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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 8, 2017 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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i'm in this for my family. i'm in this for me. ask your doctor about farxiga and learn how you can get it for free. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. eric: hello and welcome i'm eric shawn. a brand new hour of "america's news head quarters". arthel: hello eric. nice to be back with you. i'm arthel neville. the highly anticipated meeting between president trump and vladimir putin is in the record books but there's some confusion about the outcome. eric: a show of defiance along the nextn border, the u.s. -- north korean border, the u.s. air force sending out b-1 bombers to show kim jong un we won't be intimidated as tensions rise.
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arthel: a historic mountain town had been threatened by wildfires but now there's a different kind of danger. "america's news headquarters" starts right now. eric: we begin with the end of president trump's second official trip overseas and the start of an eventful week here at home with the healthcare issue on the docket. as you know, the president is heading back home at this hour to arrive later at the white house. after a very busy few days at the g-20 summit in germany. president trump and the first lady departing hamburg earlier today after the president held a series of meetings with world leaders including that showdown with president putin and another highly anticipated sit-down with the chinese president. the president has become sharply critical of china in recent weeks, over beijing's reluctance to increase pressure on north korea over its nuclear weapons program. it's a topic that leaders did discuss along with trade, but
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before we discuss and report on russia, the latest on the meeting with china. chief white house correspondent john roberts remaining in hamburg, germany, tonight, where he is live with the very latest on the end of these meetings. hi, john. >> good evening to you as well, eric. first of all, an overview here at the g-20. there was a sense that among many of the g-20 member nations at least that the united states stood alone here in hamburg particularly on the issues of climate change and trade and the official communique it said that the members of the g-20 will quote continue to fight protectionism. that could be a reference to threats from the president to impose tariffs on european and asian steel, but he is also fighting for protectionism and unfair trade practices and the nations of the g 20 agreed with the president on the need to end what are sort of market skewing subsidies that many nations put behind things like steel, which is what the president is complaining about. the communique also singled out the u.s. decision to withdraw
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from the paris climate accord. that was another point of departure between the united states and the nations here. but the three officials from the white house who briefed the press aboard air force one denied that the u.s. was isolated. pointing to the eight successful bilateral meetings that the president had, very very substantive, all of them, according to the president's economic director, mcmaster, the national security advisor and steve mnuchin the treasury secretary. the last of those bilateral meetings with the chinese president. you mentioned at the top eric that the president has been highly critical of china in recent weeks regarding its lack of pressure on north korea to rein in its nuclear program. the president taking unilateral actions against people who are doing business with north korea. and some of those people happen to be chinese which has not pleased china and the president let it be known today that we don't know the exact wording that was used but we expect he was going to let china know that he may take more of those actions unless beijing takes a
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greater role in reining in north korea's nuclear program. eric: those actions you say including sanctions perhaps on more chinese banks. only been one small one so far. then there's that meeting with the russian president putin, denials of any election interference by but -- by putin, but we're told it was a pretty substantive connection between the two. >> yes, and vladimir putin himself as he addressed the press today in a post-g 20 press conference said that they have definitely established a relationship, he and president trump. you mentioned there was a diplomatic disagreement over what was said in that meeting regarding putin's denial that the russian government had any involvement in meddling in the u.s. election. president putin said he believed president trump was satisfied with those answers. sergey lavrov his foreign minister said the president accepted putin's assurance he had nothing to do with it. there was disagreement from
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tillerson the secretary of state and other officials who were briefed on the content of that meeting. something else interesting that putin said today that he found that the president trump he met in person was quite different than the president trump he has gotten to know by watching him on television. listen here. >> translator: as for personal relations, i think we have established them with trump. i don't know how this sounds, but the way i see trump on tv is very different from the real person. he's absolutely straight forward. he perceives in an adequate manner, analyzes and answers the questions quite quickly. >> of course flattery is a part of diplomacy. diplomacy is also being described as having the ability to tell somebody to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip. we don't know exactly how well the relationship came off between the two leaders or what it will mean in the long-term. they did come to that agreement on syria, creating a deescalation zone in the southwestern part of the country, a cease-fire there that is supposed to take effect in
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less than 12 hours, eric. so they did something constructive in that bilateral meeting yesterday. we will see if there's more that can be done. eric: we will have a lot more on that syrian cease-fire tomorrow with john bolton and others. john, thank you, as always for your reporting. one of the interpreters called it the tv trump. that's how they actually translated mr. putin's comments. >> yeah, tv trump. eric: interesting thank you. arthel: the protests at the g 20 summit ending on a peaceful note this after days of violence that saw demonstrators torching cars and german police dispersing the crowds with tear gas and water cannons. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot also live in hamburg. greg? >> hi, arthel. yes, the g 20 summit is over but apparently the violence associated with it is not. just in the past few minutes, we have been hearing police sirens, hearing police helicopters up in the air, and seeing reports
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about violence in yet another neighborhood of the city, involving protesters anarchists against police, water cannons being fired, bottles being thrown, riot police out on the streets. generally today, though, we saw a largely peaceful march. we did in fact see some skirmishes in that too -- squirmishes in that too -- skirmishes in that too. they did have some words about g 20 politics and capitalism and president trump. the worst violence of the past three days was friday night. they were still mopping up from that saturday morning. fires were set, stores were looted, molotov cocktails were thrown. overall the police say over 200 of their officers and dozens and dozens of protesters and activists have been injured, 114 arrested.
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despite, arthel, 20,000 police officers out on the streets, some have claimed that the city has been turned over to mob rule in some neighborhoods. we did hear from president trump. we also heard from german chancellor merkel, praising the security of forces here and maybe some are suggesting they were trying to do an impossible task, staging a global summit, with all the controversies involved, with such a summit right in the heart of one of germany's biggest cities. back to you, arthel. arthel: indeed. okay, greg safe travels back to london when it is time to leave hamburg. eric: the u.s. air force responding to the recent tensions with north korea with a blunt and vivid display and reminder of american power. two b-1 bombers flying near the north korean border today in the show of force. it was part of a training exercise with south korean and japanese fighter jets. they even dropped dummy bombs.
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this coming just days after north korea test fired that intercontinental ballistic missile that some experts think could eventually be capable of hitting alaska. garrett tenney has more on these exercises. >> it is important to note also that these weren't just any training exercises. these were part of what an attack on north korea would look like. two u.s. b-1 bombers flew 2,000 miles from anderson air force to outside the korean demilitarized zones. following today's mission, the lieutenant, who is the deputy commander of u.s. forces in korea said u.s. bombers in republic of korea fighter jets are just two of many lethal military options at our disposal. this mission clearly
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demonstrates the u.s. republic of korea alliance remains prepared to use the full range of capabilities to defend and to preserve the security of the korean peninsula and region. while the u.s. is prepared to take military action, u.s. officials want to avoid going to war, and they are trying desperately to find a diplomatic solution, namely through china. but yesterday secretary of state rex tillerson reiterated that the chinese have not been doing enough. >> our experience with china has been -- and i've said this to others -- it's been a bit uneven. china has taken significant action. and then i think for a lot of different reasons, they paused. and didn't take additional action. >> now, of course u.s. officials are hoping that china will renew those efforts, particularly following president trump's meeting with president xi jinping earlier today.
