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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 14, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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sculptures fall over like dominoes oh my god. people with the selfies have got to be stopped. finally the ugly. this is hilarious. a man gets stuck inside an actual atm. help me note customers in desperate attempt to escape. unbelievable. imagine getting that coming out of the atm. took three hours to get him out of there. we have hanson coming up. >> president macron seeks his place beside his wife brigitte and president trump to his left it is significant for the american president and for the united states. >> it's good for him to stay on the road. especially right now this russia story continues to bubble up. >> today in paris, president trump spoke for the first time on his son's meeting with a russian lawyer during the height of the campaign season. to the defense of don jr. >> my son is a wonderful, young man. he took a meeting with a russian lawyer. >> most people would have taken that meeting.
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it's called opposition research. an honestly i think the press made a very big deal over something that really a lot of people would do. >> if after nine months all of these hearings, all of these investigations, the best we can come up with is a 20-minute meeting with a lawyer who had nothing to say? >> i think a lot of people don't understand how foreign policy works. which is we don't have friends. we have interests. >> republicans count heads as they drop another version of their obamacare replacement. >> time to rise to the occasion. the american people deserve better than the pain of obamacare. >> why do i have a friendship with him? because is he called a brother with a different mother. >> you both have grandchildren. what do your grand children call you. >> i'm called peppe. >> i'm more humble. i'm called papa. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ yeah, yeah. steve: there they are. 25 years ago they formed and today hanson, our feature performers during our all-american summer concert sear reerks it is hard to believe it was 1997 and this song, the one everybody knew the words to number one song in 25 different countries around the world. ainsley: we all remember it. where were you in 1997? brian: here? i was getting up 2:30 in the morning. ainsley: and you? steve: yeah. brian: much smaller studio wawnsz sam goodies. no more sam goodies.
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now in a beautiful studio can you land a plane in. steve: record store where they actually had the hanson album. ainsley: all of the folks you don't see that are amazing that work behind the scenes on the show, many of them are re very young. i was in college and they were in middle school in '97 and they are freaking out that hanson is going to be on he show today. three brothers from oklahoma. some of them invited their friends. they are going crazy. kelly kramer very first concert and when she was in middle school and her friends are here for the sound check. steve: came in 4:00 in the morning there was a line down 48th street. take the stage at 8:00 eastern time. if you have a little time stop by and be part of the show. ainsley: send in the pictures, show us where you were in '97. brian: hansons in the green room send us your pictures what you looked like back then. wait, we have that. we watched mtv. there is a fox news alert now. a live look at paris where a -- where president trump is celebrating bastille day alongside french president emanuel macron.
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ainsley: two world leaders forging their relationship. steve: you know who loves a parade john roberts who is live in paris [applause] steve: they are not applauding for him. ainsley: yes, they are. jon: applauding for your program this morning. good morning, steve, brian, and ainsley. bastille day parade is wrapping up with the perform means of a precision band, sort of a military version of the college bands that we see perform at halftime during the bowl games where they spell out letters across the field and very poignant appointment right after they began the marching band formed the letters nice. last year someone mowed down 86 people. president trump with a show of
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solidarity. the president also got a chance to review some american troops at the beginning of this parade because this parade also marks the 100 year anniversary of the u.s. entering into world war i. some 200 u.s. service members were participating in the parade, including five that were dressed in the uniforms from world war i of course, in the united states had not gotten into this war in 1917, the history of europe may have been very different. the two presidents got together yesterday at the palace the official president of french president emanuel macron to have a bilateral meeting and then met the press. president trump speaking openly to the press for the first time about this new firestorm of controversy surrounding his son donald trump jr. at a meeting he took with a russian attorney back in july of 2016. who, supposedly, had some information about hillary clinton that she wanted to share. this attorney, natalia came away with no information about hillary clinton.
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merely wanted to talk about the russian adoptions. so the president yesterday raising questions as to how and why she got into the country in the first place. listen here. >> the lawyer that went to the meeting. i see that she was in the halls of congress, also. somebody said that her visa or her passport to come into the country was approved by attorney general lynch. now, maybe that's wrong. i just heard that a little while ago. but, it's a little surprise here. >> so after the president said that i reached out to the department of justin as well as the department of homeland security and here is what i found out. she was allowed into the country called immigration parole so she could participate in a court case of a client of hers. she was paroled into the country several times until february of 2016 when that parole ended and she reentered the country in june of 2016 on
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nonimmigrant visa. that entry into the country she has a meeting with donald trump jr. steve, ainsley, brian? he. ainsley: that was beautiful. french flag and american flag out there. steve: looks like the conclusion of the event. we do expect the president of the united states very shortly. he and the first lady and presidential team. there you see the president of the united states stand along with the president of france. brian: also the reason why the flag is so important this year it's been 100 years since we joined world war i and our troops came over. steve: let's go ahead and listen in. ♪ national anthem] [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪
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[national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [applause] steve: how great is that? donald trump and the first lady who are the guests of honor at bastille day. listening to our national anthem. and they are very shortly going to be departing for the airport and they are going to fly to europe and then they are going to chop tore somerset and then the president will weekend at his golf club in bedminster, new jersey. ainsley: wonderful to see that bond continue to grow. unbelievable that world war i was only 100 years ago. steve: that's right. brian: 100 years ago.
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our troops were marching in to the teeth of a raging war down that very street 100 years ago. many of which would not return home. but that also forges the bond between the nations as they recast our history and their history together and how our freedom spurred their freedom with the storming of bastille. steve: you have got to wonder whether or not as he was sitting there for the last hour or so the president of the united states was thinking, okay, i have got to get back on the plane. i have work to do. he has already been tweeting this morning just about an hour ago while he is there in france. he has actually been thinking about what's going on here in the united states of america. yesterday, the senate republicans unveiled their latest plan to repeal obamacare. it's going to be rough sledding. the president trying to apply a little pressure, tweeted out a couple of tweets. ainsley: that's right. the first one was republican senators are working hard to get their failed healthcare replacement approved. i will be at my desk, pen in hand. referring to the fact that he is ready to sign. this he has his pen in hand.
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and he is ready as soon as the senators and then the house members get on board. brian: the other tweet is, important representative senators under leadership of senator mitch mcconnell get healthcare plan approved after seven years of obamacare disaster. this must happen. which is true. i mean, even democrats would tell you. there has got to be changes. current system is not being overturned. it's being replaced because it's failed. that's what they want to get out. what republicans have to realize is your obligation is to make this better or if you prefer, and susan collins prefers it. you deal with democrats. but they will now have leverage and look even for many republicans even more of a disaster. ainsley: continues to remind the folks out there if this does not pass, it is not his fault. he is in the white house. he has his pen in hand. he is ready to sign. brian: can he sit there with mitch mcconnell or healthcare expert that know he is the nitty gritty of this and quality governors in the states in which these senators are just having a trouble
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voting. if their governors green light them, portman and company will do it. do maine governor and governor kasich if they can find out what they need and see if they can put that in the plan, then the senators will do what the governors want. they are hamstrung by their constituents and their governors feel they have their constituents in mind. the president can do that. steve: here is the problem with the latest version. it's not a very good bill. what it would do is allow insurers cheaper plans homage to tid cruz. he is he is willing to go ahead and to go ahead with the procedural vote next week it does keep the taxes though on some of americans which they had promised to get rid of. and just like with the first obamacare, where nebraska got the cornhusker kick back, in this one there are millions of dollars built in simply to get the vote of lisa murkowski. she is the senator from the great state of alaska. there are millions of dollars in there that will only impact
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alaska. so, kick back wise, they have baked kick backs into alaska. brian: the problem is, mitch mcconnell says i can't get moderates while keeping those taxes in place. and i can't get conservatives if i don't get rid of those taxes. so, he doesn't want those taxes in there. but he is saying that moderates will be destroyed if it's played the way democrats are playing it and that is you are giving a tax break for the rich. we all know the president hammered the people who are -- those horrible people that made over $200,000 last year with a 4% tax. i get that so the republicans said i'm going to take that away. the moderates said wait a second, then it looks like we are just kissing up to the rich giving them a break. steve: ultimately, the u.s. congress voted a number of times to repeal and replace it they don't repeal it you know, they chew on it around the edges. there just isn't enough change with it. but, ultimately, the president needs a win.
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and the people in congress need a wins a well. because they are are going to go back home. ainsley: is it about. steve: no wins on the board. so there is a possibility, although. brian: saying take it. ainsley: is it about the individual states or what's best for america? to to collapse. steve: ultimately best for america. this is not a good bill because it's politics everybody wants a win. are they going to go ahead and sign off on this right now at this stage? it is too close to call. they don't even know if they have enough votes to proceed. brian: that's the problem. even with those moderates being played up, to they still don't know, portman and collins if they will vote to even debate it. ainsley: we will be talking about it all morning. you are looking at president macron, the president of paris there at the podium. our president is there, too. as soon as this ceremony wraps up, our president is coming home because this will be the end of the celebrations for bastille day there in paris. steve: of course, president macron would have the president of the united states sign onto the paris climate
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agreement because he said maybe we will undo ourselves. somebody who is big on climate is al gore. he just compared the climate change battle to struggles like slavery. inconvenient truth about that coming up. for your heart...
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most common side effects are vomiting and diarrhea. don't wait. ask your veterinarian about apoquel today. apoquel. it's itch relief worth barking about. bark brian: exciting morning here as the president of the united states wraps up his big meeting with -- 27 hours in paris. his trip to paris was really,
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as we look admah krohn make final remarks as we see the procession. we will continue to cover this as the president gets set to board air force one and come back to new jersey for the weekend. it's been a really positive trip for our president and for macron. both are in their rookie years and both realize the significance of the positions that they have. meanwhile, the debate here at home, believe it or not, according to some is acclimate change. heats up as president trump leaves the door open, kinda to the paris accords. former vice president al gore comparing climate change to the struggles of he former struggles like slavery. here is michael waltz. does it drive you crazy when you know what it's like to fight terror, you see what happened in nice one year ago today and people think climate change is something that has to be addressed like terroris terrorism? >> these aanalogies to slavery, women's suffrage
3:19 am
movement and all the other things that the vice president were talking about were a little ridiculous and little emotional. if we can look at this in practical terms in national security and jobs, there is no doubt that areas that are going through drought and famine and that are drying up are places that terrorists take advantage of. like boko haram in nigeria, al shabaab in somalia. they take advantage of these places and these people to spread their islamic extremist ideology. the world is warming up. let's talk about why. let's focus on how the renewables energy market can create jobs in the united states and around the world. there is just a reasonable way to have this conversation. brian: exactly. the president didn't want the paris accord. he thought it was a bad deal for america. doesn't mean that environmental causes don't matter. there has got to be a bunch list. the thing on top of the bunch
3:20 am
list has to be radical islamic terror. and the average american gets that, i would hope. here is what the former vice president said and by the way almost everything in his documentary has not come true as he thought the world would be basically over by now. he said this yesterday. and we will roll it forward. the climate movement is right now in the tradition of all the great moral causes that have improved the circumstances of humanity through our history. the abolition of slavery and antiapartheid movement in south africa. the movement to stop the toxic nuclear arms. they have all met with ferocious resistance. what a leap. look, let's just look at mac particular call as you said a bunch list and practical solutions here. i look at things scare me for both me, my family, and my country like constant cyber attacks on our electrical grid and on nuclear power plants. i can tell you i'm personally looking at solar panels in my home just to pull it off the grid.
