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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 9, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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and remember, if you have your own hit or miss and be sure to treat it to us. that is it for this week. thank you to my panel, thank you for watching. we hope to see you right here next week. >> good afternoon i am eric shawn. >> type in this hour the president is back home from germany and his sister g 20 meeting with the russian president vladimir putin. now looking into a new chapter in america's relationship with russia. >> meanwhile lubbock was a -- lawmakers returned to washington tomorrow after the holiday. last-minute changes, and will they be prepared? >> a cease-fire in syria.
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the people in the war-torn area. the question remains, will it - "america's news headquarters" starts right now. >> we begin this afternoon with president and the controversy swirling over his tweets and vladimir putin and the denial of any meddling into election affairs. the president met with other world leaders. discussing everything from trade to the ongoing crisis over north korea's nuclear missile programs. but this is the story that is still dominating headlines the first face-to-face suite done meeting with vladimir putin and the aftermath. this morning the president taken to twitter saying it is time to turn the page and put the controversy over the meddling in the election in the past for the president tweeted's" i strongly pressed
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daniel henninger is about russian meddling end of the election. he vehemently denied it. i have already given my opinion. he also wrote, negotiated a cease-fire in parts of syria which will save lives. now it is time to move forward in what we constructively will work with russia. is that possible? where live on the north lawn with the latest. hi kevin. >> anything is possible! if you really want to drill down with the g 20 was all about, frankly it is about deliverables, right? we can talk about what happened but ultimately when you leave a summit like this you want to talk about what is yet to come. you rent mentioned the cooperation with russians on syria. one of the many deliverables at the white house would like to point to as a cause they tried to move away from the g 20 and ahead with the agenda met domestically. let me share part of the president is tweeting about.
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him has a message to say this about cybersecurity. i know this will raise a lot of eyebrows let me show this. vladimir putin and i discussed forming a cybersecurity unit so election hacking and many other negative things will be guarded. so what is the thinking behind this? here is rex tillerson with a bit of an explanation. >> the election interference really shows how complicated the use of these types of tools are becoming.we have to find a way to begin to adjust that and it is not going to be only about russia. it will be about an international engagement as well.chris international engagement indeed. still the administration's willingness to coordinate with the kremlin on cyber is going to raise eyebrows but white house officials saying listen, slow down. it doesn't mean it is the end of the election meddling story.
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here is what reince priebus, chief of staff told us on sunday. >> it doesn't mean they're off the hook but it means that we are not going to forgo progress simply because we have a disagreement in regard to this meddling in the united states election. what it means is that we need to move forward with things like a cease-fire in syria which is going to save a lot of lives. which we are doing - >> meanwhile florida republican senator marco rubio among many who were raising eyebrows and tweeting partnered with vladimir putin on a cybersecurity unit is like partnering with assad and a chemical weapons unit. even republicans and democrats coming here to hit the russians harder. >> so far, they have not paid a single price for that. we passed a very good bill through the senate on sanctions and also have other proposals out there but as far as a specific penalty for what they did, there has been no penalty. >> the independent minded and
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also was of opposition john mccain one more nugget i can show the years agree with china to conduct joint military exercises in 2018. a clear attempt by beijing to try and mollify us concerns over north korea. and of course, the syrian cease-fire which is another major story which will not be overlooked. it is tentative but appears to be is certainly great news. even though the white house would love to celebrate, what it sees as a very successful triple given the presence well received speech in poland which a lot of people have talked about, as he comes back home the russian meddling story once again continues to raise its head. he travels 4000 miles to germany, comes right back in washington and once again we are talking about russia. this time you want to say about donald trump jr. you have heard the story earlier over the weekend. it had been reported that
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donald trump jr., paul manifort and jared kushner were part of a meeting with collections to the kremlin. meeting apparently donald trump jr. failed to disclose in his paperwork although kushner and mena ford had. that sounds like an awful thing to do but they said the meeting frankly was the best tournament adoption of russian children and in fact the outside legal team is telling us like that for coordination, the meeting was with someone who misrepresented who she was and worked for and may in fact have ties to democratic operatives. we will watch the story carefully. back to you. >> thank you kevin we will have more in the aftermath of the presidents meeting with vladimir putin later in the newscast. thank you. >> kevin just mentioned, so for the cease-fire in area seems to be holding. the troop taking earlier today. thanks to a deal brokered by the us, russia and jordan. but with several prior ceases, feeling during the six year civil war, the question still remains, will this deal last?
