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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 9, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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air, safelite® replace. arthel: thank you for joining us. that does it for us. eric: will be back this afternoon. transfer president trump tweeting about his meeting with bob mayor putin. from russian meddling to serious cease-fire to even possibly forming an impenetrable cybersecurity unit with russia. elizabeth: harsh words for the kim jong bone region. military exercises this weekend with the nuclear. >> republicans in congress have back to washington this week after the july 4th recess with a very long to-do list from repealing and replacing obamacare, tax reform. you're going to break down the
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challenges. with that, hope you're having a great end to this july for the week. leland vittert. welcome to america's news headquarters. elizabeth: on elizabeth prann. thank you for joining this sunday. trading this morning, responding to the reviews and analysis from his first g20 summit, calling it a great success for the u.s. his high-profile with russian president vladimir putin is a serious cease-fire brokered the two countries goes into effect today. kevin joins us now live from the white house. hi, kevin. >> heather, elizabeth. from showdown to shared values, i know it sounds unlikely, but white house officials is exact we coming out of the g20 in
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particular about u.s. and russian cooperation in theory. as you pointed out, he went to twitter and he was tweeting up a storm, talking most of all now is the time to move forward and working constructively with russia. talking about u.s. and russian cooperation in forging at least fragile for the moment cease-fire in syria. as for the whole russian meddling in our election back in november situation, the president talked about that on twitter as well treating i strongly pressed president putin twice about russian meddling in our election. he vehemently denied it and never to give in my opinion did the same can be said for u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley. >> president putin knows that they muddled. but he's never going to admit to it and that's all that happened. >> that's her strong opinion. he is one to leave it on the table for sure. if you listen to her come you know she's a straight shooter. the president wasn't finished talking about russian meddling cybersecurity.
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how bout this week. put and i talked about an impenetrable cybersecurity unit so that hacking another negative things will be guarded. obviously a sharp review not just democrats, but republicans. marco rubio among them. let me share what adam schiff had to say about that and what he felt like the president left on the table in his discussion with bob mayor putin. >> there's a strange agility to think the president took such a position privately with vladimir putin that he took a book with the day before. why on earth would she do that? why would you go with that negotiation and undermine your position. >> let me only share one more deliverable for the g20. has agreed to conduct a military exercises in 2018. clearly beijing's attempt to modify u.s. concerns over north korea. i don't think delegate the job done as you pointed out. that will continue to be a major
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storyline this week. in case you're wondering about today, all that travel. the president speaking to d.c. nothing on the schedule so far, knock on wood. for now, back to you. >> keep looking on twitter, too. kevin, thank you so much. appreciate it. arthel: a preview of what is coming up next for the president come associated press white house reporter vivian solon. right? that is success to begin with. you listen to rex tillerson today, nikki haley today, the president on twitter, someone on "fox news sunday." none of them seem to be on the same page. is that intentional or dysfunctional? >> nikki haley herself has marched to the beat of her own drum, been tough on russia or they have always wanted to kind of be a little bit more cautious in rhetoric with opening the possibility of having a working
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relationship with russia. the key haley has always day one have this message. >> to get the sense that it planned out by the administration or do they say he plays good cop, run toward someone and talk to read republicans and president trump local little more good cop in this relationship or does everybody do their own thing. >> it's tough to know. the state department has maintained that they will sort of criticize russia if they feel they are going in the direction that coincides with what the trump administration sees as what they would like to do. president trump maintains his own view of the fact that he does not want to openly criticize russia. he wants to hedge his bet with regards to the language he uses. maybe that is a mode of diplomacy that they want to go after, but the president baby
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does play in your words the good cop and he has his diplomat to the criticizing. leland: you haven't heard him articulate. >> they definitely don't do that. >> two deliverables coming out in terms of russia out of the meeting with latimer puking. please cease-fire in syria is allegedly taking a fact. some people say they trust gas station sushi and the issue of a cybersecurity task force jointly developed with the russians. this is what marco rubio had to say about such a task force. partnering a cybersecurity is aside with a chemical weapons unit. megan mccain treated out is a little bit like hard rain on a drug operation without chapeau. if the administration behind this or did this come out of the meeting between president trump and president putin surprising everybody? >> it was a surprise to a lot of people based on the president streets this morning in
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discussions that came out yesterday after the g20 in friday that they really want to pursue this approach with russia, that they do want to work on issues that have been tasty in terms of cyberissues, in terms of working with them on area. a majorly contentious that the previous administration. we'll tackle this fall on. it's making a lot of people nervous. >> when you say a lot of people, people inside the administration more nervous or other republicans like marco rubio, lindsey graham is that it's not the thing you've ever heard of, but pretty close. >> especially in the state department site, they would rather err on the side of caution and going into the meeting with president vladimir putin has a lot of people were nervous about having now is not the time that the president was really bullish. he wanted to go forward with it. he wanted to talk about these
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issues. maybe not within the president's inner circle, but in the broader administration you have both sides kind of prefer a cautious approach to dealing with russia. tree in to see if you have any reporting on this. someone unequivocally blaming the russians for meddling, whatever that means in the lead up to the 2016 election at the dnc hack. at the same time, the president saying well, i don't know, could be other people, could be russia. they have a president putin had to say. have you figured out or has there been any reporting why the president seems so reluctant to name russia? is it an ego thing he doesn't want to diminish his win? >> again, they think he really wants to hedge his bet and keep the possibility of a working relationship with russia open for the future. he doesn't want to come out and say vladimir putin is the bad guy.
