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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 10, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> they gave her joining us. "america's newsroom hq" is starting now. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. where minutes away from the white house press briefing. we are told is off-camera this afternoon, and it is the first time since president trump return from europe. this is "america's newsroom hq," i am harris faulkner. getting a first crack at a first topics with the conference including differing accounts between president trump and vladimir putin. that conversation leading to a cease-fire agreement and syria, that went into effect yesterday. all this coming alongside controversy for donald trump, jr., who is defending his 2016 meeting with the russian lawyer. peter doocy is live for us outside the white house as we get set to watch the news
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conference presented at. >> the the the son, donald tru, the controversy about this meeting came because last year in june, a third party approached him and said, they wanted to set up a sit down with someone who had proof that russians were illegally donating to the dnc, so they could support the reclined in. donald trump, jr., said, we need heard this, he took the meeting. he's supporting himself on twitter. i am the first person to have ever taken a meeting to hear info about an opponent. went nowhere, but had to listen. the kremlin said they never heard of this lawyer, and donald trump, jr., said, the information was just a smokescreen, because she just wanted to talk about a russian policy stopping americans from adopting russian babies come up because they stop getting visas to russians suspected of violating human rights.
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jared custer and paul manafort were at the meeting, but president trump was not, and there is no indication that took place until it was supported over "the new york times." >> harris: the president, as he often does, is watching this carefully. this time of the g20, what is he talking about? there is criticism coming. >> his chris simpson today, he is upset. his daughter ivanka is taking flack for sitting side world leaders during one of the medians at the conference, even though she was part of the official delegation. the president wrote today, when i left conference room for a short meeting with japan and other countries, i asked ivanka to hold seat. very standard. i'm america agreed. that's related that she is known as a white house staffer. the president went on to say what he sees as a double standard. writing code, if chelsea clinton were asked to hold the seat for her mother, if her as her mother
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gave the country away, the fake media would say, chelsea clinton for president. down the driveway, just a few minutes for may now, we do anticipate a lot of questions about donald trump, jr., even though he does not work it. >> harris: wow. i want you to say that like five times before you get off the air. peter doocy, thank you very muc much. the question to repeal and replace obamacare faces an uphill battle as lawmakers returned to capitol hill with republicans divided over how to go forward. at least ten republican senators are saying they will vote no lsa see changes. mike emanuel is live on the hill for us. >> we may see changes as soon as this week. we're just told reporters there is a news wrap of the health care bill as soon as this week with a vote next week. we will see if the timetable holds. vice president mike pence is just a laura ingraham on her radio show, he has not given up hope on health care reform.
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>> the senate now is literally within weeks of being able to deliberate on that. the legislation before the senate, for which there is not agreement, but we are close. >> after telling voters since the 2010 campaign cycle, they would repeal and replace obamacare, few republicans say, they must get this done. >> it is huge. we have been promising this for seven years for good reason. obamacare is failing. it is failing all around us. it's failing in pennsylvania. premiums are up hundred and 10%. in >> tub grassley expressed his frustration on twitter, saying that the 52 senators should be ashamed for not passing it by now. he warns there will be consequences if they fail, same ill go for the majority back into the minority party. on the other side, vermont senator become a bernie sanders
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held event and mitch mcconnell's home state of kentucky. ray sanders is pushing for more liberal and more expensive health care system. >> as soon as we defeat this disastrous to bill, i will be introducing a single-payer medicaid bill. >> some are worried that mitch mcconnell does not have the votes yet, but is not over. we expect the new draft as soon as later this week with the hope being for republican leaders, a vote next week. >> harris: mike emanuel, thank you very much. if republicans failed to pass a house bill, there's a good chance congress will leave town for the august recess without a key piece of the president's plan for making america great again. president trump put the blame squarely on congress, and now a freshman senator is calling on republican leadership to cancel the august recess.
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there is so much left to be done on capitol hill. >> we need to work as hard as president trump is working. i am new to the ways of washington. i've only been there for four months. it seems to me, we should be rolling it out before the leap. >> harris: seems to him and a lot of people. ari fleischer is a former secretary serving under president bush, and a brand-new contributor. we have worked together on different spots, "outnumbered," welcome to the fox family. >> it's great to be near it, and thank you. >> harris: officially, because you have been here for bed. on "outnumbered" a couple weeks ago, i threw some shade. you wouldn't take a break if you're working on a roof is mike it rained on. that is like health care republicans and democrats need to get done before they leave for august recess. >> i get it. this is a big list, even though they have been promising forever. the margins are tight.
