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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 14, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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society. >> kimberly: i'm so glad you did this i tweeted about a couple days ago. >> greg: that's how mentors survive. set your dvrs,
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert. a confession in pennsylvania. authorities say the man in custody in connection with the four missing young men has admitted to killing them. senior correspondent rick leventhal in pennsylvania. good evening. >> good evening, this news broke within the last hour. outside a courthouse a grand jury had been convened to consider charges against cosmo dinardo, the 20-year-old person of interest in the case of the four young men who disappeared and might have been murdered. the attorney for dinardo walked out of the courthouse and walked up to reporters and said dinardo had confessed in participation of the murders of the four young men and told authorities where the bodies were. what isn't clear is whether that means he may have had help or is
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claiming he did. his attorney says a confession came in exchange for an agreement by the d.a. not to pursue the death penalty. investigators, local police, and the fbi evidence response team has been at the 90-acre farm all week. they dug a huge pit on the property after cadaver dogs alerted the possible bodies. last night the d.a. announced they had uncovered a mass grave 12 and a half feet down and positively identified the remains of 19-year-old dean finocchiaro. the d.a. confirmed other remains were in the grave but couldn't say if they belong to the other three missing. 19-year-old jimmy -- , mark sturgis, and tom meo. cosmo dinardo, already being held on $5 million bail for stealing a car belonging to one of those missing men has apparently confessed to killing all four of them.
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reporters shouted questions. he said i'm sorry. >> bret: rick leventhal live. thank you. another breaking news story, how house majority whip steve scalise undergoing another surgery. the management of deep tissue infection related to bullet wounds he suffered last month. scalise's condition has been changed from serious to fair. the federal election committee has voted today to use their own campaign money for security purposes at their homes. we may learn tomorrow whether a british couple will be allowed to bring their terminally ill child to america on one final mission of mercy. they laid out their case in court today. ryan chilcote has the story from london.
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>> charlie gard's parents arrived seeking permission to take their son to the u.s. when it was over, they slipped out the back door, hoping for a ruling. >> let's pray that british justice known throughout the world for being fair, decent, and compassionate comes through for baby charlie. >> charlie gard suffers from mitochondrial depleted of syndrome, a typically terminal disease. unable to breathe without life-support. his london hospital says his ventilator should be turned off. any further treatment they say would only put the boy in pain. inside the courtroom, new evidence presented by the famil family. testimony from an expert telling the judge in new york hospitals experiment on treatment is worth trying and would offer a 10% chance of improving the voice quality of life.
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charlie's parents have brought their arguments nearly every court in the land. it's been an emotionally charged campaign. twice today out of the sight of cameras, charlie's parents stormed out of the courtroom. it parallels the case of terri schiavo, the case in florida. it has drawn the interest of president trump and the pope. the judge said the hospital staff treating charlie had faced vile abuse and threats and called for the reit retaliation to come to an end. perhaps the case will come to an end tomorrow. >> bret: thank you. state department here making more demands to foreign countries about providing traveler information for people coming to the u.s. rich edson has the latest from foggy bottom. >> good evening. this is part of the trump administration's controversial extreme vetting policy for those trying to visit the
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united states. state department requiring all countries to provide thorough information for those applying for u.s. visa. the department giving countries 50 days to comply or show progress. if not, the u.s. could restrict travel from their country. the department detail this information in the cable it sent all u.s. diplomatic posts. reuters reported it and a senior state department official confirmed it. the memo notes "this is the first time the u.s. government is setting standards for the information that's required from all countries, specifically in support of immigration and travel vetting. they require countries to provide information, the u.s. might request like biometric and personal details. it also demands countries plant tissue electronic passports to their citizens and ensures the report loss or stolen travel documents." if the government decides to deport a foreign citizen, the cable says the u.s. expects that country will take them back.