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john is live in jerusalem with more. >> i think the answer to that is time will tell. there has not been a good tracker. as far as maintaining a cease-fire. in fact, this is the fifth attempt for a cease-fire in syria since february of last year but the hope is that this time around, it will last, it will hold and lead to something broader in syria and perhaps lead to the end of their civil war and it is holding at this point. so we will see if it remains. the cease-fire was announced friday after the meeting between president trump and vladimir putin at the g 20 summit. it was brokered by the us, russia and jordan and it calls for three de-escalation zones in southern syria. -- along the border with jordan and then also with israel. we have been there, we will go up there tomorrow to see how things are going.
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under the agreement, syria's government will stop the airstrikes and both sides will hold fire. the us, russia and jordan will monitor the region for violations and of course, israel will also be watching closely. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said today that israel was welcome a genuine cease-fire in syria but added, it must not open way for iran's military entrenchment where that of its satellites in syria notably hezbollah supported the government forcing assad and they have launched airstrikes in syria and -- when there has been spillover into their. we are going up there tomorrow, i can tell you, i have been about 50 yards from the fire you can hear gunfire in the other side. today, israel's defense minister lieberman also said that israel will quote - retain its freedom of action in syria
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basically saying that if attacked, israel will fight back if necessary. >> okay john huddy, thank you very much. eric? >> and we will have analysis on this syrian deal half elf now in the newscast. you will want to hear that. meanwhile, some good news and apparent victory over isis iraqi forces working with the last militants in the center of mosul. airstrikes hitting iraq's second-largest city says troops there were neighborhoods to force out the remaining radical islamic terrorists. isis controlled mosul, three years ago was the summer of 2014.iraq launching the separation more than eight months ago to finally retake the city. the country's prime minister arrived in mosul today to declare victory off of isis even though what appears to be the final battle is continuing. as you can see, there is
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celebration over isis tonight. >> meanwhile, north korea now raising the prospect of nuclear war after the us and south korea conducted a practice air raid. that showed military might in response to pyongyang's first successful test of icbm. we have details from washington. >> north korean state when media is calling the us's recent military drill a provocation. the us military officials say that to us air force bombers flew alongside south korean and japanese fighter jets on july 7 for a 10 hour bilateral mission in a show of force the glue over the peninsula and released in art weapons videos officials called a practice run. in a direct response to north korea's recent launch of an
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intercontinental ballistic missile. according to the associated press, a newspaper run by the country's ruling party, published commentary on sunday accusing the us of quote - reckless military provocation that in their mind increase the threat of a nuclear war. when it comes to the reclusive ridging is official say all options are on the table. >> how many tests does it take and how many more times do we have to tell them, no escalation? the fact that they launched a icbm test is usually dangerous. not just for us but for so many of our friends in the world. and we have to put a stop to it. >> the president met with xi jinping at the g 20 summit end early in the meeting addressed in north korea. telling china's leader quote - something has to be done about it. china is north korea's biggest trading partner. at the g 20 summit donald trump also discussed north korea with the japanese prime minister. >> ellison thank you.
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>> and with their backs against the wall only three stability for the august recess. republican senators say they will consider major changes to the republican health care bill. changes so drastic when republican senator now says, the original draft of the bill is dead in the water. >> clearly did draft is deftly the series right plan, is a dead? i don't know. >> it is a heckuva way to do business. >> it is a heckuva way to do business. >> so what would be in a rewrite plan? garrett tenney has details from washington. >> they are a number of people that are not happy with the way leadership is done about trying to push the bill through. and but the onset about 50-50 as to whether or not it would pass. majority leader mitch mcconnell
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-- what do we need to do now? go back to the beginning. introduce a bill. move it through, bring it in, vote on it. that is the normal process. and if you shut out the adversary, or the opposite party you will end up the same way obamacare did when they rammed it through 60 votes. only guess what? we do not have 60 votes john. >> on fox news sunday the white house chief of staff reince priebus said the administration is still working hard to get 50 republicans on board and is confident the senate will get this done. even if it means delaying the august recess. >> i think we are seeing
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members of the senate putting their wish list together. we have a leader mitch mcconnell that can get it done. if anyone can get it done, mitch mcconnell, president trump working together with the senate - >> will they pass? >> yes. they will get a refill and replace builds on. i believe that. >> before the august recess? >> maybe before maybe a little into a peer but under the president expects them to get this done. >> and president trump continuing to weigh in and fill the pressure republicans to get this passed as well. tweeting a few minutes ago three years as a civilian i listened as republicans pushed the repeal and replace of obamacare. now they finally have their chance. >> earlier the alabama senators and they should cancel the vacation. cancel the august vacation in congress to get this done. we'll see how many take up on that offer. >> the deadly political violence in venezuela marking a grim milestone today. as the government there releases a prominent opposition leader from prison.