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i don't think we have a future together. one of the biggest campaign promises he made was he wanted to see if there could be potential for working with russia. he's already said things don't look so great, as actually after aside using chemical weapons against civilians. he has already noted there are issues of concerns but with regard to the hacking of the elections and whether or not russia was a high mac, the president is not outwardly criticizing russia, but possibly saying russia and other countries involved. leland: this is the sixth or seventh. cease-fire the russians have brokered. if it goes well, if it does then perhaps he changes his thoughts on president putin. appreciate your time. thanks. elizabeth: turning out to the tensions of the korean peninsula. north korea lashing out at the united states today, accusing washington of increasing the threat of a nuclear war with the bombing run training exercises with south korea that the place on saturday. ellison barber joins us now with more. ellison barber.
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reporter: reckless military provocation of the north korean state run media is describing the july 7th flight of u.s. b-1 bombers. yesterday, u.s. military officials sent u.s. air force lancer bombers from andersen airport stationed in guam flew alongside south korean and japanese fighter jets for 10 hours, sequence bilateral mission. they say the b-1 b's flew over the korean peninsula. u.s. officials called it a crack to find any direct response to north korea's recent launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. according to "the associated press," a newspaper run sees the practice run as a threat. the paper reportedly publish commentary of choosing the u.s. a reckless military provocation that in their mind increased the threat of a nuclear war. u.s. officials say they are not ruling out options in a key
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player in all of this is still china. >> ammunition comes with multiple options and it's not always military. in addition comes the sanctions. ammunition comes to trade. we do a lot of trade with a lot of countries. >> this is a direct threat to china with the united states. >> this is encouraging and motivating china to say we appreciate what you've done. this is a whole new level, an icbm test. we need you to not only do more, but pressure on north korea and china can do that. we need to see more action going accordingly. >> china is north korea's biggest trade partner. president trump met with president xi jinping at the summit and address north korea telling china something has to be done about it. elizabeth: ellison barber reporting live. >> perhaps even busier on the domestic front when republicans get back to work tomorrow, they
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face a massive to-do list and a ticking clock. lawmakers on health care and budget in just three weeks before the august recess. garrett tenney looking at the push for those votes about the real push for republicans, right? >> you also have other big ticket items like debt ceiling and tax reform. republicans have put all this on the back burner of it try to focus on repealing the replacing obamacare. in the 50 votes they need to do that has not been easy. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is hoping to introduce a revised bill this next week and at this point we don't know what that will include or if those changes will be enough for it to pass. if not, republicans agree on a plan b. president trump in lawmakers on repealing obamacare and taking some time to figure out what to replace it with. louisiana's bill cassidy said that's a nonstarter.
