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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 10, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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fox news specialists today, katrina pierson and capri cafar cafaro. follow us on social media. 5:00 will never be the same. "special report" is next. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington. u.s. officials telling the associated press at this hour and active duty army soldier has been arrested by the fbi on terrorism charges in hawaii. authorities say the soldier had connections with the isis terror group and the fbi spokesman says s.w.a.t. special agents arrested the man saturday. the soldier was with the 25th infantry division in honolulu. more on this story when information becomes available. now to the story and an angle that just won't go away for the president. russian interference in last
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fall's election. sunday donald trump, jr. clarified his original response about why he talked to a russian attorney with supposed ties to the kremlin. white house aides say nothing came from the meeting and the uproar is an overreaction. the president's critics say it's part of a continuing pattern of members of the campaign or transition forgetting about meetings with various russians and recanting and re-characterizing why they were meeting. kevin corke has the latest from the white house. >> this story doesn't seem to go away. either the most direct -- simply a matter of a meeting that was set up under false pretenses that had nothing to do with the campaign itself. >> our position is known within the term campaign colluded in order to influence the election. >> donald trump, jr. took to twitter firing back at suggestions that by taking a
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meeting with a russian lawyer for the purpose of getting dirt on the clinton campaign during the 2016 race, it meant his team had somehow colluded with the kremlin tweeting: "obviously i'm the first person on a campaign to take a meeting to hear info about an opponent. went nowhere but had to listen." white house officials saying the president learned about the meeting couple days ago but critics argue the fact that the campaign operatives jared kushner and and paul manafort e there is highly unethical. >> no reason for this russian government advocate to be meeting with paul manafort or mr. kushner or with the presidents on if it wasn't about the campaign and russian policy. >> it's the first time we've seen clear evidence senior level officials in the trump campaign met with potentially an agent of a foreign government. >> mr. trump junior discounted the meeting, writing "her
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statements were vague, ambiguous, it made no sense but she began discussing the adoption of russian children. it became clear to me this was the true agenda all along." >> what's important is we are at day 200 or so of no evidence of russian collusion. people think they want to convert wishful thinking into hard evidence. >> asked about the lawyer, a putin spokesman said "we don't know who she is and obviously we can't keep track of the meetings of all the lawyers in russia and abroad." this saga managed to knock the white house off summit following a g20 that saw the president delivering a powerful speech in poland. extinctions were not discussed in my meeting with president putin, the president tweeted. nothing will be done until ukrainian and syrian problems solved. that appeared to contradict secretary of state rex tillerso rex tillerson.
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the president lashed out at critics of his daughter. "if chelsea clinton were asked to hold the seat for her mother, as her mother gave our country away, the fake news would say chelsea for pres!" that drew a response. "good morning, mr. president, it would never have occurred to my mother or father to ask me. were you giving our country away? hoping not." this afternoon donald trump, jr. said he would be happy to pass along what he knows brady said that in a tweet, talking about possibly speaking to the senate intelligence committee. important note that outside counsel has said this about this lawyer that we talked about in the piece, may have been connected to fusion gps, and opposition research team that had been backed by the democrat democrats. >> bret: kevin corke live on the north longer let's get some analysis and reaction from brit hume. good evening. your thoughts.
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>> when you step back a little bit and look at it, it looks kind of farcical in which donald trump, jr. was conned into holding a meeting with this russian lawyer who had cause to promote that, because of american adoptions of russian children which has been frozen since a dispute between the earlier administration and the russian government. to get him to have such a meeting, she hinted or indicate she had some information on hillary clinton, possibly involving hillary clinton campaign connections to the russians that she wanted to spill. they get in the meeting and she didn't have any information. from what we know. presently it turns out she wanted to talk about this issue of adoption which mr. trump pointed out that neither he nor his father were in any position to do anything about it. they were both still private citizens. the meeting probably went
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nowhere. the whole thing has the element of a farce. >> bret: when you hear senator warner, and others saying this is part of a pattern where so many in the campaign or the transition forgets that they have met with russians and then re-characterizes when they finally have to come forward because of some, "new york times," "washington post" story or whatever. >> i would be more concerned if the episodes themselves, the meetings turned out to be of some substantive meeting in the sense they pointed in the direction that there was some cooperation and collusion going on. so far what we've seen doesn't seem to do that and it's not hard for me to imagine people associated with the president's campaign might have forgotten. this meeting seems to be eminently forgettable, almost laughable. >> bret: again, they are saying for someone to meet with somebody from a foreign country is different than someone just meeting who has oppo research. >> that may be so but were
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having a conflation being made between this woman whom the kremlin, perhaps not truthfully, but they are saying they don't know any about it. putin doesn't know this woman. you can't be a prominent lawyer in moscow without in some way being connected to the kremlin because the kremlin is connected to nearly everything. that doesn't make her a russian agent, certainly doesn't make her a russian official, she is being characterized by some of the president's critics. speaks to a certain keystone cops quality among the trump people. easily lured into a meeting that goes nowhere. but it doesn't add up to some kind of cooperation between the campaign and an actual russian official. >> bret: put brit hume down as "nothing burger."