3:21 am
you know, the chinese are leading the world in renewable energy. there are jobs to be had here and i want to seat united states energy independent so we're not dependent on middle east oil. brian: lieutenant colonel thanks so much. more on the president's trip and more top topics in just a minute. "fox & friends" continues. ek... lies within the creditwise app from capital one. creditwise helps you protect your credit. and it's completely free for everyone. it's free for everyone? do hawks use the stars to navigate? i don't know. aw, i thought you did. i don't know either. either way it's free for everyone. cool. what's in your wallet? ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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steve: fox news alert. president trump has just left downtown paris on his trip to the commemoration of bastille day. there you can see the president of france, emanuel macron and his wife meeting some of the folks there. the president macron is expected to head to nice later on today where it was just a year ago today that an extremist in a truck killed dozens of people in nice. the president very shortly will be arriving at the airport, hop on air force one
3:25 am
and come on home. meanwhile, back here at home, the left remains so obsessed with the russia story that now at least one top democrat suggests that we should bomb russia for me meddling in our election. watch this. >> we were and are under attack by a hostile foreign power and they seem to be abetting that hostile foreign power. we should be debating how many sanctions we should place on russia or whether we should blow up the kgb or gru. i mean, we should be retaliating massively because, by the way, if i were a trump supporter. it ha has tainted their victory. steve: do rank and file democrats believe that? director of strategic. adrian elrod. good morning. >> good morning. steve: former speech writer for george w. bush mark thiessen. >> good morning. steve: says it is time to blow them up. what do you think.
3:26 am
>> the point is he trying to make there should be stronger sanctions in place. that is something that donald trump and his administration should be focused on. i mean, look, again, we are looking at an adversarial government that was actively trying to influence our election process. there should be stronger punishment. that was the point he was trying to make. steve: adrian, you know, if the president of the united states last year, barack obama, knew in the middle of the summer that apparently the russian wrs trying to mess around with our elections and, yet, he didn't do anything until after the election. >> yeah. look, you know, i think he should have done more. i agree with adam schiff, he is the ranking member on the house intelligence committee. the ranking democrat that i think the president -- president obama should have done more and should have been a little more out there on this. again, we are looking forward. we have got to absolutely get to the bottom of this. that's why we have bob muriel and congressional investigative committee looking into this matter. did you but, again, going back to what paul begala was saying
3:27 am
we have got to have stronger punishments on a country was that actively trying to influence our elections process toward one particular candidate. steve: okay, mark, what do you think? >> first of all, i'm the first to tell you that the donald trump jr. emails were very troubling. but, donald trump's best defense against the charges of russian collusion are his policy. he can honestly look the american people in the eye and say no one has been tougher on russia. we haven't had a president this tough on russia since ronald reagan. he bombed putin's ally in syria. few weeks ago they shot down syrian warplane. accused the russians of violating the imf nuclear treaty. accused the russians of taliban. he just reintroduced a energy deal with poland that is starting to make poland less dependent on russian energy so they're not influenced by russia pressure. he sent 1,000 troops to poland. these are not policies that vladimir putin want. steve: right. >> the idea that he is somehow -- if the russians
3:28 am
bought the trump administration to be -- for trump to be a russian puppet, it's kind of back fired on them because the policies are not quite what they wanted. steve: that's a great point. the other thing is if there has been any russian collusion, it's not from the trumps, from what we can see, it's the dnc operative who went over to the ukraine to try to dig up dirt on donald trump. and then circulated it that's the collusion right there. >> well, i think that donald trump jr. emails are very, very troubling. i think we can't skirt over those things. what we know from the donald trump jr. emails, up until now i have been coming on fox regularly saying there is no evidence of collusion. donald trump jr. received emails saying the russian government wants to help donald trump and want to meet with you. and he said sure. steve: they didn't collude ultimately is what donald jr.'s father says. >> i disagree with that. they wanted to. he thought he was meeting with a russian government official. so, this is very troubling and, look, we have got a special counsel that's looking into this. let's let him do his job. right now donald trump's best
3:29 am
defense against all these charges are look at my policies. i mean, how long did it take him to meet with vladimir putin? seven months. he met with the chinese leader in the first few weeks. stick with the tough policies on russia. steve: adrian, i will give you the final word. >> first of all when it comes to dnc, that is a conspiracy theory that is being pedaled by the trump administration to try to deflect from their own problems. this is the contractor that we were talking about. but, look, i agree with mark, the fact is donald trump jr. was intending to collude, you negotiation this is exactly why we have investigations looking into this, but he was intending to collude with a government that had adversarial relationships. steve: you know there -- you both know there is a big difference between intending to collude and colluding. >> correct. steve: as it turned out she turned out to be a lobbyist who wanted to talk about russian adoptions. >> that's why we have investigations. >> he didn't know that he didn't think that meeting was about. but it is not a conspiracy theory that bill clinton took
3:30 am
millions of dollars from russia and hillary clinton enacted policy he is on uranium that benefited the people who was doing. this. steve: that's a whole another conversation. [laughter] steve: adrian and s. nodding her head. i am thinking we will do that another time. >> another time. steve: adrian and mark, have a wonderful weekend. >> you too. steve: former presidents george bush and bill clinton open up about their families. >> you both have grandchildren. what do your grandchildren call you? what are you called? steve: wait until you hear the answer coming up next. president trump heading toward air force one and to new jersey later today after paris trip. we sent abby huntsman to a diner in nearby new jersey. she is having breakfast with friends and it looks like she is pouring some coffee. good morning to you, abby. first, happy birthday to actor matthew fox. he is 51 years old today. ♪
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for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. steve: we are back. it is about 12:'0 right now in pairs, france, where president trump has just left downtown paris and his visit to that capital city to mark the 100th anniversary of u.s. forces joining the french with world war ii. this is, of course, bastille day. ainsley: you can see president macron there and our president is on his way to the airport. he will then fly into new jersey and that is where we find abby huntsman who is at the sun set diner in ground brook township, new jersey. brian: hey, abby. abby: good morning, ainsley, steve and brian. i told everyone, brian, breakfast is on you. can you send me your card. ainsley: we will give you the
3:35 am
number right now. brian, where is your card? abby: the whole world can get his card. brian: i do have spending caps, abby. tell them they are on a budget. steve: unlike the government. be a sun set diner about 20 minutes from the uspga is happening. i'm here with john and bruce and george and we're getting to know each other this morning. john, we have been talking about your story. you came here at a very young age at 4 france. you said you did it the right way and things need to go back to the way they were. >> that's absolutely correct. we came here, well, actually, i was not planning on coming here but my wife now came to quebec city. i fell in love and came here to america to just see the world. and ended up staying and six years in the air force. even though i was not a citizen.
3:36 am
and i didn't have to have the government to sustain my daily expenses. abby: you say you like the fact that president trump is trying to get back to those days, getting bake to coming here of the legal way, law and order in this country? >> that's the only way. that's the only way. why should you be given a gift of being here without having to pay for it in some ways with your work. but it is also due to the fact that we have had companies in california and other places that just welcome those because they are cheaper. so, our companies have a price to pay for it as well. they claim that they no american there willing to do work that the illegals do. and to some extent it may be true because sometimes i observe some of the people now, if i need some help the
3:37 am
kids don't give you help. when i was young, we used to do help, and it was beneficial. so,. abby: we have been talking about how times have change sod much and how millennials are less patriotic and they are all agreeing we need to get back to patriotism in this country. george is very shy. he may not open up to the camera. but i came to him first because he has been eating carrot cake. tell us how you feel the media has been doing. have you been talking to me all morning how you are sick and tired about hearing about russia so much. >> you know something, what we got here is the patriots. you notice how many democrats went with the falcons? it would have been great if they went with the eagles that represents more of america than the falcons. i think that the democrats went with the patriots? it's not so much about a deflated football, it's more a part of the word. they can't stand the word patriots. that's what trump is. he is doing something for the veterans. he is doing something for the entire country. abby: how come you think the
3:38 am
media focused on russia? does that bother you? >> yeah. it's like an 85% of cnn, the collusion news network and msnbc, the misinformed speculative news broadcasting company, 85% of their program, for program material for like 9 or 10 months already has been nothing but cnn collusion news network. all you do is go to cnn and you don't hear the news. you hear opinions. abby: bruce, you are nodding your head. >> yeah. i'm agreeing. i see all the time how these other news stations put so much time into nothing. there is no news anymore. abby: you are a steel worker here in this area, and you said this is the first time have you really gotten interested in politics. what would you like to hear more from the media? >> let's get back to what we used to do. i understand president trump is our president and about half of the world doesn't like him, but, come on now, let's go on with our days.
3:39 am
let's do what we used to do. i understand nobody likes our -- all this, you know, traditions, but, come on now. abby: and you were saying that as well, john, we were talking about patriotism. you say that it starts with the parents. >> it starts with the parents and it starts also with the fact that you -- if you have a value -- have you an inside value as well. if you are a lady person, when you are young, and you get away with it, then you grow that way. and this is what we have today. a bunch of cry babies. that we have. they want everything for nothing. there is no such thing. you don't survive that way. so we have to go back and whether you like it or not. who doesn't like it, take a hike and go to libya. abby: all right. we will leave it there, john, bruce, george. everyone has a lot of opinions here at the sun set diner. if you are in the area, please come and join us. we want to spend the morning with you.
3:40 am
i will send it back to you guys. steve: i love that george guy down at the end who came up with the new call letters for the stations. hopped up on carrot cake right now. i would have carrot cake for break gast every morning. ainsley: is carrot cake healthy? it's a cake made out of carrots. brian: it doesn't. i'm going to have carrots and cake. they should not be merged pit them together they are delicious. ainsley: peanut gallery is chiming in it has cream cheese eyeing. jillian: what is going on with a the fox news alert right now. brand new gruesome details in the case of four young men who vanished on a farm outside philadelphia. a source tells our local fox affiliate that a 20-year-old accomplice with a criminal past was arrested overnight. this comes after the killer cosmo dinardo confessed to the brutal murders our affiliate fox 2 reports he shot the
3:41 am
victims to death over drug and gun deal. then he set their bodies on fire before burying them in two separate graves. the guilty plea part of a deal taking a death penalty off the table. >> why did you do it? what do you have to say to these families, cosmo? do you have anything to say? >> i'm sorry. jillian: that video from yesterday. police in bucks county, pennsylvania have been able to identify the body of 19-year-old dean finocchiaro. still working to identify the others in the grave. the he he he man charged with the killing of kate steinle now blaming the gun. lopez back in court this morning. steinle was shot on the pier back in july of 2015. bullet that pierced her heart was from a stolen gun out of a government agent's car. lopez's attorney now saying that type of gun is known for accidental discharges. lopez had been deported five times and had seven felony convictions. political rivals turned buddies. former presidents george w.
