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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 8, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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dvr it if you don't already. state tune for our friends ove at "the five." have a good weekend. >> dana: hello, and thanks for joining us. president donald trump and vladimir putin meet face-to-face for the first time in the g summit in germany. >> i think it's been going very well. we have had some good talks. we look forward to a lot of positive things happening.
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for russia and the united states and everybody. >> dana: it was scheduled to last about 30 minutes but it lasted for over two hours. it appears there was one big accomplishment, a cease-fire in syria beginning on sunday. secretary of state rex tillotson was in the room when they discussed. >> the president opened the meeting by raising concerns about russians interference of the 2016 election. they had a very robust and lengthy exchange on the subject. president trump pressed putin on more than one occasion. >> dana: some claimed that
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trump accepted putin's assurances that russia did not metal. >> greg: donald trump started the meeting with putin by raising concerns over the election meddling. that son of a toilet flushing right now is cnn's bogus narrative. they said that he would not confront putin over that, and he did. >> dana: this was something like this a few weeks ago. say >> greg: people who set firs and throw rocks at people are not called protesters. they are arsonists.
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all day i was at the gym, not all day. [laughs] if you're at a gym in new york city, all you see is msnbc or cnn. so you're watching this, and all they're saying is a protester is throwing rocks. a protest is a setting fire. they are not a protester, they are a criminal. no, the cops are there because the thugs are there. >> dana: anarchists. >> greg: they are not anarchist, they have no beliefs. it makes you just scream it. >> juan: these people are
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anti-globalists, anticapitalist anticapitalists. you see them as all thugs. i think a lot of them are in-line with donald trump's anger at free-trade. >> greg: find one thug who is against climate change, $1,000. >> juan: it's trumps people that are antitrade. this is like you draw a circle, trump people here and bernie people there.
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>> dana: we are going to talk about the protesters later on in the show. that's talk about the accomplishments that were made today. a cease-fire in a small part of syria. with the hope that some humanitarian assistance can get to the people that are there. >> jesse: this could have been gift wrapped before hand before the meeting. who knows how long it will last. i think the media thinks that donald trump's going to come into a meeting like this, and start shining putin's shoes. the optics are good, he won the handshake game big time. he's comfortable and serious.
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on substance, we had that accomplishment in syria. and then trade. >> dana: i thought that was a little weird. that we should join russia on cybersecurity. >> kimberly: to me, if you look at all these other issues that were facing as a nation, president trump should talk to putin, as we mentioned earlier, 500,000 syrians killed in the war. russia increased trade with north korea. there also trying to box the u.s. and with china.
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north korea can launch and ibm within range of alaska. with all of the things were facing right now, not to diminish the election meddling, it doesn't seem quite out there was some of these other things. >> dana: senate majority had something to say about president trump. >> what's the most positive thing you have to say about vladimir putin and most negative? >> he's gifted in history and our president is not. he knows how to meet with important leaders. our president has limited experience in that. he knows that the intelligence agency is russia. he is in a strong hand in this
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negotiation compared to our president. >> jesse: the democrats criticized donald trump's by kissing putin's ring for the last several months. i think a lot of people like to believe that vladimir putin is a kgb calculating guy. that's just because he walked all over president obama for the last eight years. he got everything he wanted in syria. he came into the ukraine. he interfered in our election and obama did nothing. vladimir putin looks like a strong leader who gets everything done when he faces president obama. >> juan: i think it was a donald trump who had such high praise for vladimir putin.
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they were comparing the two end by saying putin looks much better. hang on. let me just say, donald trump today, he sticks out his hand, and says it's an honor to meet you. i guy who invaded our diplomacy. he interfered in an american election. in addition to which, it striking that you get one set of description of events, and i believe tillotson when he said, what were trying to do is not focus on the hacking, but make
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him promise not to do it again. >> dana: it is interesting that the left spent the last eight months dissing the russians saying you can't trust them appeared . >> greg: the narrative was that putin was the victor. the logic was that just by meeting putin, putin won. in the longer the meeting went, the more respect putin got. their confirmation bias that makes them narrow vision. they can't see anything. >> dana: the democratic party
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has way overreached on the russian issue. for special elections lost, the democratic committee raised a lot of money. i think they did a great disservice to their party. what did president obama ever do before he was president? he never ran anything. how was he possibly set up to be president? what a joke. >> juan: this guy was a state senator and united states senator. i don't think donald trump was on any political level. here's the thing, the guy that i
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believe, tillerson, said that we basically have a disagreement with the russians with regard to russian interference with the election. putin says, we didn't do it. and apparently donald trump says okay, let's move on. tillerson was there apparently. i met saying that the president is busy tweeting about fake news. >> dana: we have more to come. it was graduation day for the crop of new york's finest, the nypd. but a figure went to germany to
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>> juan: a second day of protests by national activists underway in germany. bill de blasio is under fire again for attending the protests and missing the graduation in the big apple. he was scheduled to deliver the keynote speech. the decision to leave town a day after, sparked debate. >> i was hired by both the state and city government. which is run by the democratic party and green party. they share the view that while we see many national governments unwilling to address climate change, stumbling to address the larger issues of income