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>> the north koreans have called it a provocation by the gangster like u.s. imperialists, that's us, thank you. arthel? arthel: let's bring it back home now as wildfires burning out west across several states, crews in the air dropping flame retardant over the mountains in colorado, where some evacuees have just been allowed to return to their homes near the breckenridge ski resort only to be warned to be ready to evacuate again. will carr is picking up the story from los angeles. this has got to be such a living nightmare for those folks. will? >> yeah, absolutely. all over the place arthel. there are almost 40 wildfires burning in every western state this week. and all fuelled by perfect fire conditions, hot temperatures, strong erratic winds and low humidity. the alamo fire burning just an hour north of santa barbara doubled in size overnight. it's now grown to almost 6,000 acres and only 10% contained. several hundred residents have had to pack up and are under mandatory evacuation.
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it comes as the public information officer for santa barbara county fire posted an erie picture of a blood red full moon late last night raising over the thick flames. 1,000 firefighters are trying to protect the homes in the area and the containment numbers at the same time. good news in colorado, evacuations have been lifted for a fire burning 2 miles north of the popular ski area in breckenridge. firefighters on the ground have run into favorable conditions that have allowed them to increase containment to 25%. take a listen to one resident. >> it's just crazy. you know, my friends back home have been calling me like, hey, is everything okay? my mom called me, worried about me. she says, you know, don't go hiking. stay out of the woods. okay, mom. >> in montana, a fire has burned nearly 40 square miles and now 40% contained. many of the fires that still raging are burning in parts of the southwest where temperatures have spiked. some areas seeing record
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breaking triple digit heat,s that's not making things easier for the thousands of firefighters on the front lines. arthel? arthel: not at all. that guy having his mom tell him don't go hiking. that would be my mom. thank you. kelly: how texas is marking the deadly ambush of those five brave police officers in dallas one year ago. plus, vladimir putin telling president trump flat out that russia did not hack our election. you know, he claims the president believes him. the top republicans say it should come as no surprise that putin would lie, the result of the sit-down, we will analyze it next. go, go! [ rock music playing ] have fun with your replaced windows. run away! [ grunts ] leave him! leave him! [ music continues ] brick and mortar, what?!
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show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. eric: becoming a bit of a he said he said between american and russian officials on the subject of the russian interin our election. president putin today at a news conference saying that president trump did accept his denial of russian involvement echoing those earlier claims by russian foreign minister sergey lavrov. but secretary of state rex tillerson says huh huh, not at all, the president did no such
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thing, remaining oddly quiet on the subject, though, president trump himself. he would not answer when reporters asked if putin lied when he denied any russian interference in the election. perhaps the president was being diplomatic but the contrasting conclusions are apparent. >> president trump said he had heard president putin's clear statements that this isn't true, and russia didn't interfere in these elections and that he accepts these statements. >> they had a very robust and lengthy exchange on the subject. the president pressed president putin on more than one occasion involving russian involvement. president putin denied such involvement as i think he has in the past. eric: what are the results of this meeting? white house columnist nor the hill is joining us -- for the hill is joining us. by all accounts putin lied to the face of the president of the united states. today the u.n. ambassador haley says everyone knows the russians meddled in the election.
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is the president handling this appropriately? he did not have a news conference when he left hamburg. is this being addressed correctly? >> i think it's somewhat surprising that the president has not come out himself on this topic. partly because it would be regarded i think as in his interest to counter the narrative that the russians are putting forward in this. they are saying that he accepts their denial. we've now heard that from the russian foreign minister and from putin himself. secretary rex tillerson has been talking more broadly about the idea that president trump pushed president putin, but i think it is somewhat surprising that we have not heard the u.s. president make his own case here. eric: he will be asked about it at some point. do you think he would say i believe him, or do you think he would say no, the intelligence agencies say and other members of congress and the senate that the evidence is clear in terms of russian interference, perhaps not collusion, but russian interference at the very least?
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>> the president has been slightly equivocal on that point, at times, eric and it happened again in a news conference in poland a few days ago. he said that he did think it was russia, but he also cast some aspersions on the verdict of the u.s. intelligence community. so it is difficult to predict exactly where he goes on this when he's asked about it. he sort of accepts that it was russia, but suggests there could be other nations or other actors involved this as well. that seems to be his basic position and i assume he would reiterate it if asked. >> the goal of the administration it seems to be at least as they say not in their words relitigate all this, and that's been criticized. minority leader schumer saying this is disgraceful that it wasn't brought up more strongly and this sort of thing. do they have a point in terms of the broad range of global issues that face the world when dealing with syria, the nuclear issue and of course north korea? >> i think the administration would clearly make the case that
2:21 pm
you can't get bogged-down on one issue when you're seeking cooperation or progress on a number of the other issues you have mentioned. i do think the democratic criticism is based in part on the idea that russia would be happy to move on from this. they would say that this isn't like some domestic argument between a couple where you both say well, we're both at fault. let bye gones be bye gones. their argument would be the fault here is russia so why would the united states say let's move on? >> what's fascinating the interplay between the two. the meeting went on for so long. let me play you one sound bite. president putin talking about it. here's what he said. >> translator: it would be wrong if i vealed to you the talk -- if i revealed to you the talks with president trump. he asked me a question. i replied. he asked following questions.
2:22 pm
>> it seems that part was accurate. this meeting was originally scheduled to be approximately 30 minutes, went well over the two-hour mark and the first lady apparently came in on one occasion to try to wrap things up, bring them to a conclusion without success. there clearly was a genuine discussion. we don't know every granular detail of what was said, but it seems like there was some kind of relationship established, perhaps some kind of rapport established even when there are these tensions clearly simmering just beneath the surface. >> the "wall street journal" editorial out right now basically said there's progress over the obama administration. this is what they say quote mr. putin concluded that barack obama would pose minimal resistance. he's still in all three places. we can't guess what mr. putin made of donald trump, but by raising russian interference in the u.s. election, mr. trump
2:23 pm
made clear to putin that he will be dealing with the president of all the american people. that sounds like a positive outcome. do you think that is the message that the president of russia indeed did get? >> it could be. it is very difficult to read vladimir putin. he's very a sort of cool customer. but i do think that clearly that would be something that the united states would hope. and i do have to say, for all the talk about president trump's purported closeness or sympathy to the russians, he did of course send missiles to syria only a couple of months ago, which clearly puts him very strongly at odds with the russian position -- >> and also according to the secretary of state, he raised the fact that there's senate and house bills for tightening the sanctions against russia, as a reminder to the russian president that he's got some, you know, quills in his -- what's that term -- you got stuff ready -- >> arrows -- >> ready to fire out. i knew you would know that.