3:42 am
bush and bill clinton talking about their strong friendship and grandchildren during a lecture. take a look. >> you both have grandchildren, what do your grandchildren call you? what are you called? >> i'm called heffy. now why do i have a friendship with him? well, because is he called a brother with a different mother. he hangs out in our. [laughter] jillian: the two were in texas last night to talk to students about leadership and their experiences with the presidency. brian: that should have been broadcast live because nobody in this country talks to each other, democrats and republicans. and have you two presidents sticking up for each others and their record. do you know what he said? one of the things that attracted me to bill clinton is the grace he showed in winning and beating his dad. that bonded the families. not hillary. she seems to be left out of this. but when bill and george bush get together they sing each other's praises. steve: not always. brian: they did pretty much through thinks presidency.
3:43 am
if you look at bill clinton's comments during the 8 years he was probably least critical. >> don't talk negatively about another break that. talk negatively: joke around and talk about your family together, to be able to put forward he. steve: jillian, thank you very much. trip to france. cover the president, kellyanne conway is going to join us live in the next hour. ainsley: it is the incredible oval office picture that has gone viral, a group of pastors laying their hands on the president trump's shoulders, a woman's happened, man's hand, black, white, they are all coming together to pray for our president. one of those pastors is going to join us next ♪ keeping the faith ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ keeping the faith ♪ when you're close to the people you love,
3:44 am
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ainsley: a moment of prayer for the president. this photo going viral of a group of pastors laying their hands on president trump's shoulders with his head bent in prayer. pastor jack graham of the preston wood baptist church in texas was there for the special prayer session in the oval office. he joins us now. good morning pastor, thanks for being with us. >> good morning, ainsley. it's good to be with you. ainsley: thank you. tell me about that meeting and how you ended up in the oval office with all the other evangelical pastors. >> we were there for a working meeting, actually, with the office of public liaison. it's a faith leaders' group. we were working away throughout the day. and middle of the afternoon we got a visit from jared kushner and then later the vice president who said the president wanted us to come over to the oval office. we weren't expecting it. it wasn't planned.
3:48 am
so we end up in the oval office about 25 of us and our group. and it was conversation. it was social. the president was welcoming and inviting. he is a very powerful personality. so friendly. so inviting to all of us. and so after a time of just regular conversation among friends. and that's what it felt like, just some of us had known the president for a while. some for many, many years. and so after an extended conversation, someone suggested that we pray. and we ended up huddling up around the president, around the oval office desk and the president as he bowed in prayer. he welcomed that he invited us to pray. it was an incredible moment, really. ainsley: what's incredible about this is someone else took this picture. it wasn't the official white house photographer. and we found it on social media. it's a beautiful, precious image of the highest office in the land praying to the highest supreme being which is just such a beautiful image.
3:49 am
who was leading the prayer and what did you say? >> a number of us prayed, two people actually voiced the prayer. we were all praying. you know, the idea of actually putting our hands on him or around him. when people pray they often hold hands to pray or maybe a football team huddles up in a circle to pray. it was like that. it was that feeling. and the president bowed his head. he recognizes his need for god. this wasn't contrived. it wasn't forced. it wasn't weird. it wasn't tense. it was a prayer among friends for the president of the united states who realizes his need for god. and needs the prayers of god's people. it's imperative we pray for our leaders, our president. vice president pence was there as well. and it's imperative. we're commanded to pray for our leaders. this wasn't unusual that we would pray. it wasn't fixed. it wasn't formed. it wasn't a photo op.
3:50 am
this photo went out from a public citizen. it didn't go out from the white house. ainsley: yeah. i believe god probably had a hand in that. pastor graham real quickly. as a minister, you know, did you ever think you would end up in the oval office praying to god for our president? >> no. you never expect that. you realize that it is a privilege. you know, it's a privilege that all of us have. we can all pray for our president. and in one sense i hope our hands on the president praying for him is a reminder for all of us to pray. as we are commanded for our president, for our leaders. ainsley: thank you so much, pastor graham for being with us. god bless you for praying for our president all you are doing. very important. >> thank you. ainsley: god bless you. counselor to the president kellyanne conway is going to join us live in the next hour. the president pick for fbi director testifying where he stands on key privacy issues affecting all of us americans. what do you need to know?
3:51 am
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♪ steve: attorney christopher wray could be the next director of the fbi. the had a lot to say during the senate confirmation hearing on wednesday including where he stands on technology privacy issues. brian: all right. here with more is kurt the cyberguy. kurt, you thought this was significant. his stance was significant? >> brian, i've got to tell you i was very impressed with the stance that came out. because here is what i have always thought we should have in this country. we should have the ability for law enforcement, for the nsa to really watch out, especially from foreign interests that are getting
3:55 am
into the country and at the same time you have technology companies that don't want us as consumers to go bye-bye when they hand over data. it's important for the government to have at times. brian: consumer market. if i think i -- someone is going to be looking at my private stuff, i won't buy it. >> if you have a samsung phone and suddenly anyone can look into your phone and i have an apple that can't, guess what phone you are getting next, period. ainsley: not necessarily. if you are not doing anything fine, i'm fine with them looking through people's phones and keeping country safe. >> i am until they start using the information against me for, say, a civil matter. ainsley: is there a way make sure they don't do that but still protecting the country? >> yes. let th this guy get approved wray. listen to what he says whether there should be staunchly this way or that way. here is actually what he says. >> there is a balance, obviously, that has to be
3:56 am
struck between the importance of encryption which i think we can all respect, when there are so many threats to our systems and the importance of giving law enforcement the tools that they lawfully need to keep us all safe. i would look for ways to try to see if i could get the private sector more on board to understand why this issue is so important to keeping us all safe. steve: so he wants balance. >> he wants balance. i think that's a smart approach. the gray area when it comes to these matters is the right place to be. you shouldn't be so far this way or so far the other way saying, hey, don't look at all my stuff. anyway, take a look at this. these are the things that scare the daylights out of the government. and rightfully so. when it comes to our ability to look at people doing bad stuff, they are the top five apps really causing concern. steve: they are. >> they are encrypted, they are secret. it's really hard for anyone to see what's going on with them. can i share things with them you with me.
3:57 am
good and bad. brian: and al qaeda knows how to do that. >> they do as well. very well in fact. ainsley: thanks, kurt. steve: summer concert series continues with hanson. they are going to take the stage. see the pictures from the 90'sy when we all had interesting hair ♪ our 18 year old was in an accident. when i call usaa it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. it actually helped to know that somebody else cared and wanted make sure that i was okay. that was really great. we're the rivera family, and we will be with usaa for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. call today to talk about your insurance needs.
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until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. brian: president trump is celebrating bastille day alongside french president emmanuel macron. >> president trump standing shoulder to shoulder with president macron here in a show of solidarity. >> good for him to stay on the road especially now as this russia story continues to bubble up. >> today president trump spoke for the first time with son's meeting with a russian lawyer. he staunch defense of his son. >> my son is a wonderful man. he took a meeting with a russian lawyer. most people would have taken that meeting. it's called opposition research. honestly, i think the press made a very big deal over something that really a lot of people would do. >> if after nine months all of these hearings, all of these
4:01 am
investigations, the best we can come up with is a 20-minute meeting with a lawyer who hadding into to say? >> i think a lot of people don't understand how foreign policy works, which is we don't have friends. we have interests. >> republicans count heads as they drop another version of their obamacare replacement. >> time to rise to the occasion. the american people deserve better to end the pain of obamacare. >> why do i have a relationship with him? because is he called a brother with a different mother. >> you both have grandchildren what do they call you. >> i'm called heffy. >> i'm more humble i'm called pappa. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:02 am
♪ ♪ yeah, yeah ainsley: remember that song? steve: only one i knew all the words to. ainsley: from the 90's. it's flashback friday. we invited hanson to come on. they are all grown up. three brothers from oklahoma. steve: zac and taylor. ainsley: that little one all in love with him. i was in college. that little boy is so cute. steve: this song was number one song in 23 different countries across the planet. ainsley: it just made you happy. steve: number one song 21 years ago around the world just like famous dave's got started 20 years ago and they have been burning the meat the t ever since. brian: they have forgotten the words to the song. steve: luckily we all know them. brian: there is a cover on the stage. bad news for the audience. good news for the turf that
4:03 am
doesn't need water, it's phony. steve: the concert starts exactly one hour from now if you are 48th and 6th avenue. if you grew up listening to hanson, they are going to be on the stage live. usually it's throw back thursday. today we are having flashback friday. what were we like back in 1997? very bravely, we have gone into the archives. ainsley: this was me in college in 1997 with my friend meredith and my friend catherine. that was at an event in college my junior year. steve: 20 years ago. 20 years ago i was peter doocy's baseball coach and we made it into the town world series. as can you see we got trophies. much fluffier hair. ainsley: you haven't changed. brian: working through archives. brian, where are your pictures? you said just go through the archives here because i was sitting on the curvey couch then too. brian: it was probably a chair and a pentapus brian ainsley ains i don't believe you are
4:04 am
allowed to say that. brian: three chairs and a desk pole that came out with arms on it which were like the desk. have this movable desk. steve: that's what we look like. you wonder what our current president of the united states looked like back in 1996. well, there he is on the david letterman show when they were cordial. it was prophetic. talking about all sorts of things very donald trumpish. ainsley: that's fun to look back. hasn't changed that much. so you are wondering where he is right now. well, he was in france, in paris when we started the show an hour ago. we have been told is he on air force one. is he heading back home or on his way to get on air force one. steve: let's turn to john roberts who is our chief white house correspondent. he has been there at the bastille day parade. mr. roberts, where is the president of the united states right now? ainsley: where in the world is the president? >> where in the world is the president? he is either at the airport about to take off on air force one or already in the air.
