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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 11, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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and friends." now you do not have any friends. >> no more money, jason davis will be with us. it will be a great show. >> we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. >> bill: morning everybody. we are going to begin with a fox news alert. a plane crash and in mississippi. the pentagon confirming, 16 service members are dead. an active investigation underway. we will get a live report coming up. first, can republicans get closer to a new deal on health care. senators say they could be a crack in the stalemate as they arrived back in washington, d.c. see bachrach's big enough to win over some votes. good morning, how are you. >> shannon: great to see you, bill. i am shannon bream. they're hoping to relive a revived bill this week.
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no change you have to get them the 50 votes they need. president trump suggesting they should cancel the august recess until a bill reaches his decks. texas senator ted cruz agrees. >> i am trying to bring together and unify republicans. bring together conservatives, moderates, leaderships, and the administration. get everyone on the same page and say, let us deliver on the promise. we do stop taking recess. stop taking time off, and just keep going until we get it done. >> bill: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is at the hill. good morning, michael. what can you tell us about the canceling of recess? >> those calls are growing louder as they continue with health care reform. six republican senators, purdue, james, kennedy, lee, dakota, and strange, are expected to do a news conference today to call for shortening or dropping the
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august recess. i should be done if meaningful progress has not been done on key priorities. fixing health care, dealing with the debt ceiling, passing a budget resolution, and improving the tax code. this senate leadership tries to round up 50 votes by the end of next week. some of their senate republicans say, they do not want to be rushed. >> what i have heard is that we are going to get amendments this week. let's see what they are. we will get a cbo score next week. we are going to want to see what that is, right? and then we will want to talk to people, experts in the industry who know what works and what doesn't work. it will take some time to work through that and make sure we understand it. >> senate g.o.p. leaders would like to wrap up health care by the end of next week, so they can work on some of those other priorities. we will see the. >> bill: what reaction you get from the other side? what do democrats see as the struggle? >> democrats say they are
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pushing what they would like from health care reform. we had a letter from some top senate democrats to mitch mcconnell yesterday. they were writing same, both party should sit down and work together to stabilize the insurance markets, find a way to make premiums more affordable. other democrats are attacking a more conservative republican proposal to allow insurance companies to sell cheaper plans for those who may want them. >> ted cruz, our friend ted has a plan, and he says, we are going to make them still offer -- i can buy a rolls-royce, but i can't afford to. that is what's happening. you can buy it, but you can't afford it. >> ted cruz and conservatives are trying to find a way to give cheaper premiums to those who want cheaper plans, but some of the democrats are warning about unintended consequences, prices rising for those in need. >> bill: there will be
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headlines today. thank you, mike emanuel. moreover health care goes next. later this hour, rand paul is one of the ten current no-votes, so where do we get his support? that comes up at at nine: 45 eastern time. >> shannon: donald trump, jr., and a russian lawyer. "the new york times" same, donald trump, jr., was told an email before the meeting that the information on hillary clinton was a part of a russian government effort to get his father elected. congress wants answers, and donald trump, jr., says he is more willing to talk. he has hired a lawyer and saying on twitter, media and dems are invested in the russia story. this nonsense meeting is all they had after year, i understand the desperation. kevin corke is live from the white house. good morning to you, kevin. >> this is much ado about nothing. at least that is the opinion of the attorney of donald trump, jr., detail and of course that meeting last night with his client and a russian
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lawyer, who apparently lied to gain that meeting. let me break down what his attorney is saying this morning. donald trump, jr.,'s attorney spoke with fox news white house producer this morning. they contacted donald trump, jr., in an email, suggesting he knew people who had information wrongdoing with hillary clinton and the dnc. his take was, if somebody i know could help the campaign, why not have a meeting? that was also met with paul manafort and jared kushner. here's the very latest. at no time was there ever any understanding or commitment that he, donald trump, jr., or anyone else would find the information, whatever turned out to be income it to be reliable. credible. or of interest. or even survive due diligence. bottom line, donald trump, jr.,
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did nothing wrong. as for the russian lawyer at the center, she herself has said, look, i am not a russian agent. i do not represent the russian government. she was asked by nbc today, where you'll russian agent? she said, no. we had talked about yesterday. donald trump, jr., said yesterday, i will talk to the cynic intelligence committee. i can pass along what i know, but the big question remains. if this was sort of a quick set up, why was jared kushner, paul manafort there? fair question is, given what we know now, the lawyer says, i was not a russian agent, where it is a story go from here if at all? shannon, we will be watching. >> shannon: there's a lot of interest at capitol hill. kevin corke live at the white house, thank you. >> bill: fox news contributor, byron, good morning. i want to play at some audio, a clip of this interview on nbc
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this morning. it is with this russian attorney back in moscow talking with the nbc reporter. here's the question and the answer. >> have you ever worked for the russian government? do you have connections to the russian government? >> no. >> bill: you put that together now, byron, with a series of other things she has said. she has not worked with the russian government. she said she had contacted that morning, the morning she met with donald trump, jr., paul manafort, and jared kushne kushner. they were looking for information. she said, jared kushner left the meeting early after seven or ten middens, and paul manafort looked at his phone the entire time. after about a 20 minute period, it seemed that the meeting ended in a stalemate. this is her side of the story. what do we need to understand, what understanding how we gained from that?
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>> it doesn't sound like that momentous meeting -- it doesn't sound like a critical meeting in the course of the campaign, but it is a good thing that don trump, jr., has got a lawyer, because this is the most serious accusation we have heard so far. the reason it is the most serious is because, goes to the question that is at the heart of the trump-russian matter. did they collude with the russians to try to influence the election? up to now, remember, we have people who knew a lot about the investigation. richard burke, the republican chair of the senate intelligence committee, and charles grassley, feinstein, they say they have been told, there was no evidence of collusion. did they know about this? is it something really new, and did actually matter? you're absolutely right. we heard from the lawyer this morning, and this big critical
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meeting that jared kushner left after 7-10 minutes. paul manafort never paid attention. reading from his phone, and speech by seven cut it off after he found out there was not any information that has been sort of sold to him i had a tim time. we are not really clear on the number of details here. >> bill: there seems to be a drip in the story, and has been changing over the past 72 hours or so. charles krauthammer summed up last night. >> the trump administration -- let's look at donald trump, jr.. like bill clinton, he seems to have an approximate approach to the truth. as if saying it at the last resort. >> >> bill: this tweet, i am te first person on a campaign to ever hear information of an opponent, appeared went nowhere. that tweet there. is he slow to the truth?
