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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 10, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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police by running into a hotel after a scuffle over cigarette on the street. tmz is reporting that the transformer star was arrested for public intoxication while filming a movie in georgia. not the first trouble he has h. rob: shia labeouf has gone nuts. "fox & friends" starts now. we will see you later. heather: bi. >> president trump back home after wrapping up that jam packed trip to the g-20 summit in germany. >> two men walk into the room. had you two men who knew the exact same thing which is russia did meddle in the election. >> we're not going to forego progress simply because we have a disagreement. >> as the senate gets back to work on health reform, a growing number of republicans are expressing doubts about the bill. >> my view is it's probably going to be dead. >> clearly the serious rewrite plan dead? i don't know. >> which when it comes to repealing obamacare we have to honor the promise we made to the voters. i believe we can get this done. >> guns fall silent as a cease-fire brokered by the
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u.s. and russia takes hold. >> major victory for iraqi forces to tell you about troops pour into the troops of mosul celebrating the city's liberation from isis. iraqi troops now control almost all of mosul. >> it's the moment that everybody is still talking about, the president boarding marine one and it appears to be a very windy day. he helps this marine with his hat. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ when you come in ♪ it will be playing ♪ been thinking about you all week long ♪ oh, baby don't keep me waiting ♪ you got about 45 minutes. brian: that's got to be a new song. i thought i heard about everything jason aldine has done. ainsley: you made him famous i'm sure. brian: al some point we had him on, right?
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ainsley: you saw a picture at the white house. the president is back at the white house after the successful g-20 summit last week. steve: you said successful g-20 summit. gee, i wish we had a list of stuff they did. ainsley: i think we might. steve: we do. if you missed it, because there has been a lot of coverage about all sorts of stuff and we will get to all of it. here are some the highlights, some the headlines. brian: vladimir putin had his election. steve: putin showdown over election meddling is the first one. brian: that lasted two and a half hours. supposed to be about a 45 minute meeting. not only shook hands but felt as though they went through a lot of agenda. people were upset by what took place there personally we don't know all the details about what took place there. we will debate that shortly. steve: also they agreed to a cease-fire in syria which the president was tweeting about this morning. also, north korea talks were held with the president of china. ainsley: also they took a firm stance against g-19 on the paris climate agreement and they rolled out women's
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entrepreneurship initiative as well. brian: a lot of the people are pointing out to the fact that the president was not leading when it came to international trade and climate change guess what? because when it comes to international trade he wants more one-on-one international trailed agreements that's what he ran on. when it came to climate change he didn't like that. why do you expect him to change when he got over to the g-20 summit that would show hypocrisy. a lot of people that i that is leadership when you go ahead and do what you said you were going to do not a polite deferring way when you do what you are going to do in the international community just like you would to the supporters in iowa and ohio. steve the president was tweeting overnight. here are some of the things that he tweeted out the fact that president putin and i discussed the cyber security unity doesn't mean i think it can happen. it can't. but a cease-fire can and did. brian: clarifying tweet. because i think a lot of sunday shows took the fact when he said he had a chance to meet with vice president,
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he said not only did we two or three times he brought up the meddling in our election. he denied it. in the end he said we are going to set up a cyber security agreement. we're going to fight together to secure our cyber technology. and then everyone from republicans to democrats took that as maybe anybody else would, oh my goodness, why are we colluding, dealing with the russians? they hacked us and get together with them to secure everything. he said let's make this clear. he brought that up. i'm not saying we are going to do it. i'm telling you what took place. heather: great to see him in poland and g-20 summit. ivanka sat down with world leaders. she is senior advisor to the president. people are all over her. how could a woman, how could ivanka sit in for her dad? steve: when was she elected? ainsley: as a woman, i thought it was wonderful. thought it was great. brian: so much to discuss. a lot of impact for the g-20. four minutes after the hour, it's back to business now for congress today after week long recess. republicans making top
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priority to repeal and replace obamacare. ainsley: senate is holding out hope for a vote next week. we will have to see. steve: that's right. peter doocy has been patiently standing there on the north lawn of the white house as we have been talking about the white house. here is his report about what's going to happen with healthcare. good morning, peter. >> good morning. what's happening today is what republican leaders had been fearing it's the reason they wanted to try to get healthcare done a few week agos. senators went home for july 4th recess. they took some heat from concerned constituents and now some of them are waffling on support for their own party's healthcare plan. >> guess what? we don't have siskt votes. my view is it's probably going to be dead. but i am -- i have been wrong. i thought i would be president of the united states. >> as many as 10 g.o.p. senators are either on the fence or opposed to their party's plan as is and now president trump is trying to apply pressure with twitter saying, quote: for years even as a civilian i listened as
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republicans pushed the repeal and replace of obamacare. now they finally have their chance. president trump has been making a big effort to move healthcare forward, inviting all republican senators over to hear them out, suggesting different strategies for success. so far though, it's been slow going. however, his chief of staff thinks things are about to fall into place. >> if anyone can get it done. mitch mcconnell, president trump, working together with the senate. >> yes or no, will they pass -- >> -- yes. >> yes, what? >> they will get a repeal and replace bill done. i believe that. >> before the august recess? >> maybe before, maybe a little bit in to it. but i know this president expects them to get this thing done. >> republican senator bill cassidy says he doesn't even know everything that's in the g.o.p. rewrite for the healthcare plan but he and colleagues are heading back to capitol hill today after a little break. so it shouldn't be too long. back to you. steve: we will see. all right. peter doocy north lawn of the white house.
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i thought it was interesting pat toomey the senator from the great state of pennsylvania said last week. the reason we essentially haven't come up with a plan is because none of us really thought donald trump was going to win. so we didn't work on the policy. well, they did win. he won. and now they look bad because they don't have a plan that everybody can get on the same page with. with. ainsley: the bill has to get support from 50 of the republicans. there are 52 of them. most of them have to be on board. brian: when you ask me about the plan and what happened to it, there is no plan. the draft plan they put together before we went on break is not going to look anything like we might have a chance to vote on because senator mitch mcconnell has been working overnight time to try to get the moderates and conservatives get their questions answered and maybe their worries assuaged before they move forward. what is going on when it comes to the other major issue, and this is the ongoing investigation when it comes to russia and the senate and the house and robert muriel -- another revelation over the weekend from get, this the
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"new york times," who first off talk about a donald trump jr. meeting that was on his invitation paul manafort would also attend along with jared kushner with a russian. steve: that's the "new york times" headline. trump's son met with russian lawyer after being promised damaging information on clinton. well, because that was out there, then donald trump jr. put out the statement where he explained what happened. he said i had a friend, somebody i met during the 2013 miss universe pageant, and they said hey, there is somebody who has some information might be helpful to the campaign, brought the person in. didn't know his name ahead of time. then as it is revealed, she said -- this is the russian lawyer said i've got evidence that apparently hillary clinton is getting-ly to is a connection where the dnc is getting money from the russian government and they are
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helping hillary u but in the end it was so vague and so non-descript he realized she wasn't going anywhere with that and instead started talking about russian adoption. ainsley: he realized quickly in that meeting with her. shoe this is how she lured me into a meeting. brian: bait and switch. ainsley: she really wanted to talk about adoption. nothing came out of that meeting. he didn't learn anything. what's interesting if you are running for political campaign and then you find out that they have information about your opponent, wouldn't you meet with them? steve: dirt on hillary? sure. brian: accusation was he met with him because he had dirt on hillary. what donald trump jr. said they told me this overture was made to me under the premise that they had proof that the dnc was working with some elements of russia against him or they had some information against him against his dad in the campaign that's when they had the meeting.
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w. when paul manafort and jared kushner realized it wasn't going anywhere. they left. then the meeting ended. this act. an opponent of vladimir putin. when it became clear that he was going to be a thorn in putin's side, the accusation was that putin had him killed and poisoned. so because of the act, it was a sanction against 44 russian officials. because of the 44 russian officials were hampered, vladimir putin's response was no more adoptions of russian children to american families. so that's what this envoy was trying to do to further clarify their point. let's get out of this mess. let's free up the adoptions. if you were to happen to become the president of the united states. steve: ultimately what's curious about the whole thing, the acquaintance who had set it up, somebody from the miss universe pageant in 2013 at the end of the meeting apologized apologized for taking your time.
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didn't know about it until somebody in the deep state leaked these details to the "new york times" u. brian: whole thing is if you disclose it right away, it's no problem. the fact this was found out by a leak investigative reporter was the issue which forced donald trump jr. to clarify over the weekend. ainsley: i think manafort and jared kushner did disclose they had that meeting u. steve: don jr. is not in government. thought we would tell what you is going on with that 6:11 in new york city and time for headlines. jillian: we do have breaking headlines right now and a fox news alert. a new york state trooper killed overnight responding to a domestic dispute. police say 32-year-old justin walters a u.s. army soldier killed his wife jill davis late last night in the upstate town. walters' surrender is in custody. active duty infantry man. union slamming bill de blasio
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for skipping vigil of a cop assassinated for the color of her uniform. calling out the new york city mayor instead of jetting off to germany to join the g-20 protest he should have done more to address the tragedy. >> we have a very anti--police atmosphere. we're not seeing any kind of leadership that comes out and explains that facts that are out there are not true. the police are not your enemy. jillian: it comes as thousands prepare to say their goodbyes to officer familia. her funeral is tomorrow. remember when james comey said the material he leaked to a friend was not classified? >> yeah. my view was that the content of those unclassified -- memorialization of those conversations was my recollection recorded. heather: it turns he may have actually broken the rules.
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a brand new bombshell report accuses comby of putting our national security at risk. according to the hill, the former fbi's director personal memos detailing private conversations with president trump contained top secret information. and if that's the case. report, i have to ask, what do you have to think about that? ainsley: it's a big deal. steve: if it true he broke the sarah same conclusion of the campaign. blockbuster. we will talk to jason chaffetz about that. i was tweeting on it last night. we will talk to him this morning. brian: many conversations with comey both on the record and off the record private phone calls. we know how critics feel about president trump's tweeting. >> the goal for all of us is to think about how can we reach people with this critical message that there is a real threat to journalism being waged here? steve: but this morning we had the examples of how the president's rewritten the fake narrative 140 characters at a time. we'll be right back. the story bn mountain coffee and fair trade?
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a way for him to get around the fake news as he has characterized it which he feels is being reported? here to analyze is the founder of bold, kerry sheffield. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: bold global i should point out. what do you think about how the president, clearly he is a consumer of television and media. if he is at home and he sees somebody saying something that he does not think is right, he is going to start tweeting and correcting the record. >> exactly. he is exercising his first amendment right, which is what every president should do. the difference now is that he has a vast social media empire to go around the mainstream media that is neglecting their duty to like represent the public to be in the public interest. and so this exirsz theory coming from the mainstream media, they don't feeling like they are not needed. but the reality is they have failed in their job. they have failed to represent half of the country. i'm from the quote unquote fly over state. steve: me, too.