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>> hesitate to use it, so overdone. >> bret: do you think of the donald trump, jr. meeting is significant? let me know on twitter at @bretbaier. use the hashtag #specialreport. or on facebook at did former fbi director james comey break the law when he had a friend leak information about his meetings with president trump to the media? specifically those memos. the president thinks so and he wants you to know it. what do we know about the comey memos and what lawmakers are looking at? catherine herridge has the latest. >> a legal source close to the matter tells fox news the fired fbi director's memos documenting his conversations with president trump are considered government records and some of the material contained classified information as first reported by the hill newspaper.
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all fbi employees sign these agreements that blocked the unauthorized of material. >> it's hard to believe that information would not be classified and further, if it's true, that the information was secret and/or confidential. then that would be in violation of the rules. >> c7 justified his actions last month. >> do you consider to be your own personal documents? >> correct. i understood this to be my recollection recorded of my conversation with the president as a private citizen i felt free to share it. >> writing today, president trump claimed james comey leaked classified information. "that is so illegal!" >> the choir boy defense doesn't hold up. handing over classified information through private recollection. it doesn't matter what he calls
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it. >> senator warner. >> i have seen the reports that there may have been after-the-fact classification. we don't know who may have classified the documents. i want to get the answer. >> then director comey chastise hillary clinton and her team for their careless handling of highly classified material and the use of a personal server. >> his recent actions and what he admitted to his contradictory. >> comey gave memos to a law school professor who told fox he never gave hard copies to the media. comey may be criticized over retroactive classification, the same issue that damaged clinton's campaign. >> bret: the president is putting more pressure on congress to get something done on health care between vacations. many republican senators are already bailing on their own version of an obamacare repeal and replace measure.
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the legislative clock is ticking. mike emanuel is on capitol hill. >> senators returned to capitol hill facing tension over health care reform. fox has learned there is a new timeline. getting an updated bill to senators thursday, cbo score as soon as monday and a vote late next week. >> most of the folks do want to get to yes. they do support most of the bil bill. there are people who aren't quite there yet. >> at least ten g.o.p. senators are opposed. with 52 republicans, there can only be two no votes to pass the bill. several republicans have declared the original bill dead but majority leader mitch mcconnell hasn't given up. >> he's trying to rework to get something that will pass but the original version, ten folks opposing, it's not going to pass.