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>> when the story first broke, he basically said, the meeting was about russian adoptions, and then we later found out was there was this offer, or piece of damaging information of hillary clinton, and when that was not there, the lawyer went into her spiel about the magnets get back -- sanctions that vladimir putin wanted to get rid of. this is now we were told, and let's get out here. it depends on what actually went on in this meeting. what the understanding was going into this meeting. it appears that nothing was actually accomplished or done as a result of this meeting. >> bill: byron, thank you. you're on the road there. thank you for your analysis. in fact, between seventh lawyer talk to fox today. we will share with that coming
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up as it unfolds, it unfolds, see where it goes from there. >> shannon: he makes an interesting point saying, if this is the only thing that is, there's a new revelation as it continues with the story. although we have democrats and republican's alike on hell, no evidence of collusion, this drip does not help the agenda. we will see. new questions surrounding former fbi director james comey whether he broke the law. former you test congressman. don't white house indicating you they will go it alone against kim jong un. if that is the case, what with the plan be? would be be enough? >> shannon: >> decorated soldier arrest for allegedly helping isis. documents say he try to give right to the terror group. >> i told him. i was very concerned when he
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came back from afghanistan and iraq. maybe he had ptsd.
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>> shannon: critically ill baby, charlie gard, abridges judge setting a new hearing. they have until tomorrow afternoon to present new information showing their son should have the chance to undergo severe mental
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treatment probably suffers from a rare genetic disease that has left them with brain damage. >> bill: there are new questions now surrounding the former fbi director james comey and whether he broke the law about memos he had discussions with the president. james comey defending the memos during the testimony a month ago, are giving nothing and was classified. >> and the memo that you wrote after this february 14th post side, you made clear that you wrote this memo and a weight that was unclassified end. >> if i write it in such a way that i do not include anything that would trigger a classification, that will make it easier for us to discuss within the fbi and the government and to hold onto it in a way that makes it accessible to us. >> bill: that comment is getting attention. former utah congressman,
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jason chaffetz, now a fox news contributor. how is the new life? >> it is glorious. it's going for you. that last part, the documents in the memos, what is now about? >> why did he write these memos? he was obvious he based on that comment, thinking about releasing them later. we have to actually see these documents to figure out whether or not there is a degree of classification. there are some stories published in the help that some of these memos, i believe there are seven, some of them are classified. i can tell you, as chairman of the oversight committee come at the moment we knew there memos, we sent a letter saying, let's see those memos. the best i can tell, and i've left the house, they have never yet been produced. >> bill: and when you approached him, he was not budging, was he? >> i was able to talk to them on the telephone, and he is very nice, kind, open man on the phone. but i said, director, where are
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these memos. he said, i will not talk to tha that. >> bill: we characterize it that way so we could talk about this. >> perhaps. again, it is in between. when i sent that letter, there is appointment of a special prosecutor. when there's a special prosecutor, you don't not want to get in the way. there is a mystery about what is actually in these memos, because i don't believe anybody in the house or senate has actually seen them. >> bill: if it is classified, if it is top secret, we will address that will be no. in the meantime, the attorney was talk about this. i'll explain that after you listen. >> it was covered by executive privilege. it seem james comey ignore that when he illegally, and i'll point that again, distribute that information from one purpose only. to get a special prosecutor.
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he gets a special prosecutor come up based on illegally leaked information. what does that tell you about the whole basis for the special craig counsell mark >> bill: if this is all all true, mission accomplished, you already have a special counsel. you can just have this information with the president of the united states. and then to take those materials when you leave, and give them to your buddy with the purpose of giving them to a reporter, so that there is ultimately a prosecutor. does a smile right? it does not. there's a lot of smoke there. >> bill: do think he broke the law? >> it will depend on the content, but why they not sharing them with congress? if they are unclassified, why not make them immediately available question requires a special prosecutor having to hold onto these? i have to believe there is some classified information. >> bill: last thing, there is a hearing tomorrow for his
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replacement. do you know the replacement? >> i do not know him. >> bill: do know what questions senators will be driving during the meeting? >> they will be talk about the ability with how truthful he will be. this is a 10-year appointment. to better get it right. >> bill: we will be watching. welcome to your new life. >> shannon: tragedy in mississippi. a marine plane down. right now, what president trump is saying about this tragic event. we will have a lab report. >> bill: also will see how soon we have a new health care bill. will they have enough votes to pass a question mark one of those who oppose the original bill will be with his life. here at between nine. >> we are at an impasse, where we do not have an agreement, but i am hopeful we can get an agreement, and i'll put forward a solution. i'm a believable
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introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. >> bill: there is an investigation now after an explosion outside of an air base outside of tulsa, oklahoma. confirming it was an explosive device set off last night. no arrests have been made. that blast is being investigated as a possible act of domestic terrorism. it is not yet officially been ruled one. >> shannon: disses a fox news alert. 16 people killed in a military plane crash in rural mississippi mississippi. it spiraled into a soybean field last night, caught fire, and firefighters called to the scene or try to control the fairing. treating moments ago, marine plane crash in mississippi is heartbreaking. malan you and i send our deepest
6:25 am
condolences to all. good morning, jonathan. what can you tell us about the crash so far. >> good morning. we know it is a very wide debris field. fragments of the aircraft are scattered over several miles. the plane crashed into a soybean field and leflore county, north of jackson. no one on the ground been injured, but all 16 service members on board that aircraft died in the crash. witnesses say the plane spiraled into the ground and burst into flames. >> it was all over. it was loud. it was scary, because i saw the black smoke. it was horrifying. >> bill: >> they are withholdine names of the service members who perished, to allow the marines proper time to notice by the loved ones, shannon. >> shannon: jonathan, tells
6:26 am
more about this aircraft. or course for the military? >> it is kc-130 transport, tanker for midflight refueling. it is a driven derivative of te hercules aircraft, you've seen them virtually every branch of the military. serve the military well for a decade. famous not only for its versatility, but also for it's a very good record. used from troop transport to hurricane hunting operations. this flight originated at the air station in cherry point, north carolina. they were contacted by the faa when aircraft disappeared from radar, but the cause of the fiery crash remains a mystery, shannon. >> shannon: jonathan, we will get updates and let you know. >> bill: terrible story there. also it a fox news alert, just in a moment ago, the u.s.
