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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 13, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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is it between friends? >> president macron: regarding climate >> regarding climate, we have a number of disagreements. during the presidential campaign, so did i. i'm aware of and we have talked about our disagreements and we actually discussed the matter even before president trump reached the decision. should that have an impact on the discussions we are having on all other topics? no, absolutely not. the reason why we share the same views and some of the major common goals on many other topics, which we have been discussing today and we will move forward together. next, of course president trump
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will tell you about it but he made a commitment, we are going to be working together and my willingness to continue to work with the united states on this very major topic, i understand its importance to their jobs. that being said, we will leave united states of america to work on its road map and continue to talk about it. nothing new or unprecedented otherwise we would have talked about it. there is a willingness to talk about this and try and find the best possible agreement. as far as i am concerned, i am extremely attached to the framework of the paris accord which has been a major international breakthrough and within that framework, i am working on priorities for the
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european union. lastly, as you know, i never want to comment on what we are doing personally but i can tell you that this evening, there will be a dinner between friends. we are the representatives of two countries which have been allies and because we have been able to build a strong relation which is dear to me because it matters a great deal for both of our countries, it will give me great pleasure to have dinner tonight. >> i think i can reiterate, we have a very good relationship, a good friendship and we look forward to dinner tonight at the eiffel tower. that will be something special. something could happen with respect to the paris accord, we'll see what happens. we will talk about that over the coming period of time.
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if it happens, it will be wonderful. if it doesn't, that will be okay, too. we will see what happens. we discussed many things today, including the cease-fire in syria, we discussed at the ukraine, we discussed a lot of different topics. we briefly hit on the paris accord. we will see what happens. >> mr. president, your fbi nominee said for someone in a campaign got an email about russia like the one you're son received, they should alert the fbi rather than accept that meeting. is he wrong? also were you misled by your team in not knowing about this meeting? mr. president, thank you very much. you have heard president trump say it may have been others who interfered with the u.s. election.
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it is president trump taking a hard enough line on russia? >> president trump: i'll start off by saying first of all, i believe we will have a great fbi director, i think he is doing really well. we are very proud of that choic choice, i think i have done a great service to the country by choosing him. he will make us all proud and i think someday we will see that. hopefully someday soon. we are very proud of him. as far as my son is concerned, my son is a wonderful young man, he took a meeting with a russian lawyer, not a government lawyer about a russian lawyer. it was a short meeting, it was a meeting that went very quickly, very fast, two other people in the room, i guess one of them left almost immediately and the other was now focused on their meeting. i do think this, i think from a practical standpoint, most
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people would have taken that meeting. it is called opposition research or even research into your opponent. i've had many people, i've only been in politics for two years. i've had many people call up, we have information on this factor or this person or frankly, hilary. that is very standard in politics, politics is not the nicest business in the world but it's very standard where you have information and you take the information. he listened, they talked about adoption and some things. nothing happened from their meetings. zero happen from the meeting and i think the press made a very big deal out of something a lot of people do. the lawyer that went to the meeting, she was in the halls of congress, also. somebody said her visa or her
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passport to come into the country was approved by attorney general lynch, maybe that is wrong, i just heard that a little while ago. she was here because of lynch. again, i have a son who is a great young man, a fine person. he took a meeting with a lawyer from russia. nothing came of that meeting. i think it is a meeting that most people in politics probably would have taken. mr. president? >> president macron: to answer your question, -- [translator speaking french] >> president macron: president trump had more than two hours meeting with president
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putin, i had to go very long meetings with president putin and the very first one, this relationship is very important. we have a lot of differences, we have a lot of discrepancies with russia. in the current environment, especially in the middle east, it is a necessity to work together, to exchange information. that is my relationship with russia, we don't have the same relationship as the one with the u.s. that is a long-standing relationship as well and i think it's important to have contact with president putin. >> president trump: one of the great things that came out of that meeting was the fact that we got cease-fire that now has lasted for almost five days.
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five days doesn't sound like a long period of time in terms of a cease-fire, that's a very long period of time. that was a result of having communication with a country. during that five day period, a lot of lives have been saved, a lot of people were not killed. no shots have been fired in a very dangerous part of the world and this is one of the most dangerous parts of syria. by having some communication and dialogue, we were able to have a cease-fire and it's going to go on for a while and frankly we are working on a second cease-fire in a very rough part of syria and if we get that, and a few more, all of a sudden you are going to have no bullets being fired in syria and that would be a wonderful thing.