2:24 pm
let me play one fascinating sound bite when president putin talked about the tv trump. that's how one of the translators called it. that the person he met in person and dealt with was not like the image that the president of russia had seen on tv. here's what he said. >> translator: i don't know how this sounds, but the way i see trump on tv is very different from the real person. he's absolutely straightforward. he perceives in an adequate manner, analyzes and answers the questions quite quickly. >> that seems like they may have established some type of rapport. >> absolutely. this is an observation that people have made about president trump at various points that actually behind the scenes when the tv cameras are not there, he can be a more considered more careful more frankly sort of thoughtful or nuanced figure, sometimes, you know, engaging in more sloganeering type performances at rallies or things like that. not an uncommon observation from
2:25 pm
putin there. >> certainly you hope it could be better for the world depending on how this goes. we will see how those investigations go too. columnist for the hill, thank you for joining us on this saturday afternoon. >> pleasure. arthel: eric new concerns about congressman steve scalise's recovery from a gunshot wound of he is readmitted into intensive care. dr. manny alvarez of fox news medical a team joins us ahead. the roles you play in life are part of what makes you, you. let's dance grandma! and you're not going to let anything keep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with nutritious calories 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals. that was the best one ever! giving you the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. and finish! from the number one doctor recommended brand... ensure, always be you.
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>> just a moment ago i quoted from the editorial in "wall street journal" but for some reason the graphic that was shown during the screen said the washington post. it was not. it was the "wall street journal" which of course is owned by our corporate cousin news corp. right here in this building. the washington post about 250 miles south of here. we regret that. thank you. arthel: a new setback for congressman steve scalise as we learn mr. scalise is back in
2:30 pm
intensive care and in serious condition three weeks after he was shot in the hip at a g.o.p. congressional baseball practice in virginia. the congressman undergoing more surgery this week to control an infection. it's sparking many questions about his recovery. let's bring in dr. manny alvarez, senior managing editor for fox news and a member of the fox news medical a team. dr. manny, so glad you can be here. when you talk about infection, what's happening? >> everybody is praying for the congressman because he's going to have, you know, a tough recovery period. but he's going to recover. but when you have an injury like this, when you have a shot to the pelvis, i'm a pelvic surgeon, the first phase probably after he got shot was to control the bleeding. that operation basically is go to into the pelvis. the pelvis is one of the most difficult areas to operate, a lot of organs, intestines, bladder, vessels, nerves all
2:31 pm
confounded in a tight space and so the first phase probably was to control the bleeding. now a lot of times when you have this type of surgical trauma surgery, basically you don't close the wound. that's what probably they did. they controlled the bleeding. they left the wound open. they went back a couple of days to kind of look around and see what they needed to repair. but it is not unusual when you have multiple surgeries to then develop -- there's a lot of blood that gets pooled into different areas. there might be leakage from the bowel or leakage from the bladder and that creates an area. that's probably what he has been suffering from and that's probably why the surgeons had to go back either open up the site again and drain all that abscess or sometimes they do it with per cutaneous needles and try to suction out the abscess. nonetheless it is a difficult
2:32 pm
infection to control, but it is controllable but it does delay the recovery phase. >> will they give mr. scalise more antibiotics? >> a combination of that, of draining, of monitoring, his blood cell count, his temperature, his vital signs so that the body then begins to heal and gets rid of these abscesses which is very common when you have multiple surgeries in the pelvis. we see this a lot. arthel: do you think the congressman might have to undergo even more surgeries coming up? also in terms of his recovery chances, what is it that's working most in favor of the congressman? >> well, the good news is that he was able to leave the hospital for a while. the good news is that he doesn't have any motor deficits so far as ambulating. no major nerve damage. so walking and things like that. so now it's just a matter of getting his strength back, controlling the infection, you know, again, we don't have his
2:33 pm
medical records. that's very private to the congressman and to his doctors, but we have to assume that, you know, similar operations, you know, that i have done not necessarily from a gunshot but having been a pelvic surgeon, that it takes a while for the body to recover, months. you know, after they control the infection, they drain the abscesses in either way, again, he will go back to the rehab to get more functionality of his lower extremities, his strength, his muscles and things like that. arthel: so will doctors have to wait until the final surgeries to start to begin to control those abscesses that you are talking about? >> if it is a matter of draining and giving antibiotics and controlling the presence of infection -- arthel: right, but what i'm asking is -- i'm not sure, we don't know if mr. scalise will have to undergo further surgeries, but once that's all done, that's when the healing can begin? >> hopefully if all the repair was done in the first stages, one or two surgeries that he had and now it is just dealing with
2:34 pm
the post-op complications of multiple surgeries, then once this infection gets controlled and subsides, then that will be probably the end of his surgeries. arthel: so no hip replacement? >> well, again, i don't have all the facts and it's difficult to say. you know, the good thing is that he's young. he was very strong. and in great physical condition. it's just a matter of what kind of orthopedic repairs he had to have done, but again, it doesn't appear that that's right now in the first phase of his recoveries. arthel: so basically the recovery, recurring surgeries, the multiple surgeries doesn't really concern you -- >> no. arthel: -- it kind of goes along with this type of injury. >> right, it is not unusual again to get readmitted several weeks later, just to deal with an infection. i think that if they caught it on time, and i'm sure he was being monitored very closely, this is going to be fully taken care of. arthel: good. we want the congressman to recover fully. we are all saying prayers for
2:35 pm
him and his family. dr. manny alvarez, thank you very much. >> thank you. arthel: nice to see you. >> thank you. eric: to the latest on president trump's voter fraud panel. secretary of states across the country are meeting this weekend to discuss that. voter privacy and other voter fraud issues. many states as you know have already said no to those requests from the president's commission to turn over voters' personal information. among those states happens to be kansas. the secretary of state, that's the official that oversees voting in the states happens to be this guy, who also happens to be the vice chair of the president's commission. he did not attend today's meeting of the secretaries of state and his colleagues. we report on the meeting from our new york newsroom about their views of the commission. >> hi, eric. remember, president trump continues to claim that anywhere from 3 million to 5 million undocumented immigrants across the country voted, costing him the popular vote in the presidential election. but no proof of widespread voter
2:36 pm
fraud has ever been given. this weekend's conference of 37 secretaries of states is happening amid a white house ongoing investigation as to whether there was widespread voter fraud last fall. last week president's trump election integrity commission requested voter data information from all 50 states as part of its investigation, information including dates of birth, partial social security numbers, addresses, voting histories, military service, and other information. the white house says the information will be used to look for potential voter irregularities and advise states on how to improve their practices. but according to a count by the associated press, 16 states and the district of columbia have outright denied the white house requests, some citing privacy laws. 30 states they they will give some data, but not all. and 4 states are undecided. maine's secretary of state vows to protect voter info and denies there was any national widespread voter fraud.