6:27 am
military successfully testing an antimissile system designed for south korea. what could that mean for the north? is the u.s. now willing to go it alone? the u.s. ambassador is here. >> i bet your washing at the home run derby. how one rookie held port, and how some say it is worthy of the hall of fame. ♪
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spill at this just end, the pentagon says they successfully tested a missile system, testing down a target earlier this morning north of hawaii. this is the same system currently set for deployment south korea. it comes a week after north korea testfired its first
6:31 am
intercontinental ballistic missile. icbm, the experts believe could reach the united states, alaska, or the state of hawaii. >> shannon: is the u.s. now preparing to act alone against north korea? "the wall street journal" reporting as the trump administration is considering tightening sanctions that it will cut the cash flow that is supporting north korea's progra program. fox news contributor, john bolton. good to see you, ambassador. this involves china, we have been down this road several times in recent weeks and month months. where do we stand? i know there will be some high-level meetings next week. this has got to be topic number one. >> we have been down this road for 25 years. the pattern of behavior has been very similar. china says it is concerned about north korea's nuclear weapon program, it will work with us to solve the problem. some actions are taken, and then given americans a short span of
6:32 am
attention, time goes by, and china's right back to where it was before. so is russia while we are on the subject. what is being proposed here is different, the sanctions would be directed towards chinese institutions to up the pressure on north korea. i think it is doomed to fail for the same reasons 25 years prior efforts have failed, because i think the underlined theory is wrong. i don't think we can change the behavior of the north korean regime. i think they are determined to get the deliberate nuclear wea. to put added pressure on china would need to put a lot of pressure on china, and i don't see that coming about, and i don't see it affecting chinese behavior. i think there needs to be a diplomatic resolution, has become another way. >> shannon: we talked about this before. china has its own interests, that are different from ours them in many ways.
6:33 am
how do you get them under control and avoid us going to the brink of military action on either side is really in the best interest, because they know they're worried about flooding refugees in their border. speak on that is the key. i don't think pressuring them is going to be their best interest. you have to show them the geo-political reality. the north korean nuclear program is at some point likely to bring a military response, because we will not live in fear that they can hold our innocent civilians hostage, and that it will produce in japan a strong incentive to get their own nuclear weapons. the argument for china is, peace and northeast asia, and stability, and therefore, a lack of turmoil about permits chinese economic growth involves removing the problem. yet the do it through the reunification of the peninsula.
6:34 am
they have concerned with that. they do not want anymore north koreans refugees in china. number one and number two, they do not want american troops on their border. we can resolve both those problems with them. i wish we had started this line of diplomacy ten or 15 years ago. we haven't, but better late than never. remember, we don't have much time for more diplomatic efforts. >> shannon: would then mind, a number of members have said repeatedly in recent weeks that every option is on the table. nikki haley last week same, security council, they have a full range of things on the table. was that say to you? >> i don't think it will deter north korea from doing what they want to do, which is improving delivery capability to drop nuclear weapons on american targets. i think the military option, clearly what is being applied here, it does have a message for china, because if we have two
6:35 am
use military force against the north koreans nuclear weapons program, cyber warfare, special operations. whatever it might be. there could well be conflict on cream pits. there be massive flows and american forces on china's border. and when we are there, and to have gotten to the hard way, we are knocking to go away. we will say, do you want to resolve this problem efficiently and through diplomatic means, or will you leave it in potential chaos if we have to defend ourselves against the threat of nuclear weapons in the hands of the world's only hereditary communistic dictatorship. >> shannon: every day is another ticket closer to that reality as you mentioned. having nuclear weapons in the range continues to grow for the deployment of them. ambassador, thank you. good to see you as always. >> bill: ladies and gentlemen, please rise as the honorable aaron judge presides over a home run derby last night.
6:36 am
>> there it is. aaron judge! your 2017 home run home run de, and he made it look easy. >> bill: he is a rookie for the new york yankees. 47 home runs last night. for them went longer than 500 feet. logs at 513. they loved it in miami. every single one of them. incredible performance there. 47, my gosh. >> shannon: used to play a little baseball, bill. >> bill: the big challenge in that thing is having the stamina and the strength to go up and do it again, and they change the rules, where you can take a timeout. drink some water, you can rest, go back at it. that is really, really difficult. well done last night. all-star game tonight. >> shannon: we will be watching as well.
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the senate does that work for health care deal. can they get to a real agreement? can senators -- still opposed. rand paul is one of them. he will join us live with what could or might not change his mind. that is next. >> bill: slamming the door i don't seize. that chase that never got started. ♪ whoa!
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can we at least analyze customer can we push the offer online? legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. you're saying the new app will go live monday? yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes. >> shannon: alive now on capitol hill. this is a look at the senate armed services committee. the confirmation hearing for richard spencer, president trump's second nominee to be the secretary of the navy. former pilot it also has private sector experience working on wall street. we will monitor that hearing for any news come and bring you developments as soon as they happen.
6:41 am
>> this type of bill will have up boat allow amendments to give it people to offer suggestions and improvements perhaps on the floor of the senate, but it is important we get this done and get it done soon. next week is my expectation. to be back at work and working on the revise health care bill that can get 51 votes. that's what they need. today, ten republican senators oppose the original bill for a wide variety of reasons. we were go over a lot of them right now with my next guest, he is a kentucky senator, rand paul. good morning to you. so you have had a week to think about it. what win your support? >> i voted to repeal, so when the peel was like yes. the bill keeps the flaw of obamacare, and the fundamental flaw is there is an insurance mandate, so you can buy at no additional charge. if you tell people, they can buy
6:42 am
insurance after their sick, they will come and you can have mandates to make young how do people buy, they won't buy. so what happens is, the death spiral of obamacare. if you do not fix that and sibley passed a bill that maintains the death spiral of obamacare, that is a huge mistake. >> bill: lemme go over couple things here. have you met with mitch mcconnell? last week specifically? >> we have but no negotiations over the bill. i have sent him some requests about how it can be made better, and i've gotten zero responses that they're interested in in any of my suggestions. >> bill: is that because you they are your suggestions are they don't like them? you understand where i'm going? >> listen, i think we are at impasse, and eventually they will talk to me if they want to my votes. at this point, they're going in the opposite direction, and the way that washington typically works, they get your vote by offering you more money for a
6:43 am
cause. i am a fiscal conservative, so throwing more money makes me less likely to vote. >> bill: is that a cause course my 45 million that may bring three nose to a "yes"? >> it is not fiscally conservative, because we haven't appropriated the money. i voted for some of that. let's spend it, let's spend it wisely and see if it works. i will tell you. there is nearly hundred billion dollars in their is an insurance company bailout. the insurance company made $15 billion a year. i am aghast and appalled that republicans are now in favor of insurance company bailout. that is a terrible idea. it is very unrepublican. it is not conservative. has nothing to do with capitalism. it has to do with crony capitalism. still before i get too far away from this, though it's a suggestion that if they cannot get their act together on this, they will have to work
6:44 am
with democrats to show up the under obamacare. now, is that a threat was there more to that do believe? >> only time will tell. there is another alternative, and that which i put forward as, let's clean repeal, separate that from all the big government spending programs, and put into a separate belt that may be democrats and big government republicans may like, but conservatives like myself will not vote for. if you want conservatives to vote, he needs to be more of a repeal bill. strip away all of the extra big government spending. put that into another bill, and you can work with democrats for all i care on that bill. i will not support that. i will vote for clean repeal. >> bill: you may not get your way. if the majority leader, mitch mcconnell, is looking for a way to help americans, this might be the solution in the end do you think so or not? speak i think separating the bills will ultimately be a
6:45 am
solution. the other solution is he gives up and works with democrats. i think giving up on something we promised for six or seven years insane, i give up, i will work with democrats. that is the wrong strategy, and i think republicans will be very unhappy if the republican leadership gives up and works for democrats. i think what they need to do and say they need to work on everything. let's do what we promise, which is repeal obamacare. >> bill: ted cruz has an idea as well as mike lee to all insurance companies not to carry all the mandates. how he explain it last night was sean. >> when it comes to obamacare, the most important thing, sean. the way we unify republicans is by let's focus on lowering premiums. the biggest reason so many millions of people are so unhappy with obamacare, hurting so badly, it has made premiums skyrocket. >> bill: i know you have a big problem with the premiums too.