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>> are you going to support the paris bid for the olympic games, you have criticized president trump's policy without naming him. you have said he made a very clear choice to leave, not to build walls to protect the people. can you comment on the building of the wall between the united states and mexico? regarding syria, as it was just mentioned by president trump, is france ready to talk directly? >> president macron: we told you that paris is no longer paris , >> you have said that france and germany were infected by terrorism and "it is their fault because they let people enter the territory. those are very strong words,
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would you repeat them today? do you believe that france is not able to fight terrorism on its own territory? >> president trump: you better let me answer that one, that's a beauty. he's the one that asked the question, that wasn't even one of my picks. you know what, it's going to be just fine because you have a great president. you have somebody who will run this country right. i would be willing to bet, i think this is one of the greatest and most beautiful cities in the world. you have a great leader now, a great president, a tough president. he's not going to be easy on people that are breaking the laws and people that show this tremendous violence. i have a feeling that you are going to have a very peaceful and beautiful paris. and i'm coming back. you better do a good job, otherwise you are going to make me look very bad. >> president macron: you are always welcome.
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>> regarding the first question, i believe the discussions we have had today, the right answe answer -- never ending fight against terrorists. this is what we are working on actively together. in this respect, there is no difference and no gap between the french and the american position. when i have something to say i say it clearly and i do say who i am aiming at and when i refer to those who have been my opponents in the french political battle, i also mention the names. let us not mix up everything. regarding the fight against
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terrorism, i think the right approach is to have strengthened coalition in the field of intelligence, also to be working together on all the shadows of oppression. your question regarding assad which is an important one, we now have a new approach, we want some results and we want to be closely working with our partners including the united states of america. we have one main goal which is to eradicate terrorism. we want to build an inclusive political solution. i do not require his departure, this is no longer a prerequisite to work on that because i can
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only tell you that for seven years, we do not have an embassy and still we have the solution. we also have a common redline together with president trump, i said to president putin after my election, no use of chemical weapons whatsoever, any use will lead to reaction regarding the storage places. next we also want corridors, also we want to build political stability for syria. this is our road map. in order to stick to it, we need diplomatic initiative beyond our military action, this is what has been agreed upon. a because we want to take an
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initiative with the members of the security council and the members of countries in the process. of course, it will be representative that will enable us to put in the place the road map for after the war. there will also be representatives of people with different backgrounds and we will talk to all of them against that background. one last question. for an american journalist. >> >> reporter: [speaking forein language] >> you had your first meeting with the chinese president during the g20 summit. what will france do, how will france cooperate with all of these areas with china and what
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do you think of the president? >> president trump: he has a friend of mine, i have great respect for him, we got to know each other very well. great leader, a very talented man. i think is a very good man who loves china. he wants to do what is right for china. we've asked him for some assistance with respect to north korea, probably he could do a little bit more but we will find out. we are working on some trade deals, he's been very nice, he has let beef go back in, certain financing go back in at my
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request which is a great thing so a lot of good things are happening. we are going to be working on some trade components. president xi is a great guy, i like being with him a lot and he is a very special person. thank you. >> reporter: i got to meet him in the margin of the g20 summit, early next year will be traveling to china, i cannot say that he is a friend of mine are that i know him very well. i very much want to say things as they are. we had some initial contact which was extremely fruitful and positive. i have a lot of respect for him. he did express his willingness to have a vision and he wanted
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to commit himself on a number of topics and i think that many of us remember his words and they are very strongly expressed his vision of china. we have a number of commitments including on climate, he is very committed to that end he told me he wanted to do more and i can only be happy about it. like president trump said, the trade issues regarding a number of -- there are differences but i joined willingness to sort them out and as members of the security council want to work together on all of the topics we have been discussing today. he is a key partner in order to build peace around the world. china is to play a very specific role regarding the rising
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tension, growing tension in north korea and it's important that china is in the region. he is one of the great leaders of our world, implementing a major and ambitious reform of china and the economy in china and my willingness is to have a dialogue and continue to talk about the industry, economy and talk about any difficulties we may have. allow me to thank you ladies and gentlemen and once again thank president trump for his visit, i will be seeing him in a few moments in our friendly atmosphere. >> president trump: thank you very much, it's a great honor, thank you. thank you. >> president macron: thank you
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thank you. >> you just watched a joint press conference between president trump and french president macron, exchanging pleasantries, smiles, handshakes, marking president trump's third visit to europe and the first meeting with the french president. she days talk centered on fighting terrorism and defense policies. president macron we just heard saying france would like to work together to launch joint initiatives in the fight against terrorism, talking about syria, ruling out isis. as soon as president trump did arrive, he has been given quite the tourist tour, a private tour of napoleon's tomb, plans to have dinner at the eiffel tower tonight and we will have a front row seat to pomp and circumstance commemorating the 100th anniversary of the u.s. entry into world war i at the basile day parade. please stay tuned to fox news channel for continuing coverage of the story, i'm julie banderas in new york.