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another state department official tells fox news the u.s. will work with foreign governments to design a plan to comply. the memo asks diplomats to "underscore that while it's not our goal to impose a ban on immigration benefits, including visas, for citizens of any country, these standards are designed to mitigate risk." it also asks countries to avoid placing their citizens on any type of watch list because of their political or religious beliefs. >> bret: rich edson at the state department. thank you. bipartisan agreement in the house tonight on a bill to expand college aid for military veterans. the bill calls for greater flex building allowing veterans to wait before going back to school. also provides up to $2300 a year in additional tuition coverage. we could be about to enter a new euro in medicine. food and drug and nutrition panel voted to recommend the agency approved the first gene therapy available in the u.s. researchers have developed a treatment for children and young
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adults with advanced leukemia. it works by removing immune cells from a patient's blood, reprogramming them to recognize and destroy cancer, then injecting them back into the patient. fda decision expected by the end of september. dow rose 21. s&p 500 of 5, nasdaq jumped 13. another story about how the city of seattle continues to defy political convention. residents they're being given vouchers to use in campaign finances. as with most things, not everyone thinks this idea is a good idea. dan springer in seattle. >> john grant is running a new type of campaign for seattle city council. he's asking for everyone to become a financial donor. >> funding the campaign through the democracy voucher program. >> each voter mailed four $25
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vouchers. the candidate has raised over $200,000, nearly all from vouchers. given by low income renters, noncitizens, and the homeless, all who can apply for vouchers even if they can't or won't vote. >> someone who is homeless has just as many vouchers as someone who was wealthy and living on the waterfront. >> a few weeks from the primary, 4% have been returned. unused voucher money rolls over to the next election. not able to support a single candidate, he is suing to stop the program. >> it's a clear violation of first amendment rights. with free speech comes the right not to speak. >> we are participating in the democracy voucher program pays for: goal is to reduce the amount and influence of money in
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politics. in exchange for vouchers, candidates agree to a spending cap. it may not work. she got limits lifted because opponent, her opponent is raising private money. supporters say this program gives political voice to those who have never given to a campaign before and forces candidates to get out and meet more voters. critics contend it's another money grab that will push seattle's politics further to the left. >> bret: dan, thank you. up next, the panel on president trump in france, the russian scandal, and a lot more. stay with us.
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>> my son is a wonderful young man. he took a meeting with a russian
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lawyer, not a government lawyer, but a russian lawyer. they say she was in the halls of congress also. somebody said her visa or her passport to come into the country was approved by attorney general lynch. i think the press made a big deal over something that really a lot of people -- i've had a lot of people come up. we have information on this factor or this person or frankly, hillary. that's very standard in politics. politics is not the nicest business in the world. >> bret: president trump in france being asked a question at the press conference. donald trump, jr.'s meeting with natalia veselnitskaya. we are getting more information about her. "the hill" reports the russian lawyer was initially cleared into the united states by the justice department under
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extraordinary circumstances before she embarked on a lobbying campaign. this revelation means it was the obama justice department that enabled the most intriguing figure in the russia-trump investigation to enter the country without a visa. we are going to learn more about her connections as time goes on. let's bring in our panel. michael crowley, senior foreign affairs correspondent for political, editor-in-chief of lifezette laura ingraham and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> i'm not impressed by the story about the lawyer. i think it's a red herring the size of a whale. she was a pawn. it doesn't change the fact of the scandal, the email received from an intermediary by donald trump, jr. said a russian government lawyer. the president was wrong. a russian government lawyer would be coming with dirt on hillary and that the kremlin was supporting his campaign and that the state prosecutor in the
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kremlin had a trove of documents. that's the story. i don't think it's illegal. i don't think anybody's claiming it's illegal, but it does, the one thing it does do, it totally undermines a six-month story from the white house to which i was sympathetic that there wasn't any collusion. this was a bungled collusion. this was keystone cops collusion but doesn't change the fact there was attempted collusion and it undoes the white house story completely. >> i don't think it undoes the white house story completely unless you think donald trump himself knew about this meeting, knew about the email. there's a lot of speculation on other cable networks obsessed with the story that they are all sorts of logical leaps to make from the email that donald trump, jr. received to the short meeting to donald trump's statements about emails and so forth but i don't think we have those facts. i will be interested to know
