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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 7, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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see you next week on hannity when i'm aghast. have a great, peaceful and safe weekend. >> the u.s. sends a message to north korea. a pair of bombers on a special mission tonight. the two bombers dumped dummy bombs on a target in a show of force. and a show of solidarity they are being escorted by south korean jets. the flight comes days after north korea raises the stakes successfully launching an intercontinental missile.
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it's a launch of violation of u.n. regulations. the u.s. and south korea answered, and a joint fire exercise in a show of solidarit solidarity. what more can you tell us about the special mission today. >> they fly from guam in 2,000 miles. the b-1 is the largest bomber in the u.s. air force arsenal. it's a supersonic bomber meaning it can fly at mach one. it can have a handful of those planes doing a lot of missions.
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it's a heck of a show of force. following the short range service to service drill. this is now the second show of force of u.s. military demonstrating what the u.s. air force can do. and these b-1's can stay up in the air for ten hours at a time and carry a payload of 40 attack jets. >> the other interesting part here is that south korea, they are escorting the bomber. it's interesting to see that there back behind us on this. it's a worldwide issue that everyone should be concerned about. how important is that?
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>> it's incredibly important. there word that days after, the head of the military traveled to asia. it's noteworthy that before his mission today, a pair of b-1 bombers did another mission. so here we have b-1 flying out of guam with our partners. and there are 80,000 u.s. troops on the ground you also have a lot of demonstration by these flights. the pentagon will tell you it's not just our military out there. >> and the north korean dictator definitely will not step down.
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and trump us proving that when he says he will do something he will. this is another show force for the u.s. saying we are not going to take it. with these missiles i can potentially hit alaska. it's a big deal for us. >> that's correct. and that the u.s. defense agency announced this evening they tested in alaska. you are going to see test firings from the antiballistic missile system. this system on the ground and south korea right now. and it's designed to shoot down short and medium ranged missile missiles. if you're south korea, you're not waiting for an intercontinental missile. about 35 miles from the capital,
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that includes about 300,000 u.s. citizens. any kind of strike on north korea on a bombing mission or a strike from u.s. navy, that they will be eight severe retaliation. it can come in the form of conventional artillery and be difficult to wipe all of that out. they would be casualties like this world has not seen since world war ii. or the korean war. >> this is all coming during the g20 summit in germany. all of this is on their agenda.
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thank you for the report. recapping our top story tonight, to b-1 bombers to drop on targets. we will have more on the story as it develops. now back to tucker carlson already in progress. >> they don't want the countryey to be flooded with migrants the way germany has been. the e.u. wants to punish them for that.o when we talk about e.u. or european elites, we aren't really talk about people who care all that much what actual citizens of poland want. or think. >> tucker: you see that here in this country on display every day. how long can fake democracy continue? >> ethically seeing the repercussions, the backlash from that. you had trump selection which was obviously a backlash to the
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political establishment of both parties in this country. then you had -- the historic run at the french presidency. i think you're going to see this more and more as people get set upee with the idea that elites n brussels or in washington or some far off capital know what's best for people, don't care what they want, and try to impose policy that are not popular. it's going to be a rising tide of populism until the elites can figure this out. >> tucker: one thing i think to think you know what's best, i think we all sort of think we know what's best. but to not care what the people who elected you think is a different thing entirely and not sustainable. i appreciate your insight. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: overrun another channel chris matthews predicted the president would be at a massive disadvantage in his meeting with latimer putin. because of course he knows everything about his little puppet donald trump. >> our president is walking into
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a room tomorrow morning in hamburg p germany with a guy looking across to them like you're looking at me who knows everything, who knows every meeting that his people, mike flynn, jared kushner, anybody else. who met with the president. he knows it all. if he had excitement in the hotel room in moscow, years ago, he's got those pictures, h is looked at as a million times. he knows t every thing about donald trump. tucker: you can't edit live television, but still. back in reality, the question is which of the president be looking to gain from today's meeting with the russian leader. for that we turn to an actual expert on the subject, a russian speaker, stephen cohen is a professor at nyu, taught at princeton, also contribute an editor at the nation magazine. he joins us tonight. professor, the first thing you notice is just how much the press is rooting for this meeting between our president and the russian president to fail.