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fundamentally, these 52 republican senators cannot look each other in the eye, figure it out and get it done, why are they there? they were elected to do the heavy lifting. not appropriation bills. you have a robot or machine do that. this is the core of republicanism. repeal and replace obamacare and tax reform. they have to do the big jobs. >> harris: and politically speaking, they flipped it. they flipped the switch on democrats. primarily on this issue. this national security. those are two big key components to make america great again from the trail into the white house, 200 days end. >> and there is an answer to the republicans if they do not get it done. the hill will be in trouble and elections and the popularity, but president trump will take a lot of heat, even though i give him credit. >> harris: that is interesting. >> he ran as an outsider to get things done, and if the outsider cannot get it done, who can? they need to figure it out together. >> harris: when you say outsider, you mean outside d.c. i did not anticipate outside his
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party. why has it been so difficult for republicans, margins are slim, what are the issues? >> i don't like giving credit to barack obama, but he deserves and democrats deserve credit for the pre-existing conditions. entrants come and he should not deny someone because of pre-existing conditions. as soon as you make sure that that must be in every legislation, it complicates the rest of it. so be it. they can figure it out. they can find a compromises, have to. >> harris: compromises. this is one issue. next, you have tax reform. you have something that should've been done earlier. >> i don't know about the sequence. >> harris: how about just one. >> i don't fault them for doing health care first. if they get a finish, they can turn smartly to tax reform. >> harris: talk to me about messaging if you will. it's one thing for them to a square in the face of august
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recess, which again, i think they should work until the roof is done, but one thing about that, and then the issue of actually being effective and governing as a party when you say you will do better than the other guest for seven years. >> congress is slow. it always is. during the bush years tax cut got done in june 2001, but the next one, education reform, to get done totaled 2,002. i'm not worried, so long is that it is on a trajectory to get past, and i am worried it is not on it, because in a compromising enough as a senate. >> harris: that is everyone come alive on capitol hill. those are all the people in the beltway. what about outside? >> outside, where are the tea party? the people that objected obamacare. they seem to have gone silent, but when it being extended. they are scratching their heads, diesel republicans reelected, and shouldn't they get it done? >> they are not on the pressure to get it done from the public
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and i wish they would. >> harris: and they cannot get this done, does that mean obamacare inflates? your repeal a question mark you saw the president say, we will repeal it. >> it would be cruel if they watch obamacare die. you do have millions of people who are getting medicaid coverage, who couldn't before, and you cannot let them languish. you have to improve their lives. that is what republicanism should be about. if they don't get this done, they have to work with democrats on how to repair what is left of obamacare, and that is a terrible choice for republicans to make. it'll end up with bigger government, more spending, and worse. they should do it themselves. >> harris: i was impressed with president trump, small business owners and others affected by white obamacare to the white house. he went out of the white house, to the beltway to ohio and taken it on the road. does he need to take it inside congress?
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should we see a pop-up course mark we see people in the white house, but sometimes, i know how it works in my going to the bedroom, the kids and the toys on the floor. what does he need to do? >> the pair went to the bedroom in the house. he needs to get a pass. he gets his foot on the gas to get it done. i don't think this is outside play. i don't think united direct yes to campaign. move voters. the base of the party still supports them. this is an inside play. 52 senators licking each other in the eye and say, we cannot as 50 to reach an agreement what good are we, and that is where this is coming down to. this is a vote of 52. >> harris: real quickly before let you go. the democrats doing them a favor, because they don't have a plan either. >> there is that. democrats are the republican's best ally, because they have zero ideas going forward other than single-payer and socialism.