3:19 am
>> do not represent where i'm from. they don't realize it. steve: the mainstream media is talking about collusion. the no evidence that nobody tweeted with russia. this is a fake news and everyone knows it. >> i saw no direct evidence of political collusion between the campaign and -- the trump campaign and russians. steve: while the mainstream media is saying there is collusion, there is collusion. the president points out there is no collusion and james clapper points out the same thing. >> exactly. they have preconceived story what the story should be rather than reality. that's why the president calls them fake news. it's the same thing with healthcare. all the mainstream media says no way the house is going to pass the healthcare bill. president trump says they are going to pass one. guess what happens? they passed one. same thing with the travel ban. president trump said, you know what? there is legal precedence, there is legal ground for what i'm doing. mainstream media says no. guess what happens? supreme court allows the
3:20 am
travel back to go into effect. steve: i think it was last week. president trump referred to himself like the modern kind of president when it comes to technology and stuff like that. when you think about it, if a white house historically has gotten a message they need to correct, they say hey ari fleischer or dana parrino or whoever the press secretary is go out and fix it instead he does it himself. that is the magic of twitter. >> is he much more efficient. i respect that he cuts out the middle man. in some ways he is not that modern. i actually think in some ways is he very much like winston churchill. he came from a very wealthy family. winston churchill did not have a enter perfect life. he colored outside the lines in a lot of way. he had a very salty tongue. it took me a while to get used to president trump's salty tongue. winston churchill gave all kinds of insults. they are legendary. we should have side by side winston hunc churchill's insults and donald trump's tweets we would see similarities.
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brian: a fox news alert. a major victory for iraqi forces backed by our guys. troops pouring into the streets of mosul celebrating the city's liberation from isis. you know that jv team. they are still some pockets of resistance that will be a problem. next, a popular tourist spot in london turning into a fireball overnight. here is a look at the raging fire near cam den stables. 70 firefighters trying to put
3:25 am
it out. it is now under control. fortunately no one was hurt. let's talk politics. ainsley: thanks so much, brian. ivanka trump taking a seat at the g-20 able to. >> ivanka trump briefly took a critical role we should say at the g-20 summit. >> president trump's daughter sat in on meetings at the g-20 meeting. what's her role. >> senior officials down playing this was any sort of, you know, big deal. taps reminder when president trump is abroad or even when he is dealing with policies on the domestic front it is a family business at times. this is the deal when you are talking about the trump white house. ainsley: are democrats reigniting the war on women? here to debate this democratic strategist christie stetsonner and "washington times" columnist. thank you both for being with us. christie, i will start with you, as a democrat that we are talking to this morning, they are acting like she is a kid. she is a white house advisor to the president of the united
3:26 am
states. she has a successful business she went to wharton business school and senior advisor to her father. what is so wrong? why is the left so upset about her sitting in for dad. >> she sun paid advisor. ainsley: because she doesn't want to take money from the government. >> the point is this isn't about ivanka per se. this is about the fact that we had someone who has been confirmed by the senate to take the president's place on the world stage when he can. the guy's name is rex tillerson. he is the secretary of state the reason why people are freaking out about the fact that ivanka took the president's place as opposed to rex tillerson or someone, say, who is in our cabinet or, you know, a u.s. senator, someone like that who has actually been elected is because sends a very strong signal to the world about who actually has power in our government. who is actually trusted. the fact that it is the president's daughter as opposed to again with someone
3:27 am
with more official power is disconcerning to at love people because, again, this is not a monarchy. this is not a dictatorship. we live in a democracy where the president's family does not automatically have power conferred upon them just because the president does. ainsley: madison, i want to get reaction to some the tweets that the media were tweeting. why in the heck is ivanka trump sitting in for daddy ate g-20 meetings. what are her qualifications? who voted for her. gawker says the g-20 is not the take your daughter to work day. amy who is a women's rights activist she says this kind of thing happens all the time in dictatorships. do you think if a man like a rex tillerson had sat in that chair instead of ivanka, instead of a female, would they be upset about it? >> absolutely not. i would like to take it a step further and say if another woman was sitting at that same table, chelsea clinton they would be touting her as a future presidential candidate.
3:28 am
a fifing female empowerment. let me go back to what christie was saying before. i'm not sure where to start to break apart the flaws in her argument. to say someone is qualified because they are elected sphoicial absolutely ridiculous there are a lot of elected officials who would not be qualified to sit at that table. the fact that she is qualified to be sitting at that stable disrespectful to her. if she were any other woman or a man we would not be having that same conversation. going back to what you said earlier, ainsley, look at everything she has done. she graduated from the wharton school of business. specialist to the president, she is an advisor to the president. on top of that she was vice president, executive vice president of the trump organization. she female entrepreneur. let's not forget that she was also there speaking on a world panel on female entrepreneurship. and at this panel she brought so much attention to the fact that there has not yet been a fund created that would allow female entrepreneurs access to
3:29 am
not only capital but with also a dual focus to mentorship and. we are facing a hundred billion-dollar deficit. you know, compared to men when it comes to investing. ainsley: christie, i want to get your reaction to this. because angela merkel she said the delegates themselves decide should the president not be present for a meeting who will then take over and sit in the chair. ivanka trump was part and parcel of the american delegates. so these something that other delegates also do. it's very well known that she works at the white house and is also engaged in certain initiatives. you have angela merkel who disagrees with her dad on climate change and she is coming out defending ivanka. >> to the extent she is part of american dealings delegates, you are right, then absolutely she should be allowed to take that place for, you know a couple minutes, especially if we are talking about he stepped out for one-on-one meetings. that is really not the issue. the issue, again, she is a member of the president's
3:30 am
family is that is why people are concerned. it's sort of this blurring of their business interest with their personal interests with the u.s. interests. well, she is not qualified. ainsley: why don't you think she is qualified? what is your problem with her why is she not qualified? one at a time. >> she remembers 25 years ago? do you remember 25 years ago when hillary clinton took over healthcare commission and republicans lost their mind because she wasn't the one who we elected or even let's say a couple years ago when michelle obama wanted to draw attention to the eptiond of childhood obesity in america. and, again, republicans lost their minds because we didn't elect her. >> neither michelle obama and hillary clinton had locallies at the time. >> they had offices within the white house. so, you know. >> it doesn't matter. they weren't a part of the delegates trying to sit in at the g-20.
3:31 am
this is a completely different situation. ainsley: maybe both sides need to support each other and not make things like this the headline. thank you so much christie and madison for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: who better to ask advice on negotiating with russia. former cia director john brennan telling president trump how to do his job. will the president listen? that story is next. and, it is the tarmac moment going viral. the president saving a marine's hat from getting blown away by the wind ♪ take my heart ♪ simply the best ♪ better than all the rest ♪ howl
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president trump lending a helping hand to a marine. rescuing his hat after it blows off his hand when boarding marine one. the president put it back on his head. big winds down there in maryland took it off again. this is why i don't bring my chop tore work. president trump doesn't give up. he persists chasing it again and again before boarding the marine and hand it to another marine to give it to him once the chopper leaves. steve: marine never flinched. brian: one thing is clear head of the agencies. james clapper and john brennan liked president trump at all. they will take any opportunity to hop back on television and speculate on what president trump should be doing. for example, maybe that president trump should have been a little bit tougher with vladimir putin. that was the speculation yesterday. that was the speculation yesterday. ainsley: john brennan served under president obama. he said our president was too soft when he was talking with vladimir putin. listen. >> it shows that i don't think
3:36 am
he demonstrates good negotiating skills when it comes to mr. putin. again, two days before in warsaw, he gives mr. putin the opportunity to point to the failures of u.s. intelligence. to me, i think he has heeded that ground. right before he met with mr. putin and talked with him at some length, whether i'm glad he did, he said it's an honor to meet president putin. an honor to meet the individual who carried out the assault against our election? to me, it was dishonorable thing to say. steve: you know, before the putin meeting with the president, so many people were saying oh, he is never going to bring up meddling, the president brought it up. brought it up first, apparently went back to it two or three times according to some of the news reports out there. it looks like some on the political left and i would categorize him as somebody from the political left originally in the intel community won't give this president any credit for anything. ainsley: as a president, you are supposed to meet with your adversaries and supposed to meet with all sides every
3:37 am
member of every country and negotiate. we need vladimir putin to help us with north korea to. prevent a nuclear attack on alaska or god forbid any other parts of the u.s. we also need him to help with syria. steve: sure. brian: i knew the president said it's an honor to meet you, you know it's a problem. number one, when this comes to proceed coal. this president is just getting used to this. when you say it's an honor to meet you. you are also saying that to the russian people. if you dis the leader of the country despite the questionable background of vladimir putin. you are also disrupting the russian people. listen, you are the head of a major country, honorable to meet you. sit there for two and a half hours. melania says you have to break this off. you are falling way behind. continue to meet for another 45 minutes. as everybody knows from pressure neff to richard nixon you have to meet with the russian leader, the soviet leader because of the power they represent and weigh that bring to the table. in the big picture, don't look at what took place and say to yourself i would have done it different.
3:38 am
look at what's happened. natural gas is now going in to eastern european nations. let's look at in the ukraine. do you know what the secretary of state said yesterday? no sanctions are going to be relieved unless the ukrainian borders are reestablished. and he also has the loyalty of the ukrainian leader who was just lavishing praise over president trump and what he has done since he has taken office. also, think about what president trump has done in syria. he has bolstered up our forces. he has taken out a syrian plane. 56 tomahawk missiles are there. we go ahead and started arming the kurds in turkey this is all against russian interest. look at what he has done. don't get into the semantics. and john brennan knows better. steve: john brennan said this president doesn't have good negotiating skills. you are wondering did the last one have good negotiating skills because barack obama knew that the russians were trying to meddle with the election. dpghts do anything until after the election is that good negotiating? we ask you. ainsley: let us know what you think. hand it over to jillian who
3:39 am
has more headlines for us. jillian: good monday morning to you guys and to you as the home as well. let's begin out west because there are massive wildfires burning up the west. safety emergency declared in butte county, california. torching homes. crews fighting out-of-control brush fires in santa barbara county. forcing thousands of people to leave campgrounds. among them 90 children temporarily trapped by the flames. these are two of the dozens of wildfires raging in at least 9 states. to date, commuters across the northeast are bracing for a nightmare commute that will last all summer long massive two month repair project at the nation's busiest rail hub starts today. >> it's going to be rough. >> it's going to be ridiculous. >> if you us reduce trains comig into penn by 20 percent it, will be a as i remember of hell. >> strong words.