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why? why were they wanted to fail? >> it's kind of pornography, justice like there's no law against -- there is no american interest. as a historian, let me tell you the headline i would write instead. what we witnessed today in hamburg. potentially historic new, anti-cold war partnership, begun by trump and putin, but meanwhile attempts to sabotage it escalate. he said it was an expert. isc actually do have one expertise. i've seen a lot of summits as we call meetings between american and russian presidents. the president even participated -- the first george bush's summit preparation, when he met with gorbachev and invited them to the camp david. in that context, i think what we saw today was potentially the
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most faithful meeting between american and russian president since the war time. the reason is that the relationship with russia is so dangerous. and yet we have a president who might have been crippled by these russian attacks on him, and yet he was not. he was, i think, politically courageous. it went well, he did important things, and this will be astonishing to be said but i think today we witnessed pertinent stomach witnessed i think it was a good day for everybody. >> tucker: how much of the attacks on russia from, how much do they really have to do with iran and russia is with iran and syria?
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>> i think a lot. you've got three major actors being demonized in america. one is putin. second isde trump. but then the leader of syria, president asada, is demonized here remember the main thing which you today, and i said this before, i thought the primary aspiration of trump should be an antiterrorism alliance, i thought that was vital, that is in fact, and they said as much, what they spent their time on today. they formed an alliance. that means that we will side for now with russia with assad. that will be assailed in washington because he's loath in washington, almost as much as trump and putin. >> tucker: but why is that? can you put a finer point on that, my frustration in this debate is that a lot of thee players in it are not
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straightforwardio about what thy are really for them what they are i really against. their agendas are closed. why is assad the focus of so much anger in washington? >> i don't know. i try only to talk about things i've studied. what i do know is that when the syrian civil war began five, six years ago, there were a lot of dirty hands in that mix. including american hands. everybody was arming somebody. we have a monstrous warr going n there with so many groups being armed by so many different states, but the thing about assad to me has always been, and maybe this is colloquial, but he has been the protector of the and christians, and the nonjihadists islamic population in syria. at a time when the main threat there, the islamic state, isis, caps off the heads of these people. it would seem to me that we shouldes stick with assad untile
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defeat these people. focus, if you will, before we end, something that both trump and putin said today, they said we are meeting, we have agreed, and we promise positive things to come. in other words, they have formed a political partnership. and now it goes forward, but it will be viciously attacked. and already has. if you look at the press today. >> tucker: mindless. thank you for the common sense. stephen cohen joining us. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: hamburg germany the latest city to be wrecked internationally violent left-wing protests. up next, we will talk to some but says violence in the streets like which are watching now paints the legacy of the civil rights movement of the 1960s. he would know because he participated in it. and then marin county is one of
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>> tucker: marin county california is one of the richest places in the united states. it's pretty nice if you haven't been b been there. sean penn lives there. he has a per capita income of more than $98,000. 77% of its residents voted for
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hillary last fall. all that money and all that progressive values you'd think that people in marin would be willing to implement liberal policies, and usually they are as long as they don't inconvenience them personally. consider affordable housing, and california subsidized housing is required everywhere, but marin doesn't want it. mark levine is a liberal democrat who represents the county in the california state's family. he is putting a proposal that would give marin county a special exemption from statewide affordable housing requirements, despite the fact that ifm there is any place on the planet that could use more affordable housing its suburban san francisco. marin can probably all seems a little bit of that diversity thing they are always talking about. as of last census, the county is less than 3% black, which is what liberals call segregated. there's no doubt that if you ask local residents they would have excellent reasons why marin county shouldn't have to follow the sameal reasons as everybody else in the state of california. t
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they say the need to preserve the county's charm or its historic character or they will vaguely note that housing projects bring crime problems. and maybe hurt schools. keep in mind, they definitely are racist. they aren't afraid of diversity, it's not they voted for donald trump or something. actually, to become highly honest we believe them. they probably aren't racist. most americans aren't. but when you vote for the policies of enforced diversity for everybody else, would he tell the rest of america that they are bigots for not wanting ta housing project next door or somali refugees flooding into their kids schools, you probably ought to follow the same rules yourself. they don't, because they never the second day of the g20 summit in hamburg, germany sought even more violent protests which injured almost 200 police officers.