6:46 am
is the solution one that is viable coursework >> freedom of choice allows competition. if you allow them, insurance policies don't fall under the mandate of obamacare, you will have less expense of insurance. however, there is fear that there would be adverse selection in the trade-off here is, and this is the trade-off that i am not necessary to take, it will take the ted cruz amendment, only if we get billions of billions more subsidies from insurance companies. to me, that is not a pro-free-market trade-off. i am for the amendment, but i'm not for the subsidies if they are piling onto the insurance companies. >> bill: we will watch that. chuck will wrap things up here in 45 minutes. we have a lot to talk to him about. the fbi, on and on. he sent a tweet over the weekend saint , same, we will go from majority to minority.
6:47 am
do you agree with him? >> i think the two viewpoints. one, if we do not pass something that the electric will get angry and on the elect republicans. the other possibility, and this is what i adhere to. if you pass it does not work on the leaves and the obama death spiral, ryan-care. that is a disaster as well. doing nothing is not the worst-case scenario. i think passing a bad bill that leaves and place the obamacare mandate in the death spiral of obamacare. that is the worst of all possible scenarios. >> bill: should you blow off the august recess? >> i think we should get our work done, as soon as possible in the next three weeks. i think august 1st should be the deadline appeared less good it before august. >> bill: if it goes into august, will you be cool with that? >> i will do whatever it takes to do the work we need to do, but i think the work ought to be done last week lets us waiting
6:48 am
another month. >> bill: we will see. senator, thank you for your time. rand paul, more to talk about real soon. thank you for coming. >> shannon: we will see. check this out. security cameras captured suspect loading up his bike with items from an unlocked car, and responding officers caught with him. you can see, he is taking off, so he peddles away, and the officers opens his door. perfectly timed to knock the guy over. able to get him. he was arrested. send to six months in prison. they have cameras everywhere. captures the whole thing. him in the process. >> bill: will be get out for health care watch mike we just heard rand paul about the impasse. two more senators at odds will join us in a moment to talk about them and get their feelings coming up. >> shannon: plus, authority to make an arrest as they chase big leads in the case of fort four
6:49 am
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>> bill: severe storms passing through several states in the south and midwest. here is a look. hail as large as two and half inches wide. sharing parts of northeastern ohio. more than a thousand people without power. north carolina, water shooting up in the outer banks yesterday. it is kind of cool to watch. no injuries, luckily, but it was issued warnings that it would come to shore, it did not happen, but that is what you ge
6:53 am
get. >> shannon: police make an arrest in suburban pennsylvania. the foreman range from 19-22. they're all victims of foul play. the search of them leading people to the property of the pennsylvania man who was arrested on an unrelated gun charge. life in pennsylvania. what can you tell us about this case? >> lots of unanswered questions. we hope to hear more and this conference in bucks county, just on the road from afar being searched. they could not say if the four missing men are still alive. the four are dean, 16, jimmy patrick, 19, mark, 22, and tom, 21. they apparently knew each other, some of them may have been friends. one of them went missing. the other three on friday night. they have searched multiple
6:54 am
locations, located two vehicles belonging to two of the missing, and focused much of their attention on metal detectors and it 16-acre farm down the road. >> we are as far as zero is from a hundred. they are incredibly hot. very crucial. we are making great progress, but there is still so much work to do. i've a feeling, i wish i didn't, but i've a feeling, we will be meeting like this for quite a few days. >> state police response team are helping the locals here with the effort. >> shannon: what more can you tell us about the young man who was arrested? >> authorities say 20-year-old cosmo is being held on a weapons charge, 20 gauge shotgun. history of mental illness, involuntary commitment to that mental illness to a facility.