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the trump administration and the proposal for the new cybersecurity partnership with you know who, russia. one lady republican blasting the move. this as questions continue over the response to the meeting with the guy on the left denied russian metals into anything. we will have more analysis on that meeting ahead. powerful relf with no chalky taste. [ sings high note ] ultra strength, new from alka-seltzer. enjoy the relief.
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the future isn't silver suits anit's right now.s, think about it. we can push buttons and make cars appear out of thin air. find love anywhere. he's cute. and buy things from, well, everywhere. how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. >> time now for a quick check
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of headlines. today marks 100 straight days of protests in venezuela. this is a leader is released from jail and under house arrest. violent clashes between protesters and government forces have filled -- killed many and wounded others. the g 20 leading to more than 180 arrests and hundreds of officers wounded in protest. power had been restored to many customers in los angeles after an outage caused by massive fire and a power plant. does the firefighters helped douse the flames. no word of any injuries. >> we want to make sure that we coordinate with russia, we are
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focused on cybersecurity together, we make sure they never interfere in any democratic elections or conduct any cybersecurity. this is like any other strategic alliance. whether we are doing military exercises with our allies or anything else. this is about having capabilities to make sure that we both fight cyber together. >> and the treasury secretary steve mnunchin defending the -- final touches in the final face-to-face. between the president and the russian president vladimir putin. republican senate today taking a big issue with the agreement. marco rubio tweeting quote - partnering with vladimir putin is like partnering with the sun on -- assad on a chemical
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weapons issue. -- he is in charlotte this afternoon. what you think, do you think that this is as the treasury secretary says that it basically a wise move? >> i think it is part of the puzzle that the president is putting together. i don't ever think at this point you should limit the president's scope of what he intends to do. he does not show all of his cards. so he is not limited by the arrangement and the arrangement with russia. there are many ways that we will be able to defend ourselves and give the type of oversight needed. >> some today are saying that the president wasn't tough enough. that there have to be more sanctions, russia has to be punished further. for the election interference.
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you describe the treasury secretary say look, we do have agreements. there are a variety and range of agreements. we do have with the country. some say why shouldn't, no matter what they did, should not be part of that? >> i understand that. and the house may take that certain sections as well. as the senate did. i think it is incumbent upon the president, his role in responsible to forge a relationship with russia. we have isis, north korea, syria, iran, he is looking at the larger picture and trying to determine how and in what way russia can play a role in addressing these major challenges. >> is an interesting stance when president obama after the elections of the in terms of the election interference, he said that we should move on. the president of the united states basically saying that. others partially criticizing the stance. i mean is it possible do you
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think, to work with vladimir putin and consider the fact that he invaded crimea? that he is propping up assad has his humanitarian crisis in syria. they stand for everything that is against the democracy and freedom of the united states and our allies. but are there common areas that you think we can work with them? >> yes, sir, i understand. i don't think the president is a tutorial of vladimir putin and his background with the kgb. the lack of free access to the press, a great number of people in russia today. i think the president is fully aware of his adversary in vladimir putin. but the same time, russia has 20 million muslims that live there. 2000 russians who went to fight along with isis and syria as well as in afghanistan. we have some ability hopefully, the president said he will try
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doesn't know if you will be able to succeed or not. but we want to try to engage russia the best we can. north korea is a major challenge from a major threat. iran is, syria, we have -- left to us by president obama. i think if the president can, he will try to forge tactical relationships with russia and president vladimir putin. >> he mentioned north korea. you have a bill about their cybersecurity. i mean this really is the 21st century war without having to fire a shot. >> yes, sir it sure is. cyber is an enormous threat to our infrastructure, the military, our businesses throughout this country. my amendment to the national defense authorization act would require the office of defense intelligence to lift all of the companies who are complacent. who have worked with north korea in their cyber efforts. in that these companies would
1:25 pm
not be allowed to do business with the department of justice. we would have a waiver for that but we would isolate those companies and allow them to be engaged with us. we had secure our country and make sure that our adversaries cannot take advantage of us. i have a bill and it is to strengthen the committee for financial investments in the united states. there are many countries like china you are buying an interest in technology firms. it could have an impact on our national security. we recently find the azt, a chinese firm for selling technology to iran. so we want to strengthen this. i was with the bill is about. there are many threats that we have to fight on cyber war. >> that is the threat.
