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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  July 8, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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remember, i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: president trump lead the g20 summit. >> she was on duty serving this city. judge jeanine: and she was murdered in cold blood. why did you stop out of the city to join anarchists. also tonight, tomi lahren on the president's trip and his meeting with vladimir putin. and some of my favorite moments
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from "street justice." are these anti-trump people out of their minds? >> they are. welcome to justice, i'm judge jeanine pirro. a packed hour ahead including jay conch get and sebastian gorka on the growing threat from north korea. but first my opening statement. donald trump launched a new era in american history that will last for decade. it's called americanism. as he continues his world journey to announce our agenda of america first, the safety and security of her citizens, allies, and her interests at home and abroad, the left at
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home and across is doing everything they can to destroy his vision and our way of life. we have a leader who understands how to take care of us. other countries acting like children, refusing to leave mommy and daddy's basement, should be on notice. you can no longer despise us, and reap the benefits of our largess. this week warren wilhelm junior, also known as new york city mayor deblasio raced off to hamburg, germany to team up with the an oists protesting the g20 summit and president trump in particular. the protests marked by anti-trump, anti-american, and
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violence. 200 police officers injured. some of them seriously. today deblasio headlined a protest rally saying deblasio so attitude. it's not enough that he jets off to join those protesting our country and capitalism. but he does so in the wake of the assassination of miosotis familia who was sitting in her car when she was killed by a cop hater. instead of attending the graduation of 524 recruits about to enter the danger zone, no doubt anxious and fearful and in
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need of reassurance from the city's leader, bozo deblasio jets off to help lead the protests of those who resist law and order and authority. no comfort or solace to the families and loved ones watching those young recruits get a bang and a gun. deblasio is more interested in establishing street credits with the trump-hating anarchists and sneaks off to joint rioters one day after the shooting with delusions of being worthy of the international stage. none of this surprising since deblasio's anti-cop sentiments are deep road. 2014 when two cops were assaulted and seriously injured, on the brooklyn bridge the
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protesters chanted what do we want? dead cops. when do we want them? now. he called the protesters peaceful protesters. he normalized police hatred telling us he told his son to be cautious of police. it was in this climate and top-hating protests two new york city police officers were assassinated in their own a squad car. it was a resentment of the deblasio sentiment so deep at the liu and the ramos funerals that members of the nypd and cops from around the country turned their backs on deblasio. to the tens of thousands in law enforcement who come from around the country to attend the funeral of another slain
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officer, this time miosotis familia tuesday. my message to you is do unothers as they do unto you. do what you did after the deaths of officer liu and ramos. turn your backs on this anti-truck leftist socialist cop-hating mayor. do it for me. and that's my open. tell me what you think on my fab * page or twitter, hashtag judge jeanine. joining me is former congressma from from utah, jay somebody chaffetz. what i'm concerned about is the message to law enforcement.
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what has happened in terms of the normalization of cop hatred? >> there are a lot of reasons why donald trump became the president of the united states. i think the law enforcement component was a big part of it. president trump went to europe and talked about putting america first. made in america. american exceptionalism. then you have the mayor of new york city say donald trump as the president doesn't represent the united states of america. it's an embarrassment to this country. i can't believe the citizens of new york city put up with this guy doing that. it undercuts the president and should never have happened. judge jeanine: what's interesting is that his pressperson said it's important that american leaders -- i assume he's talking about
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deblasio -- con front head on locally and around the world the damaging rhetoric and policy stances of the trump administration. he thick this guy should be on the world take. one of those popular newspapers in new york says deblasio, don't come back. >> i saw that. i they the "new york post" goss it right. you a police officer assassinated. you have 500 new cadets coming into the system and the mayor is running off to join a protest where they are fighting and hitting and trying to create damage to police officers. donald trump is there as the president of the united states supporting our nato allies, talking about the need to fight isis. all of these things that america does believe in and the new york mayor is over there leading the
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protests of those that are fighting the cops causing more than 200 people, police officers in germany that have to go to their hospital. judge jeanine: what do we do about this? >> it's absolutely wrong. it's not just a new york city issue. in utah and across the country i'm sure they are embarrassed by this their taking it on to himself thinking he represents the united states of america. he does not represent the values of the united states of america. judge jeanine: not only does he not represent the values of the united states, he's working against those values. he doesn't believe in capitalism. he thinks he's a socialist leader. he held until 90 minutes before he left the fact that he was blowing town to go to germany. he is very secretive and very cagey about who he is and what
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he's doing. what do you think this guy thinks about where he will ultimately end up. >> i would love to know who paid for that trip and where did he stay? judge jeanine: he's saying that the organization paid for him to go there, but we taxpayers are paying for his security detail. we sent four there, an has another four traveling with him. his whole detail. the press people. all of those guys we are paying for. so let me ask you this. when donald trump says law enforcement and the military did a spectacular job in hamburg. everybody felt totally safe despite the anarchists. what do you think he can do coming back home to help the police in this country?