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>> a fox news alert about former president jimmy carter, he has been hospitalized in winnipeg, canada, he evidently collapsed from dehydration while helping to build a habitat for humanity home in canada. we are told president carter is okay and he is encouraging everyone working on the jobsite to to stay hydrated and keep the building. the 92-year-old former president and his wife are ardent supporters of habitat for humanity. back now overseas, a fox news alert. president trump wrapping up his joint news conference with president of macron in paris, that lasted about 40 minutes. the political firestorm is certainly heating up at home with the chairman of the senate judiciary committee saying that he wants donald trump, jr., to testify before his committee and basically threatening that if he
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doesn't show up, he will you subpoena power if necessary. the second hour of "happening now" starting a little bit late. >> julie: good afternoon to you, president trump meeting with the new french leader in a show of solidarity with america's oldest ally. our country's mark 100 years since the united states entered world war i. it even amid pomp and ceremony in paris there was no escaping the controversy over donald trump, jr.,'s actions involving russia. take a listen. >> my son is a wonderful young man, he took on meeting with a russian lawyer. not a government lawyer about a russian lawyer. it was a short meeting, it was a meeting that went to very quickly, very fast. two other people in the room, i guess one of them left almost immediately and the other was not focused on the meeting. i do think this, i think from a practical standpoint, most
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people would have taken that meeting. it's called opposition research or even research into your opponent. i've had many people, i've only been in politics for two years, but i've had many people call up, we have information on this factor or this person or frankly, hilary. that is very standard in politics, politics is not the nicest business in the world but it's very standard where they have information and you take the information. >> julie: chris wallace joins me now as we watch live pictures coming out of paris as both president macron and president trumper departing after they held that joint news conference there, a first for the two meeting. president trump's third visit to europe. chris, you just heard him defending the donald trump, jr., emails, amidst them talking about fighting terror and a joint task force between the two countries. you heard him discuss and
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describe that meeting he took with that russian lawyer, which he pointed out was not out government lawyer, a russian lawyer and he called it opposition research. what's your take on that? >> it's interesting, the question as it was posed originally by the reporter was that his fbi nominee, christopher wray yesterday under question before the senate judiciary committee said he would hope that any politician who got an offer of help, which is what the email purported the meeting was going to be about, would it notify the fbi while president trump praised his nominee, who had a very successful hearing, he ducked that part of the question as you say, basically supported his son and said this was research and when any politician would do. ducking the question, the fact that it was research or at least purportedly going to be about opposition research. coming from someone that according to the email had links
10:24 am
to the russian government, the other thing he did that was quite interesting was he raised this question that is getting some currency, what was this russian lawyer doing in the u.s. her visa had run out and there were some questions as to why she was in the u.s. she was lobbying to try to get some sanctions removed from russia. he also said he had heard a report that it was then attorney general lynch who had allowed her into the country, which of course raises all kinds of questions about hillary clinton, and the clinton campaign and was there some involvement there and allowing this russian lawyer in. clearly there is very much an attempt by this president to stand firm, to support his son and to push back and say perhaps
10:25 am
the democrats don't have entirely clean hands in this either. >> julie: one big development that did come out of this in the last hour, we heard the chairman of the senate judiciary committee say he wants donald trump, jr., to testify and he will subpoena him if necessary. what then does that do to the white house at defense that they were conducting opposition research when they claim they did not knowingly take on meeting with a putin government official? >> she was not a government official but she was very clearly very close to the kremlin and again, one of the questions for donald trump, jr., regardless of what turned out to happen in the meeting, why did you take the meeting when you were told it was part of an effort by the russian government, by the kremlin to help you win and hillary clinton to lose? what it basically says, we don't know what will happen in terms of the hearing, it basically
10:26 am
