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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 11, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> they give for joining us. >> "america's newsroom hq" starts now. >> we are awaiting the first reaction from the white house. the unexpected happened a few moments ago, when donald trump, jr., did his own document dump on twitter. eat released a human chain that they had hoped would have some opposition on hillary clinton. i'm going to a cinda campaign gimmick to make time campaign. they're still looking. i am harris faulkner. developing the sour, donald trump, jr., lit up the internet and beyond with that email chain, between him and a family friend who set up the meeting. chief intelligent correspondent catherine harris now. >> a short time ago, responding
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to reporters from a british journalist and published donald trump, jr., do not totally connect. >> here's the question. why would they send the trunk campaign to a lady who knew nothing? i want to know about that too. it is an odd way to suggest the russian government wants to help by sending you to someone who does not have any evidence at all. >> what we have heard from senior democrats on the hill today but these emails and the promise of intelligence directly from the russian government goes past previous allegations. >> to meet with an adversary to try to get information to hijacked moxie, it is more than destruction of justice. it is more than perjury. it is a treason investigation. >> senator graham are not going as far as senator kane, but the emails that a new allegations underscore the need to get donald trump, jr., presidential advisor, jared kushner, and
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paul manafort on the record. the russian lawyer told nbc news, those are the three at the 2016 meeting principally, they said they will cooperate with congress. spewing what about the white house? this hour, we're waiting for the press briefing. if they had a neck or stomach >> added that, it will be audio only today, but in the noontime, we had statement from a spokesman from the trumpet legal team, he told fox news the president was not aware or attend the meeting. spokesman for the vice president said, he was not aware of the meeting as well. adding that he is not focused on stories about the campaign, especially those that have been before he joined the ticket. >> harris: thank you very much much. that's its up the facts let's go to tennessee congresswoman, always great to talk with you. i know from this is from what
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you said, a fluid situation going back with the most today with 13. i am curious now is a move towards this white house, first time on the record with this, reaction to donald trump, jr., and his dumping of own files on twitter. where are we? >> we are in a very fluid situation. we want to wait and see if we can get to the bottom of all of this to do with russia. harris faulkner, i have to tell you. it has taken the democrats 50 years to admit russia is a bad actor. we all know that. i remember being a teenager, and hearing about what the communist and the russians wanted to do to the united states. these things have not changed. now, when it comes to the situation that have occurred around the campaign, we know that russia always is trying to influence activity in the united states. they are not a good actor. they are not our friend.
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let's find out more about the clinton foundation, hillary, uranium-1, president obama and vladimir putin, more flexibility after the election. let's look at all of it holistically, and get to the bottom of what transpired with this, and figure out, if donald trump, jr., if there was something that was wrong doing or if you was duped into taking a meeting on another issue. >> harris: congresswoman, how frustrated are you for those on the hill trying to get business done? to have a white house that is constantly under attack by the eight ball if you will? sunday night insane, they should have their own opposition research to see what is juicy for them and political adversaries, so they can get ahead of some of the stories, putting this aside, but totally the barrage of what they have been under since
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inauguration day. >> yes, and i think that is exactly right. the media is never going to give up, and the democrats are never going to give up on donald trump, because they want to delegitimize his administration. eventually, yes to recognize and say, that's not give them anything to talk about. let's focus on the good work that this administration is doing to keep its promises but let's focus on health care and celebrate, the senate has said, okay, house, we will date and work for another couple weeks to get the job done per let's focus on tax reform. let's focus on jobs, jobs, jobs, and get the economy rolling and celebrate the things that are beginning to happen. that's what i want to do, and i have to tell you, it is frustrating when you hear the what ifs, and couldn't possibly be, all the time, it is