3:40 am
emergency amtrak repairs close ago number of tracks at new york city's penn station forcing 460,000 commuters to find alternative ways in and out of manhattan. 40-million-dollar project is expected to be finished by september. and proof you can't knock down faith. private donations pouring in to help replace a 10 commandments monument that was destroyed 24 hours after it was installed. overnight donations jumping up to $55,000 for the statue arkansas state capitol grounds. the 6-foot granite tablets came toppling down after police say a man grove his car into it is he now in jail facing several charges. a look at your headlines. send it back to you guys. see you in a bit. steve: one of the rules thou shalt not over any monument? brian: i think that's 11. i think mel brooks said there were 20. steve: 15. brian: and he dropped five. or he dropped 10. steve: maybe it was 20. brian: we'll find out.
3:41 am
my wife organized this great 16th for my daughter all outdoors. i called janice dean to see if we should have the party outdoors. she was in canada. she correctly forecast wanted the party. ainsley: how did you do that? janice: it was magic. glad it worked out for you, brian. i was on vacation. still at work for brian kilmeade. brian: never stop. janice: you are welcome. cooler temperatures across the east coast. beautiful day across the northeast. we have a system that's going to move in tomorrow bringing the chance for showers and thunderstorms. if you have a beach event you might want to bring that one indoors. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes great lakes. large hail, damaging winds. i don't think we will see tornadoes. justable aware if you live in those regions. back inside. nice to be back. steve: keep an eye on the sky. j.d., thank you very much. >> you got it. steve: meltdown over
3:42 am
snowflakes. >> i'm a snowflake and so are you. your children are snowflakes, and so are mine. steve: seriously? we have a snowflake reality check coming up. brian: while new york city mourns an officer, mayor bill de blasio the resistance in germany. ed davis is furious. is he next ♪ where are we?
3:43 am
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blip brian all right layered today the nypd will say their goodbyes as a wake is scheduled for beloved fellow cop assassinated while sitting in her patrol car last week, leaving three children. this morning mayor bill de
3:46 am
blasio facing backlash for protesting the in germany. joining us is commissioner ed davis. even though boston and this is no. you feel the pain for this slain officer and can't understand what the mayor was thinking. >> there is no doubt, brian. this is a terrible, terrible -- it was an assassination of one of our own. and there is no separation between the offices in blue and a situation like that. boston is a communities much like new york where people really like a family, you are proud to be from the city. this is extremely disappointing. i can't understand why the mayor did what he did. brian: not only that he is knew it was wrong. he said i can take care of business over here and i will be back for the funeral. what's the big deal? >> the police department is a family, the new york community is a family. officials everywhere move heaven and earth to get home
3:47 am
when there is a tragedy. tipp o'neal said all politics is local. so this is ill advised on several different levels. not only is it not a good idea politically because have you deserted the city in time of need, but then you have the situation where there is already a stressful situation with the police department. this exacerbates that i don't understand why this decision was made. brian: do you know this. you do, know, too. the anger between this mayor and this police force has been so on display. remember, they turned their back on him when he went to show up, when another officer was executed in the line of duty waiting in his police car. so, two of them were, actually. so if you know that, some officers have said i'm glad he is not here. he doesn't like us. we don't like him. what's your reaction? >> well, i think that makes things worse. i wasn't supportive of turning their backs on a mayor. i'm certainly not supportive of what's happened just now.
3:48 am
so this stress that's already existing is made worse by this move. this is a terrible, terrible time for the police department. they are mourning. there are police officers from all over the country going to come here. they need the leadership of the mayor in the city. brian: i know you are boston, you must have gone to school on the success new york has had. two commissioners reversed things, gravity is gone, quality of life increased. tourism is through the roof. is it -- i'm noticing this all being undone. is that the buzz in law enforcement that the lax attitude, the confrontational attitude with law enforcement is undoing a lot of the good that's happened in new york city? >> there is no question. our move to community policing. i was here in the 1970s when it was bad. i cam back in the 1990s and 2,000s with bill bratton and ray kelly. they did unbelievable job of fixing this problem. but now across the country, you are seeing people stepping back from it because police are afraid right now.
3:49 am
this attitude that police are bad is having an ill effect on our community relations and our community policing. brian: think about this, if you want to become an officer, you don't do it to become rich. you do it because you care about the society and make a difference. good people told don't get in uniform, you don't have the backing of the politicians. >> there is no question that is a problem right now for american policing and the recruiting. no one is taking the task. it's hard to get people interested in the police department. in 99% of the officers that come to work are risking their lives in service to the community. brian: we realize it here and i know do you every day. thank you so much. >> always a pleasure. brian: hopefully this guy will not get reelected. meanwhile, straight ahead. fired fbi directors james comey said his private memos about the president didn't have classified information. we just found out that might not be true. jason chaffetz, former chairman of oversight with us next. and a meltdown over snowflakes? >> i'm a snowflake and so are you. your children are snowflakes.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
ainsley: the mainstream media has a chilly message for you and your family this morning. >> i'm a snowflake and so are you. your children are snowflakes, and so are mine and those who protest the loudest about not being snowflakes, i can see your six fold ice crystals from here.
3:54 am
steve: did she just say we are all snowflakes? here to weigh in on this is a conservative millennial allie beth stucky. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. steve: sounded like she was saying we are all snowflakes. >> she was. strange defense mechanism for say would he go shouldn't be called snowflakes. no one likes to be called snowflakes especially the media which are supposed to be objective source of information. someone who has the inability to engage in productive incident electric actual dialogue. and that's what we're seeing in the mainstream media right now. they are supposed to be our source of information and provide a space where we can actually have debate and discussion, but that's not what's happening. it's good journalism. that's what we are seeing. ainsley: they earn that title because the professors at school were handing out coloring books and puppies and massage therapy. steve: safe spafses. ainsley: i was talking with friends this weekends and they
3:55 am
made a good point what if on the battlefield soldiers were stressed out and general patton or general mattis were handing out coloring books and bubbles and puppies to make our soldiers feel better. those are the folks that are strong and have you got these professors that people are paying a lot of money, parents pay a lot of money to send their kids to school and professors are handing out coloring books. >> absolutely. you make a really good point is that america was not founded on snowflakes. in fact, america was founded by innovation and competition of ideas. it's a sad day when not only our public is becoming snowflakes and overly sensitive and politically correct but also our institutions of higher education also our journalists. how can we expect our young people to be able to engage in dialogue when, for example, our only source of objective information, the media has become victims and snowflakes themselves? steve: sure. here are for some of the folks that are new to the snowflakery. some signs of snowflakery if a
3:56 am
person is offend dollars, in need of safe spaces, apt to shut down speech and embrace culture of victimhood. why have we seen such an avalanche of snowflakery this year? >> a lot of it has to do we elected a president who puts america first. somehow it's become a trend to not put america first. uncool to be patriotic. we see snowflakes overly sensitive to a president who actually wants to prioritize american values. for the past 8 years we have had a president who has tried to even the global playing field and has himself perpetuated this sense of victim hood. then have you millennials and college students latching right on to that attitude and unfortunately that's been exacerbated by helicopter parents and professors who play into that very attitude. steve: that's how we got into the snow storm warning. ainsley: that's why some call it wussification of america. allie beth stucky thank you
3:57 am
for being with us. >> thank you. al al what we can expect from the president this week. steve: meanwhile fired fbi director james comey said his private memos about the president did not have classified information. we just found out about half of them do. former oversight committee chair jason chaffetz is next. ses chronic flatulence. ♪ no. ♪ sooooo gassy girl. ♪ so gassy. if you're boyz ii men, you make anything sound good. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. next! ♪ next!
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ask your doctor about opdivo. see for this and other indications. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients, nurses, and physicians involved in opdivo clinical trials. ainsley: the president is back at the white house after a successful g-20 summit last week where we sat down with vladimir putin. president trump knows they meddled a president putin knows they meddled. ryan brian back to business for congress today after week long recess. republicans making top priority to repeal and replace. >> my view is it's probably going to be dead. >> clearly the draft is dead. is the rewrite dead, i don't know. >> when it comes to repealing obamacare, we have to honor the promise we made to voters. i believe we can get this done.
4:01 am
>> the media has failed to represent half of the country. heather: troops pouring into the streets of mosul celebrating the city's liberation from isis. >> it's a moment that everybody is still talking about, the president boarding marine one and appears to be a very windy day. he helps this marine with his hat, it flies off his head again. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ jump jiving ♪ jump jiving ♪ steve: live from new york city and studio f it's "fox & friends" hour two. so windy jason chaffetz' hat blew off.
4:02 am
ainsley: still jiving because he doesn't have to go to washington this morning. >> hallelujah. brian: former chairman of oversight. welcome to the couch. i know you have been working a lot over the weekend, too. >> well, yeah. working hard. ainsley: how does it feel you? were a congressman a week ago and now have you decided to step away from washington. you are a contributor here now on fox. >> a little bit more balance in my life. my wife made it clear jason, things work at home. don't try to fix things. just come join the club. just don't fix it. steve: something you know a lot about are the investigations? washington, d.c. i know you have had confidential conversations with james comey, former fbi director. the president of the united states in the last 20 minutes just tweeted this out. james comey leaked classified information to the media, that is so illegal. just slightly before that jason chaffetz himself tweeted this out. comey's private memos on trump conversations contain classified material. if true, this is bombshell news. and this comes from the hill,
4:03 am
to suggest that of those private memos, supposedly private, although really federal documents, that james comey made after talking to president trump leaked half of them had classified information in them. >> after that was revealed, i actually was able to get on the phone with director comey and he is a very jovial open person on the phone but when i asked him about the disposition of those emails, where are these documents? he got silent, he said he wouldn't talk about it, he wouldn't tell me where they were. it really raised a lot of eyebrows as i went back and talked to the staff and other members and said, look, he is not going to give this up easily. we have to go fight. steve: they belong to the fbi. >> they are federal records. the oversight committee had jurisdiction over federal records then all of the sudden you had this special prosecutor and it became very convoluted. if this is true, no official can just give these documents out and in the case of james comey he what testified to he gave them to a friend to give them to the media.