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that was germany as we said. it could've been right here in america. he could have been at berkeleyey or baltimore or ferguson. it could have been a lot of different places.or it's all the same. this kind of protesting, bob woodson's been around it a long time, he protested for 50s. he is president and founder of the woodson center.s. he says today's violent riders are distorting earlier protest movements. thanks for coming on tonight. >> good to be here. >> tucker: thank you. >> go ahead. >> tucker: you were involved er the civil rights movement, which is of course stated model for a lot of the protests we are
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watching pete how do they compare? >> first of all let me just say, i was involved in the civil rights movement even in the mid-50s when i was stationed in the military in the south, and i was the subject to police intimidation and for three m yes after i was discharged my heart officer was behind me. but i also was a veteran of the civil rights movement ledem demonstrations in west chester i realize that what is happened over the pastt few years is that the civil rights movement has morphed into a race grievance industry. it's also -- it's hypocritical in that they are using race to justify the generation of iniquity. we demonstrated in the '60s, we did so for the purpose of increasing inclusion for tweed and tennis traits we could have
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separate graduation ceremonies. we also demonstrated to change the climate. we were peaceful. we sought the support of the place. we also werewe disciplined, we made certain that we had the proper rolels models, such as ra parks, someone of good character. the civil rights movement of the 60s has now been hijacked by the left and has become a race grievance industry, and they are distorting it and really just destroying what we have created. >> tucker: so, mr. woodson, when you having personally foughtt against segregation look around and see the left pushing to reinstate segregation as you just said, separate graduation ceremonies, separate dorms, separate parts of the cafeteria and colleges. what do you make of that? is that beholding to you? >> first of all, it's even worse
8:23 pm
than you are portraying it. when people have deeply held blades, these beliefs are challenged with facts and truth, what they have to do is create destructive myths. the myth is that the conditions that you see low income blacks are in today is somehow a legacy of slavery and jim crow and therefore what you are witnessing now is the legacy. that is just not true. in the past, blacks were in slavery but not of slavery. blacks were in segregated, but they were not of it. blacks were in poverty butt not of poverty. in other words, from the time of slavery up until the 60s, even though we werehe facing these odds, were old people could walk in their communities without fearing for their grandchildren, we didn't have out of wedlock births, our marriage rates in the 1930s to 1940s was higher than the white marriage rate. but all of that changed in 1960 when we met this tsunami of
8:24 pm
liberal academics who said one of the things we have to do is to make welfare a right, and then reparations. we also disconnected work from income, and this was purposely done by the liberal academics at columbia university, and they said if we do this, it means that fathers will be irrelevant, drug addiction will go, school dropouts will increase, and so what we are witnessing, whatat they could not accomplish, liberal policies of the 60s did. as a consequence we now have 70% of children are being born in single-parent households. but this did not happen during segregation. urban renewal destroyed all of the commercial centers around the country, and so it's just a
8:25 pm
myth. and it's a real crisis. >> tucker: must be so bitter for youu to watch. robert watson,n, thank you for e perspective. i appreciate. >> thank you. >> tucker: president trump the administration is besieged by an unprecedented number ofsi leaks. it really is unprecedented. we kept track. is it endangering theep country? that conversation next. setting up dentist appointments and planning birthday parties, nobody does it better. she's also in a rock band. look at her shred. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for maria, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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>> tucker: the trump admini >> tucker: the trump administration's had an unprecedented number of leaks in its first six months. not a week goes by without "the new york times," cnn, "washington post" touting a new store that relies on the revelations ofme unnamed source. some have been interesting and newsworthy, others have been false. a majority have been x granted. in your report by the tenant of homeland security confirms it's not your imagination. this administration is averaging at least one link per day pertaining to national security. protecting the country has taken a backseat in the eyes of many bureaucrats to undermining the president they work for. to me, he joins us tonight. mustafa, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: them and make the obvious point, which is i'm not against all leaks. i have benefited from a lot,ai i think the public has a right to know more than it does. and sometimes they are useful. people don't like them, but tough. but some of these leaks out of this administration are coming from career bureaucrats who
