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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 14, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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. he he he he clear skies there. this morning. he is there to visit france, exposing some common ground with french president emanuel that krohn. of the two agreed to agree on climate change. rob: chief white house correspondent john roberts traveling with the president in paris. >> rob and heather good morning to you. quite a scene in beautiful crowdless sky here in paris as we watch these military formations come down. the parade was led off by heavy artillery tanks and then a flyover that included the air force thunder birds and f-22 rant tores. first horses actually on
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foot 200 american service members led by five service members who are in the traditional dress of world war i because this parade in part commemorates the centennial of the u.s. involvement in world war i, helping with the liberation of france. president trump seated there just to the right of president that krohn of france, really quite a treat for the american president to be able to participate in this bastille day parade. also important is the symbol against terrorism as the united states and france stand shoulder to shoulder in the battle against isis and radical islamic terrorism. of course, it was a year ago this evening that we were reporting the dread news that terrorists had taken a trump and used as it a weapon down the promenade seaside town of nice running down 85 people and killing 6 of them. an tiewngts for the u.s. and france to say we are united in our fight against radical islamic terrorism, united in our fight against the proponents of isis.
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it was an opportunity yesterday for the two leaders to get together in a bilateral meeting as well and then afterwards take some questions. it was the first time that president trump has faced the press at large since the news broke about his son don jr. having a meeting with that russian attorney in june of 2016. that attorney, natalia was in the country on extraordinary circumstance visa parole allowed by the obama administration department of justice and attorney general loretta lynch. we have since learned she came back into the country prior to the meeting with donald trump jr. on nonimmigrant visa. president trump defending his son yesterday and also raising questions as to how and why she was in the country. listen to this. >> the lawyer that went to the meeting, i see that she was in the halls of congress, also. somebody said that her visa or her passport to come into the country was approved by
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attorney general lynch. now, maybe that's wrong. i just heard that a little while ago, but it's a little surprise here. >> heather, i mentioned at the top of this the two leaders agreed to disagree on the paris climate accord. but then president trump made some news by suggesting well, maybe the u.s. pulling out of the paris accord isn't yet a done deal. listen here. >> something could happen with respect to the paris accord. we'll see what happens. but we will talk about that over the coming period of time, and if it happens, that will be wonderful. and if it doesn't, that will be okay, too. but we'll see what happens. >> french president that krohn said while he disagrees with the president and the u.s. pulling out of the paris accord he wasn't going to let that point of disagreement cloud the relationship. see the two leaders side by side reviewing the troops as they come down the street on a beautiful day in paris. rob, back to you.
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rob: what a cool thing to be at, john, that's great. thank you so much. heather: thanks, john. you know, quite a difference. he was talking earlier, i heard john roberts in tour live coverage talking about what they refer to as the white knuckle handshake between the two at the g-20 summit. this time around it appears that they are really getting along. rob: they certainly seem to be getting along. that's great news for both countries that that relationship has always had to be strong since world war i, world war ii. we have a deep history together. and a deep history of support. it's great to see them friendly here at this important day, especially after what we saw last year in paris. heather: u.s. troops leading off that parade there today because as you mentioned 100 years since joining world war ii. heather: president trump, one of his several trips abroad at this point at the g-20 summit. a lot of people criticized him for putting america first, seeing eye-to-eye with emanuel tha that ethat kro.