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frustrating to her constituents. they want opportunities. they want access to high-speed internet. they want to see an infrastructure bill. they want tax rates to be lower, and they want the affordable air canada connect they will be able to afford the same doctor. it is unaffordable right now. >> harris: something that americans are scene play out in regards to news this hour and what we fully anticipate the white house just begun via the press briefing with saga b sanders is the interviews that this attorney, that met with donald trump, jr.,'s game today, and all the things you need to be worried and working on, i know you are, but this is the shiny object that is taking some form. i want to watch a clip with you, and you will be able to hear, and then let's talk a little bit more. from the woman that is the
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russian attorney. >> they had the impression it appears they're going going to be told some information that you had about the dnc and how did they get that impression? >> it is possible that they were looking for such information. they wanted it so badly. >> harris: donald trump, jr., is not an employee. he is now working in the white house. donald trump, jr., he can make whatever statements separate. he'll be on "hannity" tonight exclusively. >> i don't know the players that are there. this woman or the relationships or any of that. it would be inappropriate, really, for me to speak to that. i've never been in a presidential campaign. in that capacity. that is not an interface that i would have. i think what it speaks to is the
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frustration of the american people in the way you see all of this vicar, baker, personal attacks and campaign , and what the american people want is for us to make freedom important, keep this country free to hand up to future generations, and we respect that freedom. we treasure it. we do our part to make certain that freedom is going to stand at the end of the day. i think this is the time for us again to look at things that are happening from the left, the right, and for us as members of congress to say, commit ourselves to the quorum, civil conduct, get the people's business done. they want to see done, done into the president trump's desk to sign. the media, i would like it if they would focus on the work we are doing and not focus on
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issues like the shiny object of the day. >> harris: a while back. marsha blackburn, we have gotten news this afternoon that the senate is going to delay its august recess and we will see some of that getting down to business that the american public is so hungry for. i appreciate your time, congresswoman. >> so good to be with you. thank you, harris. >> harris: a fox news alert, and let's talk to you about that august recess. senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, will delay the august recess as they worked to get the needed votes on health care and even more than that. mitch mcconnell worked a lunch with mike pence trying to move the ball forward on a whole bunch of issues. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is on the hill. mike, what so many have been saying and i have been saying for well over a month, how do you build a house and go home before you put the roof on it and let the rain come and? they have work to do, in officially, they will be doing a. >> maybe they have been
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listening, however bottom line, republican senator saint, we need more time, we should work through the august recess, so senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell responded with r august recess will be bumped. that is to get health reform done. >> it is time to vote. put it out there. let them offer amendments. let's hit it head on. it is not going to get less complex a formal act is not innate change. 's >> donald trump, jr.,'s interactions with a russian lawyer, some lawmakers have expressed them losing focus. >> does exactly what we need to not be distracted by. we have things we need to do here. we have to come up with a health care outcome. we have to come up with attacks planned. we have to come up with the spending strategy, and we have
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to be disciplined and not get distracted by things that may be due legitimate about but right now interlace. >> they are wrapping up their working lunch and expect questions about all of the above, harris. >> harris: i would think finishing your job is a bipartisan issue where where do democrats stand? >> they will get to the reese's being bumped back, it later in august, bottom line there, still fighting for health care reform, four senators writing to donald trump, jr., connect mitch mcconnell, sandy want to work with republicans to address the insurance markets. lower premiums, and some other senate democrats have expressed concern about what the impact will be if indeed republicans succeed with health care reform. >> every democrat in my state, everyone gets hurt by any changes they're making. without that being said, we think improvements can be made in the private market, and into