1:26 pm
it is astounding. and really unbelievable. some of these countries have been doing this so freely without the ramifications. thank you and good luck with the bill. we'll see if we can get a better handle on it. thank you, have a good afternoon. >> thank you, have a good day. >> the senate majority leader singing a bit of a different turn on the bills replace and repeal of obamacare. what senator mcconnell is saying now about the gop's next course of action. should it senate republicans failed to strike a deal on healthcare reform? >> firefighters have been racing to put out wildfires out west. it is happening in several states. we will take you to those areas that are just reeling from the incredibly hot weather and flames. 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. love mom and dad' i'm takin' a nap. dude, you just woke up!
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prepping for an urgent push on gop healthcare bill as congress heads back to washington tomorrow. meanwhile senate majority leader mitch mcconnell suggesting he is willing to work with democrats and republicans are not able to reach a consensus saying quote - if my site is unable to agree on an adequate replacement then some kind of action with regard to the private health insurance market must occur. no action is not an alternative. we have got the insurance markets imploding all over the country including this state. he is saying while in kentucky. while senator ted cruz also speak in healthcare reform same today the failure is not an option. >> if we can't get this done right now i agree with the president.let's honor the president on repeal and spend more time to get it done but let me be clear, i believe we can get it done. i think there is an agreement. >> let's bring in a columnist
1:32 pm
for the national review magazine. let's start here john. does senator mcconnell have the political leeway to actually have nothing get done on healthcare and learn about the other gop leaders? they are between a rock and a hard place. they knew nothing in healthcare and have controlled all of government if all of this year, their base will be furious. going every opportunity to do this, if they don't get anything done, their base will stay home the next year. there are polls showing on the other hand if they go in with the democrats, what the democrats will say is we don't want major reform. we don't want more market reform we just way to prop up the exchanges. that means basically, there is one thing america less popular than the gop healthcare bill and that is a bailout of insurance companies. >> and there is another rock and a hard place situation. meanwhile, he point on how
1:33 pm
senator mitch mcconnell does not have any political leeway. president trump campaigned on repeal and replace but he is just bleeding recently saying moments ago that he is listened to the citizens over and over for eight years as a citizen hearing the gop whine about getting something done about obamacare. you have a chance now, do something about it. so here he is, does that take president trump off of the hook? >> no! he is leader of his party. the essence of leadership is getting things done. even if it is unpopular. there is more than a year before the next election. the republicans have done a very bad job convincing people that this bill would actually improve healthcare overall. and actually help people who are being hurt by obama's premium prices. remember, the republican plan is unpopular. but in a year obamacare is even going to be more popular. minorities and premium prices go up 30 percent this year. that will accelerate in mitch
1:34 pm
mcconnell's kentucky, half of the counties in his state have only one insurance company. many of them will have zero in a year. >> and you know you already talked about a little bit about what they want in exchange if the democrats work with mccall. what else will they want? >> i think they will demand that the republicans give up any future attempt to repeal obama care. they want to try and submit that july probably try to expand the population that is covered by medicaid. right now, medicaid is becoming the entitlement of choice for every american who does not fit into some health insurance program. did you know that in ohio for example, one out of four people in ohio are unmedicated? that doesn't count the people on medicare and other public assistance. we are getting a national healthcare system single-payer on the installment plan if the democrats get their way. >> so what is the solution? you've been studying this for years. >> well, you can't make everyone happy. you're going to make some people unhappy but you also
1:35 pm
have to have a healthcare system that not only were savored five, 10 years down the road. i think we need more patient oriented system. i think we need to in the long run, eventually give every american when they are born, a medical savings account that has enough to pay for catastrophic health care policy. >> who would fund that savings account? >> it would be the government with some supplemental resources from the private citizen if they can afford them. i think we are going to have to go in that direction because if we don't, we'll end up with a government not only running the healthcare system but controlling it and making healthcare outcomes worse for everyone.the reason why we have the world's most advanced medical system is that at least is a mix of private and public. all public systems, yes they do work with they also restrict access and it happens to countries that even have supposedly good healthcare systems. >> what all private? >> it is not realistic although if you want to go to a system
1:36 pm
with the government subsidizing healthcare insurance for people, and i think it works pretty go to switzerland, singapore. >> and those systems have problems also so there's no real perfect situation. >> they are more homogenous populations than we are. on the other hand, they have preserved the principle that people are responsible for making more of their own healthcare choices than just accepting whatever the government is willing to give them. i think having consumer choice, having where the consumer has leverage, marketing power, the consumer has the ability to say this is what i want and demand consumer choice. a variety of healthcare plans are really one-size-fits-all. that temptress is how we operate the rest of the economy and it works well. >> also makes for competition. >> you are exactly right! if you don't have competition, you will have mediocrity and on people saying, this is what you're going to get. sit down and shut up. >> we can't have that. we don't like that john fund.
