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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 11, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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our friends at "the five" will take it from here. have a great night. ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody. i am jesse watters. it is 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five." we are one hour away from donald trump juniors first tv interview since the media explosion, allegedly promising damaging info on hillary clinton during the campaign -- he appears exclusively on "hannity "hannity." >> in retrospect, i probably would've done something a little differently.
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for me, this was opposition research. it might've been concrete evidence for all the stories that i had heard that were underreported for years. i wanted to hear it out. really it went nowhere. it's apparent that that was what the meeting was absolutely about. >> jesse: why he was meeting in the first place? >> my take away, someone has information on our opponent. things are going a million miles an hour. we just won indiana. things are going a million miles an hour. hey, i heard about all this but maybe this the something. i should hear them out. >> jesse: we heard from the russian lawyer he met with, she denies working for the kremlin. >> donald trump, jr., was told and the russian government attorney was flown over from moscow. the russian government attorney.
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does that mean you? >> no. i'm simply flattered but i have never worked for the government in the first place. >> jesse: so, let's talk about donald trump junior for a second, kimberly. we have known him for quite some time. it looked like he seemed pretty casual in that interview. pretty serious. how do you think he purported himself on "hannity"? >> kimberly: i have always known him to be a person of integrity. i think he wanted to get out ahead of it and just tell his story. saying look, i have nothing to hide. this is how it transpired. my thought process. and give some kind of background in terms of what was going on during the campaign. at the time, to say i'm getting this information. it looks like an episode of 24, jack bauer. does someone have information about the opponent?
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it will be him against hillary clinton so, what, if anything, all of the above -- you want to try to take it down and see if there's any merit to it. i think he found out this wasn't someone that had any information but in fact, it was to talk about an important topic. adoptions of russian children. that was obviously not what the purpose was. >> jesse: dana, do you see anything nefarious about this alleged meeting and email conversation? it looks like on the surface, it could be another one of these overhyped stories in the mainstream media they could probably go away in a few hours. >> dana: it might but i do wonder about the changing explanations about the meeting. trey gaudi was on martha maccallum's show earlier. he said if you had all this information, why not give it to us now so that we don't have to wait till "the new york times" finds out about it.
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i think it was smart to go on sean hannity's show. i think sean asked him some questions that others might not have asked. i'm not going to call it nefarious but i do think there's room to question the timeline as to why this all happened and -- >> jesse: what you mean by timeline? >> dana: the explanation over the last three days. getting out in front of "the new york times" and releasing the emails. saying actually, here's the emails before "the new york times" could run the story. i think that lasted for like four hours. if all of this is innocent, why could it not have been talked about several months ago? just in terms of perception, another problem, a month after the meeting -- he was on jake tapper's show and he said anything such and such is ridiculous. i can maybe not understand not
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remembering the meeting from a year ago but a month ago -- the russian government's willing to help you and he said i love it? especially if it's for later in the summer? i don't think it's nefarious, i think people can question the judgment but he's questioning his own judgment and said he would have done it differently. >> jesse: yeah, he was honest about that. and you brought out to back up him bringing out the emails. >> greg: the entire world, including the media, were looking for dirt on both candidates. i don't think they were meeting with priests or rabbis. the information that was offered the offered... i'm sorry, how can you not listen to that? reporters are such hypocrites. they would have answered that email immediately and said love it. if a russian called ryan seltzer
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and said we have information on donald trump, he would climb on his big wheels and pedal like the wind. we are all hypocrites. whoever turns down gossip about an enemy -- no one ever does. you don't give a about the source. if some baby behind the deli counter says they have stuff on somebody else, from cnn or msnbc, you are all ears. this is coming from the same place every single day. forgive me if i don't get all crazy and panicked over this. every single time a she was supposed to drop and then that tie us down. it goes away. just as it's about to die down, they drop another shoe and then you have rachel maddow, cnn, morning joe, all falling in line. i've not seen this paranoia about the russians since the 1950s. back then, there were times
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defending the russians. they are on the wrong side every single time. this is a pattern. there might have been a mistake. yet, he should have talked about it but not everybody remembers meetings especially when you are busy. when i worked in publishing, i had meetings every single month. dozens. i had meetings with publicists who are not to be trusted, talking about their products -- and you walk out of that meeting saying there is another hour of my life i will never have. you never remember it. i'm not going to bother anybody with this. i think this -- this is not a perfect administration but it is a human one. every mistake that's being made is a mistake that i would make. like donald, jr., and me, i wasn't running for office. i wasn't involved. i wasn't president. i wasn't involved in in the campaign. he was just some dude who went to a meeting. >> jesse: in the 1950s, i am
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wearing this jacket in honor of the red scare. >> greg: that's more like ron burgundy. >> jesse: this was an outside purchase. >> kimberly: not sponsored? >> jesse: greg said anyone that comes to you with dirt, you will listen to that. if the woman was french -- he probably still would have taken the meeting, correct? the only thing that is controversial is that she is russian. it could have been anybody else, and the media would have said collusion? oh, had a meeting with a chinese or korean lady or anybody. >> juan: sorry, doesn't work. >> jesse: why not? >> juan: he responded to an email saying this is a russian government lawyer. he is the one that said love it, want more of it. greg's point about everyone wants information on their enemies -- doesn't matter.