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>> a nonstarter. i'll tell you it will be uncertainty in the insurance market. premiums will rise. he gets all the power to people who don't believe in president trump campaign pledges, who don't continue to cover in care for preexisting conditions and gives them a stronger hand. it betrays pledges. >> republicans will likely work with democrats to fix obamacare with the health insurance market. but the august recess three weeks away, that would push health care reform along with other big-ticket items to later this year. adding to the time crunch, treasury secretary stephen hitchens says the administration is planning to release his tax reform plan until september. >> webpages they were absolutely committed to getting tax relief done this year. it's critical for economic growth. we need to get back for 3% or
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better gdp. our plan is to have a full-blown release of the plan in the beginning of september been able to vote in getting this passed before the end of the year. >> will also see the cbo analysis of president trump's proposal for the coming year and wednesday the confirmation hearings for nominees for the next fbi air. a lot to look forward to next week. >> to find looking forward to i guess depending who you are. appreciate it. >> we are looking for it. let's bring in jennifer huffer corn, reporter for "politico." thank you for doing this. let's start first and foremost by getting your sort of look ahead this week. we heard senate majority leader mitch mcconnell made the comment that did catch the people off guard or he said we may be bringing in democrats for the discussion. that's not going to get anywhere in the house. what is going to happen and what
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will they consider in the next 14 days before they have a month off? >> absolutely. it was assigned to ted cruz, rand paul and other conservatives who don't feel they need to get on board. anything republicans do, better than the bill with chuck schumer. for sure. i took mcconnell's comments to mean republicans can't just let obamacare collapse, which is a line they been saying for years and blamed democrats could republicans have been talking for six months now. they can't just lame democrat if premiums go up double digits next year or there's more problems. i think the sign to other republicans, let's get on board, we've been promising folks for seven years we will repeal this law. there is only 14 days left. >> you brought up senator cruz. what do you think is going to be front and center? the lawmakers coming together
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for two separate amendments for similar roles. also, will we be hearing from the cbo when it comes to those amendment another's this week? >> a lot to take into consideration. >> our goal for this week is to figure out the policies they get 50 votes together and has a proposal from ted cruz that you mention. other proposals come and talk about adding $45 billion in overt funding to get moderates on board. do i go after the moderates are the conservatives who don't like the bill. we will see which side is the kind of go to? what policy would get the people on board and can they move forward? at some point they have to decide every going to move forward or is this not going to happen when you do find something else? >> lawmakers have been home and had townhomes. this point has a good 20% approval rating for proposed health care law. the bill in the senate hasn't been approved.
10:17 am
when asked about the public opinion in medicaid. medicaid, this is a huge question. is medicaid used today as it was intended? >> a lot of republicans argue medicaid has been expanded dramatically in that is true. before childless adults, people slightly over the poverty level who don't have children are not pregnant were not covered under medicaid before. a lot of those populations got covered for the first time. democrats argue that we want healthy adult. >> it's better for society, something we don't live with regardless of how they get it. >> a lot of republicans argue that's not what medicaid was set up for it. the very poor, very alternately a pregnant woman. they want to see a pullback. i think that's one of the things that's going to play out
10:18 am
particularly in the states that expand medicaid with republican senators. rob portman from ohio, dean heller from nevada. our states expand medicaid. republican governors not on a limb. >> a lot of the states rolling back medicaid expansion is not going to play well. they are concerned about that and they're going to mitch mcconnell saying let's roll this back later in the future. >> was kicked the can down the road. jennifer, we hope to have you back because there will be a ton of news. thank you so much. appreciate it. leland. leland: later in the show, mark promises of gender are fair and balanced political panel takes a closer look at whether democrats will cross the aisle to work on health care. several arrests made in connection with the death of a young american in greece. setbacks in the fight against western wildfires says the thermometer refuses to drop from a record heat wave.
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elizabeth: update on the killing of an american on friday. he appeared before a judge on friday including six men from serbia. police would not say if there is a motive for the crime, but did say a crowd of men eat the kari henderson to death outside of a bar. he recently graduated from the university of arizona. he was working in greece on the photo shoot to launch a new fashion line. leland: record-breaking temperatures in california continue to feel out of control wire tires. the blazes are threatening hundreds of homes in so many of our debate evacuated. will carr tracking the situation live from santa monica. they been hoping for a cool down but doesn't seem as though firefighters have gotten it.
10:24 am
>> that is right, leland. all across the southwest. yesterday, los angeles a 131 year record for a high temperature insert for not helping firefighters in santa barbara county to our north. they are battling to fires. the first sparked yesterday was quickly out of control, destroying a handful of homes. at one point dropping 80 campers through the camp was surrounded by flames. many in tears as they left. so far has burned 7800 acres and is 10% contained. the alamo fire tripled in size, number 23,000 acres. 1000 firefighters on the ground and at least 200 people have been forced to evacuate. >> it's on our outdoor furniture. basing it on the doormat. very heavy and ashes on there.