2:37 pm
>> i would say personally that i would be stunned to see a number anywhere near that close, but i have also said right along the line that, you know, sunshine is the best disinfectant. we take a look at it. we don't find anything, that answers the question. >> others like indiana secretary of state are providing some voter data. >> you know, i think -- >> -- increase the confidence of the american people and the security and integrity of our elections. >> now, look, all this is happening as the president tweeted just a week ago, accusing states who are refusing to hand over voter data of having something to hide. eric? eric: thank you. arthel? arthel: heads of state talking strategy about north korea, but how long will it take to get the rogue regime under some sort of control? that's up next. >> as far as north korea is
2:38 pm
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arthel: is a fox news alert. -- a fox news alert. we have just received a statement from hr mcmaster who attended the g 20 in hamburg germany. the general says, quote, at noon local time tomorrow, a deescalation zone in southwest syria will begin to take effect. such zones are a priority for the united states and we are encouraging by the progress made to reach this agreement. after achieving this hopeful step with governments of russia and jordan, president trump discussed the agreement with many world leaders at the g-20 summit including the president of turkey, british prime minister may and german chancellor merkel.
2:43 pm
and the statement goes on to say the united states remains committed to defeating isis, helping to end the conflict in syria, reducing suffering and enabling people to return to their homes. this agreement is an important step towards these common goals, end quote. again, that is from national security advisor general mcmaster, and we of course will bring you more on this story as it develops. eric: meanwhile the u.s. is planning a flight test of its missile defense system, firing interceptors from alaska. this of course just days after north korea test launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile which experts predict could possibly hit alaska. the nuclear program of kim jong un was a critical topic of the g 20 summit. president trump consulted with the japanese prime minister abe among others. >> -- obviously about north korea and the problem of north korea. and the prime minister is -- i
2:44 pm
will say this -- very very focused on what's going on with respect to north korea. so we will continue those discussions. eric: yeah, you understand why he's focused because those missiles in some cases have gone right over japan. the president also of course pressed chinese president jinping saying the issue of north korea will be solved, mr. trump said, one way or another. joining us is former deputy assistant secretary of the army and chair of the american defense international. van, good to see you. first of all, this new test, why is it significant? >> well, this will be the 14th one since 2006. eric, they have been 100% successful since then. now, it can reach an altitude of 93 miles so it is mainly for more of the short range or medium range missiles. this will be a simulated test of a north korean intermediate range ballistic missile. and it's been very accurate. and this test will probably take place in the next couple of weeks. eric: is it different, though
2:45 pm
from the others as you said t a thaad usually used for short range, not intercontinental missile is there a difference? >> there is a difference. a ground based system is designed to go up into space and it is primarily designed for intercontinental ballistic missiles, the problem is it's only been success 55% of the time since 2010. the last several tests they have been spot on. and they did a test a simulated test against a north korean i cbm in -- icbm in may and it was 100% accurate. thank god for the wisdom of president ronald reagan. look what he -- we would not be having this discussion right now about interceptors and missile defense had we not had a president in the 1980s who had a vision to give this country missile defense system. and i -- eric: he was attacked for that. >> he sure was, thank god for
2:46 pm
what he did or we wouldn't be having this conversation. we would not even be having a capability like that or patriot or the missile defense system we have on ships. eric: you are saying without president reagan's sight, we would be up the creek without a paddle right now. >> this president would have fewer options. really he has no good options right now because eric the fact of the matter is prior administrations, both republican and democrat, kicked the can down the road on the north korean threat and i can tell you, that ballistic missile threat combined with the nuclear capability that we have got to watch out for. we know that the iranians and the north koreans both have the nuclear war head designs of the infamous pakistani scientist dr. khan and that's what we have got to watch for. you can rest assured that's what they are trying to do, is to get -- is to perfect -- this is a tricky part how you get that miniature nuclear war head on an icbm that's what they are trying to do. eric: you hit something on the head a moment ago. you talked about kicking the can
2:47 pm
down the road. if you look at the investors business daily an editorial a couple days ago it said that president clinton basically cancelled the one that president george h. w. bush had. president george w. bush then restarted it but then when obama got into office, he cut it be 13% and -- he cut it by 13% and he had to in 2013 restart it again basically because of the north korean missile threat. >> in 2013 he had to go back to reinstitute president george w. bush's plan and beef up our missile interceptors at fort greeley and at vander berg. there's plenty of blame to go around. this president is leading. he's doing the right things. he's putting pressure on the chinese and the russians to put pressure on the chinese. look, the chinese -- we all know they talk out of both sides of their mouth. but they just like iran are the great enablers of the north korean regime. they helped create this mess. i think this thing has gotten probably even beyond the control of the chinese, but eric, they
2:48 pm
have got the best intel, if anyone does, of what's going on inside. eric: how do you know what's going on inside of kim jong-un's mind? we flew some b-1 bomber we reported on that over the near the dmz just today. this is what they said in june. >> the u.s. imperialists committed a grave military provocation by letting a formation of infamous b 1 b nuclear bombers fly over south korea once again to stage a nuclear bomb dropping drill. the gangster like u.s. imperialists are making all the more desperate in moves to ignite a nuclear war despite the repeated warnings. another thing they have said about us if the american imperialists -- the united states must choose. it is up to you whether the nation called the united states exists on this planet or not. how do you deal -- is it even possible to negotiate and sit
2:49 pm
down when they have scuddled deals in the past with this -- scuttled deals in the past with this type of rhetoric or is it just rhetoric >> to say that kim jong-un has some mental health challenges is an understatement. i think the chinese are beginning to realize this. a couple of months ago he was trashing the chinese. those are the kinds of things i think that the trump administration and the rest of the free world have got to convince the chinese of, that this guy is a mad man. you can't even control him. help us to have regime change, stop the nuclear program. it's all about -- it's all about stopping and never getting to that day when think can accommodate -- when they can accommodate a nuclear war head on an icbm. that's what it is all about now. eric: apparently not there yet but the predictions are they could be. that's the challenge. always good to see you. thank you for joining us. arthel: a delta airlines flight forced to return to a seattle airport amid reports an unruly passenger assaulted cabin crew and made a break for the exit door. you are going to want to hear what police say flight
2:50 pm
attendants had to do to restrain that passenger. plus texas senator ted cruz in houston for his third town hall meeting. what the senator said should happen to the va for its past failures in caring for our military vets, a live report from houston coming up next. ♪ the opioid my doctor prescribed for my chronic back pain backed me up-big time. before movantik, i tried to treat it myself. spent time, money.