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the expansion. >> all are watching to see if or when republicans can get reform done. >> harris: i tell you, you've a couple things coming. they are going to set some pricing and price hikes for insurance companies that have been anticipating to happen this month, mike. possibly the next couple weeks. enrollment will come really fast in november. >> there's a lot of pressure. >> harris: thank you very much. we are awaiting today's white house press briefing. we have been talking about it with sarah huckabee sanders. what they have to say about the president's son and that he met with the russian attorney with the understanding he would receive incriminating evidence against hillary clinton. you call it opposition research. where watching that when kids rowing, it will be get the audio, will play. but we have to wait. stay close in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown
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♪ >> harris: a fox news alert. august recess will now be delayed so senators on capitol hill can tackle health care and do the things that americans have been promised will make america great again by her current president. we also touch on a host of other things, but since this is coming around now, john kennedy is a member of the senate to dysuria committee, and senator, you were just at the news conference to an. i was a bipartisan talk about getting through your job done in august. >> ten of us wrote a letter to the senate leadership asking him to cancel the august recess. this morning, we had a press conference to talk about it we just finished the caucus lunch. the leader had decided we will
11:17 am
work the first two weeks of august. i would prefer to say the month of august, but i will take half a month. it is not just about health care. it is tax reform infrastructure. it is debt ceiling. it is the insurance bill. as the budget. to claim that we can accomplish all that in the amount of time we have left, it is a testament to the power of human denial. it cannot be done. we need to face that. this was not a unanimous decis, some people think we are making a mistake, but i want to thank the leadership for doing this, and for saying what most americans know, that we have a lot to do, and we do not have as much time as we would like, and we need to work. i don't know many working-class
11:18 am
families in louisiana back and take a whole month off, and i don't think it is unreasonable for us to work through august or do i prefer to stay the whole month, but i will take two weeks. >> harris: amen to that. so may times on social media, we can gauge our own lives. it is difficult to justify not giving your total job done, and i can imagine, when you have had such a juggernaut, such a stalemate previously for eight years, you're starting to move ahead and get some things done. buy camera leadership is republican now. you have a real advantage. the present in the white house. a lot of opportunity here. >> is not just about health care. i don't think we will be working with health care. we will vote on next week. does the plan. i certainly hope so. some changes have been made to the bill. will get the actual bill thursday. the bill will be brought to the floor and everyone will vote to
11:19 am
proceed with the bill, and if they want to offer to mimic, they can. this bill or nothing, there is i amendment process, and if people do not like what is in the bill, they are to offer amendments. it is time to vote. we have spent -- i personally spent a hundred hours in meetings, studying the bill, doing my own independent research it is time to fish or cut bait, and everybody is to stand up and take a position. >> harris: that is some of the strongest talk i've heard yet of moving forward on health care. the justification for august -- >> it's not going to get any less complex. there's no question the affordable care act, obamacare, is failing. they can pretty it up all they want to, but it is not working for the american people. the democrats proposed solutions is a single-payer system.
11:20 am
they want to have the federal government take over all of health care in america and regulate hospitals, doctors, nurses like utilities. i've lived in england. i went to school in england. i lived under the british system. i visited canada. the american people are not going to like a single-payer system run by the government. given what we have, obamacare, given that it is failing, my position has been the same from day one. first chance i get to repeal obamacare, i am going to do it. if what is proposed in its place is an improvement over obamacare, even though it is not perfect, i am going to vote on it. now, i don't know what that replacement is yet. this bill has changed since the first draft, but it's time for everybody to fish or cut bait. >> harris: wow. you need 52. you have a motivational voice. you have it there. we will see what happens in the next week.
11:21 am
the justification as i understand it, relaxing of the date before the august recess, had to do with health care. you're sane, no, we will do that next week. >> the plan right now is to vote next week. i say, i am ready. soon it sounds like you are. the american public is also. senator kennedy, thank you. here's what we are waiting on. sarah huckabee sanders will be giving that white house press briefing. cameras are not allowed today. we will monitor this and bring you whatever news comes out. if there is audio to share, we will do that as well, but for right now, no cameras allowed. it's about to happen. we will take a quick break. come back to us. tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass,