10:25 am
>> there are more than 40 wildfires raging across every western state right now and really perfect conditions to fuel the fires. strong winds, low humidity and as i mentioned it is hot, searing in the triple digits. >> really hot because the valley is hot. he jumped in a pool or you find the one area that's not so hot. and then you pray that whether it gets better next week. >> the good news is that temperatures are expected to drop about five to 10 degrees over the next 24 hours and firefighters on the ground and residents evacuated are really hoping that will help them up as containment numbers and protect all the property surrounded by the fires. the link. >> perhaps make it easier for firefighters and their gear on the ground. will carr commit thank you. lives. elizabeth: coming up after the break, six years of civil war has forced millions of searing to flee their homes, leaving behind a country ravaged by
10:26 am
fighting. it goes into effect today. we'll have all the details coming up next. get ready. congress is back tomorrow. can mitch mcconnell delivering health care when for the white house? our panel makes predictions as someone lays down the law. >> if anyone can get it done, mitch mcconnell, president trump working together. will they pass? the >> delegate a repeal and replace bill done. i believe that. >> before the august recess? like maybe before coming maybe little bit into it. they are expected to get this thing done. not a pretty picture. (vo) luckily, tidy cats lightweight with new ammonia blocker tackles tough odor, even ammonia. so long stankface! (vo) ammonia like that? there's a tidy cats for that.
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10:31 am
john huddy has more. hi, john. >> yeah, elizabeth, this is the fifth attempt at a cease-fire in serious since february of last year. there is the obvious concern whether or not this one will last or collapse like the others after just a couple days. the hope this time is that this will be long-lasting. this will lead to something broader in syria and ultimately in the long run and the brutal, vicious civil war that caused so much carnage and humanitarian issues and crisis there in syria for such a while. the cease-fire was announced friday at the g20 summit as we know after president trump met with russian president vladimir putin was brokered by the u.s., russia and jordan and really affect southern syria along the borders of jordan and israel in the golan heights in israel. read the cease-fire agreement calls for three quote, unquote de-escalation zones.
10:32 am
this is basically where the fighting has halted, where they're supposed to be calm. that is in that thar am so why do along the border with jordan and the connector province on the border with israel in the golan as i said. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said yesterday they were welcome. he added it must not be open or must not be open for iran's entrenchment or that in particular talking about hezbollah. iran and hezbollah have supported. government forces on the ground in israel has launched airstrikes on hezbollah. arms convoy through syrian government heading towards hezbollah in lebanon and also traded fire with armed elements across the border inferior or where there has been below for into the golan heights. prime minister netanyahu said
10:33 am
israel will continue to monitor events across the border, bubbled its red lines and that is preventing entrenchment area and also again hezbollah's entrenchment of fighting across the border. elizabeth: john huddy reporting live. thank you so much. iraq is soldiers in mosul after their strongholds in the city. this just days after isis launched a major counterattack that allows militants to regain some ground. iraqi state tv reports the prime minister's senior touchdown in multiple earlier today to congratulate troops personally on their big eerie despite the celebrations and declarations, mosul is not completely free just yet. the terror group until pocket plus then one square mile of the city's old center but using civilians as human shields at the moment can make it hard to flush them out.