4:05 am
we don't have a full report on that yet. he heads back to the united states after what, for all intents and purposes appears to be a very successful relationship building exercise with the newly installed president of france emmanuel macron. a relationship building exercise that to some degree though was overshadowed by the political firestorm surrounding the meeting that his son don jr. had with that russian attorney in june of 2016. the president spent two hours here at the reviewing stand at the concord. reviewing the troops for the bastille day parade, including contingent of some 200 u.s. troops. the reason why they were in the parade. this marks the 100th 100th anniversary of america's entry into world war i. a turning points in 1917 that really kind of rescued france. god knows what the world would have looked like here in western europe had the united states not gotten into that war. at one point, too because this was also in defiance of what happened in nice last year, when the terrorists took a truck and ran down more than
4:06 am
500 people, killing 86 of them. a precision military marching band spelled out the words nice in front of the viewing stand. a very poignant moment there then there was a shot on the concord where the french and u.s. flags were displayed side by side as that same military band played the u.s. and french national anthems. emmanuel macron took to the microphone at the end of this parade to talk about the enduring friendship between the united states and france saying that the presence of president donald trump at his side was a testament that relationship is going to last the test of time. there were some disagreements between the two presidents in their bilateral meeting. specifically on the u.s. decision to withdraw from the paris climate accord. however, the french president said he was not going to let that one disagreement get in the way of the overall relationship. brian, ainsley, steve? brian: you know, john, i get the sense that president macron also didn't want that he kind of glazed over that too. where that would have been his opportunity to score some
4:07 am
domestic points and say very disappointed. instead, he moved on and he talked about things they agreed on. so i think they honestly seemed to have forged somewhat of a bond. i guess we will see down the line. jon: you know, he was -- french president macron before he became the president during the election campaign was very critical of the president's decision to pull out of paris. yesterday, at that press conference he said he respected the decision of president trump. it really does look like he wants to forge a very close bond with the united states. the body language between the two of them really is quite cordial. at the end of the parade it was all hand shakes and pats on the shoulder. a couple times macron grabbed the president by the shoulder. he really wants to make this relationship work because it's too important to squander. steve: speaking of body language, john roberts you are in such good shape i might say. thank you so much for the live report from paris. >> for a massive my age. steve: no, no. famous quote from this particular trip. >> famous quote for the trip.
4:08 am
which we're not going to talk about. ainsley: that means you can have all the sham page you want now and mad lines. he has left paris now can you go have fun. steve: thank you, john. >> i still have 12 hours to work, folks. brian: oh, my goodness. steve: well, you know what? we can tell john what his next report is going to be about. once the president of the united states, we just learned in the last one minute, once the president got on air force one, he started tweeting answered just tweeted. this. it was a great honor to represent the united states at the magnificent #bastille day parade. congratulations president emmanuel macron. brian: also, keep in mind when you talk about the nice attack that killed 84 people, two of which were americans from copeland, texas, sean and brode -- excuse me, from texas, sean and brode copeland, and, remember, they were just there on vacation going to the beach. and he and his dad got killed. so, that, keep in mind. we are very familiar with what's going on in europe and how it effects.
4:09 am
ainsley: i'm sure security was tight today. >> that comment the president made about in very good shape. i'm guilty of that almost every day. i comment on people's fitness all the time and people go why do you always do that? ened i mean it in the nicest way. steve: on an open mike. four hours ago the president was tweeting even before he did the little review and he was looking to the fight next week in congress. ainsley: he tweeted out this: republican senators are working hard to get failed obamacare replacement approved. i will be at my desk, pen in hand, reminding everyone if it doesn't get passed he is saying it's not his fault, basically, he is ready to sign it republicans, get this done, he is saying. brian: keep in mind the plan that the republicans are trying to replace is shot up in terms of costs on the exchanges, in terms of premiums. in alabama, alaska, oklahoma, and arizona, just shy premiums are all up 200 percent. this is an emergency.
4:10 am
the republicans are trying to solve moderates' problems and conservatives' needs. these are 52 people all with things they simply have to have. that's why people say for success, if the president wants to help them, we know he does, he is -- comes to this. his skills are with peer. tell the governors what you need. especially the republicans that took the free money. steve: well, at this stage, there is not even assurance mitch mcconnell doesn't even know for sure that they are going to have the procedural vote to take the big vote. ultimately, if that were to happen, then, remember what the president tweeted about a week or two ago, and that was if they can't get what they're intending to do in the senate done, just do a repeal. do a clean repeal and then work it out that waziristan something that rand paul had suggested. and ultimately, when you look at this bill that was suggested yesterday and lindsey graham had one as well. they are great big casseroles of more taxes and more
4:11 am
regulations. it's not what they -- they, the republicans, had promised. i think a lot of people would be disappointed if it actually did pass. however, they would like to have some points on the board. ainsley: they definitely have to get it right. the problem with just repealing it like you were saying yesterday, it just delays the process. they are going to have to eventually replace it get it done but many are saying just get it done so they can focus on other things. other pressing issues as well. brian: like tax reform and infrastructure. if they fail to pass, this nothing shy of a disaster. the problem with repeal is for two years the markets, the average american doesn't have no idea what's going to be hitting them square in the face. there is no way if these guys can't even work two extra weeks, barely can work two extra weeks to get this done, what are they going to do after a year or two. there are going to be other things to distract them. they will never get to the replace part. ainsley: meanwhile get it over to jillian. jillian: good morning. get to a straight fox news alert right now. brand new gruesome details in
4:12 am
the four young men who vanished on a farm outside of philadelphia. a source tells our local fox affiliate. a 20-year-old accomplice with a criminal past was arrested overnight. this comes after the killer, you can see him right there, cosmo dinardo, confessed to the brutal murders. our affiliate, fox 29, reports he shot the victims to death over a drug and gun deal. then set their bodies on fire before burying them in two separate graves. the guilty plea part of a deal taking the death penalty off the table. >> why did you do it? what do you have to say to these families, columns mow? anything to say? >> i'm sorry. jillian: and that was from yesterday. police in bucks county, pennsylvania, have been able to identify the body of 19-year-old dean finocchiaro but are still working to i.d. other remains found in the same grave. also breaking overnight, two police officers are dead after a shootout with three palestinian gunmen at one of jerusalem's holiest sites. the gunman all citizens of israel are also dead and another person is hurt. the shootout happens near the
4:13 am
loin's gate in jerusalem's old city. israeli police releasing these images of the guns recovered. the site of the attack will be closed today. president trump's travel ban takes another hit overnight. a federal judge in hawaii expanding the list of family relationships needed by people seeking new visas from six mostly muslim countries. you can see them on your screen. travel ban exceptions now include grandparents, grand children, uncles, aunts and other relatives. honolulu u.s. district judge derek watson says grand parents are the epitted tomorrow of close family members. that's a quick look at your headlines on this friday. i will send it back to you guys in a little bit. steve: all right, jillian. thank you. president trump says he will be angry if republicans don't get a healthcare bill voted on next week. are they running out of time? yes. dan as you will van helped lead the charge to cancel the august recess. i joins us fede us next.
4:14 am
ainsley: abby joins us next from sun set diner. hey, abby ♪ ♪ relive the thrill of beating the clock. the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a $1,000 bonus and 0% apr on a new 2017 jetta or passat.
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constipation; excessive thirst or urine; swollen ankles; loss of appetite; rash; itching; headache; confusion; hallucinations; muscle or joint pain; flushing; fever; or weakness, as this may keep these problems from becoming more serious. these are not all the possible side effects of opdivo. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions, including immune system problems, or if you've had an organ transplant, or lung, breathing, or liver problems. because who wouldn't want...that? ask your doctor about opdivo. see for this and other indications. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients, nurses, and physicians involved in opdivo clinical trials. ♪ ♪ >> i will be very angry about
4:18 am
it and a lot of people will be very upset. but i'm sitting, waiting for that bill to come to my desk. they have been promising it ever since obamacare, which has failed. it's a failed experiment. it is totally gone. it's out of business. steve: president trump anxious to pass new healthcare legislation. even after unveiling revamped healthcare bill yesterday, senate republicans remain divided. so are they running out of time to pass the president's agenda? our next guest led the charge to delay the august recess two weeks, alaska senator dan sullivan joins us from our nation's capitol. good morning. >> great to to be on the show. steve: great to have you as well. are they going to get the votes. >> i think why will get there. what the american people want right now we are doing our due diligence. we are reviewing the document, the new bill. and, you know, we are working hard to get t yes, that's for sure. steve: the bill is an improvement over what we have
4:19 am
got right now it keeps taxes. it keeps regulations. and it keeps, as rand paul said yesterday, keeps that great big insurance industry slush fund in effect. >> well, along, one of the things and i'm, like i said, believe it or not, we actually have senators who are reading the whole bill. i read the last whole bill. that's what i'm doing right now. steve: great. >> imagine that. there are things in the latest version, there is enormous amount of new flexibility to the states. i mean, if you believe in the tenth amendment, that is a very, very positive aspect of this bill. there is, and i wouldn't call it a slush fund. there is a huge amount of money towards the opioid and addiction crisis that is, you know, crushing many states, including mine in the bill, and there are provisions, for example, that relate to states like mine with very, very high premiums.
4:20 am
you guys mentioned it at the outset, over 200 percent. so kind of a safety valve for states that have super high premiums and the ability to bring those down. so there is some good things in this. steve: senator, you know that a number of republicans were elected specifically because they said we are going to repeal and replace it this does not repeal it. >> well, look, steve, one of the things when you mention taxes, the biggest tax, in many ways in obamacare, were the employer and individual mandates. steve: um-huh. >> those are gone. steve: good. >> in this draft. i think that, you know, there are elements like that that are -- much in some ways being overlooked but absolutely critical moving forward giving americans more freedom with regard to their healthcare choices. steve: it's a step in the right direction. let's see if they can even get a vote. mitch mcconnell is going to try on tuesday. senator, thank you very much. >> good to see you, steve. steve: good luck to you as well. what do you think about that? let us know.
4:21 am
meanwhile, coming up, al gore compared the climate change battle to battles like slavery. inconvenient truth about that coming up. he just announced his senate run two days ago. kid rock is already fighting #fake news. ♪ green mountain coffee.