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>> i think this mere presence is totally off the border patrol, the secret service. the law enforcement community at large. donald trump said we'll get more resources and more effort behind you. and that has rest night. you can feel the difference it's palatable how much better it is with donald trump. he talks about putting america first only to have the mayor of new york city say that doesn't represent the united states of america. are you kidding me? judge jeanine: breaking tonight. president trump back in the united states, arriving within the hour from the g-20 summit where he pledged north korea's threat will be resolved quote one way or the other. he made the pledge with the
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chinese president. joining me is dr. sebastian gorka. i'm not saying anything you don't already know. that is americans are very concerned about this nut job over in north korea. sending us what is a birthday present in an attempt to send over an intercontinental nuclear missile with a nuclear tip on it. >> the president showed leadership, he met at the g-20 with the president of south korea and president abe of japan. they are calling for a new u.s. security council -- u.n. security council resolution against the north. the president met with president xi jinping. they renewed their threat to de
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denuclearize the peninsula. if it doesn't work, the president has been clear, this is a grave, grave escalation. judge jeanine: has the president given up on china helping us out? >> no, the meeting today was part and parcel of trying to get back on track. trying to have more capacity to pressure in a non-kinetic domain its neighbor than any other nation in the world. the president was disappointed what came after those commitments. we'll give it one more try. but all the options are on the table. whether it's the moab bombing in syria, we understand and this president understands force is always own option. judge jeanine: we just sent two u.s. bomb percent that were flying near the demilitarized
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zone with south korean and japanese jets on a training mission. that's pretty loud and clear. i doubt china would want japan to have a nuclear weapon. but i can't manage that's not on the table in terms of protecting our interests. >> china has looked at north korea as a buffer between itself and other nations like south korea. but at some point there has to be a realization, how much are you willing to pay for that buffer if it's in flagrant disregard of numerous security council resolutions. that buffer becomes a danger to china as well. that's the message that has to be to
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be understood. judge jeanine: i seem to recall there were cyber attacks that prevented north korea from accomplishing some of their goals. so cyber warfare is on the table as well. >> if you understand how to rudder the ship of state, you don't just talk and use diplomacy. that's the last 8 years. that's the empty rhetoric of leading from behind. this president in a scant 24 weeks has shown the world he understands how force has to back up diplomacy. but between peace and war as you said, there is a massive scale of other options. we are not going to comment on live television what we do in the cyber dove main. we are not a super power, we are a hyper power and we have lots
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of things we can do covert and otherwise. judge jeanine: when i interviewed general kelly about a month ago web said there is no doubt in his mind that in the first four years of the trump administration, kim jong-un will have that capacity. if he doesn't already have that capacity. >> this president is not a president you want to test. this isn't a man who is apologetic for who we are. look at warsaw speech. we are reinvigorating america it means standing up for our values and protecting our friends and partners. it's a very, very bad idea to test donald j. trump. judge jeanine: well said. thank you for joining us. we heard from a former congressman. what does a current lawmaker think of president trump's trip?
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congressman ron desantis is coming up. tomi lahren is up next. later, it started with my trip to the inauguration. tonight best of street justice for the first half of 2017. stay with us as justice rolls on. >> a couple of years ago i had a low beard. let's get over it. these days families want to be connected 24/7.