10:34 am
>> a budget deadline is looming. the gop led congress is struggling to reach a solution on health care. the light is they are dependent on a health care solution and these are a couple tough issues congress changes weeks before the recess. skepticism that anything can get done is mounting. my calendar backfield. the doomsday forecasts failed to account for the fact that in congress is in trouble until politics creates momentum. that looks about as likely as vladimir putin finding the real hacker. kevin sheridan, founder shared a media and communications director for now, speaker palmer entering the 2012 campaign when he was the vice presidential nominee. the former aide to senate minority leader chuck schumer. >> how are you? >> good. kevin, we heard today yet
10:35 am
another deadline for senate republicans saying yes it's going to get done by the august recess or shortly thereafter. why can't republicans seem to get this together. >> we haven't seen a lot of that in last eight years, but this is because barack obama was the stop on everything they would get past a republican congressman. this is where the final deal is going to get done. i'm fairly optimistic that it will get done. they are about as a five-yard line in knowing mitch mcconnell will play action and jordanian son. we are really, really close to this. the conservatives want one thing. moderates want another. however, i don't see any senators being completely incapable with the exception of rand paul who probably wants to run for president again. everybody else is in play. train to michael, give us the democrats view. chuck schumer is loving allowing
10:36 am
republicans to hang themselves or lack of a better term on trying to get this done. and then you have people like joe manchin segued his psyche, i'm willing to talk your name willing to deal. with chuck schumer be able to hold the line in the caucus and prevent any? is that the best thing to do? >> absolutely. my former boss as energy levels like anyone i've ever seen is incredibly savvy understands for now this is a conversation internal to the republican party and republican leadership and republican voters back in their home state. i respectfully disagree with my colleague. this is not the usual politics of force training mms sausage making in that regard. it is far more mad and far more important, which is republican senators in states making use of the aca, which again is not perfect and the politics of that back at home. they are hearing from constituents making it the coverage that they haven't had
10:37 am
before. leland: hold on, kevin, one second. mitch mcconnell dropped a bombshell that any other week would've been front page is gone. because of the president's trip overseas, saying essentially all of a sudden repealed now, replaced later could be on the table. then you have somebody else in his own caucus. bill cassidy, respected governor from louisiana say this about that idea. >> nonstarter. it will be uncertainty in the markets. middle-class families gives all the power to people who don't believe in president trump campaign pledges, who actually don't want to continue to cover and care for preexisting conditions and lower premiums than give them a stronger hand. it is wrong and betrays president trump campaign pledges. >> i don't see that as likely either. republicans have campaigned this way. >> and it's not likely, why did mitch mcconnell floated? >> i don't know.
10:38 am
mitch mcconnell be in the widely legislature he is. i don't think it's a likely scenario. just repeal it and let it die on its own. i don't think that's an option for republicans. they campaigned on repeal and replace. not just repeal for eight years. they've won a thousand legislative seats across the country on this. they have all three branches of government. they have to ask themselves come in now is the time to repeal and replace this to inform an entitlement, the biggest reform of an entitlement ever on medicaid and get people who should not be on the program to begin with. get them better options for health care in this is the time to do it. >> goa had. i just want to ask you a quick thing to respond to. do you continue to say let republicans go off this cliff if they can't get it done or do you offer to come in and try to make a deal? >> you don't come in and make a
10:39 am
deal. it's not time for that care. i would say there's two very important mottos, old adage is coming into play. all politics is local which we know as a political slogan. first is do no harm. the politics of those two combined suggest it's not time for democrats to have the conversation in what is really a republican dialogue. >> kevin, michael, appreciate your time. for some reason there was more time to talk about this in the weeks and months. we'll have you both back. take care, gentlemen. as a talk about the health care that my discussion continues after the show. we talked about this. chris wallace has an exclusive interview with white house chief of staff reince priebus who expects republicans to get this done any kind of equivocated on the timing. more imac 2:00 p.m. eastern right here. elizabeth: still ahead, protest and antigovernment demonstrations had a 100 day mark. we will tell you why the
10:40 am
protesters and the government won't be ending anytime soon. after testing its first intercontinental ballistic missile, north korea's kim jong code says the u.s. starts doing the provoking. how americans responding to north korea show support. >> if it does come to an altercation the future, we would need better prepared. tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass, you get time for more life. this family wanted to keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game?
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10:45 am
did the storyline change this week on tuesday in how so? >> i think you did. we have waited for years to see how far north korea would go with this program if there is a myth now tested a ballistic missile, which means for the first time the u.s. homeland can be put at risk because of the commitment we've made to south korea. it's easy to make a commitment when there's not a lot of cost you. the costas rate dramatically and i don't think are thinking about strategic risks have kept up with it. >> of a look at history, a number with different administrations have handled north korea. they've ignore north korea labeled a state sponsor of terror to make a diplomatic engagement with begin in 2003 and six or seven years later ended up failing. so that didn't work. what is next then? those are three if i'm not mistaken, three very different options. >> we been doing that for 25 years back to 1994 in the agreed framework and the clinton
10:46 am
administration. this is that a quarter-century failure looks like. we've swung between all these different extremes. it is true we have not put as much pressure on the regime or in china as it could have. >> you are talking sanctions now? >> much harder sanctions. the chinese tanks, chinese businesses come in the trump administration has just started that. everyone knows those sanctions -- people are figuring ways around it. china and russia. >> china is. they're not saying here's the bank. we're not going to move. >> they thought all of this out. we have no good options. but we have a safe permanent reality. this is what north korea will be like. they will never give up nuclear weapons so secretary tillerson next week we still look for denuclearization something behind the curve. what we have to think about in the new way of deterrence and containment. >> cybersecurity may be?