says something we already know and that is the fact that this is going to go on for a while. months, perhaps a year between at least three investigations, two and the senate, one in the house. and that's only in addition to the special counsel robert mueller. this is going to go on for a while and remember, this all comes in the wake of a number of people, donald trump, jr., the president, vice president, all saying this was a hoax, phony, a witch hunt, there was no there there and now at the very least it turns out that there was meeting. this just adds fuel to the fire and means that it's going to keep going. >> julie: a huge distraction from the senate health care bill, i'm going to ask you to stay right there for a moment. i want to get breaking developments on the senate health care bill right now. >> leland: it is the moment of truth for senate republicans as they unveil new version of the
10:27 am
health care bill. now the pressure is on majority leader mitch mcconnell to bring it to the floor amid questions about whether he even has the votes to begin debating the long-awaited measure. make a manual live on capitol hill, first time it didn't work out so well, they are bringing it back, do they have at this time? >> a lot of senators are saying they want some more time to digest it but now that they've gotten a look at the revised bill, it's up to the leadership to figure out if it has a passive 50 votes. let's look at some of the key changes in this revised senate health care plan. an additional $70 billion for states to create their own reforms. health savings accounts can be used to pay for premiums. an additional $45 million to battle the opioid epidemic. >> if we are lowering premiums it's a win for everyone and to
10:28 am
the scrap now has major provisions. one, consumer freedom. the second is allowing people to use health saving accounts to pay for premiums. >> vice president mike pence continues to work, he was in kentucky yesterday. he said he was there to turn up the heat because this is the moment, time for congress to step up and repeal and replace obamacare. he is back on capitol hill today. earlier, senator paul explained why he is a post of bill. >> it keeps about half of the obamacare taxes, keeps most of the obamacare regulations, keeps most of the obamacare subsidies and it creates a giant insurance bailout superfund and i just can't vote for a bill that creates a $200 billion fund to bail out insurance companies, i am just not for that. i promised to repeal obamacare, not to continue obamacare. >> no surprise, democrats are opposed to the plan, some using colorful language.
10:29 am
>> i think this proposal is in effect, its cosmetic changes to a fundamentally flawed, cruel, and costly proposal. >> the next, the plan goes up to the congressional budget office for analysis of the price and impact of the bill. >> leland: we will wait for the cbo score, mike emanuel, capitol hill. thank you, julie has more. >> julie: we will bring back chris wallace now, we've been hearing information trickling out of washington. lindsey graham, bill cassidy earlier today unveiling details of their alternative health care plan. you on this particular instance where they are basically going to keep much of the obama era taxes on the wealthy which basically sends that money to the states to control instead? does that change things at all here? >> yes and no, here's the real problem here and of the real challenge for mitch mcconnell and the republicans. you have to thread a needle,
10:30 am
everything you do to satisfy the moderates only alienates some of the conservatives. it everything you do to satisfy some of the conservatives alienates the moderates. you have to find a sweet spot and it doesn't seem even with this bill so far that they have. you have got rand paul they are saying that while they are keeping hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes, he doesn't like that part of it. you've got some of the more moderate members saying you are going to end up with medicaid cutbacks, people who now have health insurance on the medicaid expansion will lose it, those are their voters and they don't want to alienate them. as mike pointed out, before you get a boat on the bill, you have to get a vote to proceed, to even bring it up for debate. you still need 50 votes for tha that. there's a real question, they could not get that last time before july 4th, there is question as to whether they will
10:31 am
get it now. there is going to be a lot of arm-twisting, a lot of trying to persuade and there may be some amendments on the senate floor. there certainly is not a rush to support this bill. if there is any hope on the part of mitch mcconnell and other republican leaders of this was going to solve it and everybody would salute smartly and go on board, that hasn't happened yet. >> julie: we will have to wait and see. chris wallace, thank you very much, great to see you as always. >> leland: this came up at the press conference, the email chain placing donald trump, jr., the president's son-in-law jared kushner, and homer campaign manager for the mag manager paul manafort in meeting with a lawyer. we will discuss straight ahead. >> in retrospect i probably would have done things a little differently. this was before that rush out
10:32 am
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♪ >> nothing is proven yet but we are now beyond obstruction of justice in terms of what is being investigated. this is moving into perjury, false statements and even potentially treason. >> julie: that is former vice residential candidate tim kane reacting to the emails that show
10:36 am