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i guess you don't want me to speak because you guys are so afraid. >> greg: i am not afraid, juan. i just want you to make your point. >> juan: let me do it. guess what? the al gore campaign got information about the bush campaign and guess what they did? they did what donald trump jr. should have done. they called the fbi and they said we don't know what this is from and what this is about. you have people like ari fleischer saying this is a case where everybody is looking for information but you don't take information from a russian government that is our adversary. we don't know. we do know that a couple days later, donald trump himself is saying russia, if you can get hillary clinton's emails, we would love it. >> greg: that was a joke. >> juan: this is no isolated event at this point. there is no longer the ability to say oh, there's no evidence of collusion. this is evidence of collusion.
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let me finish. we have a pattern now. we have a pattern of an inner circle holding meetings tied to people associated with russian president vladimir putin. >> kimberly: he also said that's not true. >> juan: you are having a case of amnesia. >> greg: collusion requires a two-way street. cooperation. if listening is collusion, then no journalist could ever write a story. if someone calls you and you are doing opposition research, you will go. you sit down and go i'm doing this as a favor to some publicist. it's interesting to think the russians would use a u.k. publisher for this. that's another story. you can say the optics are bad but listening is not a crime. >> juan: you are listening to russians -- >> greg: if i listen to my wife, that's a crime? >> dana: we could talk about this story all day.
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when greg says we are all hypocrites, we have to think about this. people compare it to hillary clinton but let me give you an example with president obama. hey, i have someone from the iranian government that wants to come in and meet with you and he says great, you know what? i will get penrose and valerie jarrett, we will go to this meeting but if this all came out, what would have happened? >> jesse: we are kind of at war with the iranians -- >> dana: they are a geopolitical flow.. the other thing with the trump administration, i can imagine what they are thinking, they are in the fight of their lives. the truth is, you look back at, hindsight is 20/20. they had the winning message. they were able to turn out voters they had not turned out in a long time and switched
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voters. we have districts that use to win by 8,000 votes, now winning by 25-30,000 votes. of course you don't know that in june 2016 but if you look back, all of this is totally unnecessary. they were going to win anyway. >> kimberly: he is a private individual. he is not part of the trump administration. he can talk to whoever he wants to talk to. the only evidence -- there's no evidence of collusion. >> juan: there's evidence that he's talking to russian -- >> greg: juan, juan -- >> juan: a russian government lawyer, he says love it. >> greg: juan, you have never said love it in an email? when we get to this point. has anyone ever asked you out for coffee and you don't want to go but you say sounds great? wonderful? and then you tell your assistant
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cancel it. [laughter] >> juan: let me bring the president of fox news and the entire cast of "the five." >> greg: paul manafort didn't even read the emails. >> juan: get the campaign manager and the son-in-law and you are the son of the candidate? >> greg: a 20 minute meeting to listen to something is not collusion. >> kimberly: here's what it's going to happen -- this is going nowhere. >> jesse: they were for russia and now they are against russia. more to come. dramatic political idea reactions up next. ♪ ♪ award winning interface.