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>> harris: you saw bernie sanders yesterday. he is still the most popular person apparently within the democratic party. >> because of the republican problems, the mayor of new york city, new york, city, de blasio, elizabeth warren, and bernie sanders future there is no center in the democratic party. >> harris: we appreciate appeared welcome aboard. we are monitoring it off camera white house briefing that is supposed to begin any moment now. is the first time since president trump returned from the g20 summit in germany that we will see one of these briefings. plus, president trump's take another shot at fbi director, james comey come on twitter. katherine harris is here to break it down and what it's all about. stay close. >> the oversight committee had jurisdiction over federal records, and then all of a sudden you have the special prosecutor, and it became very convoluted. if this is true, no official can just give these documents out, indicates a james comey, what he
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>> harris: the wildfire situation in california is dire, forcing thousands out of their home now. talk enough major roadways. dozens of people have been forced to get out of a campground after emergency evacuation orders there. a local news crew drove through some of the most intense flames and smoke. governor jerry brown issue in a of emergency as crews struggled to contain the flames. you can see some of the footage coming from there. an inch of rain has helped the
11:17 am
fires in nearby arizona, but complicating as it washes out some of the roads that they need to access. new follow today. where'd that fired fbi director, james comey, had some classified information in the infamous memos he had in conversations with president trump. chief intelligence correspondent kevin harris, classified course mark a legal is telling fox newf the material is considered sensitive or possibly classifie classified. some records documenting those conversations with president trump were marked secret or lower classification level known as confidential. fbi employees are known to sign the agreement that blocked the unauthorized storage or sharing of government records. while it is not publicly known whether james comey signed one of these agreements, known as a sd 291, they are known as the mpi standard. during the testimony, he knew the information was sensitive, and try to write the memos in a way that he would avoid classified information. here is the exchange with the ranking democrat on the senate
11:18 am
intelligence committee, mark warner. >> i thought it was interesting in the memo that you wrote after this february 14th post side, you made clear that you wrote that memo in a way that was unclassified. >> my thinking was if i write it in such a way that i do not include anything that would trigger a classification, that will make it easier for us to discuss within the fbi and the government, and to hold onto it in a way that makes it accessible to us. we got the fbi is not publicly commenting on it, but fox news is told that they're being treated as government records and not james comey's personal memos for recollections, and that is what he is testifying. >> harris: thank you very much. we are awaiting today's white house briefing with senate majority leader. no doubt what she talked about will be asked. off-camera session, running in about 20 mins behind.
11:19 am
i wonder what is at stake. the cease-fire agreement with syria. that no doubt will be asked about. the bloodthirsty dictator there that has wiped out half a million of its own people in a civil war that has been going on. it went into effect yesterday, cease-fire agreement negotiated between the united states and russia. questions coming on that. we will have the latest on press briefing. the first since president trump returned from the g20 summit. that is coming up. stay put. >> this is brought to brought l timers association k. carrying flowers that signify why we want to end alzheimer's disease. but what if, one day, there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor? what if there were millions of them? join us for the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's.
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11:23 am
night and their home in upstate new york. a second woman was shot. she is expected to stay okay. state trooper reported to the home to the canadian border. justin walters shot and killed that trooper as he approached the house. all right. we are starting out to get some input. awaiting the beginning of today's white house press briefing. the news conference is off-camera, so you can see the podium where it normally is, and then at some point when they start, they'll turn the camera away from that. there'll be no camera shot. that means, will have to wait for the audio and bring it to you as it happens. we'll watching it sooner they start to come will let you know, and cover every second of it. remember, is the first time that the president has had a press briefing like this. we are expecting it to beat sarah sanders, from their staff, to hold the press briefing. the first questions since he returned from the g20 summit in germany. remember, we will have every moment. in the meantime, top democrats are preparing for the midterm
11:24 am
cycle. already. hillary clinton is vying to return to the cap intro. a barack obama returning. democratic strategists and mercedes schlapp, former spokesperson for george bush. i guess i want to start with this hold topic, mercedes, about how this is a gift from the democrats to the republicans that they do not have a message quite yet, and most of their messengers are from circa mid--2008. >> you saw bernie sanders today talk about at that rally pushing forward with single-payer system, so you know where part of the democrat party is, which is pushing a very radical agenda. in terms of where the soul of the democratic party is, is told to be determined. the key is to be when you look
11:25 am