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new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. judge jeanine: a light moment as the president arrives at joint base andrews from the g-20 summit. the hat of a marine standing at attention blows off in the wind. the president himself retrees it. president trump as always a man of the people. a series of meetings at the g-20 summit including his much-anticipated sit-down with russian president vladimir putin.
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tomi lahren, first time on "justice." we are happy to have you here. is there anything that the left in wing media can see that came out positive on that? >> of course not. they are too busy talking about body language, how long it lasted. way find disappointing from the unloving and intolerant left. though they stand up for tolerance and acceptance of the lgbt community, they don't have a problem with posting memes of the president in a negative light. they are going to poke any hole that they can and they chose this meeting to do it. judge jeanine: this is secretary of state rex tillerson talking about the meeting between trump and putin. >> they had a very robust and
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lengthy exchange on the subject. the president pressed president putin on more than one occasion regarding russian involvement. president putin denied such involvement as i think he has in the past. judge jeanine: the left is saying this really wasn't donald trump pressing on the russian meddling thing. but i sometimes wonder, if president trump accused putin or asks about the russian so-called meddling, they can go back and forth for the two hours and 15 minutes they met. what do they expect? putin to confess? >> the mainstream media can't move on. they think because they are obsessed with this narrative, the american people are obsessed as well. they seem to want us to start
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aggressions with russia because john podesta and debbie wasserman-schultz couldn't seem to protect their emails. the rest of the american people are thinking why don't we get reform done, build a wall and put america first. judge jeanine: all the months of the so-called collusion, nobody can couple with one iota of evidence. did you notice they are starting to be less and less talk about the russian collusion. they are going to look like fools at the end. who knows what mueller and his trump-hating team will do. but what do you think of the fact that according to those who were there, trump and putin connected very quickly and they had positive chemistry? >> i think that's fantastic. any time we can have our leader connect with a foreign leader and have a productive conversation, everyone wins. i'm not tired of winning yet.
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if we can have a russia restart that the last two administrations failed to do, why would anyone have an issue with that. judge jeanine: people seem to not recognize the mutual interest we may have as it relates to syria and the fact they signed a memorandum of de-escalation agreement in southwest syria with the united states, russia and jordan. all that is extremely positive. when you think about, you know, obama dancing with the devil in tehran as they yell "death to america," it seems kind of hypocritical. wouldn't you say? >> of course. they are bitter that hillary didn't become president and they think the reason is because of the russians. they would have to put forth policy position and have an agenda. but we know that's not their
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favorite thing to do. it will just be a dead narrative until 2020. judge jeanine: are you in dallas now, tomi? >> i am. judge jeanine: dallas is recognizing the one-year anniversary of the shooting of five cops in dallas. how do you look back on this year that this cop hatred can be stopped going forward. >> the election of president trump is a good step. having the support of the president behind us for the first time in 8 years is refreshing. the city of dallas is lit blue. it's a somber mood, by the many also uplifting and inspiring because we remember how we came
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together to support our law enforcement. judge jeanine: i was so impressed with the dallas police chief. tomi lahren, thanks for being with us. your favorite moments of trees justice since the nicaragua yaition in january coming up. my political panel standing by to battle it out. don't go away.
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remain in the city. but they are using civilians as human shields. iraq's army began the campaign to retake mosul in october. 23 egyptian soldiers were killed by isis on a remote army outpost in the sinai peninsula. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "justice with judge jeanine." judge jeanine: welcome back to justice. gop congressman ron desantis and the best of "street justice" tonight. but first it's time for the panel. lawrence jones and chris hahn. the president just back in the last hour on u.s. soil.
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what's your take on the meeting at the g-20? i'll start with you, chris. >> i have heard a lot of conservatives talk about it. george w. bush said let's be careful intoft bigotry of low expectations. he didn't start a war or lash out at xi jinping. i want to know what happened in that russian meeting. did he give back the sanctions president obama put on the russians. judge jeanine: i'll let lawrence jones answer this. you know what? you guys ought to put up or shut up on this russian collusion thing. go ahead, lawrence jones. >> we heard it, chris. the president went in to putin and called him out.
