 24 hours ago in warsaw, poland, you know what, that reminds me of reagan. you worked with reagan.
5:10 am
>> i worked with the reagan administration. when i was watching that, it took me back. he is not reagan. nobody is reagan. i'm not trying to say he is reagan but the moment where he said us did the west have the will to survive? do we have the will to confront the challenges before us? i say we do. it was optimistic. "new york times," "atlantic" or "new york times" said it was, "washington post" saying its with a dark speech. it is a speech based in real hety. the west has major challenges. military, on military, economic, cultural religious front. the fact that he went back to the power of prayer in 1979 when the pols first saw john paul ii as their pope, the first polish pope, they didn't ask for more government. they asked for the ability to pray publicly. they did, and prayed in ones of thousands of people in -- hundreds of thousands of people in prayer. if the church and religion cedes to the background a lot fills
5:11 am
vacuum. it was real in your face to the secular progressives. brian: rule five, i'm there for you. russia stop your meddling. >> cyber mid-link. brian: one thing i walked away from it, no one talked about they were chanting his name. they said usa, but mostly said donald trump. >> they see someone standing -- we all have imperfections and flaws. he is not perfect. he made some miss makes. to the pols, i'm half polish, i was proud yesterday, donald trump's speech and presence was like a candle in the darkness. a lot of dark forces around poland today, even though they're free. he represented something that harkened back and also lept forward what is possible. that is hard to do in a speech. very difficult to do. ainsley: people always talked about michelle obama, mainstream media talked about her. melania, what about medical lawn you yaw being on the world stage, representing her country and first lady as an immigrant.
5:12 am
speaks five languages. >> she was both gracious. of course she is beautiful. and just being, she went to visit that school yesterday. she said thank you for showing us poland. what a beautiful country and beautiful spirit. my mom who passed away years ago, never count the pols out. we always outwork you, might to the have same fancy back frowned. we will always outwork you. they were deeply, deeply religious. steve: this morning the first lady can't get out of the house staying at because of protests. >> all of this helps trump. protests in europe. steve: that's what i'm talking about. >> 1983 through 87, 10 days of protests what reagan wanted to do in missile defense. that helped reagan. what do you want? you want black mask folks or freedom, liberty and economic prosperity? brian: laura, you said we all have imperfections.
5:13 am
>> not you guys. or ainsley. just three of us. i hate to disappoint people. i'm filling in for -- steve: did a great job. >> a little rusty hosting stuff. a little russ citi. steve: you have a house surrounded by foxes. >> we had great interview with vice president pence. great fun. brian: laura, stay within self. ainsley: we're not sure what that means, laura. president trump on the world stage talking tough on terror. >> we are fighting hard against radical islamic terrorism, and we will prevail. ainsley: what do you you, the voter, think about that? we have the dials you will only see here. steve: then geraldo rivera and newt gingrich join us live on this couch. ♪
5:14 am
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♪ brian: 17 minutes after the hour. thanks so much for watching. president trump delivering one of his most well-received
5:18 am
speeches in poland. how did the message resonate with voters or did it? we have the dials. lee carter is with us. we want you to take a look at the speech. we know how it will come out. want you to do it. the first cut you picked was? >> this is where trump talked about never backing down. take a look. >> our citizens did not win freedom together, did not survive horrors together, did not face down evil together. only to lose our freedom to a lack of pride and confidence in our values. we did not and we will not. we will never he back down. brian: the grades? >> the grades republicans off the chart. gave this an a-plus, independents and democrats gave this speech a c. overall donald trump performed excellently. he performed very, very well with all voters across the board. this was unifying speech.
5:19 am
democrats had a lot to be thankful for. they felt like america wasn't going alone. reaching out to people. it was symbolic bringing in background of europe as we're facing another dictator in north korea. he did an excellent, excellent job. brian: a little more optimistic than we're used to. hitting you over the head with what the problem is. president trump did go after what he calls fake news to a question. >> what cnn did was unfortunate for them, as you know now they have some pretty serious problems. cnn has really taken it too seriously. i think they have hurt themselves very badly, very, very badly. and what we want to see in the united states is honest, beautiful, free, but honest press. we want to see fair press. i think it is very important thing. we don't want fake news. by the way not everybody is fake news. but we don't want fake news. bad thing, very bad for our country. brian: unscripted, q&a, his answer?