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like technology that can update itself. an advanced fiber-network infrustructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. brian: headlines now. military organization celebrating a win. the house rejecting an attempt to stop the pentagon from paying for gender transition treatments such as hormone therapy. 24 republicans joining democrats to defeat the amendment. the vote comes over a year after former defense secretary ash carter repealed the ban on serving openly in the military. house is also helping our heroes get their degrees. bipartisan legislation unveiled provide the biggest expansion of college aid for
4:25 am
veterans in a decade. the proposal would remove a 15-year time limit on benefits which would make more money available. it's an effort to fill coverage gaps in the gi bill. awesome. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, brian. the parents of 11-month-old charlie gard storming out of a british courtroom where they were making a final pitch. a final plea to keep their young son alive. the u.k.'s high court set to rule on whether the terminally ill infant how see here can come to the united states for experimental treatment or be pulled off of life support. catherine glen foster is the president and ceo of americans united for life and she is an attorney smawrgt charlie gard's family. catherine, you were there i know in the courtroom yesterday during that emotional hearing. tell us what the latest is. >> well, there is going to be another hearing today. so this case is not settled. but, yesterday's hearing was explosive. we saw a doctor testify that
4:26 am
with this new ground breaking treatment, there is an 11 to 56% chance of meaningful, muscular recovery for little charlie gard. ainsley: is that the doctor from the united states that was saying that? >> yes. it was a doctor from the united states who is wanting to be able to treat charlie gard and as yet the high court has not allowed him to -- allowed charlie to be transferred to this doctor in the united states for treatment. ainsley: that sounds very positive. if a judge hears that 11 to 56% chance. so what are your thoughts. you are looking at the judge and looking at the reaction. do you think that the judge is going to side with the parents and allow charlie to come over here to the u.s. for that treatment? >> it's interesting. the judge asked for new evidence and he got it yesterday. there was just so much new evidence that this doctor provided and other doctors around the world who are looking to be able to give charlie that chance. the judge repeatedly said that
4:27 am
he intends to be very fair about this. he has an open mind. he is looking at all of the evidence. and he has an extremely positive reaction. ainsley: what about the parents? i understand they stormed out of the courtroom. i have heard once, i have heard twice. what's the truth there and why did they storm out? what made them so upset? >> well, the hospital, that they had hired to care for their son, and to treat him and to just love him in the same way that they did has instead, betrayed them. so it does make sense in a lot of ways. i know that i as a parent would be reacting in much the same way if i went in to court and had this same hospital fight me at every turn. so, they did leave the courtroom quite upset. i spoke with them during the break and then afterwards again. and. they retain so much hope. but they do -- they do feel disappointment and the process. and this hospital is fighting them. ainsley: what are they saying?
4:28 am
why wouldn't they just give this child a chance? why do they think that the parents need to pull the child off the life support? >> well, the hospital is saying that they are looking out for charlie's best interest. and they don't believe that it is in his best interest to give him this chance. what connie and chris, charlie's parents are looking for, is just that ability to get that second opinion. ainsley: right. >> they have a second opinion from doctors around the world who are interested in giving charlie that chance. and believe that he has a chance, a very significant recovery. steve. ainsley: real quickly, catherine, are we going to find something out today? will a judge make a ruling today? >> probably not a ruling today. it looks like this will probably extend into next week. and perhaps even on after that. but, there is a very important hearing today. and we'll just have to see where that goes. ainsley: okay. if you want to check out her website it's am charlie gard. thank you so much for being with us catherine glen foster. we appreciate it?
4:29 am
>> thank you. ainsley: thank you. president trump on his way home after wrapping up his trip to france just a short time ago, counselor to the president kellyanne conway is going to join us live from the white house to react to that next. plus, it is flashback friday. they were just children when they skyrocketed to fame with their smash hit about 20 years ago. now hanson, look at them they are all grown up. they are going to join to us perform live out on the plaza. send us your pictures, too. we will be showing them. flashback friday ♪ nt to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel, i want someone who makes it easy. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. visit booking.yeah!
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4:32 am
steve: 7:32 in new york city and washington, d.c. we have the counselor to the president donald j. trump kellyanne conway on the north lawn. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: the president is on air force one right now heading back to the united states. what is the headline from his trip to paris? >> the headline is france and
4:33 am
the united states deepen oldest and very strong alliance. clearly the two presidents and their wives had a wonderful exchanges while they were there, bilateral meeting. the president was very honored to have the united states of america as the guest of the country of france for the 100th anniversary of the u.s. entering world war i. and of course to be there on bastille day. and i said this during his first foreign trip. i will keep saying it president trump really enjoys visiting countries around the world and heads of state and finds sitting down and finding out a way that we can work together. even countries where we don't necessarily agree on most issues. to sit down and figure out how to approach and tackle and perhaps solve the vexing issues of the day. and, of course, he did that with president macron. i'm just really struck that one year ago neither of these men held the position they hold now. steve that's right. >> when you look at them together it reminds you how quickly things can change when voters take matters into their
4:34 am
own hands. also, here at home. new healthcare bill happened in the senate yesterday. it's very exciting, frankly. i think if the senate does its work and gets something on president trump's desk, he will sign that into law. so he is going to return to a very busy domestic agenda here a as well. the president just completed his third foreign trip in seven weeks' time it's pretty remarkable. >> the president had a message for republican, for the congress members, the republican congress members. he was over there in paris and still tweeting at 4:00 in the morning our time eastern time and urging those republican senators to pass his agenda. he said he is in the oval office, going to be in the oval office ready with a pen ready to sign this thing. >> he is. we have had those discussions here. i think leader mcconnell and his members are working very hard. vice president pence has been our greatest asset on capitol hill all along but particularly this week. the result is an additional $70 billion in a stability fund and that is really a
4:35 am
supplement to us already there allowing people for the first time to use health savings accounts to pay their premiums. because we hear from americans all the time that those who even bother to have obamacare, they are having a difficult time meeting these premiums. so the fact that you can use health savings account money to do that, there is 45 billion in there for opioid funding. there are protections in there for those who are on medicaid, and, you know, so far the democrats, who everybody from bill clinton to sitting senators who have admitted that obamacare has not worked as well as it needed to or as the projection suggested it would be, they have only come to the table with two ideas. what ideas? a bailout for the insurance companies, which is temporary fix and number two an entire government takeover of our healthcare system. neither of those is plausible or supported by the public. they are very unserious in negotiations. leader mcconnell is working
4:36 am
with his conference. also, ted cruz's amendment made it into this latest version which means if you already qualify for an obamacare-type plan, that's right, you can get a lesser included plan as well. so, it's basically expanding the market for more individuals, but making sure that we're keeping those premium costs down and that medicaid is dedicated to those for whom it was originally intended. brian: you know, marco rubio just tweeted out. i don't want to get into the nitty gritty of it. he said i don't want states penalized that didn't take the free medicaid money which was on a credit card. >> that's right. brian: other states that did. if ohio says you better leave this in place. what does florida say? we never took the money that we shouldn't have had coming to us any way in production' view. i want to ask you this. we know the president loves to get his hands dirty in these things. interpersonal skills greatest asset. with the house he was calling lawmakers nonstop. with the senate i guess he was told thought it was best to let them work it out themselves. if he is asked to get involved
4:37 am
from jersey or the oval office, will he do it by calling governors to find out what they need to green light their senators? >> as you know, president trump is very hands on. he works the phones. he hosts meetings. we have had any number of members of congress and senators here, governors, frankly, over time. we have also had obamacare victims. we have had drug manufacturers. he has approached this from every different facet of the healthcare system because that was what -- that's one of the many things that was lacking in obamacare. this is a seven and a half year sinking battle ship and those turn slowly. the president is always involved. that said, it's up to the senate to put this legislation on his desk. he has made very clear he has pen in hand. while we are on the topic of healthcare if i may for me. because people just aren't going to hear about it unless we discuss it yesterday, attorney general sessions and secretary of health and human services secretary tom price announced the largest, let me get this right, the largest medicare fraud investigation. steve: sure.
4:38 am
>> and bust, really, in our nation's history. and, you know,. steve: a lot of the people in trouble. >> a lot of people in trouble over a billion dollars in fraud. and they went in protection of our consumers of americans. and they are busting up these people, these healthcare professionals who have violated their hippocratic oath and put greed in front of the patients. steve: sure, right. >> you see actions like this and you realize that we are trying to protect patients and americans through better healthcare reform but also by busting up the fraud and abuse in the system. steve: kellyanne conway, we will see whether or not they do get a vote in the senate on tuesday. that's first up. first, let's talk a little bit about the number one story on the other channels. and that's russia, russia, russia. you know, when it started, it looked like a don jr. got this email. he jumped at it he met with this woman. it looks like collusion. as it turns out, the russian story is starting to fall apart because it looks like she was just a lobbyist. and she met with a whole bunch of members of congress and state department officials and
4:39 am
members of the press and washington ohihoypaloy. >> moving the gool post. collusion that not only interfered with our election process but indeed dictate the electoral outcome. the only people that say that seriously these days is hillary clinton and nobody believes it we know why she lost. it's obvious. and, frankly, when i was campaign manager in those last several months. you know, when i needed negative information about hillary clinton, i didn't have to go very far. i looked at hillary clinton. she was a treasure trove. she was like a treasure box of negative hillary information with arms and legs. steve: kellyanne conway, people call you up all the time and say i have dirt on her and would you take a meeting with them? >> no. steve: the president said yesterday that that kind of occurrence happened all the time. >> it does. but in the case of hillary
4:40 am
clinton, it was all there to see. no, is he absolutely right in terms of people are always whispering i have got opposition here. or i have got information there. and sometimes people want to aggrandize their own positions. wish to be helpful. many meetings end up as a bust that aren't particularly meaningful, consequential or helpful to hear don jr. to speak of it. that's how he character rips this particular meeting. let's go back to your point. your essential point is that we're not telling the american people all the good that's happening in this administration. brian: right. >> for a couple of reasons. first is because of the russian obsession. as i call it the russian concussion. the russian percussion. secondly, and this doesn't get covered at all. it's a heck of a lot easier to sit around and scream russia, russia, russia, with no basis than to go learn the finer points of the new healthcare bill to. dig in and understand the simplicity and fairness and middle class tax relief in the fax plan being developed right behind me.
4:41 am
brian: i heard that in december the treasury sect secretary is going to release it kellyanne conway, to stop the critics, to stop the critics that want to trip up the trump administration all cost and some of which are on the right. do you believe that there should be everybody involved in the campaign and in the administration should once and for all go through all their communications, those little post-it notes, down to what they wrote on their hands to find out any type of interaction with any type of russian official just astray gowdy said to get it all out? >> every single colleague i know here at the white house and in the administration, in the campaign, even if they don't serve here, ladies and gentlemen have said they are willing to cooperate. they are willing to share whatever they know. whatever they have. so we have been forthcoming from the very beginning is that really going to shut down. ainsley: people would argue that's not true. that meeting happened a year and a month ago. people are wondering why don
4:42 am
jr. just didn't come forward and say that right after it happened. >> well, in terms of those who work here, who have been asked to cooperate, they have made very clear to their attorneys that they're willing to cooperate. and i know that some people's disclosure forms are recently amended. as i understand, that's how this has all been revealed. and i will tell you that this is an administration that talks about transparency, talks about sunlight and talks about, you know, full information. but, is this -- you know, the president calls it a witch-hunt. he calls it a hoax. others have said -- others who aren't particularly very fond of this administration have admitted that there is no there there. so, again, what kind of money are we going to spend by the taxpayers having these infinite investigations, and there are many of them. if we are going to do that fine, i suppose. but we really need to spend our time, also, telling people what's being done here for them. steve: sure. >> that's not being covered at all.