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the future isn't silver suits anit's right now.s, think about it. we can push buttons and make cars appear out of thin air. find love anywhere. he's cute. and buy things from, well, everywhere. how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. >> >> kimberly: welcome back to "the five." we are less than 45 minutes away now from the exclusive sean hannity interview with donald trump jr. see how the major news networks covered the meeting. >> we start with a bombshell chain of emails breathing new life into the question of whether the trump campaign
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colluded with russian operatives to boost his chances. >> the president's son was told during the campaign that he was about to get dirt on hillary clinton. he was told in those emails that the russian government without the help his father win. >> the russian investigation, the president called "fake" has become a very real problem for his son. >> kimberly: here are some of the political reactions. >> we are beyond obstruction of justice in terms of what's being investigated. this is moving into perjury, false statements and even potentially treason. >> we have too much evidence that this administration has been compromised by russian interests. >> an email suggesting the russian government wants to help, that would be very problematic. >> kimberly: okay, a discussion moments ago about this story -- greg, your reaction to this, the media and the network's coverage of this? >> greg: maybe it would mean something to me -- i'm so tired
6:19 pm
of being suckered into this. they oversell these things like the worst county fair fair sideshows. the monster rode in from space and it turns out to be a rabbit with an extra foot. and then cnn actually -- >> juan: what kind of bears did you go to? >> greg: cnn said tim kaine was calling it treason. a guy that was humiliated by mike pence in a debate and then in november by trump and pence would express this kind of political opinion towards the people that basically beat him like a bowl of eggs. >> kimberly: thanks so much for that. wow. dana. >> dana: the left at the moment never misses an opportunity to overreact. there are overreaction and so -- >> greg: i'm overreacting. >> dana: yes. and you are very loud. there is now another story, who
6:20 pm
were the source for these stories? it was not that deep state. they have something else out there. secretary of defense said there are no unknowns and there are no known unknowns. if i were at the white house, i would say here all the unknowns, unknowns and how do we close these gaps? people have to start talking and trusting. if they want to talk about health care and infrastructure and tax reform, they have to allow some space for that. the story won't go away. it won't stop. >> kimberly: you are 100% right. there isn't trust with the communicators. that's the problem. you've got to do something about it. you can't run efficiently. >> jesse: i think the left is playing russian roulette with this story. they are going to lose once again. treason is defined by the constitution -- levees or
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against, giving them aid and comfort with the u.s. or elsewhere. meeting with a russian lawyer is not treason. listening to someone dig dirt on another opponent is not treason. and how is that giving aid and comfort if you listen to someone give dirt on an opponent? >> kimberly: there wasn't any dirt. >> jesse: there was no dirt. there is another empty promise. collusion is not a crime. collusion is not a legal term. there is no collusion in the statute. there was no price-fixing going on here. we talked about in the last block, illegal coordination with the intent to deceive. there was no crime and no deceit. the only facts are this woman wasn't connected to the russian government, she was not a russian agent and there was
6:22 pm
nothing discussed about hacking, either. there is some collusion -- if you want to play this game -- between the ukrainian government and the clinton campaign. there were meetings at the ukrainian embassy. the dnc was involved. this is from political. ukrainian government officials try to help hillary clinton and undermine trump by crushing his run for office and damaging trump, disseminate documents smearing his aides. if she wants to criminalize politics, the clinton campaign is going to have to go behind bars too. >> kimberly: thank you professor burgundy. [laughter] >> juan: you have a situation where there's one possibility of crime. at the very least -- it would be election fraud or intent to commit election fraud. and help from a foreign adversary. that should not be allowed in foreign
6:23 pm
america's elections. it is not only that. if you say no intent. >> jesse: juan, how is it election fraud? >> juan: you are breaking the law by seeking information and collusion with a foreign government to influence -- >> kimberly: you are making this up. there's no evidence of that. >> juan: if it's impeachment impeachment -- >> jesse: you are throwing out words like collusion, crime, impingement. read the statute. >> juan: we are talking about they should decide if they want to impeach trump. >> greg: they just want to get them to back him out. >> juan: we are talking about what jesse said. obviously there was intent to deceive. the man has changed his story is the last three days repeatedly. oh, this is about adoption?
6:24 pm
the only reason that he came forward by releasing all these emails is because the failing "new york times" busted him over his head and forced him to release this information and it's embarrassing to him. >> greg: how many times have they been right and how many times have they been wrong? they've been wrong a lot before. >> kimberly: we will take you live to the white house for new reaction with the president on the story and just a bet. as the leader of isis dead? are the reports true? we will hear more about the fight against the terror network, dad. is not always easy. it's a long-distance run. and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for nearly 10 years. humira works inside the body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to symptoms.