5:20 am
>> his answer republicans really liked it. they gave it a minus. independents gave it a c. there was a bump we want a free press, very important that he supports that. democrats hate this narrative. they hate the storyline because they're very protective of the mainstream media, speaking to their truth. brian: a line for cnn employees, woe have been lower than democrats. >> probably along with their ratings. brian: lee carter, thanks so much have a great weekend. >> thank you. brian: we have first controversy of the president's foreign trip. we have the story behind the handshake that actually happened geraldo rivera is in the keurig corner having one cup at a time. ♪
5:21 am
5:22 am
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5:25 am
restricted from traveling to the u.s. 90 days. brian: not even -- thanks, jillian, by the way. not even 24 hours into his trip president trump hit with fake controversy. they posted this video looking like polish first lady refusing to shake the hand of the president. steve: when you play the video out, they do fake hands a couple seconds after the first lady's. why does the media continue to make stuff up in some cases? ainsley: joining us fox news correspondent at large. geraldo rivera. >> nice to see you ainsley. steve you too. brian. i love you. brian: speaking of snubs. >> that was a snub that's right. ainsley: if you watch the video, brian is the president, i'm melania. we're making eye contact. they shake hands. she turns to the president shakes hands. not like she looked at president, said no, no.
5:26 am
then shook hands with melania. >> speaking only for myself, if i made eye contact with melania would definitely not see president trump. that is the fact. the first lady of poland, president duda, president and mrs. dude today. very clear shoe does not have donald trump in her line of sight. charles: focused on melania. then sees the president, does the right thing. what is interesting. this is like, when you have a real enemy, what you do is you exalt, you thrill and every, every bad thank that happens to your enemy, he could have toilet paper on his shoe coming out of men's room or fly open or something on his face that would become a news segment. not just a story. look at him, he has dandruff. there is just so much inbred hatred of this man in people who should be objective. when chris saliza, his name, a
5:27 am
pretty good political analyst at cnn, when saw the video he tweeted in a way as if he won the lottery, oh, my god, oh, my god. like all in caps. it was whole 140 characters. i thought to myself, even if it had been a snub, you i mean, at least analyze it, not with this boyish glee that clearly shows that you have an agenda, your agenda is to denigrate, demean, to insult, to shrink the president of the united states. i think -- brian: that whole network went unhinged after the rest of us. >> i can no longer disagree with that assessment. cnn, in my regard always has been trying to do things right down the middle with msnbc and fox on either flank. it does not appear to be that to me anymore. just seems they have this unremitting hostility to donald trump. this is the man who can do no good in the eyes of that network. that is very unfortunate.
5:28 am
they have to get past this. there is spite thing happening here. too much after gotcha. brian: they're not getting him. they're getting himselfs. >> trump was up to 5% in rasmussen. -- 56%. he is expanding his base. cnn is more embattled. msnbc is doing better in the ratings, we're still the dominant power. we'll stay that as long as i'm here. the scene is set for this epic meeting between president of united states and leader of the free world. steve: we have images from the official german government facebook page when they officially did meet for a handshake. brian: what did you think of this? >> it is clear these guys know they are heading for a major confrontation, collision meeting. to me vladmir putin of all the world leaders i have met over time, i the met some of the great ones, some of the great dictators, latin america and so
5:29 am
forth, to me vladmir putin remind me most of john got hety. when john gotti in his full grandeur, teflon don, head of mafia, this mystery, what else was going on. putin is coming into this meeting knowing the world considers him a gangster. much of it. wants to be a statesman. he sees in trump in my view, i don't want to be a amateur shrink, he sees someone he can deal with. he read "art of the deal." sees another movie star like him. let's fool the world. let's work something out. announce something after this. okay, whether it is crimea or ukraine or syria. brian: geraldo, if you had one topic that bring up in their meeting in hour and 15 what would be. >> syria. rush and united states are on same side in syria. i would punch him like this,
5:30 am
don't mess with my elections anymore. ainsley: what do you mean russia and u.s. are on the same side? >> we're against sunni muslim extremism isis, al nusra, al qaeda. ainsley: but syria and russia are allies? >> it is complicated story but russia and iran are supporting the shiite government of syria. what we are in syria for to fight sunni muslim extremists of isis. isis is enemy of russia and iran. i think we have common ground to indthe syrian civil war, create safe zones, defeat isis and sunni muslim extremists show russia and united states can work together to accomplish something to save hundreds of thousands have been killed already. millions are displaced. world is unstable because of syria. would i love to see president and putin come it we'll work together. our air traffic controllers will cooperate. our fighter jets take the left
5:31 am
side of highway. yours take the right side. you look like it is not impossible. brian: i haven't talked in five minutes. what are you talking about. >> i can see you smirking. brian: how dare you look at my cut away. steve: we her geraldo's take on president and putin which happens in one hour and 15 minutes. newt gingrich will weigh in on the top being coming next. we'll see if he agrees. ♪ maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ steve: there is is an image going viral this morning. we'll roll this. they were taking a group photo little over an hour ago. emannuel macron, guy runs france, is in the middle.