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>> president trump on twitter. "i cannot imagine that congress would dare to leave washington without a beautiful new healthcare bill fully approved and ready to go!" there was also pressure on republican senators at town hall events. ted cruz faced protesters in texas. >> please don't pass your version. >> senator bernie sanders is trying to move the health care debate to the left. >> as soon as we defeat this disastrous bill, i will be introducing a medicare for all single-payer program. >> there is fear more health care delays could sidetrack other issues like infrastructure, raising the debt limit and even tax reform. if mcconnell wants to get tax reform through he may be forced to abandon health care. republicans want to use the same filibuster-proof process for tax reform that they are currently
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sleeper health care. the problem is mcconnell can't use the same maneuver for two bills at the same time. >> this backup is why lawmakers are calling for dropping the august recess. they worry about phasing their constituents with very few points on the board. >> bret: mike emanuel, thanks. told you about the gains republicans made in state and local governments during the obama years. tonight a challenge for the way voting maps are drawn up in one state. it might portend changes in others. casey stegall has the story from san antonio, texas. >> it's been a legal battle six years in the making. did texas violate the federal voting rights act after the states republican-controlled legislature mapped out new congressional and house district lines in 2011. >> whoever gets to draw the boundaries of the electoral districts can draw them in such a way that they advantage their political party. >> of the courts redrew the maps
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in 2013 but many minority advocates challenged, saying the new lines were still drawn to favor the g.o.p. and "dilute the democratic vote." plaintiffs collect discrimination since more latinos and african-americans tend to vote democrat. >> we are at 60% of the u.s. congress in texas are latino. the same number since 1970. >> judges cited against texas thing lawmakers "intentionally discriminated against minority voters." the following month a similar ruling was issued by the same trio of judges regarding the statehouse districts. once again accusing texas of stacking the deck. >> we are confident in our arguments in this case and optimistic that the current redistricting plans for congress and for the texas house of representatives will be found
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fair and legal. >> the stakes are high. if texas fails to make a compelling argument, the court ordered state to redraw its maps before the 2018 election. punishment could restrict how texas conducts elections moving forward. requiring district lines be approved by the department of justice. outside the federal court in san antonio. texas has said it plans to appeal the decision if it does not go in their favor, meaning it could go all the way up to the u.s. supreme court. the high court has already agreed to pick up a different redistricting case out of the state of wisconsin. >> bret: thank you. former president obama will headline the fundraiser for the democratic effort to weaken the g.o.p. advantage through redistricting. mr. obama will appear before a few dozen people at a private
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event here in washington thursday. the group wants to address what it calls unfair gerrymandering practices around the u.s. markets, stocks mixed. dow lost 6. s&p 500 gained 2. nasdaq up 23. a hearing continues in pennsylvania in the death of a fraternity pledge at penn state university. 18 members of the group faced charges including involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault. the 19-year-old student died after a night of drinking. the judge will decide if there's enough evidence to send this case to trial. up next, president trump may be sending new detainees to guantanamo bay. here's our affiliates are covering. fox 5. governor andrew cuomo predicts it will be a summer of hell. repairs at the busiest train station. did not seem to have a major
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impact on this morning's commute. work scheduled to continue through august. fox 40 in sacramento. governor jerry brown declares a state of emergency. a huge grass fire has spread to 5600 acres. it has damaged critical infrastructure and forced the evacuation of residents. the blaze is said to be 35% contained. live look at seattle from our affiliate, the big story they are tonight the seattle city council deciding whether to impose an income tax on high income households. the measure would add 2.25% of total income. that's two nights live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back.
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>> bret: the parents of a terminally ill british child who wants to pursue new treatment will get a chance to change that judges mind. the judge set a new session for thursday. charlie gard's parents say they have fresh evidence their son should receive the experimental treatment possibly in the u.s. so far, british and european courts have sided with the hospital's decision that the 11-month-old life should end. secretary of state rex tillerson is inchoate seeking to mediate the dispute between qatar and its arab neighbors. tillerson will be in the region most of the week trying to break the impasse involving american allies. saudi arabia, egypt, bahrain, the uae cut off relations with qatar over allegations of ties and funding terrorism and extremism. you may recall then candidate
3:22 pm