6:55 am
they are not saying he's a suspect, but he is being held on $1 million bill, which seems very high for weapons charge. his family owns that farm, where authorities are focusing their search efforts, but we have heard nothing about any possible connection between dinardo and the men. searching that property is like finding a needle in a haystack, and could take days, and this remains a mystery, shannon, but one that authorities say they will solve. >> shannon: that is a strange story. thank you. >> bill: u.s. army soldiers accused of giving critical critical information to isis. him and the details on this case is coming up. >> shannon: at the attorney for donald trump, jr., speaking to fox news. the meeting with that russian national, much ado about nothin nothing. katherine harris is working that story. she has more coming next. >> we had this giant warchest
6:56 am
where everyone sees crime. it has defined elements to it. it does not defined to the ambiguous crimes
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> shannon: a report with possible connections between the trump campaigned and russia. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," will we will separate the facts from fiction. i am shannon bream. good to see you. >> bill: how my doing? doing? >> shannon: you are still in your vacation mode. >> bill: i am bill hemmer. "the new york times" reporting donald trump, jr., has told a lawyer, had information that would help his father's campaign. it was coming from the russian government. trump junior responding this morning by way of twitter, writing, they are invested into the russia story. it is nonsense meeting all they have come after year, i understand the desperation. >> shannon: a lawyer from
7:00 am
donald trump's legal team echoed that statement saying, there's is nothing new. here is jay sekulow. >> there is opposition research that becomes available. it was nothing. i meeting takes place, and we are making likenesses some huge, international event. hundreds of meetings take place in campaigns. meetings take opposition research that never materialize. >> bill: arguing this is evidence of collusion chief intelligent correspondent kevin harris working that story already, kevin harris. good morning. >> he was contacted by reporter he knew suggesting that they had evidence about wrongdoing by then candidate hillary clinton. that information had potential to help the trump campaign. interview with abc news, russian lawyer, natalia veselnitskaya, was asked if she had worked for, and claimed to have none, saying
7:01 am
that she was looking for damaging information. >> all i knew was that donald trump, jr., was willing to meet with me. i could recognize him for a bit. one gentleman left after a few minutes. it was jared kircher, and he never came back by the way. another individual was looking at his phone. he was reading something. he never took any part of the conversation. that was paul manafort. >> yesterday, senior democrat on the senate intelligent committee telling that they have questions about those meetings. speak up this is again the first time the public has seen clear e trump campaign to obtain information. again, this case from a possible foreign agent. that would interfere with the
7:02 am
hillary clinton campaign. >> this is bipartisan. susan collins, who also sits on the intelligence committee wants donald trump, jr., to submit to an interview as well as others for that 2016 meeting. >> bill: what is the response from the white house? >> on that meeting with the russian lawyer, they said yesterday, the democrats are more guilty of collusion with a foreign government then the trump team. today, rather yesterday's briefing. >> donald trump, jr., took a very short meeting, for which there was no follow-up. frankly, that may make sense to look at the democrat national committee coordinated opposition research directly with the ukrainian embassy. if you're looking for an example of a campaign coordinating with a foreign country or a foreign source, look no further than within the dnc. >> we expect more on this story in the next 24 hours. we have a very important
7:03 am
confirmation hearing for the fb fbi, and mark warner has already indicated that he wants to meet with ray after that. bill? >> bill: that starts during this program tomorrow. katherine harris, thank you. she is there in washington. >> shannon: mourned this, let's bring in guy benson, editor at. -- we have three sources being quoted that they saw an email. it was described to make it as confusing. at one point, he says, the email stated there was efforts by the russian government to help donald trump his presidency, to help him win, that is different then, we have information. when they say, there's opposition research, it happens all the time. do you think someone will be bold enough to put in an email, we want to give you information,
7:04 am
because the russian government wants your debt to win. that will we are talking about? >> or stupid or reckless enough? this is almost too perfect. another part of it, if the email exists, it is very serious here. i think there are few words of caution. first, anonymous sources. we will hear that from the white house, when they do not like stories that are rooted in people who are unnamed and attributed to those people, they say, let's hold off. i think there is some validity to that, especially since the mainstream media outlets, cnn being the big one, blown a number of russia-trump stories that were based on unnamed stories and had to retract or walk away. i think that is worthwhile. in terms of criticism. another thing i would say, it is odd to me, shannon, that "the new york times" reporters, who have reported on the existence of this email, apparently have not seen the email themselves. it was relayed to them in terms
7:05 am
of the content by these people apparently within the white house. we saw this also during the james comey controversy, and the james comey testimony. that memo that we talked about ad nauseam on the air and on the internet, nobody has actually seen it including the reporters who initially reported on it. even congress has not gotten a hold of it. there are some weird elements to this whole story. that being said, i think yesterday, there were developments that looked suspicious if you are critic of the trump administration. there is yet another meeting with a russian link person that was not disclosed that now came to light. donald trump, jr., has shifted his story a couple of times. also debates on new information. now, the bombshell or the significant revelation that there is an email. i would like to see the email. i want more contacts and details, but i think it is a bit much to claim at this point that there is nothing to see here. and may not be a smoking gun,
7:06 am
but it smells like some smoke. >> bill: >> shannon: he said, hs provided more information. his attorney says he is willing to work with any of these committees that want to talk to him. he's happy to do that. here's a bit of the quote from his lawyer, donald trump, jr., robert goes on contacted him and suggested that there is some wrongdoing by democratic party front runner, hillary clinton, and her dealings with russia. his take away from the communication was somebody had information helpful to the campaign, and it was coming from someone he knew. goldstone has said publicly, he never thought the information was in any way connected to the russian government. that is history now. short of hearing the emails, candace get cleared up through one of the investigations by donald trump, jr., question mike i think a sworn testimony could be helpful. the email will be most helpful. the man who wrote the email,
7:07 am
that is not what i said. the conservative, creepy russian lawyer, you heard there the club. she was describing the way things went on. it seems, everybody has an agenda here. i think before we jump to any conclusions or call this a four alarm fire, let's see what actually happens, but the fact that as i said, when they say, we have no meetings with russians, and then you had to walk that back with meeting after meeting, i can understand that campaigns are busy, and you forget about things. meeting center on consequential. we have to amend things with jared kushner, donald trump, jr., there are these meetings, there is an appearance of guilt, even if there is no underlining crime. i think that is a p.r. problem for the white house, and i don't think they are out of the woods on this particular story. if that email exists, then you have to ask questions. if trump, jr., new the nature of this, and if it was tied in to
7:08 am
the russian government before he took the meeting. hey, is that not our first with of actual collusion? that could be the first piece of evidence in that regard. if he knew, did paul manafort too no question mike did jared kushner know? promising juicy detail on hillary clinton, is it possible that their boss, his father, the president of the united states, then candidate trump, knew nothing about a question mike those are worthwhile questions as well. wait and see is my theme here today. we will have a lot of people getting out the skis, jump to conclusions on both sides. he is guilty, he is innocent. it is a bombshell. it is nothing. we do not know, but this is serious and should be taken seriously. >> shannon: the email itself would answer a lot of questions. we will dig for the truth.
7:09 am
we know you will as well. thank you, guy. >> bill: another a fox news alert. the fbi arresting u.s. army soldier based in hawaii after they say he tried to help isis. 34 years old, allegedly swearing oath of loyalty before his arrest. fbi agent said he tried to give cuts find military documents and a drone to undercover agents, believing they would pass the information to the terror group. his father said he was stunned by his son's arrest. >> why would he do that? he has everything going for him. i told him, i was very concerned when he came back from afghanistan and iraq. maybe he had ptsd? >> bill: the story continues now from los angeles with adam housley. adam question mike >> filed in
7:10 am
court yesterday, a long list, in effect, >> shannon: if i was alone actor, but a very serious violent intent. in a document, forensic review of his computer military documents and hundreds of items that reference isis and violence. the rest comes after ikaika kang yesterday pled loyalty to isis. he wanted to travel overseas and fight alongside isis with people who are committing genocide. the 34-year-old active-duty soldier based in so feel. to the 27 infiltrating. he is also a honolulu native. his father said, he is in shock that he was a great kid. a real not outgoing, but try to convince his father of a new faith. >> he had the koran and he gave me one. he tried to push me to study it
7:11 am
i faked it like i read it, but i didn't. i use it as an excuse. i had my beliefs. speak out the father and defense attorney also believed the decorated sergeant may suffer fm mental health issues. they also say that the fbi came that he was helping a drone and offer training to an undercover agent, who was supposed to be a part of a terrorist group. the arrest came after an investigation lasted over a year. the army turned it over to the fbi. multiple agencies as well. they said, he attended to provide cereals to isis, documents, but unclassified darkness as well. he believed were members of isis, but fbi agents insist, none of that information ever made and anywhere near isis. right now, we know the army did reprimand him several times over the course of his career. his next hearing, bill, is set
7:12 am
for thursday on wahoo. a lot more information coming out. at this point, it is a lone wol wolf. >> bill: it seems like they were watching them for some time. adam, thank you very much. adam housley there. >> shannon: dire warning to republicans from one of their own, if they fare to come to a vote. here is ted cruz. >> for seven years, the republicans promised the voters. if you will like the the one thing we said, we will repeal obamacare. it will be catastrophic if we fail. >> shannon: there facing a very angry electric if they can't get a deal. >> bill: also donald trump pick to lead the fbi is expected to hit the hot seat 24 hours from now. the grilling, questions he faces. coming up in a minute. >> shannon: the white house congratulating iraq on a big win. pushing isis out of a key city. what happens in the battle
7:13 am
against isis next? general jack keane is next. i don't know why i didn't get screened a long time ago.