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forced to denksd his son. defend his son. newt gingrich actually had some interesting things to say about this last night. let's go ahead and listen to him. >> let's put it in context. you want to talk emails? how about the 33,000 emails hillary clinton destroyed. okay? now, how come that's not a crime? how about the fact that comey leaked documents that belonged to the fbi in clear contravention of fbi rules. how come that's not a big problem? let's go down the list. how come bill clinton is getting half a million dollars from a moscow bank? that's not a problem. how about the fact that the chairman of the campaign's brother was a registered agent of the clinton campaign, registered agent of a russian bank? oh, that's not proonget how about millions of dollars going to the clinton foundation while the secretary of state approves uranium being given to the
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russians, being sold to the russians. rob: there is an explanation. he does make some solid points. the story is though and i think it is a fair point to be made and actually krauthammer said it really nicely last knight on "special report." it's not that it's that big of a deal that the meeting, whatever he had the meeting, yes, we understand and is he a political novice as we said. the problem is there was no russia and now there is a russia. that's why it's being so harpsd on. that actually does, in some ways make sense. whether or not anything came of that meeting. heather: discrepancies in the media coverage is overwhelming though. did i want to mention newt gingrich talking about tony op-etonypodesta. his lobbying firm raised money. much of it from foreign agents. rob: not getting the level of interest in the media. heather: he bundled hundreds of thousands of dollars for clinton at the same time. rob: we see this all the
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time. there you go. heather: a fox news alert for you. update on this. grand new gruesome details in the case of four young men who vanished in pennsylvania. rob: yeah, an accomplice arrested overnight after the killer confesses to these brutal crimes. these murders. jacque ibañez joins us live. >> confession only described as disturbing. a person with firsthand knowledge exposing the pure evil behind the murders of the four young men who disappeared on a farm just outside of philadelphia. 20-year-old cosmo denardo see him there in handcuffs described as schizophrenic drug dealer shot the victims to death. what's not certain is how the killer newt victims. the source telling fox 29 it may have been over a marijuana and gun deal. the a.p. reports the bodies were then set on fire before burying three in a 12 and a half foot grave. he agreed to plead guilty to
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first degree murder charges, taking the death penalty off the table. also, part of that deal, he must reveal where he buried the fourth body. >> what do you have to say to the families? >> i'm sorry. >> he police in bucks county, pennsylvania, have been able to identify the body of 19-year-old dean, still working to id other remains found in the same grave. as for the victims' families, here is what the d.a. says. >> how are the families doing? >> they are holding up remarkably well, chris. i'm very grateful for their trust in us. it really means the world to us. jackie: our affiliate source says he told authorities he had help and an accomplice is also in custody this morning. bone-chilling, huh? heather: a lot of space to cover. 90 acres that farm. rob: i cannot wait to hear how all this happened and why. all right, jacque, thanks so
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much. >> thank you. heather: now another fox news alert breaking overnight. three gunmen killed in a shootout with police after opening fire at one of jerusalem's holiest site he is. two people injured at temple mount. that's a popular place for tourists. israeli police releasing these images of the guns recovered. the site of the attack will be closed for prayers today. rob: president trump's travel ban takes another hit overnight. a federal judge in hawaii expanding the list of family relationships needed by people seeking new visas from six mostly muslim countries, north africa and the middle east. travel ban exemptions now include grand parents, grand children, uncles, aunts, and other relatives as well. honolulu district judge derek watson says that grandparents, which weren't on the list before are the epitome of close family members and should be included i. the lawyer for the illegal immigrant charged with the brutal killing of kate steinle now blaming the gun.
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>> his client juan francisco lopez back in court. shot on a san francisco pier back in july 20156789 the bullet that pierced her heart was from a stolen gun out of a government agent's car. lopez' attorney now saying that type of gun is known for accidental discharges. that there s. there their defense at this point. lopez had been deported five times and had seven felony conviction he is. heather: u.s. soldier is now being held without bail on terrorism charges as we learn some new details about his past. former bunk mate of kang says that the hawaiian soldier believed that the moon landing was faked, questioned the assassination of jfk and thought that 9/11 was an inside job. now, this as the doj reveals this picture of kang, you can see him here kissing an isis flag. he is accused of trying to provide military documents and training to the terror group.
