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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 11, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> tucker: an update tonight from the democratic people's with the bay area. a few minutes ago we told about a terrifying robbery on a commuter train, a subway in the bay area in which a mob of 40 or more people swooped into a car, terrorized and robbed the passengers and took off and were never found. after the attack, they refused to release a video of any, they
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said some of the perpetrators were minors. how did they know that? they didn't know who they were. i will surprise you to know that the suppressing information about crime, not an effective way to fight it. the past few weeks there have been two more instances in which mobs have beaten up passengers. no video being released this time. why? they are telling us why. they've announced about the videos are being held from the public because "to release these videos would create the highest level of racially insensitive commentary and in addition it would create a racial bias in rioters against minorities on trains. ." the public is too racist to be told what actually happened. they would rather endanger passengers than risk being called insensitive, for real. do you recognize that attitude is everywhere. the same impulse the swedish government to hide official crime statistics from the public or angela merkel to publish
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anyone who complains about it. they appear far more about appearing virtuous than the well-being of their own people. they were rather you are attacked and being called bigots. they don't care about you. they admit that they don't care about you. speaking of california, a place that is now on the brink of becoming the country's first sanctuary state. the senate bill, 54 the number is, cleared a major hurdle. it awaits approval from a single committee and california's heavily democratic assembly, in other words, it's likely to pass. if it is that would bar federal agents from allstate jails would block them from accessing state databases for information about immigration. the state effort to become a sanctuary state is not good policy, it's about sticking it to the administration.
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sheriff hutchins joins us tonight. give us the parameters of this, this would basically put california as a state an active opposition to federal immigration law, is that in overstatement? >> i don't think that's an overstatement. we spent cooperating with ice and the federal government for many, many years, very cooperatively, very effectively and we are talking about serious crimes, serious criminals who have committed a crime, they've been tried here, they've done their time and we've been notifying ice of these individuals so that they can go through deportation proceedings, senate bill 54, senator said this is the only thing he could think of to do to stop the "trump deportation machine." and that is clearly not an issue. this is a totally political issue and it does not take into account the public safety of california, which i deeply care about. that is the real issue. there's no need for this bill,
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things have been working fine without it. the author has stated that this will prevent local law enforcement from doing immigration enforcement on the street. we never have done immigration enforcement on the street, we have no desire to do that. and we have not been asked to do that by the trump administration. so this bill would prohibit me as a sheriff from notifying ice from someone who was in country for potentially felony, driving under the influence, domestic violence, human trafficking, rape of an unconscious person. i would not be able to notify them, they would be released to the street and then what would happen if ice will go out -- it will not let these people go, they will go out and do search warrants on homes and then people who are here illegally or undocumented and have not been -- have not committed crimes, they won't get scooped up, too. this bill does not do what it says it does.
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it places an additional address, law enforcement, perhaps people who are here undocumented but have not committed crimes, so ice is still trying to focus on the priority enforcement, those individuals who have repeatedly committed offenses, reenter the country, have criminal records and the fact that we can notify them and have to release them to the street is not acceptable to me. it's not like illegal aliens of california are having a tough time anyway, california has more illegals than any state by far. a huge percentage of the population is there illegally, so what was the knee that gave rise to this bill, or was it purely a symbolic act to the administration? >> it's a symbolic act, but more importantly it places californians at risk of being impacted by the criminals or getting released to the street. >> tucker: if the state of california can stay on mike say to the feds we are just ignoring
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your law, then why can't orange county say to the state of california we are ignoring your law? what you abide by these terms or would you notify the feds if you apprehended an illegal? >> with artie asked the questio question, they've asked legal counsel and we would be subject to -- we would be subject to being prosecuted if we didn't follow state law. you make a great point, it puts us in a terrible position of violating federal law, not cooperating with federal authorities. we work on task forces with ice, we work at sexual exploitation task force. this bill would require us to report everything we do to the attorney general of the state of california. these are very great cooperative task forces that deal a lot of crime, registered sex offenders, undocumented aliens. this would really impact our ability to fight crime in our
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communities. >> tucker: so california's goal of ignoring federal law, but ignore their laws and you are in trouble. good luck, we will welcome you on the east coast anytime. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> tucker: coming up it's the russia collusion story nobody else is talking about for some reason. we will talk to a reporter about the anti-fracking activist who apparently received help from the russian government, americans colluding with russia russian, stay tuned. where are we?