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those facts. i don't think anyone has clean hands here. we know for fact, as politico has reported, that a former white house staffer and dnc official worked with the ukrainian sources to get dirt on donald trump, share the information, according to politico. share the information with a willing clinton campaign. everyone seems to be willing to benefit from dirt thing spread around or attempted to be spread around or traffic as dirt even though it wasn't by unsavory sources. i don't think it looks good to take a meeting with someone who says they are working on behalf of the russian government. i agree with alan dershowitz. it's not treason. it's not illegal, but it does demonstrate how difficult and precarious it is to get involved in the political world when you are experiencing -- when your
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experience is limited to new york real estate. it's a different game and it's a different deal. >> bret: listening to senator warner, they don't have a lot of answers. at least not once are going to talk about. >> it's frustrating for everyone because the nature of the investigation means that there's not much they can say publicly. the leaks come out only get pieces of the puzzle without knowing what the big picture is. i do think charles put his finger on the central point. what was the reaction to an email that says there's a russian government campaign plan to help your campaign, and the meeting might have gone nowhere. this lady might not have been an effective emissary if she was one. but the question is, what was the response? i think the best defense, i suppose, would be the one laura hinted at. these people were novices, they are real estate professionals. the problem is, it falls down when you get to paul manafort
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being in the room. to the degree that paul manafort read through the email and saw the language. he says he didn't. it also speaks to the fact that the trump campaign was not a highly professionalized one, and you are seeing it manifesting even now that they've come into government, slow to staff the government. a lot of confusion and no into problems. >> bret: charles, newt gingrich defending the president, says the media and democrats are essentially rushing past a bank robbery to get trump administration officials for jaywalking. in other words, all of the stuff with hillary clinton and all of the hammering the phone and destroying the emails and whitewashing the server and the clinton foundation and all of their interactions, he says they are driving by a bank robbery trying to get somebody for
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jaywalking. >> there is one salient fact here. hillary is a private citizen. she lost the election. all this could be true if there are people who want to go after her to put her in jail, lock her up, okay, i have no objection whatsoever. the fact is the president is mr. trump, and this is an accusation that's been made against him, his own nominee for the fbi has said that what donald trump, jr. did, with the, essentially the top three officials in the campaign, it's something that was wrong and they should instead have called the authorities. that is the salient fact. you can have all this other stuff. >> bret: beyond apologizing, what are you going to get? where's the underlying crime they are going after? >> i said at the beginning i don't think there's a crime of collusion. i think what you do have is six months of deception from the
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white house, either at verdant or inadvertent. nobody knew about this meeting. i'm assuming the president did not know about the meeting. dave said for six months they had no meetings, no interaction interactions. here, in black-and-white, and admission of, we want to help your campaign. the state prosecutor has stuff in the kremlin and the response is "i love it." that contradicts the whole line of defense. >> bret: whether they got it or didn't. >> whether it's a crime or not is a totally different issue. i would concede it's not a criminal act but it's certainly an unethical act. >> bret: i want to return to his reception in france, interaction with the french president. both of them blowing about each other, their countries, their relationships. >> it was something. it's good for him to stay on the road. this russia story continues to bubble up.
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we keep hearing that europeans don't like him, that is really unpopular. a lot of our friends in the media were saying similar thing about president reagan in the 1980s. i am not saying donald trump is president reagan but i'm saying that american presidents have often, when they stand for american interests first, they've often gotten rocky receptions in europe. that having been said, i think donald trump is actually had some great interactions with foreign leaders. it's swept under the rug by a media obsessed with this story about russia to the exclusion of all else. macron stood with vladimir putin and had a joint press conference a few weeks back. angela merkel is very tight with putin because of the pipeline and the gas they need in europe. i think it was a good day for president trump. we will see what comes of it. >> bret: he hinted something good happen with respect to the paris accord, the climate change deal. next up, senate republicans take
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>> after extensive consultation, numerous meetings with constituents, and intensive conversations, our conference has updated last months discussion draft with additional provisions to make it stronger. >> i believe this is the right bill at the right time to begin the end of obamacare. >> are you on board? figure yes. it's not the ideal bill i'd like to pass. it does represent a bill that reflects the concerns expressed