4:04 am
you can't do that it's against the law. brian: we understand nine meetings with the president. seven of those meetings resulted in james comey jotting down separate memos of those meetings thought it was so important. four of which contain classified information. the big picture he told in an open hearing i took information after the president spoke about my firing. i called up my columbia professor who called the "new york times" and then told about this information. he had no problem revealing the pathway towards the leakage it? >> all pivots on whether or not that information he gave to the professor was classified or not classified. remember the excuse for hillary clinton was she didn't have the cognitive capability to determine whether or not something was classified therefore he couldn't prove intent. the fbi director is not going to get away with the fbi that he didn't know what wasn't classified or what was classified. he doesn't have that excuse. >> this is what he said on june 8th. listen to james comey. you said after you were dismissed you gave information
4:05 am
to a friend so that friend could get that information into the public media. >> correct. >> what kind of information was that? >> i understood this to be my recollection recorded of my conversation with the president as a private citizen i felt free to share that i felt it very important to get it out. >> so were all of your memos that you rowrded unclassified or other departments to, memos that might be yours as a private citizen? >> i'm sorry, i'm not following the question. >> i think you said you used classified. >> not the classified documents. ununclassified. my view was that the content of those unclassified -- memorialization of those conversations was my recollection recorded. ainsley: congressman? >> well, look, when he was the fbi director meeting with the president he wasn't a private citizen. there is some executive privilege there everybody doesn't get to say i changed hats and now i'm not a classified person and i can just hand out this information. steve: sure. brian: can i ask for clanks because i'm not on the inside
4:06 am
you are. were he said four of the memos had markings making clear they contained information, classified as secret or confidential. if i make a memo, that's for me. even if i have a job like fbi director, it's public information. did he make his own classification on its own memos or who would see those memos in order to classify them as secret or confidential? >> remember, the fbi director multiple times has testified and in his public comments has said whether or not they are marked as classified does not matter. it's the content of that information. brian: who classifies it? >> you have to make a determination. he is not one that can make that determination. brian: so somebody else looked at his memos and said oh, those memos you made in a meeting with the president this is classified, this is secret. i'm just asking. >> the process is going to be they will give it probably to the senate or house intelligence committee. they will be able to make a determination as to whether or not that can be made public. but there are people that
4:07 am
literally have the job in the boughs of the administration as to whether or not it's classified. ainsley: congressman, do you have another question about that because i want to move on to healthcare. steve: i do. do you have an idea and i know you can't speak specifically to what's classified what mr. comey could be referring to. >> look, any conversation about the president about sensitive material probably has a degree of classification to it. qui heard from director quomy he walked down from trump tower to his car on what was probably a classified laptop making it a government record. regardless, you cannot take a government record and just hand it out to your buddy to give it to a reporter so that can you get a special prosecutor because you think that's in your own personal best interest. a. brian: by the way, doesn't it make you think that he has done it before? you feel that comfortable calling columbia to call the "new york times." >> he testified he was never the anonymous source but i think somebody needs to go back to director comey well if i gave it to brian and brave
4:08 am
it to the media, then are my hands clean? come on. ainsley: congressman, we want to talk about healthcare as well. because the president ran on this he wants this done. something is happening in congress to prevent this from happening. this is what he just tweeted minutes ago. i can't imagine congress would dare to leave washington without a beautiful new healthcare bill fully approved and ready to go. he also tweeted for years even as a civilian i listened to the republicans repeal and replace obamacare, now they finally have their chance. is this going to get done because we don't have much time. >> mr. president, does it have to be a beautiful bill? i will settle following for a really ugly bill at this point. they have got to pass something. this is about seven months late look, i was told when i was the chairman. we were going to come in early in january because we had to get things done and get this bill on the president's desk by the time he was sworn. in we're coming up on the august recess. the senate has got to pass something, beautiful or not.
4:09 am
brian: whawhat's the problem? steve: how about pat tomby the senator from pennsylvania last week the reason we don't have a plan i never thought trump was going to win president. >> one of the most truthful statements made by a united states senator this past year. nobody thought donald trump was going to win. brian: did you? >> no, i didn't think he was going to win. i was hoping he was going to win. i voted for him. steve: because they didn't have a plan. >> that's no excuse. it really is. we ran on this for seven years. our leadership kept telling us the bill was ready to go. brian: because you didn't have the white house, no one really examined what that proposal was. and when people see -- somebody is going to be unhappy with the healthcare bill, whether it's going to be those on medicaid or private insurance or in the exchanges, or the employment element of it. someone is going to be unhappy. but no one has to be unhappy if no one really looked at the bill. >> remember, more than 50 times as a member of the house of representatives, i voted to repeal obamacare. steve: yeah. >> they put up that bill when it was for real. that was pretend.
4:10 am
that was just for show of it the opposition, hey we are opposed to it then when it could actually get to the president's desk, they doesn't put that bill up my goodness. brian: you were part of the freedom caucus and push back. >> no. steve: your prediction on what happens to the senate? >> they will take it right to the last hour. if they pass it, then i think they will quickly within hours get it over to the house and see if they can't pass it as well. i don't know. i really don't. i irish i had more optimism. brian: i think mitch mcconnell will get it done. he has been pushing and prodding in the off season and those off weeks. i think he gets it done. ainsley: you must not be listening to john mccain. he was like absolutely not. this thing is dead. brian: john hk mccain is not on the cutting edge of healthcare. steve: all right. congressman, thank you very much. welcome to the fox family. >> thank you. glad to be here. steve: have you met jillian with the headlines. >> yes, i did. jillian: how are you, welcome? >> thank you. jillian: good monday morning to you. let's get you caught up on what you need to know before
4:11 am
you leave the house. starting with a fox news alert. a new york state trooper killed overnight while on duty. 32-year-old justin walters a u.s. army soldier killed his wife then trooper joe davis in the upstate town of theresa. this is brand new video of the suspect you are seeing right here who surrendered and is now behind bars. trooper davis leaves behind a wife and three kids. we will keep you updated on new developments. the head of the nypd union slamming mayor bill de blasio for skipping the vigil of a cop assassinated for the color of her uniform. ed mullins calling out the new york city mayor saying instead of jeght off to germany to join the g-20 protest he should have done more to address the tragedy. >> have you a very antipolice atmosphere. we're not seeing any kind of leadership that comes out and explains the facts that are out there are not true. the police are not your enemy. jillian: this comes as thousands prepare to say their
4:12 am
goodbyes to officer familia. the wake for the mother of three set for this afternoon. her funeral is tomorrow. a wounded warrior says the canadian prime minister is guilty of treason for awarding an exgitmo prisoner who killed an american soldier $8 million. omar cotter won a lawsuit against the government for giving his information to the u.s. sergeant first class left blind in the terrorist attack called the cash settlement a punch in the face from prime minister justin trudeau. he joins us in the next hour to talk about the move that's sparking worldwide outrage. firefighters are treated to a well deserved surprise after battling flames in triple digit heat. good samaritan surprising them by paying hundreds of dollars for their dinner at california dennys. california woman shelling out $400 to feed fighters. she threw in extra 100 bucks
4:13 am
so they could eat desert. got to love stories like that. steve: hope it's something cold like ice cream. oreo shakes i'm being told. very nicely done. brian: full of nutrition. ainsley: sugars. brian: nuget. ainsley: that's like a snickers bar. brian: i'm thinking of mounds. ainsley: no that's coconut. ainsley: will you stay out of this? president trump vowing to end the threat from north korea one way or the other. how do we stop all of the missiles? they could come from that rogue nation. lieutenant colonel michael waltz on deck to tell us. ainsley: media criticizing ivanka trump for sitting if o. in for her dad. >> sitting in for her dad. what's the role? ainsley: we will ask kellyanne
4:14 am
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4:18 am
brian: following nine months of brutal fighting officially freed this hour from isis control, iraqi troops pouring into the streets of mosul celebrating this major victory that was years in the making. here to react former green beret commander and fox news contributor retired lieutenant colonel michael waltz. michael, how significant is this and how is a group of iraqis who ran from the fight three years ago able to win the fight this weekend. >> the short answer on how they were able to win the fight was frankly with a lot of u.s. support. close air support and advisors on the ground. but, brian, you know, this was the easy part. the hard part is going to be governing mosul and the surrounding areas. you know, a big part of the force on the ground were iraqi she a militias that are controlled by iran. and it's not clear how much the iraqi army controls those groups and has influence over those groups and doing it in a i think that doesn't alienate the sunnies.
4:19 am
you are still going to have isis running around in the background in insurgency mode. have you all of the groups that they brult brutalize the you seeds, kurds and others seeking revenge. they have big task on their hand. brian: secretary of state has to get down with the body and say i need sunnies and shias right away. >> that's right. brian: north korea, what exactly do they bring to the table last week that got everyone's attention? let's take a look at some of the different test sites that they have had over the last year or so. for example, in terms of their missiles, look at the progress they have made. in terms of a normal ballistic missile, look at the range in which they have. the scud missile, right? so have you medium range. so these are the areas, after successful test site, this is the area that would be in danger. that was not as alarming as the next phase. because this is what we witnessed last week. intercontinental ballistic missile, two stages, who is in danger? >> well, essentially, the
4:20 am
western united states but particularly tokyo and seoul. our allies that were treaty bound to protect. now, keep in mind we are deploying the thad missile defense system. brian: right. >> highly accurate. although the south korean government, which is new and left of center has some real concerns. that has a high success rate. where i'm much more concerned is our ground base missile defense that's in alaska and california. that only has about a 50% success rate, so, i don't want to roll the dice with having icbm in the air possibly with a nuclear weapon heading to the united states with only a 50% chance of taking it down. brian: real quickly as we go. let's see what the peninsula has ann as an answer. south koreans have substantial ground forces. they do have their own missiles, so there is more of a deterrent there. we are ready to take this fight on. although there will be no winners in the long run except there won't be a north korean leadership. >> look, brian.
4:21 am
the trump car that kim jong un has is artillery aimed at seoul and going to take a long time to take that out before they start reigning it down. brian: back at a moment with ivy league education and what they are actually teaching.
4:22 am
♪ dinner time then. dinner time now. even though dinner time has become less strict, we remain strict as ever when it comes to our standards. made with premium cuts of 100% kosher beef. hebrew national. we remain strict.
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4:25 am
of money that faculty members from those same schools gave to president trump's campaign according to the same group. even the faculty of pennsylvania president's alma mater donated 310,000 more dollars to hillary. steve: double standard. democrats sinking to new low. new fox news poll shows the president, vice president and first lady all more popular than big democrats in congress is it 12 time for the democrats to call off summer of reisis tans. brad woodhouse former dnc communication director and democratic strategist and his brother dallas woodhouse, screen right, the executive director of in connection with's republican party. guys, thank you very much for joining us today. >> good morning brad, let's start with you, given the fact when you look at it melania trump is popular with 51%.
4:26 am
donald trump 47. chuck schumer 26. maybe the democrats' message is not resonating. maybe it's time to forget about summer of resistance. >> same poll apples to apples comparison are the republican. paul ryan and michigan mcconnell. their approval ratings as low or lower than the democrats. by that logic, republicans should be rushing over to compromise with democrats. steve: shows that the white house is more popular than congress? >> well, look, the white house is traditionally have been more popular than congress. barack obama was more popular that be congress, let's be real lehr, steve. if you look at the trend on gallup, president trump's approval rating is around 40%. he has had a high disapproval of 60% in the gallup rating.