4:43 am
the day after i went on cnn for marathon interview on monday morning, the next day there was an analysis done by the media research center. cnn had spent 93% of its coverage on one show on russia. literally 93%. 6% on everything else. that's out of whack according to cnn's own polling where they are telling -- the people are telling the pollsters everywhere. move on. i want to hear about the issues. steve: that's what we try to do on this channel. try to do all the stories and the russia story, too. kellyannkellyanne, thank you vey much. >> thank you. steve: he just announced his website kid rock for kid rock already fighting fake news. we're going to tell you about that. brian: 20 years ago hanson became super stars with smash hit m bop. they are all grown up and performing live on our plaza. ainsley: we finally found brian's 90's picture. is that chris chulo? brian: that's one of our fine
4:44 am
camera men: chris, do it again. there we go. >> let's go. >> those were the days. that's great.
4:45 am
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♪ ♪ ash ash this is flashback friday. they were just children when they skyrocketed to fame with their smash single mmmbop. brian: since then six studio albums and 16 million records. [cheers] steve: all 16 million of the people who bought them are here today. [cheers] steve: now, after celebrating 25 years performing together, they are heading out on a world tour, ladies and gentlemen, say hello to hanson. [cheers and applause]
4:48 am
steve: welcome. brian isaac, tailor and zac. you still look exactly alike. who grew up first. >> if only that were true. brian: that's true. >> technically since i'm the oldest i grew up first. >> this whole year is about celebrating getting to do this and the amazing fans waiting to come out in the rain. we already kick started this world tour. we wanted to celebrate not just when we introduced ourselves 20 years ago to playing music 25. steve: speaking of 20 yeergs ago we have before and after. and we are going to put that up on the screen. >> new hotness. going for new hotness. ainsley: scott, you were the baby of the group. youngest of the three brothers. i remember you. you were so cute. still are. still are. but what's crazy, what's crazy is that you have five children? >> i have four. taylor has five. ainsley: have you five and have you three. ainsley: 12 in between you. obviously your parents are very happy. cute grand kids. that's unbelievable.
4:49 am
it seems like yesterday. >> 20 years we started. a lot has happened along the way. that's why it's important for us to -- we keep being a band because we are excited about the future the next projects and next things. this is a moment where we wanted to stop and go here is where we have been. let's put it in the package. steve: put all your kids in the video, right? >> we picked one new song. greatest hits that comes out in september. and we want to put at least one new song in this year. the song called i was born it. it is about pure optimist. pure opposite what we see in the universe. you only see the bad news that's happening. brian: one thing i worry about. every time i see a young band has so much success. do you feel like you gave up your childhood for this unbelievable success? >> i still feel like i'm living my childhood. i feel like i haven't grown up. brian: do you feel like you missed out on something. >> if you want to do something extraordinary, you have to give up the ordinary. right? so you miss out on high school
4:50 am
prom and those things instead go sing on the great wall of china. those are the things -- you have to choose what you want in your life. sometimes the normal things you don't get. this is a pretty amazing life. steve: not the great wall of china but you will start singing here on "fox & friends" in about 10 minutes. are you guys ready for that? [cheers and applause] steve: hanson coming up: ainsley: coming up more 90's pictures including this guy geraldo rivera. he is going to be joining us live. steve: president trump on his way to new jersey right now on air force 1. we sent abby huntsman to a diner nearby. we will be checking in with her coming up next. ♪ ♪ i've been thinking about something ♪ i've been thinking about something ♪ ♪ that's it? he means book direct at for the lowest price on our rooms guaranteed.
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a new kind of network designed to save you money. steve: well, we're a little damp. it's raining right now. brian: pouring. ainsley: not stopping the fans though from coming out to see hanson. steve: president of the united states is heading to his golf course in bedminster, new jersey right now. not far from there is the sun set diner. abby: that's where we find abby huntsman having breakfast with friends. brian: very important people. hey, abby. >> with a bunch of friends. hey, you guys. ainsley, please do me a favor. i was the 13-year-old girl who had hanson all over my room. i'm obsessed with hanson. so please give them a hug for me. of all days. there is nowhere i would rather be than at the diner. ainsley: can you believe zac has four kids. he was a kid when we were worshiping them on stage he has four kids of his own. abby: unbelievable. i love that i'm here with some wonderful people joanne who had three sons of her own
4:55 am
going on seven grandchildren. >> and one on the way. abby: one on the way. we have been talking about respect in this country. you said you did not vote for president obama. but you didn't act out. you didn't protest. >> i don't walk around with signs. i don't call him all kinds of names. i think the way they are treating president trump is absolutely horrible. he is still the president of the united states, have respect for that. the man is trying to help the country. get out of the way and help him. you know, they are not hurting themselves. they are hurting the american people. abby: you said the media also is hurting. >> the media, the democrats, they north hurting themselves. they are hurting average american people like myself. abby: bill, we have been talking about the tweeting, i said what do you think of president trump's tweets? he stead that is the guy that campaigned for this job. that's the man that was successful in new york. what do you think about those tweets? >> i think the tweets are important because his message is not getting out with mainstream media or the cnn
4:56 am
and msnbc. they are not going to report what he really is thinking. so, it's something that i think is important for him to do. is he in your face. is he letting the american people know exactly what his agenda is. and i appreciate it. an ache quickly, both of you said you are frustrated with the republican party. you said they promised for years a change in obamacare and you are not seeing it? >> well, they have had seven years to figure it out. and now they are still chasing it and trying to get everybody on board, which is frustrating for me. frustrating for american people. it's something that i don't understand why, you know, mitch mcconnell and paul ryan just can't get their act together. i'm going to use names on that because i'm disappointed in them. abby: that's why i'm talking to you guys. i want to get over to george real quick. have you strong words on obamacare. >> okay. obamacare jeesh, i don't even know where this is going. you know. it could be -- it could be voted in or voted out. it depends on what happens on the senate floor.
4:57 am
but, you know, what it is. it's just going to fail. it's eventually going to fail. and it's doing that right now. abby: that is a tease for you. we will have more of george coming up you guys. meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real. bexsero is a vaccine to help prevent meningitis b in 10 to 25 year olds. even if meningitis b is uncommon, that's not a chance we're willing to take. meningitis b is different from the meningitis most teens were probably vaccinated against when younger. we're getting the word out against meningitis b. our teens are getting bexsero. bexsero should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects are pain, redness or hardness at the injection site; muscle pain; fatigue; headache; nausea; and joint pain. bexsero may not protect all individuals. tell your healthcare professional . . . .
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5:00 am
brian: president trump celebrating bastille day alongside french president emannuel macron. >> showing a solidarity. >> president trump really enjoys visiting countries around the world, finding out a way we can work together. >> today in paris president trump spoke on the first time of his son's meeting with a russian lawyer. he issued a staunch defense of don, jr. >> he took a meeting with a russian lawyer. most people would have taken that meeting he. it is call opposition research. honestly the press made a big deal over something a lot of people would do. >> if after nine months, all
5:01 am
these hearings, the all the investigations, the best we can comp with a 20 minute meeting with a lawyer who had nothing to say? >> republicans count heads as they drop another version of their obamacare replacement. >> time to rise the occasion. the american people deserve better than the pain of obamacare. >> why do i have a friendship with him? because he is called a brother with a different mother. >> you both have grouped children. what do your grandchildren call you? >> i'm called heffe. >> i'm more humble. i'm called pop pop. ♪ ♪
5:02 am
♪ ainsley: that song put them on the map in 1997. the three brothers from oklahoma, the band is called, hanson. and you know that. steve: they are featured entertainers in the all american summer concert series brought to our by our friends at keurig.
5:03 am
we were asking where were you when mmmbop hit the stage. brian, here is where you are. brian: i didn't know geraldo back then in 1997. tell you where i was. here it is, that is me next to a weather puppet, steve. that is steve's weather puppet for the record. >> were you you working at kmart. brian: not sure what i was doing there. ainsley: your hair longer. brian: absolutely is. ainsley: face hasn't changed. brian: thank you very much. what about januaries necessary dean. steve: with patrick swayze. look at janice dean. how about geraldo rivera here on the curvy couch after he opened somebody's vault. >> keeping clinton out of jail in the midst of impeachment. simpson's civil trial was that year. found liable for the deaths of ron goldman and nicole simpson. president of the united states
5:04 am
hanging by a shoestring. there are some parallels i guess certainly people tried to gin up of the arc of president bill clinton and president donald trump. steve: democrats are all talking about impeachment. >> they should choke on that word. it is ridiculous overstated. even media. talking about the meeting donald trump, jr. had with the russian lawyer. it apgears to be bigger than it was yesterday. now you have this fifth person in the room. he is former soviet, i don't know -- i hesitate to say agent because i don't know for a fact. steve: there was a registered lobbiest in the room with them. >> with soviet connections. my take on this, i have known donald trump, jr., not as long as his dad, know him pretty well, kids in the same school, all the rest of that. this is absolutely, this with absolute love, bungling amateur
5:05 am
hour, a absolutely benign kinds of seeking out -- i think the president is right, almost anyone would have taken that meeting. maybe they would have used appropiate cautions. maybe would have notified other officials. steve: wouldn't writ back on email. >> would not be swapping loving emails. cool. this is neat stuff. running for president. i would smack him in the back of the head. to me, sometimes when what you do is so overt and not designed in a diabolical way to achieve a result, sometimes when you do clumsy like that, it is an indication that is exculpatory. you're innocent of mind rather than you're guilty. brian: not only do you have investigative instincts but you have a legal background. i understand that with don, jr., he is not lawyer. he is a real estate guy running a a billion dollar company legitimately, huge responsibility.
5:06 am
but for paul manafort go in the room, look at that email, it is okay to be in here, this guy doing it for 50 years, he knows danger of being associated with a outside country. >> take it in reverse. with don, jr. first. he not only a real estate guy. he is first-born son. his father improblemmably, about to win the nomination for the presidency of the united states. he has gone from, another upper east side kid, zion of a wealthy family, center of a hurricane, hurricane known as the presidential race. this is heady stuff for don, jr. manafort different. manafort i hate to say this, i don't like to characterize people, but forgive me, sounds harsh, he has a sleazy aspect to him and his client, the you ukrainian government, the old you ukrainian government, was a pro-russian ukrainian government. he was taking a ton of money from him.
5:07 am
manafort, the best thing trump did was to dump manafort. brian: democrats got him out by the ukrainian connections. >> i don't quite understand what you're saying there. brian: the democrats have a meeting with, democratic national committee has a the meeting with a ukrainian operative who hates manafort because he is associated with the russian government. >> the old -- brian: who is carving up their country. they established those ties. manafort becomes sullied. president trump has to get rid of him. >> there is absolutely no crime described. you asked my legal background. there is absolutely no crime described, even if there was a kgb killer in that room, there is nothing criminal about what donald trump, jr. did -- steve: poor judgment. >> poor judgment. ainsley: no collusion. if it doesn't change the election, why is mainstream media making headline and spending majority of newscast on this? >> they hate the president. they hate the trump administration. they hate donald trump, jr. by association and by relationship.