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across the conference. >> do you think the new version is better? >> no, i think it's worse. i think we are keeping obamacare as much of anything, and that's not the promise. >> bret: the new version into the senate health care repeal and replace bill is out. it will be scored by the congressional budget office, expected to get that on monday. senators rand paul, you heard it's worse, according to him. and susan collins. they are nos for very different reasons. the republicans can only afford to lose one more vote and it all comes crashing down. michael, they have to get over the hurdle of getting the bill to the floor first. >> it is our uphill sledding to be sure. must be so frustrating. if you flashback after the election, strong republican majorities in the house and senate, republican president. if there's anything this party is unified on, it's getting rid of obamacare. this should have been an easy one for them. here we are midsummer, no other
1:52 am
significant accomplishments per they've already have the victory party for the house bill but now it looks premature. it's got to be incredibly frustrating that with all these institutional advantages they have, they might be hitting a dead end on this. and they will go home for summer recess. >> bret: this alternative put forth by lindsey graham and senator cassidy, take a listen to senator graham. >> $500 billion of taxes in place that will not be repealed. we are going to take that $500 billion and do some kind of formula, give it to the states, and say you can't build a school, you can't build a road. you've got to spend it on health care. we have to take care of sick people bowl. if you want to repair obamacare, you can repair it. if you want to replace it, replace it. >> bret: giving the powers of the states, these governors take control. >> it is modestly better but i think at the end we found out obamacare was so entangled in so
1:53 am
many aspects of our regulatory lives. obviously health care itself, that doing what needed to be done was really going to be unpleasant. these dates that excepted expansion of medicaid became like addicts. they were addicts. they want more federal dollars flowing back to the states, even republican governors like kasich. the numbers aren't adding up we are not going to bring down the cost of health care with this bill. i think rand paul is right. but you deliver something to the president's desk that he can sign. i don't think it's going to bring down the cost of health care. i don't tickets going to happen with what >> i thought the best proposal was from senator cruz h apparently is going to be incorporated in the main bill. there's going to be all kinds of amendments. essentially what it does, republicans have come to a
1:54 am
consensus that obama won on the issue of the right to health care, particularly people with expensive pre-existing conditions. and that has to be socialized. what happens in obamacare is that the young and healthy subsidize it by paying outrageous premiums. thus, the young don't sign up and have to be coerced, take the penalty on the whole system is in free fall because the young and healthy aren't going to sign up for deals that are lousy. what the proposal does from cruz is that it ends up being paid by taxpayers. expensive treatment for the old and sick. that's the way it ought to be done. this is not a panacea, it's not a great improving but it's an improvement and i think rand paul is doing a disservice to conservatism. this is -- the perfect being the enemy of the good. if this does not succeed and it looks like it probably won't, it's going to be in the hands of
1:55 am
chuck schumer. the republicans are going to end up bailing out obamacare. there's no other way. >> bret: that's fascinating. a lot of talk about what it does for the republican party, the brand heading into 2018. i want to put up this picture. monday in the oval office. evangelical ministers praying for and with the president, it got a lot of attention on social media. you look at for example, they are pretty lockstep with the administration basically because of the supreme court. it will be interesting to see. >> it's always been a surprising element of donald trump as a political figure that he has had support from that community, and a lot of reasons intuitively why you might not expect it. i've noticed that since he took office, he has referred frequently to god and religion. i suspect more than he did in his private life before he was a candidate. mike pence i'm sure helps with that also, has enormous credibility in that community. playbook for any president
1:56 am
facing scandal in trouble. bill clinton was constantly surrounded by ministers during the lewinsky scandal talking about sin and redemption. it's a little bit of a part of life in washington but certainly that's helping to support him right now. >> bret: thank you. we will see how it folds out. when we come back, senator who always
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>> bret: finally tonight there's nothing like a college football rivalry. independent journal review
1:58 am
writer and university of iowa fan benny johnson is a friendly back with nebraska governor and not cornhuskers -- whoever's team lost would have to drive fort huber wearing gear from the other team in the other state. he drove around des moines, he wore iowa gear head to toe. he had four rides that night come all the money went to charity. he told us "husker football is a quasireligious expanse here in nebraska. i will always bet on the side of righteousness and on the side of excellence. go big red." huber was happy that is it for "special
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. he he he he clear skies there. this morning. he is there to visit france, exposing some common ground with french president emanuel that krohn. of the two agreed to agree on climate change. rob: chief white house correspondent john roberts traveling with the president in paris. >> rob and heather good morning to you. quite a scene in beautiful crowdless sky here in paris as we watch these military formations come down. the parade was led off by heavy artillery tanks and then a flyover that included the air force thunder birds and f-22 rant tores.