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7:17 am
and terrorism funded issue. that's critical there. this was a hopeful step forward. >> i have sent him over written series of requests on how the bill could be made better, and i've gotten zero responses that they're interested in any of my suggestions. i think we are at an impasse, and eventually they will come and talk to me that wants my vote. speak of senator rand paul earlier on "america's newsroom" as they struggle to work on it deal on health care. speed john barrasso, he is a do, good to see you this morning. do you think you are and an impasse question mike where are you? >> we are working with all of the members to get the 50 votes that we need. i expect a vote next week. we know the status quo will not stand, a new story out today is 2 million more young people have gone off of insurance, because they cannot afford obamacare.
7:18 am
we want to get rid of the mandate that says, they have to buy a government approved program. we will get rid of the taxes i drove up the cost and our plan is scored by the cbo says it will load a gimmick to make lower premiums. >> shannon: do you think senator rand paul is a lost cause coursework you can only lose twos votes. he said, if it doesn't look a whole lot more like a repeal you will not get his vote. >> every senator gets to speak for themselves. i will tell you as a doctor who is practicing medicine, when i saw was a health care system that needed reform, but obamacare was the wrong reform. i don't want to go back to the way it was before obamacare. we need a better system than that for the american people. we put patients in charge not the government. we need to get the decisions out of washington and back to the states and the people at home, making their own decisions. there are things that we passed
7:19 am
that are important. we need to continue to protect people with pre-existing conditions. my wife, bobby, is a breast cancer survivor. as a doctor and husband, i know how important it is. it's important to keep young people up to the age of 26 on their parents insurance program. we need something better than a straight repeal of obamacare. we need to make sure the decisions are out of washington and back at home. >> shannon: senator ted cruz, who is a "no," talk about something else. will break down. >> you have the right to choose what health insurance you want to buy. if all it does is the new and additional plans, new options to drive down costs, i will tell you, the president, vice president, administration, they are strongly supporting the consumer freedom option. i think it is the key to bringing us together. >> shannon: essentially, it would say insurance, if you are meeting the quarters of obamacare you can sell another
7:20 am
plan, that younger people may want. you said, that formulation, that amendment by senator ted cruz, would put people who have existing conditions or special needs. >> i think ted has been a very productive participant in all of the discussions. i like what he is trying to do. i think people at home in my home state of wyoming ought to be able to buy what works for them and their family. when obamacare was passed, with so many wretch families come to me and say, i had insurance, now i had to buy all this unnecessary coverage, which drove up the cost. i think am very encouraged by what ted cruz and others are trying to do. let people at home decide what is best for them. that is the strongest thing we can do is to help put people in charge, not government,
7:21 am
one-size-fits-all, telling people in wyoming what we have to buy. >> shannon: we will have a lunch today, i understand, republican senators. you got an earful about what is going on. how do you expect at lunch to go coursework mobile the conversation via? >> it will be very productive. vice president pitts will be there as well. you'll talk talk about his experience overmedicated he did that as governor. really, really advanced work. there is a work for people on medicaid that it would be used in in the way it would be planned to be used, to protect the most vulnerable. low-income women, disabled, children. what i heard at home from patients, doctors, nurses is is, obamacare is hurting us. the pain of obamacare is worse and worse. you see the headlines. another obamacare rate shock. we need to get the premiums down. that's what people want. lower premiums, more affordable health insurance, and more decisions in their own care. >> shannon: that is the goal.
7:22 am
thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> bill: shooting a missile from the sky, praising another successful test of an antimissile defense system. what that means in the battle over north korea.
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
>> shannon: a fox news alert. 16 service members are dead after a fiery plane crash in the mississippi delta. crusade the aircraft was being used for refueling, and it crashed into a soybean field about 85 miles north of jackson yesterday. u.s. navy secretary said 15 marines were killed with one sailor. the kc-130 the plane was coming from a station in north carolin north carolina. no one knows what caused the crash. president trump tweeting, we can
7:26 am
send our condolences. throughout the u.s. now joint force. successfully intercepting a missile in the latest round of thaad missile test. this system that makes 14 successful tests and 14 attempt attempts. live at the pentagon, and where was this conducted? >> good morning. one week after they have successfully tested in intercontinental ballistic missile, capable of hitting alaska, the u.s. defense agency said they conducted a missile test of their own. like this one. firing a missile from us thaad, shooting down in intermediate range missile over the pacific. it was lunch north of hawaii from a cargo plane, and shot down earlier today. thaad is used in currently deployed to south korea. in the statement head of the u.s. missile defense agency,
7:27 am
this test further demonstrates the capability of the thaad weapon system and its ability to intercept and destroy threats. thaad is used to protect our citizens, and help highlights from a real and growing threat. bill, there is no more real threat right now then the threat from north korea. >> bill: can do system be used against long-range missiles? ikaika kang cannot. this thaad is used against short and medium. not the missile launched by north korea on july 4th, which traveled 1700 miles. seven times higher than the orbit of the space station. the pentagon has other missile interceptors in alaska and california, to do just that. over the weekend, and a show of force, they flew b-1 bombers, another option available to commanders in addition to defense measures like thaad. the pentagon would like to send for more thaad lunches to south korea, but the south korean government will put
7:28 am
a hold on that request. we will see where it goes. thank you. thousands of people forced to evacuate with wildfires spread over the west. the hardest hit area, cruisers doing to battle the flames spread coming up. plus, this. >> i don't know the guy, but he looked as resume. he seem like the right guy. he seems, he is a perfect kind of person. >> bill: there's a new man set to lead the fbi, and we will hear from him and 24 hours. the question christopher wray could face before the committee. we will talk to chuck grassley, and l'amour coming up ♪ you're gonna have dizziness, ♪ nausea, and sweaty eyelids. ♪ and in certain cases chronic flatulence. ♪ no. ♪ sooooo gassy girl. ♪ so gassy. if you're boyz ii men, you make anything sound good. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more
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7:32 am
committee and the chairman's with me now. thank you for coming back here to "america's newsroom" ." i imagine you have a question in your pocket cared what is it. >> you know me and assuming the responsibility of your site. not just to appropriate money, but i am very concerned that justice department and the fbi in particular does not answer oversight questions. not only for chuck grassley, but also did every democrat in every republican when they have a question about what is going on within their constitutional responsibility oversight. i expect answers. the second thing that i am most concerned about is whistleblowers come out to be listened to, and i don't think the fbi has had a very good track record of not retaliating against whistleblowers, and whistleblowers are patriotic people. they are protected under law. i don't think i've gotten a
7:33 am
proper protection from the fbi. beyond that, i want to make sure that the fbi director is going to be independent. not only of this president that was appointed, but future presidents he will serve under in the tenure term he has is fbi. >> bill: kc-130 is 50 years old. onscreen, his career accomplishments. attorney in georgia. appointed to the department of justice by president bush, 2003. confirmed head of the criminal division. there is a piece from bloomberg today. the only question is this. did the pleasant demand loyalty in exchange for the nomination? is all you are going for? >> i am very interested in that, because that speaks to the independents that have already talked about. what we want from any fbi director is loyalty to the people of the united states, and