4:27 am
and that is going to have a bigger impact on political outcomes in 2016 than the approval ratings of leaders in congress that are tell lively unknown by comparison. >> well, let's see. dallas, what do you think? >> well, i think i'm glad to see the president is having some successful. i mean, obviously. >> on what, dallas? >> well,. >> what has he had success on. steve: one at a time, guys. >> showing strength in the world. >> sorry, steve. >> getting allies to the table. is he taking a tough stand across the world. i believe we're going to get healthcare done and i believe we are going to be very successful in the 2018 elections. we have very popular people with the white house and some republicans that can go into districts. the democrats have nancy pelosi who, if she was an actress, would be box office poison. she is a great foil for us. the democrats have chuck schumer. i would not want to bring him in to a red state.
4:28 am
i think the democrats have some very unattractive leaders when it comes to the 2018 elections. i think that's going to make nationalized in the elections very difficult which is what they want to do. i think we are in good solid footing. >> you know what, dallas, so is hillary clinton. she thinks the democrats is going to do better in 2018 as your brother collects himself. here is the sound bite. >> everything will change if we win in 2018. we have to flip 24 seats. >> yeah. >> okay. i won 23 districts that have a republican congress member. i think flipping the house is certainly realistic. it's a goal that we can set for ourselves. >> okay. brad, she says flipping the house is realistic. here's the problem. and you heard it from a number of your democratic friends. the democratic party right now has no message. if you are going to flip the house, you need a message. >> first of all, i don't believe that we don't have a message. >> what isn't.
4:29 am
>> when you are the opposition party, steve, the message is not allow president trump and republicans to take healthcare away from 23 million people. look, the reason that republicans can't can't pass healthcare in congress is because democrats are going to the american people and telling them how bad it would be for them. how it would harm them health and how it would harm the economy. democrats are winning on this issue. that's going to be the dominant issue in the election because republicans will not have gotten it done. >> dallas, you get the final word. >> i don't believe the democrats are winning but the idea that the country wins by keeping a failed healthcare system where premiums are going through the roof and people are dropping out of exchanges and exchanges are failing. if that's winning i would hate to see what losing is. >> your president is sabotaging the healthcare system. that's why it's failing you. >> wonderful no. pro pro-problems with premiums
4:30 am
noonsd problems with exchanges. steve: yeah, brad, be realistic that healthcare bill is a gem in a lot of ways. that's why it's imploding and insurers are dropping out left and right. that's for another day. >> take that message into districts, brad. steve: brothers, that's it. time is up. thank you very much. i wasn't kidding. 7:30 exactly here in new york city. a game changer out of washington. james comey's memos on president trump may have contained classified information in half of them. oh, that's a bombshell if true. kellyanne conway on that next. ♪ binders, done. super-cool notebooks, done.
4:31 am
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. ♪ steve all right. right now, 7:33 here in new york city. i believe kellyanne conway, special counsel to president
4:34 am
trump is joining us today from philadelphia. yes, indeed. i see the skyline back there. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning. i apologize there is no street cleaner behind me. brian: we have nothing to get distracted. one story not getting much traction we wanted to share with you it's as impactful as anything out there today. the hill has the story out of the nine members that the former fbi director james comey had with the before the president of the united states u went to his car and wrote down memos four of which contained secret and classified information. what's your reaction to this story? >> this is just a stunning story that really should be the news of the day so thanks for covering it. this is the fbi director putting in what he called under oath to senator roy blunt under really great questioning by senator blunt, he said that these were his personal recollections as a private citizen he really had to get this information out.
4:35 am
so the boy scout choir boy defense doesn't hold up here. because if it contains classified information, he is apparently violating at the very leith what all members of the fbi sign. they sign a document saying you will not do something like this. he was the director of the entire bureau. the irony to me, anyway, lady and gentlemen, is that this is exactly the problem that hillary clinton had with her illegal server. the handling of classified and confidential information that jim comey was meant to investigate, if not prosecute. and so the irony here is he is trying to look into that for hillary clinton. looks like he also violated these -- definite that rule if not the law by handing over, ghittle under oath, handing over classified information through quote private recollection. it doesn't matter what he calls it. it matters what it is, to a friend so that the friend would leak it to the media with the expectation did would trigger a special counsel. this is just incredible bombshell today.
4:36 am
steve: your boss, and the president of the united states potus, think it's a big story as well. he tweeted out in the last hour, james comey leaked classified information to the media, that is so illegal. it's interesting, kellyanne conway, a fellow from judicial watch said yesterday that james comey's house should have been raided because his notes were government property and he took off with them. what do you think about that? >> they may, in fact, be government property. it certainly looks that way now. if you actually read the -- this law, i think the paper they all signed. if you look at record keeping acts. and that's actually -- that's actually very fascinating point. i just want to go back to comey's testimony because it was seen as the event of the season other than the second half of the fourth quarter of this year's super bowl. if people go back and listen to him under oath is he admitting what his intent was. you couple that with the fact that this was classified information, in fact, i think this is the story that should
4:37 am
be. not all this nonsense of russian collusion and whatnot and ivanka setting at a table in her father's stead who happens to be the president of the united states and she is a special advisor to him. let's focus on what really effects americans here. have you an fbi director yet again going rogue. like the year of jim comey going rogue. first holding press availabilities. then testifying under oath. saying hillary clinton did so many bad things but we're not going to prosecute her. now we know he is sitting in his car, typing things up the moment he leaves something with the president. by the way we don't know his recollection is factual and accurate. we do know the recollection contained in those memorandum are confidential if not classified. brian: you mentioned don jr. that whole story with the "new york times" over the last two days he addressed it directly said the meeting did happen. one of the reasons it happened is they heard the dnc was collaborating with a russian source and he wanted to find out more information on it. it turned out to be a head fake. do you have anything to add from the white house perspective?
4:38 am
>> don has said very clearly that the meeting was taken. he didn't know the name of the person who was coming. he certainly knew the person who set it up. somebody he had known through the miss universe pageant that the trump family, i guess, mr. trump had owned and managed for a while. fine. he goes into the meeting. he says it was vegas, ambiguous, obvious almost immediately there was no helpful information. the meeting quickly turned over to the matter of russian adoption which is probably the pretext fro for the entire meetg from the very beginning. no action was taken. no follow-up whatsoever. i think what's important here is that we're at day 200 or so of no evidence of russian collusion. people think they want to convert wishful thinking into hard evidence bloo why do know that happened. not russian collusion but russian conversation between president trump and vladimir putin three days ago. that was conversation in that
4:39 am
you had the mainstream media screaming and insisting before that meeting that president trump would not even raise the specter of russian interference in our election and, instead, president trump raised it as the first order of business and reportedly kept pressing president putin on it and also talked about very important things like the cease-fire in syria successfully negotiated in this meeting and infrastructure and national security and a nuclear capable world. ainsley: something else we do know. hillary clinton provided 20% of the uranium to the russians. let's move on. >> and half a million dollars in a speech in a drum roll, please, russia. steve: got to be a coincidence. ainsley: mainstream media talking about that story and also talking about ivanka sat in briefly at this g-20 summit meeting there she is right there. angela merkel says the delegates is the one who decides who sits in if a leader can't be there. when i left conference room
4:40 am
for short meetings with japan and other countries, i asked ivanka to hold seat. very standard. and angst gla m. agrees. she says it is standard for other countries. other countries have done it as well. >> did it as part of this conference. i heard the reports that president abe had and theresa may of britain had done it. look, why aren't we focused on the many other things that ivanka trump special advisor to the president. senior advisor to the president did on this particular foreign trip. she just spearheaded this amazing round table about women's empowerment and led the u.s., inspired the u.s. to contribute $50 million to a fund for women's empowerment across the globe. this is significant, tangible investment. and this is a woman who, has really made her mark on this issue in a couple short months on a job in the white house. she should be commended for that she previously worked with chancellor merkel in germany.
4:41 am
she also with her father the president has done this apprenticeship program looking at best practices here and abroad. 100-million-dollar investment a couple short weeks ago to basically say to this country to career choices every type of job out there. this is an administration with ivanka trump's help that's empowering women in the workforce. trying to get child care tax credit and family leave through the tax code to help families struggling making those obligations met. also in this case, investing money and encouraging other nations to do the same. the u.s. led on this, but she was able to secure other nations in investing as well. that's the news coming out of this. not the fact that she did a standard thing by taking her father's seat. the president's seat for a short time. steve: have somebody else to jump in the president's seat. that would be so awkward. brian: three pull asides along with a hallmark speech. at the very least you could be analyzing that and stop with the "people" magazine. >> another successful foreign
4:42 am
trip. do you know how i know another successful foreign trip for the president? the media stopped talking about the trip the moment air force one touches down on american soil. steve: president picks up the marine's hat. puts it back on his head and wind below blows it over it was quite a shot. >> people will be talking about speech in poland for years to come even though it was not discussed by out mainstream media. talked with the humanity, talked to the people of poll land who have struggled and survived and overcome and share our love of freedom and personal responsibility and continuing to make those diplomatic and economic partnership deepen and broaden at the g-20 in poll land. it's an incredible foreign trip and you know the president is here on american soil for a couple of short days and he is going back to paris. brian: for ba stilfor bastille .
4:43 am
ainsley: we forgot to ask her about the kne knew ne nougat
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anks ages our president is back at the white house. is he home now from that meeting at the g-20 meeting in europe. steve: unless you are reading the foreign trip you would not know what a successful trip it was for the president. the media won't report any of it to the extent the europeans have. brian: so interesting the way everyone covers it so differently. hire to break it down host of varney and company stuart varney.
4:47 am
with brexit, the g-20 anything but business as usual. how is the american president being portrayed? >> america's elites the coastal elites want america to become much more like europe they want to go do you know that european road and this is what america should look like. when the president goes over there for the g-20 meeting and stands out like a sore thumb and opposes the europeans on climate change for example. opposing the europeans on defense spending. have you got to spend more. he wants for america to be america. and when he goes over there and presents america as a unique society, going in a different direction from europe, the elite he is in america and the media all apoplectic. but not so, the european media. there is a lot of praise for the european media. let me go through some of them for you. first of all, the "times" of israel. not a european paper but times of israel.