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>> harris: the fbi has joined the investigation into the crash of a military transport plane that killed 15 marines and one navy claimant. the kc- 130 yesterday afternoon. it left a milewide debris field in mississippi, jennifer griffin has more from the pentagon, and jennifer, this crash, everyone can see it paired with tamino? >> this was all reserved archive make its way across the country. marine special operators. the plane took off from north carolina and was heading to california when it mysteriously fell from the sky and burst into a ball of flame in the mississippi delta. we learned the kc 1-gimmick to
11:26 am
make. it is unusual for a plane like this to crash midflight. normally, crashes occurred during takeoff or landing. rain aircraft has had a trouble history as of late paired we were surprised to learn after visiting units that 70% of marine strike aircraft cannot fly due to a short of gimmick to make shortage of parts. they have been aging and not refurbished after years of war. the marines are conducting an investigation and have not released the name of those killed. this is the worst marine crash since 2005. 15 marines and one sailor. spoon it is heartbreaking. something else that is making news. has to do with the hawaii soldier, who was arrested in supporting the islamic state. what have we learned? >> sergeant first clapped
11:27 am
ikaika kang was arrested late on saturday night in hawaii for providing material as part of isis. he is 34 years old. we learned that the army first tip the fbi after he was pulled from secure declares paired the soldier from the 25th infantry division serves in iraq and afghanistan, and korea as an air traffic controller. he told undercover federal law enforcement agencies, he wanted to come to kill a bunch of people. he offered to train the isis soldiers overseas paired his lawyer said he is servicing from service related mental health issues paired his father says he might be suffering from post-traumatic stress. he is also praised adolf hitler as well as the pulse nightclub shooter. >> harris: jennifer, thank you. a massive search is underway for four men who disappeared in a philadelphia suburb. taken into cut my custody who
11:28 am
has a shady past as a continueo search his farm. the audio white house press briefing is underway. we are expecting news about donald trump, jr., and a document on his twitter feed. it is going on right now. usually starts with a statement from sarah huckabee sanders, and then they will get into the questions paired we are all over over. stay close
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>> harris: a fox news alert. off-camera white house press briefing as we look for the latest regulation about donald trump, jr., and the meeting with russian attorney. i can tell you moments ago, because we can hear it however we cannot play it because there is no camera allowed to read the question has come about whether the white house has disputed donald trump, jr., having a meeting with the russian attorney. this reporter saying to his knowledge, the white house has not disputed. why not? sarah huckabee sanders is representing the white house, she says all matters with regard to donald, jr., i will refer you to his attorney and outside white house counsel. he is not an employee of the federal government. he does not work in the white house. donald trump, jr.. he has his own attorney. they're looking separately, and that is how she's answering that question. i'm continuing to monitor it for you and also at that sitdown
11:33 am
that we are talking about now between donald trump, jr., and others, then chairman campaign chairman, paul manafort, the son-in-law, jared kushner. they released an email chain about him was set up with person he was set it up with, and he knew russia was offering to help his father. in one email he writes, if it is what you say, i love it. let's bring it to match lap chairman for the american conservative unit gimmick gimmick to make met, i want to start with you. you say, this is smart to release those email documents and twitter. why? >> as soon as we all right about that this meeting happen, my advice to the trump teen along is to put out all the information, all the emails, all the scheduling items that you have and turn it over to the council. there is even more democratic
11:34 am
and given to all of us. i think it is the right thing to do. the only thing to cover here is to drip, drip, some other tiny detail that comes out. there's still nothing to the central charger. we have a special counsel, not because of members of the trump team met with someone who was russian paired we haven't because of the idea that those inappropriate collusion between the trump campaign and find putin. we are nowhere in that vicinity, so put out these details paired with their outcome of the press has nothing left to cover. >> harris: richard, i've heard you say certain things about that. back when the hillary clinton campaign was going on. the drip, drip is killing us on the other side of the aisle. >> that is a hundred percent right. the white house is messy handling this. a couple months ago, when this whole thing started, the moment they announce a special counsel, if i was the white house, i would have boxes and boxes of paper being pushed out of the west wing to the special counsel
11:35 am