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eric: delta airlines passenger was restrained mid-flight after police say he tried to open the front exit door. authorities say 23-year-old man was sitting in first class when he got up to use the restroom several times during the flight from seattle to beijing. and after his last visit, he stormed out and lunged for that exit door, the galley in the forward part of the plane, well police say he fought with the cabin crew and passenger until a flight attendant knocked him over the head with two bottles. that didn't stop him. but there were punches thrown, they say, and he was restrained and arrested when the plane was diverted back to seattle. he could face up to 20 years in prison, if he is convicted. arthel: texas senator ted cruz today making a new stop on his trek around the state talking to constituents. this time holding a town hall in houston to discuss the issues impacting our veterans.
2:55 pm
a big part of that is how to hold the va accountable for its past failures and how to ensure that our country's vets get the care they need. we have more from houston. >> as the event was underway in inside this houston hotel where i'm standing now, outside in the summer heat, about 50 or so protesters gathered out on the sidewalks. they say that they were not here to protest veterans and their care. rather they told us this was a golden opportunity to let their u.s. senator know they are not happy about the drafts and proposals thus far to repeal and replace obama care especially the notion that millions of americans could lose their insurance under the republican plan. so they made this plea. >> please don't pass your version of healthcare legislation. please pull that off the table. go back to the drawing board and come up with something that is a strong solution for all
2:56 pm
americans. >> now, inside the discussion was specific to veterans and their families. dozens attended the town hall, co sponsored by the group concerned veterans for america. people spoke of personal road blocks they have experienced with the va, some of their frustrations and some of what they think is working well. senator cruz talked about the importance of accountability and transparency within the system and adding more options, expanding the choices veterans have, when it comes to getting the help they need. so senator cruz talked about the importance of introducing more competition and he says that would likely improve the whole system.
2:57 pm
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>> hello everyone. i am i felt. welcome to a new our inside america news headquarters. >> eric: hello everyone. happening this hour, a war words after president trumps first it down with vladimir putin. and whether the president accepted interference in our election. >> arthel: plus the two u.s. bombers flying close to the north korean border is a show for says they conduct a training
3:01 pm
exercise. >> eric: authorities and evacuees return to their homes near popular ski resort. they are wanted they may have to evacuate again as crews are battling a massive wildfire nearby. the latest on that and all the news at this hour. this is america's news headquarters and it starts right now. >> arthel: we begin with president trump, homeward bound as he wraps up his second trip overseas as commander-in-chief. air force one taken the president back to washington after final jampacked session at the g20 settlement in hamburg, germany. he followed up his meeting with vladimir putin with another high profile sit down. this time with the president from china. chief correspondent joins us live from hamburg. good morning. >> of money too. it is good to be with you.
3:02 pm
on board air force one through the president chop top advisor,r mcmaster, national security advisor and treasury secretary, steve mnuchin hit an upbeat assessment with how it went for the united states. the said that presidents meeting and the bilateral meetings was absolutely brilliant. there are eight meetings, there are two during the polar part of the president's trip. the administration officials describe those meetings as quote, very, very substantive discussions very not just relationship builders. on the way out he tweeted, leaving hamburg for washington, d.c. and just met china's president a six.
3:03 pm
while we had an excellent meeting on traded north korea, that bilateral meeting went 90 minutes and could've gone longer. both presidents needed to get on the planes and get back home. they had to cut it short. i'm told the discussions were very direct about north korea. the president has been frustrated with the lack of chinese action on north korea. he has been thinking about more sanctions against chinese entities and individuals similar to what was imposed by the treasury department last week. going into the meeting he sounded optimistic about this potential of the second meeting. >> i appreciate the opportunity to meet, very substantial problem we all face in north korea. many things have happened --
3:04 pm
[inaudible] >> keep in mind, the president was very optimistic about the potential for china to put pressure north korea after they have their first bilateral meeting in mar-a-lago. he has been somewhat disappointed since then. >> arthel: back to the other meeting, there was discrepancy over what was said during the presidents meeting with putin about russia meddling during the election. >> this goes back to the bilateral meeting yesterday that lasted two hours and 15 minutes. the foreign minister said that after president putin said he did not have anything to do with the hacking of the u.s. election, or meddling in the electoral process and neither did the russian government, the president accepted those assurances. the secretary of state, rex tillerson, and i was just fireworks that would off there. the state department rex tillerson disagreed with that assessment. send the president press to
3:05 pm
monitor the number of times. while officials on board air force one would not definitively said the president would accept that we heard from the presidents of mrs. what he said. >> he question, was genuinely interested in a number of details. as far as i could i answered him in detail. he asked me questions and i answered. i clarified that i think he was satisfied with my answers. >> thank he was satisfied with the answer he was given. the only person we'll find out if they are satisfied with the answers would be the president. we do not get a chance to speak with him this afternoon. there was a press conference schedule, that did not take place. it was a matter of timing. next time, we will definitely ask him about that. >> arthel: i'm sure you will. i'm sure everyone will want to hear the answer.
3:06 pm
i'm glad clarified because i was wondering what the noise was. >> there's a lot of people on the streets here. the protests have dissipated at least from our vantage point. every once in a while revelers fire off a cracker. >> eric: the second time in three days the u.s. air force has sent a not-so-subtle message to north korea. holding precision bombing exercises with both the south korean and japanese military. air force b-1 bombers buzzing the demilitarized zone between the north and the south using those b-1 bombers. they have done that in the past. it is a show of force in response to north korea's successful recent missile launch. a missile that some experts think could reach alaska. did kim jong-un get the message? will he change his provocative behavior? gary joins us with more. >> military officials say that
3:07 pm
the u.s. is prepared to use the full range of capabilities to defend against north korea's aggression. this morning, to u.s. air force b-1 bombers with south korean jet escorts flew near the korean demilitarized zone to conduct a simile did attack on north korea. the bombers can carry 42000 pounds of explosives practice attack runs by dropping in active weapons at a testing range in south korea. following the mission, the lieutenant general of the forces in korea said quote u.s. bombers in public of korea fighters are just to options at the disposal. on wednesday they fired short range missiles as part of a joint missile test in response to the successful missile launch. as officials try to find a diplomatic option, they are growing increasingly frustrated with china's refusal to put more
3:08 pm
pressure on their ally. >> we continue to make it clear to china that we prefer they take action themselves. we are still calling upon them to do that. i would say that our engagement has on change with china and our expectations are unchanged. >> north korea's one of the leading topics of discussion between president trump and xi jinping. they said the north nuclear threat will eventually be resolved one way or the other. >> it. >> eric: it is a top threat we face. they are dealing with it. >> arthel: now over the battle of healthcare. senate gop leaders plan to make a final push to pass their bill to repeal and replace obama care. when lawmakers return to washington from the july 4 recess next week. mitch mcconnell is now saying they might need to work with democrats who want to fix obama care, not repeal it.