at the swing districts where you have 23 of them, where hillary clinton did win the districts last year in the presidential election. whether they are able to find a moderate candidate, deck and talk about the issues in a way that could swing at the district over to the left, and take back some of these districts where republican candidates one. the split votes, because they voted for hillary. >> harris: are my notes from democrats, the key faces is still bernie sanders. that pushes really far to left. how comfortable are you with that course mark because they need to focus on the fundamentals. there's a reason why they lost 900 legislative seats across the country in the last few years. democrats need to focus on talking about what they stand for, the values, and when you go back to middle america, rural america and have a conversation, we had a party of working
11:26 am
people, fair wages, fair days work. we have the party that says the tax code should reward people for hard work as much as it does for being wealthy. these are the kind of messages, core values, that drive democrats to go back and re-engage in conversation with americans about. i don't think this is as much a conversation about who the messenger is then about what we messages. >> i think it is both. >> harris: it is interesting. you listed a few things that were oppositional to hillary clinton, especially the wealth part. even if she will work to be the messenger -- you disagree? >> i think she worked her entire lifetime to give working people -- >> harris: she did not connect with the economy. >> as first lady of the state, she was working for people in rural america, rural arkansas, had the opportunity to work. >> she had that driver campaign. >> heller klein's message was
11:27 am
dividing america, race, ethnicity. it did not work. the economic message did not sell when he came to the working class. it is why so many in the working class, not only in the primary, but in the general, went for a different candidate than hillary clinton. >> adapted to have a dialogue with the americans. let's put the record straight about what republicans have been doing, keeping 20 million off health care course mark these are the values they hold peerless go back and have that conversation. >> harris: before we go back, i want to give mercedes a chance to respond to obamacare, and then i want to move on. >> the cob numbers, they mentioned it was can be 25 million that would enroll, and you ended with 15. they're trying to stabilize the insurance market, because obamacare is imploding, and there needs to be affixed to that obamacare, and republicans are taking actions.
11:28 am
what are the democrats doing? they are folding their arms and same, we will not help. it is all about the resistant movement, and they're not offering any solutions. they should pick up your advice that they need to go back to the base of their message and bring back the working class to support them. >> harris: i want to correct you. one second, let me see. president obama right before the inauguration told democrats, do not help republicans. do not help them. what she saint is exactly true, and we know obamacare was not working, because he would not be trying to do that if i was actually working the way they wanted it to work. >> obamacare needs a tuneup under the hood. >> for you, opening up the hood. >> harris: one at a time. >> they've invited republicans to the table. they even invited mitch mcconnell and the republicans, and they haven't came.
11:29 am
>> they put conditions to it. isaac, come on. you know how this is working out. democrats are resisting in every instance. you meet these conditions, and then we can talk. unfortunately, it is not working. what has happened, the republicans are the only ones right now really trying, and there are some democrats that are trying to ensure obamacare not to implode. your talk about middle-class families that are unable to afford their health care. you're talking about an increase in premiums, and they can't afford to pay for it. what are the solutions? >> harris: i am going to step in here. the reasons why you you lost, isaac, and i invite you to call hillary clinton and let her know, because she said she thinks it is russia, russia, russia, and she is oppositional to some of the things you said. always great to see you both. i will buy coffee if you be
11:30 am
nice. >> we'll take you up on that. >> harris: have a great day, guys. today's white house briefing getting started now. the chemist turned away from sarah huckabee sanders, who is talk about, syria, james comey, all on the table. we will bring that audio to you as soon as we can plus, an unusual overt southwestern syri syria, as the cease-fire welcomed in part by the united state sets in. the latest steps to bring peace to a place where there has been so much violence. whoa!
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♪ >> signs and hope and syria. an ongoing for peace talk looking to end the seven year long civil where to report to an end. this comes as a cease fire. it is said to be mostly holding. john huddy is live near israel. john course mark >> hello, mostly holding. that's a key point. that is the case in the province behind me. the lights that you see that. best the u.s. compound on the border crossing. between israel and syria. and while the cease-fire overall seems to be holding, at least from our advantage points, i should say, earlier today, we did hear and heard gunfire.
11:35 am
in fact, a couple minutes ago, i heard some gunshots on the syrian side. the province is one of the three provinces in the de-escalation zone. as part of the cease-fire agreement. the other ones, the daraa, are along the border with jordan. one of the issues is really, how to ensure that the cease-fire will last. rather than collapsing after just a few days if that is the case with the other cap. keep in mind, these are the fifth attempt at a cease-fire in syria since february of last year. there is lot of apprehension about this one if it will last. russia's foreign minister said, despite the cease-fire starting at noon on sunday, it had you have to be -- consolidated in short, all the details being worked on along with the position with the players involved. israel is certainly one of them.