9:34 pm
he told the russian president he knew they tried to interfere with the election, though it didn't affect the outcome of the election, he wanted to hold putin accountable. but then he moved on. the ceasefire in syria, that's something the media should be reporting. but they would rather talk about collusion with russia. >> it would have been nice if the president stood before the press and answered questions about what went on in that meeting. the a.p. is reporting that kushner, man for the and donald trump, jr. met with a lawyer right after the election. >> are you guys going to lay off these sources? even your boy comey testified
9:35 pm
before congress saying all these sources and leaking coming out cannot be verified. stop listening to these factions factions. >> don't call comey my boy. judge jeanine: jim comey aloud a "new york times" story to say the trump campaign cord tbhaitd russian intelligence since february 14. and comey would not put truth to the lie. they want this crap to keep going. >> i don't think anybody want it to keep going. judge jeanine: then couple with some evidence. >> we need to stop it from happening in the future. >> that's what democrats are saying. they are saying he colluded with russia. >> i'm not saying that. i want to know what happened.
9:36 pm
>> saying russia is responsible for donald trump's victory. this is why the president has such a hard time at these press conferences because you guys keep trying to link him to them. judge jeanine: hillary clinton didn't have a press conference for months, and she was running for president. she was roping herself off from the press. i want to talk about the voter registration stuff where apparently 30 states said they will cooperate with the voter -- the what is it -- the voter registration committee and 30 state said yes, 16 said no, and four said maybe. what do you think of that, chris? >> i think that i'm concerned what this committee is up to right now.
9:37 pm
the chair of that committee has a long history of trying to put in voter suppression measures across this country and i don't trust him as far as i can throw him. >> you mean voter i.d.? >> let's cut down on motor voting. anything he can do. >> what is wrong with having an i.d. when you go to vote? you need an i.d. for everything else. what's wrong with an i.d.? judge jeanine: i don't want to get into the i.d. here is the problem. the voter identification commission, they want to be able to clear the voter rolls flips a federal law states to do that to prevent people who are dead from voting two or three times after they died. and the obama administration was totally against it. now what you have got are people who just want to make sure
9:38 pm
people who shouldn't vote don't vote. what's wrong with that? >> the supreme court said time and time again that voter rolls and how we vote is up to the states. so that's hypocritical. this weren't purview of the state and it should be left with the state. collecting all the data. judge jeanine: there is a federal law that says there is a mandate. chris, stop. there is a federal law that mandates that the states clean up their voter registration list and conduct maintenance so there isn't corruption. and the obama administration denied it. why would they do that? lawrence, you have got 2 seconds. >> because they had tom per reds as assistant attorney general
9:39 pm
and he did not want to implement the standards. he's now the chairman of the democratic party. so we know what his political motivations were. judge jeanine: "street justice" still ahead. next, florida congressman ron desantis with his take on the trump administration. don't go away.
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judge jeanine: president trump back in washington tonight after a history-making trip to the g-20 summit. joining us is congressman ron desantis.
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the president just back on american soil. what's your take of the g-20 meeting? >> i think it was a successful trip for the president. his warsaw speech in poland was one of the best speeches an american president has given overseas. it was reaganesque and kennedyesque and churchillian. he also called out russia which the media is in a tizzy about. and he identified the creeping statism and bureaucracy in america and europe as a problem that threatens western values which harkens back to to toqueville. judge jeanine: they apparently according to reports have some
9:45 pm
chemistry. both of them strong personalities. but it seems to me it's the donald trump aura, the today rils ma of president trump. what i found fascinating is that video where we saw president macron of france moving around trying to get next to donald trump. he's just this charismatic person, and i suspect going forward we'll have a lot more allies who believe in us. >> i think that's right. he strikes a strong presence on the world stage. he send a signal america is back in terms of being a leader of the free world. it would have been unthinkable for barack obama to have given that speech. that's not who barack obama was. i think people realize there always you are in sheriff in town, and i think they want to curry favor with him. sometimes it's because he's a grow fair yuls guy, and that's
9:46 pm
great. but they probably realize it's probably not smart to challenge the united states. judge jeanine: the house passed their own version of the healthcare bill. it's in the senate now and it ain't happening. deductibles are so high, insurance companies are dropping out, and premiums are through the roof. what would you say to your republican colleagues in the the senate? >> they need to get it done. we have been campaigning as republicans for years and years. every one of them in the senate has voted at one time or another to fully repeal obama care. now it's crunch time and people are getting weak what their spines aren't stiff anymore. they may be fumbling an historic opportunity to deliver on a promise that we made. i think if they fail it will be disastrous for the country.