office in the idea that we're being transparent, accountable, we want to get it done for the american people. they do not do that, now you have does drip, drip, drip. here's the thing. for democrats, we are over your talking about treason and collusion. we are not sure we're there yet. for republicans, date saying it's a big nothing-burger, but there is not and nothing burger. if you look at this email, the one marked from 4-20, i had this discussion with you in the russian tourney coming this is problematic. mike pence has been put in harm's way, because he said there was never any interaction, and last month, donald trump, jr., said there was never any interaction between them and russia. >> harris: let me stop you there, because actually, matt, it is true that is been members of the republican party leading up to this and including members of the campaign that have said, there was no sort of meeting or
11:36 am
anything going on with russian officials. i am still not clear what a crown prosecutor is. i don't know what a link to the kremlin -- those are some lucy- lucy-goofy words. >> best the whole point. we have a special counsel because there is this charge that there was collusion with the russian government to change the outcome of the u.s. president election. now, it is turning into people saying, somebody on the trump team and his son met was someone who was russian. they close ties to the russian government. we have democrat saint, this was potentially a spy, "the new york times" talked about she had something to do w. my question back to the obama team, if she is a spy, what is she doing in the country? goes to the question. it seems like the obama
11:37 am
administration was loose on protecting our election, cybersecurity, and they're trying to change it to the fact that, because donald trump, jr., met was someone who was russian, what matters is this. the underlining charge is whether inappropriate or illegal activity on behalf of team trump happen. today, there still nodded to tele of evidence >> they are not, harris. matt, i love you. douse quite a pivot there. doubt quite a pivot. >> i do not pivot. >> that was a pivot. put it on the obama administration, wind the trump associates met with russians and decided not to report it. i am a democrat same, this is treason, i am not doing that. this is not impeachable paired i am the democrat same, there are questions here, and the american
11:38 am
people deserve answers on this. this white house. ask anyone involved in the trump campaign, everything in the power to make sure that their name is cleared. >> harris: last word, match lap. >> we can get to this underlining word. pretty quickly. we went on about this for months. we could put a time limit on it and give the american people what they know paired what do they know? they see no evidence of wrongdoing. it can come to an end very soon. >> donald trump, jr., knew he met with the russian official, but comes out month after their investigation started. >> harris: you to having a bunch of moments. i had one ago when senator kennedy said with more optimism than santa promised me a bike, we will get health care voted next week. if we continue to talk about russia, can we get to mother things done? that is the question on capitol hill. they're going to stay for longer
11:39 am
and august. glad to have you both. the u.s. and qatar signed to tie up relations. they have accused qatari leaders of donating to terrorism. now from the state department, bring us up to speed. >> it is. is on the context of that double medic issue that is going on that has been dragging on now into its second months. rex tillerson is traveling to qatar. he announced that the two countries have signed an agreement that addresses terrorism financing. the u.s. and qatar will intensify information sharing in the way they will cooperate to interrupt terrorist financing. >> the memorandum lays out a series of steps the two countries will take over the coming months and years to interrupt and disable terror
11:40 am
financing flows and intensify counterterrorism activities globally. the agreement includes milestones that both countries are accountable to their commitments. >> bahrain, united arab emirates have blockaded qatar more than a month ago now, claiming that qatar was financing and enabling terrorism paired they haven't denied that. also qatar has been quite clear and they have been reasonable. lastly, the countries presented to qatar a list of demands they wanted in exchange for ending their blockade. qatar rejected those commands. rex tillerson has been speaking with leaders in the region to try to end this crisis between u.s. allies paired the secretary has been in quite as well, as they have been trying to mediate this crisis. tomorrow, the secretary travels to saudi arabia. qatar says since it has signed this terrorist agreement, they are expecting saudi arabia and its allies to do the same.
11:41 am
secretary of state previewing his trip tomorrow says, he wants to take the temperature at that side of this discussion and argument to try to figure out what is going to take to move things forward and finally in this crisis. >> harris: thank you very much much. republican senators setting in motion. the august recess is and cut to to business. senator kennedy premised us. health care is not going to be the focus in august, because they possibly could get that done before that. he wants to talk about tax reform in the budget and so many other issues. will they? just like the marines did. at one point, i did change to a different company with car insurance, and i was not happy with the customer service. we have switched back over and we feel like we're back home now. the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family.