11:36 am
the israeli prime ministers said, israel welcomes the genuine cease-fire, but has as redlined as phis has blahs entrenchment along the military status may. he said, one of israel's concerns is also russia's military, possibly patrolling the de-escalation zones. russia remembering its ally with syria and iran. peace talks have began again in geneva, but there are low expectations that this round will have any long-term peace. >> harris: all right, john. thank you very much. let's talk more about the cease-fire. i i have republican congressmen, member of the house on the services and foreign affairs committee. so glad to have you here. let's start with who was not at the table, why that might be important. iran, saudi arabia could talk to me about that. >> let's be clear about what is
11:37 am
happening. we have some peace breakout in syria, but also iraq. the liberation of mosul. that is a big deal and a positive step forward for the people of iraq. now we have a number of factions, different rebel groups, the government led by a side comment major players are russia and the united states. to a large degree, if the united states agrees on something, at the allies like saudi arabia, will return in that agreement appeared same thing i hope with russian. as much as they can do, align themselves with iran, iran will respect russia's intent. still, it is better to try, and quite frankly, these are two feathers and the captain of the top administration paid what is happened in mosul and syria. i think will be just heard is very accurate. the cease-fire typically break down after some period of time. it is unfortunate for the people who want to live there. >> harris: it is cap located for them. so many years of war.
11:38 am
humanitarian groups are reporting more dead come up between 40,500,000. we see in the crisis it created. what i hear is hope and positivity in, and the fact that you have the put 1 foot in front of the other. what do you think is going right with how the white house has handled this? >> they have been. as far as the islamic state, recognizing come of this is not a jv team. this is a serious effort. make sure the iraqi forces were able to retake the ground that the islamic state, through force, taken from the iraqi people. syria, the same thing. proactive step, meeting with the leader of russia, vladimir putin, and trying to find a forest where we can address these issues and put them behind us. >> harris: this president started where the former president obama did not start in that it's with a redline on the chemical weapons, and firing the
11:39 am
tomahawk missile. does more than a shot across the bow. it set up now the poem's meaning, which is president was criticized for not having the chops to do. >> is important to remember what president reagan said, peace through strength. when you show weakness, which the prior administration did, didn't that unfortunately encourages aggressive conduct. vladimir putin, the russian, the syrian regime, the iranians, they understand that with this president, we mean business, and that is important when you're trying to negotiate a settlement that will bring about the peace we all desire. >> harris: we are at two different things. syria and iraq, bullets up right now. we have spent so much blood and treasure gaining cities like mosul, and now are doing it again, and we have been successful in the last 72 hours. there still more work to be done. congressman, heard you say, it will never be over. what does that mean? >> there's different facets.
11:40 am
given ideology represented by the islamic state, or you have a more aggressive wing of religion that believes in stamping out, eliminating, destroying, all nonbelievers. stopping an ideology is a lot more difficult than defeating a nation-state. it's a whack a mole problem. when you defeat them in one place, they pop up another plac place. 18 is a number i heard. i don't know how accurate it is. it is probably more, but let's see how it plays out long-term. you have to defeat the ideology, and then we will see. >> harris: what is next and all of this? we're watching what's happening in europe. i was in europe, paris, and have had so much terror there. we've had it happen here. what is next? >> first you have to recognize the problem. you have to be able to talk about islamic terrorism.