4:48 am
trump wins key climate trade concessions at stormy g-20. wins key concessions. that's accurate. the europeans are going to welcome our exports of natural gas. going to europe, which let's them heat their homes, america is doing it, not the russians. that's a plus. steve: give us some more. >> i will give you some more. australian newspaper, trump defines soaring vision. you don't hear that in america. brian: nowhere. >> that's exactly what he did with that speech in poland. daily telegraph, ignore the trump haters, his defense of western civilization is right. that came out in the poland speech, exactly. steve: political eu, not political es says donald trump predicts very powerful trade deal with u.k. >> that's progress on trade. that has the europeans worried. because the brits are leaving the european union. if they now have a separate trade deal with the united states, that kind of leaves
4:49 am
europe out. they are not happy about that u but we are in the sense that we have got a trade partner in europe. ainsley: republicans are looking at the g-20 summit as positive. clearly european newspapers, israel's newspaper, they are looking at it as positive. are the democrats just everything he does. anything he does they want to say it's awful, terrible? >> everything. everything. you have spoken to democrats. spoken to people on the left, they are contemptuous of president trump. they are very much in favor of the european way of doing things. cradle to grave security. talk down the military. open borders. et cetera, et cetera. we're going in the other direction we're standing out and saying that's not the way we want to go. so the elites, they really come down hard on president trump. brian: you know how people will say if you want revenge on somebody you live a happy life. go ahead and get the economy rolling, build up your defense, and do your own thing and let everybody else wonder. don't try to impress people unimpress sable. >> you cannot have that kind
4:50 am
of cradle to grave security in a declining population situation. you can't fail to defend yourself over several generations. you can't do that. brian: be smart, watch fox business network 9 to noon, varney and company. >> i will shake your hand. brian: thank you. >> thank you very much. ainsley: grabbing the attention of people all around the world including the president. a plan to save charlie gard's life. that congressman is going to join us next. steve: bill cassidy says the senate healthcare plan is dead. way forward now that congress is back this week. we're going to talk to him in the next hour ♪ ♪ for my constipation,
4:51 am
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♪ ♪ ainsley: two congressman are trying to help this little boy. his name is charlie gard, whose case also got the attention of our president. the 11-month-old is on life support over in england and his parents are trying to get him here to the united states. hoping to get him the treatment that he needs and it's so far been denied by the courts in the u.k. ohio congressman brad winthrop is one of the lawmakers trying to help with this case. he joins us now. good morning, congressman. >> good morning, ainsley. how are you? ains angts i'm good. thank you so much for being with us. this case my gosh it pulls at the heart strings of every american who is familiar with it tell me why you wanted to get involved and what your bill says. >> well, what our bill does is it would allow charlie to become a legal permanent resident and come to the united states for a potential
4:55 am
cure for his disease. and i think that that's something that we as americans often do. we try to come to the aid of those in need. this is a young child who was in his mother's womb and what parent would not try to fight his life as he is now out here and alive and given every opportunity. not only just a child and the parent's rights but any patient's right to try to seek treatment which is being denied him. granted, this may or may not help charlie, but wouldn't you want to take every opportunity to try and save his life? ainsley: of course. who is not in favor of this? >> well, apparently in great britain, the situation the doctors that are treating him there are advising that they just end everything rather than give him this opportunity. granted the opportunity is in the united states, but, you know what? i don't have much doubt that doctors in new york that have this type of potential treatment, potential cure, i'm sure they would be glad to go
4:56 am
to great britain and try and administer the care for charlie. ainsley: oh, i'm sure if the u.k. says it's fine we could raise enough money to get the child over here. new york presbyterian hospital. great hospital right here in new york where my child was born. it's a great hospital. they said we will take care of charlie, just bring him over. i just can't believe the u.k. courts would say let's pull the plug and don't get this child the chance to fight for his life u. >> yeah. let's give him a fighting chance. i went through something like this years ago. 23 years ago my sister was diagnosed with a deadly leukemia. and insurance company told her that a bone marrow transplant was experimental. doctors insisted give this a try, there was a chance she could make it it's 23 years later. she is a wife and a mother of two children. ainsley: yeah, i know. >> this is how we advance in our society and especially in our medical community. ainsley: we hear so many stories like that where the doctors they are not god. and they can't always determine what's going to happen to a child. so, i'm so thankful that you
4:57 am
are doing. this i know i speak for all mothers and most americans. so thank you so much for your help and keep us posted, okay? thanks, congressman. >> you bet. say a prayer for charlie. ainsley: we definitely will. more "fox & friends" straight ahead.
4:58 am
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about the risks and benefits of bexsero and if vaccination with bexsero is right for your teen. moms, we can't wait. >> the president is back at the white house after the success of the g208 summit last week where he sat down with vladimir putin. >> you know why it was another successful trip for the president? the mainstream media stopped talking about it. >> no official can just take a government record and just hand it on t out to your buddy to give it to a reporter. it's against the law. brian: it's back to business for congress now. republicans making a top priority to repeal and replace. >> my view is it's probably going to be dead. >> when it comes to repealing obamacare, we have to make the
5:01 am
honor we made to the voters. >> iraqi forces to tell you about. troupes pouring into the street celebrating the liberation of isis. >> this is the easy part. the hard part is going to be governing mosul in surrounding areas. >> after battling flames and triple digit heat. a good samaritan surprising them by paying hundreds of dollars for their dinners at a california denny's. ♪ ♪ steve: good morning, everybody. live in studio f here in the heart of midtown, manhattan. we're on the mezzanine level. it's quiet here, but we understand below ground in the subway and the trains, that's dave walking into the shot,
5:02 am
take a bow. it is a very bad day because for the next two months, they're going to be fixing the rails. brian: right. steve: the infrastructure in this to b town is in such bad shape, they're going to spend two months to repair. and it's the summer of hell. brian: everybody's in hell. by the way, eventually. we hope not. we hope some of us go to heaven. steve: we hope eventually everybody? brian: we'll discuss that later. ainsley: maybe not. brian: in germany siding with the protesters talking about the good news for socialism. very proud of him. steve: meanwhile, the lead story this hour is this. there's a story out there that remember when james comey was revealed after he talked to donald trump a number of times, he felt so compelled to write down the stuff that the president said, he memorialized him in memo form. well, as it turns out, according to new sources down
5:03 am
in washington, d.c. at least half of them contained confidential top secret stuff. classified information, which is delicious, given the fact that james comey had a big problem with hillary clinton having confidential stuff. and of course then he upended the entire election, according to the democrats. ainsley: delicious. i like it. so the president was tweeting about this, of course, this morning. and he writes james comey leaked classified information to the media. that is so illegal. and, look, classified information is capitalized, that means he's screaming it. brian: that's in tweet language. so that is some story if the hill newspaper is right, and these nine meetings result in nine memos, four contain confidential information. this is huge news, and you wonder what other leaks ended up in the new york times via james comey, in which he did admit to at least one. kellyanne conway on earlier today. >> let's focus on what really affects americans here.
5:04 am
you have a fbi director yet again going rogue. like, the year of jim comey going rogue. he's testing under oath saying hillary clinton did so many bad things, but we're not going to prosecute her. now we know he's sitting in his car, typing things up the moment he leaves something with the president. by the way, we don't know his recollection is factual and accurate. we do know that the information contained in those memorandum, though, are confidential if not classified. so the boy scout choir defense doesn't hold up here. steve: the fbi policy forbids any agent releasing classified or any information from on going investigations and all records created by agents during their official duties are considered government property. so then it becomes a question why exactly does he have those documents in his own personal, you know, his own grip? jason chaffetz who is on the couch about an hour ago, he tweeted yesterday if this story is true, and, you know,
5:05 am
it's still a big if. he used capital letters on if as well, it's a blockbuster. listen. >> after that was revealed, i was actually able to get on the phone with director comey, and he's a very jovial person on the phone. but when i asked him about the disposition of these e-mails, where are the documents, he got silent. he said he wouldn't talk about it, he wouldn't tell me where they were. and it really raised eyebrows when i went back to the staff and said he's not going to give them up easily. steve: they belong to the fbi. >> well, they're federal records. but if this is true, no official can just give these documents out and in this case of james comey, what he testified to is he gave them to a friend. he gave them to the media. steve: uh-huh. >> you can't do that. it's against the law. brian: unbelievable. so that is very significant. and i just keep in the back of my mind when james comey said, oh, yeah, i gave it to my
5:06 am
friend, a professor at columbia and then we saw james comey walk into the new york times building, and i wonder how many other stories are going to walk into the building. steve: there was an event at another office, not actually the new york times. brian: do we know that for sure? steve: yeah, we do. ainsley: that's not a story you're going to see in the mainstream media; right? but they're all up in arms because ivanka who happens to be a senior adviser to the president, she's been working with angela merkel with the world bank to try to set up funds for women in countries like africa who don't have hands on dollar can set up businesses. so angela merkel -- so president trump was in this meeting. he had to get up for a reason, we don't know why. brian: the japanese prime minister. ainsley: brian knows why. so his daugherty have to think asits in, who birth is an adviser to him. angela merkel says the delegation decides.
5:07 am
so the president just tweeted about it. steve: he did because there are has been such mainstream reaction after we saw that picture what's she doing in the chair? if chelsea clinton were asked to hold the seat for her mother the fake news would say chelsea for president. brian: one of the counter arguments says she doesn't get paid. does that mean that president trump doesn't take any credibility? ainsley: if anything, it helps the republicans because they'll say gosh, she's not taking any money from the government. she's doing this out of the goodness of her heart. steve: so anyway, is it a double standard? e-mail us at, meanwhile, it is seven minutes after the top of the hour. brian: meanwhile, congress back in session today and, man, there's a lot at stake this week. ainsley: yeah, the senate is holding out for a vote next week as republicans make
5:08 am
repealing and replacing obamacare a top priority. will it get done? steve: peter ducey joins us live right now from the white house with what the president just tweeted moments ago. good morning, peter. >> good morning. it seems like president trump's patience has run out or almost out with members of his own party who have not delivered on his number one campaign promise to repeal and replace obamacare. so he tweeted a little while ago quote i cannot imagine that congress would dare to leave washington without a beautiful new health care bill fully approved and ready to go. but it sounds like some republicans may have made up their minds before reading the rewritten health care draft. >> my view is it's probably going to be dead, but i've been wrong. i thought i would be president of the united states. >> a conservative counter point coming from senator ted cruz who is pitching an amendment that has him a lot more optimistic than a few
5:09 am
weeks ago whether he was going to vote "no." >> i believe we can get it done. i think there's an agreement. my objective for the last six months helping lead the working group on health care has been to reach consensus to bring together and unify the republican conference. >> now the staff think so health care is in the home stretch and planning to have it done this month. >> if anyone can get it done, mitch mcconnell and donald trump working together with the senate. >> yes or no will they pass -- >> yes. they will get a repeal and replace bill done. i believe that. >> before the august recess? >> maybe before. maybe a little bit into it. but i know the president expects them to get this thing done. >> and if republicans cannot get it done with their own members, the majority leader mitch mcconnell is already signaling they're going to have to work with democrats to do something to stabilize insurance market players.