3:09 pm
allison is in washington with more. >> the healthcare reform has been covered in potholes and is far from a smooth ride today. according to analysis from the roper center, this is the most unpopular major piece of legislation in the past 30 years. mitch mcconnell says it is complicated. >> we've had a big discussion among ourselves that is senate republicans about the way forward. i don't know the answer to that yet. i think every republican would say the health care plan the problem is weather can be in included in the parliamentary point of view and were trying to do is read complicated. >> republicans initially said they expected to pass the legislation by july 4. instead, they received opposition from democrats and members of their party. i one point president trump said of senate republicans cannot pass something they should repeal now and replace later.
3:10 pm
there's a new proposal from senator ted cruz that would allow insurers to sell stripped-down cheapest plants. >> a very active in helping lead the effort for republicans to honor our promise and for us to pass patient centered reforms. >> senator mike lee supporting the plan and the white house seems open to it. >> we support senator cruz and senator lee's efforts. this is something that transpired in the house and we think it is perfectly appropriate to the amendment. we hope is part of the process to bring people together. >> chuck schumer called cruises amendment, a hoax. think quote, it makes healthcare more expensive because deductibles and copayments would be so onerous many americans would pay much more out of their pockets than they pay today. it could be a difficult sell to moderate republicans as well. in an interview posted on line senator chuck grassley said he is concerned the proposal is centrifuged and could annihilate
3:11 pm
the pre-existing condition requirement and the existing bill. >> arthel: thank you. >> eric: firefighters and several western states are battling wildfires. you can see the thick smoke billowing in colorado. some people have been evacuated from their homes near the breckenridge ski resort. they were allowed to return but then told they might have to evacuate again. we had the latest from our los angeles bureau. >> there are dozens, almost 40 wildfires burning in every western state this week. they are all fueled by perfect fire conditions. hot temperatures, strong winds, low humidity.
3:12 pm
the elmo fire burning just over one hour north of santa barbara doubled in size. it has grown to 6000 acres and is only 10% contained. several hundred residents have had to pack up and are under a mandatory evacuation. it comes as public information officer for santa barbara county fire posted in erie five of a blood red full moon rising over the thick flame. 1000 firefighters are trying to protect tones in the area and at the containment area. evacuations have been lifted in colorado near breckenridge. firefighters have run into favorable conditions that have allowed them to increase containment to 25%. take a listen to a resident. >> is a tragedy. my friends back home have been climbing ask if things are okay. my mom called anna is worried. said don't go hiking, stat of the woods. >> in montana fire has burned nearly 40 square miles and is now 40% contained. temperatures have spiked in some areas have seen triple digit
3:13 pm
heat. that's not making things easier on the firefighters. what they really need is rain. unfortunately there's not much in the forecast. >> eric: those temperatures are making that battle difficult. thank you. >> arthel: a partial collapse at an apartment building. neighbors russian to search for survivors digging through their bare hands. we'll have details on that tragedy, next. plus, president trump wrapping up his trip to the g20 summit with a meeting with a chinese leader saying north korea will be dealt with one way or another. did he convince the chinese to get tougher on kim jong-un and his regime? we'll talk about that, next.
3:14 pm
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>> time for a check at the headlines. >> eric: apartment building in italy claps killing a people. the victims include two families and an elderly person. officials say renovation of the building may be to blame.
3:18 pm
meanwhile, and california massive fire damage to building under construction. massive flames force people living nearby to evacuate. thankfully no injuries were reported. the texas governor's mansion lighting up in blue last night. also honor the five dallas police officers who were shot and killed one year ago while working at a peaceful protest. >> on behalf of the united states i like to say that it is an honor to have gotten to know you. we have begun to develop a relationship and i appreciate -- is a problem we face in north korea a problem that has been dealt with. >> arthel: that's president trump. north korea and its increasing aggression, major topic of
3:19 pm
discussion for those leaders. it was also brought up in the president's other high profile sit down with russian president, vladimir putin. president trump did not hold a news conference after that meeting, but putin did. we'll get to that in a moment. here now to grade the president's performance is francis rooney. a member of the house foreign affairs committee. congressman, can we save the grade for later and start with china? >> sure. >> arthel: understanding there's no simple answer as to how to handle the escalating tension and the threat with north korea, is china still the most effective entry point to a solution to north korea and if so, what are you hoping president trump said to the chinese president during their meeting earlier today? also, what are china's pressure points, is trade one of them? >> i definitely think china's and the catbird seat in terms of coming up with any kind of nonmilitary peaceful solution and north korea. a diplomatic solution.
3:20 pm
they dominate their economy, they have future trade relationships and could cut off natural resources and things like that. they haven't pinned up geographically. particularly if we get russia to join and who also shares a geography with them. i'm hopeful that president trump made his case that we need china to help us with a peaceful diplomatic solution. >> arthel: hopefully he was able to make that point. meanwhile, as you know the u.s. is stepping up military exercises in the region. do you think it will ever come to the u.s. taking military action against north korea? and our diplomatic talks with kim jong-un a crazy idea? >> this guys a madman. it's hard to negotiate with a terrace like this and think that you can have any headway fortunately, we have the fed
3:21 pm
dispense system we are revving up and ready to deploy some of the more limited remedies that we can if we have to. we have a wide range of remedies we can do, i would just hope that we could get china and russia to help solve this thing diplomatically. >> that is the hope for sure. thus far were still waiting for some forceful response from china. meanwhile, russian president putin beating president trump to the punch holding a press conference after the meeting. and claiming that president trump accepted putin's denial of russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election and un ambassador nikki haley commenting on this on face the nation. >> it given the president as he said knows the russians metal, what consequences will they face as a result? >> you have to ask the president. that's one of the things that is
3:22 pm
first confronting them and letting them know that we know what has happened in that it cannot happen again. >> so, will there be consequences brought down, and what should mr. trump do? >> let's see what they find out really happen. they tried to conduct espionage on us but we have not seen that they were particularly effective other than hacking the dnc. >> it's a big deal that they didn't though. >> but there is espionage conducted around the world all of the time. in some ways i feel good that we were able to repel their cyber attacks successfully as we were. i think they want to get caught. there's more than what's meet the eye. we conduct surveillance and espionage all over the world that is not detected or ever admitted. >> but with the intent to interfere with those other country system, the basic fabric of their way of life and conducting their business there.