8:30 pm
shouldn't be divulging sensitive information which they have privy, have access. and also our leaked purely for the purpose of undermining a president they don't like. in so doing they hurt the country. how can you defend something like that? >> i think the leaks are dangerous. i think sometimes people that are making these leaks may not realize the consequences of it.t recently we saw a leak, from a young lady, reality tv, an odd name tv, she served in the military and was a contractor with the nsa. likely she's going to go to jail for this. leaks are dangerous and we have to be careful, but the issue that we are finding in this administration we are seeing more than ever is that when president trump has to -- he has to get the respect of the people that are serving him in these agencies. you have to work harder at doing so far he hasn't done that. all the tweets, all the attacks, they are giving a hard time to people that work in these
8:31 pm
agencies that are civil servants, many of them not very highly paid. and when he doesn't read the presidential briefs, instead he watches cable news shows, attacking people on twitter. >> tucker: as a factual matter, they are highly paid, federal bureaucrats make considerably more than their private-sector counterparts. so they are well-paid. >> people serving in the fbi, they are not highly paid people. they could make a lot more money in the private sector. these are people who worked in the military, that dni, there are a lot of people who from -- give their life to protect our nation. >> tucker: yes there are. my father worked in the federal government, i'm notl against federal employees. >> and mine worked for -- >> tucker: and when he worked for president, you have two>> choices.
8:32 pm
you can either work to forward his agenda which is your job, or you can resign. would you take the same position if soldiers didn't respect the chairman of the joint chiefs and turned their guns against him? he would say no, you work for thee military. you protect the country, you do what you're told. if you don't want to, you leave. it's not a matter of earning the respect. they are undermining national security because they don't like him. >> i think you make a very important point. there's a lot of leaks that are coming from within the white house that these are the people that he has handpicked. they are the only ones in the room at times he makes a call to a foreign leader. a lot of the leaks are also c coming from within his administration, within the people he has chosen. has come -- he, look, a lot of leaks are coming at a very high level that are people that are in the room that are coming from the administration. you and i both know that. you work in media. >> tucker: slow down for a second. there are leaks coming from the political staff in the
8:33 pm
white house. leaking against each other, turf wars. that's conventional. ugly, but it happens. but the leaks that matter and the ones that undermine ourha ability to run the government and to be safe are the ones coming from the permanent staff. for example, may 23rd of this year, theta president of the philippines and trump have a conversation. the contents are leaked. that didn't come from his staff. they have no reason to do that. how does that help the country, leaking some like that? >> look, i give an example of the lady named reality tv who is a contractor. mid-20s, she does make a lot money. it's a silly name, that's what her name is. president trump has to work harder to appeal to the people -- >> tucker: you are blaming trump for reality winner? that's no less -- >> i think the president has to
8:34 pm
earn the respect of the people that wear the uniform, that worked very hard to put their lives in danger. he could not -- these are not people that are property or -- >> tucker: i don't know why you make excuses. it's totally against the law and it's wrong. >> he is to do a better job. >> tucker: thanks. we talk a lot effect of illegal immigration on the economy, but what about the effect on the environment? next up we talk to a progressive environmental professor next. stay tuned. ven stronger on pain than tylenol 8 hour. and only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just 1 pill. this is my pain, but i am stronger. aleve. all day strong.