5:08 am
and you know it is too bad. very briefly. meetings, not a crime. if he on the other hand said, if you go to computer xyz in the second room of the nsa you can hack into -- if he conspired to hack, if he obstructs justice, destroys those emails, which he obviously did not do. if i lies about it, that is his biggest peril, was there anyone else in the room? no, no one else in the room. turns out this fifth guy, this soviet guy. ainsley: want you to react. we talked to kellyanne at white house. >> when i was campaign manager in those last several months i, when i needed negative information about hillary clinton, i didn't have to go very far. i looked at hillary clinton. she was a treasure trove. she was like a treasure box of negative hillary information with arms and legs. again, what kind of money are we going to spend by the taxpayers having these infinite investigations. there are many of them. if we're going to do that, fine i suppose.
5:09 am
but we really need to spend our time also telling people what is being done here for them. and that is not being covered at all. brian: legally -- >> i don't think that is particularly helpful to the trump position. i think what the trump position has to be right now is, everything was benign. everything was legal. clumsy, amateurish, but absolutely not criminal. anything we have you get. brian: robert mueller. >> your older brother. brian: i want to finish this line questioning, after investigating this, bus robert mueller have green light to go into the president's taxes, business arrangements, because they are now probing this area? >> as a non-lawyer, as you expressed that question i bet you know the answer. of course there is. of course there is. how else do you prove the possibility of a quid pro quo but by examining any relationships, business relationships that existed with
5:10 am
any of the relevant players. at the very least he has to take a cursory look at all of these russian deals. there is no doubt about it. that is the problem with a special prosecutor. once they start that process, it is very difficult to slow them down. particularly when they are motivated, let me say, by something other than just the just pursuit of the truth. steve: politics. >> yes. steve: all right. geraldo. thanks for joining us live. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian. >> good morning to you at home. fox news alert. brand new grewsome details of four young men vanished outside a farm in philadelphia. a source tells the local fox affiliate, 20-year-old accomplice was arrested with a overnight. cost mow din farred do i con messed to the murders dinardo he
5:11 am
shot the victims over gun and drug deal and buried them in two separate graves. a guilty plea part of a deal to take the death penalty off the deal. >> what do you say to the families, cosmo. >> they have been able to identify the body of 19-year-old done carafor they're still working to identify remains in the gray. shootout with three palestinian gunmen at one of jerusalem holiest sites. the gunmen, citizens of arab israel are dead. the attackers rused weapons stored inside of jerusalem's old city, opening fire on a police patrol. the relative says all three were devout muslims who frequently visited the shrine. president trump's travel ban takes another hit overnight. federal judge in hawaii expanding list of family relationships needed by people needing new visas from six
5:12 am
mostly muslim countries. they include grandparents, uncles, aunts and other relatives. judge watson, said grandparents are the epitome of close family members. tim tebow does it again. hit as walk-home run to win the game. take a look. >> oh! [cheering] >> "the crowd goes wild." last night's homer is the 29-year-old's third of the season for the st. lucie mets. tube he bow has an 11-game hitting streak promoted from single a columbia late last month. the his first walk-off homer since high school. that walk-off homer in high school won district championship. he said that one was nice but this is special. steve: why wasn't he at the all-star game? brian: he is hitting over .300. >> he is doing well.
5:13 am
i will admit it. ainsley: our guy is doing great. tebow is doing so great. >> becoming a tim tebow fan. steve: wasn't in the beginning. she made the turn. brian: we want him as quarterback in in the cfl or the nfl. ainsley: fine with what he is doing. steve: there you go. coming up on this friday, more winning under president trump. stock markets are hitting record highs since he took offers, the various averages. our next guest says because investors are ignoring all the fake news out there. there ask plenty of it. ainsley: former president as george w. bush and bill clinton open up about their lives after the oval office. >> now why do i have a friendship with him? because he is called a brother with a different mother. he hangs out -- [laughter] ainsley: what they have to say about their families is just ahead. ♪ tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass,
5:14 am
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5:18 am
hear about. that storyline is expanding. as a result stocks are surging. why? the dow, s&p 500, nasdaq seeing straight gains. here to weigh in assistant editor of "wall street journal." editorial page of james freeman who wrote about this the market is not getting caught up with the soap opera with russians. what evidence do we have? >> kind of weird. you have this disconnect, if you surfed most news channels this book you heard about dire threats to rule of law, potential trials in the trump family, word treason thrown around, when you look at markets investors obviously don't see this danger. so, you have, yesterday, the dow jones industrial average set its 24th record of this year. stocks are valued very highly. these are investment decisions of investors you all over the world. we think of someone skeptical of media reports being kind of blue-collar trump voter in the
5:19 am
midwest but this is really the whole world is discounting a lot of what they're hearing from the media. brian: as we see, look at the timeline, we have a full screen what happened when the word came out that don, jr. had this email chain and it was being exposed and he published him self. slight dip, disaster. what happened after that? >> you're looking at 100 point drop on the dow which is really a hiccup. the dow is up 3,000 points since trump's election. brian: and then? >> bounces back immediately. brian: same day. >> we're bouncing along near records. now the futures are pointing down a little bit today, but banks reporting real good earnings this morning who knows. a lot of things go into stock prices. my point investors don't think we're facing a some civil agessal threat, that we're going into constitutional crisis. they have a very different analysis than you get from a lot of media reports. brian: what does that make you conclude? some things president trump put
5:20 am
on track and with september release of tax reform and deregulation and backing of the energy sector and defense stocks, they're saying i like the path, my money likes this path? >> those are all positive for stocks. you look at obviously health care reform is touch-and-go right now but if that gets done gives people a lot more optimism that we get the tax cut. yeah, that is good for growth. that could be very powerful. whereas investors looking at controversy around trump and they don't, they're kind of skeptical about it. brian: another reason to pick up the editorial section of "the wall street journal." >> thank you, sir. brian: i get it electronically, every day. thank you, james. watch you this weekend. coming up straight ahead abc news under fire for labeling a christian legal organization a hate group. first on a lighter note. here is hanson. all grown up. thinking about something. that is their song.
5:21 am
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♪ brian: some headlines now. house majority whip steve scalise in fair condition after undergoing surgery to manage an infection stemming from his bullet wounds. he was readmitted to infinance sieve care this month due to that infection. scalise was targeted by a gunman while attending a gop baseball practice in virginia. he was sitting in a chair this weekend. that is good. also recovering in a hospital this morning, former president
5:25 am
92 year-old jimmy carter. collapsing for dehydration, volunteering for habitat for humanity in canada. this came two years after he was announced free from cancer that spread he across his brain. steve, ainsley. steve: thank you, brian. abc news was under fire after labeling alliance defending freedom, labeling it a hate group. ainsley: the organization calling them out for journalistic malpractice, demanding they retract the story and issue an apology. steve: joining us right now the legal counsel and communications director of alliance defending freedom from los angeles. carrie, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so what did abc do and why do you take exception to it? >> i take a lot of exception to it this is the reason that president trump and american people are frustrated with the media. what abc did was essentially cut and paste aer.
5:26 am
>> campaign from adally left-wing, violence inciting organization called the southern poverty law center and put it out as fact in a headline, comparing us, labeling us as a hate group. when in fact we are one of the most respected supreme court practices in the country. we've won seven case in the last seven years. we won a case at the supreme court couple weeks ago. you might be familiar with the play ground case where the supreme court said that you can't treat people of faith worse than everyone else. you can't deny children safer playgrounds simply because they attend a religious school. that's what we're about but unfortunately abc took it upon themselves to present incredibly biased headline that indicated otherwise. ainsley: i know abc smeared christians who believe the bill of rights secures religious liberty and called you a hate group. said you were anti-lgbt. what is the mission of your group. >> nothing could be further from the truth. our mission is pretty simple, we
5:27 am
advocate for all people of faith to freely, and peacefully live out their conscience and their faith without threat of government punishment. there is a distinct common denominator among our clients who we represent. it is this. they love everyone. they serve everyone, no matter who they are, no matter what their walk of life, no matter how they identify but they can't be compelled by the government to create custom design or art for all events asked of them. a violation of their conscience as faith based people. regardless where we say something like marriage should be deeply concerned about a government that can punish someone simply for living in accordance with their faith as an artist. steve: it is one thing, one thing for the southern poverty law center which you say has an agenda, they are to the left. one thing for them to call you a hate group but for abc news then to just, you said just cut and paste that headline, put it on
5:28 am
their website, that is where you have got a problem. have you her from abc yet? i know you want an apology. >> yeah. we would like an apology. we would like them to retract the story. they have modified the headline slightly but the let's again, he think about who they are referencing. southern poverty law center is organization at that attacks veterans, nuns, muslims who are fighting islamic terrorists, they attack christians, catholics, it doesn't matter. yet, abc took is upon themselves to cut and paste language from this violence-inciting organization and put it in their headline as fact. what is really sad to me, steve, is that the real news got lost in all of this. that was attorney general jeff sessions delivered a beautiful speech on religious freedom. i encourage all viewers to check it out on the federalist. look at remarks where he talks about religious freedom and freedom of conscience being inherent who we are as a nation and society. that is the real news.
5:29 am
he talked about faith driving martin luther king, jr., to do the great work that he did. same faith that inspires us to do what we do. our clients to serve and love everyone. steve: carrie, we understand abc attributed that quote, the hate group passage, to the southern poverty law center now. so at a lot of there is some small print that explains why they have it in it now. is that okay for you? >> i would like for them to include the quote from our organization within their piece as well. and actually explain what we do and what we're about. that would be real news. ainsley: what is your response if they don't do that? >> we're going to continue to fight this kind of fake news. that is what this is about. journalists are ethically obligated to present both sides of a story. a mainstream news out let like abc news needs to present both sides of a conversation. what they're doing, when they cut and paste smear campaigns,
5:30 am
is simply, just encouraging this lack of civil discourse in our society. that is a real problem. tolerance should be a two-way street. ainsley: thank you, carrie. steve: joining us from l.a. ainsley: thanks, carrie. the illegal immigrant charged with kate steinle's murder. says it is not his fault. guess what he is blaming? the gun. steve: of course. you know nra spokeswoman dane a if lash has something to say about that. ainsley: president trump after the paris trip. here is hanson, performing, "this time around quote. the ♪ ♪
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
5:34 am
♪ steve: it is flash back friday. hanson one of featured performers. we are going back exactly 20 years ago when this song was number one in 25 countries. we would take a look what people look like. people you know in 1997. that person you know. there she is right there. >> nothing's changed, right? brian: exactly. >> look the same.