donald trump promising to not only keep the terror prison at guantanamo bay cuba open but to repopulate it with new detainees. there may be some progress tonight toward doing just that. national security correspondent jennifer griffin tells us about it from the pentagon. >> among president obama's first orders after taking office was to close the u.s. detention facility at guantanamo bay. the obama administration released more than 200 prisoners in eight years. president bush released 113 of the 122 gitmo detainees who retain to the -- returned to the battlefield. candidate trump vowed to keep gitmo open. >> we are going to load it up with some bad dudes. >> jeff sessions, rod rosenstein and the director of national intelligence, dan coats, visited guantanamo bay. >> i have been there a number of
3:23 pm
times as a senator. it's a very fine place for holding these kind of dangerous criminals. we've spent a lot of money fixing it up. i am inclined of the view that it remains a perfectly acceptable play sports to coat the pentagon would not release images of the visit. the justice department issued a statement. >> attacks confirmed that the threat to our nation is immediate and real. the obama administration argued gitmo served as a propaganda tool. >> they have to look to the images of isis prisoners being led to their deaths in an orange jumpsuit. there's no question guantanamo and the abuses it symbolizes. being used by our adversaries against us. >> congress blocked president obama from closing the
3:24 pm
prison. 41 prisoners remain, including accused 9/11 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed. keeping gitmo open is expensive. $10 million per detainee in year. if they were held in a super max facility it would only be $100,000 per year. >> bret: jennifer griffin, thank you. fox news alert, update to the story. the arrest of an active-duty u.s. army soldier on terrorism charges. fox news has confirmed the arrest of ikaika kang. fbi says he's been under investigation for more than a year. accused of swearing allegiance to isis, attempting to provide military documents and training to isis. the bureau believes kang was
3:25 pm
acting alone. iraqi forces battling isis terrorists on a day that the prime minister declared a total victory for iraq. the commanders say they are still areas of the old city that must be cleared of explosive devices and possible isis fighters in hiding. to the syrian civil war and the second day of the latest cease-fire. john huddy reports from the israeli controlled section of the golan heights. >> this is a village in southern syria back in 2011. this is what's left of it today. a mosque and holmes, now rubble. the u.n. estimates more than 400,000 people have been killed in syria since 2011. quneitra province, 1 of 3 de-escalation zones. daraa and another province along the border of jordan. we went to see if the cease-fire is holding.
3:26 pm
this is the border fence. on the other side is syria. we have heard sporadic gunfire. it remains quiet. 48 hours ago, civil war was raging. this is the fifth attempt at a cease-fire in syria since february 2016. the others crumbled within days. u.s., russia, jordan brokered this effort. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said today despite the cease-fire starting at noon on sunday, it has yet to be he says consolidated, meaning in short the details are still being ironed out. >> translator: looking for approaches in which this can be solved, we have to be reminded the position of a large number of players appeared >> the challenge of enforcing the cease-fire, details worked out and russia's military may control the de-escalation zones and that's a point of contention
3:27 pm
for israel. a new round of peace talks is underway in geneva but expectations are low that any long-term peace will come out of it. >> bret: john huddy in the golan heights. thank you. as 's >> as far as north korea s concerned, i don't know. we will see what happens. i don't like to talk about what i have planned but i think pretty severe things we are thinking about. that doesn't mean we're going to do them. i don't draw redlines. >> we are prepared but support not to think the idea of military action on the korean insula lightly. this is a situation in which we need to get north korea and china in a corner and not put our president in in a corner. >> bret: north korea situation very tense tonight as talks continue and talks about what to do next. let's talk about some of those challenges facing the u.s. military tonight.
3:28 pm
retired u.s. navy admiral, former commander of the atlantic fleet. he joins us. this is a tensions situation. >> they have developed missile delivery system. and test of an icbm. it had a high trajectory. the apex was 1600 miles or so and they probably did that on purpose so as not to violate airspace of japan. >> bret: as far as the timeline of being able to be effective in the other component, miniaturizing a nuclear bomb on the missile. do we have a timeline. >> i would say it's short, if not immediate. my take is they tested five nuclear devices successfully.
3:29 pm
miniaturizing it is not as technologically difficult as getting the devices. we have seen pictures of kim jong-un standing before encapsulated devices he called nuclear weapons. we have to take him to his word in this kind of threat. >> bret: understanding that talk is the preferred method now and pressure. we can talk about that in a minute but military options as far as what the u.s. can do if pushed to that moment. >> we have the ability to prevail in north korea. there is no doubt about that. as the former seventh fleet commander i was directly involved in the war plans should it come to that. the reality is we don't want that because it would be ugly. for example, in the three year korean war from 1950 21953, we
3:30 pm
lost 54,000 u.s. military personnel. the war on terrorism for the last 16 and a half years we have lost a total of 6800. to put that in context. >> bret: could we take out their missiles, considering they are moving them around? what specific military options? >> we have the ability to put a spotlight on north korea and track to a great extent things they are doing, and if it came to conflict, we would focus every asset on the north korean peninsula. and it would be ugly. >> bret: we have seen celebration after this launch from north korea. what about the other track, the pressure track? we heard nikki haley at the u.n. talking about not only pressuring china but also anyone who helps north korea in any way, shape, or form.