1:37 pm
we have to leave it there. thank you for the conversation. >> thank you. >> eric? >> the guns are fully silent today in syria. as a cease-fire broken by the us and russia begins and they say it is working. will this last after so many other previous efforts have failed? >> farewell to those who gave their lives for our freedom. funerals held for some of the sailors killed on the destroyer and the horrific collision with a tanker. keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care! family: bye! kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace. chances are, the last time yoyou got,
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1:42 pm
-- on friday the navy holding ceremonies at miramar national cemetery in san diego first 25 year old douglas. seven sailors died in the crash and early-morning hours of june 17. most of them asleep at the time. the investigation into the cause of the collision is underway. there could be new hope and serious civil war. it is created such overwhelming carnage and chaos. this after a cease-fire has gone into effect in the country southwest. as of this hour it is reportedly holding. the united states and russia broken the agreement on front along with jordan. and president trump's first meeting with vladimir putin after the g 20. but previous cease-fires have class. this morning lindsey graham says he doesn't think much of
1:43 pm
the deal read. >> no. vladimir putin doesn't have it right when it comes to syria and this cease-fire is going to help assad. there will never be an end to the war as long as assad is in power. so we are empowering the russians in syria. this is, the secretary tillerson needs to step up the state department and use it wisely. >> is a gift for assad? we have --, good to see you. and a treatment the president said syrian cease-fire seems to be holding. many lives can be saved.came out of meeting good. do you think his confidence will be rewarded and the cease-fire at least in a small area will finally hold? >> i think the president is right. many lives can be saved.i think that lindsey graham is right in that you know assad is a problem.
1:44 pm
the thing is operating on many different levels. the end result, if all you do is try to be realistic then any attempt the de-escalation is a good thing from an aide perspective. humanitarian perspective. decreasing the killing as you pointed out, the carnage. possibly give any read half a million people killed so far in the civil war. millions offended. and forced to live as refugees. so anything that we can do to help de-escalate is a good thing. we have to also understand the is that much is agreed to broker dispute there being part of this because right now it is in their best interest. had some success in terms of sharing - shoring up assad. if they were in a weakened position, if assad was looking his grip day by day then the russians would not be brokering this. at the end of the day, as long as we are pragmatic about this
1:45 pm
it is fine. if we hold outcome if we basically say we are not going to do anything until we can figure out how to get assad out of there, frankly it is not going to happen. in the nearby midterm. the russians will not allowed to have in common that iranians will not allow that to happen. and we have less leverage, less ability on the ground there to change the facts than the iranians and russians. >> basically you're saying that moscow is getting rewarded." the end result of that will be assad. >> love, how interest? what are our interests? the us, we are trying to defeat isis. and we are trying to end this humanitarian crisis. those are our objectives. so in the short sense, de-escalation is a good thing. because it helps to alleviate the suffering and we can continue because isis is not part of the de-escalation process. >> terrorist groups have not signed this deal at all.
1:46 pm
is not part of moscow or assad's interest. >> no. that is where we have to be again, pragmatic. we have to understand our interest in syria are not the same as russia's interest. care about defeating isis and humanitarian relief. russia doesn't care about those things! they care about maintaining assad and maintain their influence with iranians who now basically have the most leverage in syria, they are not going to back out. >> there even growing explanation recent pictures. i have some vacation pictures into shape. i think these pictures with my iphone. that is syria. i am there a couple of weeks ago. that close, the fighting spilled over from the syrian city into israel and benjamin netanyahu says israel will defend itself because they're worried about the iranian shiite crescent establishing the present through that to the mediterranean and that is the fear. so is it possible to stop the iranians or is it too late?