3:23 pm
>> i would say that a bot is just a modern-day version of a -- drop. >> so you're not concerned with what the intelligence agencies have said that this is a big deal what russia did as it pertains to the 2016 election. >> i'm concerned they would try, sure. i'm also saying this kind of stuff is tried often. it was just back in george bush's first turn when we kicked up russian spies who never admitted they were spies. there's a lot of things cycled on. they didn't get very far at least we don't think so. >> arthel: are you afraid they will keep trying? >> they might. in this day and time, with the technology and cyber attacks we have to be vigilant and increase our offense of measures. >> we could keep talking but i wanted to give you an opportunity as i promised in the beginning to get president trump
3:24 pm
a great on his g20 appearances and performances. >> i think it was successful for the president. given the fact they came out of the meeting with putin with a commitment to continue to fight isis together and try to put in no-fly zones and cease-fires it indicates to me the president showed putin he cannot be manipulated and he's a tough guy. i think it's good he showed concerning trade that america first is not mean america alone. there is opportunity to deal with countries with low trade surpluses versus country like ours was a trade deficit. the fact that the europeans admitted that showed the president achieve some success. lastly i want to thank you for hanging tough on the paris accord. i don't care how many are pain say that they want to do the
3:25 pm
paris accord, wreck their economy just to subsidize china, india, russia and african countries, that's their business. we have the united states of america to protect which is the essence of foreign policy. protect our national interest. >> arthel: just as your tell me last statement i got a note that we have to go. i appreciate your time and maybe we'll come back and talk to you last statement another time. >> thank you for having me on. >> eric: the debate over voter privacy in my so many states are refusing to comply with the president's request on voter fraud. we'll take a look at that coming up. plus, why the democratic party is taking -- recently losing several elections. what is next for the democrats to get them on their feet? next guest a lifelong democrat has advice for the party and the arab president, donald trump.
3:26 pm
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>> arthel: secretaries of state across country are gathering for conference. many are refusing a request for voter information from the white house. even the commission's vice chair home state of kansas telling the commission know. brian is live in the newsroom with more. >> remember, secretaries of state are responsible for overseeing their states election. this weekend's conference of 37 secretaries of state are happening over whether or not there is lot widespread voter fraud. trump continues to claim that anywhere from 3000000 - 5000000 undocumented immigrants across the country voted illegally costing him the vote.
3:31 pm
no proof of widespread voter fraud has ever been given. last week presidents trump elections requested voter information from all 50 states as part of the investigation. information including the date of birth, partial social security numbers address, voting history, military service and other information. the white house says the information will be used to look for potential voter irregularities and advice states on how to improve the voting practices. according to account by the associated press, 16 states and the district of columbia have denied the request. some citing privacy laws. thirty state said they will give some data but not all. for remain undecided. maine secretary of state said he vows to protect the voter information in his state and denies there is national widespread voter fraud. >> i would say personally that i would be stunned to see a number near that close.
3:32 pm
i've also said sunshine is the best -- we take a look at it, we don't find anything that answers the question. >> others like indiana secretary of state are providing some voter data. >> everyone's goal here would be to increase the confidence of the american people in security and integrity of our elections. >> one secretary of state who is not at the conference this weekend's crisco back of kansas. he's leading the voter integrity commission. >> arthel: thank you. >> eric: some say the democratic party appears to be losing steam after the last four recent special elections in congress. nancy pelosi is being called to be replaced. others are saying the party leadership needs to redefined it's mission.
3:33 pm
my next guest knows mr. schumer and the president well. along with hillary clinton advisor and poster, mark penn who serve for a long time. he's calling for the party to get back to the center. will it? were joined by a long time official and chair of the democrats for trump. you out with mr. trump this time. you had humphrey living at your house when you're young. you say the party is going to far left and out of the mainstream of america? >> in the early 70s the democrats thought their luck would shift. they lost the house in a big way where's the president said, big time. newt gingrich came in. bill clinton brought the party back to the center.
3:34 pm
welfare reform, balance budgets, and now the democratic party has tilted so far to the left again they have lost 1000 legislative seats under obama. two thirds of the governorships in both houses of congress. i think as long as the democrats continue the far left move, political correctness socialistic under elizabeth ward and bernie sanders, they will continue to lose. >> eric: president obama was elected. he wasn't as far left is some thought. but you do have a point. bill clinton, jfk, scoop jackson, those are middle-of-the-road mainstream democrats. what happened? there's no blue dogs left.
3:35 pm
>> i think the democratic party to be acceptable today you have to be far to the left. bill clinton -- jfk today would be considered a conservative by democratic standards. he was for strong defense, for tax cuts, he ran against nixon as the missile gap. so you don't have the jfk's or the bill clinton's in today's party. obama was a charismatic figure himself, the democrats got shellacked every other way. >> could jfk get the nomination today? >> no. because he would be too much of a centrist. donald trump is going to be reelected in 2020 because he is cutting regulation, stimulating the economy and is showing leadership of the world. >> what are your problems with
3:36 pm
the controversies and everything else? >> the presidents a character. but i think he's doing a good job. he is creating jobs. i know people who are starting businesses now because they don't have to deal with so many regulations. >> how does the democrat take them on? let me read you a quote of one who work for clinton for years. only a little more than a quarter of americans consider themselves liberals in almost three and four are self identified moderates or conservatives. yet moderate viewpoints are given short in the presidential nominating process. the democrat they're looking for candidate democrats. leaders who rose above partisanship to unify the country who defended human rights and equality passionately and incurred economic growth and rising wages. you don't see that out there
3:37 pm
with senator sanders or warren. >> but they're all far to the left. they're all in this identity politics, all these other labels. the socialist does not work. like a venezuelan the cuban economy. it doesn't work. and these people are basically socialist. >> eric: the one name be in mention is andrew cuomo. there have been reports. maybe he will be trying to consider potentially running. his father is merrill cuomo. he's a working-class guy who likes to fix muscle cars, dealing with these issues, do the democrats have anybody who will fit the mold of the type of candidate who could be successful?
3:38 pm
>> i will be supporting donald trump. i think the best candidate for the democrats would be andrew cuomo for the reasons you just stated. he has a working-class background, is very smart. he's a centrist. i think he would be a strong candidate. >> eric: and he has served in the federal government. he has had two terms as governor. we will see. your money on anybody? >> i would think the democrats if they were smarts would nominate andrew cuomo. i think he would be the best candidate but i'm going to have to support donald trump. i believe in him. >> july 8, 2017, andrew stein here predicts andrew cuomo. always good to see you. thank you user for three decades as a democrat. >> my father -- i idolize jfk.