5:35 am
>> was in 7th grade. marked by the 7th on the bottom. brian: you were in 7th grade we were beginning the show. me, laura green and o'reilly studio today. steve: it was ours first. brian: that was ours first. that was everything. that was one year in i think. chris, providing the 20 years later. steve: here we are back at work on friday morning. ainsley: how does it make you feel you were working at "fox & friends" and jillian was in 7th grade? >> that's okay. brian: that is what it means. i'm embarrassed. steve: elizabeth sent of this photo of her in the '90s wearing a -- ainsley: there she is with her brothers. one is her twin. the her dad in the background, hugging them on the new jersey shore. elizabeth wearing a hanson t-shirt there. brian: that is incredible. really? ainsley: she is adorability. there are some people that work behind the scenes.
5:36 am
a lot of our producers. they were in middle school at time. hanson was huge. steve: they're outside listening to them. ainsley: they brought friends. waiting on hanson to sing for them this morning. brian: sometimes as little kids growing up looking totally different. these guys look bert as young adults because they're young men. ainsley: they were still as cute. brian: they could still be models. steve: 25 minutes before the top of hour. bring in national spokesperson for the nra. know her from broadcasting as well, dana loesch from "the blaze." good morning to you. >> good morning to you. ainsley: where were you in 1997. >> i remember hanson. i was senior in high school. i remember hanson, yeah. steve: talk a little bit -- >> i've been shooting rifles for a long time. brian: i know you have. >> talk a little bit now about famously when he was out on the stump running for president, donald trump talked a lot about the case of kate steinle which
5:37 am
happened during the campaign year where she was murdered when a man who was in this country illegally, that man, right there, who had been deported a number of times, got his hands on a gun. apparently he is back in court later today. you know what, here is the interesting thing, dana. apparently his lawyer now says that the blame belongs not on him, but on the gun. >> oh, this is the goofiest argument that i have ever heard. this guy, by the way, has 25-year history of felonies. this guy knew exactly what he was doing when he stole this firearm. this guy knew exactly what he was doing when he pulled the trigger on this firearm. as i understand it this is sig sauer p-226. that is not how the firearm operates. that is not how any of these firearms operate. it would do his attorneys well to actually understand how firearms work. no, this guy, this is an excuse for this ongoing illegality from
5:38 am
this illegal alien who should have been deported a long time ago before he was able to murder kate steinle. ainsley: his lawyer saying the semiautomatic, sig sauer, is known for accidental discharges among police. they're saying it accidentally discharged and probably did in this case. >> their argument are incredibly weak on this. look, i have sig sauer. i don't have a p-22. i fired a p-22before. i'm very familiar with this firearm. did it also cause him to steal the firearm? did it also cause him to get his finger in the trigger guard? how do you accidentally fire a again at someone, get your finger in the trigger guard around grip it? that is not how any of this work. it is asinine argument for lawyers desperate to defend someone who should not be in the country anyway. was illegally in this country. because of continued coddling of this sort of criminality, we have a beautiful young woman who
5:39 am
is now dead and we have to stop coddling criminals because it perpetuates criminal activity. steve: oh, boy. let's talk about one other thing. we see you on television as a spokesperson for the nra. marchers with a history of violence i understand, are supposedly going to be protesting the nra tomorrow. tell us about this. >> yeah. i'm doing a special broadcast today in fact. people can find out more information at dana you have women's march. mom demands, blacks lives matter, bunch of social justice warriors, under flag of woman's march going from the nra to department of justice, me and my call for non-violence through nra ad. what i find incredibly interesting about all this, these woman's march don't have problem calling for jihad against the president of the united states. they have no problem with endorsing and celebrating someone like louis farrakhan,
5:40 am
who is a hateful religious terrorist, a hateful anti-semite. these are the people that these organizers endorse. they endorsed wahaj, who defines jihad as forcible violent struggle. they have no problems with any of those individuals but they have a problem with an explicit call for non-violence? all this is are people who are looking to justify their own bigotry. this is not all women's march. it is some women's march. they banned pro-life women. they banned muslim gay groups. they banned basically conservative second amendment. this is only some women's march. steve: where is the tolerance? dana loesch from dallas, texas, have a good weekend. good luck tomorrow. >> thank you all so much. good to see you. brian: 20 minutes left. here is what is straight ahead. president trump in the air and on his way to new jersey after a successful trip to paris.
5:41 am
we sent abby huntsman to a diner by the golf course to see how everything is going. she is having breakfast with friends. that's next. staff steve hanson -- steve: hanson performing -- ainsley: penny and me. ♪ ♪ penny and me tonight (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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♪ >> good friday morning to you, back with headlines right now. former vice president al gore
5:45 am
thinks the battle overclimate change is on par with humanity's great post trials. comparing it to abolition of slavery, women's suffrage, voting rights and anti- anti-anti-apartheid movement in south africa. what are you called? >> i'm called heffe. why do i have a friendship with him? , he is called a brother with a different mother. he hangs out in our -- >> i love that the two were in texas last night to talk to students about leadership and their experiences with the presidency. that is quick look at headlines. send it back to you nice. steve: that means boss or leader >> so refreshing to see he democrats and republicans getting along. steve: there you go. abby getting along at sunset
5:46 am
diner not too far from president trump's golf course in bedminister, new jersey. abby, the president is heading your way right now. >> he is is. i'm surrounded by men who say they all support women. they're going to the golf tournament today. they want to go see president trump. listen to this, combined, 14 girls, little girls they all have, teenage girls. i asked al what advice he had for me. he has a girl named abby. keep your new daughter from any boys that come her way. which i love. i talk politics. are you going to the golf tournament. are you excited to see president trump? >> we're very excited to go to the u.s. open today. it will be a great event. we're looking forward to it. but real excited if we can see president trump. it would be awesome. >> we were talking politics earlier, ralph as well. and you said you were kind of tired hearing about russia. you really want the media to focus on other issues you want to hear about.
5:47 am
>> would be so great to focus on policy so many good things the administration wants to do. there are too many distractions out there. if you look where donald trump is coming today, from bastille day in france, back to new jersey, back to the u.s., tireless, energic, great policy. focus on that. so much more can be done here. great to get back to basics. >> probably watching. hope to see you guys at tournament. you guys were great with that. were you from new york city? >> yes. >> you followed his career? >> yes. >> how do you think he is doing? >> i think he is great. people from new york tendency a little more blunt, come across aabrasive. that is the way we are from new york. so i don't really misinterpret it as him being nasty or anything like that. it is him being him. he does that to get what he wants done. >> what do you do? >> i work in the financial industry investments. >> everyone at this table does can something different which i love. you twice all have different career. what do you think about his tweets, ralph? >> it is great way for the president to get his word out,
5:48 am
right? to really go directly to the people, right? sometimes the press feeds on that. comes back to haunt him quite a it about, right? there is something to be said about speaking his mind. that is who the man is. that is what people have galvanized around. so it is double-edged sword. you have to be careful about it. i think it face nominal way to reach people without it being screened and filtered, really abrupted by any media. >> if you had any advice, focus on issues. don't talk about russia anymore, president trump. do you have any advice? >> the advice? keep working hard. we need you. >> right. you heard it here first of stable of men at tournament today, full of women at home i'm sure watching so proud of their dads. back to you guys. steve: abby huntsman. ainsley: she is in the second trimester. feeling a lot better. >> made it. ainsley: getting energy back. thanks, abby.
5:49 am
hanson will perform live out on our plaza. steve: first let's check in with bill hemmer who grew up listening to them and still love them. >> i'm in my is being trimester too. steve: what? >> it was a joke. turning away from paris, heading into the teeth of this health care debate. who the president needs to sell in the senate now. this as the russia matter awaits more scrutiny. what we're learning about that this friday morning. cease-fire holds in syria. washington and moscow figure this out. come join us this friday morning. see you in ten minutes, top of the hour. or activity in one place and save, where would you go? ♪ expedia. my doctor recommended i switch laxatives. stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally. miralax.
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♪ steve: time for hanson, brand new song. here they are. i was born .
5:53 am
♪. ♪ ♪ i don't want a ticket to the same routine ♪ ♪ i want to see the sights unseen ♪ ♪ i want the extraordinary ♪ everybody's waking to the same clock, i could never be another chip off that old block ♪ ♪ 'cause i was born to do something, no one's ever done,
5:54 am
no one's ever done before. ♪ >> i was born to go somewhere, no one's ever gone, no one's ever gone before ♪ ♪ i was born to be someone, no one's ever been, no one's ever been before ♪ ♪ i don't need a map, i can't be directed ♪ ♪ i've got a madness don't need the method ♪ ♪ my heart is a weapon and my mind's electric, i'll shock the world when you least expect it ♪ ♪ everybody's betting on the big guy but don't underestimate the sting of the butterfly oh ♪ ♪ 'cause i was born to do something no one's ever done, no
5:55 am
one's ever done before ♪ ♪ i was born to go somewhere, no one's ever gone, no one's ever gone before ♪ ♪ i i was born to be someone no one's ever been, no one's ever been before ♪ ♪ before ♪ there's a road out in front of me nobody can see, i'm paving it as i go ♪ ♪ gonna take it wherever it leads, 'cause i want to be somewhere no one has been before ♪ ♪ i was born to do, i was born to go, i was born to be, someone ♪ ♪ and i was born to do something no one's ever done, no one's ever done before ♪
5:56 am
♪ i was born to go somewhere no one's ever gone, no one's ever gone before ♪ ♪ i was born to be someone no one's ever been before ♪ ♪ ♪ i was born to do, i was born to go, i was born to be someone no one's ever been, no one's ever been before ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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four seconds on the clock, championship on the line. erin "the sharpshooter" shanahan fakes left. she's outside of the key, she shoots... ...she scores! uh... yes, erin, it is great time to score a deal. we need to make room for the 2018 models. relive the thrill of beating the clock. the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a $1,000 bonus and 0% apr on a new 2017 jetta or passat. ♪ >> we have had so much fun out here with hanson for our concert series. thank you so much for being here and performing for our fabulous
6:00 am
friends. [cheers and applause] what's coming up this weekend? >> corey lewandowski, we have nigel farrage, and the wiffle ball factory made in america tell the story. >> have a good day everybody! >> bill: nicely done, friday morning after president trump is on his way home wrapping up a two day trip in france. earlier today, he was witness to a historic bastille day parade in paris, and now he returns to a full agenda, the height stakes showdown on health care that looms on capitol hill. good morning and it's a good friday morning here on "america's newsroom." how are you? >> shannon: we can ride around the corner! before that we have a couple of news for you. president trump keeping the heat on republican senators over health care even before leaving paris. the president tweeting "so important republican senators get health care plan approved." after seven years o


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