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inequality and migration, these issues have to be addressed at the local level. >> juan: here is the keynote speaker, our mayor attending the protests. >> greg: no wonder people in new york city hate him appeared homelessness is up 40%. there's only one reason he became mayor, the two previous mayors dramatically improve the city so much, you can actually take a risk on the disposal, and spend the capital that grew under giuliani and bloomberg. this is the world's greatest city, but you have this mayor
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who skipped town. why didn't he tell anybody? he's an embarrassment. >> juan: this event that the mayor is going to speak at tomorrow, and apparently the mayor de blasio says that we should have a variety of opinions. >> lisa: he's trying to build his national profile. please unions in 2014 accused him of encouraging an antipolice environment. does it surprise anyone that he skipped out on an event that
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important to the men and women wearing blue. >> juan: >> dana: interesting ae protesters or thugs, i would love to know where there all coming from and if they work. we are trying to make a living in order to fund government services, which i would imagine that many of them are actually on. >> greg: there all dressed in black. how is that peaceful? it's more intimidating to dress in disguise, many in masks. >> juan: is he simply raising his profile, maybe making
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himself a possible democratic contender in the next election. >> jesse: it doesn't get any better than that. in any event where de blasio is the keynote speaker is terrible. his son is studying abroad in germany. and he happens to make a trip over there. what he did was, he didn't want to pay for it. he killed two birds with one stone. it's terrible timing, the guy our steps in it. the subways don't run, the trains are all broken. his homeless people everywhere. nypd officers turning their backs to him. and they don't have anybody running against him.
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>> juan: what are you going to do a second term, just flip out. >> greg: there was a 30% turnout. >> juan: i had, a liberal activist called for against the trump administration. we will let you decide, coming up next.
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>> dana: yesterday we told you about a liberal activist that called for against the trump administration. >> i hope that we stand up to those who oppress our communities, that we can stand up to tyrants and rulers not only abroad, but in the united states of america where you have fascists in the white house. >> lisa: her words were pretty clear. she told a newspaper that she wasn't talking about violence when she said it to the white house. i don't think you can look at these comments in a vacuum either. she's also championed a woman who was involved with two bombings and convicted in israel of killing two people and
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injuring nine. she said the bomber was a cia agent. she encourages attacks on israe israel. your a reasonable man. why does the left need to prop her up as some sort of hero? president obama also said she was a champion of change. >> juan: you have to give some credit to someone who is a muslim leader in america in 2017. she used a word like a g hide it which generates a lot of negative static. the fact that she is willing to say, my community is under fire, and stand up for it, i have to give her credit. >> greg: she's completing her beliefs of sharia law.
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what she's doing, she's doing radical islamic belief with the community. she conflates those beliefs. you see the media blaming memes for violence. and she says that western values are intolerant. and how can liberals believe in a belief system that is anti-gate, punishes nonbeliever nonbelievers, this is a bad egg. >> jesse: i believe she is un-american. we all know what means.
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it's a fight against the enemies of islam. and she's a bernie sanders surrogate. i think the congressman shooter was a bernie sanders volunteer. a lot of the bernie supporters are waging violence against innocent people. she doesn't want to assimilate to the rest of america. i think that assimilation is the quintessential most american quality of the melting pot. i say love it or leave it. see five we have >> dana: he sat
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assimilation is not the goal of americans and that immigration is. to me, integration means that you can come and live next door. assimilation is the agreement about the ideals of america. upon which our constitution was written. it is a fundamental understanding here. they are just trying to use the word, and their defense. >> juan: assimilation, is an absolute essential of us remaining a united america.
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>> jesse: there's nothing that gets on president trump's nerves like like fake news. like the scene and smacked on video over the weekend. cnn didn't get the joke, of course. i wanted to see what wrestling fans thought about it. i went to madison square garden
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tonight to see what their take on it is. did you see the video? >> i thought it was great. i love everything trump does, best president ever. he's going to rule the world. he attacks fake news and the way he's going to make america great again. >> does this make you want to do violence against anybody at cnn? >> of course not. >> what is more fake, professional wrestling or sin? or cnn?
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>> seen cnn. >> jesse: nobody said that that video inspire them to go body slam anybody. >> juan: i was worried about your pans and that video. >> jesse: guilty as charged. >> juan: i think the w stands for waterworld. he's over there in germany and he still tweeting about fake news before his meeting with putin. annie's stomach what is going o?
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>> jesse: the people that are really out there on the streets are not taking the video seriously. >> dana: wrestling fans look like fun. those are good events. a reporter at the white house, she wrote an article saying that cnn and the rest of the media need to stop it. just do the news and focus on the journalism. do you remember when that used to be wwf? my brother would watch it and practice some moves on me. clearly there is a disconnect between the way the radio was being covered and what people
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say. i think people watched and laughed. is it funny, yes. does the media overreach, absolutely. americans at home, no longer believe the media and deem them as credible. they get their facts wrong and never really show the narrative. or focus on the fact and make sure the stories are correct. >> greg: i don't really wind, if you cannot take a joke, then president trump is going to drive you nuts for the next eight years. he has a sense of humor. i'm older than some of you here, "bewitched." they had a next-door neighbor who was always nosy and complaining.