3:39 pm
>> that his legacy. thank you. >> there's a he said she said between the u.s. and russia. that president accepted the denial of russian interference in the election. we'll have more that straightahead. onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, i accept i take easier trails than i used to. a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin,
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>> our position is known. there are no grounds to say that russia interfered in the u.s. election. >> the russian president vladimir putin denying accusations that moscow interfered in our election. setting a stage for a new dispute with the u.s. according to putin president trump accepted his denial during their meeting. secretary of state, rex tillerson is pushing back saying the president did not take but not as worried. now, a debate over who said what
3:44 pm
is breaking out between mr. tillerson and his russian counterpart. >> president trump said that he heard present pins a clear statement that this is not true in russia did not interfere. he accepted the statements. >> there's been a robust and lengthy exchange on the subject. the president pressed president putin on more than one occasion regarding russian involvement. president putin denied such involvement. as he has in the past. >> arthel: betsy is here, she's a political reporter, if you wouldn't mind i would like to start with the news about an hour ago, national security advisor, mcmaster announced at new local time tomorrow a de-escalation zone in southwest syria will begin to take effect. i ask him is this considered a big gop political feather and president trumps cap? >> it determines whether or not
3:45 pm
things de-escalate as part of this deal. >> it's not the first time that officials admitted agreements about cease-fire efforts in syria. in the past putin has not gone as far as americans would like to see go to actually pressure aside to abide by the terms of the cease-fires. there fall apart notably twice in aleppo. then secretary of state john kerry tried to hammer out a cease-fire and it did not work. the fact that this cease-fire agreement has been made means we make it interesting information about whether or not putin has changed his behavior perhaps based on how the new administration relates to him. does putin take more steps to try to change the way assad behaves. >> arthel: and one other areas or issues can trump put positive checkmarks. >> in terms of foreign-policy a big question is how he handles pressure from chinese president
3:46 pm
regarding the united states military defense system we have set up in south korea. the chinese president said the putin wants the united states to remove missiles that we have in south korea to try to ward off a north korea aggressive effort. that said, chris president trump is unlikely to move back those missiles or reduce the american footprint on the korean peninsula just because of pressure from she and potentially from putin. one question is, does north korea rollback a more aggressive stance or how does that relationship play out? >> arthel: that's just something we need to keep an eye on. let's get back to putin. publicly disputing secretary tillerson statement, that's the president's account of what was discussed in the highly anticipated meeting. given some of the old mixed messaging, does the president of the united states run the risk of some believing vladimir putin over him?
3:47 pm
>> as possible. a larger issue is morale. intelligent officials i spoke with said every time the president suggest he doesn't believe the consensus agreement of the united states intelligence community about what russia did through our election during 2016, that damages the way the white house relates to the intel community. it makes folks in the intel community feel like there were doesn't matter to the president. the big takeaways why trump does not just what he says in terms of the issue of russia meddling in the united states election. actions speak louder than words. one question is regardless of what trump says publicly, does the administration take steps to continue to punish russia potentially by signing off on a new round of sanctions. or does trump give some of russia what it wants essentially to diplomatic compounds that they have recently been kicked
3:48 pm
out of. >> arthel: trump has referred to himself as the modern-day president. taking on a fresh approach and discarding some of the older ways of doing business. when year meeting with president putin who plans all of his moves down to every detail, how is president trumps less structure way of operating viewed? >> world leaders are skeptical of the way trump is headed into the meeting. the fact that ibaka sat in trump seat during part of it race my brows both in american circles and around the world. the big question is, do the results change? does the situation syria become more stable? does north korea rollback as does united states have a more prosperous trade relationships in europe and southeast asia? ultimately those questions will determine the way the global international community views the trump legacy.
3:49 pm
it's too early to make conclusions about whether or not his unorthodox style is a good thing or not. >> arthel: we need to leave it there. good to talk with you. >> a new report from the cdc. it has encouraging news about the numbers in the op a crisis. coming up, what one state is doing to combat this around this problem. it begins at the pharmacy. love . i love hanging out with my friends. i have a great fit with my dentures. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. even well fitting dentures let in food particles just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. super poligrip free made even the kiwi an enjoyable experience try super poligrip free. ♪
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>> eric: a new report out for the centers of disease control about the op crisis. research run in the number of patients being prescribed painkillers is gradually decreasing. that's good news. one state is already working on a new way to fight that. jonathan has the story. >> the amount of opiates being prescribed to americans appears to be going down. center for disease control finds that while the highly addicting drugs were widely distributed in the beginning of the century, the number of prescriptions issued are leveling off. >> were starting to see some improvement in prescribing opiate medications.
3:54 pm
but we still have far too many getting too much. >> the cdc looked at the changes in the prescriptions on the national and county level between 2006 and 2015. finding the amount of drugs be prescribed peeking in 2010. in 2015 there's still three times as many prescriptions in written for the medications is there were 1999. >> the level of prescribing in 2015 was enough for every american to be an opiate medications around the clock for three weeks. >> location appears to influence the number of prescription. they are praising those states who are modern teen. georgia requires pharmacists to report the opiates to a monitoring database within 24 hours. >> i think the consensus over the womanly was that the scope and depth of the opiate epidemic really compels us. it's worth it.
3:55 pm
we believe it will save lives. >> the report appears in the cdc's publication recommends physicians weigh the benefits and risks of the medications when prescribing them outside of end-of-life care. >> sears is holding announcing more store closings. they said it will shut down eight sears and 35 kmart stores by early october. hundreds of store closings have been announced to share. the company says it is on track to cut more than $1 billion in annual costs. shares of sears holdings are down about 44% from one year ago. >> eric: we grew up with sears catalog. speaking of growing up, ringo starr is keeping his annual birthday tradition. he has announced an exciting reunion with one of his former beatles. we will have the details next.
3:56 pm
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4:00 pm
i love it. happy birthday. >> eric: the mop head for, it's on believable. okay. we'll let you know that we are back here tomorrow at 12, four, and six eastern. >> arthel: stick around, julius up next with the fox report. >> present trump is expected try back on u.s. soil in the next hour. including his first face-to-face with vladimir putin. good evening, julie. you're watching the fox report. >> julie: russians foreign minister telling reporters that president trump accepted putin's claims that moscow did not meddle in the u.s. election. the presidents u.s. ambassador to the united nation disputed that same the president still those they meddled. here's what putin said to reporters today. >> our position is no. there are no grounds for saying russia interfered with the selection.


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