11:41 am
>> harris: you think were still stuck on that question mike don't you think we know what it is? >> the people and that the president knows what it is, but -- >> harris: then who doesn't? >> the former administration. we had the opportunity for many years when the islamic state was weaker to make progress at less cost, and we squander that opportunity. now, we have a president of the united states and secretary of state, who understand the seriousness of the situation, and they're doing their best to address it. definitely at a higher cost. they have grown in strength, and spread from a small region in the world to now roughly 18 countries, perhaps more, to doesn't, we see how it all plays out. they claim elements in the philippines, egypt, somalia, afghanistan, pakistan, and apparently some elements in europe based upon their claims to have been responsible for the
11:42 am
terrorist attacks in places like paris, brussels, london, and various other places throughout the european continent. >> harris: the philippines right now, the anti-isis warfare that they're extending to their citizens. representative mel connect after he got stuck on the side of the high-rise in sarasota. he was standing on a scaffolding platform when one of the cable modems malfunction. it was almost vertical. crews were able to attach the stated man to safety harness, lower him down ten stories to the ground. god bless him. live look now the russell. we are monitoring off camera briefing. we'll pull together the audio coming out, so you do not have just at the wall. it is happening right now, and sarah huckabee sanders is at the podium taking questions, and we
11:43 am
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amazon app. that's what you can preview before you go live. making sure like camel, or plug-ins. the competition is rolling out
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deals. >> harris: what's the deal for prime day for competitors? >> you know walmart will do something similar. they're really jumping in the game's end, we will match the prices. they have to do something, because amazon is a big day. >> harris: does anyone else do this course mike does walmart have a version of this? >> they started with the christmas in july sale, and a resonated. they got more people to sign on. 80 million by members. >> harris: i know the audience bought thinks we bought these stresses 24 2 for 1, but you know. >> i think the brand-name tvs if you're in the market for brand-new tv. i think the apple products, they are not expected to be heavily
11:50 am
discounted. if you're an apple watcher, i would not get your heart on it, because there's a lot out there. a good deal is not a good deal if it is a lousy product. there will be some junk, definitely. >> harris: what is the one thing she never buy if there's one or two things you should never buy in a sale like this, like lightning sale? >> i think people buy things from hammocks to a inflatable pools. i think you have to know what you want, price points, and this is where the browser plug-ins like wiki by. >> harris: can you return it? >> you can always return, and end up spending way more than anticipated. people are getting ready for this there are already deals leading up to the deals. >> harris: this is how it goes. it is always good talking politics with you. it is fun. come back. to the white house briefing. off camera afternoon. it is so critical.
11:51 am
here are the high stakes. the president now, the first time we can ask his press staff about the g20 summit. press briefing fashion. it is going on right now, audio only, and will bring it to you right away. you don't let anything lkeep you sidelined. come on!
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>> harris: we are watching the situation down in texas. congressional maps there could be redrawn after a five-day trial in federal court this week. a three-judge panel will decide whether the political maps are discriminatory. casey siegel is live from san antonio with this. casey? >> harris, this is about to wrap up at the end of the week. no decision has been made. they are set to release their findings at a later time. they do have a very tight deadline here, because they could force the state of texas to redraw its political boundaries prior to the 2018
11:55 am
election, and then moving forward for elections after tha that. this case background was put on the docket first of all after the same panel of federal judges ruled in march that texas lawmakers knowingly disseminated against minority voters when it came to redistricting and 2007, and you put them at a advantage. they were ordered to redraw the lines in 2013, in order to make could not have been intentionally discriminated, because the process was closely monitored. if texas does not win this time around, it could not only be forced to redraw those lines, but face punishment as well. >> that is a big deal, because if that is the conclusion of the court, it could put texas back under the voting rights act section five, so it has to preclear any changes to
11:56 am
elections. that would be a devastating impact on texas. >> plaintiffs include many minority advocacy groups, and they have been successful in challenging this in the past. again, it to previous federal decisions coming against the state of texas, so we will see what they decide on the third time here, but depending on the outcome, texas said, it could take it all the way to the u.s. supreme court as you know, the high court has already accepted a different redistricting case out of wisconsin. we will see what happens here in the loan lone star state. >> harris: at the white house is speaking today to the media for the very first time since the president returned from the overseas trip. we were talking about it all hour long. we knew from the get-go, it was going to be off-camera, so the camera faces the wall. audio, as we get it in its
11:57 am
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>> real quick. don't miss this. the top u.s. commander congratulations on taking back mosul. now shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in d.c. where the meeting with the russians to get dirt on hillary clinton is owning the washington news cycle. team trump running damage control over a get-together last year. the president's oldest son, his son-in-law, campaign manager meeting with a russian lawyer with kremlin connections who was said to have information on clinton to help the campaign. donald trump jr. admits it happened and offered an explanation. does it show collusion or is it, as the white house puts it, a nothing burger? and president trump is backing away from the idea of working with russian on cyber security after some of his fellow


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