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8:39 pm
crime was always high there, but now it has exploded. in the first six months of this year, 365 people have been shot. a55% increase. there've been a most 100 murders, putting in contention with baltimore and lewis for title of america's most deadly city.s, even more frighteningly, only about 37% of the city's are even solved. he can be gunned down at random while walking through the french quarter, and there is nearly a two-thirds chance your killer will never be found. the mayor knows what he has toyo do to save his city, and it's obvious if you think about it, fixif global warming. in the state of the city address, he announced an ambitious plan to save new orleans to increase recycling, cut carbon emissions, and massively increase its solar energy output, all to stand in contrast to the trump administration which has recently pulled out of the paris climate agreement. between this and tearing down all those statues in the city, it is shocking that the mayor
8:40 pm
can't seem to get a handle on the city's crime problem which is the single biggest problem. focusing on superficial issues popular with the coastal he doesn't seem to be helping. president has pushed for restricting immigration into the note said, focusing on the alleged economic problemsr as a result of immigration. those are the only reasons to what about the classic liberal because of protecting the environment? he's the author of the book how many is too many, the purpose of art meant for reducing immigration into the united states. he joins a snippet professor, thanks for coming on. >> good to be with you, tucker. >> tucker: it seems like i was looking for you for a year. when i was a kid, there were liberals, andd progressives who said i'm not against immigrants or anything, but too many people
8:41 pm
is bad for the environment. it seemed an obvious point. i can't find anybody in the left he says that other than you. what is your argument? >> the. ornament is relatively straightforward, tucker. immigration currently is driving u.s. population growth,, and population growth is a big part of many of our environmental problems. so part of the progress of has to do with that. if you care about creating a sustainable environment, you need to look at immigration driven population growth. >> tucker: because you don't go to midtown manhattan furniture, you go to yellowstone because there's fewer people. why is the sierra club and the nrdc pushing for reductions immigration? >> years ago, when you go back to the 70s and even into thehe 1980s, the sierra club did have a policy that the u.s.
8:42 pm
should reduce immigration to levels that would stabilize the u.s. population. but over time, that got to be ae harder and harder argument to make. for complex reasons. really, starting about 20 years ago, environmental leaders dropped the ball on population. so there are quite a few of us, though, who is to believe an important component of sustainability. we are trying to make that case. >> tucker: crowded countries are dirty, c all of them. it's obvious if you travel. what does our population look like if current trends continue, say 100 years from now? what are the effects on the environment? >> currently our population is 326 million people in the united states. if we keep immigration levels where they are, we are on track to add 200 million more peoplele by 2100. the output of at about
8:43 pm
525 million people. when the other hand, if we reduced immigration -- >> tucker: weight, stop your out there. we are onmm track to add, to bet 500 million by the end of one? how long >> by 2100. >> tucker: by the end of this entry? >> by the end of the century. most of this population growth is driven by immigration. if you get to play cut back to the levels of immigration we had 50 years ago, we do be untracked to stabilize our population in a few decades. basically what d happened the american people have chosen to stabilize our population, having about enough children to replace ourselves. but congress has increased immigration in recent decades and so we are on track to add hundreds of millions more people. that has a pretty large environmental impact. whether you talk about greenhouse gases, sprawl, loss of wildlife habitat. people make a difference.
8:44 pm
>> tucker: 500 million people by the end of this century. so if you are watching, your children will live in a country with 500 million people. that's a remarkable number. professor, i hope you will come back. i'm sure you take a lot of for saying stuff like that on the left, but good for doing it. >> i appreciatee the opportunity to come on. thanks. >> tucker: any time. u.s. military is moving ahead with policies for integrating transgender soldiers into the army chemic armed forces. why is the question. social engineering or will it make our military more effective in fighting foreign wars? we debated with a former member of the obama administration next. they're back! and, at outback our sweet, tender snow crab legs come with a big bold outback steak! and, speaking of big... why not go full aussie, and go for a full pound!