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tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. i'm micah with safelite. customer: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care. kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace. ♪ >> dana: welcome back. president trump called and congratulated -- a major
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milestone in the fight against isis. there is also a word today that the leader of isis may be dead. the syrian observatory for human rights says it has confirmed abu bakr al-baghdadi -- they have not verified whether his death is true. >> i don't have a clue. simple as that. i don't know if he's alive. i don't know if he's dead. i don't know where he is alive. i don't know where his dead body is. i don't have a clue. >> dana: russia claimed they killed al-baghdadi in may. i could listen to that lieutenant general all day. he also said this is possibly a cause for concern. this is bob kagan saying this. kimberly, isis has split from al qaeda. if al-baghdadi is dead and we don't know that for sure but it
6:30 pm
could mean there's a reconstitution of al qaeda and a strengthening of that rather than a weakening. what do you think? >> kimberly: that's entirely possible but they have the resources to be able to determine whether or not this is true. they should. this is someone that remains in htc. they want to make sure that he is terminated. if they did if the russians didy me. in terms of who's in place and who is the leadership if he's gone, somebody else just moved up on the whack a mole. >> dana: greg, we have heard that he was dead before but he resurfaced and nobody had seen or heard from him in about three months. >> greg: he comes up more often than charlie sheen. did you say the russians got them? we know that's for sure? were we colluding with them when
6:31 pm
we killed that guy? >> dana: that's what the tucker carlson thing was about. >> greg: even if isis ends and it's gone, it's never going to end. the toxic islamism has a pursuit would be to it. anyone looking for martyrdom, there will be people willing to be martyrs. you have to have to treat radical extremism, islamism like black mold in your house. take the victories. if only we started this sooner -- if only we had been this committed to killing isis or earlier, there would be a lot of innocent people alive right now. >> dana: that's a really good point. the lieutenant general commander said if we are going to keep isis two-point oh from emerging, they will have to do something significantly different. >> jesse: another chance and another chance. we saw what happened last time, after the disaster -- i think
6:32 pm
around 2006 they began to turn it around but 2007, they leave and come back. but shreyas comes in. we have to hold. we have to keep some american presence there on the ground or else they will reconstitute their forces they are. has $24 million bounty on his head. i would like to do that wire transfer. [laughter] >> dana: juan, any thoughts on this? >> juan: it could be such a great moment. isis is driven out of multiple, iraq. what you guys are discussing -- if not about keeping al qaeda from reconstituting. it's rebuilding the city's inside iraq. >> dana: $100 billion -- >> juan: you have purse distance between the and sunnis. military leaders, you may be on
6:33 pm
them verge of a sectarian divide. i don't see that they are going to be able to reconstitute some kind of alliance between shiite and sunni. you have iran, russians. >> dana: i think that's what he was referring to. next, more health care fearmongering from one of the top democrats, bernie sanders. comparing the gop's bill to 9/11. and don't forget, sean hannity's interview with donald trump don. is coming up. and alive edition of "the fox news specialists." coming up next. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin,
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. how if guests book direct ater, and stay twice they'll get a $50 gift card? summertime. badda book. badda boom. got you a shirt! ...i kept the receipt... book now at >> greg: it's only been a month since the stephen scalise shooting and at a rally in kentucky, bernie sanders actually compared the g.o.p.
6:38 pm
health care bill to 9/11. of course he says nobody can predict exactly how many people will die if they lose their coverage. >> nobody can predict exactly how may people will die if they lose their coverage. nobody can make that prediction. >> greg: but what the heck, do it anyway! >> what experts at the harvard school of public health estimate is that if 23 million americans are thrown off the insurance they currently have -- which is what the house bill would do -- up to 28,000 americans every single year could die. that is nine times more than the tragic losses we've suffered on 9/11. every single year. >> greg: there you go.