5:35 am
watch how he tries to get to donald trump. ainsley: he will kiss the lady, excuse me, excuse me excuse me. steve: trying to get to trump. there he is. they cut away. here is the official photo. ainsley: look at hole at the top i am president of france. i can do whatever the heck i want. i'm getting down there. i don't care where they told me to stand. brian: i am 39 years old, i have no part. i can do anything. there is is the punch in the chest we heard about. steve: protocol, longest serving president, world leaders are closest to the center around angela merkel. instead mr. macron essentially photo bomb the president of the united states. brian: this is bunch of people who think they're the leader of the leader of the leader. not many people like to tell them what to do. to put it all in perspective
5:36 am
with non-verbal cues, former speaker of the house, best-selling author of brand new "new york times" best-selling book, "understanding trump." mr. speaker, what is the significance of french president trying to get near our president. >> macron has gone out of way to invite president trump to paris for biggest annual holiday, bastille day. trump agreed to come. this would surprise americans. macron is very business oriented technocrat. he came out of nowhere. he built his own legislative party, won massive election for the assembly. he is probably strongest president of france in modern times. i think he admirers trump. plus i think he wants to balance off angela merkel, the chancellor of germany. no french president wants to be in shadow of a german chancellor. if he can be balanced between trump and merkel he max mices his own leverage.
5:37 am
very smart man, well worth watching. steve: maybe he was supposed to be far screen left. we don't know for sure. he was out of position in the beginning. >> he is like trump. you say to him stand like there. he walks off does what he wants to. i don't think he is easily managed. ainsley: he will be meeting with vladmir putin today. i don't know if you gave him any advice? if you didn't, what would you say to him? we can show first video shaking hands behind the scene. this was on the german facebook page. he pats him on the back. pats his arm shaking his hand. what advice do you have for him going into that meeting today? >> anytime you have leaders of this power meeting for the first time, the most important thing is not the agenda, it is how they assess each other. in 1961 when kennedy met khrushchev in vienna, kennedy was not feeling very well.
5:38 am
khrushchev read him as very weak and led to the cuban missile crisis. what reagan met gorbachev, he went out of his way to look younger, better condition, with reagan without a coat on in winter, gorbachev with this huge russian coat. gorbachev looks like the old guy, reagan the young guy. that was staged in reagan's mind i'm really strong and you're going to lose. trump has to communicate. we're the most powerful nation in the world. we have the most powerful military in the world. we have the most powerful economy. we're fed up with putin jerking us around. we woe like to have good relationship but it will not come with these gangster tactics. brian: do you believe that president has no agenda or do you believe, h.r. mcmaster says we go there without an agenda, what do you think the truth is? >> george shultz had same deal with ronald reagan who met with gorbachev one-on-one. they're very similar. donald trump has an agenda the minute he wakes up every morning.
5:39 am
donald trump will not walk in the meeting go, oh, gee, now i'm here with vladmir putin, i wonder what i will do? he has been thinking about this meeting almost a year. he has a good sense what he wants to accomplish. think he is going to turn most details over to secretary tillerson. i think in terms of shaping the meeting the guy who wrote "the art of the deal" understands what he wants to communicate. i think he has a psychological agenda, whether or not he has a detailed policy agenda. steve: sure, mr. speaker in your he detailed story about swiss winners and out wear, you mentioned ronald reagan. a lot of people looked at speech, that reminds me of ronald reagan. did you have that feeling? >> well first of all i think powerful as reagan's westminster speech, calista and i watched the speech with great attention because we filmed nine days that changed world about pope john paul going back to poland and had that scene that the president described so powerfully where a million pols
5:40 am
began chanting we want god. the communist minders watching realized beginning of the end had started. poland in that sense was epicenter of the end of soviet empire. reagan understood it was strongly supportive of the pope. i thought the speech was historic yesterday. i think in fact the administration ought to bring it up again and again. here is an american president defending western civilization by name, defending it both against islamic terrorism and against the kind of secular bureaucratic tyranny that wants to kill the young a baby charlie guard in britain because the state decided he is not worth living. what trump did yesterday was center our fight for the survival of our civilization as well as any president in history. it's a remarkably important speech. brian: along with reconfirming rule five we'll stick up with anybody anytime if you're in nato as well as taking on the russians directly. he hit -- >> notice what he did.