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>> tucker: late in his second term, president obama implemented new policies allowinguc transgender individus to n serve openly in the milita. secretary of defense james mattis has now reversed that policy, though he has delayed allowing transgender to vigils to enlist by an actor six months so the military can prepare. how is the military preparing? new training manuals, which among many other things tell female soldiers they should except seeing naked men in the shower. all of this making our country safer? hector graham failed was a obama national security appointee and a speech writer, he joins us. ask for coming on. >> thank you for saving the simplest issue for the last of the week, right into the weekend. >> tucker: i think it maybe the simplest issue. all changes to military policy
8:50 pm
ought to answer one question, doesn't make the the country safer? >> tucker, i think you arehe right. when i worked directly with secretary ash carter on a number of personnel reforms, whether it was repeal of don't ask don't tell, whether it was women in combat, or whether was transgender service, the question was always does thiss make our force more effective. ash carter, he's a physicist. he wants the data. he wants thete facts. he's not an ideologue, and neither is general mattis, the secretary of defense. that's how we approach these question, m but also in mind tht we have the finest fighting -- >> tucker: first of all, he's a coward. he is a coward who should've resigned. because in no sense with the deity described or not does this make the country safer. if you can prove otherwise, the floor is open. how does this make america safer? >> tucker, we have to
8:51 pm
concentrate on the breadth of today and making sure that our force is ready and able to fight and win our nation's wars. that's the mission. at the same time with the elect of the and make sure that we recruit from the broadest possible pool of america's best. we have an all volunteer force. we have to draft, we have to recruit from a number of different communities throughout the country. in the past you've seen how thea military has expanded to different ethnicities, different races, women in combat. >> tucker: you're notas answering the e question. what you're saying is this is a massive social program designed to affirm different communities to put political pressure on the white house. that's fine. but the pentagon ought to be only concerned with winning wars and securing our safety. how does this advance that in any way? give me -- make me feel better. >> the way the country wins wars is that we have a military that constitutes america's best, reflect america were people want to serve. we've seen how it is changed from the revolutionary war. s
8:52 pm
it's change in a lot of ways in terms of put recruits, who it attracts. still, we have the finest fighting force the world is ever known. part of that is that we need soldiers to make that true. >> tucker: that is just logan's beard military, the army is now saying that female soldiers have to get used to it. they are not allowed to complain about seeing nakedto men in the shower because if you identify, self identify without going any physical changes, as transgender, the military has to accept your gendery designation. if you say you are woman, you are woman, and other own have to deal with it. whatever you think of that, how does that help the war in afghanistan? >> right now there are between individuals who are transgender currently serving in the military. and they served with excellence. they served pride, they serve
8:53 pm
with dignity. these are the people who despite all sorts of obstacles, all sorts of prejudices, they want to serve their country. it's the courage, it's their commitment to their country, not their genderta identity. >> tucker: you're totally missing it, i'm not attacking them at all. i admire anyone who wants to serve the country. but the question is, is the country best served by this policy? it's not about empowering individuals. it's about safeguarding the country. i don't see how this achieves that.hi you don't have an answer because you know this is a political sop to an interest group that the administration was afraid of. toby called them on it because everyone's too embarrassed in a mud called. nobody's -- >> tucker, i'm not calling you a bigot or anything like that. the rand corporation on the west coast, it's pretty conservative, and they've said that this would have minimal impact on readiness. so it's not like you have a group of --
8:54 pm
>> tucker: it h has minimal impact. that's the standard? as long as it's with minimal impact? shouldn'tt every decision make t a more effective fighting forcee for the sake of the country to protect. this does not do that. it was made with that question in mind. it it was made for other reasons.he that's why they should've resigned when they made you do this. >> should secretary matus resign if he continues it? i don't think so. a six-monthith -- delay to make sure that the policies are right and that we get the training rights that our military can continue to serve independent country. >> tucker: patrick, thank you for the game of catch. i appreciate. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: up next, washington, d.c., cityke council think that is a problem. it's solution, giving minorities a chance to get to the medical marijuana business. it sounds strange.
8:55 pm
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a farmer's what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. >> politicians in washington, d.c., has found ways
8:59 pm
to improve the population. officials are worried that too few black residents were selling marijuana.op only one dispensary is owned by an african-american and that's not good enough. so there is a special bill that would bring more diversity to drug sales. councilman emphasized the importance of helping former drug offenders open drug shops. this is not a joke. this is entirelyng real. they are actually pushing for black people to sell drugs. that's it for us tonight. tune in on every show. dvr it if you don't already. state tune for our friends over at "the five." have a good weekend.
9:00 pm
>> dana: hello, and thanks for joiningr us. president donald trump and vladimir putin meet face-to-face for the first time in the g summit in germany. >> i think it's been going very well. we have had some good talks. we look forward to a lot of positive things happening. for russia and the united states er


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