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rob: republican leaders trying to deliver for president trump, releasing a new plan for the reform of obamacare. heather: several in the party don't each want to debate it in the senate; garrett tenney is live for us on this from washington, d.c. garrett, what is next? >> heather and rob good morning to you. right now senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is planning to hold a vote on the bill some time next week regardless of whether or not there are any more defections. yesterday on the senate floor, he said this bill does everything that republicans have promised. >> the draft we just discussed, like the one before it addresses all of these objectives. it, would again, give americans more tools for managing their own care and this time go even further. >> the revised bill features a number of changes from the original plan meant to win over leary lawmakers. it includes an additional $70 billion for states to create their own reforms. it allows health savings accounts to pay the coasts
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of monthly premiums. also includes an additional $45 billion to battle the opioid epidemic e and it allows insurers to offer cheaper plans with less coverage for those who want it. something texas senator ted cruz has pushed for to help win over conservatives. >> i have always believed the consumer freedom amendment is the key to getting to 50. that it unites the conference. it produces real results. you know, the way we come together, is we focus on lowering premiums. it's a win for conservatives. it's a win for moderates. it's a win for the men and women we were elected to represent. >> not every moderate agrees though. susan collins of maine says she won't support the revised bill because of cuts to medicaid and on the conservative side kentucky's rand paul said he also can't support it because he said it is actually worse than obamacare. but this morning president trump is making it clear where he stands with a series of tweets on the healthcare bill, including so important republican senators under leadership of senate majority leader mcconnell get healthcare
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plan approved after seven years of obamacare disaster must happen. after all of these years of suffering through obamacare, republican senators must come through as they have promised. one thing to keep an eye on is the congressional budget office's analysis of the revised bill that's expected in the coming days. number of senators on the fence said that could impact their decision. rob and heather? heather: it will be interesting. rob: this debate is far from over. thanks so much. heather: thanks, garrett. long road to recovery for steve scalise, the congressman now in fair condition. that's an upgrade after undergoing another surgery to manage an infection stemminstemming from his bullet wound. scalise was one of five people shot by gunman targeting republicans at baseball practice last month. he has remains in the hospital since the shooting. he has had several surgeries. also recovering in the hospital this morning. former president jimmy carter. the 92-year-old collapsing yesterday from dehydration while volunteering for habitat for humanity in canada. the latest scare comes
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first." live pictures for you what's going on in paris where it's about a little after 11:00 a.m. celebrating bastille day in paris. the united states also acknowledging 100 years since u.s. involvement in world war i. people lining the streets there along the parade route. this of course capping off the president's trip to paris and his visit with the president there emmanuel macron. they are all standing there along the side, seated there watching the parade at this hour. we will bring you more as it develops. in the meantime, rob? rob: something beautiful. i love that city. all right. former president obama bursting back onto the political scene rubbing shoulders with democratic mega donors in a fund raise
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tore bank roll efforts to redistrict. redistricting efforts. gerrymandering is what we are talking about. after a major collapse last fall in the presidential election, what is the game plan going forward for the dems. here to weigh in strategic director for hillary clinton adrian he will rod. thanks for coming on thi this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> both parties are guilty of it in some way or another, right? >> absolutely. obviously the congressional districts are redrawn every 10 years after the census. republicans have been more on top of their game in terms of redistricting that and using that in a way that benefits them and democrats. which is why i'm so happy to see eric holder chair the national redistricting commission that democrats have put together to really focus on making sure that democrats are well-represented as districts are redrawn during the census process.
2:19 am
rob: joining the fight to fight for their side and get them drawn to their favor rather than republicans? >> make sure that we are represented in an accurate, fair way throughout the process. rob: yeah. i get what you are saying. fair enough. we even have there are even republicans, and schwarzenegger is big on gerrymandering and correcting this problem. i think we have seen people from both sides saying something needs to be done about this. >> to your point, this is something that both sides do you want to try to leverage for both parties, to make sure it's represented the best and fits you. again, this is something that democrats have always been a little behind the game on. 2010 we lost a lot of house seats in part because of the way our districts were drawn. so it's good to see that democrats are very focused on this, including, again, eric holder and, of course, president obama's raising money for this effort. rob: and we are going to play just a little bit of paris live here. just to give you guys something tolls look at as we talk about this.