3:31 pm
>> that's the exact appropriate approach. the sanctions we've had over the last 20 years have been porous to say the least. they have been halfhearted. we haven't enforced them, and that's the reality. >> bret: you have other countries moving stuff in there. >> exactly. sanctions can be imposed on them. sanctions can be imposed on shipping companies, banks, companies that are selling them to them. we need to have those kinds of sanctions certainly going to that extent and that effort before we ever go to combat. >> bret: if you were to put a percentage on it, i know it's tough. the percentage that we would be involved in some kind of military action within the year with north korea. what would you put it at? >> i hate to guess about things like that. at this point, based on what they are doing and how far along they are with their technology, i would put it at less than 50%.
3:32 pm
if they continue on this trajectory that percentage is going to climb. >> bret: the threat is direct. it's not make-believe. >> we have 40,000 troops based in korea. we have another 50,000 based in japan. along with their families. when we put those people at risk, this is serious business for us. >> bret: finally, admiral, one of the bases you you used to command was guantanamo bay. we just did this story about possibly repopulating gitmo. your thoughts. >> guantanamo bay is the perfect place to have this sort of prison. the idea that we are going to bring these prisoners potentially to the united states and say we will throw them in a super max prison, what about the surroundings? what about the communities that surround those prisons? we've brought a couple of these folks back and put them in prisons where we put one in the
3:33 pm
naval prison in norfolk, virginia. i can tell you there was enhanced security and there were increased costs associated with it. that was one prisoner. i think it's a good idea because of its isolation. they are not going to swim home. they are not going to escape and indeed no one would ever attempt to come in and free them. that's not going to happen at guantanamo bay. it's new and admiral natter, we appreciate your time. >> bret: white house deals with a sidebar to the russian story. we'll get reactions and follow-up from the g20 from the panel when we come back.
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>> he goes into the meeting. it was vague, ambiguous. it was obvious there was no
3:37 pm
helpful or meaningful information. >> donald trump, jr. must also testify before the committee to explain why three of the highest level members of the trump administration thought it was appropriate to meet with a russian source to receive information. >> if you are looking for an example of a campaign coordinating with a foreign country or foreign source, look no further than the dnc who coordinated opposition research with the ukrainian embassy. no one in this room to my knowledge really had a problem with that. the democratic national committee coordinated opposition research directly with the ukrainian embassy. >> bret: white house today responding to the story that took up a lot of time today, a lot of headlines, donald trump, jr. amending his original response about a meeting in june of 2016 that included donald trump, jr., paul manafort and jared kushner.
3:38 pm
this is raising alarm bells for people investigating the russian collusion angle. >> i'm not going to get into how many times jared kushner has had to amend his filings about forgotten meetings with the russians but i will say this is a pattern we've seen since election day, and it doesn't include just jared kushner and paul manafort. doesn't include just donald trump, jr. it includes general flynn, attorney general sessions, a series of other individuals. i find that in itself is a pattern that's troubling. >> bret: donald trump, jr. tweeted today obviously in the first person on the campaign to ever take a meeting to hear info about an opponent when nowhere but had to listen. had to work with the committee
3:39 pm
committee -- editor-in-chief of lifezette, lauren green. mara liasson. charles krauthammer. laura. >> it's never good to start on monday with another story about a russian meeting and the trump folks. this is june of last year and this was just as they were getting ready for the convention. doesn't surprise me someone connected to the campaign would take a meeting with a friend of a friend who was trying to get some mojo and some juice with donald trump, jr. for this kind of stuff happens a lot. now we are focused on russia so this woman is a lawyer in russia. as someone who has two adopted russian kids, this ultimately ended up being a meeting about adoption. i've seen so many times sources in russia trying to get the word out about this act which they
3:40 pm
are desperate to get rescinded in the united states. that was her goal in this meeting. she wanted to push her case with their clients. that doesn't surprise me. listen, he's right about the ukrainian deal. the ukrainians did want to influence the election and hurt trump. they wanted to help hillary clinton. the hillary clinton campaign i'm sure was very happy to get any help they could from the ukrainians. do they make the optics look any better? it doesn't but this is a big nothing. the story goes nowhere. it keeps us one news cycle away from focusing on what most americans want us to focus on. >> bret: mara, your thoughts. remembering the meetings, recanting, re-characterizing. >> i don't understand why so many people in the trump administration keep on forgetting they met with the russians. i don't get it. whether it is jeff sessions, jared kushner, now donald trump, jr.