10:47 am
>> that's part of it. they're things we do in messages we consent to north korea to keep them essentially in their box. you have to know they should they step out of it they will be a cost to pay, but they are not going to change what they're doing. we can negotiate our way out of it and pressure them to giving things up. this is the stalemate. not the soviet union, not an existential threat but in some ways much more dangerous because we know that these guys would use it if they felt they were about to lose power. the threat to us, threat to our life is much higher. very good by the way fine with koreans and japanese. those are the messages we have to send. the mac there's not going to be anything nor should there be military wives. there's nothing the u.s. can really do. will we see more military exercises, sanctions going to place over the next couple weeks? >> i think yes. i would not be surprised at the trump administration gets back to the negotiating table.
10:48 am
it's what we do because we believe we can get a deal and they should show us we can't. we will see more military exercises. we will see the credibility of the u.s. showing if you step over that line, there will be punishment. we are not going to use those to change what happened. this is the stalemate in the stalemate will be there for a long time to come. >> well, like you said, not going anywhere soon. we'll have you back. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. leland. >> venezuela in turmoil as protesters way john. today the 100 day of antigovernment demonstrations. with the strong man dared might do now. plus, one florida music festival taking the phrase wet and wild to a whole new level. we will tell you the good cause. ♪
10:49 am
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leland: undeterred by the death of their comrade come antigovernment protesters in venezuela took to the streets again today for day 100.
10:53 am
the oil rich country economy as he cratered under their socialist president any offending and good to crack down on the demonstrators. brianne ganis with more on this. hi, brian. they make of these 92 dead and 1500 injured in the last 100 days. demonstrations began after the supreme court controlled by president nicolas maduro golden was taking over powers of the legislature. the legislature won over an election by the opposition. food and medicinal shortages along with record inflation have fueled anger, thousands from the opposition hit the streets in the chop at capital of caracas clashing with president maduro's military police forces and supporters. just this past week, supporters of president maduro gilded wooden sticks and metal bars stormed congress and begin attacking opposition lawmakers. at least five lawmakers were injured, the attack happening in plain view of television cameras
10:54 am
and national guardsmen. last month the police inspect or come a member of the opposition still a police helicopter and attacked the supreme court and another government building with gunfire and grenades. there is some hope that the protests are working. maduro who has just 20% support in the polls released opposition leader yesterday placing him under house arrest that are more than three years in the military prison. still, other prisoners remained like american joshua holt. colt had been imprisoned in this fearful after american auto warm -- otto warnbier's recent death after tensions in north korea. >> i don't think i'm ever going to see him again alive. and that's my biggest fear.
10:55 am
>> protest not expected to end anytime soon. they've called the july 30th vote to rewrite venezuela's constitution, which could plunge venezuela further into a dictatorship. leland. leland: brian dennis, all we are going to be speaking with lori holt about her efforts to free her son, josh. it is an interview as you just thought of right now that you don't want to miss. liz. >> coming up, this coastal town is going to show off its backyard here we will tell you why these mermaids and mermen are rocking out to this historic scene. >> or more people realize what is down there and enjoy it, the more likely they are to protect it.
10:56 am
. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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10:59 am
>> it looks like they're having a good time. wouldn't you like to be under the sea in the florida keys? a group of about 400 divers and snorkelers submerge themselves at the lower keys underwater music festival. the divers walked out to tunes as you can see here. the purpose of the festival is to encourage the preservation of the keys coral reef ecosystem.
11:00 am
and to increase driver awareness to minimize environmental impacts, while enjoying. >> i had been scuba diving i diving in the case. it's only in the keys could something like that happen. under the sea. and with that. >> chris: i'm chris wallace and president trump is back in washington after his first meeting with latimer putin. what should we look for in relations with u.s. and russia? >> i look forward to a lot of very positive things happening with russia in the united states and for everybody concerned. >> chris: in the wake of the g20 summit we will discuss where things stand and the trump agenda. when we sit down with white house chief of staff, reince priebus. it is fox news sunday exclusive.


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