9:47 pm
there will be no relief from any of the rising premiums and deductibles that people are suffering under. that's what we have been promising we would address. to back down now would and very, very bad thing. >> it would do nothing but give the democrats fodder. let me ask you a more philosophical question. there are those senators who say they were elected to do x, y or z. therefore they can't go back to their constituents without requiring senator cruz or ron paul certain things or certain interests in the healthcare bill. does an elected official have an obligation not just to his constituency, but to the party, to his president that might evening bigger than his individual constituents? >> the core is your constituent.
9:48 pm
when you legislate, you are legislating for the whole country. and the way i look at it is the way reagan looked at it. i want to get everything i want. if i can get 80% now i will take it. it's basically what we did in the house on the healthcare bill. i would have liked to have been more aggressive. we didn't have the votes for that sow we moved forward with what we had done. judge jeanine: mitch mcconnell said there is no way we are going to repeal first and replace later. why? >> we should have done that in january in hindsight. the democrats then may have been willing to actually work with a replacement. but as long as obamacare is still on the books, they are going to say no, no, no. so city was probably a tactical mistake. judge jeanine: thanks so much for being with us. my favorite moments of the past
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six months in "street justic ♪ if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer
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judge jeanine: time to look back at some of my favorite moments from "street justice." this year started with history as we said farewell to a
9:53 pm
president in washington and hello to a new one. why do you have so much faith in donald trump? >> he's a real person and wants to make real differences in people's lives. >> i feel the world is going to be right at the right way. we are kicking this guy back on his airplane to wherever he belongs. he will have to wash his own damn dishes tonight. >> he will help turn around our country. >> he will make america one again uniting all of us. judge jeanine: make us one. >> again. judge jeanine: god love you all, i'm leaving. why are they protesting? >> i think they are bored. they are not work. >> i was stopped at the airport. judge jeanine: the mainstream media is comparing the
9:54 pm
conversation general flynn had with the russian ambassador as something on the scale of a 9/11 attack? >> no, that's pretty ridiculous. judge jeanine: are these main street media people out of their minds? >> they are. forget about it. judge jeanine: i can't forget by the. i have to do a segment on it. >> you are the smartest woman here. >> i'm the only woman here. what's the worst thing you ever said to somebody. >> something to my fiance sexually. judge jeanine: should hillary come back and run for mayor? >> no! >> happy st. patrick's day. god bless america and thank you for everything you promised to do for our country. >> everybody should be on
9:55 pm
obamacare. pay for your own insurance and pay for your own drugs. i work two jobs and that's what i do. judge jeanine: this is what makes me furious. the president drops the the mother of all bombs on afghanistan. good or bad? >> good. we have to make them scared of us. judge jeanine: hillary clinton says she's going to be part of resistance. is she helping the democratic party or should she go back in the woods? >> go back in the woods. >> build the wall. >> judge jeanine: what do you want the president to do for you? >> stop tweeting. judge jeanine: james brown, hang on. did she blame you?
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at judge -underscore janine. that's it for us tonight. thanks so much for watching. see you next week, same time, same place, say me. enjoy the weekend. >> president putin and i have been discussing various things and i think it's going very well. we've had very, very good talks. will have a talk now and obviously that will continue but we look forward to a lot of very good positive things happening for russia and the united states and for everybody. it's an honor to be with you. greg: finally, rachel, proof of collusion.


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