1:47 pm
>> i think it is too late. over the past several years we've allowed the iranians to gain such leverage, not really only in syria but through the middle east. that again, they are not going to back down. there is nothing in their interest to do that. as long as they view this de-escalation process. for this truce is not damaging their interests, they probably will not scuttle it. but as it is ach user de-escalation and somehow strengthening the us influence there or strengthening the rebel position then they will derail this thing. they have the ability to do it. but does it mean that we shouldn't try? of course not! anything that stops to some degree the killing even temporarily, i think we can all agree is a good thing. >> sermon because it is right on the border with israel trying to buck up against the iranian influence. mike baker good to see you. in boise idaho thank you for joining us on this summer sunday. >> coming up, california
1:48 pm
dealing with a double whammy. firefighters racing to put out multiple raging fires. wildfires. as reckless heat and bone dry conditions only add more fuel to the flames. forcing people to evacuate. plus this. >> they should have this chance a long time ago. it wasn't fair -- is now seven months with no treatment. >> those are the parents of charlie gard. but they are not giving up the heartbreaking legal battle to try and help him and move him to our country.coming up will tell you where that fight may be going next. flo and jamie here to see hqx. flo and jamie request entry. slovakia. triceratops. tapioca. racquetball. staccato. me llamo jamie. pumpernickel. pudding. employee: hey, guys! home quote explorer.
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it's home insurance made easy. password was "hey guys." >> log fires out west because
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1:52 pm
evacuations in california. two fires northwest of los angeles. forcing some folks out of their homes.meanwhile evacuation orders are being lifted now into other states. and we are live in santa monica with an update on the progress. >> hi there. it is hot across the entire southwest. dangerously hot! and beating the previous high 131 years ago, that is not good
1:53 pm
news with heat for firefighters that are in santa barbara county this weekend for their battling two fires, the whittier fiber got yesterday and it spread quickly. charring cars, burning homes and at one point, trapping almost 80 campers. the camp that they were in was surrounded by flames as the kids had to bust out quickly. some were in tears as they left. so for the whittier fire has burned 8600 acres and is only five percent contained. it has destroyed 20 structures. a nearby alamo fire triple the size on saturday now has burned 23,000 acres. or about 1000 firefighters are on the ground battling that fire.200 people have been forced to evacuate. >> i was so thankful the officer let me come up. because he really didn't want to. but i was so afraid for my dog and i hadn't heard from a neighbor and she had already left. >> there more than 40 wildfires
1:54 pm
raging across the western united states right now. really, it is the peak of fire season and there are perfect conditions to continue to fuel these fires. there are strong winds, a low humidity and again it is hot. many places in the triple digits. >> it is hot, really hot. the valley is hot so you jump in a pool or you find the one little area that is not so hot. and then you pray that the weather gets better next week. >> eric, if there's any good news is that temperatures are supposed to drop about 5 to 10 degrees in the next 24 hours here in california. >> okay will carr, thank you so much. >> and make or break moment for little charlie gard. the terminally ill 11 month old boy has gotten expression of support from pope francis and president trump as a court in the uk will hear tomorrow on an experimental treatment here in the us. >> there are doctors supporting
1:55 pm
us all of the world. from italy, america and england as well. that think he has a chance. he is our flesh and blood we feel it should be all right as parents to decide to give him a chance at life. and all medicine, no known major side effects. nothing to lose. he deserves a chance. >> the parents and i waited for the courts however, today they delivered a petition to the sons doctors who wants to turn off his life support. on it, some 350,000 signatures on the petition. >> we'll see how that heartbreaking case turns out. and works out. meanwhile back at home in a small dog in milwaukee kept one police officer pretty busy barking up the wrong tree. how this poodle mix got himself in trouble not once but twice. and this is caught on camera. that is next. ef of hard stools.
1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
making a splash in social media after wrestling a small dog from a wooden. he did it twice! he jumped into action to save the struggling poodle mix after it wound up in the water. video shows a second rescue moments after the first. there was the dog in the logo and once again tangled up in weeds and fishing line. reportedly no one inside but police said that the vet check
2:00 pm
that the dog and appeared to be okay. thank you to that officer for saving that pooch. we love doggies. >> especially you! >> i have two. i have to furry kids. >> we will be back at six eastern. >> see you at six. >> i've been discussing various things and i think it's going very well. it is a very good talk. we are going to have a talk now and obviously that will continue. but we look forward to a very positive thing happening. for russia, the united states and for everybody concerned and it is an honor to be with you. thank you. >> finally rachel!♪ ♪ proof of collusion! ♪ [music] >>


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