5:10 am
back to you. >> all right, peter, thank you so much. they thought it was going to be repealed and replace. but now not so much. ainsley: they just got back from recess and now they're going to take another in august. brian: providing some answers. they want more opioid money, the moderates want that, some conservatives have a few things coming their way. he's going to put the best foot forward. if anyone can get it done, it's him. even chuck schumer brings it up you cannot underestimate mitch mcconnell. ainsley: you think it's going to get done? brian: i do. steve: nope. ainsley: i don't either. steve: we'll see what happens. ainsley: let us know what you think. steve: meanwhile, jillian has headlines, and she starts with a fox news alert. >> that's right. a story we've been following this morning. officers under attack overnight. one dead, another injured. first a new york state trouper shot dead while on duty.
5:11 am
an army soldier kills his wife and then trouper joel davis in the town of teresa. and then in ohio an officer of a domestic incident was shot four times. he is expected to be okay, though. the gunman is dead. and charlie back in court fighting for their son's terminally ill life. that his condition is untreatable, and he should be taken off life support. new sounds being released of his mother urging the court for help. take a listen. >> treatment, and that's what we want. we want him to have that chance. >> his parents chris and connie delivering a petition with 350,000 signatures to allow him to get treatment abroad. two new york hospitals have agreed to met him and president trump has also vowed support. all right. this is a video everyone is still talking about this morning. president trump lending a helping hand to a marine
5:12 am
rescuing his hat after it blows off his head when boarding marine one. the president putting it back on his head but the wind blowing it again. president trump persists chasing his hat. the marine never flinched. the video definitely going around on social media. brian: a marine can't go over his own hat? steve: nope. at attention. can't budge. and that guy did his job well. ainsley: i like the other marine came at rescue. it blew off twice. brian: but from now on the marines who have a chopper detail has to wear a chin strap. ainsley: we should put that in the tax reform bill. every helmet needs a strap. brian: let me tell you what's coming up straight ahead. while new york city mourns a fallen officer, de blasio rallies in germany.
5:13 am
joins us this morning, he's furious. you'll hear what he has to say. steve: and the left is going nuclear because president trump said this at the g20 summit. >> the west will never, ever be broken. steve: some outlets calling an o to white nationalism. rich has been thinking about that, and he has reaction coming up live from studio f. good morning, rick
5:14 am
5:15 am
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5:17 am
to take the long way home. keep it up, steve! dr. scholl's. born to move. trump: the west will never, ever be broken. our values will reveil. our people will thrive, and our civilization will triumph. steve: president trump defending the west in his speech last week. but the left is crying foul. take a look at these headlines. washington post going as far as saying trump's white nationalist dog whistles in warsaw, and it goes on and on. so here to weigh in, we have
5:18 am
fox news contributor and editor forenational review. rich. >> hi, there. steve: let's start by acknowledging you thought the speech was great. >> it was fabulous. easily the best speech of his presidency. very well received. very well written. it coheres as an argument. a moving portrait of polish history and nationalism and a stirling defense of western nationalism. trump is proud of this speech, and should be. steve: when you look at the lefty websites and media outlets, it seems they were watching a different speech than you were. >> there's a lot of competition for the most unhinged reactions of that things trump has done, but this has to be right up there. a defense of the west, really? the american president can't talk about the west and western values? steve: right? >> and you go back to 19 # 66, the 1,000 year anniversary of
5:19 am
polish. two-thirds of it can be a cut and paste job. if you're going to talk about poland, you're going to talk about the amazing spirit, faith, culture of the polls, and that's what trump did and put it in the context of how the west needs those to survive. this not too long ago would have been clearly in the mainstream thought of the rhetoric but the left has gone out of its mind, recently. steve: you said they were unhinged. here's a sound byte montage. watch this. >> the first 20 minutes of one of the worst presidential speeches i've heard on foreign soil. >> that was the opening moment of osama bin laden belief there would be a clash of civilization. >> this is not a speech he could have given really, any place else, and this is a white america first kind of speech. >> look, the west is not about whiteness. and one of the great things about the west, which is a superior civilization, we
5:20 am
invented these political and economic systems that are uniquely suited to human flourishing. but the west is open. you can come here and become part of the west. other countries can western size. japan is part of a different civilization, but it's better for the fact that it's significantly westernized and if saudi arabia or china or any number of countries were more western, they would be more humane. steve: but you know there are some people in this country never going to give the guy a break. >> no. and, again, lbj could give that speech, the left would praise it. trump gives it, and it's white nationalism and hateful. steve: thank you so much. >> great seeing you. steve: coming up, eric is being slammed for lowering his state's minimum wage. the governor is going to join us live to respond coming up net
5:21 am
5:22 am
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brian: quick headlines right now. let me turn over here and see what's happening. just hours from now, in connection with to the death of a student at a party. remember was found dead back in february after a night of drinking. many members of his frat are accused of involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault. and a massive two-month repair project now underway at the nation's busiest rail hub. emergency amtrak repairs closing a number of tracks at pen station forcing 650,000 commuters to find different ways to get inside manhattan. and let's go back to ainsley. ainsley: later today the nypd says they're going to say their goodbyes at a wake
5:25 am
scheduled for that lady right there. the beloved fellow cop, she was assassinated in the bronx last week. this as their own mayor comes under fire for skipping the vigil to protest the president in germany. but our next guest is taking an opposite approach, signing a blue alert bill to protect cops and to beef up penalties for those who harm them. here to explain is missouri's gop governor and former navy seal eric. governor, great to see you. thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you, ainsley. thanks for having me on. ainsley: thank you. all right. our viewers what you're doing in st. louis. >> well, we passed a blue alert bill and what the blue alert bill does, ainsley, is two key things. first of all, makes it easier to apprehend a criminal, a coward who assaults a law enforcement officer. and the second thing it does, is it increases penalties for anybody who assaults a law enforcement officer. we want to let criminals know in the state of missouri that if you assault a law enforcement officer, we're going to find you, we're going
5:26 am
to bring you to justice, you're going to prison, and you're not coming out for a long time. we need to have the backs of our law enforcement officers, and that's what we're going to do here in missouri. ainsley: don't you remember when we were growing up if you assaulted a police officer, that was the worst crime ever committed. we knew in the state of south carolina when there was the electric chair, i remember thinking when i saw news persons about this, that person is getting the electric chair. what are the penalties now? >> well, unfortunately, in missouri before we had a system where you could have recklessly actually killed a law enforcement officer and not gone to prison. we're making sure now that you are going to go to prison. we're having the backs of our law enforcement officers. ainsley, i was actually out last night on the streets with some of our members of our missouri state highway patrol. these men and women are doing an incredible job. and, you know, under the previous administration, missouri had been home to
5:27 am
ferguson, which was a national embarrassment. we're making missouri a national example for how we support our law enforcement officers. ainsley: all right. let's talk about lowering the minimum wage. you're the first state to do this. why did you do this, and why is it important, in my opinion? >> well, you know, ainsley, i ran to bring more jobs to missouri, and we need to have more private sector paychecks and bigger private sector paychecks here. but, unfortunately, we have politicians in st. louis who passed a bill that would have failed on both counts. it was killing jobs and despite what liberals tell you, it was taking money out of peoples pockets. i mean, these laws actually do the laws what they intended to do. you look at what happens in seattle, and people were losing $125 a month, that's $1,500 a year. the same thing was happening here in missouri. we're hearing from restaurant owners who were cutting jobs, cutting hours. so we're actually going to take strong action to make sure that we've got more jobs, and we're increasing the take-home pay of people here in the state of missouri. ainsley: what's been the reaction of the constituents
5:28 am
and how did you get others to pass that weren't in favor of it? >> well, you know, i think that -- i think that people really appreciate that they've got a governor who's willing to stand up and willing to fight for more jobs and higher take-home pay. they've got a governor who's willing to stand up and make sure that we're doing the right thing for the people of the state of missouri. we've actually brought a lot of people together to just recognize that we need to be engaged in policies that create results. policies that are actually going to help to raise the take-home pay for people. that's what matters at the end of the day. ainsley: all right. businesses are replaces jobs with robots and maybe this will prevent that from happening and more people will be at work. thank you so much, governor. >> yeah, absolutely, animals. thank you. ainsley: coming up, he's the former gitmo dainty who killed an american soldier in a terror attack and now canada's prime minister is paying him millions. one soldier blinded in that attack says that justin trudeau is guilty of treason. and bill cassidy says the
5:29 am
senate's health care plan. is there a way forward that congress is back this morning? we're going to ask him next [music playing] across the country, we walk for those affected by alzheimer's disease. carrying flowers that signify why we want to end it. but what if, one day, there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor? what if there were millions of them?
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(baby crying) (slow jazz music) ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ and let me play (bell ringing) (audience cheering)
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5:33 am
steve: what do you mean it's dead right now? >> well, the bill that was in draft form that mitch mcconnell first presented, ten senators have come out against. he's trying to rework to get something that works that will pass. but the original version ten folks opposing, it's not going to pass. brian: i know you and susan collins got together of your own plan. it seems you're trying to work something out. it doesn't seem the center for maine is. it seems she's getting for sending it out. am i mischaracterizing her mind-set? >> no. i think if we had a bill that looked more like cassidy collins, it would give power back to states a good, conservative solution, she would be a "yes." but we just want to make sure she didn't do what obamacare did. keep power in washington. we want to give it back to the states. ainsley: well, why don't you make sure that you do? that's what people put you in washington to do.
5:34 am
>> i am so with you on that, and that's why we've been pushing for the patient freedom act. it returns power to patients and states, and general guidelines except from cash and besides with that, states figured out we would already be through with this if patients adopted freedom act. steve: and you've been on the program saying exactly what that would entail. senator pat, your colleague from the great state, he revealed the reason they're in the senate right now is he and his colleagues never thought donald trump was going to win, so he never came up with a plan. what's your response to what senator tumi said? >> i can't speak to pat, but i can speak to myself. i've been working on a replacement plan for different parts of obamacare since i was elected to the house of representatives. steve: which was? >> first we did the medicaid reform bill and second the freedom act. so this is years of work.
5:35 am
when i was elected, i looked at obamacare, and i said this isn't going to last. it gives power to a washington bureaucrat, not to a patient. so i've been working on a plan and so have some of my colleagues. ainsley: folks all over the country support president trump. they feel when the president was elected, he talked about draining the swamp. if this does not pass, aren't you worried about what this means for reelection down the road? >> well, i do think we have to get it right. you put it well. if we do get it right, reelection, good policy is good politics. on the other hand, i don't think if we don't get it repealed, replaced right now, it will eventually happen. obamacare takes power away from patients. and in our society, people want to make the decisions important to them and make them for themselves, not have them made for government bureaucrat, patients want it back. >> right.