5:41 am
he said a line for putin and said a line for merkel. in that one speech he positioned the u.s. with poland and central europe, gave a warning to the germans in the west and gave a warning to putin and russia and did so in the name of civilization which encompasses all of us. pretty remarkable achievement. steve: mr. speaker, we were looking a moment ago at gary cohn, steve mooch -- mnuchin, the president's cabinet money guys. this particular venue, faces we see, what does that say to you what the united states is trying to get out of this meeting? >> trump has a continuing focus on job creation, he believes most of the trade treaties of last generation have been hostile to american interests. he assigned both those guys to focus how do we get our trade relations back in the right way which doesn't necessarily mean we're anti-trade. it means we want the same right to export to or thes that they
5:42 am
have to export to us, we're tired of being played for suckers. everywhere trump goes he talks about and thinks about economics. he knows job creation is the key to his administration's success. he has really focused on doing the things necessary to create jobs and that is why you have mnuchin and cohen there. ainsley: reporters this morning were writing their articles about this russian meeting with vladmir putin. they weren't sure if the president or vladmir putin would come out and talk to the press after the meeting. do you think we'll hear from president trump? >> well, at least through a series of tweets, but i suspect, i suspect at some point he will talk to the press. ainsley: i think so too. >> whether or not they do it together i'm not sure. i think it will be fascinating to see. these are both strong personalities. they are both people willing to attempt to dominate his space. they have very deep differences. no one you should kid themselves about this where i do give president trump credit he understands that russia is dangerous. they have more nuclear weapons
5:43 am
than any country but the united states. they have a doctrine of using tactical nuclear weapons and i think you have to deal with them very carefully. you want to be tough, you want to be firm. you want to avoid getting to a point where there is a real shooting war. brian: absolutely. a lot at stake. looking forward to the aftermath of it. so many people looking at it. congratulations on your book. mr. speaker, you always had successful books. you know understanding trump because you think you do. >> i try. ainsley: have a great weekend. steve: fox news alert right now. violent protests breaking out in germany during this g20 summit are now interfering with the first lady's schedule. we're live from hamburg talking about how she can't get out of the building. ainsley: fresh off winning the cmt award for her breakthrough video of the year, lawyer rein alaina is here. she will perform for us live coming up. there she is with the keurig machine. steve: very nice.
5:44 am
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jillian: good friday morning. take a look at your screen. we're back with a fox news alert. firefighters battling a massive fire out of oakland, california. this is happening right now. huge flames shooting out top of the roof. the crain is swaying back and forth. it could collapse any moment, forcing crews to back away. police say this is building apartment complex currently under construction. we don't know if anyone was inside at the time the fire broke out. the raging inferno is growing by the minute. thick black smoke can be seen for miles. stay with fox news as it continues to unfold. ainsley: i bet know one is in there, three hours behind u.s. steve: we have fox news alert. thank you, jillian. american employersers added it 22,000 jobs in june, beating
5:48 am
expectations for 179,000. good news for the administration. people are hiring. brian: we're an hour ahe way from president trump, vladmir putin having face-to-face bilateral meeting. they saw each other a few hours ago. they met the first time this morning. steve: this happens as police face major protests in germany. [shouting] ainsley: kristin fisher live in hamburg, germany, with the latest for us. good morning, kristin. reporter: good morning, brian, ainsley and steve. the security concerns here in hamburg are so serious right now german police are not allowing first lady melania trump to leave her residence in hamburg. last night the streets behind me more than 100 police officers were injured in clashes with these anti-capitalist demonstrators. these protesters damaged cars, started fires. threw bottles at officers.
5:49 am
police responded by firing water cannons and pepper spray back at them. there were 12,000 in the streets last night. that number is expected to grow to about 100,000 over the next two days. so the potential for even more violence very possible as the g20 summit gets underway. the highlight of the summit is the first meeting of russian president vladmir putin and president trump. now we're still been a hour away from their sit-down, but, they have already met this morning. we've got video. this is video that was posted on the german government facebook page of president trump walking over to president putin. they shake hands. president trump pats him on the back. appeared to be pretty friendly. yesterday at the big speech in poland president trump used strong of the language yet to condemn some kremlin activities. to use one of president trump's favorite phases we'll have to wait and see what happens. the big question is, is he going
5:50 am
to bring up any talk about russian interference in the 2016 election? brian, ainsley, steve. steve: thank you very much, kristin. you have to figure the president will bring up. by the way back in the united states. ainsley: coming up next lauren alaina will perform for you live. stay with us. ♪ is this a phone?
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6:00 am
's >> coming up on the show, corey lewandowski, food truck friends day. we will see you tomorrow morning. >> great job, lauren. >> shannon: it is the meaning the world be watching. and 45 minutes, president donald trump will be face-to-face with vladimir putin on the silence of the g20. we know he could include syria, i said, ukraine, in the u.s. election. it is easily the most anticipated moment of the senate and humber germany. it will take lie. good morning, and, and shannon bream wife and "america's newsroom." >> bill: great to be with you at home. the two leaders shaking hands for the first time had their official meeting in history making moment not post on president trump. he tweeted this morning, i look forward to all meetings today with world leaders, including my meeting with


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