7:34 am
that loyalty to the people of the united states dictates no political interference in any of the investigations of the fbi. but the fbi is doing, and particularly that brings us back to part of the point of why he ought to be concerned with the president appointing any conversations he had with the president. because of the political interference that we felt james comey did i july the fifth, when democrats praised him for what he did. not going ahead with any prosecution of hillary clinton. republicans were happy, but democrats were mad, when he opened the case again in october. we should not have the fbi director making decisions on prosecutions. that is up to the prosecutor and the attorney general. >> bill: we will wait to hear that tomorrow. we mentioned james call me there.
7:35 am
there is a debate over the past several days and whether or not he broke along with these memos. what is your understanding legally of that answer? >> there are lawyers on both sides of that case, but i think i come down on the side of the fact that he had a private conversation with the president. that ought to be secure. i think it also he was using an fbi or government computer to make his case on. and it belonged to the people of this country and not the personal paper of the attorney general -- i mean the fbi. >> bill: you're not leaving any answer? i will leave that to prosecutors. should you have seen the notes before the hearing? >> the answer is, we are going
7:36 am
to have a chance to view them, but if they are classified information, i cannot talk about that, but i am going to be doing that in the next 24, 48 hours. >> bill: we will be in contact with you when that happens. we respect the classified issue. one less thing. you sent a tweet over the weekend. this is what it said on health care. 52 republican senators should be ashamed that we have not passed health reform by now. we won't be ashamed. we will go from majority to minority. do you think that is the fate if you do not get it done? >> first of all, i think it is very, very important that we deliver on the campaign promises over the last two elections, when we pointed out all the things wrong that we would crack down on. i don't find any fault with 52 republicans having different opinions, but since we have to deliver on this, we are not getting any help from the
7:37 am
democrats. we ought to be able to deliver, and our consequences if you do not deliver on election promises it, ought to be. i am pointing out the possibility of one of them. i don't necessarily think, will automatically be in the minority, but we should not be surprised if people are irritated with the republican majority when we have been promising, and we do not deliver. >> bill: understood entirely. as a stansell, will you get it done? this is hard work. day after day, week after week, as what the democrats did in 2009. will get done, senator ? >> i am optimistic, but we have the opportunity and responsibility to the american people, and i hope that responsibility, we will deliver. >> bill: pessimistic, you said. >> that is what i said, but we will deliver. >> i am looking for the best of 52 republicans.
7:38 am
>> thank you sir for your time. we will see if you find them in time too. the chairman there from iowa. we look forward to that hearing tomorrow. thank you for sharing your time with us again sir. ♪ >> shannon: thousands of people forced out of their homes as firefighters battle a pair of california wildfires. two fires are burning in different parts of santa barbara county. about 20 buildings have been destroyed. more than 45 square miles have burned. hot, dry conditions keep on filling the flames. >> what we have here is a backing fire that is burning down with very low intensity. it is highly susceptible to changes in humidity like we are seen as a moves in. >> shannon: more than 2,000 firefighters are working to contain the alamo fire. that's already burned thousands of acres, and so and smoke jumpers and idaho are parachuting into worse errors tried to contain the flames there.
7:39 am
>> bill: president trump praising iraq's victory. where does the fight go from here? general jack keane's next. >> shannon: funding games for george lopez, after joke aimed at president trump. not everyone is laughing. ♪ there's nothing more important than your health. so if you're on medicare or will be soon, you may want more than parts a and b here's why. medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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>> bill: slow moving thunderstorms out of north carolina, perfect conditions for this waterspout. prompted tornado warning yesterday. that storm, dumping heavy rain and flooding several areas and lightning reported. everybody was okay. >> shannon: after months of warfare, rocky forces declare victory in mosul. in a statement, president trump congratulated haider al-abadi and all the iraqis who won over the terrace. few more than a thousand in the
7:43 am
iraqis who suffered. chairman for the institute of war and fox news military analyst noises. great to see you, general. for small, psychologically, what does it mean for ices, to the fighters to have the coalition retake before? >> this is a big victory. for the iraqi security forces as a present side, the government of iraq. also for the american-led coalition there. general townsend is our guide their companies one the best operational commanders that we have ever produced. our troops just a superb job. and prices, huge setback for sure. shanna, three years ago, the world was shocked when isis came storming end. the iraqi army come as you remember, fled with their leaders i had a dumb, clean mosul. the citizens were exposed, and then they went on a killing spree that was three long years
7:44 am
ago. minute nine month siege to some of the toughest urban fighting, shannon, we have seen in the military since world war ii peer block by block, billing by billion, and in some cases, room by room. it'll be weeks before we just get rid of all of the mines, booby-traps, and other ammunition that were in the city, and the bodies that were buried among the rubble. >> shannon: we are showing these pictures as you are speaking, what is behind, it is a disaster. it's a safety risk, but political and economic rebuilding of the city will have to happen too. in the meantime, we know the fight over isis is far from over. where does that next battlefront go? >> what is happening in iraq, they are still alive. they are not defeated, but make no mistake as we said, this is a big loss for them. to demonstrate their capability juice yesterday, 44 miles south
7:45 am
of mosul, they seized a rural community, small town. they are just trying to demonstrate to the iraqis and the iraqi people, they are not totally defeated. they'll be able to have terrorist attacks as well throughout iraq. the government, the military they will stay on top of them and keep reducing their capability. what is facing the president here, shannon, so our viewers can understand is the political situation in iraq appeared keeping unity among the sunnis, shiites, and the kurds as it has been a challenge as we have known for all these years we have been in iraq, as the military operation, we just scene unfold for nine months. it is that significant. and to help with that challenge, the iranians are going to try to get the united states out of iraq as soon as possible. they have significant influence over the government. we have to make, i believe, the right decision here, and keep u.s. troops present their eat,
7:46 am
even though from a military perspective, they are not as required as they have been over the last couple years. the reason is, to have influence over the iraqi government. when we pull the troops out, and 2011, we lost that influence. the iranians came in and filled the vacuum. this is keeping troops post-conflict, like we did so successfully after world war ii in germany. in italy, japan, and after the korean war and south korea. we pull out prematurely, we usually have a disaster. >> shannon: how does that line up with what president trump said during the campaign about not being involved in foreign wars, it is a different mindset than we saw in prison obama, because he is worried about the foreign entanglement in the american people ability to continue to sustain that. >> those are tough issues. you laid them out clearly. the reality is is certainly not
7:47 am
going to go to war. we had an opportunity when he was in transition. at the trump tower and he said, the world has a way of coming to 1600 pennsylvania avenue, because of what agenda you have. the world comes to your doorstep, and what i saw with what the president can do, he has stepped up on the world stage as a global leader, accepting responsibility for american leadership in helping to stabilize and secure the world out there. he is not going to back away when american leadership is needed to help our allies, who we spent a lot of time reassuring, and also confronted her adversaries. as much as he does not want to be in conflict, there are times when it is actually unavoidable. >> shannon: when you get the daily briefing is the commander-in-chief, it is a whole new world. general, thank you so much and great to see you. >> bill: 12 minutes before the hour.