2:20 am
go on to bernie sanders for a second. we are talking about 2020. bernie sanders is going to be 76 years old in september. he is no spring chicken. is he talking about the potential of running again for president in 2020. i think a lot of people don't think he got a fair shake in 2016. howe do you feel about him and the possibility of seeing him run again? is he the right person for that role? >> look my philosophy is anybody who wants to run on the democratic party ticket should run. we are a big tent party. i personally want to see donald trump defeated, assuming he is still president in 2020, which means we may need to have somebody who is a business friendly democrat to take him on. somebody with a lot of experience. rob: bernie is so far left, do you think he might be easier winning with somebody more in the middle, more moderate? >> again, we will see what the makeup looks like in 2020. i think it's so hard to predict right now what our country is going to be looking for and the kind of person they are going to want to take on. i will say, this anybody who is choosing to run as a
2:21 am
democrat for the democratic party in 2020 needs to be registered as a democrat and needs to say that they are a democrat. rob: we're going to run out of time right now. adrian thank you for coming on this morning. we'll be right back. ♪
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2:25 am
day on november 8th, the dow has closed at record highs 40 times. that's nearly one fourth or 24% of the 168 days the markets have closed at record highs. good news there. rob: that is something. heather: airline prices, air fare going up for the first time in years? >> bad news for travelers, frequent fliers. you will soon be paying more for airplane ticket. delta said on thursday its passengers paid higher fares on average second quarter for the first time in more than two years. it also forecast that fares are going to continue to climb. american airlines also said something similar that it reports even steeper fare growth. other airlines likely to follow the trending. we can blame the price increase on high demand. heather: do away with some the fees. >> i don't think so. rob: it's not oil prices that are driving them up. so it must be demand. let's go to starbucks. giving more stuff away, huh? >> starbucks giving away
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heather: we are back with a fox news alert. these are live pictures of president trump, his last day in paris. where is he celebrating bastille day alongside french president emmanuel macron. rob: wouldn't it be something to be in paris this morning. beautiful there this coming hours after the two world leaders did find common ground. they seem to be getting along, agreeing to disagree exactly how to handle climate change. heather: john roberts is live in paris with some more. john? >> john: heather, rob, good morning to you, this parade has got about a half an hour left on this bastille day. they are just about to begin the helicopter flyover as the helicopters are coming over. president trump seems to be enjoying himself this morning. he is the guest of honor here. had an opportunity to review the first contingent of troops that came down the street. 200 american service members led by five service members in the traditional uniforms
2:31 am
of the first world war because today's bastille day in part commemorates the 100th anniversary of the united states entering world war 1. which was a decisive moment in world war i. helping to liberate france. the president yesterday had bilateral meeting with the french president macron. common grounds and disagreement between the two. common ground over issues like security in syria. the points of departure were mostly over climate and the united states' intention to withdraw from the paris climate accord. after that bilateral meeting, the two men met the american and the international press, president trump talking for the first time before the assembled press about his son don jr.'s meeting with that russian attorney back in june of 2016. the president standing up there as you can imagine and defending his son saying he believes this is much ado about nothing. listen here. >> my son is a wonderful young man. he took a meeting with a
2:32 am
russian lawyer. not a government lawyer but a russian lawyer. it was a short meeting. it was a meeting that went very, very quickly, very fast. two other people in the room. i guess one of them left almost immediately and the other one was not really focused on the meeting. i do think this. i think from a practical standpoint, most people would have taken that meeting. it's called opposition research or even research into your opponent. >> the president also questioning how this attorney was in the united states to begin with. fox news has learned that she was paroled, as it's called. in immigration terms, into the country in september of 2015. in order to participate in the court case of a client of hers. we're told by the department of justice that she was paroled in several times until february of 2016 when that, quote, parole ended. and then she reentered the country in june of 2016 on
2:33 am
nonimmigrant visa. it was after that entering into the country that she had the meeting with donald trump jr. clearly we're going to hear a lot more about this because while the president may seek sort of play down the significance of it heather, it is a very, very significant event. there is no question about that. rob: it certainly is. a lot of things about this story still kind of stinks. we're going to see where exactly she came from and her ties and this whole g.p.s. thing. i'm curious. john, what a cool story in paris. heather: helicopters flying overhead. all of that includes a high bill at the plaza hotel. that does have people talking this morning. fox news contributor laura ingram says president trump is making a major impact abroad contrary to what all the critics are saying. >> it's good for him to stay on the road, especially right now with this russia story continues to bubble up. we keep hearing that the europeans don't like him. is he really unpopular, et
2:34 am
cetera, et cetera. a lot of our friends in the media were saying a lot of similar things about president reagan in the 1980s. i'm not saying donald trump is president reagan. i am saying, of course, american presidents have often, when they stand for american interests first. they have often gotten rockie receptions in europe. that being said, i think donald trump has actually had some great interactions with foreign leaders which is swept under the rug by a media obsessed with pavlovian obsession. with the exclusion of all else. rob: former dnc chair who left the organization open to hacking and refused help is now trying to strip white house senior advisor jared kushner of his security clearance. congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz you will remember her, introducing a series of amendments to an propositions bill after kushner failed to disclose all of his contacts with foreign officials on a security clearance form. the bill, however, was voted down.