donald trump, jr., sought damaging information on hillary clinton. it was what was described as russian backed effort to help his father's candidacy. all right, let me ask you. dealing with foreign governments is one thing, hostile foreign governments, influencing a u.s. presidential election, kind of another. what do you make of kaine calling this possible treason. >> nobody has followed him down this rabbit hole. i know he was trying to make things even more tense than they were but it doesn't seem to have worked very well. these issues will go to mr. mueller and that senate intelligence committee and those of the people who should be making decisions, should be looking at them in carrying this forward. unless senator kaine doesn't have faith in them, i don't know
10:37 am
what he is talking about. >> julie: wendy, let me ask you. something in the email that called attention to intent, that is the key word. what was the intent? rob goldstone writes in the email that we all saw -- in another email, he writes -- rona by the way is president trump's secretary and what would that mean if that were to surface? >> while this does not rise to the level of treason, it is definitely nefarious and that is
10:38 am
something we cannot pivot or denied. what we know is this was a meeting with all foreign hostile power and this meeting is basically done to undermine our democracy, saying that whoever wins the electoral college is the president. what donnette, jr., was doing here was trying to hedge his bets to make sure that his father wins the election, that is something whether you are on the left side or the right side, you have to speak up against it because this goes beyond the election that we saw, this is going to creep into the 2018 mi. we have to say that this cannot be tolerated. >> foreign countries cannot be allowed to get involved in our elections just as we should not get involved in their elections. that is -- once again, i hope mr. mueller and i believe the senate intelligence committee and house intelligence committee will look at these things. they should not be allowed to
10:39 am
happen, they are wrong and i agree completely. >> julie: what do you make of the interview donald trump, jr., had with hannity? i want to read from a tweet her here -- just now you heard him in a joint news conference with the french president basically calling it opposition research, that any candidate in their position would have done this. i have to ask you, is this a political witch hunt an unfortunate situation not properly thought out? >> i don't know whether it is a political witch hunt, that is the sort of thing that will be sorted out by two committees and mueller. having said that, it strikes me that there is a lot of amateur naivete and once again, on the face of age, foreign countries
10:40 am
cannot be allowed to intrude into our process, that cannot be the case, that should not be the case. >> julie: wendy, is this the smoking gun that proves actual collusion, do the emails provide evidence of intent, that they tried and success -- unsuccessfully executed collusion with russia? >> if we ever had a smoking gun, this would be it. one thing i want to say here, while he is not an employee of this federal government, i'm glad you brought up the name jared kushner because he is. we have to start questioning whether he stood still have his security clearance because it is not looking good. for you to have a conversation with a foreign adversary and say that's the case and i would love it, that is not your response. when the gore administration was given the ability to have information on another candidate, they turned it over
10:41 am
to the fbi. we do not as a country except any information on a hostile power. we have to be honest about this and talk about what are the objects and what does this look like and quite frankly it does not look good. >> julie: that's all the time we have, thank you very much, thank you both. >> leland: president trump just wrapping up a news conference with the president of france, he addressed this issue as you heard. we will tell you what he had to say about the russia investigation, his son don don. and then to have the president brought all of this back to the obama administration. >> somebody said that her visa or her passport to come into the country was approved by attorney general lynch, maybe that is wrong, i just heard that a little while ago. that is why she was here, because of lynch.
10:42 am
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10:45 am
congress also. somebody said that her visa or passport to come into the country was approved by attorney general lynch. maybe that is wrong, i just heard that a little while ago. >> leland: that is president trump blaming the obama administration, saying they let the russian lawyer who held that controversial meeting with donald trump, jr., into the country. his comments coming during a news conference with the french president just a few minutes ag ago. all right, i'm going to give you the first crack at this. we are trying to break this down. we understand republicans like to blame president obama for a lot of things but really, for
10:46 am
letting in the lawyer, somehow it is not donald trump, jr.,'s fault that he met with this person because president obama with the person into the country? >> i doubt he set on fox that having to do this all over again he probably would have done some things differently. i think donald trump, jr., himself is accepting the fact that these were his decisions. underneath this all, comes a very interesting question. if russia did interfere with our elections, and i do not think they did but they attempted to, that happened under obama's watch. when it comes to this woman who donald trump met with, we have people saying she was almost a spy acting for the government of vladimir putin. it is a very simple question, if this person was part of this effort to undermine our election, why did the obama administration give her a visa to be here.