5:36 am
i think we have to say one thing. when it comes to health care, people are going to be unhappy. show they have people in dire need have some type of net. in the employee-based health care, that's somewhat of an issue. a huge burden on a lot of companies that margins are very small. in the end, would your plan have to do something that the other plan didn't but yet not leave people out to dry? i don't know if it's possible because you're working off the obamacare template. is there a plan out there that could possibly get 60 votes? >> we're not working off the obamacare template, by the way. the patient freedom act. and i do think we can get 60 votes because we allow a blue state to do a blue thing, a red state to do a red thing. it is federalism, it is conservatism, i think it works. but, by the way, the way -- the reason i say we don't work off the obamacare template, we get rid of the individual mandate as one example. we give states the option to enroll folks, make it very
5:37 am
easy to enroll folks who are eligible for a credit. that expands your risk pool. that takes care of those with previous conditions. we actually think we achieved president trump's campaign pledges and sure enough, everybody's going to be happy, and that has made a lot of people happy. brian: has he called you? >> he has not called me. steve: well, you guys have to get back to work. senator, thank you for joining us. ainsley: thank you for joining us. >> thank you. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian who has more headlines for us. >> a wounded warrior says the canadian prime minister is guilty of treason for releasing a gitmo who killed a soldier. the sergeant first class left blind in the terrorist attack called the cash settlement a punch in the face from prime minister justin trudeau. the head of the nypd union
5:38 am
slamming bill de blasio assassinated for the color of her uniform. ed calling out the new york city mayor saying instead of jetting off to germany to join the g20 protest, should have done more to address the tragedy. a sentiment echoed by boston police commissioner at davis. >> this is a terrible, terrible time. there are police officers all over that need from the city. >> now, this comes as thousands prepare their goodbyes. the mother of three set this afternoon. her funeral is tomorrow. dnc chairman did tom perez is getting consolidated for his vulgar antigop rhetoric like this. >> i don't care. >> chairwoman calling him out on national tv for his pattern to use profanity to condemn republicans. >> when tom saying republicans
5:39 am
don't give a blank about anyone, that type of rhetoric doesn't bring people to our party. we have to have a reasonable discussion, have a dialogue, be respectful of each other, but share our opinions as to what the best path is to get to the same place we both want to go. >> peres avoided the question and recited talking points bashing republicans on health care. a former marine is on a mission to honor the memories of our fallen heroes. he says his one goal is to help military families, especially parents who have to bury their children. >> touching. the statue use are free. by the way, leonard digs into his own pocket to buy the material to make them. that's a look at your headlines on this monday. that's a lovely story like that.
5:40 am
>> she was upset with her son, a fallen soldier? >> completely touched. you can see in that video. steve: and for him to pay the entire cost. ainsley: he's doing one for every fallen soldier? brian: marine, yeah. steve: it is exactly 20 minutes before the top of the hour, here janice dean is out on the streets with some of the folks. ainsley: she's back from vacation. >> yes, back from vacation just to meet you guys. where are you from? >> here until when? >> tonight. >> and what about you guys? come on over here. what's your name? >> i'm shelby. >> and where are you from? >> atlanta, georgia. >> and what's your young lady? >> chloe. >> and what's your t-shirt say? >> life is better when you dance. >> you know where i can get that t-shirt? i love it. do you want to do some weather with me? do you like the weather in new york today? >> i think it looks sunny. >> sunny. oh, i like it. glass half full. let's take a look at the maps. you're going to help me out. okay? all you have to do is look in there, and we're going
5:41 am
to see the maps. there are the current temperatures, what does it say? 73 in new york city. 73 degrees in new york city. >> 73 degrees in new york city. fantastic. you're hired. quick look at the radar here. we have showers and thunderstorms across the great lakes as well as the gulf coast, and we could see potential. do you want to say hi to anybody at home? >> hi. steve: janice, i have a feeling you did not rehearse that weather cast with that young person right there. >> we did not. but the t-shirt makes her a sure thing. ainsley: i know. when we go to break, you need to break for us, janice. with or without the music. >> you going to dance? ainsley: look at her. steve: that's what i'm talking about. all right. thank you. chelsea clinton for president? president trump says via twitter the fake news would love that. and when we come back, chelsea clinton responds to potus.
5:42 am
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5:46 am
ivanka sat in front. the critics saying what's she doing here? we didn't elect her. what makes her being worthy of dictatorships? when families replace their families when they leave. steve: we don't have a dictator. brian: ivanka is actually a adviser to the president. ainsley: and when we're talking to hillary clinton this morning, asked if headlights clinton was asked to hold the seat for her mother, the fake news would say chelsea for president. steve: well, you know what? in the last couple of minutes, chelsea clinton has been tweeting. good morning, mr. president, chelsea tweets. it would never have occurred to my mother or my father to ask me. were you giving away our country? hoping -- did i do that? ainsley: were you giving our country away. steve: hoping not. and the reason we use that music was because -- to start this segment was because
5:47 am
generally, chelsea clinton has gotten historically really positive press from the mainstream media whereas ivanka because her father is donald trump has not gotten that kind. ainsley: we had a guest on this morning if this were chet sitting in the seat,ed meat wouldn't care. we also had guests saying if it were a man sitting in the seat, no one would care. but because it's ivanka, because it's a female and the daughter of the president, people are -- the mainstream media is having a heyday with this. steve: and that was the single frame that a diplomat tweeted out and then the mainstream media blew up, and then he took that tweet down. that's the one right there where you could just barely make out chelsea sitting in her father's seat. we wanted to know what you thought and the e-mail machine has caught on fire. ainsley: al on twitter, he writes first he, meaning president trump, is antiwomen. but when he trusts a woman to sit in for him, especially a qualified women, dems go nuts. and then it says #what? dems are hypocrites. brian: right.
5:48 am
austin says something different. all of trump's kids are old enough to play roles in the administration. chelsea would certainly be involved, had hillary won the electoral college. steve: and bill ray on twitter empower women. they and when our president real donald trump does whomever the woman is shouldn't matter. such hypocrisy. #mega. brian: it was quite interesting when they had dinner. i guess the first night they had the spouses with different people, and you see melania sat next to vladimir putin. she speaks russian, so -- steve: german. they both speak germany. ainsley: they had an interpreter between them. steve: we had kellyanne conway on a while ago and, oh, she's sitting in her dad's chairs talking about the things that ivanka has achieved. watch this. >> and this administration with ivanka trump's help that's empowering women in the workforce, trying to get a
5:49 am
child care tax credit, and some family leaves through the tax code to help families that are struggling with those making those obligations met, and also, in this case, you know, investing money and encouraging other nations to do the same. the u.s. led on this, but she was able to secure other nations in investing as well. that's news coming out of this. not the fact that she did a standard thing by taking her father's seat, the president's seat for a short time. brian: and i believe when you talk about money, $50 million go to these women's job units, so the u.s. may be able to take some money out of the state department and put it into that. ainsley: if you're a woman, what she's doing, what ivanka is doing to help women across the world or around the world is an amazing thing. she's providing more money to the world bank to help women to start their own businesses. brian: all right. up next on our show, a meltdown over snowflakes. >> i'm a snowflake and so are you. your children are snow inflation. and so are mine. brian: seriously, fired up
5:50 am
about this. he joins us live next. but first, let's check in with bill who is finally back from his scheduled vacation. >> you know what today's called. today is beach brain, folks. some good questions to this morning. what do investigators think about the comey memos now? what did happen during that meeting with donald trump jr. about a year ago? republicans have a big challenge on health care. how they plan to get it done. and a cease-fire in parts of syria while isis is on the run in iraq. these are big developments. shannon and i will see you ten minutes away on a monday morning on america's newsroom as moms, we send our kids out into the world, full of hope. and we don't want something like meningitis b getting in their way. meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real. bexsero is a vaccine to help prevent meningitis b in 10 to 25 year olds. even if meningitis b is uncommon, that's not a chance we're willing to take. meningitis b is different from the meningitis most teens were probably vaccinated against when younger.
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5:53 am
>> i'm a snowflake and so are you. your children are snowflakes and so are mine.
5:54 am
and those who protest the loudest about not being snowflakes, i can see your six fold crystals here. so from those on the left or the right, enough with the snowflake. it's not an insult. brian: that was a chilly message from the mainstream media in a way. ainsley: here to react from that the only rational speaker and the pit bull of development mr. larry. good to see you, larry. >> it's irtational. that's true. steve: and we just irritated him. so what do you think about the snowflakes saying stop calling snowflakes? >> then quit being snowflakes. really, the problem with believing that you're special is that you will believe you deserve special treatment just because you're special. and yet, the world is always going to judge you based on contribution. your mom and dad will think your special, but that's it. the rest of us want you to do something to contribute something. brian: and you're hurting these kids, the next generation if you tell them they're special without earning that because they're about to go into a world that's not going to treat them
5:55 am
that way. >> yeah. once they walk out their front door, it starts when they're little kids. you're special. and then they walk out the door, and they're just one more snot nose kid sitting in the third row of their 1st grade class. and from that point on, it's always going to be about what they do on merit, contribution. ainsley: larry, what did you think of the story coming out of the uk where they're banning sports all together because if you're on the losing team, it makes the kids feel bad. brian: none confrontational sports options. >> the most important lesson any of us will ever learn is how to lose. we will spend more time losing in life than we ever will learning, and that's where all the great lessons come from. we're cheating these kids bad. brian: according to a study in your book, 53% of americans say, yeah, i like that my kids lose. >> yeah. most parents understand it's important to laz. and when we rob them of that opportunity, we're going to hurt them. steve: because when they're in the losing zone, they're in the safe zone. now, tell us about your new book.
5:56 am
what's wrong with damn near everything? >> what's wrong with damn near everything is we have collapsed core values. when you look at honesty, integrity, respect, self sufficiency, look at that one. then we're going to have a big problem in society. that's a reason why we're such a mess right now in terms of education, government, families, the way customers are treated by businesses. it all comes down to lack of core values and a complete collapse. steve: seems like you're worried about the future of america. >> and the presence of america too. ainsley: congratulations. this is so exciting. >> i appreciate it. ainsley: if you want to pick up this book, it's called what's wrong with darn near everything. i don't want to cuss on this show. brian: i don't think damn is a curse. steve: and she's melting. back in two in two your insurance company
5:57 am
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>> will be talking about larry's book in the after show. >> by the way, tomorrow we will
6:00 am
feature kevin mccarthy, and laura ingraham. >> and we will have whether. >> and we will all be here. >> i will not dance tomorrow. one morning everybody. 9:00 in new york city. pushing back against report saying that donald trump, jr., met with a russian lawyer to get dirt on hillary clinton. this could backup on democrats per game. speech i can't believe you came back. welcome back. >> bill: "america's newsroom." >> shannon: one week hiatus. we have work to do. still in pete's brain is in full effect. >> shannon: the fog is lifting lifting. "the new york times" time of meeting saint donald trump, jr., was promised damaging information during the campaign. he released a statement saying, i was asked to have a meeting


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