6:39 pm
at least he didn't compare it to the... yet. any republican act is being branded deadly. making the g.o.p. nine times worse than al qaeda. this smear which bernie sanders says nobody can make is based on another wild and likely prediction. if you say rolling back obama careful kill lives, you have to prove that it saves lives. it has not reduced mortality rates. it's a harmful fib that could lead to real harm. if you buy the numbers, 28,000 could die due to the actions of 240 evil republicans, where you end up? you end up in bed with steve scalise as a shooter. just kill 240 to save 20,000 lives. logical if you are a leftist. they defy the ideology of the oppressed. excusing such violence. be it in a mob in hamburg, defending linda --
6:40 pm
or implying that scalise had it coming. oh, to be a leftist. if their hearts are in the right place, they can rip out yours. don't you agree and exaggerated prediction like this is -- >> kimberly: they have no gain. they have fearmongering and false promises. this kind of hysteria is completely inappropriate and who is he trying to help by saying things he knows are patently untrue? how disrespectful to the families and people and victims of 9/11. okay, they were murdered by jihadists. is he saying that basically senators try to put this through -- in the u.s. government and house and senate are jihadist radical terrorists trying to murder americans? get a grip on yourself, bernie. >> greg: mortality rose and
6:41 pm
life expectancy the client since the early '90s. i suppose if i was bernie sanders i would say thank you, obamacare. but i would not say that because i am a nice person. >> juan: you are a nice person. you are a sweetheart. basically, he referred to numbers. because the romneycare in massachusetts, basically obamacare, one life was saved every 830 people who gained health insurance. he was trying to flip the numbers and applied it to the national standard. it became hyperbole. >> jesse: you are saying bernie's math was off? >> dana: bernie math. >> juan: i don't think it was effective. i don't think it's the case, that you suggesting the republicans are killing. what he's suggesting and what is true to my mind that their people right now that says we want to win at any cost instead of thinking about what is a good health care plan that will really help the american people
6:42 pm
cover more people, lower the cost, so we can have good health insurance and our affluent country? >> jesse: i can't believe larry david said that. i think hbo should fire him. when you compare things to 9/11 or the holocaust, it means he lost the argument. obama actually did throw off millions of people from their health insurance policies. remember? i don't think anybody died. when they use that 23 million number, that's because the government is not forcing you to buy a product you want. >> kimberly: versus forest taxation. >> jesse: i am sick and tired of being lectured by the same people that ruin health care and say this is what will happen when you repeal the same health care bill that they jammed down our throats. it's not funny. it's annoying. we are sick of it. the democrats had their chance. let the republicans take a swing at the ball. everything they promised was
6:43 pm
wrong. >> juan: the republicans who had seven years to do something? >> jesse: i'm not going to argue with that. >> greg: the benefit from insurance depends on the type of coverage. we have seen studies. medicaid doesn't help. a lot of people -- aren't most of the people on medicaid -- from obamacare? >> dana: a lot of the states expanded. the argument bernie is making would mean that republicans don't want people to be on medicaid. that's not the case. if they want the program to be sustainable and to be able to take care of the people that can afford it. what would bernie say about the national health care in britain? it was up like 16 weeks to see a general practitioner. that's the type of thing you see under the national health service. the last thing i would say, senator cruz is making headway on his amendment. i will give a description but basically a lot more competition and still get one plan for pre-existing conditions.
6:44 pm
you can stay as long as you were obamacare approved. that has been gaining momentum. i believe this bill will pass. i believe it will be ugly but by the end of the next week, or mid-august, there will be a health care bill. >> kimberly: try to get away from the fact that his wife might be on federal bank charges sometime within the next year. >> dana: she released her emails. >> greg: is probably the russians. you will hear more donald trump jr. with his interview and his russian meeting. no reaction from the white house in a moment. ♪ and diarrhea. i tried lifestyle changes and over-the-counter treatments, but my symptoms keep coming back. it turns out i have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. a condition that's really frustrating. that's why i talked to my doctor about viberzi... ...a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication
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>> juan: sean hannity's full and exclusive interview with don jr. coming up shortly. but first, here's a sneak peek... >> do you tell your father anything about this? >> it was such a nothing. there was nothing to tell. i would not have even remembered it until you start scouring through the stuff. it was a wasted 20 minutes, which was a shame. >> juan: joining us now with reaction from the president today, kristin fisher. >> president trump is defending his son by saying he applauds
6:49 pm
his transparency. that transparency just handed investigators on capitol hill and in a special counsel's office of the whole mountain of new evidence. here's the exchange that's probably the most problematic from the white house. it's from a british tabloid publicist who put up the meeting between trump, jr., and that infamous russian attorney. this is high-level and sensitive information but it is government support for mr. trump. it would incriminate hillary and her dealings with russia and will be very useful to your father. trump junior responded by saying if it's what you say, i love it. especially later in this summer. obviously closer to the election. at that has democrats like senator tim kaine using word like perjury and even treason. trump junior says tonight he thought this meeting was just
6:50 pm
your routine opposition research and that his father, president trump, knew nothing about it. wallin. >> juan: kristin, thank you so much. that was terrific. k.g., what do you think? pay yourself as a former prosecutor like popular. was this a significant change in what has been presented to him? >> juan: >> kimberly: no, i don. that's not evidence of any kind of colluding with russia or anything. you are allowed to see and hear, coming up from don jr., and terms of what he was told. what he believed. he said it was a waste of 20 minutes. now we have all the evidence out. there is no evidence of any kind of criminal misconduct. there is no evidence of collusion. there's lots of evidence of russian hysteria. to the point where russia needs a good p.r. agent.