2:35 am
kushner has been under renewed scrutiny for his involvement in a meeting with that russian lawyer and donald trump jr. heather: president trump has already put one new judge on the supreme court. but, could three more join neil gorsuch on the bench? senator lindsey graham thinks. so during a private event he talked about the possibility of ruth bader ginsburg and anthony kennedy stepping down and hinted that another conservative justice could also call it quits. but he didn't name them. so we'll see. and helping our heroes get their degrees, the house unveiling bipartisan legislation to provide the biggest expansion of college aid for veterans in a decade. the proposal would remove a 15-year time limit to get benefits, which would make more money available. it's an effort to fill coverage gaps in the gi bill. rob: we could learn today whether little charlie gard can come to the united states to get the treatments 245 his parents want him to have. his parents will be back in court today after a u.s.
2:36 am
professor told the judge that he believed their son can be saved. the neurologist presenting the court with new analysis of a study that shows charlie could have from an 11 to a 56% chance of improving his condition. the 11 month old remains on life support at a hospital in the u.k., suffering an extremely rare genetic condition, such a sad story. heather: 11 to 56% chance though: downpours overnight as severe storms plummet the midwest and upstate, new york. rob: heavy rain, thunderstorms, turning roadways into rivers and knocking out power lines in wisconsin that is now under a state of emergency in wisconsin. heather: more than 100 homes, businesses, all that in the state suffering damage. rob: a lot of water. janice dean with more on the major flooding for this weekend as well. japan miss? january january because we have this very slow moving
2:37 am
frontal boundary. see it where you see the different temperatures. 60's across the you were midwest and warmer temperatures below that frontal boundary and along that. that's where we are seeing these areas of low pressure and very heavy rainfall in a very short period of time. last six hours across the northeast here. part of that frontal boundary across pennsylvania, new york, new jersey, and we could get those heavy downpours and the risk for flooding as well as severe storms including large hail, damaging winds, even isolated tornadoes across portions of baltimore and d.c. later on this afternoon. so, again, that's the area of concern. you can see that forward foo fu. taking a look at forecast over the next seven days, you can see a lot of the country getting in on this rainfall, unfortunately along the west coast where we really need it, where we have all those wildfires burning not getting the beneficial rain that they deserve, unfortunately. we will watch the weather for you as we head into the
2:38 am
weekend. happy friday rob and heather. heather: yeah summer concert series on the plas. metropolitan january january hanson. rob: i want to know how old hanson is. that's my main question at this point. january january i was in high school when they were hot. rob: a police department is honoring a teenager who nearly lost his job for buying a police officer a cookie. listen to this. katie police department posting this picture with zachery randolph on facebook comensding him for a selfless deed. randolph was working at the great american cookie company in texas when a family in the store verbally attacked him for buying a police officer a cookie and not buying one for them. his genius manager then placed him on suspension for buying a police officer a cookie. the company later, rightfully so, did apologize. heather: should have gotten promoted for that.