3:41 pm
they all seem to forget that they met with the russians or they don't disclose it when they are required to. jared kushner has amended his forms and he's disclosed meetings. three times. donald trump, jr. originally said this was a meeting about adoption then later he says she offered some negative information on hillary clinton. then when we talk, it ended up being about adoption. >> bret: kind of a ruse. >> pretext. he was willing to meet with her and i agree this kind of stuff happens in campaigns. people call up and say i have some dirt on your opponents. keeps the story alive. he has hired a criminal lawyer and he's going to go before the senate committee if not bob mueller and this keeps on going. >> bret: charles great >> i agree. there is a sort of epidemic of amnesia. there were three people in the meeting and not one of them remembered until being reminded now. the other problem is the trump administration, let's look at donald trump, jr.
3:42 pm
like bill clinton, seems to have an approximate approach to the truth as if saying it is a last resort. donald trump, jr. gave three explanations for what happened. the last one is the one that's most obvious and the most believable. they get a call. there is someone with oppo research, why not. the only answer to why not is it's a foreign power, a hostile foreign power. ukraine is a foreign power. a lot of countries try to influence american elections. we tried to influence elections among democracies, israel is a prime example. but russia is an adversary working against us. putin is not a friend of the united states. they could say these were amateurs. the trump people weren't aware of the fact. not a great defense. it's not something you want to do to get together with an adversary in the middle of an
3:43 pm
american election. >> he's not getting together with putin, charles. a friend of a friend. in the rough-and-tumble of the campaign, you see it on the other side as well, maybe not the exact same pattern but clinton did invent the war room in politics. it is war and they are -- one side is trying to get something on the other side and the clinton folks were at some point focusing on the dossier in britain. it's a leap to say they are meeting with the russians. just because someone is a lawyer who works in russia does not mean she's a member of the kgb and is the right hand person to putin. i am sure she is friendly to putin because a lot people are but that they are meeting with the russian government. >> bret: this was a tweet on sunday. number 53.
3:44 pm
questions asked about why the cia and fbi asked the dnc for their server and were rejected. still don't have it. fake news said 17 intel agencies when actually 4. had to apologize. why did obama do nothing when he had info before election?" that led to the secretary of the treasury out on the sunday show shows. >> this is an important step forward. we want to make sure we coordinate with russia, we are focused on cybersecurity. we make sure they never interfere in any democratic elections were conducted cybersecurity. this is about capabilities to make sure we fight cyber together which is significant. >> bret: democrats pounced, some republicans pounced. the president tweeted: "the fact that president putin and i discussed a cyber security
3:45 pm
unit doesn't mean i think it can happen. it can't. but a ceasefire can and did!" >> he pushed back against the negative reviews of why would you want to cooperate with the russians, who just hacked into our elections and apparently are trying to currently hack into other energy grid a nuclear power plants. then he pivoted to one positive thing, that they have a cease-fire in southern syria. sounds like this was a trial balloon. he floated it and it got punctured. >> bret: it is tough to go out defending some of those things on the sunday shows. >> happens all the time. >> i had vice president pence on the radio today and i said you've got to explain this. i don't get it. he said, he basically said it seems like we are moving in a different direction now. it was clear he was caught flat-footed on this. that to me made no sense. i think it's really good to try to reach out other countries.
3:46 pm
when we can work with them, work with them. obama tried it. clinton tried it, bush tried it. it didn't yield much in results but cybersecurity seemed to be a step too far. >> the president proposing this in a tweet is impenetrable logically. really incomprehensible. he actually was thinking it was a good idea to collaborate with the russians who you can't trust to do anything, who have hacked into our elections, have hacked into everything we do. to believe they are going to work with us, it is beyond incomprehensible. let me say one thing. this lawyer going around on the half of in russia. the putin defenses we don't know about all the lawyers. in russia, you don't operate
3:47 pm
unless you have protection from on high. there are no independent factors in this play. >> bret: what we don't know is whether she was sent to intervene in an election or advocating for this adoption. >> she was advocating, offering opposition research for that's all the trump people knew. russian lawyer, connection with the authorities offering opposition research, has to be a red flag. >> this is where we leap ahead. donald trump, jr., as far as i can tell did not say he knew that this woman was in any way connected to the russian government. she was a friend of a friend of his. they have an interest, apparently in rescinding this act which does have -- there are some opponents.