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hebrew national hot dogs remain strict as ever when it comes to our standards. made with premium cuts of 100% kosher beef, it's sure to please whoever your daughter brings over last minute for dinner. hebrew national. we remain strict. >> i am shepard smith on the news deck. the email revealed that the president's son agreed to meet with the russian national with the understanding that he would receive information from the russian government about the now
11:45 am
presidents and political opponent credit was about the support of the now presidents. regarded that information, the first son replied, if this is what you say, i love it. the white house now holding and off coming camera briefing on e matter will bring your reaction from capitol hill, plus, we will speak with a a reporter at the top at "shepard smith reporting." >> harris: they are going to work for the money. the dime we are paying them on capitol hill. senators, halfway through august now, delaying the august recess. plan to work on a plan that all republicans can get behind in a host of issues. now the freedom caucus is calling on house leadership to follow suit. rodney davis of illinois is a member of the moderate tuesday group. thanks to have you. let's talk about the
11:46 am
conversation about getting more work done the summer within the house. >> thanks for having me on. first of all, we have done our job in the house paired we passed our version of the health care reform. we have to fix our health care system. we have 29 million people who do not have health insurance, even though the law requires them to. another 31 million that cannot afford it. we are hoping the senate does there legislative work to get it, and i'd be glad to come back in august to catch the boat. >> harris: talk to me if you can about what changes you anticipate coming in to the senate. when i know we do not have a final bill from them, but when you have been watching, senator kennedy felt pretty strong they could get something done next week. the house will have its chance to change things too. what are the sticking points for the house on health care? >> it is to be determined whether the house is going to have much of a say depending on the legislative process that the senate uses. i'm glad senator kennedy is
11:47 am
anxious and excited about passing a bill that we have past months culprit i want to see their version paired i would love to see what they are going to put towards the house again. we hear a lot of talk about just a repeal or repeal and replace obamacare, like what we passed. this is no different then the debate we had in the house just a few short months ago. it when we came together without any democratic help, and the senate is going to have to do the same. >> harris: what role do you think the president will play to help us question might you saw him tweet about what the senate needs to do to get things going. he passed people to the white house who have been hurt or damaged by small businesses and families by obamacare per he went to ohio to talk about it on the ground. >> this is exactly what president trump does best. he had us over right after our first version did not get voted. we got back to work. president trump was personally engaged in many of the meetings i went to.
11:48 am
vice president pence, his team, wanted to get us to a bill to pass. through my experience, i am sure he is just as active with the senators too, harris. >> harris: rodney davis of illinois. i'd love to spend time, but we have a white house press briefing. that audio only briefing wrapped up, which means, we are now allowed to play it. let us listen together. >> with that, i will take your questions. kevin. >> i will point did the president with donald trump, jr., have you had it chance to see how he feels about this story as it continues to unfold? what is your stance? i have a quick statement that i will read from the president. my son is a high-quality person, and i applaud his transparency. beyond that, i will refer everything on this matter to
11:49 am
donald trump, jr.,'s counsel and outside counsel, it will have nothing else to add on that today. the end, i am sorry. >> if i can follow up, how soon afterwards did the president learn about what happened was my close that tick-tock in terms of that. did he get immediate word or -- >> i didn't get information on the exact process. i am sure he is aware of the situation, briefed on it, and continues to get updates on it. i do not know the exact tick-tock. >> someone who is i didn't fight as russian government to meet with him, being told in the email that the russian government is trying to help the president when the election. can you standby statement you made yesterday that our position coming nobody in the come
11:50 am
campaign was inclusion. >> again, i don't have anything beyond yesterday and today. >> you know the last time that the president spoke to donald trump, jr.? >> i do not. >> does the white house -- had they disputed any of the following that donald trump, jr., and the son-in-law ahead with the meeting and receiving damaging information about hillary clinton and now with the russian government to supporting chumps campaign? how is that not collusion? speak i know you're going to get tired of it today and i don't celica broken record, but on all questions related to this matter i would refer you to done juniors counsel. i am civilly referring you to people that can answer that question. >> in january, he said nobody was in touch with the russians. the white house stood by that
11:51 am
statement. was the president not truthful? >> to repeat myself, i will refer you to the outside counsel, and they do not have anything else to add. >> why are you interested in answering questions yesterday and why was the president not answering questions himself? >> what change from yesterday ad today? >> the present gave a statement on the matter, and like i said, i do not have anything else to add. >> the special counsel on capitol hill to work as soon as possible and wants to -- the
11:52 am
white house to cooperate? >> that has never changed from day one paired we would love to get this matter closed and focused on the big priorities of the american people period >> by not answering questions directly or through you, is that expediting the investigation? >> i am not going to get into the back and forth on that. >> they say there's no collusio collusion. what is your definition? >> i said all we are going to say on that. anything else, you have to reach out to outside counsel. >> the word collusion and -- it could be treason, perjury. what does the white house have to say about new terms brought into this? >> i don't know how many times i
11:53 am
have to address this. it's because i'm not asking about donald trump, jr., . the white house wants his investigation to be gone. >> i think those new words rb u.s. >> two questions. first, specifically about the actions taken by white house staff in the last few hours. that should not require you to have a special counsel. we talked about what in the white house has been involved and goes on in this is the president has done with the chief of staff and the administration. you looking into potential communications with the white house staff in regards to this matter and similar matters question mike >> albeit property may connect the same question, jared kushner for the same emails. does he still -- is he still
11:54 am
valid and a question mark >> we never talk about security matters. >> the status on how the president views the russia-american relationship. are they friend or foe? >> i've not had that direct conversation paired i have been preoccupied. i will certainly check on that. has the president through h.r. mcmaster that these meetings have leaked, afghanistan, reported that he be given to the pentagon as general mattis to increase troop numbers with the strategy. now subsequently has been reported that h.r. mcmaster has said, now limited at 3900. no more troops regardless. can you tell if it that is true?