2:39 am
rob: ridiculous. heather: political rivals now buddies. president clinton and president bush talking about strong friendship and we need to see more of this during a lecture. >> why do i have a friendship with him? because is he called a brother with a different mother. he hangs out in our -- with. heather: the two were in texas talking about students leadership. their experiences also with the presidency. rob: clinton revealing granddaughter have given president bush peppe which means boss. while clinton call him pappa. isn't that nice to see and so rare these days? heather: and working together. the u.s. women's open underway at the trump national golf course in bed minister, new jersey. rob: that's where we find abby huntsman live having breakfast with golf, talking politics, good morning, abby. abby: we talk about
2:40 am
everything, good morning rob and heather. we were at the sun set diner in somerset county about 20 minutes from bed mister where that golf tournament started yesterday. president trump is expected to fly 3:00 p.m. this afternoon to show up at that tournament. there has been a little bit of controversy. you know president trump loves to go right where the controversy is wee will be here all morning long talking politics, talking about golf. i'm here with suzanne who quickly i have already become friends at 5:00 a.m. this morning. you work at different golf course. north the trump course, but you say you voted for president donald trump. how do you think is he doing? >> is he doing great. i think better for country donald trump, yeah. abby: you said you like he is a businessman in particular. >> well, is he a businessman better for us, you know, what he do. abby: you said you and your wife are happy with how things are going so far and you voted for him? >> yes. abby: we'll be here all morning long. anything you want to say? >> that's all i have to say. abby: we will be here all
2:41 am
morning long talking politics, talking golf. if you are in the area please come down here and talk to us. coffee son me. brian kilmeade likes to pay for everyone's breakfast. rob: put that camera on you and people are like how are you doing? don't know what to say. abby: a lot of these people have never done tv before and they come out and they are happy to talk. we love that because they are the voices that matter right now. rob: the real people out there. heather: not to mention it's 5:45 in the morning on the east coast. rob: be ay, thanks so much. all right, coming up here, the killer had an accomplice. we are live in bucks county, pennsylvania with a story that has really gripped the nation. breaking details in the gruesome murders of four young men. heather: and the little girl who will make you proud to be an american. how she is using a lemonade stand to help our heroes ♪ ♪ new york to l.a. ♪th we were teenage
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heather: welcome back a fox news alert. another run. brand new details in the gruesome case of four young men who vanished in pennsylvania. rob: accomplice arrested overnight after the killer confesses. heather: look at that picture. jennifer joyce joins us now from our affiliate. she is live on the scene in bucks county pennsylvania with more. good morning, jennifer. >> good morning, guys. well, we are hearing that this 20-year-old alleged accomplice was taken into custody around 10:00 last night in northeast philadelphia. according to sources, dinardo told authorities that this person helped him murder three of the four young men. at this point we are withholding his name until authorities officially confirm what his role was in this case. we can tell you that he has a criminal past and he also has been a crime victim himself as recently as this spring. so cosmo dinardo officially confessed to killing and burning the bodies of four young bucks county men
2:46 am
according to his defense attorney and sources. he then told investigators where they can find the bodies in exchange for a life spared. according to a source, denorthwardinardo grave sight oe farm contain all four bodies. at this point only one has been identified. why did he murder these four young men? it may be related to a drug deal and a gun. we are awaiting a 11-year-old press conference with the district attorney. back to you guys. rob: i hope we get information out of that people are dieing to know what happened to these kids. all right. thank you so much, jennifer. heather: thank you. rob: 46 minutes after the hour. you have heard the rumors. so is kid rock really running for senate? could you imagine? here is the man himself coming up. >> french national anthem for just a moment. ♪ >> and from the star spangled -- uh-oh from a cnn
2:47 am
anchor. charlie shimkus is here with the on-air mistake up next ♪ i missed you ♪ i missed you ♪ i missed you more ♪ ♪ if you have bad breath and your mouth lacks moisture, you may suffer from dry mouth. try biotène®, the #1 dentist recommended dry mouth brand. it's the only leading brand clinically proven to soothe, moisturize, and freshen breath. try biotène®.