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that's cnn. a lot of people in the media have turn into that person because donald trump lives next door. they can't figure out what that guy's doing. i'm too old. >> jesse: can you hear what "the five" is cooking? stay think your heartburn pill works fast? take the zantac it challenge! zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge.
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>> greg: facebook friday, your questions answered no. if you can speak to college students, what subject would you address? >> dana: it's interesting because we were talking about yesterday in chicago, there's a requirement that you have to submit your life plan. my initial thought was, does the government need to get involved? i don't think you need a life
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plan. you just need to go and start working. don't sit around and wait for the perfect job. i have so many friends whose nieces or nephews are taking the summer off to get ready for college. that's ridiculous. >> greg: get a job, the sooner the better. >> jesse: i would do interviewing skills. in five years, i would like to be doing this. i will do what ever you want for five years, and hopefully then i will get health insurance. >> lisa: i think high school can be tough and you can get bullied. it's a tough period of life trying to figure things out. you're looking so far ahead, but in reality you're so young.
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i would tell kids, you are going to move on to college and things are going to change. you can go on and do whatever you want. life takes unexpected turns. enjoy yourself, do whatever you want. [laughs] >> juan: i say to young people all of the time, surprise yourself. i've met a lot of famous people who were greatly accomplished. you think about people like ronald ragan having fun broadcasting baseball games. look what happened to that guy.
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>> greg: somehow you will end up where you're supposed to be. i would try to grab them before they get to college, and avoid any gender studies because nobody is going to want to hire a humorless person. >> lisa: also marriage and family lead to greater wealth in life, that's a fact. >> greg: here's one from jeff, if you all could be a villain from any movie, who would you b be? >> jesse: i would be hans gruber.
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>> juan: i was just trying to remember the drama of him. the most famous villain is in "star wars" and darth vader. who was the villain in the godfather? >> lisa: i would be in some sort of action movie.
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i like dogs. this is really hard. >> dana: i would want to be the boss in "devil wears prada." and jesse will not be here after the break. >> greg: i would either want to pick "jaws." the ocean is a giant toilet unless you are a shark. don't swim where you eat, i always say. from kim, what is the most
12:51 am
pivotal point in american history that defines our countries value? >> juan: it's the civil war. >> dana: declaration of independence. >> greg: i'm going with 9/11. that's the biggest day in my life and history. it can be any point. >> dana: declaration of independence. the first time that human beings are granted freedom and liberty. >> juan: they were granted to
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everyone until much later. >> greg: i think we solved a lot of problems here, and perhaps
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>> dana: it's time for one more thing, jesse kicks this
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off. >> jesse: only three injuries this year. this is a ten football field course. it's absolutely brutal. i've never done it. i recommend that they blah zeal goes next time. are you trying to get me hurt? >> juan: the pakistani girl who was shot in the head by the taliban in 2012 because she advocated for girls getting an education. she was only 12 years old at the time. since then, she's been an icon for equality and women's rights. today, she finished high school.
12:57 am
she also joined twitter for the first time. she tweeted saying this is my last day at school, and first day on twitter. congratulations. >> lisa: garth brooks spotted a sign in a crowd that said elvis was my last concert. garth brooks spotted her in the crowd, went after her, and let her choose her favorite song and this would happen. ♪ >> lisa: she loved it very much, and garth brooks is amazing. that's a nice moment. >> greg: tomorrow night, my show at 10:00.
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we have great guests. we talk about everything. fox news with a 30 minute interview with ted nugent about everything that's going on. it's pretty good. and tomorrow, we are doing a story about democrats with bumper stickers that explain their party to people. we are going to be showing these on the show. the first one is democratic party, america's best whiner. democratic party, hey where are you going, come back. thank you. democratic party, yes we still
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suck but what are we going to d do. democrats, we stopped thinking about tomorrow. thanks for helping me out there. don't quit your day job. >> jesse: i forgot to plug my show, can we talk about that for a minute. >> dana: a hero cannot afford to take his daughter on a ride at an amusement park. when the roller coaster reached the summit, you can see her gripping to the side like she was 150 feet high. this was posted on youtube. it's received over 100,000 view
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views. that's a dad of the year award. never miss an episode of >> bret: the leaders of the two largest nuclear powers in the world meet face-to-face. the scheduled 30 minute meeting lasting almost two and a half hours. but we know beyond close ed doos and what's next. this is special report good evening, i am bret baier coming to you tonight from naples, florida. the leaders of the two most powerful nations on the earth spoke for more than two hours today. the elephant in the room, we are told, got top billing. secretary of state rex tillerson said president trump confronted russian leader vladimir putin over alleged russian interference in the 2016 election at the


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