7:48 am
"happening now" is coming up next. before i go there, we go here. crossing the line. when the joke is no longer a joke. summer saint george lopez went too far, when he made a joke about deporting police out of america. what they're saying about his effort to clean that up coming next liberty mutual stood with me
7:49 am
7:50 am
when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night... so he got home safe.
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yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?!? with liberty mutual's 24-hour roadside assistance, get a jump, tow, and more - any time of day. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> bill: when a joke goes too far. george lopez facing backlash when he posted the following. the trump administration supporting latinos to make the streets safer. you want to make a safer? the port the police. that got some response. he later deleted it, posted this on instagram same, i hope this clears up any misunderstanding. company has a way of healing, but it can hurt too prayer let's let cooler heads prevail. with that.
7:52 am
tom shillue, host of the new fox news radio show will tk about in a moment with the man. are you doing, my friend? >> comedy is your life. did he go too far? >> you have to allow it. you have to allow to go too far. i don't have a palm with comedians, because what you get? everything worked out in this instance. he tweeted out the picture of himself with the joke. it was not a good joke. it got pushed back. he deleted it. he followed it up with another joke. the port the police, the band, i get it. it all worked out. he said, let cooler heads prevail, and i think that is what we should do. >> bill: my friend, when is a joke just not really a good joke? >> you have to let it. in a comedy club, you save a joke. if it does not collapse, you usually cross it off your nose, and you do not do it again. you may be rewrite it. he gets another laugh. with the internet, we have just up the outrage.
7:53 am
let the joke happen, and then if it does not fly, he moves onto the next joke. he deleted it. he is okay. george lopez, he does not like trump, obviously. this thing with the police, people get very sensitive with the police. he does not really want to deport the place. >> bill: do you think he goes overboard because mike there is an outrage of the day these days. >> we had on the family as a kid. we worked on social issues on tv. we left it at every we can. you remember when archie bunker would get in the face? they would have the biggest arguments. major stuff, race, class everything. we knew how to take things less seriously, and we should today, you don't. my concern is not the joke. people actually think their neighborhoods are safer without the police. that is what i'm going to talk about today. i would ask the questions. look, i don't care if the joke
7:54 am
he doesn't want to deport please. do you think your neighborhood is safer without the police because mike if you do, call me. i want to hear from you. >> shannon: it when it's all about like, trying to attract, because now is no longa comedy club downtown on saturday night. it's on the internet, 24/7. >> unfortunately, that is the way you get into the news. did you see what he did in his follow-up? he said george lopez on hbo. >> bill: you wonder, can you just contain yourself? that's what i love about actors. the topic for another day. your radio show premieres yesterday. why weren't you here yesterday? >> i was scared. i was hiding in my office. i have to talk for three hours a day. >> bill: 3:00, six clock east coast time on fox news radio. what is the idea? >> i like to line up the day's news. everyone is at each other's throat that i want to look at the headlines and taking a poke at them and laughing.
7:55 am
hearing from people. my panel is like a panel show, but american is my panel. he's the guy who got me in your. >> bill: he made you. >> he did. i will write on his coattails anytime. >> bill: to come out on the radio show. >> shannon: i can't imagine what he'll talk about or how he will do it for three hours a day? meanwhile counted impressive the latest claim about donald trump, jr., and russia is a very big deal. his lawyer says, there is nothing there. is there any evidence? lie from the white house, straight ahead there's nothing more important to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel, i want someone who makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. c'mon, gary! your vacation is very important.
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the speed to a man broke into a vacant home in spokane, washington, and they call the cops. during questioning, a delivery guy showed up. it turns out the burglar ordered pizza during the break-in.
7:59 am
>> a pizza delivery man showed up and the officer basically made it clear that there wasn't a delivery made. >> shannon: officers arrested the 28-year-old suspect. he had crystal meth which they say is usually an appetite suppressant. >> bill: he was robbing a house and he ordered pizza? >> shannon: at the same time while the cops are next door. by the way, how is your 48 hour -- >> bill: i think i've been pretty mellow today. >> shannon: very, you've got the tan, the globe. glow. >> bill: the change is extraordinary. wait until you see my green suit. we've got to run everybody. speed 21 starts now, get you
8:00 am
tomorrow. >> fox news alert over the content and follow-up. hello, welcome to you i'm julie banderas. >> this new word that donald trump, jr., learned from an email that the russian government was supposedly behind it all and had dirt on hillary clinton's campaign and moscow is willing to share it. the president's eldest son supposedly learned this before his meeting with that russian lawyer that was said to have ties to vladimir putin, although she has denied it. the lawyer is speaking out about it today. >> i never knew who else would be attending the meeting. all i knew is that donald trump, jr., was wanting to meet with me. >> eric: not so fast, kevin corke at the white house with the very latest reaction. >> could talk to you. i want to be careful how we characterize this because it


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