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rob: welcome back. 10 manipulates till 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. every school kids dream. no homework. nau some 200,000 elementary school kids won't have to worry about it. issuing a no homework mandate. based okay research. showing kids do better school. parents asked for read with their kids 20 minutes a night. we will see how this works out. u.k. author and mom of three
2:51 am
will not allow 10-year-old son to seep perfect attendance award from school. rachel wright says against family valuesen writing on a blog you are not shamed for ill health, vulnerability and weakness. insinuating others don't have perfect attendance at school. that blog now has millions of views at school. over to heather. heather: thank you very much, rob. paul ryan caving to snowflakes on capitol hill professional dress code. despite move to meet their demands and modernize. still getting slammed by the left. carlie shimkus 24/7 sirius xm 114 is here with the outrage. so, some females have been barred because they had on sleeveless dresses. things like that. >> this has proved that people will always find something to complain about. right? so house speaker paul ryan was recently hammered with criticism after a few female a speakers were barred from
2:52 am
the speaker's lobby because they had sleeveless dresses and open toed shoes. he was accused of sexism. the criticism became so intense he decided to loosen the rules a little bit. take a listen. >> decorum is important. especially for this institution. a dress code in the chamber in the lobby makes sense. we also don't need to bar otherwise accepted contemporary business attire. look for a change on that soon. heather: there you go. look forward to seeing shoulders. everything everybody should be happy. and open toed shoes. people are criticizing paul ryan because he addressed the situation. he took time to address the situation. take a look at some of this criticism. i am, we are, says lol worried about people, what people wear, we need leaders who are worried about how do we fix our world, ourselves doing in a way that benefits all. and then alicia goes on to say it's a shame that women are still be subjected to stupid 1950s house wive
2:53 am
dress code rule. damned if you do, damned if you don't. heather: anchor star-spangled banner. one of ours. allisoalice. >> hair is similar. she is being. listen to. this listen in to the french national anthem for gist a for a moment ♪ national anthem. >> the u.s., american national anthem i should say. let's listen. >> that doesn't look too good. a lot of people on social media did pick up on that and took to social media to criticize. could cnn get any lower i don't think so. another tweet saying it's laughable but then such a bad gafa gaffe.
2:54 am
maybe she didn't hear. sometimes you are thrown to a sound and don't know. heather: hear more about kid rock. >> your favorite. heather: yes. >> actually yesterday i said if he run for senate, yeah, i didn't think it was going to happen, i would buy you guys coffee for year it looks like i have to pay up. yesterday on social media he said it is not a hoax. is he absolutely running. he less said that he is going to be releasing new music on the campaign trail. he released two new songs overnight and he also teased his 2018 tour. so he is going to be a pretty busy guy campaigning and touring. maybe he will do a little bit of both at the same time. i think we should go to appear concert together. heather: big trump fan during the election. see what happens. thank you, carlie. >> thanks a lot. heather: coming up. the time now is about 6 minutes until the want to hour. the world's most expensive selfy, why snapping a photo just cost one woman 200,000 bucks. that's right.
2:55 am
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♪ around and around ♪ where is the love. rob: all right. welcome back. a little hanson playing there. if you haven't heard them in a while you will hear them today it should be fun out on the plaza. heather: now time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. 11-year-old is running an alemonade stand to raise money for veterans. she aims to raise $500 at tomorrow's third annual lemonade stand in michigan. good for her. >> i was just going to do a lemonade stand to get money. i thought that other people needed the money more than i did. heather: use to buy blankets and care products for veterans at a local care center. rob: that's something else car car next the bad. walsh a woman 200 -- art. trying to take a selfie. see her kneeling down in front of a display at the 14th factory in los angeles, california, but she quickly loses her balance and
3:00 am
sculptures fall over like dominoes oh my god. people with the selfies have got to be stopped. finally the ugly. this is hilarious. a man gets stuck inside an actual atm. help me note customers in desperate attempt to escape. unbelievable. imagine getting that coming out of the atm. took three hours to get him out of there. we have hanson coming up. >> president macron seeks his place beside his wife brigitte and president trump to his left it is significant for the american president and for the united states. >> it's good for him to stay on the road. especially right now this russia story continues to bubble up. >> today in paris, president trump spoke for the first time on his son's meeting with a russian lawyer during the height of the campaign season. to the defense of don jr. >> my son is a wonderful, young man. he took a meeting with a russian lawyer. >> most people would have taken that meeting.


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