3:48 pm
can you revisit it? anything related to putin you can never revisit. >> bret: the warsaw speech, people thought positively. the take away from the g20 and poland trip. >> the poland speech. conservatives saw it positively. you could pick the parts where he talked about the rule of law. pretty good. he doesn't usually say that but then there's other stuff people thought were code words the right. >> bret: if ronald reagan had given that speech. >> if the poland speech was all he did and he didn't have the meeting with putin where he came out and agreed with the lavrov readout, not his own secretary of state, the trip would've been more successful. he undercut himself by seeming to agree with putin's denials about hacking. >> bret: i want to continue
3:49 pm
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point in the conversation and focus on the issues >> bret: fon
3:53 pm
meeting. talking about the reaction to the speech and meeting itself. >> this speech was a tour de force. i worked for president reagan and it was a speech president reagan could've given. beautifully crafted, well delivered. the thing with sanctions in the readout of the meeting does get a little confusing. it's important for the trump administration to get the story straight from the beginning to the end, make the communications clearance and crisp. yes we did challenge him on the election meddling and we are not surprised he denied it. we've vigorously challenged it and he denied it again. we could've spent the next two hours discussing it. we didn't think that was fruitful so we moved on. i think that's a better way to do it. they're not going to sign a blood oath saying we meddled in the election probably won't do it again. they won't do that. russian leaders are going to stand defiance. they are not going to admit it.
3:54 pm
how do you move forward? they have to be clear. the policy has to be clear. >> i was in the briefing today. she was asked, just as tillerson was asked, did he accept putin's denials. they will not say he didn't accept them. she said she heard them. she heard putin. >> what is that going to matter? >> still not accepting the intelligence committee's conclusion that russia actually did hack the elections. there are other places where we can work together, let's move on. but they won't say that. >> bret: the other controversy, charles, is ivanka trump taking his chair at the g20. the president tweeting "when i left the conference room, i asked ivanka to hold seat. very standard. angela m agrees!"
3:55 pm
"if chelsea clinton were asked to hold the seat for her mother, as her mother gave our country away, the fake news would say chelsea for pres!" chelsea clinton responding. "would never have occurred to my mother or father to ask me. were you giving our country away. hoping not to." amazing to get to this level. >> it's absurd. you don't do that if you are a republic, a democracy. you don't put your daughter in the seat. we are not a monarchy. we have a different system of choosing who succeeds you. it's no big deal. the whole g20 thing in and of itself is preposterous. in all the years we've had them come up for decades, has anything ever come out of a g20 that meant anything? the answer is no. it was absurdly hyped and you end up with these absurd arguments. >> bret: when we come back,
3:56 pm
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>> falling tonight, a man in knoxville, tennessee, who was a in a dire need of a kidney transplant. when she bought a custom baseball card pack, he thought she was just trying to cheer him up but after shuffling to the deck for great players, the thoughtful gift turn into a lifesaving one. >> it's me. >> what are the say on the back? >> is a great catch. now steve will be the review recipient. >> i found out today while i was at work. >> she is a match. doctors told heather the chances the two would be a match where one and 100,000. it happened and that is better than anywhere baseball card the
4:00 pm
surgery, and of july. best of luck. that's it for the special report. fair, balanced, and unafraid. the story hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: good evening everybody. i martha maccallum and this is the story. a story of so-called collusion between trump campaign officials in a russian lawyer that have the president's critics gleeful tonight. so is it? let's hit the pause button as jonathan turley says there is quote no clear criminal act in such a meeting. he joined us in just a moment with his legal opinion out of all this for about first look at the story from trace gallagher in our west coast newsroom tonight. >> we found eight examples over the past year were members of the term campaign or trim administration flatly denied having any contact with the russians trying to metal in the election. including donald trump junior telling "the new york times" in