11:55 am
>> i'm not sure about that memo. i will check into the details and circle back. >> can you talk about how serious the president thought about using private contractors on the ground in afghanistan as opposed to u.s. military personnel? >> i know we feel it is important to get input from all perspectives, and all of the right people were part of that process a part of any conversation. use contractors over the last year's coming. currently, there are tens of thousands of contractors that are bravely serving alongside the u.s. military and coalition forces. we are finalizing the review fully of afghanistan policy, and it only makes sense to consult those leaders in the field as well. that is all part of the review process. i'm sorry, from our inside internally. all the right people will be
11:56 am
part of that process as national security. >> security about the contractors question mike >> i cannot at this time, but i can check. since you read it, what transparency is the president applauding? >> the willingness on behalf of everyone within the administration or anything beyond that. >> what about donald trump, jr.? >> let me finish. anyone beyond that that may be asked questions, the willingness to do so and be fully transparent and open and answer any questions through the correct process, whether that is through special counsel or anything beyond that. >> speaking of the transparency of his son that he only released his email after finding out "the new york times" was going to publish it. let me ask more broadly about
11:57 am
what we spoke about yesterday about appropriateness and campaign. why is it appropriate for presidential campaign to accept a meeting with and russian national after being given high sensitive information as part of russia and its governments support for president trump. >> i will not get into the details surrounding the spirit i will refer you to donald trump, jr.,'s counsel. >> as i mentioned, i stand by everything i said yesterday. >> -- particular stories about the time. by many people, is her distance between the president and vice president on this. >> not at all. there is absolutely no distance between the president and vice president. i know they have spoken today. >> a lot of people would like to
11:58 am
know why this is off-camera today? is our rationale? >> as we said many times before, we are always looking at different approaches and different ways to communicate the president's message and talk about the agenda. this is one of the many ways we choose to do that. >> does go >> let's not break precedent. >> the stock market dropped today sharply with the news on donald trump, jr., . are you concerned that these revelations are going to affect investors after they get this news crush mark >> at the president as he has done, not just an office, but thought the campaign, spoken to his son to strengthen and grow our economy, and that surely has not changed today. at any point as president.
11:59 am
>> to applaud his son, transparency now that is closing in between the russian nationals and from campaign. >> nothing that i am aware. >> yesterday you talked about helicon's campaign. >> those are different between russia, brain or anything? >> i think it would depend on the nature could i cannot speak about any hypothetical situatio situation. in what way are they equivalent? spewing we're listening to the audio from the white house press briefing, and this just in from mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader while that was happening. he said, descendant intel committee will get to the bottom when asked about donald trump, jr.. talk about still on capitol hill.
12:00 pm
that news conference, we are bringing you the audio from the news conference, because the camera was on the wall. you're gaining here on fox news pair thank you for joining us. 2:00 p.m. our eastern, now let's head over to shepard harris >> shepard: it's noon on west coast. 3:00 in washington. an extraordinary news day. donald trump released the e-mail in which he agreed to meet with someone identified as a russian lawyer. it was indicated it was part of the russian support of candidate donald trump. today the e-mail itself. we'll bring you donald trump jr.'s explanation. we'll hear what lawmakers are saying now and look at what this means for investigators looking into trump team ties to russia. the president has just issued a statement on his son. we'll play that for you.


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