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the goal is get a fracking ban in the u.s. which would benefit the russian energy sector. it's all about the price of gas. kevin mooney is an investigative reporter and he knows a joins us now. you almost couldn't make this up. they did intervene, for and on behalf of greenpeace. is that an overstatement? how did this happen? >> they know how to look out for their own interests. here's the really big bombshell, lamar smith and his colleagues who dug into this and connected the dots. russia is using a shell company in bermuda to finally company through that disperses tens of millions of dollars to their own environmental organizations in the u.s. which care the word of vladimir putin to slam and spare the innovative practice of fracking, which has enabled the revolution, which as you know has really greatly bolstered
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america. >> tucker: and undercut russia's position in the energy market. our official position on the show is we are skeptical of all russia stories until we see the proof. the allegation is that the russian government has funneled pretty directly to american environmental groups, how do we know that's true? >> we know it from our own intelligence community. our new site at the heritage foundation, they lay this out with a letter from lamar smith. i will even cite hillary clinton, who was secretary of state, cited phony environment groups that were being funded by the russians. she described herself as an environmentalist and expressed frustrations that the russians were propping up these organizations to advance their own estrus. if the united states fracking revolution accelerates it puts russia back on their heels. >> tucker: their entire economy is built on it. at least the story has an explicable logical motive, the idea that trump got the support of putin because they're both
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fascists, if not a compelling motive. this is a clear motive that makes economic sense so it's easier to buy. is it legal? if this is true, that we learned that u.s. environmental groups took money for the russian government, is not against the law? >> that's why lamar smith and other congressmen are costing for an investigation to at least look at the financing. you're getting all these questions about how much influence they have on donald trump, it logically follows we should look at something that has a tangible connection. it would make sense for russia to try to stop it in united states because if we succeed we can liberate poland and most of europe from their economic dependence on russia. >> tucker: that's the key. finally we know that there's an awful lot of anti-energy, antinatural gas, anti-fracking propaganda, which is otherwise very left-wing channel. it's not like a program channel, that's for sure. are we certain that that is intentional, that the russian government wants them to spread
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anti-fracking propaganda to hike the price of gas? >> i think some folks are just being duped. if certain levels of the environmental movement that may be complicit on a certain level and you have rank-and-file sincere environmentalists were being duped and manipulated, which russia is very adept at doing. >> tucker: what i guess we are looking at here is the wholesale hacking of our environmental establishment. >> the modern environmental movement has nothing to do with environmentalism. >> tucker: it seems like an outrage to me! thank you for that, that was fascinating. >> thanks so much. >> tucker: an open letter calling for worldwide action against fascists using violence. we've got the letter, we will show it next. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just because of a claim. i totally could've - no! switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> tucker: an open letter published on the self-described antifascist website is calling for violence against supporters about donald trump. the irony there. the anonymous letter was published on a site calling it's going down. calling for them to abandon existing government institutions to create a militant anti-trump resistance willing to use force. a freelance journalist who follows the antifascist movement, he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. how realist this? >> 100% true. we are seeing this with a demonstration against milo at berkeley. we've seen that more recently at evergreen. we've seen it at seattle, we'd seen it in a variety of places across the united states, baltimore, mississippi where
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they are looming, they are sprouting like plants. it's very much real. not enough people i think are paying attention to it unfortunately. >> tucker: are these protests, these demonstrations, in a lot of cases these riots, organized -- a dumb question, but on sites like this? >> absolutely. the site is what i would call a highly traffic platform for recruiting, radicalizing and mobilizing extremists. this is one of the main sites to do it. they will do something in private and then they will brag about it on the website and that encourages others to do the same because stomach. >> tucker: maybe i'm looking at this through an old-fashioned lens, but with the ideology of this group? what do they believe? >> they are anarchists. they call themselves
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antifascist, which gives you the impression that they were -- that they were founded in the 1930s to fight the nazis but in reality they were founded in the '80s, the modern incarnation was founded in the '80s in europe and they are essentially just communists or anarchist groups who don't like capitalism and they want to overthrow it and that's all they believe in, violent, some of them publish independent manifestoes and all it talks about is we don't believe anything and we just want to see the system burn itself down. >> tucker: they don't seem very bright. if you had capitalism would be every bit as mad at hillary but they are not, kind of weird. thanks a lot, good luck, be careful. we will be right back. nick was born to move.
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termites, we're on the move.24/7. roger. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >> tucker: that's about it for us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00 for the show that is the sworn enemy
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of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. in about an hour, sean hannity will have an interview with don jr. our friends at "the five" will take it from here. have a great night. ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody. i am jesse watters. it is 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five." we are one hour away from donald trump juniors first tv interview since the media explosion, allegedly promising damaging info on hillary clinton during the campaign -- he
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appears exclusively on "hannity "hannity." >> in retrospect, i probably would've done something a little differently.


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