10:47 am
it's a very reasonable question to ask. >> leland: a lot of democrats i've talked to say look, in hindsight we wish the obama administration had done more about russian meddling, is this another example of a? >> i think it's a fair criticism, i think i might be one of them that wished they had been more aggressive with the intelligence community, the fact that her visa was given seems to kind of be whistling past the graveyard. the fact that donald trump eagerly took a meeting to get information from what he believed was an attorney connected to the russian government, that's what the email said to him. connected to the russian government. he was participating in that. treason is not the issue but there are a whole host of other statutes, cyber crimes, campaign finance laws. host of statutes that anybody vaguely familiar with the law would say that would send about red flag. republicans on the hill are saying that, the fbi director
10:48 am
trump has appointed it said that. it is a part of a widening scandal at the president's son has made much worse, not just involving this collusion issue now. it let me finish the point if i can, i will be really quick. it does not just involve collusion, this white house cover on collusion is blown out of the water. this involves a criminal investigation into likely the president, and maybe a whole host of other issues. it involves a criminal investigation into all the people close to the president, for lying about their contact with the russians, trying to cover up this. >> leland: i want to let matt getting here. the question that was asked of president trump by the american journalist was "do you agree with your fbi director nominee who said if you get an email like this, any politician or a member of a political campaign, should go ahead and call the fbi, not take the meeting?" the president dodge that
10:49 am
question. to you, does this bring up a difficult, maybe not criminal but certainly a difficult situation for the administration now? >> i think donald trump, jr., said if he had to do things over again he would do things differently. i think he probably would have avoided having this meeting. i think it was very clear that he said he took the meeting because there was an acquaintance of the trump family who asked him to take it. just because someone sends you an email -- when i worked in government i got thousands of emails, sometimes you skim through the contents. just because someone would send you an email doesn't mean you agree with all the content of the email. the real question was, if an appropriate information had been given to him at the meeting, at that point i do think it's very legitimate to say you immediately call the authorities. or there was such information. >> matt, please. you are such a smart guy, i
10:50 am
don't think you believe what you just decided. if an agent on behalf of a foreign -- a hostile foreign government, she was represented in the email from goldstone as a lawyer for the russian government. in a separate email as lawyer and another one of the emails, as a lawyer for the russian government. >> how does she have a visa and how is she here? >> that is a legitimate questio question. it doesn't answer the question about why donald trump is going in with his mental state of mind, this is a lawyer connected to the russian government, do you have any dirt on a political opponent, which is against the law. >> leland: thank you gentlemen, appreciate it. you guys both had the last word together. take care. >> julie: some people seeing
10:51 am
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10:55 am
>> julie: critics are teed off over the venue for the women's open golf tournament. >> the president is expected to arrive at his trump national golf club here tomorrow, he will stay the weekend as his club hosts the u.s. women opens championship but it is not without controversy. in the u.s. golf association chose this location back in 2012, that was before mr. trump decided to run for president. over the last few years there have been a lot of pressure for them to change the location of the championship. last october, democrats wrote a letter to the usga demanding that they change the location on the video that came out, the access hollywood video which showed mr. trump making demeaning comments about women. also, just this week, the usa
10:56 am
today reports that the usga a executives told board members of the reason they did not lose the location was because the president threatened to sue. we reached out for comment, they said they do not comment when it comes to contractual matters. at the women's advocacy group ultraviolet says they plan on protesting all weekend, including using a plane with a banner that is going to call out trump, essentially asking the usga to dump him and to move to another location. none of the 155 of the women's top world golfers have dropped out of the tournament but they are now forced to answer tough and awkward questions about their policy and not golf. a stalwart star golfer has sais not talking about politics all week. one golfer spoke to the chicago tribune that she prefers the president not come so the
10:57 am
tournament focuses on the players. >> leland: president trump overseas right now getting the world where and tour of paris. you can see him there with the french president and his wife. dinner at the eiffel tower tonight, we will be right back.
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originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. >> thanks for joining us. "america's news hq" starts now. >> harris: after holding a join news conference with the president of france, our president and first lady are headed to the next official event, a social one. you're watching "america's news hq." i'm harris walker. president trump and france's president macron talked about terrorism and trade. from that meeting they went to that joint news conference which you watched on fox news channel just wrap up. one topic, not a huge surprise for our president, the controversy surrounding donald trump jr.'s meeting with a russian attorney during the


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