6:51 pm
>> juan: jesse, the president through his spokesperson -- he's an admirable young man. what you think? >> jesse: i believe he's a man of integrity. i believe he's the victim here. if you look at this guy, goldstein, goldstone, whatever he is, he looks like a sketchy '90s boy band manager with that outfit. he is very suspicious. it looks like the whole thing with a set up. if i was don jr., i would be furious with the so-called associate of mine who dumped this wacky lawyer in my lap from russia, who ends up point this whole thing up this summer and at the email thing -- you can't get around the email. i would be mad at this goldstone guy. >> juan: keeping with what jesse said, dana, "the new york post" -- their lead editorial says donald trump jr. is an idiot. >> dana: i won't comment on
6:52 pm
that. i will say peter baker has a story running tonight that says there's discontent in the white house, mr. trump's lawyer -- there might be another change there. have your expectations. this story is going to continue. you can stay as much as you want. this is a nothing burger or a whopper or whatever. >> greg: it's nothing caviar. nothing boorish. >> kimberly: nothing vodka. >> greg: maybe i missed this fact -- i am curious. how did the russian lawyer get into the united states? wasn't her visa denied? she arrived under president obama. i am curious about how she got in. >> jesse: and now you are onto something. obama did it. >> greg: i don't know. how did she get in? was she here for a different reason? >> kimberly: this seems to be a set up of some sort. i would be frustrated if i was the president.
6:53 pm
why is his son being involved in this? why wasn't somebody looking out for a family member, making sure he wasn't part of it? i wouldn't have don jr. present as something like this. he's a smart guy. >> juan: the problem at the moment for president trump is, did he know about this meeting? his son says on "hannity," well, you watch. >> greg: there you go. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything
6:54 pm
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>> jesse: it's time now for "one more thing." before we begin, we want to mark a variant special occasion. "the five" has turned six today. happy anniversary, guys. take a bow. time now for "one more thing." juan williams. >> juan: on this day in history, alexander hamilton was shot in a duel by aaron burr. he died the next day. today, hamilton tweeted... hamilton, the broadway musical -- attribute video, it's just across the river from new york and new jersey. the landmark features a bust of hamilton and the actual boulder where he is said to have rested after he was shot. he was born in the caribbean but he died back here in manhattan as a true new yorker. you can visit the gravesite at trinity church, near wall street. >> jesse: greg gutfeld.
6:58 pm
>> greg: time for this. greg gutfeld's fox news. people ask me what is that like in the green room. i thought i would have a little behind the scenes footage. here we are at fox news, enjoying -- we are getting ready right there. we do some throat exercises. it's kind of a messy green room, i will admit. someone seems to be unconscious over on the left. that's lou dobbs. anyway, that's what we do. [laughter] >> dana: our friend and colleague rick grenell was diagnosed with nonhodgkin's lymphoma in 2013. his partner said watching someone he loved suffered so much made him want to help and find a way to help. he is a consultant with data analysis. he created an app called chemo waves. it tracks patients that help your loved ones control side effects. it is free on itunes.
6:59 pm
chemo waves. rick grenell is free of cancer now. that is also very good news. >> kimberly: god bless. >> dana: they put a lot of hard work into that application. >> jesse: god bless. >> kimberly: wonderful. >> jesse: shiloh buff was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct. >> i am a american. i asked for a cigarette. you said no. i said word. [bleep]. i have more millionaire lawyers and you know what to do with, you stupid [bleep]. >> jesse: wow. obviously having some mental issues. >> kimberly: okay, time for kimberly's -- i've got no food to eat. however, maybe next week we will have the resources. two new studies, topic and have
7:00 pm
long-term impact on your health. it can cut diabetes by 12%. >> jesse: all right. "hannity" with donald trump jr., next. >> sean: thanks to our friends on "the five." donald trump jr. is here to set the record straight about his june 2016 meeting with the russian lawyer. he will join us for an exclusive in-depth interview. that's coming up. by the way, for all the members of the district or media that have to tune into my show tonight, get out your pad and pen. you may actually learn a thing or two. we have a message for you. maybe you want to take notes. we want to lay out the real scandals that you are not covering that you should be covering. if you were actual journalists, you would be. let's lay out the facts of this story. that is tonight. important opening monologue. earlier today


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